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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: fire and flood. as firefighters risk their lives in california, police arrest an arsonist. and the the death toll rises in the louisiana flood. >> this is my entire life that i worked my entire life, just >> pelley: also tonight, the runaway cost of epipens is forcing patients to choose. >> it could mean life or death. >> pelley: we'll remember john mclaughlin, who raise the the decibels of debate. and "drop and give me 22." the great push-up challenge, putting muscle into saving the
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: more than 8,000 firefighters are battling eight large wildfires in california, and a suspect has been arrested for allegedly starting one of the fires that destroyed 175 homes and businesses north of san francisco. carter evans is on the the scene of another fire in southern california. >> reporter: in less than four hours, a five-acre fire became a 5500-acre monster, trapping firefighters. >> we've had a run over. i need you to start one a.l.s. ambulance for a fireman injury. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed at least two firefighters were injured. the fast-moving flames have destroyed buildings, paralyzed rail traffic, including this freight train, shut down the main highway linking los angeles to las vegas, and threatened power lines near the desert community of devore. marc peeble is with san
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when this started, it just took off. >> yes, that's correct. it's spence. it's very you grueling and very demanding on the ground. >> reporter: it's this gusty wind, the hot temperatures, and the extremely dry conditions that are driving this fast-moving wildfire right now. and, scott, as it burns through this construction equipment here behind me, the concern this evening is that the fire is now moving towards more populated areas. >> pelley: carter evans on the fire line for us this evening. carter, thank you. now we'll go to mireya villarreal in northern california, where investigators say a >> it was crazy how fast it went through town. >> reporter: the clayton fire is 20% contained. today, residents are slowing beginning to pick up the pieces. when wade holley pulled up to his family's mechanics shop friday night the fire had just ripped through downtown and was making the way towards nearby homes. you guys were luckily. >> we were extremely lucky. >> reporter: the blaze consumed several cars and got
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175 other homes and business in lower lake weren't as lucky. >> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of "the daily beaston" anthony pashilk, age 40, of clear lake. >> reporter: law enforcement believes 40-year-old california resident damon pashilk is responsible for the clayton fire and several smaller fires. they've been investigating him for past year. could this clayton fire have been prevented? >> the clayton fire could have individual not started it. >> reporter: cal-fire chief ken pimlot confirms pashilk was incarcerated when he received firefighter training from his agency. in california, selected nonviolent inmates can sometimes be called on to help containment efforts. pashilk was in the program for two months before being paroled. damon pashilk will go before a judge tomorrow. we tried to reach out to him but got no response. scott, the california governor has declared this area a state
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victims will get some much-needed funding to start picking up the pieces. >> pelley: mireya villarreal, thanks. now to louisiana. the flooding death toll rose today to 11. more than 30,000 people have been rescued. more than 11,000 are in shelters tonight. have a look at this. this is a school in hammond, louisiana, before the floods. this is the school now, surrounded. omar villafranca has the latest. >>ep flooding continues to spread throughout the state. nearly 90% of the homes in denham springs suffered flood damage. as the water flowed downstream, towns like sorrento are being submerged. volunteers and rescue teams are still looking for stranded residents. >> this is our low spot on this street. >> reporter: tanya whitney's sorrento street was completely flooded. >> very long road ahead. we just, you know, try to do the best we can do.
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local people, we ban together. we try on help each other out. we're all in the same poet. >> reporter: even though the storm wasn't a hurricane, louisiana governor john bel edwards says it's been a challenge. >> we asked people to evacuate as soon as we knew that we were going to see record levels of water. >> reporter: it was too late by then? >> well, you can't give the warning before you have it. and so, you know, obvio, learning. i'm not going to say that it's been mistake-free. but we issued a declaration of emergency here in the state that included the entire state. i think in a very timely fashion. . >> reporter: on sunday, volunteers rescued adam albright and his family from the the rising floodwaters in baton rouge. today, the father of two is cleaning out his flood-damaged home. >> i knew it was affecting a lot of people, you know, out there. i didn't think it was going to hit us, you know. >> reporter: in the last few
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several inches in sorrento. scott, if the water keeps rising, residents may start evacuating. >> pelley: omar villafranca covering the story in louisiana. omar, thank you. well, donald trump said this afternoon that he will not change his style, even though no candidate in 60 years has won the presidency from this far behind. but there are 12 weeks to go, and major garrett is traveling with trump. >> reporter: donald trump m today with milwaukee-area law enforcement amid unrest and violent street protests following the police shooting of an armed black man on saturday. two days of riots subsided monday, but republican governor scott walker, who will attend trump events here, has the national guard on standby. trump told lacross, wisconsin, cbs affiliate wk, the street violence will only slow economic investment. >> you see what's happening on
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develop there. i mean, they hurt themselves in a certain way. >> reporter: trump also dismissed claims his campaign is falling behind. the latest wisconsin poll shows him trailing hillary clinton by 15 point among likely voters. trump sees no reason to change. >> it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about you have to pivot. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. >> reporter: trump also said primaries taught him how to him, even after losing in wisconsin. >> i got here in a landslide and we'll see what happens. don't forget, when i lost wisconsin it was over for trump. except for one problem. i then went on a very good run. >> reporter: a trump spokeswoman said today roger ailes, the former chairman of the fox news channel has no former role with the campaign. scott, this came amid credible reports ailes is advising trump
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debates this fall with clinton. >> pelley: major garrett reporting. major, thank you. today, the f.b.i. gave a republican-controlled congressional committee notes from its investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail servers. the f.b.i. has said that a few of the e-mails on the unsecured servers contained classified information. republicans say they want ton why the f.b.i. did not recommend criminal charges. nancy cordes is covering the campaign. >> reporter: as clinton campaigned in philadelphia today, f.b.i. agents were handing lawmakers material they classified as secret "with the expectation it will not be disseminated or disclosed." still, democrats worry the sensitive documents will be selectively leaked by republicans who still believe clinton should have faced prosecution. just yesterday, they sent a letter to d.c.'s u.s. attorney outlining evidence of what they call "perjury and false statements," by clinton when she testified about her e-mail
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>> they also went through every single e-mail. >> reporter: clinton insisted her lawyers examined all 60,000 pages of her e-mails to determine which ones were work related. f.b.i. director james comey disputed that last month. >> the lawyers doing the sorting for secretary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails. >> reporter: clinton herself didn't comment on today's move. but her aides said they would prefer that the f.b.i. report be to partisan lawmakers adding, "this is an extraordinarily rare step that was sought solely by republicans for the purposes of further second-guessing the career professionals at the f.b.i." republicans are especially eager to get a look at the f.b.i.'s notes on its interview with clinton to see if what she told agents differ differs from what she told congress. they're trying to bolster that perjury accusation, scott, which is the latest front in this ongoing battle.
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philadelphia. nancy, thank you. in our special series, we've been hearing from experts about the critical issues that the next president will face the moment he or she takes the oath. tonight, margaret brennan is with retired general and former c.i.a. director david petraeus, talking about the dangers of iraq on day one. >> reporter: what concerns you the most about iraq right now? >> iraqi politics. we'll defeat the islamic state. that's going to happen. it's just a question of how long but it's a rocky politics that have to become more inclusive if you cement the gains on the battle field. >> reporter: when the next president takes office, what's the best-case scenario he or she will face in iraq? >> the best-case scenario would be one in which the islamic state has been defeated on the battlefield, and its terrorist cells have been reduced dramatically, and even the residual grill as and insurgents are on the run.
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politics in baghdad have been sufficiently inclusive so that the sunni arabs of iraq once again feel a stake in the success of the new iraq, rather than in its failure. >> reporter: what's the worst-case scenario for the u.s.? >> the worst-case scenario for the u.s. is if the situation goes seriously south for some reason and all of a sudden, we find ourselves having to really augment our forces and perhaps even get them more into the actual fighting to forestall the possibility of a collae iraq and perhaps the resumption of the kind of very near civil war that we saw back in 2006. >> reporter: how thin is that line between success and failure? >> well, the line between success and failure is all about baghdad politics. that's where this will play out. >> reporter: for the next president, will they have to speak to the american public and talk about americans dying in combat in iraq once again?
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the case, that future presidents will have americans dying in places like iraq. this is really a generational struggle. >> reporter: here's why the candidates stand. hillary clinton plans to strengthen the iraqi government, boost support to local forces fighting isis, and increase airstrikes. donald trump has said he'd bomb isis more, but has said contradictory things about ground forces. he said that 30,000 forces if required, but also that the number is too high. >> pelley: margaret brennan with the security challenges of day one. margaret, thank you. today, another major health insurer said that it is substantially dropping out of obamacare. aetna's decision further limits choice and price competition, especially in rural america. jan crawford has more. >> reporter: more than 900,000 people signed up for aetna
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law in 15 states. but next year, the company says it will offer affordable care act coverage in only four of those states, effectively pulling out of 70% of the counties where it offered coverage and leaving one arizona county near phoenix without any insurers offering obamacare. aetna said it was a simple question of math. with obamacare enrollment numbers below projections, the company reported more than $430 million in los health care exchanges opened in january of 2014, in part because not enough healthy people are signing up. aetna is just the latest of the major national health insurers to announce a pullback. united health care and humana unveiled major cuts. >> this is a red flag for the future of obamacare. >> reporter: larry levitt is with the kaiser family foundation. >> this next open enrollment period will be critical.
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lot of the current concerns. >> reporter: an administration official said aetna's withdrawal does not change the fundamental fact that the obamacare marketplace will continue to bring quality coverage to millions of americans next year and every year after that. and another official said no county would be without insurance options when open enrollment starts later this fall. but the big concern for consumers here, scott, is choice, whether in some areas of the country people will haveon from. >> pelley: jan crawford in the washington newsroom. jan, thank you. coming up next on the cbs evening news, why the cost of this life-saving device shot up 500%. and later, how many push-ups would you do to save a life? ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two
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get comfortable with it. >> pelley: 43 million americans are at risk for
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life-threatening reaction to anything from bee stings to peanut butter. they must carry epipens everywhere they go, but the cost is soaring. we asked vinita nair to find out why. >> reporter: justin and lexi heneger say the epipen has saved their daughter's life. the first time ellie was blue. >> her lips turned plu. she started swelling, she wasn't able to breathe. >> reporter: the cause? a severe allergic reaction to ellie is among one in 13 children affected by food allergies. >> it's just a fear we live in kind of all the time, every time we leave the house, "do you have your epipen." >> reporter: the injectors on the epipens need to be replaced every year and those costs are soaring. the henegers remember paying $100 for a pack two years ago. today that same pack costs as much as $600, a 500% increase, all of it for a drug that
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life-saving epinephrine. >> reporter: leon tarasenko is the owner of pasteur pharmacy in new york city. >> it is a problem for some people. i have seen it. >> reporter: the price hike began in 2007, just after the drug maker mylan acquired the product, quickly making it a household name. it became a virtual monopoly for the drug maker after a competitor took a similar product off the market. in a statement, mylan tells "a significant investment to support the device over the years," but added they are committed, "to find solutions to meet the needs of the patients and families we serve." the company offers coupons to reduce the price for some families. for others like the henegers, that now means tightening the family budget to pay for this crucial device. vinita nair, cbs news, indianapolis, indiana. >> pelley: well, he was a guest at sunday brunch for more
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>> pelley: tv host john mclaughlin died today. the former jesuit priest and nixon speechwriter pioneered the political talk show format. his "mclaughlin group" has been a fixture on sunday morning for 34 years. >> issue one -- >> mclaughlin had a distinct, abrasive style of interrogating >> has the time come for george bush to reach for the telephone and say get me john tower. and say your common interest in the party and the republic. >> pelley: mclaughlin's place in popular culture was secured when he was spoofed on "saturday night live" by dana carvey. >> what number am i thinking of? pat buchanan. >> 82. >> madeleine--
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>> pelley: john mclaughlin, who was 89, had never missed a broadcast until this past sunday. and he always had the final word. >> bye-bye. >> pelley: the talk at the olympics today involved a dive nowhere near the swimming pool. american allyson felix was going for the gold in the 400 meter when shaunae miller of the bahamas showed off her diving skills. she got the medal. felix got the silver and we'll be right my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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ctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> pelley: we end with the latest internet craze. jim axelrod has the push-up challenge.
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>> reporter: move over ice buckets. there's a new challenge rippling through social media-- push-ups, 22, in fact, knocking them out, then challenging someone else to do it. >> i am taking the 22-push-up challenge, from stars like john krasinski, to a class of texas state trooper recruits, the 22-push-up challenge is not about pumping up pecs. it's designed to focus attention on a tragedy. for years, it wasst veterans committed suicide each day. retired marine don nguyen is the deputy director of "22 kill canned" the foundation behind the challenge. >> when the statistic came out that 22 veterans a day were committing sued, it's almost unbelievable. we wanted to find out more about where this number came from. >> reporter: two summers ago the ice bucket challenge raised $115 million. but the group behind this
6:58 pm
primary goal is to raise awareness, not money. rusty carter is an army vet who tried to kill himself after coming home from iraq in 2011. >> if i knew of an organization at the time that was doing what we do at 22 kill, i don't feel that i would have attempted suicide. >> reporter: recently the department of veterans affairs adjusted that number down to 20 veterans a day who take their own lives. the numbers may have changed, but the mission has not. >> we're not going to be done until it's zero. name because of a new study. but what matters is the number's going down and not up. >> reporter: the hope now is to keep that number moving in the right direction 22 push-ups at a time. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good
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"wheel of fortune"! [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] hey, there. hey, folks. thank you, jim. thanks, everybody. aw. we don't deserve it. well, maybe you do. see you later. hi. good to see you all. get ready. your time has come. we're gonna give away some money here -- our first toss-up of the night. "places."


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