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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> nichole: break brack news overnight. a 61-year-old man will face charges this morning after being accused of hitting and killing a worm near the fairgrounds main int entrance. the chronicle is reporting that the driver is from strongsville and left the scene but were arrested after a short chase. >> brian: a scare overnight at lax. an entire terminal evacuated
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was a false report. this caused a logjam of flight delays out west. we checked now, and every departure from hopkins is scheduled to leave on time, but the red eye flights from out west are delayed at least a couple of hours. >> nichole: this morning there is still a big mess to clean up in parts of medina county. we are finding a lot of fallen trees in the area and what's left from wicked storms over the weekend. >> brian: this morning different story. beautiful so far. people saw all kinds of stuff over the last few days. >> nichole: a little cooler today and no chance of rain. there's the good news. sam, the conditions are right this morning for a little fog on our ride to school and work. >> samantha: yeah, watch out for that this morning, and watch out for little ones at the bus stop. a lot of schools are back in. please be careful. the kids sometimes stray off the sidewalk into the street, so watch for little ones at the bus
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the visibility in worcester, so wayne county has fog to contend with. same thing out towards warren. visibilities come up a little bit. we're not horrible. no one is below three miles at least right now, but i have reports of patchy, dense fog. so please take it slow. it should lift by mid-morning if not sooner than that. the school day forecast looks like this. fog out at the bus stop, but by 9:00 we look good. partly sunny midday sunny for the ride home with temperatures around 84 this afternoon. should feel pretty good. it's a little stuffy right now. we have higher humidity at this hour, but that will drop a little bit through the day. 76 in cleveland, a little cooler in akron/canton, we're in the mid-60s this morning. out to the east, ashtabula, good morning to you. upper 60s here, and as we zoom in closer to cuyahoga county, a lot of 70s out there, but if you're tired of this and you
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hot coffee and feel like it's fall, well, we have some of that cooler weather on the way. 50s, and we're going to talk about it coming up at about 6:15. laura. >> laura: on the roads this morning, still moving very, very well. had a couple of accidents out there mostly off highway. a lot have cleared out. the fire on the west side, detroit near west 40th and also an accident near west 65th. both of those off highway as i out of the way. the highway is looking perfect. really no travel troubles there, but we do have construction. this is a little different one. this is going on through the 31st, so through wednesday this week. we'll have construction along i-77 both northbound and southbound. what they're doing is work on some of the ramps. so near route 82, pleasant valley and rockside, the ramps are closed one at a time. they won't all be closed at once. you will have access points in and out of area. be very careful of this, because
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the 31st. still, though, drive times looking very much on time. we'll take a look at your akron commute at 6:18. guys. >> nichole: as we mentioned moments ago, a lot of people in medina will spend their monday morning cleaning up the damage left behind by a severe storm. >> brian: a lot of work to do for these people. sia nyorkor is with us live from granger road near windfall roadworking this story as we get te bad the damage is in medina. sia. >> sia: good morning, brian and nichole. yes, it's quite a mess out here. you can see branches, trees, leaves everything was thrown in this road, and crews have been working to clean it up a little bit. you can see that sign there where it tells you that the road is closed. just a little bit ago the power crews were over here working and trying to restore power to this area. you can see that it's very dark,
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them still don't have power at this time. i want to take you over to the finn road area where our photojournalist dave kraska shot this video of a tree downed right here on this road. you can see crews working to restore power in that area as well. so it's quite a mess here in medina county. i'm told there were no injuries to report, but the storms were very severe andid of damage. as we work to find out more answers about when power is going to be restored and if crews can get this area together, we'll bring that to you on air and online. for now, we get answers here in medina county, and i'm sia nyorkor. back to you. >> nichole: thanks, sia. this morning we learn the name of the man who shot and killed a woman after a car accident in
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ridgeville. he'll officially be charged today. this happened after a car wreck at the intersection of solon and richmond roads. witnesses say after the collision the man got out of his car, grabbed a bun -- gun and shot the other driver several times. >> he was firing randomly, but he was walking up towards his car. >> after the first shot i heard a woman scream out. >> nichole: unbelievable. the victim has been identified as deborah pearl. she lived in twinsburg and was police say the suspect peacefully surrendered to police on their arrival. >> brian: we had a chance to talk with some of deborah pearl's friends and family members during a broadcast on community activist mccoy's show. a friend was consumed with emotion and anger while talking about the tragic debt. >> nobody with in their right conscience would get out of the
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shoot an innocent woman! innocent, defenseless! >> brian: pearl worked at southeast harley-davidson. her manager described her as everyone's morning coffee. she was just 53 years old. stay with cleveland 19 as we get more answers on this very sad, tragic story today. >> nichole: an investigation continues today in portage county where a home on state route 43 was destroyed by a fire. this is i ten different fire departments assisted with this fire, mainly because there were no nearby fire hydrants, so they had to rely on manpower to put it out. no one was home at the time. the cause of the blaze is still unknown. we have new information on the woman who was rescued from the cuyahoga river in the flats. we're told her injuries are not serious. saturday night she fell off a boat outside of shooter's. someone on a passing boat pulled her out of the water.
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intoxicated but was transported to metro. she's going to be okay. >> brian: we're down to the deadline here. we're four school days away for a possible teacher strike for the cleefd cleveland metropolitan school district. teachers have said they don't want to strike, but if a deal isn't reached by thursday night, they will not be in the classroom on friday morning. that will be a big problem in the city happens. >> nichole: yeah. we'll be watching that closely. >> brian: 6:08, part of the cavs most talked about moments at the mtv video music awards. we'll show what we can. >> nichole: i think we'll tell you about it. i don't know what we can show you. donald trump expected to deliver a major speech today on immigration. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, guys. time is 6:08 on this monday morning.
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a 5 out of 10. the higher that number the higher the impact of the weather on your drive in. patchy fog is an issue for us. not everyone is seeing it, but you might run into the it in some spots. wee look at the rest of your day coming up after the break. >> brian: next, a firefighter is dead and another critically injured when a bus slams into them when they were trying to
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>> brian: good morning. 6:12. lots of questions today about
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a deadly accident in louisiana. the fire chief from the st. john the baptist parish was one of two people killed when a bus carrying volunteers to help with flood victims in ashtabula crashed into four other cars. the bus driver is not a u.s. citizen. he doesn't have a commercial driver's license. he entered the country illegally. he's expected to be charged with two counts of negligent homicide. a lot of people think donald trump will mention this tragedy while delivering a major speech today on immigration. trump his running mate, mike pence, has down-played speculation the republican candidate is softening his stance on the issue as well as the idea of creating a deportation force to deal with those here illegally. >> nichole: looking at the latest cbs news poll of voters here in the buckeye state, it shows hillary clinton up 6 points. the most recent polls indicate donald trump is trailing behind clinton in several other key
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night in new york city. hello. good morning. >> brian: a little coffee. i'm ready. carry on. >> nichole: i have a feeling people at home are drinking coffee, too. social media is still booming with posts about the mtv music awards. >> brian: not a lot of coffee at the awards i sense somehow. something seems to happen at this show, but last night iman shumpert made an appearance. she's shump and his wife, and this is about all we can show on televisi revealing kanye west music video, but like we've seen in years past, it's so surprise who stole the show. [ music ] >> brian: bringing her total to a record 25. >> nichole: ria'n that was the guest of honor, though. she was awarded with the michael jackson vanguard award, which is
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i love seeing what they're wearing, and we're going to have a little bit more on the best and worst dressed in the 7:00 hour on cle43. >> samantha: they're always at the craziest with the outfits during the vmas. i love it. you have on a leather skirt this morning. it's going with the vma vibe. let's look at what we've got going on out there. >> nichole: thanks, sam. >> samantha: this is your working outside forecast. 70s this morning, so any work that you do in the morning is going to be very productive by the afternoon. maybe a little hot later on. it's pretty stuffy outside right now and feels very humid, but later on that humid should come down for us. once we get the fog to lift, we will be partly to mostly sunny. temperatures right now hovering right around 70 for most of us. cleveland is very warm, in the middle 70s out at the airport. 64 in worcester. so a little cooler there.
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morning to you out at the east side of things. warren is 69 and 69 in ashtabula as well. we're rain-free, and we had the big storms blow through late in the day yesterday. that's all gone. so for your morning drive, you're not going to run into any rain but you might run into some small debris in the road. things like tree limbs and branches, probably smaller limbs and branches in most spots. just watch out for that. again, our satellite and radar showing you that you don't need to worry about putting on the wipers orth it's going to be a pretty easy weather day. fog in the morning followed by decreasing cloud cover. 81 midday. so as you head out to lunch, a little on the warm side, right? our average high this time of year is in the upper 70s, so we're running above average again today. 84 is where we top out this afternoon. so dress for summer. tonight noerp summer-like night and 78 at 7:00. that is first pitch down at progressive field. it's going to be a great night
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by 9:00 it's 74 degrees, and then 11:00 we're around 70 with a mostly clear sky. tomorrow is another nice day. i don't think we'll have the fog issues in the morning. most of us should start off easy as could be. mid-80s, so we get warmer and wall-to-wall sunshine tomorrow before our next weather alert day. that is on wednesday. we have a cold front coming through, and that is going to spark scattered showers and thunderstorms primarily during the afternoon. dry things out, and then look at that. here's your full seven-day planning forecast. a major drop in temperatures by thursday into friday. we're going to wake up in the 50s, and our highs are in the 70s. it's going to feel so nice, and it will be breezy. perfect ending to the work week. we will heat it up a little bit this weekend, but right now it looks like the weekend will be dry. laura. >> laura: right now it looks like your commute is going to be easy. it's nice and dry out there.
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spots. i saw spots not on the roadway but off on the grass, so on the side near the ramps and where you go on and off the highway. watch out this morning as you come on and off the highways, and all across the area i want you to be weary, but we have a good commute with trouble spots with fog or construction out there. akron area is looking very good. i see slowing moving towards the central interchange. we have a lot of closures along the central interchange. those are there into november. you have a while still from canton towards akron running perfectly on time. out of the akron area, 65 miles per hour towards downtown cleveland. drive times still look good. 28 minutes from mentor. canton to cleveland 38 minutes, and strongsville to cleveland on time, 20 minutes there. your west side commute is coming up at about 6:33. first, we want to talk about a few wives' tales here. let's look at this.
6:19 am
these. this morning we'll find out the gender, the sex of my little baby that's just abreuing here. there's these old wives' tales and i wonder if you have heard of these and believe in these. boy or girl, whether or not you have morning sickness. if you don't, they say it's a boy. if the heart rate is high, i heard so many people are big believers in this one. if higher than 140 beats per minute, they say it's a girl. craving sweet or salty? i didn't crave either. my and that's kind of a combination of both. so i'm not sure what that monday is supposed to mean. there's a chinese birth chart that does with different things. when you were born, your age and a lot of that. based on that it says it would be a boy. carrying low or high, it's hard to tell. i heard some people say on facebook it was high and some said it was low. we're going to talk about that more coming up later on this morning, and then, of course, at the end of the 6:00 hour we will be unveiling which one it is.
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except for i actually do know now. so i have to say that. we will find out at 6:55 and everyone around here took a little wager and vote on it. we'll see what everyone thought. guys. >> brian: i had a friend -- go ahead. >> nichole: she circled all of them in pink. >> laura: i didn't make the chart. the graphics people made the chart. >> brian: i had a friend that passed away. she held the string up -- >> nichole: ou >> brian: if it went this way it was a boy and a circle it was a girl. she was right 20 out of 20 times with our friends having kids a long time ago when we were having kids. >> nichole: i'm jealous of laura. she's barely showing and she's so cute. has a little bump. i was not that cute, pregnant lady. a little jealous because she's looking so good. time is 6:20. we are getting answers about new drone laws going into effect today. >> brian: next, an nfl
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>> nichole: time is 6:24. san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he'll continue to sit during the national anthem throughout the nfl season. caber in this case explained his decision at a press conference yesterday calling the move a response to what he calls racial injustice in america. new rules on flying drones take effect da this is for commercial users like nick nebowski that shot this geauga lake footage. the drones have to weigh less than 55 pounds and fly up to maiks of 400 feet and operated during the daytime according to the faa rules. drone operators must all qualify for flying certificates and be 16 years oel. previously you needed special waivers from the faa, which was time-consuming and pricey. he's happy about the changes and
6:25 am
test soon. >> brian: the indians had a tough series in texas, didn't they, losing 3-4? they return home for a home game stand. this week they have a three-game series against the twins that lost ten in a row but give the indians fits. a weekend series against the marlins and next week a four-game series against the houston astros. the tribe still has a 4 1/2 game division lead, but that's down from 7 1. there it is! they did it. they did it. the perfect season. >> brian: that's great. it was a perfect season for the little leaguers from endwell, new york. they beat north korea 2-1 to win the little league world series. first time a team from the u.s. has won since the team from huntington beach, california did
6:26 am
>> nichole: can you imagine being a parent or one of those kids? >> brian: it takes forever. the process to go through that is truly amazing. the pressure and everything. the kids are on tv. >> nichole: how exciting for them. time is 6:26. it looks like we have great weather for the start of the indians long home stand. sam has the forecast coming up. >> brian: plus, carl monday is working hard to find answers about a contr in ohio schools call restraint
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>> brian: breaking news this morning. we're working to get answers about a deadly hit-and-run late last night at the lorain county fair. a 61-year-old man is in custody. police say he hit and killed a 38-year-old woman with his car and took off. him. they chased him and got him down. we will get more information on this story today. keep checking back as we continue to gather more information. >> nichole: in medina they are still cleaning up after strong winds knocked down a number of trees in that area. we have a crew on the scene and will get an update in a moment. some neighborhoods in stark county got more than 2 1/2 inches of rain. >> brian: in a hurry. that's the problem, right? the good news is we should be
6:31 am
of course, already looking forward to the labor day weekend forecast. sam, some sunshine is in our forecast short term, right? >> samantha: yeah, today is great, guys. we start off with a little fog, but after that's gone we should be smooth sailing. we had all the big storms yesterday. here's a map of our storm reports over the last 24 hours. a lot of these out to the west of cleveland and down to the south as well around medina county on the east side of things, it was pretty there were some storms but no damage reports and most of these were wind damage reports that we saw on sunday. the good news is that has all moved out. here's the current picture of doppler max, and there's nothing on it. you're not going to run into any showers or thunderstorms this morning, and you won't run into any rain this afternoon either. here's the hour-by-hour chance of rain. notice it is zero all day. our temperatures today get up to about 84, so it should feel
6:32 am
later in the day, but right now it is still a little bit on the stuffy side. hey, we need some rain. we're still in a moderate drought across much of our forecast region. when are we going to see some? we have a good chance middle of the week. we'll talk about it coming up at 6:45. so stay close. >> laura: bring on the rain. don't let the storms and the damage that sometimes is caused by the storms that come along with it. the rain we could said. not on the roads, though. roads are smooth this morning because it's dry out there. if you got some storms overnight, do be careful in your neck of the woods as you head out the door. 271 out there to the east. we've got some construction that's going to be out here near chagrin. also, that huge project to the south on 271 from 480 all the way to the cuyahoga county line. we're having some construction there, and they're doing intermittent lane closures and it's going on for a while, so be
6:33 am
north olmstead, mentor and akron looking on time all in the green. i have some construction out on the turnpike. we'll talk about that on the west side. i'll have that for you at 6:48. guys. >> nichole: thanks, laura. a lot of you saw drenching rainshowers brought by strong wind gusts, some reaching close to 60 miles per hour. >> brian: trees down all over the place, really, and people have lost power. no reports of injuries. sia nyorkor is working for an along granger road in medina. sia. >> sia: good morning, brian. good morning, nichole. i'm at granger road and windfall road, and now that the sun is coming up, you can see the storm left quite a mess. take a look right here in the middle of the street. you can see branches and trees, downed power lines. it's a little bit of a mess all morning long since we've been
6:34 am
back power. this road is closed, and you can see the barricade right over this way as crews work to restore power in this area. now, we've been looking at social media and have seen a few people's videos of this storm. take a look at teggy247 and what she went through yesterday. listen to a little bit. it's about ten seconds. you can hear that of her going through the storm, driving through the storm in medina yesterday. and then also on the other side of town, our photojournalist dave kraska shot this video of downed trees that's over on finn road on the other side of medina. you can see crews also working in that area to restore power. so we are getting word that the crews are out here and they are trying to restore power and nare trying to assess all of the damage. if you're going fob in this
6:35 am
that windfall road is closed at granger road. i've seen quite a few people come through this way and try to make a turn on this road. this road is closed, so keep that in mind as you get up and get ready for the commutes. we're getting answers here in medina county. i'm sia nyorkor, back to you. >> nichole: thanks, sia. this morning an investigation continues in sole lan after a man ran a red light, crashed into a car, and then shot and killed the woman inside that car. deborah pearl. she was on her way to work at a diner inside the harley-davidson dealership. a witness says it was hard to tell exactly what happened. >> all i saw was her door open. i'm thinking, wow, was she trying to get out of her car? is she out of her car? what happened? >> nichole: unbelievable. the 29-year-old suspect is still not being named by police, and there is no word yet on a
6:36 am
released today when that suspect is formally charged. cleveland 19's investigative unit is trying to shed some light on a practice called restraint and seclusion being used in ohio schools. this is unbelievable. >> brian: yeah, it's incredible. if you're a parent, it's frightening. carl monday getting answers for us this morning. >> hey, carl monday here. you know, here at cleveland 19 we have made it our mission to try to help you keep your kids safe, and that's why w and seclusion. it's a practice that could result in the injury of a child or even death. it doesn't happen here in the school playground, but right inside the schools. you're watching video of an autistic student being physically restrained during a confrontation with a teacher. in a single year more than 14,000 incidents of restraint and seclusion of students in rooms like this one, a school
6:37 am
to the ohio department of education. is this acceptable? >> unacceptable. >> reporter: in fact, state guidelines say restrain and seclusion should only be used when the lives of students and staff are in imminent danger. they say that their 7-year-old autistic son was restrained and placed inside a seclusion room for months at a time. >> when i arrived in the room and i saw it, i was stunned. but i remember looking, and i believe room. i looked at the principal and i said, i am here. i'm his father. you let go of my son now. >> reporter: we looked at why some schools aren't complying with restraint and seclusion rules and question whether teachers and staff are getting proper training to deal with unruly students. >> teachers get really frustrated because they've got a kid in their classroom. they don't know how to help that child. that child might be disrupting other students in the classroom. >> reporter: how a teacher or
6:38 am
lasting effect on the children we put in their care. >> i feel like my son's life was -- i feel like almost ruined. he's on the right track now, but it's costing him everything because of the actions of these adults. >> reporter: the whole issue of restraint and seclusion has been around for a long time. yet, a lot of folks don't seem to know about it. one student activist called a dirty little secret in our nation's schools. you can watch my investigation tonight right now. >> brian: all right, carl. thanks very much. time is 6:38. coming up, we have all lost a sock in the dryer, but we're getting answers this morning about who or what lost a shoe -- is that a shoe, sam? that's on mars. >> samantha: i can't tell what that is. i was like squinting so hard. this is a live look out at cedar point. hey, it's a nice start. notice how the ground is dry
6:39 am
puddles out there? those storms that we had yesterday, they're long gone. we need some rain. i'll tell you when we may get some coming up after this. >> nichole: next, what caused chaos at lax overnight. what people heard that sent them
6:41 am
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who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. oikos, be unstoppably you. >> nichole: time is 6:42 on this monday. while you were sleeping los angeles international airport was evacuated as authorities investigated a reported shooting. several people took to social
6:43 am
shots fired and police rushing to the scene. airport police later said the incident, no shots fired, just proved to be loud noises. just like that, we're talking cavaliers basketball again. the world championship cleveland cavaliers released the preseason schedule. tickets go on sale on wednesday. they're playing six games, it three at the q and two on the road and their final game is at ohio state in columbus. if you buy them, you can only get four seats. weddings are meant beautiful expression of love, but if you're a guest, they're fun. we know these celebrations can get a little expensive. >> brian: yes, they can. according to a national survey from retail me not and kelton global the average cost of a wedding gift approaches 200 bucks depending on your relationship to the bride and groom. how much should you spend, and where can you save? immediate family members say they will spend more on average, $195 for a friend.
6:44 am
and if it is a co-worker getting married, those surveyed say they spend a little less, about 63 bucks. to save you some cash, you can share a hotel room or split the cost of a bigger gift with a couple of people. all right. there you go. we can finally put the debate to rest. we have actual proof that there is or at least at one time there was life on mars. i think this picture says it all. some people are saying you're looking at what alien chasers are skeptics say it's just a rock that's kind of shaped like a shoe. it does look like a shoe, i guess. some believe this is evidence of life on mars. we have a couple of theories as to whose shoe exactly this is. i can't tell them to you right now. now i can. maybe it's marvin the martian.
6:45 am
mike from the michael commercials or bruno mars. >> matt damon. >> because he did the movie "the martian." >> have you seen that movie? >> no. >> it's so good. >> mars blackman, e.t. >> maybe it's just a rock. >> or that. >> samantha: just a rock. i'm such a skeptic. >> nichole: laura says definitely a shoe. you're a shoe expert. is it a sh shoe. >> nichole: you should see her shoes today. they're saw awesome. >> brian: it's 5 million degrees on mars. >> nichole: that's why you need special shoes. maybe that's the one. >> samantha: who knows. conspiracy, right? i hope that your day is oaf to a great start and i hope you don't leave your shoe anywhere. it's a little foggy outside.
6:46 am
will erode. we go through 11:00 and watch what happens after 8:00 in the morning. we start to lose what fog we do have out there, and we see increasing sunshine through the morning hours up into the afternoon. we have a lot of sun out there. temperatures in the 70s now. we'll hit about 80 by 11:00 in the morning. so feeling every bit like summer today. here's our fog situation right now. so it's pretty dense once you get out past our coverage region. in our immediate coverage area, so if you can see fog is actually not terrible. it's very patchy, but where we have it, it may be dense. we're down to about half a mile in warren. good morning to you in worcester. we're at 4 miles, and cleveland has perfect visibility right now. again, it's patchy, but if you do run into it, take it slow. live picture showing you what it looks like in cleveland, a little hazy, but really a nice start for us. it's sultry, though. you walk outside, and it's still going to feel every bit like
6:47 am
75 in sandusky. good morning to you in worcester. we're in the 60s, and cleveland is in the mid-70s already. so i might have to bufrp up that 9:00 number because we might closer to the upper 70s by then. 81 midday, and then an afternoon high around 84 with fog eroding throughout the morning giving way to a lot of sunshine. quiet night in the forecast. here's the evening planner. if you head out to the ballpark tonight, 7:10 is the first pitch at 78 at 7:00 this evening. so great weather out there. dropping to 70 by 11:00 under a mostly clear sky. you don't need the rain gear tonight. for the next two days we have no weather concerns, but by wednesday thunderstorms return. this is the next first alert weather day. we have a cold front moving through on wednesday, and that could spark a few showers and storms primarily in the afternoon. after the storms move out, look at what happens.
6:48 am
seven-day forecast. if you're at home kind of milling around right now trying to get ready for the day ahead, now is the time to take a look at the end of the week. mid-70s for high temperatures and breezy. it's going to be really nice. the weekend looks fabulous, too, but laura, we will get a little bit warmer, especially on sunday. >> laura: okay. nice weekended looking ahead. first we look at the roadways which look good this morning. this is coming to you from the you this morning. so they got a head start on you, and they can tell us what exactly is going on. this report here coming in from someone who is driving along, and they came on i-90 towards 77 here. they mentioned that there's an object on the roadway. this is a cleveland 19 waysers. his name is captain caution. thaw for that alert captain caution. you see where you're moves 30 miles per hour up 77 northbound, a little slower towards the city. nothing major, though.
6:49 am
turnpike over on the west side. if we switch over to the other maps, i have an alert this morning. some construction on i-80. that's the turnpike eastbound where they have the left lane currently blocked between the i-90 exit and the lorain/elyria exit. be careful through there. lots of construction going on. that, of course, could hamper your commute a little bit this morning if you're coming in from farther. drive times, though, guys, look perfect this morning. i do want to show you a picture first. let's look at this envelope. so you think this looks cr last week, and we were talking about finding out what this little baby's gender is. what they did is we got to see the little baby moving around a mile a minute. we told them we didn't want to know the gender yet. we had to close our eyes and turn our head. i did not peek at all. then they gave it to us in this envelope. this envelope was like killing me inside, because i was trying so hard not to peek inside of
6:50 am
i had it in my possession for 20 minutes and i had to get out of my hands. i'm so prone to peeking. we'll find out what was in the envelope in five minutes. guys. >> nichole: thanks. >> brian: what was your pick? we have a graphic. >> nichole: i said yellow. -- i said girl. she's wearing yellow so she's not giving clues. are you going says it? >> brian: no. i'm on record. >> nichole: you probably rolled out of bed and checked social media and saw highlights from the vmas. >> brian: coming up we talk to a local fashion expert about the
6:51 am
6:52 am
there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about
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>> nichole: a breaking news
6:54 am
family dollar. this is on harvard avenue in newburgh heights. we don't know if they got away with anything yet. you see the damage there done to the store. we're waiting to hear back from police. keep checking back with us for updates. as you head out the door to start your day, here's some stories to know before you go. people in medina are still cleaning up this morning from a fast-moving line of storms. >> a number of trees are down and power out for well. >> of after the first shot i heard a woman scream up. >> police are expected to release the identity of a man accused of killing a woman after a traffic accident. the man will be formally charged today. >> we get answers on the current contract negotiations between the teachers union and the school board. the two sides scheduled to meet today and continue to negotiate a contract in an attempt to avoid a strike. this 61 # -year-old man will face charges after being accused
6:55 am
with his car. >> ten-game home stand and first series with the twins. minnesota has lost ten in a row, but they have the indians number. after that they play miami. >> samantha: quick check of the seven-day forecast. 80s today after a little fog this morning. 86 tomorrow and lots of sunshine the next couple of days. we have storms by wednesday, so be aware o >> laura: all right. we look good out there on the roads this morning, really moving along with very little yellow for a monday morning commute. moving on time with drive times also on time. let's take a look at the tally. i think we have a little vote up that tells us what everyone voted. we're about to reveal. i can tell you what? at least one person in this room is correct. at least one person in this room is wrong. we'll find out. let's go ahead.
6:56 am
i've been trying to peek. >> laura: we've got a box here. do you want to open it? >> brian: i picked girl by the way. >> laura: let's go. let's go. >> nichole: it's a boy! congratulations. >> laura: actually, we can have a little graphic there, too, so you can see that in the back. we have a little picture here that shows us. we can turn it. >> brian: that one i can tell. >> nichole: he's a big baby. >> laura: yes, he's measuring quite ahead right now. i think we're about a week and a half ahead. my husband is 6'6" and 6'1". >> nichole: congratulations. boys are so much fun. >> laura: i was definitely wrong, too, but we're excited. >> nichole: keep those tennis
6:57 am
6:58 am
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good morning. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, august 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? terrified passengers run on the tarmac at l false reports of an active shooter. >> donald trump says he will deliver a major speech on immigration this week, amid new confusion about his policy while his showdown with hillary clinton over race relations heats up. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he will continue to sit down through the national anthem. his stand has a fierce debate online and in the nfl. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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