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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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there could be power lines in the water there. could be snakes. in this area there could even be alligators. >> tropical storm hermida is headed to the carolinas as people in hard hit florida are warned to stay indoors and off the roads. we will have that story in a minute first, we are looking ahead to our long holiday weekend with the forecast. meteorologist jeff tanchak is joining us. looking good so far. >> man, you couldn't script this weekend any better'm you. for most folks starting now, if you have a friday night football game out there, you might want to grab the light jacket. we are dropping in the 60s. cool nights and clear sky. it is tonight and that's the main theme throughout the weekend. sun-filled though. and we are seeing that right now. it is windy along the lakeshore. it won't be as windy as this weekend and warming forecast. 70 now in norwalk, that's it.
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and that hint of fall-like weather is in the air. 71 westlake. and 72 lakewood and strongest winds on the lakeshore. >> next few hours 76 and 71 at 8:00 and we will not have any lake-effect showers like last night. here is the latest on hermida. 50mile-an-hour winds passing over charleston, south carolina. look at all this rain. tornado watch on sometimes you get mini tornadoes that can spin up. flooding is a big concern. flooding throughout the course of the weekend and warnings on the jersey shore here. maryland, delaware, virginia, that's because this thing will stall out over the mid atlantic and create a lot of problems. creating coastal flooding throughout the holiday weekend. not a pretty scene on the east coast of the united states. if you are traveling out this
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heads up. could be pretty nasty and even a lot of beaches closed. for that, let's go to denise and chris. >> denise: that's right, jeff. tropical storm hermida is making for a stormy day across the southeast bringing heavy rain and strong winds to georgia and carolinas. >> at least one death has been blamed on the storm which made landfall overnight in florida as a category 1 hurricane. kenneth craig has the >> tropical storm hermida roared into charleston, south carolina friday afternoon bringing heavy rain driven by wind gusts more than 50 miles an hour. >> we are expecting serious winds. serious rainfall that can lead to flash flooding. >> the storm made landfall overnight near the florida panhandle as a category 1 hurricane. the first for florida in more than a decade. a 7'" storm surge and several
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and downed trees knocked out power to more than 1,000 residents. >> here in charleston, the wind has been picking up all day and now heavy rain. >> this area could see up to 9 inches by the time hermida moves on. gordon and bonnie spent the day securing the house that's been in the family 150 years. they are not worried. >> been there and done that a couple of times. and what's left of hermida could cause big day throughout the northeast. the storm is expected to stall off the mid-atlantic coast bringing surf and spreading rain throughout the week. new york's mayor closed city beaches sunday, possibly through tuesday because of rip currents. >> if you go in the water you are putting your life in danger. it is as simple as that. >> in the northeast, the coast is clear. kenneth craig cbs news
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>> chris: of course we are talking about this. it is labor day weekend. that means more people out and more drivers on the road. >> denise: many unfamiliar where they are going. mark nolan has trips to help you roll on busy highways. >> first things first. give yourself more room on the road. it seems pretty simple. many out-of-towners depend on navigation systems which are not always reliable. extra following distance is a biggy. and you can count patrols on the road keeping you safe. extra drivers on the road means extra troopers around the clock. heightened patrols started at 12:00 this morning and last until tuesday morning at midnight. they are looking for speeders, people not wearing their seat belts and impaired drivers. some other reminders from the highway patrol. don't pull over on the berm except for extreme emergencies like a crash. instead pull off at an exit if can you.
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depending on gps and postpone the phone calls until you are off the road. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> chris: need to know information there. here is a look at 77 in and out of town light and friday before a three-day weekend. extending south 77 an accident in copley on the northbound side of the road by route 21. if you are heading out and ss aware of those situations. >> denise: and of course one of the biggest events this weekend, the cleveland national air show. i was just there at 4:00. >> chris: that's right. it looked like you were having a good time. kim del joining us from burke lakefront airport. a lot of good stuff going on, kim. >> reporter: very exciting. >> denise: we hear there are
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have seen in previous years. what's new? >> reporter: new this year obviously the u.s. navy blue angels and raptor demonstration and it will be joined by the f-35 lightning which is the joint strike fighter and they will do a heritage flight together and first u.s. civilian air show in the united states to have these two flying together. >> chris: very cool. obviously, we look up and a lot of people can see from far off, kim. but those who want to get down there. let's go over nuts and bolts, parking, tickets and what information can you give us for the audience who want to get out there and watch a close up? >> the best thing is go to our web site cleveland air for all the ticket information.
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until 4 p.m >> blue angels perform as a headliner event towards the end of the day. what time do they come on for people who want to come an hour or two before then? >> probably your best bet you want to be in and settled by 2:00 and 3:00. >> denise: all right. always a great show. kim, thank you so much for all you do at the air show office to make the make-a-wish greets visits for today which was such a special event for those who didn't see the 4:00, the pilots came and met the mick a wish kids. >> thank you, kim. >> it was awesome. thank you, denise good seeing you today. >> denise: you, too can i in other news, the former stanford university swimmer who assaulted an unconscious woman will now live in ohio now that he is out
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serving three months of six months for the rape. the 21-year-old told authorities he plans to live with his parents in dayton and must register as a sex offender for life. turner's case ignited a fierce debate of campus rape and led california lawmakers pass a tougher sexual assault law. >> you are not happy about the stenting, right? >> no. >> anybody charged and convicted with rape should do time in state prison and that's why i am suppti the governor's desk now making mandatory prison sentence for anyone convicted of raping an intoxicated and unconscious person. i think that's a good law for california. >> chris: brock turner's sentence prompted an effort to recall the judge. >> denise: heart warming news about a dog found starving in sheffield village last month. it is tough to look at the
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we are happy to report he is doing much better now. look at this. the staff at the lorain animal clinic nursed him back to health and augie is headed to a foster home to finish his recovery. god love her. >> chris: good stuff. all right. here we go. can you feel the football in the air. this is awesome. headed to columbus this weekend to watch ohio state's seasonal opener will you notice big change in policies at thee. you can buy a cold one at concessions inside the stadium and before then you could only drink while tailgating. cash on sales will be spent on two campus police officers. the other change is with bags. the new policy says you cannot bring in a normal purse. your bag has to be smaller than 5x8x1 and leave your purse at
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>> denise: it's worth it. always a great experience. a cincinnati man is alive thanks to the quick thinking of a nurse. when he had a heart attack she jumped into action. she finished her workout and heard a loud noise. turns out a man was going into cardiac arrest near here and collapsed to the floor. >> i felt something coming on and i said i am going down. >> after he lost pulses and wasn't breathing, he blue. >> denise: she is a hero. she performed cpr and used a defibrillator nearby. jack says she is his guardian angel. >> chris: coming up, you have heard of baby-sitting at grocery stores and the gym. you can get a do without worrying what the kids are up to. that story coming up. >> denise: sign me up. epi-pen outrage. controversy over the cost of a
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: how about this, an akron salon is taking full service to the next level by free child care to customers and employees. >> chris: what a thought. today shelby miller visited camouflage designs to talk to the salon's owner about that concept. quite a one it is, shelby. >> reporter: i love this.
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massages, camouflage design offers it all and it even has a child care center and the owner came up with a unique idea because she was a single mother herself. >> reporter: a crowd of kids running around and may look like your average day care but it is much more than that. >> we do hair, skin, nail, tanning, spray tanning. >> the owner opened camouflage designs almost two years ago. customers come to get hair and nails done, many bring the >> nowhere from here to across the united states that has a supervised play room for free. >> she was a single mom. >> i was on my own trying to support a newborn and it was hard for me. >> she used her cosmetology license and business passion to open the salon. >> customers can bring kids and workers do, too. >> the service saves people time and money and comforting knowing
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>> if i would have had this when i first had my son then life would have been easier. it would have been great. judging by the fun and games it is clear set up, too. >> and she plans to expand her space to give kids more room to run. >> we want to fence off around the building and put up a play set so they can go outside. we want to make it more about family than not we are here to take your money type >> camouflage designs is a full service salon on top of child care. can you get your hair done, nails done maxsons, tanning and so much more and list odd the web site. check it out by visiting our web site on denise. >> i am sure i speak for moms everywhere. it is a brilliant idea. ohio senators rob portman and sharon brown may be on different sides of the aisle. they are on the same side when
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>> portman and brown had plenty to say about the huge price hike by the life saving medical device by making trips to northwest ohio. it hits close to home for senator portman whose wife carries a epi-pen. he is pushing for a change in washington. >> we are prepared to do investigations and subcommittee. and we have started the process. we have not announced anything publicly until now. >> this threatens kids lives at have an allergic reaction to peanuts. you don't do this to human beings. >> senator brown says the promises to increase access and offer a cheaper generic version are not real solutions. >> the state highway patrol and passerby saved the lives of two men overdosed on heroin on the highway in southwest ohio. the troopers were dispatched to the car traveling northbound on interstate 75 near butler county
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unresponsive with the doors locked. >> and one trooper broke a window to remove both men. a passerby who was a nurse stopped to help. they administered narcan and both men recovered from the overdose. the driver was later charged with ovi. >> jeff: you know, we saw this yesterday and also today. a morning with all the cloud cover we had. and we had some isolated showers out over the lake, still. now that has changed we are dry and you won't get waterspouts going from this. 20mile-an-hour wind in cleveland. everybody else it is not as windy. 12mile-an-hour in sandusky. 14 elyria and then you get down inland and it is not too bad and 15mile-an-hour wind in mansfield and wind goes light.
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cover from tropical storm hermida. this is about as far as it will get. that's the only effect closest to us. we are starting to warm to the west. the trend will continue throughout the weekend and nothing too warm here 80 st. louis, louisville, kentucky 82. pleasant and hitting the mid-70s for a high today. future view temperatures around 60 on the lakeshore. by 11:00 a.m. we will be 70 or better. tonight will be rather cool around here and 2:00 in the afternoon we will be in the 70s. wall-to-wall sunshine. you will see a lot of sun icons on my maps and forecast pages. 77 the high tomorrow. sunday 81 will be the high. labor day 83. did i tell you when i was a
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day everyone had their babies? >> denise: ha, ha. >> jeff: that's another one. i would imagine babies would be born on that day. >> denise: sure. >> jeff: 86 tuesday. here comes higher humidity and switching to summer mode again as the week goes on. next alert day is thursday for a few storms. i know you are not worried about to warn you of the potential shower or thunderstorm event 36789-5-foot out there on the lake small craft advisory in effect with the wind that i showed you. northeast winds 20 knots earlier this evening. it is a breezy start to the tribe game taking on the marlins this weekend. 71 first pitch and late innings dropping to 68. very comfortable.
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look at this akron-canton 51 with the clear sky. 77 sunshine, not as breezy as today. 73 at 11:00 a.m. and warm to 77 at 2:00 in the afternoon. enjoy the barbecues this weekend, guys, sunday 81 and monday and labor day 83. still not that humid. tuesday, the humidity will rise as the day goes on 86. wednesday will be a muggy day and there are where we could be tracking a few storms. not until then. >> denise: nice looking weekend. get out and enjoy it. what makes people send racy text messages? coming up on cleveland 19 news the psychology behind sexting.
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>> chris: sexting back in the headlines after congressman anthony weiner was caught in another scandal over racy text messages. what exactly and who is taking part in this trend. the answers may surprise you. turns out couples in committed relationships are more likely to sect than single people. researchers found they are comfortable with close intimacy and worried about what their partner thinks of one thing less surprising is men more likely than women to send a suggestive text. >> denise: samsung electronics is recalling millions of high end galaxy smart phones. marlie hall has the details and what it could mean for the global technology market.
5:25 pm
started fire recalling 2 million devices. >> at a press conference in south korea the president of samsung mobile business says the recall costs so much it causes his heartache but safety comes first. the company identified a glitch in a battery cell causing 35 phones to explode or catch fire. >> other phones have caught on fire. to have a flagship phone and that's what this is for samsung to have the entire run of the phone and after they get released, i can't think of anything as big as this. >> the recall comes at a crucial moment in the smart phone race. it was scoring strong reviews and better than expected sales. samsung was counting on success to help challenge apple expecting to announce the newest iphone next week. >> this is the worst timing for samsung. they finally had a hit and looked like they would outmatch apple and this was samsung's
5:26 pm
>> reporter: samsung says replacement phones will be available in about two weeks. marlie hall cbs, new york. >> jeff: we are keeping an eye on tropical storm hermida and friday night football games going on.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
5:29 pm
>> denise: whatever your plan for labor day and presidential politics this weekend marks a critical point on the calendar. >> that's right. emily schmidt is live in washington, d.c. with final two months of campaigning before election day. emily, we have had a big summer and it will get bigger. >> reporter: just think of what summer gave us. first we had the vice
5:30 pm
conventions and hillary clinton and donald trump criticizing more than ever before and we are moving into fall. and the political wins are expected to grow even more intense. wrapping up summer and this was likely not the day at the beach they planned choppy water, shifting sands and drama not so different from donald trump and hillary clinton moving to the fall campaign. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> reporter: clinton ad slamming trump's trip to mexico and sent a tweet saying imagine the damage he will do as president. and a poll shows fewer americans sees it that way. clinton leads five nationwide polls by an average 42-37%. that lead is half of what it was earlier in the month. now, closer to numbers in place before either party's convention. before headlines about the
5:31 pm
while clinton was secretary and before trump campaign shake ups and reach out to black voters by mostly white audiences. >> what the hell do you have to lose. >> reporter: trump received friday receiving his second intelligence briefing and philadelphia round table with civic and religious leaders in the african-american community. he will go to detroit this weekend where a pastor planning to introduce substance matters as much as showing up. >> statements are i want to make the black community better. well, he never has to this point sat down with anyone. we want to know the answer. >> denise and chris. hillary clinton is ending the summer with more headlines about the use of her personal e-mail server and today the f.b.i. released notes from its interview with the former secretary of state july 2nd. in the notes clinton repeatedly said she didn't remember
5:32 pm
training about classified e-mails and left it up to other people and made clear she had the private e-mail server for personal convenience as opposed to trying to get around she said any kind of freedom of information act requirements. >> chris: good stuff. obviously, emily, when we get to the fall talking about the debates and the elections can break based on the results and who is asking the questions. we know the line up of moderators, correct? >> we absolutely we have received news on that today. what we heard from the commission on presidential debates and moderator will be nbc lester holt and the second debate anderson cooper and martha and third chris wallace of fox news moderating the third presidential debate and give you the news later than planned. it was going to be in august and the commission had to find people at least as immune as you could be to bias. easier said than done.
5:33 pm
personally go after individuals, journalists and hillary clinton has three decades as life of a public figure. these are four people who made the cut of the presidential debate beginning in less than a month. >> denise: speaking of hillary. we talk about people hitting the road for this labor day, when clinton does she will have some company as i understand? >> there's always a press pool that follow the candidates. up until now hillary clinton has been on a sepa reporters. reporters say can't you get us on the same plane, starting monday they will be. that will be a change of pace. it will reportedly give reporters more access to the candidate and for the record donald trump does not have press on his plane. denise and chris. >> denise: very interesting. all right, emily, thank you so much have a good weekend. >> reporter: thanks. >> chris: speaking of the weekend, jeff. sun, sun, sun. >> denise: chamber of
5:34 pm
for the holiday weekend here but you know, this is why i love cleveland. i need more action in my life as far as weather goes. there's not much of it over the weekend. weather now. talking weather, 73 in cleveland. sandusky 73. akron-canton 76. wow. wooster down to 71 obviously dropping in the 60s for the friday night football games and great tool to have going to the football game and strongsville. you know, you -- where you are located, you customize it hour by hour before you head out the door and what's your temperature pattern going to be throughout the course of the friday night game and cleveland area 72 at 68:69 and 66 by midnight. we will be down to 64 degrees there. cool nights with the clear sky
5:35 pm
sun warms us up and through labor day and then after that we will get the warming trend going in the extended forecast. humidity eventually goes up. next yellow alert day thursday for a few storms and mainly during the afternoon and evening. >> we will be keeping an eye on that in the coming days. that's not until thursday. 77 tomorrow sunny and pleasant. 61 at 8:00 a.m. teeing it at 11:00 and 77 to 2:00 in the afternoon akron-canton and will you be close to 80 there. 89 and a look at the big picture. lock at this. 77 tomorrow. 81 getting into sunday and we will drop back into the 50s sunday night. monday, labor day there. 83. tuesday humidity starts to climb
5:36 pm
we are well in the 80s by the time we head to work and school tuesday. chris and denise. >> denise: thank you. thunderstorm hermida could have a devastating effect of florida's fight against zika. >> heavy rainfall and concern about the rain and high winds and sideline efforts to control mosquitoes. michelle miller has the details. >> we have to get rid of standing water. that's the most important thing to do now and after the storm hits. >> reporter: in the hurricane hermida florida officials are relentless leaving the smallest traces of water to stop the spread of zika. >> i think all of us expected mosquitoes would carry zika. >> after company inspecting 25020 samples florida officials identified the virus in three groups of mosquitoes trapped in miami beach. a first in the continental united states. >> if there are positive traps we know when and where and we can identify where the transmission is occurring.
5:37 pm
botanical garden which is temporarily closed while crews remove its breaux mill add plants. they collect water where mosquitoes can breed. >> reporter: while hurricane hermida could drop a foot of rain in parts of the state scientists say the impact on mosquitoes is a double edged sword. >> good thing about hurricanes they can wash away the mosquito population. the downside, the interrupt ongoing efforts of mosquito control and as the floodwaters recede we could see reappearance of mosquitoes. >> another problem florida is facing in fighting zika is cost and director of the cdc says funds have almost run out. >> the house will consider a $1.1 billion zika bill when it returns home from vacation next week. >> michelle miller cbs news, new york. here at home former inmates
5:38 pm
over at edwin's leadership and restaurant in shaker square. the successful program is expanding. >> jen picciano is here to tell us how this is helping former felons and the former buckeye neighborhood. >> edmonds is one of the only white tablecloth restaurants in the country that employs former inmates in the front and back of the house. the six month training program gives students a career and now a place to live, work and play. a successful second chance f former felons is now more likely thanks to edwin's second chance life skills center. the three-building campus offers rent free dorms for edwins leadership institute for former alumni. >> if we want this the best culinary school in the country we have to have a home. >> they have transformed the corner of buckeye and moreland turning the vacant lot into a
5:39 pm
center, library and test kitchen for everyone's use. >> can you dig into book and practice any recipe and get fit and decompress and it is developing this ecosystem and environment to promote fulfilling someone's dream. >> for student and tenant lee porter, having a place to live and study near the institute eliminates stressors that lead to reoffending? >> you don't realize at the time those things play a part in the >> the program and facilities erase barriers and stigmas associated with his criminal record. >> i have a felony but that doesn't define me. i made a mistake and here is my opportunity and my chance to turn everything around. >> chris is already planning for further expansion building a whole culinary village of products, services and jobs. >> to create the best we have to focus on every skill. butcher shop and perhaps a pastry shop.
5:40 pm
down buckeye in the community that's received us. >> reporter: pretty cool there, right? the success rate of this six month program is staggering, zero recidivism rate. more than 100 placements and waiting list for establishments to hire graduates. i have posted a video tour of this facility on my facebook page. really cool story that keeps getting better. >> chris: the big question how can p helpen and role. >> they enroll through pass and schedules i have that information on my web site and can you eat at edwins to help support sustainability and use social media to promote what they are doing and can you volunteer whatever expertise or talent and also a run coming up starting at shaker square. you don't see a lot of runs in the buckeye neighborhoods. october 23rd run for reentry. pretty cool.
5:41 pm
they are accepting in-kind donations. they need kitchen equipment and things like that and stuff for apartments. the dorms are not fully furnished and if you have in-kind donations to help there's 20-some people living in the different dorms. can you also help that way. there are a lot of different ways no matter how much is in your pocket or time. >> denise: i will go on your facebook page and share the video and we will probably have the information and link on their web site. their library. >> denise: great. >> chris: great story. >> denise: nice follow up. >> chris: coming up an airline is saying sorry and investigating after a small child is put on the wrong plane. yeah. how he ended up hundreds of miles away from his mom and family and what came of all of
5:42 pm
5:44 pm
well, the labor day of course means a trip to lake erie d listen to this. there have been 73 drownings in the great lakes so far this year and dangerous currents in the great lakes can overtake the best of swimmers. the experts say remember basic drowning survival strategies like flip over on your back and float. swim perpendicular to the current until you are out of it then swim towards shore. >> jetblue sailors apologizing
5:45 pm
to boston instead of new york. >> his mother is now asking for a federal investigation. andy marte necessities mercado was traveling as an unaccompanied minor after visiting family in the dominican representic his mother paid $100 for her son to be accompanied by a flight attendant. speaking through a translator she said she waited nervously for an hour. >> when i went to pick up my son he wasn't there. i w >> maribel martinez says she was frantic and it took the airline 3 more agonizing hours until they could tell her that her son was almost 200 miles away in boston. jetblue told cbs news our teams at j.f.k. and boston immediately took steps in reaching correct destinations while the children were under the care and
5:46 pm
families. martinez says she will never send her son on another solo flight. hey, mark >> mark: hey, chris. coming up at 6:00, the crash and chase that started in strongsville spends up in cleveland and a local business is really feeling the impact on this one. we get answers about police pursuits that end in crashes. plus a local superintendent put on leave. we checked and there's nothing in his personn tonight a community's show of
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5:48 pm
donald trump facing new criticism -
5:49 pm
'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> denise: san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick fueled protests last night. >> chris martinez reports. >> what so proudly we hailed. 49ers quarterback colin
5:50 pm
during the star-spangled banner with the preseason against chargers and after the annual salute to the military. >> and he was joined by his teammate safety eric reid. >> receiving heavy boos here. >> the crowd erupted in boos as kaepernick took the field to start the game immediately leading the 49ers to their first touchdown. >> after the game kaepernick addressed the protest. >> we want to make message is not lost. >> kaepernick captured attention staying seated during the national anthem at another preseason game protesting what he calls oppression of minorities in america. >> fans at thursday night's game had plenty to say about kaepernick's political activism. >> kaepernick don't disrespect my flag or country or service again, brother. >> did a huge thing by speaking out. by speaking up and taking a
5:51 pm
acknowledging something repressed in this country and has been for a long time. >> kaepernick vowed to indefinitely continue his protest. the question is, will he get the chance? some nfl insiders speculate 49ers may cut kaepernick from the roster because of his performance on the field >> reporter: chris martinez cleveland 19 >> jeff: all right. let's look at the weekend forecast now as we plan things out and check thisor 77. that's tomorrow and you know during the night, night time lows in the 50s and that's the case tomorrow and sunday night and not quite as cool monday night and the trend is up. sunday 81. and on labor day 83 degrees and humidity will go up as tuesday wears on. 86 the high and back in summer mode.
5:52 pm
alerts here for a few afternoon storms thursday and 87 and a few storms friday as well. still muggy. the trend generally is up. coolest day tomorrow 77. 71 sunday and 83 labor day and well in the 80s as we start work and school beginning tuesday, of course. cleveland 19 first alert app download it and we will update you through the holiday customize it for hour by hour updates d.a. niece. >> thank you. still ahead on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 this adorable baby has something taking the internet by storm. will you meet this little one
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>> there's a new trend for your fayetteville pet and luxurious called the catio, also called an outdoor space. it keeps them from getting in trouble with birds and animals and some include human-sized
5:56 pm
>> that's fancy stuff there. >> we have a viral video we had to share to brighten your day. a baby with an evil laugh has the internet in hysterics. >> her mom had a montage of her daughter's laughter with the caption "i am raising my girl to be an evil genius." it's been thousands of time already. >> that is, you don't hear that every day. one of a kind. >> you know what, thank the internet for that one. >> exactly. >> a whole lot of frustrations over this hole in the yard of a cleveland 19 viewer. the homeowner wanted to know why it hadn't been repaired. we did, too. getting answers and results at
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
now at 6:00, another chase helps a crash. hot pursuits not only danger us and bad for business. >> we are getting answers for a local couple as they have had to deal with a giant hole in their lawn for months >> mark: plus changes at the shoe. what can you drink and pack if you are going to game. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: well, the big news today is the weather for our long holiday weekend >> denise: how about it. it is gorgeous out there. jeff tanchak is here to tell us if it will stay that way for the whole weekend >> jeff: well, might as well
6:00 pm
is going to be fantastic. a little cool for friday night football. we are in the little taste of fall. it won't stay this way but it will tonight. 73 right now is the current temperature. sunny windy and 7:00 is when most games kick off. 70 at 8:00 and dropping in the 60s and overnight in the 60s. the overnight pattern cool nights with the clear sky. sun-filled throughhe during the day it will be very comfortable and a warming trend in the extended forecast. >> there's the latest on tropical storm hermida. it is in south carolina. a ton of rain in the carolinas in the outer banks and moving up the coast and stall off the coast of the mid atlantic creating a whole lot of wave action in new jersey and perhaps coastal flooding. we are monitoring that and more on forecast details coming up.


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