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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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is going to be fantastic. a little cool for friday night football. we are in the little taste of fall. it won't stay this way but it will tonight. 73 right now is the current temperature. sunny windy and 7:00 is when most games kick off. 70 at 8:00 and dropping in the 60s and overnight in the 60s. the overnight pattern cool nights with the clear sky. sun-filled throughhe during the day it will be very comfortable and a warming trend in the extended forecast. >> there's the latest on tropical storm hermida. it is in south carolina. a ton of rain in the carolinas in the outer banks and moving up the coast and stall off the coast of the mid atlantic creating a whole lot of wave action in new jersey and perhaps coastal flooding. we are monitoring that and more on forecast details coming up.
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packing for the beach, take the first alert forecast app with you getting live temperatures and more on your phone. let's talk about hermida in south carolina. the tropical storm brought scattered reports of flooded roads, trees down and power outages and thankfully no major damage. >> been there, done that a couple of times. shouldn't be that bad. just the wind as long as not a lot of rain >> denise: the storm hit florida with rain tropical strength moving across the southeast. >> it is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to georgia and carolinas. at least one death has been blamed on the storm. the storm surge is predicted to hit the coast of virginia this weekend. the governor declared a state of emergency. >> this is sheiban jewelers we have had a smash and grab >> mark: strongsville police called to a business on pearl road. a man stole several watches and
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u-haul van. officers chased the van into cleveland and crashed at west 141st. jen picciano explains the mess from the crash and that's what's hurting a local business. jen? >> reporter: these chases don't just put officers and suspect at risk others on the road and property and path put others in danger. a couple of business owners are victims, frustrated and angry over the actions of the strongsville police >> reporter: left in the wakef crash is the architectual firm d.h. ellis company. >> it took out a big locust tree and pulverized a trash can and went down the street and knocked over the crosswalk sign >> reporter: the owner says he has been investing time and money to spruce up the building and neighborhood. >> we have been working on this corner almost a decade now and it actually change this had stretch of lorain >> reporter: he and co-worker
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destroyed. >> they didn't get the guys. there are two they didn't get and didn't save the van. they didn't -- the police cruiser itself is wrecked. to what end? >> reporter: the councilman says this should never have happened. >> it is irresponsible action on the strongsville police department. they should have called the city of cleveland and said a car was entering into our political jurisdiction and should have terminated at the chase and >> after driving through berea and brook park and strongsville and middleburg all the towns were involved. to say they had to make a judgment call in the heat of the moment. come on, how long will that heat of the moment be? >> neighborhood stakeholders want to see investment and safety taken into consideration when police give chase. >> that owner of d.h. ellis would like their tree replaced
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strongsville expense. the city took care of the clean up. >> jen picciano, cleveland 19 >> mark: we asked about policy and protocol when it comes to chases in cleveland. they assist if asked and approved by a supervisor. outside agencies are required to alert cpd if a chase leads to cleveland. in a statement c opinion d says they retain responsibility for protection of life and property in the city of cleveland. service concerning incidents in any area in the city of cleveland >> denise: we have an update on a tragic story out of akron. a man accused of shooting his girlfriend several times in front of her three children. bianca haskell was at her home on inman street wednesday. she is stabilized in serious condition at the hospital. jamarian williams pleaded not guilty today. he is locked up on a $1 million
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now to a recent murder in solon and calling on the nra to drop the opposition to criminal background checks. police say matthew desha of north ridgeville killed 53-year-old deborah pearl from twinsburg. desha failed to stop for a red light and ran into pearl's car saturday. investigators say desha then got out of his car and grabbed his rifle and shot her to death. in may and august he was charged withry cleveland n.a.a.c.p. says justice for deborah pearl must be accompanied by a change in strategy for the national rifle association not with standing the media fascination with the defendant reportedly suffering from ptsd. the real tragedy is that a criminal openly and unlawfully possessed a gun. a man held two south amherst firefighters at gunpoint for several hours last fall.
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prison for five years. roy griffith started a fire on his property and residents called to report him. after firefighters extinguished the blaze griffith asked the two to come inside and he refused to let them go. after several hours of negotiation he agreed to let them go. griffith's attorney spoke for him in court today. >> the defendant makes no excuses for his conduct and he did. he doesn't call this a mistake. it wasn't a mistake, it was wrong. the defendant fully accepts responsibility for his lack of judgment and improper actions. >> if the violation is a new felony you may receive prison participation in ed united nations after serving five years griffith will spend three years on probation and continue addiction counseling. in campaign 2016 hill and tim kaine will be in cleveland
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11th community caucus labor day festival at 2:00. you are encouraged to arrive at luke easter park at noon if you want to go. >> the f.b.i. released notes from the july interview with mrs. clinton and told agents she did not recall receiving e-mails she thought shouldn't be on an unclassified system and says she never deleted or told anyone to delete e-mails to comply with fel director recommended mrs. clinton not be prosecuted and did say she had been careless. donald trump campaign statement saying clinton's reckless conduct and avoiding accountability shows she cannot be trusted with presidency and chief obligation as commander-in-chief with u.s. armed forces. >> mr. trump is in philadelphia for a round table discussion
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university hospital elyria medical center releasing a statement saying our number of in-patient stays declined over several recent months. we asked how many people would be affected and they don't have an exact number and say there are 1,000 positions available at other locations cleveland councilman terrell pry seth being deployed a member in the ohio national guard and leaves in four days for the balkans a colleagues can video conference and his assistant will handle any concerns in his ward. he asks questions and he wants answers. it is orlo wants to know >> mark: how is a large hole allowed to remain on an elderly couple's tree lawn for weeks on end. children got promises it would be fixed and they finally brought frustrations to cleveland 19 and paul orlousky >> reporter: utility work is
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temporary inconveniences as lines were installed or repairs made and a perfect example here in north olmsted this hole has been in this tree lawn for months now. >> i would like to see it. it's been here for months. >> december? >> yeah >> reporter: for nearly nine months people like courtney gaddis had to maneuver around this water department created hole after water line repairs were made from the first of the year. keep look at it. >> they keep coming and keep looking. one time the water department took a picture. my husband called a week and a half ago and they were surprised that the hole was still there >> reporter: moms in the neighborhood worry about the obvious their kids and more. >> dogs walking. people walking dogs, kids riding the bikes and running around and not paying attention. >> there are boards over it and it's been there since december people tell me.
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promised action. 55 minutes later a back hoe showed up and workers came and took off wooden planks protecting the hole and work began. >> it didn't take long to do the job, just all those months because something slipped through the cracks and immediately safer for the kids. >> there's a school down there. >> turns out the hole-filling job had a hold because cei had damage to fix. cei fix was done and the water department wasn't told it >> the cleveland water department got here quickly after we called. getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19 >> denise: all right. do you have a question? paul can get an answer for you. e-mail him at: >> mark: in columbus ohio state season opener is this weekend the university changed policies. beer will be sold at concessions inside the stadium. cash on the sales will be spent on two campus police officers
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the policy says you can't bring in a normal purse. your bag has to be smaller than 5x8x1 >> denise: i was live earlier today at the cleveland national air show. what a great show. it is a fayetteville every labor day weekend at burke lakefront airport. a lot happening in our area. can you check out all the action on the cleveland 19 news app and this year blue angels and that' i do a lot of work with make a wish and they do a meet and greet after the practice show. kids love it and get autographs conversation >> mark: i was excited to stand on the roof of my apartment and watch it happen. very good. coming up next we continue to follow a mystery in a local school district. the board not saying why they put a superintendent on leave. now a community shows them their support. plus, an update on a dog
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this poor thing almost a month later how augie is doing. jeff? >> from a comfortable standpoint it doesn't get better than this. september across the board and here is your full holiday weekend forecast coming up. stick around. >> get breaking news and weather now on cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist."
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"he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. a show of support for cuyahoga heights superintendent tom e school board put him on paid administrative leave. we found nothing in his personnel file. we keep asking and the reason remains unclear. tonight football players and coaches plan to wear a red heart sticker on their helmets with the initials t.e. to support the superintendent. coaches plan to wear i support tom evans t-shirts and fans.
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>> denise: good news on a dog that needed immediate care. this picture is sure hard to look at. augie was rescued nearly a month ago. take a look at him now. you won't believe it. the staff at lorain clinic began the care he would need to recover. this week augie is going to a foster home with rob straub to finish his recovery sint-jans-molenbeek that great >> mark: love it. >> troopers come to the in southeast ohio. they saved two men that overdosed on heroin. >> you're all right, you're all right. this is i-75 butler county. the men inside were passed out. the doors were locked. one trooper broke a window to remove both men. a passerby who was a nurse stopped to help. they administered narcan and both men recovered. the driver was later charged with ovi.
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a student leaving this weekend to compete in the paralympics in rio. [ applause ] >> absolutely. the entire school applauding lorain deluca. you may remember we featured the wheelchair fencer on romona's kids. lauren has a mild form of cerebral palsy. she can walk but can't fence standing because of her limp there. >> that's great. so cool. >> love that. >> a great weekend to get out and party, see the air show and go to the rock hall, whatever you might do. right, jeff? >> we have octoberfest at the fairgrounds and comfortable during the day and cool at night and we have 20mile-an-hour winds and creating small craft advisory advisories on the lake 16mile-an-hour wind in elyria.
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it will be thursday for a few thunderstorms that may pop up in the afternoon. up until then it is pretty much this. dry. 77 coming up tomorrow. 81 on sunday. labor day 83. so warming as the weekend wears on. tuesday 86 and that's about the time tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening we will start to see the humidity go up and back to the summertime pattern for a le while. future view, 8:00 temperatures friday night football games and many spots in the 60s. by 11:00 down to 58 in akron and 57 mansfield and 2:00 in the morning we are dropping well in the 50s and 8:00 tomorrow morning if you are getting in on a golf game, what have you, teeing it up. the morning jog, looking very nice. tribe game tonight taking on the mar disciplines and breezy
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blowing in. but decreasing as the game wears on and there's the small craft advisory on the lake 3-5'" waves with the wind. clear, cool, 54 the low and akron-canton. i worded it as chilly dropping to 51. look at tomorrow. sunny, pleasant. 77. north 18 knots. 55, 7 a.m. and 76 at 5:00 as there's your weekend. 77 saturday. 81 sunday. 83 labor day. it heats up. we continue to go up tuesday. partly cloudy 86. humid wednesday 87 and finally a couple yellow alerts temperatures in the 80s, muggy. this fall weather won't be sticking around. >> mark: that's just as well
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>> jeff: everyone will be liking the weather >> denise: enjoy it >> mark: tony >> tony: do you blame them for the blizzards? got to go both ways. browns ready for the regular season hue says they should be. once they make their final cuts onto philadelphia.
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now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news >> tony: ask hue jackson if they are ready for the regular season and he said "we don't blink." add and subtract bodies and get ready for philly. what we have seen isn't a sign of things to come. some things are obvious, like
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a guy who punts the ball 14 yards or a guy who punts it 26. put that on the list as the browns move forward. >> we need to do better. we will do whatever we feel to shore it up. wasn't as good as obviously any of us liked >> tony: truth be told not much to like about the preseason and things not so obvious. to us it may have looked like a disaster in the making. to them it was part of the evaluation process. the browns insisting now t >> now the ones will play and we will not stop. and that's just the bottom line. if a switch needs to be flipped, i think the guys understand that now especially after our break in the huddle what the coach told us, it is real about wins and losses and we are here to win. he is here to win and make the coach look good >> tony: coach has been here before and told me after the game yeah, he's had a team
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preseason and kick it in when it matters most raiders who went 8-8. >> i have won, the coach won. i know it can be done. now it is every week getting ready to play the game, you know, four wins and losses. >> i am with coach 100%. it is the time for coaches to evaluate preseason and put players in uncomfortable positions to see what they can and can't do. whatever it is, it is. now it is time to play real football >> tony: good to hear that football under the lights. on cle 43. two are italian by the way >> denise: hard to believe it is here already. it is cooler and football weather especially in the morning. >> high 80s next week. this is wonderful >> denise: you will be fine.
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why not. we'll look at the weekend again. a lot of sun icons. 77 tomorrow. 81 sunday. 83 labor day. here is the thing. we continue to go up by tuesday we will be well in the 80s and
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: hermine's knockout blow. >> i can't see! >> dubois: florida's first hurricane in 11 years knocks out power for hundreds of thousands, then starts a holiday weekend trek up the east coast, 43 million people in its path. also clinton told the f.b.i. in its criminal investigation of her e-mails. a former college swimming star gets out of prison after serving just three months for sexual assault. new photos reveal the wounds he received that night. and chloe's special guest for show and tell. >> what brought me here today to talk to your class was an act of


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