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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  August 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> breaking now at 4:00, the man convicted of shooting and killing a can ton canine has been sentenced to 24 years in prison. kelantre pled guilty dog's death. killed and shot canine jethro back in january. hundreds of people attended funeral. we are under a red alert. >> and tomorrow we are in a red alert. details to help you plan your evening. >> yeah, this as the dehumidity is reaching this evening. this afternoon the severe
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but i think it's going to miss us tonight around indianapolis there. we have five reports of tornados around indianapolis with damage. this is a tornado watch that we have, just extends into the lima area. we are watching this cluster of storms here. i do expect showers and storms to form in our area tonight. it's a yellow alert tonight which means that we are not expecting widespread severe. timing 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and some of the storms could contain heavy rains. here is a future view run here. you can see right through 6:00 we are still pretty dry. but then by the time we get to 8:00 here and then here is 10:00 this evening, mainly west of cleveland between 10:00 and midnight, we will see some showers and storms around. so that is what we're going to be watching here. mainly this evening, look at the temperature right now. 86. and again it's increasingly humid.
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down to 82 at 7:00. it's going to be a warm and uncomfortable night with the humidity. now tomorrow a much better risk of severe weather here. it's a red alert. i'm going to bring you the details on that my next time out. mark? >> jeff, thank you. this is an absolutely terrifying story. a woman says she was shot at on i-77 today while driving. the ohio state patrol is investigating and shelby miller is getting answers for that at 4:00. shelby? >> yeah, mark, just as the woman is recovering right now. she was in her car driving down interstate 77 when someone shot at her. police found her car empty. they said it was riddled with bullets and now they are trying to find out who did it. canton police came across a minivan stopped with bullets. a woman parked her car and ran
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her head. ambulance took her to mercy medical center. they don't expect it as random. >> we don't believe this was random. we believe that she was targeting. this had to come from other vehicle traveling southbound on 77 also. >> now the good news is that i am told that the woman was released from the hospital after she was treated. as we mentioned, no one is in custody right now. but the woman, after she left her car, ran to a stranger's home. today we house and spoke to her about the whole incident that happened at 3:30 in the morning. here is some of her story coming up at 5:00. live in canton, shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> okay shelby, thank you. we have sad news after the crash into a palmer heights crowd last weekend. one person was died. could the elderly driver face charges. denise dufala is live.
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question is yes, she could face charges. i'm right now in the area where this happened, one of the few reminders that there was an accident here. the paint marks in the grass right here. as we speak, two more people are trying to recover from their injuries after this horrific accident. this is surveillance video that captures the terrifying moments when a 74-year-old woman plowed into a dance floor during an outdoor concert in pamer person died. 16-year-old kathleen mcdonald died after suffering from injuries she sustained when hit by the car. police are now saying the elderly driver could face charges. the driver told the detective yesterday that she wished she would have been the one that was hit. >> how is she doing? >> not good. she is pretty upset with everything. and she was having a difficult time and she said i wish it was me.
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>> so palmer police tell me that right now they are finishing up the details in the case. they're going to be turning this over to prosecutors, city and county prosecutors will be reviewing this case and deciding whether charges will be filed. if they will be filed, they expect that to happen sometime next week. we're asking questions and getting answers here in palmerheights. denise dufala cleveland 19. >> police are investigating after a security guard had a robbery suspect at burger king on cleveland avenue. armed with a knife. and the guard fired the gun at least once. the suspect was not hit and kept running. suspect was finally stopped on east 59th and now treated at a local hospital for minor injuries. a developing story now at four, at least one student is reportedly dead and more than a
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armed assault at the american university in the afghanistan city of cobel. witnesses heard a loud explosion and automatic gun fire on campus. also said some students barricaded themselves in a classroom using chairs and desks to block the door. the attack comes two weeks after two university staff members including an american were abducted by gun fire. they haven't been found. >> photographers captured this image the internet of a nun with blood on her face after the deadly earthquake in italy. the 6.2 quake caused widespread disruption across italy. at least 120 people are announced dead. tina has the very latest. >> the powerful earthquake shook people out of their beds in the
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happened in a town 100 miles northeast of rome. digging through mountains of debris where homes once stood. an emergency worker tried to calm a woman trapped in the rubble and appeared badly injured with her face very visible under the wall that fell on top of her. earthquake hit after 3:30 a.m. after many people were sleeping. so far there have been dozens of powerful aftershocks and people some residents say the military response has been slow. in in ilica, large slabs of concrete trapped people and crashed cars and looked days as they huddled in the field. rescuers pulled a man and say young girl from the rubble alive and as night falls, it's a race against time to have more lives.
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>> the italian premiere says he will head to the earthquake zone later today. at&t is helping you speak with friends and family due to the earthquake. the provider is providing free phone calls and texting to italy. texting is recommended in an emergency situation. >> just two weeks after burying her husband, a northeast ohio woman pelted by rock throwers is dealt another throw. nick tanaka is following the case of sharon bud. >> the first of four young men charged throwing rocks on a pennsylvania interstate causing severe injury to sharon bud is granted parole. keefer ran free today after serving nine months for the crime. he met the terms for his
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next years on probation but under went numerous surgery for her injuries from the july 2014 attack and remains impaired. has a union town ohio home earlier this month. the judge also noted during the patrol that he understands the family is hurting from the death but that were not in court. guidelines were followed. chris tanaka cleveland 19. >> the count town is on for cleveland race for the cure. it's this saturday. it's the time when incredible stories come out of 69-year-old carol jones in strongville. despite always getting her mammograms, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. she was told she had three to
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said otherwise. taking part in the race for the third year as one of the top fundraising teams.3 >> the race is actually hope for all women. not just women who are survivors or who are forever fighters or who have cancer in their families because all women -- no women knows when it's going to strike. >> carol says there is no history of breast cancer iner family. her hope now of beating it is with the medical trials she is now taking part in and catherine bosley will have more at the story on 5:00. cleveland's race for the cure is this saturday and as your honorary chair you will meet some great people who are celebrating life and their accomplishments beating cancer. >> still to come here on cleveland 19 news at 4:00. >> donald trump stumps in the
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in california. presidential politics up next. >> and surviveor serinade. how this group survived. over on the other side of the break. >> over on west side of town by 90 and 44th, traffic about right. volume about right for this time
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? >> ha. all right. touching video of a veteran being honored in front of his california home. missouri in the second world war. visited thompson's home and sang the navy's official theme song. anchors away. >> that is so special. wonderful. >> well current general electric workers were at the park today. >> hundreds came out to help beautify east cleveland.
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and clear a walking path. the project was for the company's 18th annual community day. park is completely overgrown and desperately needed tlc. went ahead and fixed it right up. >> volunteerism. can't bit it. >> i love to see stuff like that. >> you got something good for us. the race is still dry. >> race is still dry. i know. i know that's the most important thing that you are looking at. >> right. >> but before that happens we have got a couple of showers and storms. first one will be tonight and then i am getting a little more concerned about tomorrow afternoon with that round. i will show you in fact that we have a red alert for tomorrow afternoon for the potential of severe weather. humidity is really going up. in fact later on tonight and tomorrow, we're going to be oppressive. going to get really muggy around here. front comes through tomorrow night and friday will start to drop that humidity.
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now. in advance of it, we still have an outbreak of severe weather with tornados around the indianapolis area. in fact we have had a couple of confirmed tornados there around cocoma, indiana with damage in the indianapolis area. that should stay away from us tonight. that round of severe weather. but will be developing showers and storms. currently we are dry and the clouds are increasing. this the is 8:00 this evening on future and you can see showers and storms. do we have that shot of indiana? okay, my producer just told me we have a shot of indiana where that tornado hit. you can just pull it up if you want, if you have it. there it is. there you can see some of the damage around cocoma, indiana i'm told. and this is obviously our affiliate, our sister station there in indianapolis. they continue to monitor that situation. they are busy around
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11:00 this evening. showers and storms will begin to move in. right now greater cleveland area in akron and canton will be late this evening between 11:00 and 2:00 in the morning and after that, the rain will end for a time. and it will be dry in the morning tomorrow and then we are really going to have to watch at 2:00 in the afternoon and that will be over the lake. should b least the potential of severe. for tomorrow afternoon when it's going to be super muggy, the potential of severe storms, 2:00 p.m. until about 8:00 p.m., the main severe weather threats will be wind damage and hail. that will be the heads up. we are in the risk area. tomorrow afternoon storms prediction center actually increasing the risk , the yellow
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30. one to three foot waves out there this evening with the rain and storm threats with the western basin of lake erie and only drop down to 73 tonight with showers and storms in the forecast. right around 70 for the low in the akron canton area and then tomorrow 7:00 to 7:00 a.m. we are in the upper 80s to near 90s in the storm threat during the afternoon and evening. fantastic by the race for the cure in cleveland. warming up to 81 for the high of the sunday 87. looking dry after tomorrow. >> donald trump goes after a group of voters who he has struggled today attack. lisa jeng explains how hillary clinton's campaign is fighting back against accusations that she provided access to clinton
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>> donald trump walked through the ring to meet with volunteers remember registering for new voters. once inside trump explained why he thinks minorities should vote for him. >> for the african american parent, you have a right to walk down the street of your city without having your child or yourself shot. and that is what's happening right now. >> hillary clinton has spent this week out of the public eye raising money in caliia new controversy creating more questions about her trustworthiness. the associated press reports that more than half the people from outside the u.s. government who spoke with hillary when she was secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. trump called it a pay for play scam. clinton's campaign says she did not reap any profits. >> the clintons do not draw a salary or a profit from the foundation.
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flawed because it omits 1,700 meetings with world leader >> trump will hold a rally in mississippi tonight where nigel farage says he will meet with the gop nominee. former leader of the uk independence party which fought for brexit and the recommend dumb in which the uk left the european union. >> louisiana governor and mike pence stopped a pennsylvania yesterday. why not. turns out the barber did not know whose hair he was cutting. >> mike pence. i am the governor of indiana and running for vice president of the united states. >> has owned that barbershop for 20 years and cutting hair for about 40. >> well it looks like hillary clinton does have a fun side. judging from these pictures. mark, this is your celebrity
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she and her husband justin timberlake had a democratic lunch. tweeted with the #i'mwithher. raised more than $3 million from that event. >> i am with jessica biel. >> i know you are. see how i was about to filter what i was going to say. >> good work. we are live. >> parents come up with a clever punishment for their kids. >> does the rain mean anything? it could mean something w you're in the market for a job. the stories and more trending
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>> if you like it, you shouldn't put a ring on it. >> that's right ladies this one is for you. a new york based recruiter telling women to ditch the ring
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>> what? >> bruce herwitz says when a man sees that ring, he immediately assumes you are high maintenance. how dare he? he says a woman will look at the size of a ring and will fear falling into second place if you are hired. >> wow. >> a woman will look -- okay, he says his clients who have taken his advice got a job offer shortly afterwards and many men responded to the linked in ridiculous and i agree. >> the reality is that they are just men trying to get girls into the office. >> exactly. >> they don't want one with a ring on it. >> they all think they have got a shot. >> yup. >> that will go viral. two parents came up with a simple yet genius solution to stop the teen from slamming doors. they cut it in half. brother posted a photo on reddit
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comments in one day. some think the punishment fits the crime and others say the parents went too far. it's too far. >> it is. one new kitten is getting a new ride home. woman drove from harvard avenue to 117 during rush hour. got to work and heard a noise. opened it up and found the kitten. they are name the little kitty lucky. >> i have heard stories like this. it's warm up in there. >> makes sense. >> they make it and they are in good shape. >> the city of cleveland are in need of dozens of school crossing guards. what is going on in one area of cleveland's west side. paul orlousky got to the bottom
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>> our s
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man convicted of shooting and killing a canton canine has been sent to 42 years in prison. shot and killed caoi canine jethro back in january. a woman claims somebody shot up her minivan when she was driving on i-77. the victim ran to a nearby canton home for help suffered a bullet wound to the hand and grazed the back of the head. she will be okay. investigators do not believe this was a random attack. >> who is in charge of making sure that school crossings are adequately staffed so the students cross the streets safely? no one is surprised. so is paul orlousky.
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their own. the city of cleveland has 70 open positions for crossing guards >> four vacancies, news to me. never knew. >> michael had no idea that spots were opened until he saw our story and asked for a break down and learned something else about the police unit who administers the program. >> if you have only one sergeant who is on vacation and four people medical, who is doing the school guards? zippo. that is who is doing school guards. >> vetting a candidate can take up to six months because of the manpower issue but with no one looking at application right now, no one will be appointed any time soon. ralph will love the job. >> i was surprised that they said they are short on school crossings guards.
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>> saw no guard there last semester and applied. >> they took my cancelled check for direct deposits so i thought i had a job and i haven't heard from them since march. >> a guard not being assigned to a crossing hurts in two ways. first, no one can watch the kids cross busy streets and number two, the guard turns on their own signs and when they are not here the sign stays off. >> until you did the expo, we submit names and it takes forever for them to get appointed. >> we'll check with community policing when the one officer comes back from vacation. after labor day. getting answers paul orlousky cleveland 19 >> orlo, thanks. in the city of cleveland there are 349 identified positions where school crossing guards are supposed to be placed. 20% of the positions are empty and kids are crossing alone. in most cases the flashing 20
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if you have a question, paul will get you answers. you can e-mail him at or orlo >> studies show most high school students are not doing well on the act. 30% of the graduating seniors who took the exam were college prepared. we wanted to know how ohio students ranked when it came to that test. we are here now with the answere >> that's right, we really want to get down to exactly why so many students are showing up unprepared for this. like you said, 38% that took the act and we are talking about the class of 2016. only 38% met the college readiness, that means they passed in three out of the four subjects that is english, math, reading and science. look where it was last year. down 2%. 40% passed just a year ago.
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number that failed. 34%. a third of the students who took the act last year failed it, failed in all four subjects. that the is up 3% from 2015. we started asking why? more and more kids are taking the test. the most used standardized college test and if you have more people taking it including kids who have no intention of going to college you're goingo 2.1 million took the test last year. more than ever before and 64%, that is 64% of the 2016 graduating class. you can see that only 59% took it in 2015 and you start to pass. back to you. >> all right, well it's getting
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to continue to monitor this. tornado on the ground in indianapolis and has caused damage, in cocoma a starbucks was taken out. on social media. moving in indianapolis, right down i-70 here. still a tornado warning in effect. this part of the severe weather will be missing us that we think that is generally going to stay south and dissipate and we will see showers and storms develop in our area tonight. the timing will be 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. heavy rain and gusty winds perhaps with some of those storms. and then tomorrow afternoon, that is when we could be looking at some severe weather here. it's a red alert that we have issued for tomorrow afternoon as the next cold front gets ready to cross and then the dry
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heading into the weekend. we're going to continue to monitor that situation. it's 82 akron, canton. a little on the windy side there with south wind at 15. downtown cleveland, 87 south wind at 11:00. all new weather information on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and the interactive radar is key. especially when we have showers and storms in the forecast. you can get right down to your neighborhood. 83 at 6:00. 81 at 8:00. better likelihood of the showers and storms here late this ev and i will have an update on that part of the forecast including tomorrow's severe weather threat. >> lebron james with another milestone tonight. this time in show biz. the executive producer of the locally produced show. >> cleveland 19's shelby miller is getting answers on tonight's premiere. >> it's a packed house.
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the salon does it all. now they ever adding one more item to the list. >> it's a journey to say the least. >> tonight the ceo appeared on the season of lebron james' show cleveland hustles and followed local entrepreneurs who compete for investments. >> words can't express. >> when producers called in january, fountain thought it was a joke. >> i thought i was being punked or pranked. where is ashton kutcher. >> i triedo >> unless you want me to get fined, absolutely not. >> we know the pitch made to investor. >> my new concept is a salon suite. they have private suites. >> right now styles of success has their location at st. claire avenue. on the show cleveland hustles they are competing against other local entrepreneurs for another spot. this will be in the district in a neighborhood they are hoping to revitalize
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people need to really invest in small businesses like he is doing. >> and that he, is the one and only lebron james. >> without him none of this would be possible. >> james produces the show. >> this is a chance for other cities, other states, to be able to see that we are up and rising and we were at the bottom of the todem poll. now we are rising up. >> even though they don't tell me what happened on the show, incredible. >> we made it through. that's all i can say. >> getting answers in cleveland, shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> i love from lebron is doing for the cleveland 19 community. >> keeping it right here. businesses are taking part in this. >> airs on cnbc. >> can't wait to see that.
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have you seen this? >> i have not. >> we're talking about this in timeout. we're not worthy. >> and this teacher is welcoming kids back to school, this is great. you're going to like this. >> and a lawsuit that caused a little latte drama is thrown
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>> welcome back.
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ice in the drinks. wasn't worried, were you? california judge threw out the lawsuit against the company. one man said that they put too much ice in the drink and got less coffee. and the judge said a reasonable customer says you get ice in your drink and you're going to have ice. >> all right the browns game right here. >> friday night the season game of the four and see for at least three quarters. i would play the entire time. >> what are we going to see? >> tarell prior, josh gordon across the middle. >> i thought josh couldn't play. >> he can play in the preseason. >> really. >> i love from robert griffon is doing. shaky in the first game.
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this is one thing that the guy does well. no one ever questioned. he is a winger. >> so you think we're going to win more than three games? >> no. but i think that we would win at least eight games. come on. let's check -- let's talk about salazar. what's up with him? >> we don't know. listen he has got the velocity. came back and it was so bad to keep throwing and last night in oakland, awful start and gave up the three run homer in the first. and here is the problem. he thought there was something wrong with his arm and structurally there was not. when he came back he was put back out there and throwing 96 miles an hour and can't put the ball where he wants. this is an issue for a first place team that has very high aspir aspirations. what do you do with them? at some point in the playoffs you shrink your rotation, do danny fit in?
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>> hopefully he will get it together. >> lebron's favorite workout of the i heard about this. i don't think i can do this. >> i do a shred of it. i get on the stair master for about a minute. this is a way of life for lebron. you can tell by looking at him. he does everything right nutritionally. here is what he had to say about it. >> my workout regimen is five times a week every day. it varies. sometime i workout. sometimes i will go to an actual class. i have been to versa climber classes or spinning. i do pilates as well. it varies depending on how i am feeling >> i'm exhausted from all of the workouts that he does. >> you're in the spin class. i'm in the spin class in the y and i look over to the right and there is lebron.
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brian trophy. >> my workout is at least once a week. i walk over to insomnia cookies. going viral now, a california cross country team has real motivation. puppies. everyone loves puppies. fifteen members took a run earlier this month from the santa barbara animal shelter and has the little guy in the back and has the extra special care h video object f on facebook. more than 215 thousand views so far. i can see why. >> another video going viral here at 4:00, a chicago first year teacher posted this video to introduce himself. ? welcome to the 4th grade so happy to meet you can't wait until i see you ?
4:46 pm
learn about science, find ways to apply it and i bet that you'll like it we're going to have a good time ? ? welcome to the 4th grade ? hello i'm your teacher my name is mr. reed and it's very nice to meet you, i'm from chicago i love eating pizza and i dress to impress but i still rock sneakers ? >> oh, yeah, don't you want to go to his class? youtube. so far has more than 180,000 views. looks like a lot of fun. >> he would be a fun teacher. >> sign my kid up for mr. reed for sure. >> sara is here and has something for us at 5:00. >> next at 5:00, our very own cleveland museum of art is running to be the best in the country.
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help make them number one. local reaction after an earthquake hit italy this morning. gets answers here in cleveland. plus we have the latest updates in the campaign trail and talk to cnn correspondent brian nobles and that is all coming up when you join chris tanaka and
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>> all right we got a yellow alert behind me here. you can see the yellow lights for tonight. let's go to the roof cam. all is dry right now. showers and storms expected tonight. we have mid to upper 80s out there. boy, it is getting uncomfortable. humidity is on the rise.
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this situation for the potential severe storms. 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and then into the early evening. we are up to 89 and near 90 tomorrow if we can get enough sunshine going. heads up, we can be tracking severe weather right around this time tomorrow. friday partly cloudy 82. eventually turning less humid. saturday race for the cure, 81 the high with the mixed sky to high clouds and will be 60s in the mni degrees. mark? >> jeff, thanks. it's a mind set, right or wrong, that has been around for years. men bring home the bacon. the university of connecticut study shows that being the primary bread winner can put strain on the men's well-being and on the opposite side, carrying the financial load has
4:52 pm
high to make as much cash no matter the cost. >> you ever wonder why people do those studies? what's the purpose of that study? >> you call your friends and say what's up, see how you feel. coming up. >> talk by toddlers. james gordon and jason derullo
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>> wednesday ramona. >> yup. >> here we go.
4:54 pm
$550 a year on booze. >> that is a lot of drinking. >> the average gal spends how much? how much does the average gal spend? >> 200. >> close, $230 i'm going to give
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>> well that is singer jason derulo who decided to go ahead and push his talents to the limits. >> the two were in class with toddlers and they had to mimic the instructor's steps. >> you don't know these instructors. they are monsters. >> who are they? [cheers and applause] [laughter] ? ? >> james gordon is a busy man on the show. here is his guest for tomorrow. ? baby can't you see i'm calling a guy like you should wear a warning -- it's dangerous i'm falling ? >> uh-huh.
4:57 pm
james gordon for an all new karaoke tomorrow. airs right after the late show with steven colber on cleveland 19. >> that should be fun. >> haven't seen brittany in forever. a northeast ohio boy is asking for help from the community to get a wheelchair. we hear from his family coming
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia of is streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> chris: a shooting this morning on i-77.
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ran from her van and left the scene. shelby miller is getting answers from canton and spoke to the homeowner who answered the door who asked for help in the middle of the night. shelby. >> that's right. i-77 southbound. that's what the woman was driving at about 3:30 this morning. a group came and shot the side of her car. she stopped and got out of the car and ran to the woman's home and that her inside. >> this is the door the victim banged on at 3:30. she told them someone was following her and feared for her life. officers found her minivan shot up. the victim's hand and leg were bleeding and paramedics rushed her to the hospital. >> my son woke me up and heard 7 gunshots and 10 minutes later heard pounding on the door. she was bleeding and said she


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