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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> tia: we start out with this. hurricane madeline is weakening as it approaches hawaii this morning. while you were sleeping it knocked down to a category 1. it's expected to go slightly south or directly hit southern hawaii by this evening. either way, people there are bracing for high winds and some heavy rain. >> brian: people for another sform in the gulf of mexico this morning. hurricane watches are in effect for parts of florida. a tropical depression is whipping through right now, and forecasters expect it to strengthen into a tropical storm sometime today, maybe even this morning. meteorologist sam roberts will have much more on this coming up in about 20 minutes. >> tia: one of cleveland fan favorites is expected to officially return to the indians roster today. you probably remember his name.
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final idaho the trade. he's 36 years old and plays for the indians from 2002 to 2005. >> brian: i'll just move along. the indians won again last night 5-4. they play against the twins tonight at progressive field. >> tia: i was just thinking and i'll say this and live it alone. 36. i was thinking is older for a baseball player. >> brian: he is. i don't know what he has i don't know how he's helping. i know michael brantley is out and they lose abraham in the playoffs because he's suspended. they probably feel they need a body. >> tia: maybe. we'll see. this is something else to talk about this morning. mother nature might have something to say about the forecast today. let's get to sam who has a yellow alert forecast for us. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. yes, it is a yellow alert weather day for the potential of scattered showers mainly in the morning, but there could be a
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afternoon. i don't think we'll see any severe weather, but be prepared to dodge a few raindrops. we have to go back to class today, right? many of you first day of school. some of you have been in for quite some time. here's what we're looking at for the day ahead. out at the bus stop, i would take the umbrella because there could be a few showers around. we have a little rain out there. lunchtime, we are tracking the potential for a few thunderstorms, not as high of a chance of outdoor recess. i don't think it will rain on we're going to be in and out of these showers and storms. for your ride home, you could dodge a few raindrops. it will be warm today and 81 and not as hot as yesterday when we almost hit 90. we made it to 88 in cleveland. it won't be that hot but will be more humid, and i think you notice that the second step out the door. what about the holiday weekend? we'll talk about that and we will also talk about a big
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laura. >> laura: first, we get to your roads this morning. drives are looking good. maybe you're a commuter heading out the door at 6:03 in the morning, maybe you're an early bird, no major accidents on any area highways. we had an earlier report of a potential fire in the ohio city neighborhood. it comes up as an alert, but it looks like it could be at least don't worry about that. if you see activity in ohio city, that's what that is. doesn't seem to be anything major. as for the highways, look at them. there you go. a lot of green and a closer look on the east side. 480 and 77 moving towards 271. 60 miles per hour the whole way. you don't have to deal with the slowing that happens especially on the valley view bridge where you start to crawl. that doesn't happen until later on in the 7:00 hour. out 422, 60 miles per hour and 64 past solon still staying on time there.
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time. 56 minutes from canton to cleveland. 20 minutes inbound from strongsville, and we're looking at an update with rta at 6:18. >> tia: i was looking for words to kind of describe the story. one word that comes to mind bizarre, heart-breaking for the family, right? a lot of twists and turns in lorain this morning. the search continues for a stillborn baby. >> brian: the baby was lost at mercy hospital earlier this we cleveland 19's nichole vrsansky is working the story for us getting answers as to how -- what everybody wants to know -- could something like this happen? >> nichole: i couldn't imagine grieving the loss of a child, and now you deal with where is the child? unimaginable. unimaginable. it's not clear how it happened. we have a statement from the hospital, and it does not appear they're clear. sources have told cleveland 19 that the search effort this morning will include a nearby landfill.
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at mercy hospital. we have not spoken with the parents, but the mom would have been at least 20 weeks pregnant and oftentimes in these cases, depending on the case and the family, want hospital releases the body to a funeral home for the parents to have a service. at some point in this process, that did not happen. the hospital released this statement. mercy extends its insearest condolences to the family. we are deeply sorry for the additional distress arising from this incident. mercy deeply reg the occurrence of this event and is working to remedy the situation profound empathy for the family's feelings, we're continue to investigate all aspects of this matter. though it does not alleviate the pain of this incident, we have implemented revised process to prevent a recurrence. it's rare for a hospital to make this kind of error, but there have been reports of this happening. i saw once case last september at uc medical center down in
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answers on what standard hospital policy is at mercy when it comes to these cases. i have an e-mail out. i haven't heard back yet, but i will let you know when i do. >> brian: somewhat of a surprise twist to the campaign trail overnight. donald trump has accepted an invitation to go south of the border and visit the president of mexico. >> tia: he's going to fly there this morning. it will be right before what trump promises to be a major speech on arizona. one of trump's political platforms has been to build a wall along the mexican border. today he's expected to change his stance on his push to deport 11 million people living in the u.s. illegally. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> brian: now, after his time in mexico, trump will head back
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tomorrow. trump makes a stop in wil wilmington, ohio and on the democratic side joe biden will campaign for hillary clinton tomorrow as well. the vp will be at the uaw hall in parma. doors open at 3:45, and secretary clinton will be in cleveland on labor day at a rally held by congresswoman marcia fudge at luke easter park. all this information can be found on our website, if you're like me growing up, you started school right before or just after labor day. now, kids go back to class as early as the second week of august, but there's a new effort to change that. state senator gayle manning wants schools to put back the start day until after labor day. she said its too hot for kids to be back at school, and for some students the education could be suffering. >> the schools are very warm. we had a cleveland teacher send
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was over 90-some degrees in the classes. no one is concentrating at all. >> brian: this wouldn't change the number of days kids are in school. senator manning says districts can opt out if they want as long as the parents in the district have a chance to speak out. the issue is state-mandated testing. schools start earlier to get in more class time before taking those state tests. >> tia: an update on a police cruiser crash in downtown cleveland. we are told both the police officer does the involved with this crash are out of the hospital and are going to be okay. this happened late monday night. as for what caused the crash, we're still working to get answers on that. oh, baby. the blue angels are coming back to cleveland. at least one is already at burke lakefront airport ahead of the air show. in years past these acrobatic
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ac your ears to the sky. >> brian: be ready if you're downtown, all of a sudden you hear the buildings shaking and you won't know what the heck is going on. are you ready for this? this morning a first look at the ohio state buckeyes alternate football uniforms. take a look. a lot of mixed feelings so far on social immediate about these this morning. the design, they say, has been inspired by the marching band uniforms. >> tia: i lik >> brian: okay. >> tia: in life there's change. >> brian: there is. you sound like the old guy whether you say something, but the reason ohio state is ohio state is because of the traditions. >> tia: it's true. i graduated fwr from there. i get it. >> brian: so if you're going to look like a bunch of clowns playing football, that kind of blows the tradition. >> tia: clowns? >> brian: they're awful. i get it. they need to do it because the
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love it and the younger people all lover it. you're not ohio state without the traditions that make ohio state. you're just somebody else. >> tia: it's thele alternate and not permanent. it could be worse. they could be awful. they're actually a good team. >> brian: i'm in the minority of people who don't like the alternate uniforms. indiana i understand that. it's just me and it's problem. if your kid has after-school practice, they play in the rain. some hit and miss storms this afternoon? >> samantha: exactly. plan for rain this afternoon. i don't think you get poured on all day or anything like that, but hit-or-miss and patchy stuff is possible until the morning and afternoon. so practices today might have some wet fields out there. 79 at 2:00, 81 at 4:00. that is the high today. so it's cooler but more humid so
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you're out there this afternoon. plus a look at today's forecast coming up after the break. >> tia: also, you may be at home right now. this is not to scare you but to inform you. the air inside your home can be more polluted that the air outside, but a northeast ohio company may have a way to clear the air just for you. my kids cross the street every day. i'm scared for them. >> brian: cars speeding through cleveland city school zones. we're getting answers as to w city plans to do about it.
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>> tia: welcome back.
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us. a "cleveland 19 news" investigation leading to a safer walk to school for your children. our very own paul orlousky exposed that the city has a lack of school crossing guards. we noticed that guards have now appeared in front of euclid park elementary. black man's army sergeant major herbert stokes was very happy. he took it upon himself to help kids cross the road. >> we have two more crossing guards here. i am so happy. the day is a beautiful day for me today. i can take a break for >> tia: it was dangerous for kids. this is important because only crossing guards can activate the school zone signs. they're still work to be done, though. there are 349 crossing guard positions and 81 still remain open. >> brian: you may not have thought much about the air quality inside your home, but according to the epa the air in the average american home 5 to 100 times more polluted than the air outside.
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trigger allergies. even more so this time of year, temperatures start to cool, and we spend more time indoors. a local company says just simply recirculating the air inside your home can help. their easy breeze system is installed in the lowest level of home. it draws in a constant stream of air and pushes it outside. >> creates these whole house air exchanges so that the air isn't stagnant and evacuated out the >> brian: om some research shows recirculating air in schools improves performance. fix lieke pipes and remove bathroom carpets and control indoor humidity and vacuum upholstered furniture and wash linens weekly and bedding one to two weeks in hot water. in case pillows, mattresses and comforters in commercial covers
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>> samantha: that's exactly what we want to do, so let's start off with that morning commute forecast. i think you're good for the most part, but there could be rain out there. some of you see it. i did gifr you the yellow light for the drive in. same thing, a caution light midday as we track a few thunderstorms and even for the evening drive, especially if you commute before we'll say 5:00 or 4:00. by 6:00 most of us shb just fine. up until then a shower or thunderstorm is possible at any time. not a ton of rain out there right now. in fact, like 95% of us are dry. you travel down to akron/canton as you head out the door, no problems there. mansfield is looks good at i-71. youngstown no rain. on the east side of cleveland i have showers ongoing out in lake county and out in ashtabula.
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cleveland. one shower right on the lakeshore of ashtabula there. some additional rain just to the south of madison, and then we have some showers around mentor and painesville as well. the rain starts to pick up as you get offshore here. if you join me from mentor ar or painesville, heads up. this could clip you as we get closer to 6:30. i do not think today is going to be a washout. so if you're waking up and you're like, thinged to do today, don't worry. it won't rain constantly, but we're in and out of showers throughout the day. we could see one pop up at any time from now through 11:00 in the morning. at 11:00 onward we say through about 4:00 or 5:00, could have a few thunderstorms out there as we start to heat things up. we're not forecasting severe weather for today. our temperature trend is 72 right now. it is warm. in fact, for me of us it is
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73 at 9:00, 81 with thunderstorms this afternoon. that will be your forecast high for the day. tonight, dry and breezy and mostly cloudy and problem-free out at the ballpark. we have a 7:10 first pitch and we'll be in the mid-70s for that. how do the mid-70s sound to you for high temperatures? i like it. let's look at the full seven-day planning forecast. the end of the week we have this big push of cooler, drier highs tomorrow and friday only in the 70s, and could have a few showers around tomorrow but not a rainout. then that holiday weekend looks fantastic. the only bad thing about it being dry is that i do expect that lack of rain for the holiday weekend will worsen our drought. laura. >> laura: looking good out there still. still no major problems. still no major accidents. that's the kind of news that i really like to report.
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to do my job, and it makes it easier for your morning commute as well. we like both of those, right? we work together on this one. 38 miles per hour, and 39 miles per hour. 71 northbound just passing by the metro curve. really mostly staying on time. we see the drive times in a moment, but they don't appear to affect much with that. i want to give you a look ahead for you all that use the rapid. the rta red line thursday from 10:00 at night until 3:00 in the morning on friday. they're going to be the airport. so you can expect some delays while they do some work on the tracks in the area there. drive times look on time. 28 minutes from mentor and also on time from canton, elyria and strongsville to downtown. we check in with those that use ways at 6:33. >> tia: in about 15 minutes we get answers about where local hospitals are looking this morning for a stillborn baby. >> brian: what could be the
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big island of hawaii. sam is tracking hurricane madeline. they're all gone. i know i bought them. well, staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more? staples has the lowest prices... period.
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>> tia: here's a news alert this morning. the rain has started to fall on the big island of hawaii this morning. this ahead of hurricane madeline. schools, businesses and the government is shutting down today. preps are underway. fema is already setting up emergency shelters and generators, and oceanfront inland. sam is tracking madeline along with storms lining up on the florida coast in the gulf. >> samantha: a lot going on in the tropics. it's the peak of hurricane season in the pacific and atlantic. let's start in the pacific, because hawaii is bracing for hurricane madeline this morning, and then on its heels we have hurricane lester. look at this thing on the satellite imagery. this is wild. you can see that cloud deck, but right there in the middle is a
6:25 am
storm. now, madeline is going to affect hawaii today and into tomorrow. that is a category 1 storm. so slightly weaker than lester, but lester is a category 4 expected to move over the northern end of the hawaii into this weekend. this is one powerful hurricane. there's nothing standing in its way until it gets to hawaii. it has maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. that is one strong storm. let's go out to the atlantic where things have been pretty active there and in the gulf. we'll start with hurricane gaston. this thing is still cranking out there. you can stee that one also has very well-defined eye. it's a fish storm. we're not concerned about that one impacting land anytime soon. it's moving out to sea. tropical depression 8 off the north carolina coastline, that one also moving away from the lower 48.
6:26 am
on in the atlantic/gulf region is tropical depression 9. it will likely become tropical storm hermine later today. it has maximum sustained wind right now of 35 miles per hour. right now it's moving towards the north, but i expect a slightly northeasterly turn later today impacting the big bend of florida thursday into friday. we have tropical storm warnings and hurricane watches in so we are really focused on that region from tampa all the way up to appear lash cola. it will maybe bring some trouble to the carolinas this weekend if you head down to north carolina, south carolina, georgia. really anywhere from the delmarva to daytona friday, saturday. big surf and maybe some thunderstorms. guys, it's very active in the ocean right now. back to you. >> tia: thank you so much, sam.
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wall, and today he's crossing the border to talk about it. >> brian: next, the development in the war against terror, and a big hit
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>> brian: good morning. the u.s. military is working to confirm this morning the death of isis spokesman al-anidini. he's one of the terror group's leaders. the u.s. admits to targeting him
6:31 am
confirmation of his death. >> tia: donald trump travels to mexico today to meet privately with the country's president. this is the same president that compared trump to hitler earlier this year. we have more details coming up in just five minutes. >> brian: history will be made this morning. for the first since 1969 a u.s. commercial airliner will touch down on kcuban soil. some 20 day flights into havana are expected by t year. >> tia: today in our neck of the woods, the forecast is our stop story. you could dodge raindrops today. >> brian: you could. let's go to sam tracking storms that are moving our way. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning to you, and good morning to you as well if you're just waking up at 6:31 on this wednesday morning. we're halfway to the weekend, and we have a cloudy, kind of murky-looking start out there. it's not as beautiful as this time yesterday, and there is a little rain moving through as
6:32 am
mainly light rain, but there are some pockets of heavier rain embedded within this north of i-90 stretching from the east of mentor to west of the madison. so in between the two, mentor and madison, you may run into some rain this morning. this is tracking off towards the east. so geneva, madison, leroy, heads-up, you have some showers on the way. that can slow you down a little bit on the roads. here is the breakdown. let's plan the from now to 11:00 in the morning, we could see a hit-or-miss shower at any time. from 11:00 in the morning through the evening drive, so up to 6:00, scattered thunderstorms are possible. then from 6:00 this evening onward, we should be dry. so this is mainly a daytime kind of issue. we'll be in the 80s today, but if you're sick of the heat and humidity, i have some great news for you. we talk about that cooldown coming up in your first alert
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waysers out there on the road now this morning. waysers are those that use the ways app. of course, they downloaded straight to the iphone and ipad and any wireless device you have. what's cool about this is i can use this here when i'm at work and help you plan your day, plan your morning commute. you can actually use this once you get on the road, too. it will tell you alerts. you don't have to pay attention to the screen. so it's not a distraction for you. you can use it as a navigation system like you woulny navigation system you would use. right now i see where your slower spots are on the roadways. 71 northbound. and as you move towards downtown passing by the steelyard, there's that walmart where you pass over the top of the roof of the walmart. you see the slowing there. the biggest slowdown is 490. we see this where 490 dumps into east 55th street and also over to 77. tha that's where that slowdown is reported. as for accidents, no one is
6:34 am
we do the akron commute in about 15 minutes. guys. >> tia: thank you so much laura. we're working this morning to get answers on how a hospital in lorain lost the body of a stillborn baby. >> brian: nichole vrsansky has worked this story for us and says the hospital at this point doesn't know. >> nichole: according to their statement, they're still investigating as to how this all happened. this happened at mercy hospital in lorain, and in a statement the hospital said they're invest situation, and a source tells us they will now turn the search efforts today to area landfills. this happened earlier in week, and we have not spoken to the parents. the mom would have been at least 20 weeks pregnant. it's not clear what mercy's poechl policy is when it comes to handling the body of a stillborn baby. i have an e-mail out on that part of the story, but want hospital is offering the condolences to the family. they say they deeply regret the
6:35 am
to show you from mercy hospital. it reading with profound empathy for the family's feelings, we are continuing to investigate all aspects of the matter, though it does not alleviate the pain of the incident, we have implemented revised processes to prevent a recurrence. we know this kind of hospital error is very rare, although, it's not going to help the parents in this case feel better. there was a similar incident in cincinnati about a year ago, but we will be searching for more answers ins bring them to you as they become available. >> tia: of course, we're following campaign news for 2016. donald trump is making a surprise move and is traveling to mexico today. the republican presidential nominee will meet with the country's president, just hours before trump delivers a highly anticipated speech on immigration. he has long called for deporting people currently living in the u.s. illegally and building a wall along the country's border
6:36 am
democratic president nominee hillary clinton will address the american legion today. we have also learned the former deputy assistant secretary of defense, james clad, will announce he's endorsing mrs. clinton. >> brian: police say the fbi plans to make their report on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation public. the documents could be released as early as today. the fbi will also release notes of their investigation with clinton. now, interviews with clinton's aides or materials sent to congress will not be released. me information can be found under the election tab on our website, and crisis averted for the cleveland city schools. this is good news. they reached an agreement with the teachers union on a new contract. now, both sides vote this week to approve the deal, so that still has to happen, but this should mean no strike and schools should go on as scheduled. >> tia: this morning craft beer drinkers probably rejoicing today. you can start to buy high-alcohol beer at bars right
6:37 am
before today there was a limit, but now there is zero. this also allows local hop houses to be more competitive with other microbrews around the country. >> brian: your tribe keeping rolling right along at home. they beat the twins last night 5-4. the bull pen pitched 7 1/3 scoreless innings. zach mcallister out of the pen may have made one of the best plays of the year. >> according to the sources -- it caught it. are you kidding me? wow! >> brian: that's good stuff like playing hackie sack at the reverse. it paid off for mcallister. a kick save and a good one. the indians go for the sweep tonight. attendance was not good. less than 10,000 fans. the tv rating for the indians are fantastic, but they're in the top three or four or top
6:38 am
they're very, very good. that shows great interest. they're just not getting people in the ballpark. the weekends they seem to be doing well. the twins stink. come on! if you pay to go to a game, you're not going to pay to see them. they're awful. >> tia: maybe that's why. did you hear that? my stomach was kind of growling. you may want to celebrate the tribe's win with a pancake breakfast. i plan to. >> brian: so do i. public square. sia, what we see you, sia. don't try and get out of the shot now. it's too late. we're going to explain -- look at that smile on her face. we got you, sia. we're going to explain this whole deal coming up next. >> tia: next, how a standoff with the pop music star ended overnight in l.a. >> samantha: oh, she is too cute. did you see her out there in yoo
6:39 am
she looks so official.
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about
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>> nichole: time is now 6:42. rapper chris brown is out on bail this morning. he turned himself in after a standoff with los angeles police and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the "l.a. times" reported that a woman inside brown's home said it started when brown pointed a gun at her.
6:43 am
several videos of social media saying he was innocent. eventually he surrendered and agreed to turn himself in. apple has to pay more than $14 billion in back taxes to the european union. an investigation found ireland had been giving the company illegal tax benefits for the past 11 years. apple paid tax at less than 1%, which is well below ireland's 12.5% tax rate. tia, brian. >> tia: that's crazy. thank you so much. brian's stomach is over here growling. i realized it wasn't mine. it's yours. >> brian: no, it was yours. that's okay. it's both of us. >> tia: this is perfect. the united way is calling all pancake lovers to public square this morning. >> brian: start flipping now, my stomach and the pancakes. it's a great cause. sia nyorkor is live in the big city getting answers on how you can help those in need. hey, sia.
6:44 am
>> tia: chef cece! >> sia: we're at the pancake party at public square and we're flipping pancakes for a good cause. i'm joined by john mcintosh. why are we doing this? >> this is a huge tradition. you're new to cleveland. we love traditions in cleveland. we kick off the campaign here with an annual pancake kickoff in public square. >> sia: for $5 you get three pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee? >> yeah. if you come to my station, i might give you an extra pancake. >> sia: awesome. i want to know how to make the perfect pancake. show me. you're a veteran. >> spray a little pam or whatever the coating is. you have to put the pancake
6:45 am
now. you going to try? >> sia: why not? absolutely. let's do it. all right. >> so lets just let the little bubbles come up. that's the key to pancakes, right? you can't flip them too early or too late. >> sia: who is going to eat this? >> we may be eating this. i don't see the line yet. it will be coming. we're going to flip 5,000 >> sia: it starts at 7:00 until 10:00 a.m. we'll be here most of the morning. this one is ready to flip. >> just about. almost. we were just talking about what an exciting time to be in cleveland, right? we kick off the united way campaign. this is the home of the nba championship. aren't you glad you moved here? >> sia: i am. i understand this is the first year you moved this back here. that was perfect. >> we did. public square was under construction, so it was off-site
6:46 am
square. this has been a huge, huge tradition. >> sia: awesome. if you're joining us, come to public square today. it's all for a good cause. 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we're going to be flipping pancakes here for united way. it kicks off their campaign. come join us, and see you in a little bit. >> brian: i make designs like trains and -- >> samantha: do you? >> brian: no. >> samantha: you don't even bake brownies for our brownie >> brian: my daughter did it and won. i'm fired up for a little pancakes. they sent some over. weren't they good? >> samantha: they were so good. >> tia: i didn't get them. i wasn't here monday. >> samantha: that was the day you were gone. >> tia: if you come to my station, expect some bread pudding. i'm not good at that. it will be all chopped up. brace yourself. >> brian: why bread pudding? >> tia: after i flip, i mess it
6:47 am
looks like. it all tastes the same. she's a mess. >> tia: nothing like a woman in an apron. >> samantha: my god. time is now 6:48 on this wednesday morning. oh, man. it's time to eat some pancakes. i'm hungry. it's lunchtime for us, but pancakes sound good right now. satellite and radar show you if you whip up pancakes at home, when you leave the house with a full tummy, you rain and a lot of clouds out there. it's kind of ugly compared to yesterday. it was stunning out there in the morning. we didn't have a cloud in the sky. but today is a different scenario. i'm taking you north of our area out into the lake. you can see that there are showers really getting their act together here. this is all dropping off towards the south and east. so i'll be watching the showers through the morning. some of you on cleveland's east side getting in on the rain. ashtabula county and lake county
6:48 am
lake county. if you travel that within the next couple of hours, you'll run into at least some light rain. most of is out towards fairport harbor now. out closer to the lake, and this is coming down at a good clip. this is moderate to heavy rain in the fairport hour bar area. madison is getting in on the action. harpersfield is next just before 7:00. you could run into showers in your area. jefferson is raining now, but if the rain in fairport harbor holds into the jefferson area of ashtabula county at about 10 after 7:00. in and out of showers this morning. not everyone is waking up to rain, but where we run into it, it may be moderate to heavy from time to time. i think this will be the scenario today where it's not raining everywhere at once. there's hit-or-miss showers around and a few scattered thunderstorms midday and even for that drive home this afternoon. if you commute before 6:00,
6:49 am
70s this morning and a lot warmer than this time yesterday and low 80s this afternoon with high humidity. so even though it won't be as hot today as yesterday, it will be more humidity. a bad hair day for us today. tonight, we are dry with cooler air moving in. it's going to get a little breezy tonight. we'll have a lot of clouds around, though, and temperatures drop to about 69 by 11:00. so all week long i've been talking about this cooldown. when does it get here? tomorrow. look at this. i'm showing you that full std planning forecast. if you're at home making pancakes right now, this is the time to take a look at the tv screen. we are only in the mid-70s for highs thursday and friday. friday is going to be wonderful. the weekend, a holiday weekend, the whole thing is dry. how often does that happen that we get a holiday weekend and not a single chance of showers?
6:50 am
bad news for our drought. laura. >> laura: you know one thing we should mention with the pancakes going on this morning over in public square, there's going to be a lot of extra foot traffic in the public square area surrounding downtown right outside of terminal tower. perhaps you come in on the rapid, and you're going to see a lot of people out there, more than usual. just be prepared for that, and maybe if your commute usually takes you through the area, you may go around that section of downtown instead of through it because there will be so many more pe just a little heads on that and give that some thought before you head out the door this morning making your plan to where you walk or ride to work. here's your drive along 77 starting to show down a little bit sailing towards rush hour. 30 miles per hour to the north of 480. akron is seemingly moving very, very well. the only part a bit slower is along 76 to the west of akron and headed towards the kenmore leg. drive times are still perfectly
6:51 am
don't forget on cle43 at 7:03, traffic still continues. we don't stop here on channel 19. we will keep this train moving along. guys. >> tia: thank you so much, laura, and thank you.
6:52 am
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! [ music ] >> brian: a little higher love. a live look at the cam. this day in rock history, 1986, steve winwood's song "higher love" was the number one song on the u.s. singles chart. it won a grammy for best song and best male vocal performance of the year. steve wynwood was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in '04 as a member of the band traffic, they were terrific, traffic. for more rock trivia, log on and enter to win two tickets to
6:55 am
rock rocksino. >> tia: you know, i've never seen the man behind the song. that was my first time. >> brian: you've never seen steve winwood? he's good. >> tia: he's not what i would expect. he looks like a computer engineer, i.t. guy. >> brian: he's a rocker and roller. >> tia: he's amazing. as you head out the door to start your day, here are some stories to know before you go. from a rain this in stillborn baby. >> the search effort this morning will include a nearby landfill. >> a 21-hour bargaining session, but cleveland teachers and the school board came to an agree a new contract. both sides vote to approve the deal. >> the new state law lifting the limit on alcohol allowed in craft beer goes into effect today. bars in the buckeye state can
6:56 am
must be properly labeled. >> donald trump is making a surprise move traveling to mexico today just hours before trump delivers a highly anticipated speech on immigration. >> oh, it nailed mcallister, and he caught it! >> bounce off his cap into his glove for the out. tribe wins the game 5-4. >> samantha: waking up to a w this morning, and waking up to a little rain, scattered showers around. so if you're highway, grab that cleveland 19 first alert weather app because you need it to track rain with us throughout the day. it will be off and on kind of stuff. holiday weekend, guys, looks fantastic. the whole thing looks dry. >> brian: i'm playing a little golf. i'm waiting for traffic. laura didn't have anything to say. >> laura: pancake coma.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump makes a surprise visit to mexico today. he'll meet with that president hours before a speech on immigration. trump's running mate mike pence will join us irks the potential hurricane takes aim at florida while in the pacific. a pair of hurricanes could hit hawaii with a one-two punch. plus, we are on board the first commercial flight to cuba from the united states in more than 50 years. will the island nation be able to keep travelers safe? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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