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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  August 22, 2016 1:35am-2:06am EDT

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powe introducti credits so 3 "washington post" staffer th work involved an the t who wrote it already her wi michae kraniinve gaytiv port and marfish th senieditor michael, let me start wit you is it possible to kno t essential donald trump wll thin biograph helps pu i contexth patterns really try to te righ fro hi acestor t st of donal trump, how deloped think striking you see a lo o contraditions in h personality, for example changed partegistration seve times republicandemocrat reform th republic also chang posions quite bit. th we h has sai h doesn' want tpi peoplese exactly who he i wsh clearly that this is a m wh habepit, is thafo convenience or is that tod t person who hrealis
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trying to put fng t co t elhetalk about art t de settincreati a imag wh are hi cobelievess piv part of the core belie bsolute he's aprovisor someo whjumps out tri tprovok and tries connec wi peop speakiainl trul believth publicit believes tha wher you are on particula iss doesn't especialmatter, wh matters connecting wit people a getting what yo wantedgetting the final step th tr throughou h business caree l abohi about getting to t go an he ique willin tru roughshod over people to g ther >> dickerson: just getting wi calling it a wi getting a win. >> he grew u house whe h fath wned hi again bei a nothin
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to himself anothers that something. something big and importan and this i tlate st in reall ver csisten pattern througho hili >> dickerson: talk about th ego a little bit that e piec when i talk peopl w hav had conversations an dealing always come back t hi vie abou he' beinperceive how he doesn'wata advice if he's seen aif t advice i making him something he wants to be t author of his own wa every politicshaego, where i you've writtab >> quit high, oub during o h businesilding dealings, ra rouhshod, h pigs when w doi busines deals, hadlo o castroph he w looking o r donabou trum if other people suffered a result or he wlookng out f the best deal fo himself, h told u th i he preside he'll look o falsorts people, everybod but if you look at h career
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best deahimsel >> h tbelieves that th system iried this is not jus campai line. this this is something believed throughout his li >> dickerson: all systems ar rigged. >> sometimerigg again hi but he uses th just actions that other peopl wo think o mere ethica fr t ve fir busines deal to thfirst bprojec he working thsyst hegetting taincentives tha no one hgotten befor all sides is gpoliticianons t on his side ge hprojec done working the system is at th core of what he does >> dickerson: is there aorig story, thereplac back to that sathis i really wheth essentia donald tru began yes,think theres. thi that is when he wa rkin thinks father he was in earl 20s, fatwas president o the trum mnageme compa
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units in brooklyn and queens, h decided that he wanted tleav his fatheremoy a basically go across th brid manhatta thght th he didn't li thpovert thcrim everything that he saw brooklyn and queens but as h w leavinth company wa sued nrenting blacks so, donald trump had to fa very important question was going settle with theu. and he was in nightclub o night ra int rcone t famous lawyfojomccart mccarthy. he got to talking hi h said, no fig li he fight thgovernment and whe you hit h b ten tim harder. he decided to dth for t years they fough th feder government, we have the wonderful transcripts of t case where rcois argui on donald trump' beha back i is the 3 bottom liov t years th
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tried suth governmen counterclaim for $15 milli that famed event ly did settle theca donald tru ha p advertisements in the pape saying beavi africa propertiesrenters to coe t ou showyothathestil upset that the government su him for racibi >> dickerson: what kind winner is donald trump he's beeobviously ve successful, promising that hi personal success going t translate in presidensh succes i talk reinc pries ho that iworkinou is h o constantsuccess person who win tn lose wins a loses,balanc things are going great b it' a bit of ride betwee hwhol life iseri o ve dramatic hil avalley he's had gre successe built casino itlantiit did he well fo awhi then the didn't so he went throu seri and it interesting, t pattern thwhen suee it's a abotrump, t brand
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aspirational sensibility but wh fils,it t system iggedit's oth people's fault other people don't get paid ancontractedders, a lolidor of people who hav spok t wh volat thei non-disclosure agreements to tell u h treateth whe things went sour and so he is someon w doe not takewe t losi a someone who then wins it's al >> dickerson: republican convention we heard stories from the kids about how he prefers spend hi time, dona trum does, with peopleworkgth site not the guy in thcorn offers is there evidence of th terms his -- his pit t electorate, i'm with you, i with the regular person tried to have thimage tha he is asedescri billionaire who polist a blue colla this is something who ve successful in the primarie mosuccessf marwh coec
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he lot opeopha abo wagebeinstan innocen instead of directin theiange towardsomebo wh supe wealthwhich is habe able to channel th an so, doelike t t josite one thing he loves to buil there's no question he does li to spetime whethe han out al nightthatdoubtf but quti th doedo a haha >> dickerson: thanks so much. the book i "truevealed thank yo they will talk about thbo cbs this morning, su tune in to that tune in to that we'l righbawi ou political panel. same time tomorrow, fellas dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absor a hard day on your fe for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills
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non-drowsy 24 hour relief. for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you d every day. >> dickerson: amy walter from the "cook political report bedomenech nnif ja so is founder ovoco could klei ben, stt with you changes in the trummp third head of thcampaign now thir arnd we'll see if this is is the this was a interesting week f th trum mpaiyo strong speeches delivered by dona trump, some of t strongest he's given on the trail tothis point yet that was kind stompe withthpoliti cla because of tinternal mov and re see thaperhap th campai wpoin where fe tha t ne perhaps out desperation
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he is pressional politica commentator and pollster w ha been around quite some time she's beendoin w political campaigns bu mo eyebrorainhi ste bannan who h be kno le for beinconservative campaign operative, he's nev worked on campaign in capacity b rath fo someo ve ti tanti-immigrana voices and anti-travoices so, in terms of what we're goin se impahey're goi early, it's too early treal tell >> dickerson: s 'x t candidate, donald trump ga speeches, went down to louisia to visit flood victims if he habi thisrein priebus thinks he's going to g republicans to come back republicans come home who ar clearly, there's som uncertainty? holeonald trum street ia b one thinab presidenshal campaign t th medi
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se doesn't mean nobody will co back but it mor tha speech. it is more than wkend it is mothth fou day stretc nak tim to say somethiorrib what's important is is t donald trump pitch that he wil hire the best people he will find tbe people will manag thbrin t competencies o executive the business class to n a organizati fectivel he's had a rea problem fhi caai cha heno being able to show thatc he's not hiring t be peopl getting ve inexperience people. not beinable t run stab organization. not running efctiv organization he's celebri a running like on but in terms owe neede businessman she's showing that desn' have those skills john, hiri so n we learned tha h bught upo shawn spicer who is th communications direct for for the rnc thabi de we'll see more sta addition th wewe see so interesting faces.
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staff, irum oexpeta that he sing he needed t it was jus few mont a thtrp wasaying, hcoul kill people an n loter thfamo fifaven comme he made abo shooting someo 5 aveneei hichange, the co worth we're hearing th w thin like, lo eac othe regret this iguy wh investhto separate >> dickerson: republicans ar saying, there is a group republicans desperate for reas to com b t d thi is -- even though juon two speeches is givi the reason amy, giv sen m said that donald trump is hole, polling suggesthat give us a sense of t n a bolts of the challenge face now wi votiso place starting as earl ala september. >> we are three wee aso
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we o t poin now, ez right, where not onlar opinions o candidates b thlectorcollege map spen most of our time looki a reality wh y com int this racsomething that w called the blu w held in the la feeltion election aft eection, win o lose, the question f republicans could they break through thwall win pennsylvania, could th win wisconsi it's clear fr th realturnpurpbe leading mobluecolorado a virginia, those look off t no for donald trump in pla where he's doi wel iowa, that's wonderful jennifer, iowa is betifu place. we love the state of iow only things thha handful ofote what we' seeg, start t se this at th congressional leve bifurcation between stacey tha
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virginia, colorado, cetera versus states like iowa th overwhelmingly white and surbdistri wh we're hearing fr pllster hillary clinton ov performing likobam i thos district t moural area sh underperforming. the rechallenge for dona trump not jusget so o tho people back th he lost, is h gointo g ba tho republicans wh yeafte year, collegeducated vot f republicans. >> how are you goio organization to really convinc them the whole problem wi analyzin thelection a thistag that you have assume campaign. one that has nco t fruition or come to the poin offings is tans ye th rcan picit u there isga therwher y long ha conditiona campaign organization t t ki data drivvote contact that has m su difference. >> dickerson: donald trump has said, i don't need all th
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people ar turning out a the people have never voted are going to tur ou democrats whvoted for th time sther evidence tha th is happening that there so group vote ou there tha are being missed th are goi to rush to donald trump? knthat stebann wants targ vote rican powerfnebellious to stan up to th ric a powerful little bit morof ground gam t ne f week tim their enemthey're starti move. in order for him have to star seeing h ba big moves in plac pennsylvania but i notice know that start showing up iunedictabl places. knowi' to brha they think they know how but goin to show u som od places i told places we woul ve expe >> dickerson: odd places like what, canada? >> i'm not sure like lon isla fascinating place to loo w you'll see donald trump real
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doesn't he's goi w new york. >> another thing we'll se they're going tstarendi on digitaadvertisin ought theibigges expenditur million fo digita pop up on odevices so unusuaplaces >> dickerson: s ' coulabou messaging, there's some repor about donald trump changing h positi myb immigratio interestin sessions who i ve str immigration question. seems to be up in t wh donald trump is going to do wit the milli undocumente workers, at the end of t primary i didn't that questi was up in th air >> see tme t be strange pivot to make yo messaging where yorgume becomes, if you do nlikehi position o immigration, goo news is you' al can trus me. that does not seem toth move peop ne f trum to t po jus made, the
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personality and th srength and weaknesses of candidat himself. they kee doubling downan doubling down what they know going gital advertisin a go example i'm a big fa i'm all for people moving digital advertisin bit what the keedoing bringing ifod movin structures that are extremel good for the kinds strengt they have in t prima whi reachipeople thealread these are not wa rea people you don agrwith don't reac peopl t say, m messe waactually complete cous a w lying about molici the way peop experienth tustworthines what hive been telling y this time long tru becaus i still want t g electan it isn workin >> dickerson: what do y mak of the game immigration, am missinsomething there's confusion he abou what igoing
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close cleassociated the point where beca seriou canned daylight wh put forwar immigrati pla tink thpossibl testingment waters o somethi perhaps mo that coul mad to tr tsoften hmessag f a generalection i would agre w tid getting away fr t woul hurt hi bra morthan i would hel the peop who arconvince that donald trump anti-immigrant holds those view personally are n going to b convinced to comba the real problem for h i acceptable candidate f general election wher hneed to b acceptable tcolleg educat white particular subject you are an whites why you've see hitalkin more sof teabou raci reconciliation. >> that's much mor tpoin that i don't think he's going out trying to reach ou t g hispanics or african american what he'saying, subject yo are ducatvo sayi them it's actually no t ba
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thanks to all of you. we'll be right bac
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today. thanks for watching. start your day tomorrow with "cbs this morning" they wi have more from t authors group wivoters ithstat of pennsylvania that donald trump taetin until next weefor "face th nation" i'm john dickerso street street
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trump trouble in the heartland. a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton pulling ahead in a crucial midwest state. voters tell us what it might take for trump to rebound. >> also tonight, back to school in what's being done to protect students? >> we're in louisiana where historic floods damaged 60,000 homes. we're in turkey where a teenage terror bomber is suspected of wiping out dozens at a wedding. >> can i get a high-five? >> we will meet an american paralympian inspiring the next generation. >> when i saw him i was motivated to do more than i can
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that have disability like she has. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the "cbs overnight news," i'm any elaine quijano. with the election nearly 11 weeks away, a cbs news battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton now 6 points ahead of donald trump in ohio, a crucial state for his campaign. in battleground iowa, our new poll shows clinton and trump are tied. the only sta where clinton does not have an outright lead. for more on this, we turn to elections director, anthony salvanto in washington. >> reporter: in ohio one keys clinton continues to dupe better with democrats than donald trump does with republicans. so he has yet to shore up his base. in the bigger picture, ohio is indeed critical to donald trump's fortunes this year when you add it to an electoral map and look at all of the states donald trump need to win to get the presidency.
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so, to change states. he need to change minds. we asked people, what would donald trump have to do to make you reconsider him? one of the top answers, convince them he its ready to be commander-in-chief. he has the had trouble on the measure. and, apologize off to people that he has offended which we saw him start to do this week. but for all of the talk about trump it is not all good news for hillary clinton here despite the leads. voters in ohio as elsewhere continue to feel clinton is connected to foreign donors, and she telling the truth. so, elaine, even as she has raised doubts about trump for the moment there are important measures of her own where voters say it still leaves them with questions. >> anthony salvanto, thank you. following his campaign shake-up last week, donald trump is trying to gain ground on hillary clinton by reaching out to minority voters. here is errol barnett. >> reporter: this pitch from donald trump to african-americans made in front of a mostly white audience was
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>> you are living in poverty, your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose the? >> critics said it was a bleak picture of black life in america. today his new campaign manager explained the remarks. >> he is trying to tell americans we can do better. that maybe hillary clinton looks at you as voters takes you for granted. i look at you as people. polls is triggering a new minority outreach. on saturday, his campaign convened hispanic leaders in new york to serve as advisory council. but there is no visible change in policy. trump's pledge to build a wall and have mexico pay for it is still prominently placed on his website. clinton raised money today in massachusetts, after a judge ruled she must submit written testimony to questions about her e-mail controversy. also, today, clinton's campaign
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to the clinton foundation got special access. >> we have republicans in congress and right-wing groups doing everything they can to try to make something out of nothing here. >> as the race heads into the final months, campaign cash is crucial. last month. clinton hauled in $52 million. trump, $37 million. elaine, both candidates have a busy week of fundraisers and campaign events ahead. >> errol barnett in washington. errol, thank you. monday is the f school across miami where there are growing concerns about the zika virus. health officials are monitoring two so-called zika zones. in miami beach at least five people have apparently been infected by local mosquitoes. the original zika zone is just across biscayne bay. so far at least 36 people in the area have been infected. the virus can cause severe birth defects. david begnaud has the the latest. >> this afternoon the florida
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beach senior high. students from here and one other school in the new zika zone were encouraged to spray themselves before class tomorrow. melanie fishman is principal of south point elementary. >> we don't want it done at the school site. there are kids that have asthma. >> the miami-dade school district handed out protective clothing long sleeves and pants for students that needed it. pro active efforts taken by the school district impressed carp whose son adam is entering high school. >> i commend their efforts. i think it's fantastic. it is when out woo e should do to protect our children and to protect our whole community. >> nearly 3300 kids will be attending school in the 1 zwr 5 million area. where local zika transmission has been confirmed on miami beach. ashy beauregard is six months pregnant, canceled her baby


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