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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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asking questions, getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> this storm, hurricane is life-threatening. we cannot rescue you in the middle of a storm. you are responsible as we go through this storm. >> denise: a storm warning. hermine is set to hit florida's panhandle after midnight. many places are already under water and evacuations are underway as to keep both residents and visitors safe. >> a lot of people had plans in the storm zone for the long holiday weekend and a lot of people will be affected in florida to eventually the carolinas. this is a live satellite view of the storm right now. it will be a hurricane when it makes landfall like sol and first hurricane to hit florida in almost 11 years. people on florida's gulf
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>> meteorologist jeff tanchak in the first alert weather center with the latest. jeff? >> jeff: okay, guys. it looks like this thing will track to the carolinas into the weekend. 75 mile per hour winds and first hurricane to make landfall in florida in 11 years east of panama city overnight early tomorrow morning, overnight. cat 1 hurricane and ton of rain in the northern part o concern. flooding overnight at 2:00 a.m. making landfall at this time tomorrow tracking across southern georgia into the eastern part of south carolina by saturday early morning, so that will be tomorrow night wilmington, north carolina and pick up a little bit of speed. if you have perhaps to go to the carolinas this weekend, i think things will be improving on saturday. all right.
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tomorrow it will be pretty crazy, i'll teletha. >> saturday afternoon it begins to lift back out over the atlantic affecting the east coast here with mainly a lot of surf and perhaps some rain by sunday afternoon. and it will continue to drift to the east. all right. around here lake-effect rain shower north of conneaut and much cooler. 74 in downtown cleveland wind and i will keep it dry akron-canton and feeling that taste of fall. i will have the holiday forecast for us and we will watch hurricane hermine coming up. chris? >> good football weather wrapping up against chicago bears. >> denise: so much going on getting ready for the regular season and brian hoyer's homecoming on the other side. sports director tony zarrella live at firstenergy stadium with
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>> tony: hey, d. people should tip their hat to hoyer. obviously did not work out here but acted like a true professional. guys to keep an eye on for the browns. last year's first redondoers and danny shelton and cam irving. they've got to pick it up. it's no secret. corey coleman was set back a little bit in camp with the hamstring issue and tampa friday. had one catch wiped out by a penalty. on the stats sheet zero catches and thought he pressed and tonight another audition for the first round wide receiver. >> he needs to go and play the game this week, thursday and prepare himself for next week because the intensity and how things are played in the national football league and regular season are different than preseason and we all respect that. he has big challenges ahead of
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task. >> i think it is a good idea and give me extra reps. i have not played in the first two preseason games. i want to play, too. i am excited to see how much i play. i am excited to be out there. >> tony: go back to early camp and he showed flashes of brilliance looking great in the drills and of course he was sidelined. we will see a little bit of him tonight and a week from in philadelphia. guys? >> chris: tony, this is interesting. we went from players and coaches and organizations talking about cutting down the preseason 2 games and seems this year more organizations are leaning towards giving prominent players meaningful time in the fourth game and corey coleman expected to do so for the browns? >> tony: yeah. starters out there and the reason for that it would be
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patriots and packers and other teams they are basically playing catch up especially if they have changed regimes and get it rolling in time for the opener. >> let's face it rg hasn't worked with corey coleman much. >> denise: okay, tony. tell brian we said hi. take care. >> now news republican candidate donald trump stopped in wilmington, ohio near dayton condemning hillary clinton's support of trade deals he says killedho >> these are deals made at the top. we have no leadership. we will have great leadership. we will bring our jobs back. >> mr. trump did not mention the city by name or 8,000 people laid off when dhl closed the shipping jobs and laid out his plans to stop illegal immigration from mexico. >> chris: the latest polls show
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in a statistical tie with third party candidates. vice president joe biden is trying to give clinton another bounce in the polls campaigning for her in parma. that's where sara goldenberg is live waiting for the vice president to arrive. sara? >> reporter: chris. we are 30 minutes away from the start of the event of the united auto workers union hall in parma. a couple hundred people are here to look at vice president joe biden's speech and expected to touch on working class roots and why he feels hillary clinton is the best candidate for president. if you remember, biden considered running for himself and chose not to and we spoke to a couple of people out there today and either way they are supporting hillary clinton for president. expect him to hear from the vice president in a few moments. we will have a live update tonight at 6:00.
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answers, sara goldenberg, cleveland 19 news. >> denise: an elderly woman called the nicest in the neighborhood is recovering after being shot early this morning in her own home. mark nolan is getting answers on this heartbreaking crime. >> try to put yourself in this situation. shirley walton hears a knock on her door after midnight on east 60th street and saw three men outside. the man who was knocking stepped off the porch and all three started shooting into bullets hit waldon in the cheek and hand and paramedics rushed her to university hospitals. neighbors say she was always out on her porch and shared vegetables with anyone who stopped by. >> she was a beautiful person. i hate it happened to her. she would look out for anybody and feed anybody and she is good people. god, please let her be all right. >> mark: police are looking for
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dark hoodies. if you know about the crime, please call cleveland police. chris, over to you. >> chris: the ohio department of health says several more local mosquito traps tested positive for west nile virus. recent traps were in cuyahoga heights, garfield heights newburgh heights warrensville and not unusual for mosquitoes to be affected this time of year. >> denise: a transgender woman ms cmha building is speaking out about the attack and filing a federal lawsuit on a mission to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. catherine bosley is live with this story now. catherine? >> reporter: denise, the lawsuit was filed in federal court. it is not about a transgender woman being attacked her lawyers say it is about her constitutional rights all together being violated.
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talking about the day in june when she was brutally beaten by her neighbors at the cmha building. >> i remember them pulling my hair and pulling me to the ground and hitting and kicking me. i didn't think they would ever stop. >> she is sure because she is transgender and believes the attack was encouraged by the building management. >> i was horrified. >> it got the attention of the attorney naming 23 defendants starting withe >> they can't say they don't know. they know f. they want to correct it they can correct it. if they don't, they don't and it is on them. >> i feel relieved we are able to get the word out. >> it is spelled out in this 20 page complaint where it began on the beach where one of the those named in the complaint invited her down here knowing by the time they got back to the apartment there would be enough
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>> a group was waiting in her hallway waiting to attack. >> kayla, one said can the attacking and was fierce. >> you want to be a woman and you are still a man and you have testosterone, you feel me? i am really fighting a man. >> that seems to be the account of many here. >> she deserve what she get. >> a war of words now in the hands of the federal court. >> so it all boils down was a hate crime in public housing for not. if so kayla and her lawyer believes they have the power to change things and they are hoping so. i asked cmha housing director what this means to them. i only got a response from the attorney from cmha. reporting live in downtown cleveland catherine bosley,
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the innerbelt bridge closing at 8:00 p.m. i-90 east over the george voinovich bridge will be closed for bridge deck repair. and it will close under i-90 overnight and both roads are beneath bridge repairs. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: we want to take a live look at traffic right now. this is 77 nothing to report there. there is an accident on the jennings freeway southbound at i-480. be advised of that if someone you know takes that route home. give them a heads up. >> chris: coming up is your vehicle car seat latch system
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: if you have ever installed a car seat you know how tricky it can be. a new report shows the process got easier in cars released in the past year. >> that's good news. weijia jiang with keeping your kids safe in the event of an accident. >> jim and vicky had their first child, john, sunday. new parents were dreading the idea of installing a car seat and found out it was a snap. >> i couldn't believe how easy it was.
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the s.u.v. earned a top rating from the institute for highway safety along with a 2016 toyota prius and audi q-7. researchers looked at latch hardware lower anchors and tethers for children. >> when latch hardware is difficult to use parents can make mistakes leaving children less protected in the event of a crash. >> reporter: the most important factor is hardware is placed. >> a common problem with lower anchors, they are buried too deep in the seat. >> when it is this easy to find parents can attach it. >> all the vehicles that got a perfect score allow them to place the car seat in the $000,000 position. researchers show it is the safest spot for a child to sit. >> the car had to have tethers in easy to find locations clearly labeled. >> right now i am extremely happy.
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of the best for buckling in his precious cargo. >> weijia jiang cbs news, washington. >> chris: this year most of the 170 cars evaluated got a good or acceptable rate evaluating when most got a marginal or poor rating? >> a snack food being recalled because it may contain traces of plastic. >> little and chocolate chip muffins. it stems from a manufacturing failure from a contract bakery in illinois. we have more information on our web site on for some of us having one or two cups of coffee a day is the norm. have you considered why? turns out the answer may number your dna. a newly identified genetic trait
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trait. the author of the study believes the new gene impacts coffee consumption by the speed the caffeine is being metabolized in the body. >> denise: so that's it. that's why i have six cups a day. all right. if you are like me and do like coffee you might want to try starbucks new spicy fall drink, chili mocha is topped with cayenne pepper, paprika cinnamon, sea salt little bit of sugar. the base is espresso, cocoa powder and more spices steamed with milk supposing to taste similar to mexican hot chocolate. the drink hits menus today. >> chris: skeptical. chick-fil-a testing several healthy menu items including the harvest kale bowl.
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chicken, about 370 calories with chicken and costs about $8. >> denise: think we are hungry? helping you plan your day this is the cleveland first alert forecast. >> jeff: i was just looking at a report here. we had waterspout sightings with the shower that we saw earlier today. i think we can pick it up on the radar that guy there. when you get the masses this time of year moving over warmer lakes this is good waterspout weather. any of the showers that do pop up you might get a waterspout spinning out of it. of course they don't typically do damage and pretty to look at. could be a threat to boaters out there. north wind at 15 in cleveland. that's why, you know we have the wind out of the north coming in
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another windy afternoon tomorrow. 74 the current temperature now in cleveland. obviously we are experiencing that change. the first full day of meteorological fall. that's what we go by. september 1st is fall for us. 5 a.m. looking low to mid-60s along the lakeshore, the immediate lakeshore and you don't have to go too far inland before you are in the temps overnight. for 8:00 in the morning 60 most spots and tomorrow could be a degree or two cooler than today. i went 74 for the high. after that we will start to go up. 5:00 no issues and low to mid-70s out there and quite comfortable for friday night football temps in the 60s tomorrow evening and we have 74 tomorrow. saturday 78 and it does not look
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will give us cloud cover. yesterday we were thinking we may see clouds roll in from that and stay sunny throughout the weekend near 80 sunday labor day and around 80 and we will continue to warm getting into tuesday of next week. the next alert day is next thursday a week from now. >> i have a few storms in the forecast. 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. hey, we want to warn you, we want to be their it won't be until next thursday. north wind 15-20 knots and it's been that way throughout the afternoon and 3-4-foot waves. browns game kick off 72 and second half in the 60s and clouds and decreasing wind throughout the game. 59 the low. a mixed sky. akron-canton partly cloudy and a
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56. tomorrow partly cloudy and windy by afternoon on the cool side. and 74 the expected high. 60 at 7 a.m. noon 71 and 5:00, 73 and partly cloudy. enjoy the holiday weekend. how about this. sunshine saturday, 78 near 80 on sunday. pleasant days, a little cool out there at night with the dry air in place. labor day it will warm tuesday 84. it will get humid by the middle part of next week. 86 there's the lone yellow alert on the 7-day and not until next thursday and in the 80s. >> good looking week. >> denise: gorgeous. >> jeff: whatever you want to do. coming up on cleveland 19 news technology can be good for you.
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>> chris: hey, a new report that says using technology can lead to healthier living. a review of 200 studies in two decades shows the internet, cell phones and computers can help people adopt healthier lifestyles. researchers found software tools to coach people to improve their diet, lose weight, stop smoking and drink alcohol. makes sense. >> speaking of a look at these. lowe's is rolling out robots with touch screens to help you shop. they can scan inventory and lead customers to items they are looking for. lowe's is cleverly calling them lowe-bots. >> they are in 11 stores in california and hopefully head our way soon. >> attention parents, a little girl parents american girl dolls are coming to toys r us.
5:26 pm
nearly 100 toys r us locations welly wishers will launch toys r us stores nationwide beginning sunday. however, the be forever historical dolls american girl is known for will only be available at american girl stores or on line. well, it is not even labor day. wal-mart is already thinking about christmas. of course they are. wal-mart is opening the holiday lay awa they are out with a list of 25 hottest toys for the holidays picked by kids of course. the list includes teenage mutant ninja turtles, remote controls and disney princess carriage. >> chris: oh, boy. smart. smart on both ends. one letting the kids do it and getting it out early. >> the lego magazine came to our house. agonizing. what do we want.
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hey, jeff. >> jeff: yeah, with the weekend here, you know, some of you may travel to florida and know somebody in florida along the east coast as well. we are monitoring hurricane hermine and full updates as we move along. there's the l i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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there's more to know. xarelto. a young mom is fighting for r front of her three young children. >> a man is behind bars for the crime. cleveland 19 denise zarrella getting answers on the story. she is live in akron with more. denise? >> reporter: yeah, in fact this man who police say shot his girlfriend they say he was wanted on domestic violence charges when this happened last night. that mother of three tonight is hanging in there. as you mentioned, fighting to
5:31 pm
hurt my mommy. >> reporter: those are the heartbreaking words ellen simmons said when he said his mom was shot multiple times by her boyfriend. >> how was the victim doing when you went there. >> gasping for air and asking to help her. i sat there and talked to her the best i could. like i said i grabbed a pile of clothes off her couch and didn't know what to do a put a -- holding tight. >> reporter: 26-year-old bianca haskell was shot in the hand, both legs and back by jamarian williams a rap sheet including domestic violence, child endangering, abduction and weapons charges. haskell and williams were known to have a troubled relationship. neighbor terrance taylor said he witnessed the violence. something happened two weeks ago. >> he gave her a black eye.
5:32 pm
she needed to get some air. definitely that dude don't need to be staying there after what he had been doing to her. >> benjamin gandy says he is the father of the 4-year-old and came back to the scene and embraced ellen simmons and visited with haskell this morning and fighting for her life. her children are traumatized and okay. >> she is a fighter and that's why she is still alive. she is a great mother and beautiful >> jamarian williams police tell me is in the summit county jail facing a long list of charges including felonious assault, weapons charges and traffic charges for leading police on a short chase before he was arrested and he probably will not see the light of day any time soon. >> reporter: asking questions, getting answers here at akron police department headquarters
5:33 pm
>> denise: let's talk politics now donald trump's trip to mexico and his speech on immigration reform have led to strong reactions on both sides of the border. >> chris: ryan nobles is in washington, d.c. with how it can impact the race. >> it was a day of contrasts for donald trump. first trump, the diplomat. >> we had a very direct and constructive exchange of ideas. >> meeting mexico's president and seeminof branch after months of criticizing the country and leaders over illegal immigration. >> the united states first, second and third generation mexicans are just beyond reproach. spectacular hard working people. >> reporter: six hours and 1200 miles later it was back to trump the attack dog. >> we will build a great wall
5:34 pm
>> reporter: trump was reaching out to undecided voters worried about his tough line on immigration, while at the same time convincing longtime supporters nothing changed. hillary clinton's campaign had a quick review of trump's trip to mexico. >> that was a choke and i think it shows diplomacy is not for amateurs. >> volters reaction to donald trump's bold move seems to have a lot to do before and supporters were impressed. >> it shows presidential prowess and making it know he can be presidential. >> his detractors were not. >> it is a ploy. he is a celebrity. that's what he does. he knows how to work the camera. >> for the trump the goal is more about undecided voters and as a result it may take time before we learn the full impact of his surprise visit to mexico.
5:35 pm
newscast hillary clinton's lead in the polls seems to be shrinking. >> dan deroos joins us with a closer look. >> dan: none of these represent events yesterday and trip to mexico and using real clear politics. i like this because they take the top 9 polls around the corrupt, major polls and average them all together. can you see the list. all the polls were done in the last week of august. when you look at the results, yes, hillary clinton leads in all but one and first we have seen the poll com out with the lead. l.a. times usc poll. what i want to do is look at the numbers in the last month. we can take a look. here is donald trump's bump. and donald trump's bump after the republican national convention. he takes the lead and hillary holds her convention and gets a larger bump and at one point she
5:36 pm
points, take a look at what touch has been able to do since then. in the last month he has closed the gap. >> you average the polls all together. hillary clinton at just under 5% lead, again, her biggest lead 8% and trump is able to narrow and shave off 3% in the last month. we have a long way to go. denise? >> a doggie day care was promising five-star for pets. we found pictures that raise a lot of questions. >> chris: cleveland 19 dani carlson is getting answers. >> come on. >> come here. >> 5-year-old katie, nor i and cocoa are best friends playful, happy and curious and braving checking out our camera. that's in stark contrast to the still pictures which show three dogs staring out from behind the bars of a cage. >> i was disgusted.
5:37 pm
>> the trio's owner thought they were paying a premium $38 a night so their dogs would sleep in private rooms described as luxury suites complete with toddler-sized beds at pet werks in mentor. >> in your mind is there any excuse. >> no. it is not fair for them to be locked in a cage for a long time. >> depending on the size of the dog, sometimes there's enough room to walkun sometimes just being able to lay down with a bowl of water and food. >> lauren worked there four months and hesitantly reached out to us only after she couldn't deal with what she was seeing anymore. >> this place will charge clients for a luxury boarding room and then turn around and their dogs will be in a kennel or crate instead for their visit. they don't even -- they are not in the room at all. that happens every single day.
5:38 pm
approached manager laura gibson to try to figure out what was going on. i am wondering why people pay for a private room and dogs are put in kennels. >> is that something you are doing ? >> i won't answer that. >> that door opened up about 15 minutes later. what we learned, coming up tonight at 11:00. >> getting answers, dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> chris: incredible. also down in florida hermine, th s there. >> it is. >> as typically the case with approaching hurricanes or thunderstorms, a lot of times you get the tornadoes especially on the eastern part of the storm. we happen to have one here. can you clearly see where the center of the storm is. in the tampa area north of tampa there's a tornado warning moving to spring hill. typically, these tornadoes are relatively weak and getting a
5:39 pm
of florida hermosaa beach there and it is expected to make landfall el tonight early tomorrow morning in the big bend area of florida. >> 73 at 9:00 and midnight temperature, 64 degrees and lake-effect clouds around. browns game 72 and kick off at 8:00 downtown cleveland and 70 is the current temperature in norwalk. mansfield 71. what happened to the 80s and 90s. what happened to we tied all-time august on record in cleveland and akron-canton you broke your all-time warmest. it was hot regardless. >> a taste of fall right now starting september. cool nights, pleasant days. that's the case right through the holiday weekend. there's another warming trend in the extended forecast. i don't have the next yellow
5:40 pm
a week from now. partly cloudy, windy and cool day tomorrow 74. wind will be picking out during the afternoon northeast and gusting over 25. strongest winds on the lakeshore. 4 at 8:00 a.m. 73 at 2:00 in the afternoon for your friday and 73 at 5:00 and friday night football games dropping in the 60s. mixed sky, seasonable and akron-canton and high at 76. that's why we've got the cooler air out of the northeast tomorrow and dropping in the 50s tomorrow night and it is full sunshine on saturday cobalt blue sky fantastic with the air show and blue sky. and there's your labor day 80 degrees. i can't think of a better labor day forecast as far as being comfortable and walking around in anything you want to do. guys, back to you.
5:41 pm
jeff. thanks. coming up a major setback for space exploration after this
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5:43 pm
>> chris: a major setback for space exploration after an explosion at the spacex launch pad in florida. >> denise: jamie yuccas is
5:44 pm
a test firing for spacex falcon 9 rocket ended in a disasterous explosion at cape canaveral. it was hauling an israeli communication satellite and facebook planned to use it to expand internet access in africa. >> it was a major loss for the owner of the communication satellite on board a $195 million satellite. that was destroyed. >> spacex released a statement saying there was an anomaly on the pad resulting in the loss of the vehicle spits payload and went on to say there n injuries. the blast was felt miles away and billows of smoke spilled in the sky. the falcon 9 experience problems before. one rocket exploded shortly after lift off in 2015 and another experienced a failed landing earlier this year. >> the commercial space company is a critical partner for nasa carrying supplies and equipment to the international space station nasa has a $1.6 billion
5:45 pm
the space station. >> the reusable falcon 9 along with dragon spacecraft are designed to transport humans into space and those flights were scheduled for next year. it is unclear how today's explosion will affect that schedule. >> reporter: jamie yuccas, new york. >> denise: the next flight was scheduled for november. mark? >> thank you, shanice. coming up at 6:00 protecting your children. today came together to talk about the opiate epidemickic and kids. we meet a beautiful young woman. the behind-the-scenes story on an amazing photo shoot and how people are coming together for ashley. those stories and more.
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>> chris: ohio state university
5:49 pm
clubs and societies to stop making disparaging remarks about the school f. they continue, they risk losing money and perks. the move comes two years after the school fired its marching band director because of an internal investigation that found a "sexualized culture" in the band prompting the visible alumni group the band alumni to speak out publicly against the university. the school says the band controversy is not connected toh >> denise: well, the browns have an unwanted distinction as they prepare to play the chicago bears tonight. browns fans are dubbed the saddest fan base. >> jeff: boo! >> denise: this is according to a ranking with football sadness based on two things historical sadness and recent sadness. the browns suffered more crippling heartbreak and their team moved out of the city in the middle of the night, thank
5:50 pm
field since coming back. who else made the list? well, the detroit lions come in second followed by arizona cardinals, the buffalo bills and the minnesota vikings. >> chris: especially recently. >> denise: the happiest fan base? oh, no. >> the steelers. >> give me a kleenex. >> denise: i know. awful. >> chris: it is rough. at least we have good weather. >> denise: that's right. and the tribe and the cavs. >>ob nothing beats it. we will be there. >> the nfl. you never know what can happen. will they be bad? you could assume lots has happened. >> you're right. >> you never know. here and all of a sudden you are drinking the kool-aid. put it away, please. >> yeah.
5:51 pm
>> jeff: it is. as far as labor day weekend is concerned unbelievable. it is windy out there tomorrow by afternoon 74. we hit 77 and could be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. and overnight 55. and 78 saturday. sunny. mid-50s saturday night near 80 and near 80 and look at that. we are well in the 80s tuesday, wednesday and holiday weekend and lots of sunny icons and all three days we will be in a degree or two of 80. that's the next week humid and 86 and could see a few storms by thursday afternoon and next thursday afternoon 87 and all the information on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and over the holiday weekend check out the hourly forecast. the best part about this is free.
5:52 pm
denise. >> thank you. coming up next, a youtube video you have to see. the story of a classic mom moment that women everywhere
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>> denise: a spot on parody for moms and really a decision for all parents. >> chris: it is. check out these viral youtube video when moms realize it is time to give in and get a mommy mobile. >> never thought i would do it, here i stand "i'm buying a van ? ? i have all the leg room ? ? and doors they open up ? next to us ? ? i know what you are saying, i won't be cool anymore when i get this van, yes my car has been good to me since i was a single lady. >> these moms created and singing about they never thought they would be that mom getting a minivan and sold out for all the leg room and you heard that and appointed cup holders everywhere.
5:56 pm
if you have had a dog afraid of a thunderstorm you might appreciate this video enzo the golden retriever puppy repeatedly ducked for cover every time the rear window wiper swings up. the owner is also afraid of the vacuum cleaner. >> if they had a minivan there would be more room for enzo. unbelievable. >> coming up next at 6:00, the latest on the former clerk pleading guilty to stealing half
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neighbors who only have praise for a 69-year-old woman shot twice in her own home. >> romona: campaign 2016 in parma. we are live as the vice president comes to town. campaigning for hillary clinton. >> jeff: and noticeably cooler day out there as you might expect a noticeably cooler night. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding expert 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> we are now about woman hours away from the final browns preseason game. >> romona: it would be nice to with win one of these. tony zarrella join us live as cleveland faces chicago tonight. tony? >> tony: well, we are consistent, romona. both teams come in winless in the preseason and it is a
6:00 pm
past in the sense hue jackson surprising some people that playing starters in the fourth and final preseason game maybe for a quarter and couple of series with rg iii playing five quarters in the preseason and looks like they are introducing themselves to each other and one thing we are focusing on is how they are working with the wide receivers and earlier in the preseason he hooked up with terrelle pryor and and josh gordon was back. ing are says i will spread offense around and make it click as long as we are on the field. >> about getting end games with reps with guys and you have an opportunity to read their body language and speed on the field on game day. it is different in practice. you have to get out and trust them. that's the thing that i truly believe in. you have to trust the other guys


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