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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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. >> live from cleveland's news center, we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> now at 4:00, after the storm, it's clean up time after rough weather rips through. we have a live report. and today, we're learning more about the north ridge develop car accident. >> the -- more on the suspect live. >> reporter: matthew desha was a member. he was a marine and served overseas. the commander here told me exactly what i heard from his neighbors that he was a nice guy but suffered from ptsd and he stopped getting the help he
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29-year-old matthew ryan desha is a marine who served overseas in iraq. neighbors here say matt was a quiet nice guy. kathleen considered matt a close friend. he suffered from ptsd from his time spent fighting overseas. that's what must explain the unexplainable. >> he was always a sweet never expect him to do something like that. say if somebody was attacking you. i think when the car flipped, he's been in the car -- war mode. >> reporter: we spent time looking over his criminal record.
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at 5:00. cleveland 19. >> thanks, denise. we're also getting answers about the rifle he used. >> we're only getting a partial picture at this point. the investigators have yet to tell us exactly what kind of rifle. what they have told us is this was a 5.56 millimeter rifle. what does that tell us? only tells us the size of the car tragedy. here it is a round. this would have been the kind of round. by looking at this, our next question is this specific to an assault rifle or hunting rifle? that's just it, we're not sure at this point. this kind of round, this kind of bullet can be used in an ar 15 and also can be used in a hunting rifle. so until vors are willing to
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all we can go on at this point. we know the size of the round and that's all they've told us at this point. >> it okay. still to come in our 4:30 half hour, more about the victim of this bizarre crime. >> storms ripped through the county and today it's clean up time. we find jen. and more than a dozen still without power. >> reporter: yes. i think the current number 21. as we did survey the damage, i got to say lots and lots of tree limbs like this littering yards and plenty of dead trees that finally came down in the strong wi winds. >> neighbors on wind fall say the storm was quick but powerful. and the damage to both their property and homes severe. one house had a tree limb pufrn tour the roof.
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that same house collapsed. just next door, the owner spent the way breaking down the nine trees that were taken down by the storm. but his house suffered significant damage. >> the power wire goes to the house. ripped the whole box off the side of the house. sticking out there. >> elsewhere, the damage was more limited to clean up but the tree can get the power back on. but is there anything else these people should expect here? >> no, we're looking good for now there. we got blue sky.
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an opportunity of showers and storms. but yeah, we're thinking straight line winds with that storm. and let's go back to yesterday, by the way. 5:40 in the afternoon. and there you see that storm. winds could have been up to about 60 miles an hour. never got an official wind gust report as the storm rolled through. but with damage like what jen was seeing there. i'm thinking around up to 60 mile an hour wind gusts with that storm. but look at totally different ballgame. we dropped the humidity level. temperatures in the low 8 0s. and it is sunny. 5:00, 82. 6:00 and 78. tribec in town tonight and looking great there. 79 on the north side of downtown. a north wind at 13. little on the breezy side. akron canton at 85. it's going to be a pleasant night. warm things up tomorrow.
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i have an alert wednesday afternoon for scattered showers and storms and that will be the next front. details on that when i return. tony, over to you. >> it's been called a dirty little secret in schools. this practice that's out dated but common. controlling students with behavioral problems. restraint and seclusion rooms in our schools. >> hey, karl monday here. we've made it help keep your kids safe. that's why we look into a practice called restraint and seclusion. it's a practice that could result in the injury of a child or even death. and doesn't happen here on the school playground but right inside the schools. >> you are watching video of an autistic student being physically restrained during a confrontation in a teacher. in a single year, more than
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of students. a school's janitor closet were reported to the ohio department of education. >> is this acceptable? >> unacceptable. >> in fact, state guidelines say restraint and seclusion should only be used when the lives of students and staff are in imminent danger. but their 7 year old son was restrained and placed inside a seclusion room for months at a time. >> when i arrived in the room when i saw it, i was st believe the prince fal was in the room. and i looked at the principal and said i'm here, you let go of my son now. >> why they are not complying and question whether teachers and staff are getting proper training. >> teachers get really frustrated because they've got a kid in their classroom, they don't know how to help that child. that child might be disrupting other students in the classroom.
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responds could have a lasting affect on the children we put in their care. >> and i feel like my son's life was, i feel like, almost ruined. he's on the right track now. it's costing him everything. because of the actions of the adults. >> the whole issue has been around for a long time. a lot of folks don't seem to know about it. one student activist called a dirty little secret in our nation's schools. you can watch my investigation tonight at 11:00 or on your app right now. >> that's karl monday reporting. thank you. federal aviation administration regulations for commercial drones took affect today. craig explains. >> i can actually make 100% living just with this right here. >> beto lopez is a filmmaker that uses drones for aerial
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>> the rules are similar to the regulations for hobbiess. must be registered, may not fly higher than 400 feet and the pilot must always be able to see it. also prohibited flying at night or faster than 100 miles per hour. >> no longer need to graduate flight school. now they pass a written test to earn a two year certification. over the next ten year systems can generate more than $82 billion for the u.s. economy. and by 2025 could be supporting as many as 100,000 new jobs. >> drones are being used for everything from inspecting farmland to surveying damage. >> the aircraft truly have the potential to transform the way we fly. >> many businesses ignore the faa's previous rules particularly the requirement of
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license the right brothers got. where we're going to go is the moon. who knows? >> the rules limit the drone's ability to fly over people meaning amazon won't be delivering packages to your doorstep any time soon. cbs news, washington. >> pilots can ask the faa for a waiver from some rules. the agency estimates 600,000 commercial drones will be fly nothing the u.s. within the year. >> all right. straight ahead at >> who would think an ac would cause these issues? why neighbors are fed up with the cooling system at an area school. and lucky number 7. when you can expect the announcement of apple's newest
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. >> live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> demolition of an historic church today. the 5th christian science church was built in the church has been empty since the late 80s. part of the church will be used in shops at clifton which will house a grocery store and townhouses. >> now, it's orlo wants to know. >> should neighbors have to put up with a constant grinding noise? it's been going on for months. they've complained by the noise continues.
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answers. >> the school opened last westbound many and neighbors will to endure the annoying sound. with the heat wave, it's a nuisance all day and into the night. >> i made two police reports and they would turn it over to the school and do something but they never did. >> dan lives next door. the noise is noise pollution. no noise over 65 allowed. back here, we're about 35 yards away from the unit and we're reading about 72 and 75 decibels. we're a lot closer and we're into the upper 70s. there you see it hit 80. beautiful school, lousy situation. >> the national standard said 85 decibels, hearing can begin to be damaged. mike is well familiar with the
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understand that's a huge problem and eager for the school board to have the construction completed. >> the construction manager agrees something has to be done. >> what's that going to do with the noise? it's just a gate. should be insulated or something. >> looking at and promising to take additional the noisy grinding continues. folks like dan are hoping for a cold snap. getting answers, cleveland 19. >> awful. since the school district is working behind the scenes, the building department will not issue a citation at this time. if you've got a concern , send
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>> we have some cooler air in the forecast the second half of the week. in the meantime, we're warming up tomorrow well in the 80s. tonight, it is present. the humidity dropped a little bit tomorrow. we just were on the lower end of that muggy. and wednesday, that will be the m mu muggy day of the week. west of chicago, this is our next system that will get in here. so it's a yellow wednesday. during the afternoon here, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and scattered storms with that front. tomorrow dry, tomorrow night will be dry. try to get rain in here tomorrow night. but wednesday, this is the front right here. that will be the trigger for storms to pulse up.
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entire week as far as rain goes and that's good news. tribe game. we're taking on the begin -- twins. 78 degrees and beautiful. waves are a foot out there on the lake. the wind will be diminishing. and clear sky. 57 degrees with tomorrow, 87 the high. still not that humid. 64, 8 a.m. 80 at 11:00 and mid 80s there. 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. just some high cloud cover around. and then we get ready for that front wednesday afternoon. scattered storms, 81. and look at the cool down. we may even see isolated lake affect rain showers. mostly cloudy.
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friday, partly cloudy. 73. and there's your gorgeous holiday weekend. looking great for the air show there. sunshine and looking like temps around 80 all three days. tony. >> sad news from the entertainment world. jean wilder has died. his nephew says it was because of complications of alzheimers disease. he was 83. ready for the iphone 7? apple is going to unveil it may also show off a new version of the apple watch. this will be held in san francisco. this year's iphone will look nearly identical to the iphone 6s but with a larger camera, redesigned antenna lines and no head phone jack. >> i'm tired of changing. i'm going to keep my 6. >> speaking of social media. twitter was blowing up last night with the vma awards. were you following this?
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there were big moments though at the mtv video music awards that had folks talking. rhianna was all over it with at least four performances. >> presented with the video vanguard award. hip hop super star drake gave her the award and that embrace had a lot of people talking. >> she's someone i've been in love with since i was 22 yea old. >> now that fired up twitter. drake, putting it out there. >> he sure did. plus, what's an award show without beyonce? she performed a large portion of her album lemonade and nabbed moon men including the award for best music video for formation. >> how about this ryan lochte was at the vmas. all right, no.
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>> now beyonce and rhianna earned more than anyone last night. twitter says the two singers got the most social media buzz. that's kanye west who gave a speech that touched on everything from gun violence in chicago to his aspiration to become an mogel in steve job walt disney. >> somebody put up a picture beyonce 14 years old and last night. no change. incredible. >> i've seen growth in her. some say for the better and others not. there's definitely a change in her. maybe not the outer appearance. >> i thought that was interesting. >> trending today, stars. they are just like you and me. they have jury duty. who had to do their civic duty.
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face when we come back. >> now we're looking at i-90 at chester and the usual delays. not much mow. in the next hour picks up.
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>> taylor swift getting attention when she is ordered to court. >> and we're learning what's behind the olympic meme fellps -- phelps face. >> now we were learning what was going on in his head when he made phelps face. >> remember in rio when i made
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the internet? i was in the zone with futures track blare nothing my head phone. >> revealing this shortly before introducing the rapper future. he did not win any awards but did perform and learned he was the inspiration for an olympic meme. >> taylor swift took her civic duty to heart showing up in nashville for jury according to tracy bates tweets, the singer posed with photos. maybe that's why she decided to skip out on the vmas last night. and here's a back to school deal for students. chipotle announced through the entire months of september all high school and college students can enjoy free fountain drinks
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>> your time has passed. no free drinks for you. back to normal operations have resumed at lax after a false alarm. we'll tell you the bizarre tale after the break. >> and race is what's on the agenda. the latest from the campaign trail on the other side of this break.
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>> trees down, power out and a trampoline torn apart and turned upside down. residents are the latest storm victims in northeast ohio. the thunderstorms move through the area on sunday. and it's been a manic monday. >> new rules kicked in for drone users. operators must keep aerial
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day, no higher than 400 feet and no more than 100 miles per hour. before today, users needed to have a special license to fly drones. >> and we're learning more today about the man who ran a red light and plowed in a car and opened fire. according to his neighbor, 29-year-old matthew desha served in the military and suffered ptsd. he's accused of killing deb pearl who was o work. desha appeared in court today. >> he did not enter a plea but did ask for a court-appointed lawyer. harry boomer has reaction from the victim's family. >> reporter: desha did appear in a courtroom earlier this month on a charge of a concealed weapon's charge. now he's back in jail accused of murder and the victim's family is speaking out.
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i'm angry because he did not have to kill her. there wasn't a reason to kill her. >> the pain of 53-year-old debra pearl's family is so hard hear. a >> and shoot an innocent woman, defenseless. she survived the crash and you murdered her. you murdered her. you took her away from us. you took her from her sons, you took her from her family broken hearted. >> why? how? when? what? >> too soon to know the answers but this is for sure. debra's family knows how to stay together. they showed up in mass today looking for justice for the woman they called little deb. >> this is like a stab in the heart.
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>> even as they rushed to the sc scene, getting phone call after phone call from pearl's very distraught son. >> before we got half way there, my nephew called back like horrified, my mama dead. >> you've been charged with one count of murder served. >> today, the man appeared before the judge on video. her family brought along the pastor, the kendall. >> she was so much to so many people. a mother, a grandmother, a sister. deeply committed christian. we are asking that the church, the community to pray for us. and keep the family lifted in prayer. >> matthew's bond is set at $1 million. he's scheduled to be back in court for a preliminary hearing on august 31st. we'll let you know what happens.
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the white house says the united states will meet president obama's goal of admitting 10,000 syrian refugees during the current fiscal year. national security advisor says the president understood the important message that expanding syrian refugee admissions would send not just to the syrian people but to the broader international community. millions have been forced to flee syria to escape the civ it's business as usual today at los angeles international airport following an evacuation yesterday evening. hundreds of travellers poured on to the sidewalk after reports of an active shooter. danielle talks about why passengers seam to be so on edge lately. >> rumors of fun fire sent panicked passengers running for
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where people were boarding flights. >> i was on the jet bridge and everybody was trampling down the run way. >> loud noises set off the hysteria. the reports came after police detained this man dressed in a cos costume. >> they told me move away from the sword. >> they let him go when they saw it was plastic and posed no threat. 300 flights, diverted 7 and canceld about two hours. a similar incident emptied a terminal two sundays ago. people cheering loudly as they watched the olympics on tv set off false reports of shots fired. >> passengers are taking events like these in stride. >> your life is in danger no matter what you are doing. >> experts urged travellers to be flexible. >> whether it's weather delays,
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get ready for plan b and c. >> airports have been under heightened alert. cbs news, los angeles. >> there was an actual shooting at lax in november of 2013. a man opened fire in a terminal and killed a security agent and wounded three others. >> and now this, another sexting scandal for anthony weiner she released a statement released by clinton's presidential campaign saying quote, after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. the new york post published photos late sunday that the newspaper said he sent last year to a woman identified only as a 40 something divorcee. following revelations that he was sending women sexually
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ownership of illegal immigration to his presidential campaign. but hasn't offered specifics about his plans. trump says that will change wednesday when he gives a speech. the fbi investigating whether hackers took information from registered voters in two states. >> donald trump is preparing a speech wednesday that he says will clarify his immigration plan. he's recently softened language about deporting the 11 milli undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> i think that he's been clear on this. we're not going to have amnesty. what we're going to do is to get those who are breaking the law out of the country as quickly as possible. >> hillary clinton is fund-raising in new york today. last week, trump has a history of discrimination. >> i think we all remember when trump said a distinguished federal judge could not be trusted to do his job because
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if he loses, it will be because the election is rigged. now, the fbi is investigating foreign hackers who have breached election data braces in illinois and arizona. >> one state was breached in july. the other one earlier this month. and michael isacoff broke the story and talked with cbs on monday. >> the case in the more serious one, there was theft of data up to 200,000 voters. >> the illinois board of elections confirms hacker took some voter information including addresss and partial social security numbers. but they say they have increased security measures. cbs news, the white house. >> now, the fbi issued a statement about the hack saying the fbi routinely advises
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the course of our investigations. this data is provided in order to help system's administrators guard against the actions of cyber criminals. >> pinpointing the weather where you live. now, your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> we're going to pinpoint you guys in akron. temperatures still at about 86 at 6:00. but you are going to really cool down here once that sunsets. 8:00 down to 77 in akron. and 68 at 10:00. and overnight, you are dropping into the 50s. i have you down for 57 for your overnight low. it is going to be nice out there. and dry. that's the situation tomorrow. but we're going to be warming up. high, thin cloud cover. there is an alert on wednesday afternoon for some scattered storms. that will be the next front. here's a look at the current numbers. akron is at 88.
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and again, not that humid. around 80 at 6:00 in the cleveland area. 75 at 8:00. and dropping through the 60s overnight. here's the yellow alert which means we're not anticipating the widespread severe weather out break with this but scattered storms 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. on wednesday. a few of those could contain gusty winds and heavier rains. the humidity does go up on wees with just high thin clouds coming in. hour by hour, 64, 8 a.m. 80 at 11. 84 at 2:00 and 85 at 5:00 in the afternoon. akron/canton you'll be up there as well. more on the rain tleet wednesday afternoon and the holiday weekend coming up. back to you. >> happening right now, a gun lock give away.
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from the village farmer's market, jack. tell us about the love a kid lock a gun event. >> we're down here at the village today. gun lock give away that we have sponsored with the foundation for children. it's an outgrowth of our law firm's practice. we look for proactive issues for safety in concerns and communities. this is one of our responses to try and eliminate the homes. >> it's so disheartening where we have to report on stories of kids getting ahold of loaded unsecure guns. how easy is it to secure your gun with a gun lock? how much do they cost? you are offering them free. >> yeah. so it's not difficult at all. >> we offer one to people who are interested. if they have more than one
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it's really an easy thing to do. and cost about 8 to $10. we give away the first one as i said. and we've given away 4,000 since we started this project back in early 2000. >> i was going to say you've been doing this for 16 years. raising awareness and helping people. how has the response been and has it grown in your opinion? >> yeah, it's been fantastic. we've had a wonderful response and a lot of support for coit euclid. and sadly, this is one of the communities that's been affected. it was a year ago a young child was killed when a 3 year old found a gun and infant was killed. the support has been fantastic and we're glad we can help. >> thank you so much for what you are doing out there. love a kid, lock a gun. an important message. thank you. >> ahead today, well, we're
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kaepernick controversy. in timeout, we're going to talk about this. >> expectant moms. why munching on fruit could mean
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >> okay, tony. talking colin kaepernick. he is all over social media with what he did. >> yeah, i didn't want to talk
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to add to media platform. it's much bigger than me. look, he decided to not stand for the national anthem. he's done it through the preseason and just got noticed last week for the first time. first, here's what he had to say. >> there's a lot of things that need to change. one specifically is police brutality. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. >> outspoken there. >> he sounds stupid say >> paid leave. there's a process policeman go through. if they are guilty, they should be found guilty and judged within the context of the law. >> he's not starting anyway with the team? >> yeah, he's struggling to keep his job basically. people say why are you so oppressed? that's irrelevant. forget his money. he signed the $114 million deal. $60 million is guaranteed. he's on the books for $16 million this year. that's not what he's saying.
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than himself. so at that point, he has a point. the reaction of fans here. and i understand it. at the core, he is offending everyone. man, woman, black, white who have served this country in the military. >> he's passionate about his cause and his beliefs but some have said even current and former football player say they have a problem with him using football to make a i look at the greats of social activism. bill russell. mu ham ed ali. and did change that way. >> he didn't want to go to vietnam. >> all i'm saying is if you are colin kaepernick, find a better platform for this. you don't have to insult millions of people, military
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this country. you play in the nfl. that's not a birth right. go by the traditions of the nfl. and there are other ways. >> according to the nfl, he does not have to stand. >> that's correct. and even his coach said i'm not going to tell him what to do. i think he could have done it better. >> okay. we have to move on. paul kruger blast the browns after they cut him. i like him. >> i do too. the key here is toward the end. he says although completely mishandled. unfortunate and the wrong decision to release me. i do wish the browns and my brothers great success. he thanked the fans. you know what? they went younger. if paul was really surprised by this, he has not been paying attention. the list is long of guys very good players who they moved away from as they drafted guys to replace them. >> isn't everyone going younger? >> yes, that's why you are here.
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all right. we're going to go over to another youngster. denise. >> that's right. 29 and holding. all right. thanks, guys. coming up next at 5:00, a warning for parents about a scholarship program. it's a scam. this scheme targets your college-age kids. cleveland state is launching a new campaign on the first day of class and the goal is to promote safety. plus, new rules for start this week in ohio. why the state is raising the alcohol level. and labor day means the last vacation of summer, we're getting answers tonight on the leading cause of those family fights during the long car rides over the holiday weekend. chris and i hope you'll join us
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is. >> a health alert now at 4:00. take a bite out of this expectant moms. new researchers saying eating more fruit during pregnancy can boost the intelligence of a normal and healthy baby. according to the wall street journal, researchers with the university of alberta found each additional daily serving of fruit that soon to be corresponded with an increase in cognitive scores for their kids one year afterbirth. great news, guys. >> it is. all right. big news from the browns here and weather. they traded andy lee that a lot of people thought was one of the more productive players on the team. >> i remember in the pre-season game. the punt return. he stood there and watched. >> wondering if that had something to play. >> that's a good call.
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tony's going to keep an eye on that situation. clear sky. a few high clouds downtown cleveland right now. gorgeous evening. there's a look at the roof cam. all right, let's check it out. our only opportunity for rain is wednesday afternoon as we see things. 87 tomorrow. 81 wednesday. yellow alert for scattered afternoon showers and storms. look at the cool down on thursday. could see isolated showers in the morning. otherwise mostly cloudy and windy. but friday, 73 and enjoy the holiday weekend. sunshine throughout. 77 saturday and around 80 sunday and on labor day. guys, there you go. >> model student. >> why this guy is going viral for his classroom behavior when
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that would take away too much work to come up with something like that. >> yeah. you can tell they staged that. >> but when i was in class, very diligent. no taking. >> sure. a parenting alert. coming up at 5:00, why many doctors want familys to consider the kind of bag they buy weight on their kids as school starts back up. the safety warnings still to
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. the browns released several players and the can yous include a long time sretd/ ran. he is not happy with his release and he is using social media to express ace out rage. more on those cuts coming up, but first, the crash in soland. >> it started as a traffic accident and ended with a deadly shooting. denise getting answers on this, tke/ niece? . reporter: there have been so many people asking questions off? why did he do it? today, we talked to the people that knew matthew. he was a member of the v f w$ everyone said he had p t s d$ everybody, their only explanation of what happened is that he snapped. going before a judge with the latest run in with the law. charged with a murder. a quick


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