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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> and we do begin with breaking news right off the top here. good evening, i'm mark nolan. lydia esparra is off tonight. police are in the middle of a stand off in brook park, shanice dunning is live with the latest. shanice, what is going on there? >> hey, mark, right now we are at the end of rich -- richard drive where this office is happening at. we can't get down the street because police have blocked it off. i can tell you negotiators are on the scene trying to get to the man who barricaded himself inside the house after shooting someone. so, this started about 7:00 from brook park police got a call
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himself inside of the house. we do know that that man was taken to a nearby hospital where he is being treated. we don't know his condition, i did get the chance the talk to a councilman who represents this area, jim mancini. he was able to give me more information about this situation, including some information that 2 young children under the age of 12 may be inside of the house right now and that the wife of this man may also be a victim. take a listen to w us. >> there is 2 kids in the home, the man is still in there. somebody was shot. believe it's the wife. she is out of the home now. i believe the mother is down there now. they are talking now. the situation is being they want to handle it very well. there is this police force and other communities coming to help here, too, they will be able to handle a delicate situation and try to bring tout conclusion.
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in brook park and police are on scene, negotiators still down the street working with this man to get him inside of the house you just heard councilman jim mancini say he believes 2 young children inside that house and that the shrt's wife may be a victim. police have not confirmed that, they have only told us 1 man was take ton a nearby hospital. police are also telling people in brook park if you are around the area to try to avoid it as they are trying to work through the situation and we willta air and on-line, but for right now getting answers in brook park, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> all right. a shanice, thank you very much. police are also investigating a shooting that happened overnight in cleveland. a man was shot in the head with a corner of east 93rd and buckeye, around midnight. he was taken to university hospital, where he later was pronounced dead. police still searching for suspects. a woman found dead overnight gunshot wounds on first avenue
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fight when they found the body. the cuyahoga medical examiner will release her id after the family is notified. elryia police suspect alcohol played a role in the fatal accident south of state route 10, about 2:30 in the morning. mock l veered off the side of the road, hit a woman driving a car, the bike overturned. both drivers ejected. the passenger in the car was pronounced dead in elryia at the university hospital and looking live in downtown cleveland, we are tracking is severe storms, tonight a big dip in temperature at the very least expected for tomorrow. severe weather and tornado watches popped up earlier near mansfield. beth mcleod in the first alert weather center with more on that. >> hey, everything is pretty much settled down at this point. which is good. did you notice shanice's live shot? it looks okay in the background, but some of you especially downtown, experiencing pretty
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though still on the muggy side and light rain showers to go with it. definitely not absolutely picture perfect out there. 25 miles per hour wind gusts. tomorrow, that's going to be more of the story. the cool-down, yes, it is going to be cooler but the wind is really going to be kicking and it already is on the lake shore. tonight, first alert outlook, we have an alert for just yellow, spotty showers, almost done with storms. the timing for the rain showers could wind up being right 7:00 to 8:00 tomorrow morning. the main issue is rain but the wind can slow some people down tomorrow. here you go. doppler max. you can see just the cluster of some rain showers around town. the worst of it down towards us the ka row rast county (^), downtown a mat smattering of light rain and it looked worse on radar than it actually came to fruition as we went through the evening. tomorrow you will wake up at 70 degrees. and then as we get going through the day, that's where you will
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little dryer, a little cooler. partly sunny right in the middle of the afternoon. so, you could end up with some rain showers later in the afternoon and the evening time. there is another system coming through. just a little 1 though. there is a big change in the weather. yes, we could have some showers early and late on sunday. but, this whole system brings in a lot of nice dry air and a little cooldown, mark, like you said. i will explain how warm or cool we will get coming up. >> all right. beth, thank you. listen, you can track the latest conditions in northeast ohio with cleveland 19 news, first alert weather app. came in handy for me earlier this evening for your smart phone or tablet. done load it, i did. >> hillary clinton arrived in massachusetts, she is in nantucket tonight for a series of fund-raisers. clinton plans to continue raising money for the next couple days holding events with
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on monday. the republican presidential nominee makes another attempt to remedy his less than favorable numbers among black voters and does so by pointing the blame at the democratic party. steve thans with the story on that. >> i'm asking for the vote of every single african-american citizen in this country who wants the see a better >> donald trump's latest plea to black voters came during a campaign rally in diamonddale michigan to a predominantly white audience. he accused democrats of taking black voters for grant and declared no other group of americans have been harmed by hillary clinton's policies more than the black community. >> look how much african-american communities are suffering under democratic
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what do you have to lose? >> clinton's campaign release add statement in response to trump's statement saying african-americans have everything to lose, voting for a man who questioned president obama's citizenship and courts white supremacists and according to a recent poll black voters overwhelmingly support clinton, 91% to just 1% for trump. trump, however, predicts he can dramatically change the figures after his first term in office. >> and at the end of 4 guarantee you, i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. >> i'm steve than nis reporting. >> remember to stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of 2016. you can always find details on "" on facebook or twitter. we have been talking about those naked trump statues that have been popping up all over the
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dreamed up the alternative take on the emperor has no clothes. he was commissioned for the work but he won't say by who. monroe now lives in vegas and he says the feedback has been mostly positive. >> they wanted it to be pretty lifelike with some characteristics that were, again, caricature style, almost cartoonish. >> the statues have been removed in all the cities they were set in up in, but you may be able the buy them soon. they will be available for sale in the near future. and now to that wild fire in southern california. the flames have now destroyed more than 100 homes, dozens of others are damaged and this fire is nearly 70% contained. people returning to salvage what they can. police did arrest 3 people for looting. louisiana officials say an estimated 60,000 homes have been damaged by massive flooding that swept through the southern part
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the cleanup is just beginning. we will show you the heart break and how they are surviving coming up on cleveland 19 new, cash mob with local customers helping out. >> you know the air you can wear for a long time, weeks, matter of fact? get ready for dryer air. the stickiness in the air, we have a little bit t think you will enjoy it a little bit more on monday and tuesday. the pick days of the week coming up. >> plus, cleaning up after weekend storm, tornadoes leave a trail of damage to the northern neighbors and there is still time to join the fight against breast cancer. the komen race for the cure is next saturday, malls b. and c. downtown, log on to
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a baltimore city police cruiser catches fire. check out the video. this is incredible. the officer was just driving. heard a pop. seconds later, his car erupts into flames. crews quickly put out the fire. the officer w the power outage force add local family-owned grocery store to throw out thousands of dollars of unininsured inventory. the loss did not sit well with the store's shoppers. bill safos getting answers how the customers helped out. >> reporter: this pigture pictue shows how loyal the customers are, they got up early and lined up at the door so they could spend extra cash as soon as it
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>> denise van leer has been shopping here for over 20 years. >> i know some people by over 20 year, i love coming here. >> it mattered to you they were in trouble. >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> she was upset to hear the story had to take a huge loss and throw away thousands of dollars of inventory after losing electricity disclosure the last storm. like denise, terri ondack is spending extra on groceries here today. >> i came yesterday and bought the steaks and because we are doing a cookout sunday. and then, today, this is the rest of the list. it's q quite a bit. >> the store did a cash mob to help them recover. >> it's nothing against the big chains but it's a little different. when the old man was in the store he used to say hello to me because he knew my dad. >> that old man is john segare's
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he knows how important the customers are. >> this is another 1 of those incredible cleveland heights gestures that if you tack about it for too long, it gets too emotional. >> most of the customers here will tell you they can go just about anywhere to buy their groceries or produce. maybe not as fresh as this. but the reason they keep coming here? is that long-lasting relationship they have had with segare's and the fact they feel like it's family. >> they are family >> we appreciate the gesture and their support. >> in cleveland heights, bill safos, cleveland 19. >> all right, bill, thank you. good news for anyone tired of the annoying robo calls. dozens of tech companies are working with the government to form a robo call strike force. they will develop new tools and techniques to help block those calls. the big cleanup earlier tonight in parts of michigan. a pair of tornadoes left a trail of damage. the storms hit towns of bangor
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but there are trees on top of houses and cars. roofs are torn off of homes and businesses. police say there are gas leaks and power lines down on almost every block. >> maybe i'm supposed to be over here at this point? okay. didn't want to talk to mark for a little bit but guess what, no, it's windy out there. oh my goodness. 20 miles per hour, this speed and direction, not just the gusts. so, some of you were seeing some sustained winds. this is the ongoing blowing. the wind gusts upwards of 25-26 miles per hour. so, it is going to kind of stay that way overnight tonight. and then we will be dodging some rain drops overnight. maybe more showers so much than storms. the storms are really dwindling at this point. which is good news. you can see even leaving us the ka raw raws county (^), basically watching some
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even come down to the ground. in most of the heavier stuff, right now, it is all focused out towards youngstown as the system starts moving through, which is good news but the wind can be tricky for anyone with a small car out there or any reporter who has to stand there with their umbrella, dodging the rain and the wind. currently hopkins 77 degrees. that cold front is slowly coming our way. overnight tonight, by the morningtime when you wake up it will be towards pennsylvania. but, you can see our temperatures are going to take a dip. that canadian air is coming in and dryer and you will notice a difference. absolutely. you really really notice it in the afternoon when a little more humidity goes away and you are really going to love it come monday. so long as you don't like the the tropical feel. so here you go. right now you can see that is the front, it's just now making its way through indiana. this will help usher in the dryer cooler air and then we have a couple absolutely gorgeous days. tomorrow, not really a gorgeous day. right in the middle i think will
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drops early on. future view, 8:00 in the morning. just a quick suggestion there might be rain drops out there. you can see 10:00 mostly cloudy skies. but, by about lunchtime, you can see clouds start breaking up. but there is another system just knocking on the door to the west. and then it's going to come and put some opportunity for showers coming through. you can see at 3:00 in the everyone a, we are still looking okay. so we wouldn't change your plans tomorrow, just know it will be windy. and maybe some showers around. reappear comes later in the evening. here is 10:00. you can see more showers and then, guess what, just when you wake up and head back to work on monday, for the most part, everything is done and monday is going to be absolutely gorgeous. isn't that the way it is normally worked out lately? your future view temperature. speaking of shocking, the 11:00 tomorrow morning lots of 71s, 73, 72s. but as we go through the day tomorrow, right over where you normally expect it to get hot, well, i'm only seeing 78 at 3:00
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maybe 77. along the lake shore might be a little cooler. definitely going to be windier. so, get used to it. we will have a couple days of it. 70 degrees overall tonight. tomorrow, that's a big game changer. we are only going to tap out in the upper 70s. mid 70s. going to be on the windy, breezy side. monday is more of a game changer as mid 70s with lots of sunshine. tuesday, wednesday, gorgeous days if you're not a fan of humidity, tuesday will be the pick day of the week. if you love the humidity, well then you have to go to little more humidity and it will be back in the 80s. you can tell when the humidity comes in, the overnight temperatures go up to 70. so, if you're not sensitive -- or if you a little sensitive to the humidity, sunday night, you might want to open up the windows. monday, you can keep them open. tuesday, you can keep them open. probably by wednesday night, maybe thursday you will start closing them. not shot of rain comes in, 50/50 shot matter of fact by thursday night. look at the roof cam. little breezy out there though.
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home. >> that's right. i do like to wear a hat. nice fe doe rah. the indians, they didn't have a good night against toronto. mark schwab will show wha today, you can click in
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. cleveland clinic is here for you, anytime, anywhere. find your way to the best care, at i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing,
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where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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last night a big night at progressive field an amazing rally tonight the indians and toronto play game 2 in front of a sold out progressive field, only the fourth sellout of the year. but the crowd are starting to pick up.
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devon travis brings 2 home, and jos? ramirez and tomlin struggles. solo shot in the third. martin's second home run against the tribe this year and then moments later melvin upton at 2 run homer all of a sudden it was 5-0 in the top of the third. in the fourth the indians get to aaron sanchez, base hit by ramirez. that will bring home kitness, it was 5-2. then lonnie with 2 on, he left the yard. him even at 5 but moments later tomlin gave it up. and carnaggio, he slugged his 35th homer of the year (^), that made it 6-5, and from there, that score held. the rest of the way toronto wins at 6-5:00 rubber match tomorrow. >> there were some really good on both side, it was tremendous. the guys that pitched tonight were about as good as you are going to see, front end and came
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for them. but, we had some really good at bats. the guy's really good. you know, we fought back and then he gave up the solo, you know, that 1 hurt, you know, even though we have a lot of game left. because both bullpens did a good job. >> tomlin made the return tonight from the family bereavement list and he had to go back to texas for a few days for a personal matter. it sd 4 and a third innings, 9 hits and 6 runs and 3 homers given up. that is how you take your team out a game in a hurry. >> it's very dis appointing because the offense puts up a fight and you know they came back up and make it aa game. so for me to go out there after that, after that big inning and give up the first part of the binning to home run to kind of erase that 5-run inning kind of stinks. i will do a better job of
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>> all right. as for the tigers, bottom, 1-0 sox, out of the yard for a solo shot to tie the game at 1. david ortiz takes a selfie in the middle of the game with a fan and said i have your selfie stick right here, crush as 2-run blast off daniel norris in his 3-1 boston right now the battle rain drops but they are in the seventh inning. this is from last night. washington's ben revere, he is on his horse baseball is coming! he got it a log crasher to rob at lan tis, freed di freeman, that was awesome. tommy rourke on the pump. he loved it. revere not hurt. freeman's feelings maybe, but revere totes fine. fine. browns had the day off. they will get back to practice in berea, their next preseason is tomorrow night in tampa and
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cbs 19. buffalo news today, their defensive tackle marcel darius is getting help. the 26 year-old will enter a rehab facility. darius was recently suspended for a game for another violation of the nfl's substance abuse policy. and nfl networks ian rappaport reported this week that suspension stems from, quote, either failed or missed drug tests involving his use of marijuana releasing 12th year runningback carlos williams, this guy scored 9 touchdowns as a rookie but was suspended for the first 4 games of this season, then he showed up to camp fat and with a bad attitude. that's actually frowned upon. really. congratulations. his employer is not impressed. he will try to catch on somewhere else. nolan never has a bad attitude. windham championship round 3, jim fuhrery, i can't say it
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on 15. get in there. knocked it down. finished 13 under, shot 67 for the round. all right. on 18 here is the leader, c., wuhhh, kym, that's a great approach. sets up a birdy and moves him to 18 under on the day, he has a 4 shot lead, heading into the sunday. here is my favorite shot of the day though. it comes from peter lanotty on a par 316, he would ace it for free vey vacations for the rest of his more than 100 club windham plus resorts. the caddy also got a 1 week stay which is not a bad tip at all. day in lakewood ese personally if you like to eat wings. eat a lot of wings, they get
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ewing of our morning team. how did they get the game? that's a good gig. tia there eventually said it, i'm laying down. sam tweeted out she is completely winged out afterwards. i have no idea how many wings they ate but i know they are football fans so i know they can crush wings. i have no idea who won the thing because there was judging, but i'm showing our morning people eating wings because. >> you should. >> it's the riepg thing to do. >> and the tasty way to do it. >> that's right. >> that was an ad from somewhere >> i can go for wings. >> totally. there's people going, i can go for wings. where do i get them. >> they might be at the bar saying give me a dozen. >> somebody eating their 10,000th wing going ar. >> we should do another hour. >> i'm actually done. but i think i will get some wings. >> coming up on cleveland 19 new, zika virus spreads, oh boy. the feds announce a travel advisory to florida. what some are doing to help keep travelers safe.
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the indians may have lost to toronto but check your temperature, cleveland has tribe fever, shanice dunning reports on the sold-out crowd tonight. >> the lights are on in progressive packed. fans are ready to see the indians dazzle again. >> i'm so excited i haven't to a game in forever. >> this is the fourth sold out game since the season. >> this is fun to see them doing as well as they are doing. >> with the fifth best home record in major league baseball, fans like meghan partridge can't wait for another show. >> it's just really exciting for cleveland. we have never 1 stuff before and now we are doing so well. it's just awesome.
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>> this is a year of surprises. we saw the cavs win, i don't know about the browns, but indians, i mean they might do it. >> after a 14 game winning streak this season for the tribe, plus an amazing finish over the blue jays last night, fans are already thinking about another championship. >> it's getting closer and closer to the end of the series. we are excited to see if we can get there like the cavs did. >> winning is conthey jowts, you have the cavs winning and i feel like this team is doing a great job. they have are great startinglineup, too, to be able to go deep in the playoffs and against the world series. >> shanice dunning, cleveland 19. >> man those guys are having fun. tell what you think about the indians season so far. you can leave your comments on "," or on facebook or twitter. >> the key is is find it quickly and respond quickly, that's what we are doing in n.r.a. plaid and
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miami's efforts the last thing i want to be is a mosquito. >> the mayor of miami and the governor trying to al lay travel fears of traveling to florida. the centers for disease control and prevention for the first time ever is warning pregnant women to stay away from 2 parts of miami, 1 of the biggest tourism areas in the country. this comes after officials announced a new case of the zika virus, don champion with more on the growing >> florida governor rick scott said local mosquitoes are transmitting the zika virus in miami beach. >> 5 individuals have already been confirmed as cases of local transmission of zika are connected to the miami beach area. >> scott says 3 men and 2 women contracted the virus in a 1 1/2 square mile of miami beach which includes south beach, the popular tourist destination. 2 of the infected are residents,
11:36 pm
sea breezes and high rises will make attacking the zika in miami beach challenging. >> you have high levels of wind which may blow the products that are applied and you have large numbers of people and getting people to wear a long sleeved shirt and long pants there would be somewhat challenging. >> the winwood neighborhood north of downtown miami was the first area where the virus was locally transmitted. the cdc is advising pregnant women to avoid both zones devastating birth defect that leaves babies with small heads. >> please use repellent for skin and clothing when outdoors. and this is important for all pregnant women in our state. >> florida's governor said he does not plan to advise people to stay away from beaches and nightclubs in miami, so far almost 4,000 people vk tested in the state. don champion cbs news. >> thanks.
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suggestions for anyone traveling to miami beach, despite the warning. recommends using it second repellent, stay indoors and wear long sleeve, try it which is awful tough with the heat in florida i. has been florida muggy around here. that's about to change though. >> it is. you know, the wind, the little bit of rain, everything is helping bring in that dryer cooler air. tomorrow is going to be windy. if you're a runner plan your course very carefully. mark did that. >> start and c we have a tail wind coming home. >> the wind out of the west tomorrow, small craft advisory tomorrow, so just a little heads up. he definitely is not going to feel like today. chance of showers early on. and then as we go through the daylight when you see the sun and you are thinking not bad but a little windy. and all of a sudden you are like, what? we didn't even top out at 80? no we won't be close. your car might say 08 if you live near akron and canton, but don't count on it. right in the middle of the day
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however, i need to point out although you could see some showers early in the morning and then another opportunity arises right as we take the turn towards dinner and in the eveningtime, there is, however, if you still see clouds, you could have a passing sprinkle. i don't think it's a game changer. just a little heads up. going to cedar point tomorrow, 70s in the morning, low 70s at fist but in the afternoon, we have made it into the mid 70s. that's it. going to be windy and there is the chance of showers. just early and late. that small craft advisory, the lake right in the middle of the day when you see the sun you may be thinking i don't want to go out. not a good idea. save it for later in the week. right now there is some scattered showers out there. nothing major. but there could be a rumble of thunder tonight. nice opportunity for showers and storms comes in thursday, last thursday night, and then by friday, friday night football. looking fantastic right now. another cold front comes through, at the end of the week. so, tomorrow's spotty showers and then we are good for monday,
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more showers come into play on thursday and then we are good for friday, saturday, matter of fact mark there is a couple days next week that are awfully dry as well. >> all right. very good beth. thank you to the cleanup in parts of louisiana. the flooding there. catastrophic and historic. even more rain is in the forecast. manuel bojorquez shows some of the damage (^). >> volunteers are helping kathy ed monoston clear out the flood destroyed. she has lived here almost 30 year >> what have you lost here? >> virtually everything. never actually everything. everything inside my house was gone. >> her home had never been hit by floods. this time, 2 feet of water rushed in. >> we will be here for as long as we need to be. >> ed monoson was 1 of hundreds of flood victims at this community meeting in santa month, outside baton rouge, learning how to apply for federal aid. fema says the number of people who registered for assistance in
11:40 pm
jumped to more than 103,000. a 1-week total the agency has not seen since superstorm sandy in 2012. 40,000 homes were damaged. and the water reached areas where many thought flood insurance was not necessary. even those who helped in the rescue effort were not spared the devastation. national guard sergeant justin smith rescued a man from the amite river last week, only to later find his own home had flooded. help. much like kathy ed monoston, who said before additional federal aid arrives, the support of neighbors is the only thing getting willful through. >> love you, bye. >> these people that are here gutting my house, these are all volunteers from katrina. i'm so grateful. so grateful to them. >> that was manuel bojorquez reporting (^). the friends will be distributed
11:41 pm
area on tuesday. a carjacking drama last night outside miami. a woman ran into a store and left her 2 year-old daughter in the car. she was gone for only a minute but someone stole the vehicle along with the girl and a little dog inside. the frantic mom called police who found the car 15 blocks away. the girl and the dog are okay. but the thief is still on the loose. >> you see it right there slowing down hitting brakes tries to slow it down. whoa,ho whoa! into the building right there. you have to understand, nobody behind this vehicle. this guy just losts control. >> oh, yeah, he did. speeding car loses control, hits a building in los angeles and watch, 4 people jumped from the car and then they take off running. police broke off a chase right before the crash actually happened overnight. officers captured 3 guys in minutes. 1 still at large. police arrest an armed fugitive in massachusetts and this guy went to extremes to try to hide his identity.
11:42 pm
after pictures. 31 year-old sean miller disguised himself as an elderly man. by the looks of it, he did a pretty good job but officers say his eyes gave him away. miller was wanted on drug charges. a big birthday bash this afternoon in d.c. byby the panda celebrates his birthday. there was a panda edible cake and he and his mom seemed observe lives you to the his name means preshowtion and treasure. we are thinking it can't be that cold. you can't put your tongue on the pole. there you go. it will get stuck. a top honor for legendary crooner tony bennett, 8-foot tall statue in honor of his 90th birthday outside the fairmont hotel in san francisco. that is where he first sang i left my heart in san francisco in 1961 and sang danke schoen (^). olympic dreams come true for a
11:43 pm
his son competing in the games in rhee you but couldn't afford to go until total strangers made it happen. jamie yuccas with the incredible twist of fate. >> shot putter olympian daryl hill may not have made it to the finals. >> it will be a day i will never forget. >> but for his biggest supporters his dad, i the opportunity to go was a gift worth more than goal. >> decision to stay home and not go out and get the money. >> that changed when the retired bus driver picked up a passenger liz wall locke and his uber car. he told her his son was competing in rio but comfort afford to go,. >> when i told her about my son, she did it 1 better, she said
11:44 pm
and your son is going to be there. >> when he told me his son was going and i wondered how i would feel as a parent of athletes. >> she set up a go fund me, within days 152 people donated $8,200 to pay for hill's flight and travel expenses. after traveling more than 5,000 miles, hill arrived in rio. can you believe you're here? >> no. shortly after arriving, father and son connected with daryl rio, hashtag blessed and thankful. >> i said you ready? i got to meet the coach as well. here i'm talking about my son, it was great. and to hear him tell me you did well, just it's great. it's great. >> as for daryl, he said he has not lost confidence and is
11:45 pm
held high. jamie yuccas, rio de janeiro. >> what a great stoirl. daryl hill threw the shot put 62.4. jacko gill of knew dee land won with 68.3, but you can't put numbers on the father's pride there. coming up on cleveland 19 news. the big scare in columbus, a major fire forces people from their homes. some even fear that the building
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hold frozen foods consumed the building. firefighters fought the fires but falling walls were a serious danger. they had to cool off after they learned the cooling system used ammonia. residents were shaken when they saw the thick cloud of black smoke coming from the building. >> over here, everyone is outside. i mean, something was going on. you look up in the sky and it was exploding so loud. all through the night. i was shaken from the explosion. it was would. you can see the guys putting the fire out all the way from here. >> crews feared the 144,000 square foot building would collapse while they were trying to extinguish the flames. thankfully nobody was hurt. now, a story sure to leave you with a smile. police go above and beyond the call of duty.
11:49 pm
party for a 3 year-old autistic boy. marty savage with the heartwarming details. >> it began with an anonymous phone call to the police in uconn, okay oaks, saying something was wrong inside this home. >> so i drive by sort of canvassing the area. >> things look okay. but just in case, captain matt hoper approaches alone. >> a young woman answers. >> she has that look a the police are at my front door. >> tara hubbard is already having a really bad day plans for her son's birthday party are falling apart as parent after parent calls to say their child isn't coming. >> i mean i get, i can't come. this is coming up this. and this and this and this. tara believes it's because they feel uncomfortable around her 3 year-old son brayden who has autism. >> and now, the police are at
11:50 pm
everything. >> i heard there was a birthday party. her and brayden today. and she said, she starts to smile and said yes. and i asked her if we could participate. >> and i was just speechless. speechless. nothing would come out. >> eucon's finest came (^) to get the party started and more arrived. >> we came and doubled the party. >> brayden's party went from 0 to heroes. >> just to see them interact like that is truly, truly amazing. >> and for a mom, the timing couldn't have been better. >> yes, it's been a really tough time. >> eucnd's finest saved the party and the day (^) while proving police officers cannot only answer the call, but occasionally also a prayer.
11:51 pm
o.k. okay. >> coming up, back-to-school sleep. that time of year. what you can do this weekend to make sure your kids are ready
11:52 pm
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school is around the corner and that means it's important to get your kids on back on a normal sleep routine. marley hall has tips to get your kids back on track and ready for the first day. >> the couldn'tsler family had a busy, fun-filled summer. >> i tried to keep them on a schedule, which it is a little later than during the school year. although they still do get up early for camp. >> with the school year approaching, pediatrician doctor alyssa reuben said it's time to make sleep a priority. >> t t up earlier. and to do it gradually over 2 week period is they don't feel it so much. if need be, wake them up earlier. >> electronics and screens should be off limits about an hour before bed. because they can be stimulating and kids need to wind down. >>. dr. reuben says getting enough rest is critical for children. that means 9-12 hours for 6-12 hours and 8-10 hours for teens. >> if not their school performance is very very affected.
11:56 pm
retention and comprehension and ability to remember the material that's being taught. >> helen says her children drive on sleep. >> i think they learn so much better and can focus in school, you know, less meltdowns and they are just happier. >> experts say be consistent. letting kids sleep in or stay up late on weekends makes it harder to get back on track for the school week. marley hall, cbs news new york. >> thanks. research shows not getting enough s risk for physical and mental health problems such as obesity and even depression. coming up on cleveland 19 new, looking for a break from the heat and rain? there are some new offerings at the movie box office. everything from a historical
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