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tv   Cleveland 19 News Sunday Morning  CBS  August 28, 2016 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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live from cleveland news center. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> good morning to you. it is sunday auguste twenty-eighth, 72? outside the studios in downtown cleveland, i'm denise. this is cleveland 19 sunday morning. live look camera. what a gorgeous looking sky out the there. there's the sun. we do see the sun out there. it was so hot outside yesterday. >> more sticky humidness and made up to 93. the sun technically just starting to come up now. running a little late because the cloud cover was just
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windshield wipers coming in this morning? >> no. >> i had to. i had so much due inside my windshield. >> with you park outside or inside? >> parking outside. >> condensation on the inside of our windows this morning. this is just -- even humid in here, i think. >> it is tropical. >> still look gorgeous. >> always so worried about her hair. >> you get the e-mails that says the place. oppressively humid day and monday and tuesday we will continue with the mugginess, doesn't quite go away. temperatures into the mid-70s but look at this. this is how you know it is going to be a hot day. into the mid-80s by lunchtime. there's a little bit of lake
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cooler, make sure maybe they don't reach a full 90?. yet everyone inland could be set up for another 90 degree day. that stifling heat because so thick in the air. so much moisture out there. right now in the mid-60s. let me tell you any time we are in the 60s people complain. when we are into the0s feels like florida. that's what today will feel like just like yesterday. not watching anything on radar but as we go hour-by-hour, look at what happens, some by lunchtime, some seeing scattered showers and storms. slight risk today. i think the heat and humidity is really what's going to kill you. i have a weather helper today. noah.
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>> we have a floor director too. right now sunday morning waiting to learn the identity of suspect involved in deadly shooting that happened. he is set to be had if court tomorrow. bill sapos and has the latest. >> reporter: it was the beginning of typical morning for 53-year-old debbie pearl, just after 7:00 and he was leaving twinsburg home. she said good-bye to her husband but never made husband came to crash scene to try to figure out what happened. >> we were just here at the police tape and man pulls up and comes to the tape next to us and he starts breaking down crying and we were like, sir, are you okay? and he said that is my wife's car. she was on her way to work this morning. >> reporter: michelle reece and daughter were crushed after
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they say it was worse than hearing what unfolded after the crash. >> we heard 12 gunshots. they were very spread apart. such as pow. pow pow. pow. it wasn't all at once. >> after the first shot i heard a woman scream out. >> the thought of the screams made it tough for her and her daughter to sleep last night, but they weren't the only witnesses that lost sleep. so did the 911 caller. >> firing randomly to walk up toward her car. there's accidents there all the time. we just never had somebody get out and start shooting. >> she worked here for a very long time. this morning her coworkers obviously devastated as are her friends and family. they are waiting for the final report to come from the bureau of criminal investigation. trying to figure out why this all unfolded yesterday morning and why she is gone, but at this
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suv, he is waiting in jail to make 1st court appearance. we will have much more on him coming up in the next half hour. reporting live from southeast charlie davidson, bill sapos cleveland 19. >> anchor: cochlear america county ohio department wants you to be on lookout for this man. george s and haven't been back since. he suffers from early stage of dementia. similar are to the one you should see on screen. ohio plate to look for be75hr. call 911 if you see shaw or the vehicle that he was driving. police have made an arrest in the murders of two roman catholic nuns in mississippi. police say they were stabbed to death inside their home earlier this week.
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>> reporter: just about everyone knew paula and margaret. they worked for low income residents in the poorest county in the state. sister susan ghats knew the woman for decades. >> these were people and treated everybody with dignity, treated everybody with that compassion. >> reporter: left the community stunned. robbery was the motive and quickly zeroed in on 46-year-old rodney sanders. they are now investigating why they allegedly went to the woman's home and stabbed them. late friday sanders was arrested and charged with two counts of capital murder. he is described as drift and her served time in iowa. they discovered bodies thursday
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durant is assistant police chief james lee. >> i'm sure our community is completely devastating and grieving. >> struggle to understand how two women dedicated their lives to helping others. police told me this is the kind of area where many people leave doors unlocked and in this case there was no signs of forced entry or break-in. kenneth craig, york. >> anchor: this weekend hillary clinton met national intelligence while donald trump was polling in iowa. it is showing they are tied. trump is staying positive about the chances. >> great victory on
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comment on the murder of nba star duane wade first cousin in chicago. he tweeted duane's cousin was killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i was saying african-americans will vote trump. that tweet brought condemnation that the state trump politicizing a tragedy. trump tweeted again offering the condolences condolences and mentioned murder at rally. no comment from wade at tweets. vice president joe biden will be in ohio campaigning for hillary clinton next week. on thursday he will be making stops in cleveland and youngstown urging ohioans to support the democratic ticket. cleveland 19 news was there from start to finish for the susan g. koman race for the cure in downtown cleveland. more than 3500 survivors and supporters raised for a cure yesterday and theme is why do i
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ibexpirational and 35 to 25 years and those cancer that's not curable will fight forever. >> my friends, coworkers. >> i'm not letting cancer kick my butt. >> more than 150 volunteers helped with race for the cure helping to make the great event that it is. >> anchor: trending now capper nick, sat during the national anthem before the packers and told the nfl network i'm not going to show up to stand up and show pride for country that oppresses people of color. here is what the coach says. >> we recognize right of any individual to participate or not
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during playing of the national anthem. it is his right as citizen. >> many 14 stood for the anthem and understand why he did what he did. are you ready for another run? preseason tickets, two games on the road for the final preseason game. the cavs will play in columbus at ohio state university. there's a six t person for games at the q and four ticket limit for the game in columbus. >> anchor: celebrating in doughnut shop. >> today will feel like the dog days of summer and i will introduce you to noah. absolutely break.
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19 plan as well and.
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this is cleveland 19 news. >> anchor: get the motors running and ready to run out to the hard rock for ride for the record. joining us this morning, don't change the channel, not looking at another network. got dick russ in studio to explain why it is so important. long time report and her people are going to recognize you. >> flashback from the past. >> now you're doing some really, really -- not that you weren't doing important work but love what you're doing especially because i have a daughter with special needs. you're the vice president for
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going on today. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it very much. >> any time, i told you. >> something in common with family member with a developmental disability but today at 11:00 the gates will open at hard rock rocksino and join us in event we call ride for the record. we are going to try to set the guinness book of world records record for most motorcycle started at one >> wow. that's a hefty goal. >> north coast community homes and we provide homes for people with disabilities, six counties in northeast ohio. it is a fundraiser whether you ride a motorcycle or if you want to walk him.
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>> you don't have to have a harley or motorcycle to be a part of today. >> quaker steak and lube our presenting sponsors and got world's best wings out there, spas mattics, great band, all kind of stunt riders and things like that. fun day. one or walk in, 25-dollar for two people for as many as two folks and proceeds go to north coast. >> you say after you leave the studio. i wish we could have put up the picture of you you showed me before the show and get on motorcycle what you look like, total transformation. >> i'm walking in. i'm a walk-in. >> you look pretty bad in the picture i showed you. today head down to the rocksino in north park, 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., a lot of fun going on there. >> 2:30 or three when we will
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engines and set that world record, which is 1400 right now, so maybe we can smash it by several thousand. >> anchor: keep us posted and i will keep everyone posted on facebook and twitter. we will head over to beth with a special gust right now. >> i miss my friend. >> noah sends me his forecast everyday. there you go. now you can see apple tv. >> see me in winter clothes and
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tell people -- stay in the shot. they want to see your cuteness. >> 66. 70 in cleveland, acron 73 and 71 and 68 in -- can you help me out, beg? columbia anna. now the sabrina dasilva. >> anchor: let's do couple hour forecast. is that all right? first let's get you going. >> 9:78 and at 10:78, 82 and now
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don giveaway the time. this is the thing you don't know about tv. you need a little bit of time. >> on the way. >> temperature 77. can you do it? >> lake forecast a little different. the winds will come out of the south and noah doesn't have a boat, probably doesn't get out there much, water temperature on warm partly sunny day coming our way and chance of storms and noah has been telling but that. on doppler max look at what's coming up. downpours at this point so makes it a little tricky. partly sunny skies. see the cloud cover that's out there. >> 7:15 right now. we are going to take you for all the seven days.
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>> i know, it is like magic. >> you know what, jeff, i will have to have a talk with jeff to make sure you know how all of this equipment works. today partly sunny with chance of storms in the afternoon. noah, how hot is it going to be today? >> today 90. whoa. >> another hot day. 83 on monday, cloudy and down to 67 and sunday drop to 70. 84 down to 60. 80 on wednesday and partly cloudy. down to 65 and thursday look at that, beth, we are in the 70s. >> into the 70s. you know need to talk now? pass over to denise. >> denise, back to you, my darling. >> i will take that. watch out, tony.
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>> not good news for the indians the way it would go. runners on second and third, jose ramirez overthinks it here, tried to make the play at third and everyone is safe, should have thrown it to first. this is the one hop and her it swallows up carlos santana, struggles at first and two batters later mitch more land and that's a grand slam five-zero rangers and bottom of the third and 2-run double and indians fall seven-zero and final game later today and trying to get things righted at the hill. >> turning 33 this year and
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into coaching. >> anchor: canadian took over tim shortan with larry o'brien trove and he shout-out the fellow canadians, sydney crosby bought the stanley cup to the chain last month. down the river dog yoga done different on a paddle board. later we check it out having acne... was always on my mind. so i asked a dermatologist about aczone dapsone gel 7.5%. i apply it once a day, any time. aczone gel 7.5% is fda approved for the topical treatment of acne for people 12 years and older. aczone gel is a once-a-day acne treatment with clinically proven results. in clinical trials, acne got better for people using aczone gel in just 12 weeks. aczone gel may cause the serious side effect
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stop taking aczone gel and get medical help right away if your lips, mouth, or nails turn grey or blue. talk to your doctor if you have g6pd deficiency. using benzoyl peroxide with aczone gel may cause skin or facial hair to temporarily turn yellow or orange where applied. common side effects of aczone gel include dryness and itching of treated skin. now, i have less acne to think about because i use aczone gel. you could pay as little as $15 for aczone gel. learn more at
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? ? every pet deserves a forever home. greg willy of friendship apl and this is such a sweetheart. fiona is >> one of those dogs that really doesn't belong there ande them and wonder. >> how did she end up. >> stray dog found in brooklyn ohio and animal control officer there she gave me a call and asked me to come when there was a special dog and came out and got her and took her to the shelter. she literally is -- i feel
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walks well on a leash, rides great in a car. i say this occasionally and mean this. i didn't have a full house this would be one i would take home. it really is just a great dog all around. she loves attention, she will lie down next to you and looking for a couch potato this is the dog for you. >> a great family dog. grain free diet and too rich of food upset stolen and tried the grain free and really well and a little bit more high-end on the food side so with the high-end food she seems to be doing
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many great animals there and friendship apl is open. >> open to 11 to three and animals to play with. >> take look at the screen there and go to 8303 murray ridge road and call (440)332-4321 and go ahead and visit the www.friendship keep us friendship.
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want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing.
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sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy... ...and delicious.
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? ? >> anchor: what's the name of the band so we can give props. the top hat black. i it is local. local band who was original music to feature. what a day yesterday. so hot. it was technically how many??
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that. >> 70? and lake shore 73 but it is that humidity and thickness in the air and registering more like florida numbers and get us going. another hot and sticky day, degree or two off from yesterday. partly sunny skies to start. as a matter of fact, most of the day partly sunny, there's a risk for showers and thunderstorms that enter the picture any time from afternoon taking us through the evening. twenty-fourth 90 degree day. today might be the twenty-fifth. do we get cake for doing some of this. 25, deserves some sort of thing. oppressively humid again. temperatures by lunchtime, many of you, mansfield worcester, canton into the mid-80s and that's how you know it is going to be a hot day, through the afternoon and 90 degree range
7:34 am
breeze and slightly cooler and sun dusky and lake shore downtown 82? and i wouldn't count on that because it is so thick, watching showers and through the afternoon, partly sunny and thick humidity, steaminess, probably the story, slight chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon then denise big cld really start feeling the bigger difference on thursdayy and friday inch goweather coming our way. >> anchor: developing story this sunday morning waiting to learn the identity of suspect involved in deadly shooting that happened. following the story and getting answers this morning. bill? >> reporter: as for the
7:35 am
29-year-old north ridgeville man, police aren't releasing identity until he makes the 1st court appearance but what we do know about the victim, it was about this time yesterday morning when debbie pearl of twinsburg was on her way to work here at southeast harley-davidson. they have old-fashioned diner inside. >> when officers ride they found man in the vicinity with rifle and he was taken into custody roadway that was the apparent victim of gunshot wounds. later succumbed to her wounds. >> having technical difficulties there.
7:36 am
friday of nba star duane wade's cousin. mother of four was pushing stroller. she was by stand and her not intended target. it is estimated more than $246,000 women will be diagnosed this year. did you know 2600 men will also be diagnosed? football star and former browns player opens up to nicole ver sansky to raise breast cancer in men. >> every opportunity i get i tell my story. >> number 48 ernie green knocks him down. >> fullback for the championship 1964 cleveland browns. didn't realize his toughest battle would be fought not with compters on football field and cancer. >> as athlete and person that really spends team taking care
7:37 am
could have the issue in 1st 1st place. >> green was diagnosed with breast cancer about ten years ago at age 56. he felt a lump on his breast one morning and showed his wife. >> first thing she said was i would, that shouldn't be there. >> it should be removed so they participated. >> said we have good news and bad news. okay. what's the good news. we removed it and cancerous and, of course, my world just flips. >> breast cancer didn't happen to him, a man. >> males have breast tissue behind the nipple so they are susceptible having cancer. >> it is estimate 440 males from the u.s. will die from breast
7:38 am
nipple discharge or a mass so in many women who have mammograms you're seeing cancer before it is mass, before evasive cancer but most males they will have invasive cancer. >> he has been cancer free for ten years. >> celebrated the anniversary and especially those with the family history of breast cancer. >> need to self-examine yourself and go for annual check-up if you have them, then need to have the doctor take a look at that. >> nicole ver san scene, cleveland 19. >> anchor: some could skip chemo and not hurt chances of
7:39 am
low genetic risk for cancer reoccurrence and didn't receive chemo survived at rates about as high as similar patients and use convention alike tumor size and presence of hormone receptors. >> anchor: ever thought about cars going through school zones and wonder how fast they are going. so did out who wants to find out. >> 20 miles per hour, school zone. normal speed is 35 so people might assume 35 miles per hour is speed limit right now but look at the cars. how fast are they going? we checked. school zone signs are off again so there could be confusion. >> it is clear you can't go 41.
7:40 am
was on duty and got worse. >> 46 miles per hour. that's the champion so far, 46. >> 47 miles per hour, 27 miles over the school zone speed limit and 12 over nonschool limit. >> it can be somebody crossing the street and cars don't really pay attention. >> walking with two children and story same west ninety-eighth and madison and n crossing guard here either and child anxious to get home and dangerous mix. but look at the difference here at orchard school where a guard was on duty and flashing lights were on and noticeably slow and city doing a huge disservice by losing crossings unguarded, school guard lights out. >> 44, 43. >> alford wilson to apply for crossing guard job.
7:41 am
it is a racetrack. >> to make sure readings were accurate we calibrated the radar gun going the speed limit 25 miles per hour and came out exactly 25 miles per hour. getting answers cleveland 19. >> anchor: anyone interested in position to call the number on screen. it is (216)623-5577. so we called and we got an answering machine. if you got a concern o w know about it send e-mail to preprepped family meals when kids get back to the books. that story is coming up. >> future together. the tear jerker going viral
7:42 am
mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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will you be needing anything else? not a thing.
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? ? >> anchor: live look outside and enjoying the signs of top hat b 72? outside our studios in downtown cleveland. hope your day is off to an awesome start. a school district in illinois is lowering the boom to make sure kids are eating healthier. banned all and winter holiday and valentine's day and started this week because of new 2016, 2017 school year and food not allowed during parties but is
7:46 am
and art projects. back to school season and busy time of year for most families. isn't enough time in day to get everything done. but there's a whole industry developing it -- developing to make it easier to make dinner. two full-time jobs the family struggled to eat together before it eating at restaurants and takeout and spaghetti and sauce in a jar. >> since january they have been getting meal prep kits from blue apron. >> everything that they need comes if the box and all we have to do is prepare it, we don't have to stop at the grocery store, nothing is wasted. >> reporter: helps them try new things. today making chicken hiashi chewinga. >> worked out perfectly.
7:47 am
interesting, exposed to new ingredients, new flavors. we love it. >> see bump in sign-up in fall and five for he would since beginning of the year and existing customers tend to buy more into new routines and hello fresh with very good or excellent ratings and eight to $12 a meal it has helped them save money and spend more time at the dinner table. cleveland 19. >> these are weekly subscriptions and cancel at any time with a reasonable amount of notice. i could definitely use that service.
7:48 am
we are going to give beth a break. >> weather reports and number one fan. >> let cat out >> going back to school and video that's too cool for school apparently. >> introducing himself.
7:49 am
>> anchor: more than 670,000 views and great teachers i still to this day to think about a lot when i went to school but could you imagine if your teacher
7:50 am
that. >> does she rap? >> first week of school going well? >> i'm in high school now. >> you will hang out and have a seat. noah will do the seven day. cedar point camp dry and why do i say this? yesterday if you were out there the concourse was flooded. today you got a chance of showers and thunderstorms as you go through the afternoon. morning time and cooler in the afternoon time.
7:51 am
and most areas will feel like 90s. 83 and 84 on monday and tuesday. i know that's not much cooler but a little relief. showers that were starting to push off to the east. people tweeting saying when is the rain coming and so much moisture in the air it could actually format any point, especially as we go through the afternoon. right now not currently tracking anything but just off toward and fort wayne and whole line marching our way can't be ruled out, partly sunny skies, today partly sunny throughout the daytime, one reason we will be so hot and all that moisture in the air and isolates throughout the day, and look at, downtown cleveland doing just fine and just really a hit or miss thing.
7:52 am
guarantee if you see anything but i should guarantee you should take your umbrella with you because you might get stuck up underneath something. mostly cloudy afternoon -- evening as we go into monday as you go back to work, it is going to be nice. i know you don't like that, do you? today's forecast 78 at 9:00, 87 mid-80s at noon time, never a good thing. always guarantees we will be close to 90, not everyone will see 90 but feels like temperature 90 and tonight into the upper 7-day forecast. what is it going to be monday and tuesday. >> sunday 90? and monday we are down to 70, 83 on monday. 67. tuesday and wednesday 80, down to 65 and thursday and friday
7:53 am
thursday 61 and friday 7660. back to you, beth. >> back to denise. >> love the 70s. >> proposals getting more elaborate. this couple, buried time capsule in the woods in canada five years ago and went to get this summer there was another surprise. jennifer found a note time and on bended nay and couple isn't in rush to tie knot, plan to buy a home first and then set date two or three
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? ? >> anchor: be hard to stick to diet plan on losing weight during your vaca. take advantage of eating out and trying something new while someone else prepares the food. double up on fitness and a little leisure time and healthy snacks and drink properly. water, water, water, down play dessert and don't waste calories on something you don't even like. have you ever done yoga? ev board. dan wagner headed to the shores of lake erie to check out what pattle boarding of suv cleveland is up to. >> yoga is charging anyway and push and pull of waves. >> whole new element to yoga being in the water.
7:59 am
ally different. >> what you can hear on the board. >> surroundings are different, can't control the wind and what's happening around you, a lot different than income a studio. >> a little bit more difficult than it is on land but you will have to remember sometimes it is even easier than just standing on a paddle i have never done this and any experience and really challenging but actually way less than i thought it would be. >> engage core muscles and engage at the whole time and something you should try anyway
8:00 am
on the water. >> yeah. >> i fell in four times and enhanced the experience because then i felt kind of like i was one with the water. >> whole new dimension of trying to do the yoga poses and not going to go on a. learn about body and kind of what works for you and what doesn't and just whole new perspective on yoga taking outside and on the water. >> this is where the sun sets happen and this is where you get the city skyline and this is where people kind of look out to the horizon and they sort of feel a little nervous because it is so big out there. but that's excitement and that's
8:01 am
>> we have a full half hour
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8:03 am
8:04 am
? ? good sunday morning. 73? on what looks l gorgeous sunday morning so far with the sunshine shining. it is 8:04 right now in downtown and live look outside. plant that may be tantalizing similar to earth is discovered. apparently right next door to us in space and tentatively named proximatema b. according to new study and
8:05 am
>> tone and he me and the kids and my sister and my brother-in-law were at this event yesterday and body walk and 2016 body walk that raises and kids and adults with down's syndrome and close to 10,000 people at the cleveland zoo yesterday for that. it was unbelievable. we do it every year and done it since i was pregnant with gianna and not seen a crowd before. >> way too early. >> we have noah who's going to help me out with weather later on today but right now 73? outside. >> it is wonderful. >> 73 feels good but definitely on the wet side.
8:06 am
downtown acron canton at 74, 69, worcester kind of lucky at that point and another steamy hot day, oppressively thick and off a degree or two, we will see a little relief by monday and tuesday but temperatures will be above average and thickness in the air, dew points, a little weather geeky and 70? and dew point at 70 and thick, tropical feeling, very uncomfortable and acron starting off near 70. as you get going by lunchtime, mid-80s going to feel like the low 90s by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon if you haven't seen rain coming through, start seeing the 90s pop out which is going to feel even hotter. there's a slight chance we see
8:07 am
development of rain showers out there and not expecting as much development as we saw yesterday and heat and humidity and greatest between noon and about 8:30 tonight and there's a big cooldown, denise. big cooldown but going to take a couple days to get here. i will explain that with noah's help cleveland 19 going to the
8:08 am
8:09 am
crisp garden vegetables. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicious
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? ? need windshield wipers not for rain but get condensation. live look along the lake shore, south breeze will keep the lake slightly choppy and 77? and lay down a little bit and chance for showers and thunderstorms after say about lunchtime. 73? currently in that into near 70?, so go through the morning by 11:00 a.m. and another warm one, right. tap out around 90? and comfort in monday and tuesday will be slightly cooler and should celebrate which is still normally pretty uncomfortable except for we have been so thick
8:12 am
little relief, bigger relief coming in middle of the week. doppler max and blossom more and ultimately all of this comes our way as we kind of see a little bit of hiccup inhe on monday. so starting off with partly sunny skies and future model you can see not a lot of clouds out there and developing right in the middle of the day. it is not one of the pinpointing forecast kind of like it was yesterday and start off warm side and steam and he helping me
8:13 am
noah, don't run through the screen. he gets so excited to do all of this. i need to tell you noah e-mails me a forecast almost everyday. >> does a forecast everyday. >> noah smith and meteorologist. >> truly awesome and knows about this than i do. do the 7-day forecast, noah going to be 90 with chance of storms in the afternoon. what's monday.
8:14 am
>> 65 and then look at this and 77. >> john laughlin watches and pick day of the week, denise, got to be thursday and fri >> hi, noah. thank you. viewers say they love seeing you this morning. health alert this sunday morning on fight to stop patients from getting sick in hospitals.
8:15 am
crisis. >> angus springer spaniel on tracking down the common kind of hospital super bug and known as c difsill. >> it forms spores so in long periods of time. highly contagious and sometimes deadly causing half million infections in the u.s. each year and killing 15,000 people. we can't see it with the naked eye but angus can smell it. >> always be present in hospital so what you're trying to do is control it.
8:16 am
play. >> alert on something and additional targeted cleaning and train dog to super bug. >> if has >> first of the program. >> definitely out of the box thinking. helped that angus was kind of cute. >> he is very lovable. >> brought him home at ten weeks. even on way home i started to
8:17 am
kibble and associated c difodor with his toy engineering this room positive. >> c difpositive odors that we have. his success rate between 95 and 100%. >> pass the all the exams and working full general. >> at medical field we could go to so many on things. >> smell coffee or tea and smell teaspoon in olympic size swimming pool and that's how sensitive they are. >> only dog of his kind but not for long. >> brother dodger will be next. >> ser berg says she has been
8:18 am
around the world. >> >> what we can use them for, limited by imagination. >> dogs are amazing, aren't they, greg. >> they can do incredible things. >> every pet deserves a forever home here. this morning we again have gregory willy from the friendship apl and o'leeria with fiona that's like one of the friendliest dogs we have had in the studio here. >> rolls over for everybody and no loyalty, i will tell you that, but she will go off. she is going to roll over now
8:19 am
>> who got you here this morning. >> she gives >> hard sell here. she is an angel. collie mix five years old. just beautiful. >> >> i say this with every dog. >> what you need to do if interested in fiona or any other
8:20 am
friendship apl today, open from noon. >> you can call 440 throw 224321 or visit website at www.friendship and hook up with facebook and twitter because greg always great with letting me who gets adopted and i want -- definitely want to hear the update on this one. if i could i home, greg. >> i think she is the perfect couch potato, great for watching browns games with sports fans. >> nice and warm, i could feel how warm she was against my leg. still to come this morning. >> i was screaming at the top of my lungs. >> she said you need to call an ambulance, i've not going to make it. >> in the nick of time how deputy stepped in and helped
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> anchor: cleveland 19 sunday morning, beth, a deputy delivery. take a look. this is sergeant elder gomez, didn't know he would help the
8:25 am
the hospital. rachel realized bundle of joy wasn't going to wait and got their first with no time to spare. >> gave her instruction. >> told her to push and breathe at same time. >> breathe and push and breathe and push and gave her directions and like a champ, she came ug sergeant paid visit and little boy weighing in at 7 pounds and 14-ounces. trying to get one other really cute story for you. in the meantime we want to thank guest noah smith from being here
8:26 am
the weather. >> there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms developing as we go through the afternoon. it is going to be a tough one, keep eyes to the skies or to our cleveland 19 weather app which will keep you up-to-date all day long. monday tuesday back into the mid-80s and beginning of decline of the humidity. wednesday itself humid side and a lot less than what we are feeling today. pick and friday gorgeous, lower humidity and holiday weekend and going to be labor day. >> cute video we want to end the show on. ? ? >> listen to pipes on that one.
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>> joel osteen: well, god bless you. it'soy homes and if you're ever in our area, please stop by. be a part of one of our services. these are the finest people in all of houston, texas, right here at lakewood, and we'd love to have you come out. i'd like to start with something funny and i heard about this positive farmer and negative farmer. when it would rain, the positive farmer would say, "lord, thank you for watering our crops." the negative farmer would say, "yeah, but if it keeps this up, it's going to rot the roots." when the sun would come out,


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