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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> somebody did something stupid and person life was gone. >>lydia: just a heartbreaking loss. a woman is killed leaving here 30-year high school reunion after a driver speed in a stolen car slams into her car. a family is reunited with its lost dog after a pet owner said it was adopted to another family right in front of her face. but first, we begin with breaking news right now. a shooting in the suburbs. good evening, i'm lydia esparra. cleveland 19 crews on the scene of a s.w.a.t. situation and evacuation in twinsburg. shanice dunning is live now getting answers. good evening, shanice. >>reporter: good evening, lydia.
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the twinsburg fire department and they did tell me there was report of a shooting on this street, east island wood drive in twinsburg around 6:00 today. one person was taken from here to a nearby hospital. we don't know what that person's condition is. but this standoff is entering its fifth hour right now. and we have been listening to police scanners and we have heard that they are still trying to get this suspect out who is barricaded in the condos. you can see just behind me. it is dark but y police on scene. i've seen two s.w.a.t. teams also here and a lot of local police departments helping twinsburg to get the suspect out of these condominiums. we spoke to neighbors earlier today, some family members telling us around the time this was happening, the condominiums weren't evacuated. then other people who also live in the area were telling us what they saw around 6:00. take a listen. >> fire truck rescue squad and cop cars went down that way to
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sighens and now this has happened. nothing like this ever happens around here this is a nice quiet area here. >>reporter: so as can you hear that woman saying this is east idlewood, a quiet street. but less than a minute away from east idlewood where we are here with this active scene, there's another active scene at paul mitchell road. i spotted police trucks there. it is not sure if these incidents are connected because police have not given us that information. twinsburg fire department is also telling people in this area through their facebook page to just stay away from here. as can you see, this is still an active scene and they're trying tow straighten everything out. we'll stay out here and give you everything we know as we learn it. right now getting answers in twinsburg, shanice dunning. >>lydia: as we told you at the top of the newscast, woman is killed leaving her 30-year high
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car slooms into her car. just before midnight, a man was driving a stolen car on lee road, ran a red light and slammed into a car, forcing it into the building. the crash killed 39-year-old duncan barnes. >> she died over dumbness. somebody did something stupid. and person life was gone. they feeling it, because it's too much stuff going on in this neighborhood. enough is enough. it's time to stop. we got to help ourself out. got to stop doing this crazy stuff. now a life gone. >> the driver of the stolen car was also hurt. anyone with information on this crime should call cleveland police. police arrested three suspects after a teenage girl was grazed by a bullet fired into her home in a drive-by shooting in north ridgeville.
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6:00 this morning. the 17-year-old was rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police tell us they filed several charges against 24-year-old ryan yatson of north ridgeville. he's being held in the lorain county jail. some scary moments at the indians game at progressive field when lonnie chisenhall's hit bounced off the dug outbehind first base and hit a fan in the face. the game was delayed about five minutes while staff attended to that w own holding a towel to her face and was taken to first aid. no word yet on the extent of her injuries. and cleveland 19 gets results for a family who thought they'd lost their dog forever. a stark county woman says her dog was adopted right in front of her face after searching for him for a month. and she says her family would not have gotten the pet back if it hadn't been for cleveland 19 asking questions and getting answers.
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yeah, i know. >>reporter: ebony barsic couldn't be happier now that she's reunited with her dog keno. >> she's been a part of our family. >> but the dog ran off and has been missing since the end of july. kenyo ended up at the stark humane society and put up for adoption on saturday. ebony was there and could not believe she could not get her pooch back. after our report, all parties involved were looking for a happy ending. beginning with the hum >> he basically made everything right. he gave me the chance to put in all my paperwork that i had for my dog and we came up here and the family was willing to give him back. >>lydia: and that family did sacrifice the pet of their dreams. >> took him home. fell in love with him. >>lydia: but knew there was a family that loved him more. >> and we're just happy that he got saved and in a couple of days or a weeks, we're going to come in, adopt another dog. we'll be saving two lives
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>>lydia: everything made right. just look at kenyo. he is where he belongs. >>lydia: and the new owners said they had to give kenyo back to his family. they tell us he was so happy when he saw them and his personality changed for the better. all right. turning now to the weather. the labor day weekend isn't over yet and we're tracking the first alert forecast. beth, we're hoping you're going to give us good news for labor day. >>beth: you know what, our grand finale of o as a matter of fact, it looks even warmer than where we have been the last couple of days. take a look. oh, it's going to be crystal clear skies out there tomorrow. and we'll warm into the mid 80s today. we stayed in the low 80s. the humidity, could you feel it? it creeped up just a little bit. and tomorrow it's going to feel even a little more humid. no chance of rain tomorrow. that's the really good news on top of all of this this entire weekend has been just spot on. on tuesday, we keep with this
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closer to the 90s. by wednesday, 90s will feel like the low 90s. that humidity, that thickness comes right back. so we have three more days of full-on sunshine. our next first alert that we're going to be watching is thursday. and it comes in in the mid-morning. this is going to bring the opportunity for a few storms to come knocking on everyone's door and it is just that, an opportunity. 40, 50% chance that you see something. say right before lunchtime and it will take us through the evening time. unfortel storms. i'll explain that coming up. but in the meantime, it's cool out there if you're away from the lake shore. if you're near the lake shore, you're at 70. overnight lows tonight, we're down into the 50s again, so a chilly start tomorrow, lydia, to our beautiful labor day. quite the finale for a beautiful weekend. and i've got all the facts you need to know about next weekend as well. i'll tell you that coming up. >>lydia: beth, remember, can you track the forecast rain or shine in the palm of your hand with
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custom mize it to wherever you live. to developing news involving brock turner. he is back home near dayton, ohio. cameras caught the inform swimmer outside his parents' home. he's in the blue shirt there. turner was released from a california county jail on friday. he did three months of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he has until tuesday to register as a sex offender in green co. back here at home, a canton business owner is out of the hospital tonight after a vicious attack outside his business. police say tim carmany was beaten after he confronted a man urinating on his building. cleveland 19 reporter denise zarrella is getting answers on the search for the suspects. >> tim is awesome. >>reporter: that's how so many friends and fellow business owners describe tim carmany owner of the tubb u tubb. >> i know it sounds cliche, but
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he's a business owner. i'm a business owner. everybody supports each other and sticks together downtown. i can't believe what happened. i still can't believe it. >>reporter: carmany was hospitalized after a brutal attack outside his business early saturday morning. so police say tim came out of this door about 1:30 a.m. he noticed someone urinate in this community garden. he confronts that person and then suddenly is knocked on the head from behind. and is able to crawl back inside the door here and get someone to call for help. an artist who is still inside. >> we don't know if these two were working in conjunction with each other. he was struck the back of the head, he was robbed of cell phone and wallet taken. >> police say two suspects remain on the loose. descriptions are not very good, except for one thing that sticks out. one of the suspects police say had a gold grille on his teeth. >> it could, it's not everyone has that, but it could stand
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>> interestingly enough, police were also able to collect dna from the urine that was left behind on the wall. a gofundme page has been set up to help carmany with medical expenses and to help replace what was stolen in a burglary that happened recently too. carmany's fellow artists and friend can't wait to see him back at the studio. >> he's super snarky. we need him bark and his snarkiness, absolutely. >> denise zarrella, cleveland 19. anyone with information that might help investigators track down the suspects who attacked carmany are asked to call canton police. mother teresa joined the ranks of other roman catholic saints today, just 19 years after her death. the process normally takes decades or even centuries. seth doane reports from vatican city.
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teresa of calcutta to be a saint. >>reporter: pope francis declared mother teresa a saint before a crowd of more than 100,000 in st. peter's square under a clear blue sky. the pope described mother teresa as a defender of the unborn, the sick and the abandoned in calcutta, india, people watched the ceremony canonizing the woman hoe cared for the poorest of the poor. others gathered around her tomb, adorned with a single candle, flowers and her today may be the official recognition on the part of the church but among the faithful, they say it only confirms what they already believed. >> when you think of mother teresa, what comes to mind? >> i think, i don't know if i have the quote right but she said like one drop of water in the ocean, so you do one small thing and it just ripples outward, causes massive change. >> mother teresa is an example. she's one to see and emulate. her mercy goes beyond borders.
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gutters was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1979 for her work with calcutta's poor and sick amount of labor that continued well after she herself became ill. two miracles were attributed to mother teresa in order to reach sainthood. she's credited with curing a tumor stricken calcutta woman and for the recovery of a brazilian man suffering from a potentially deadly brain infection. seth doane, cbs news, rome. and mother teresa died back some say the church expedited her sainthood because of her fame and reputation. and people here in cleveland are honoring mother teresa's sainthood. many gathered at the albanian culture garden. they wanted to celebrate her canonization. they laid flowers at the foot of her statute. bishop roger greece told us how he thinks mother teresa will help catholics as a saint. >> i'm excited. any time we get a new saint in the catholic church, we look
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pay her honor and pay our respect because we know, because of the canonization periods and the miracles done in her names that she touch it is face of god. we need people that we can look too and count on to hear our prayers. >> and at the ceremony, they also sang the same indian song that they sang in rome this morning. and still ahead, campaign 2016 is coming down to the home stretch and we have the very latest battleground tracker that's next on cleveland 19 news. and these pictures just in from cruise ship passengers caught in a stormy sea as hermine gained strength. we have the latest on the storm still ahead. >>beth: won't be like that on the lake. going to the tribe game? another beautiful evening to take in the tribe taking on the astros tomorrow. first pitch is 7:10. should be about 78?. but wow, it's going to be a warm
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going to get coming up. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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>>lydia: we want to go back out live to our breaking news in twinsburg. shanice dunning is there where there's been a standoff for five hours and you have more information about this ending, shanice. >>reporter: right, lydia. i just spoke with a fire department official who told me that the standoff is wrapping up because the suspect in the situation is dead. reported from the fire department official who just told me that on his way out.
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pulling out and seems like the situation right now is ending after five hours. so hopefully we are going to get more information about how this happened because it's not clear how the suspect in this situation did die. but again that information coming from a fire, twinsburg fire department captain who was just telling me that as they are wrapping up here. so, we're going to stay on this and try to get as much information as we can, but wanted to give that update that the stand off in twinsburg on an end. getting answers in twinsburg, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >>lydia: all right, shanice, thank you. now to politics, a new cbs news poll shows donald trump trails hillary clinton among voters as the race for the white house enters the home stretch. marlie hall has the latest on campaign 2016 from new york. >>reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton leads donald trump 45 to 37% in pennsylvania.
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still win without the state in november. >> we're taking pennsylvania very seriously. we have several different paths to victory. >>reporter: in north carolina, our poll has clinton ahead of trump by four points. and the democratic presidential nominee also lead trump by two points in the 13 most competitive states, including arizona. trump gave a major immigration speech there last week after visiting mexico. >> they don't note yet but they're going to pay for the wall? >>reporter: arizona senator jeff flake has refused toor hard line policy on illegal immigrants. >> that's not clear at all. some people said it was hardening, some said sovereigning. i say it was just confusing. >> voters are still concerned with clinton's explanation about why she used a private server while she was secretary of state. 46% say the answers are getting less believable. >> she said look, by using one device i made a mistake. i a i poll eyes forth. i've learned something and i wouldn't do it again. >>reporter: voters head to the
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listen to this. hermine is gaining strengths and threatening to become a hurricane again. the slow moving system has already killed at least two people, including a homeless man hit by a falling tree in florida and a truck driver blown off the road in north carolina. storm warnings and watches are posted along the atlantic coast from north carolina to massachusetts. tony dokoupil is on the jersey shore. florida as a hurricane, tropical storm hermine chewed the coast of georgia and the carolinas saturday. bringing heavy rains and punishing wind. rough seas rocked this royal caribbean clues ship en route to new jersey to bermuda. now it may crash a five foot wall of water into the atlantic. storm is menacing the coastline from maryland to massachusetts, much newly rebuilt after superstorm sandy tore through in 2012. tony vass is the mayor of hard
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>> how bad was the damage from sandy? >> deaf stating. as deaf stating. this has been rebuilt over four years. the icon of the memory is the rollercoaster being in the ocean. >>reporter: sandy damaged thousands of homes in ocean county. residents aren't taking any chances with hermine, which could bring record floods. emergency coordinator bill hybl. >> the whole staff will be out there making sure water is on the other side of the boardwalk. when the wind shifts, i'm concer w >>reporter: new jersey governor chris christie put hermine in context. >> this is certainly not sandy. nowhere near that. >>reporter: but he warned against complacency. >> the biggest thing today is for people not to be lulled by the nice weather that nothing's going to happen. something's going to happen. >>reporter: the storm was already washing out holiday weekend plans. >> we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being this tall. but i would imagine the undertow would take you right out. so, i can understand their concern.
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weekend of summer fun, beaches for hundreds of miles along the atlantic coast are closed and swimming is forbidden. farther south, storm cleanup continued as officials tried to restore power to thousands of homes from florida to virginia. so far the mid atlantic impact is economic. >> i see empty tables here. >> he runs sea side eatery on the boardwalk in new jersey. >> today we were expecting a lot more people but because of the storms, the scare, a lot of peopa what i'm hearing from motel people. >>reporter: as hermine continues to churn up the atlantic coast, officials are warning residents to secure loose items so they don't become projectiles. in seaside heights, many homes were elevated after sandy. for those that weren't, the fire department is handing out sandbags. about 500 so far. tony dokoupil, seaside heights, new jersey. hurricane again. i understand there's been an 11 posting for that. they watch this and they post
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it has 70-mile-an-hour winds still. but it is only moving at three miles an hour. so it is just sitting basically in one spot and just churning and churning. >>lydia: but we don't have to worry about it. >>beth: no, we don't. when that starts leaving, that's going to be the decline of our weather as well. in the meantime, i hope you like it sticky. you know that kind of stickiness where you don't want to stand too close because you all stick together. that comes back. it starts on tuesday. that's when most start noticing it. people will close up their houses and turn the air conditioning back on. wednesday, better have the air conditioning going because that's the hottest, thickest day. and thursday some of you are still going to be oppressively hot but storms come through thursday afternoon and that's going to help. turn the air conditioner on early because the humidity gets in the carpets and the drapes and it has to work even harder to get the humidity out of your house. dew points, that's the moisture in the air, all that humidity
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the dew point 56, that's pretty comfortable. lately it's been pretty comfortable. because there's not a lot of humidity out there however, when i put in the temperatures with the humidity on tuesday, we're back into the mid 90s in some areas. that's that feels-like temperature. jeff tanchak is going to be telling you it's going to feel like the low to mid 90s on tuesday. wednesday gets even thicker. some of you like that last we're not tracking nick short tempt blue sky tomorrow as well. clear skies out there right now. next big weather maker still well off towards the west. it does need some, needs a little help to move this way. so it's not going to get here until thursday. and when hermine starts moving out of here wednesday afternoon, that's all going to put everything in motion and that's why you can expect that system kind of looking nasty off to the west to make an appearance for us.
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tracking these things on futureview and i give you hour by hour and show you the water or the clouds or whatever is coming, or the snow. there's nothing. there really is nothing tomorrow. heading to the parades, you have a great day for the parades. heading to any festivals in the afternoon, no problem. you need your sunglasses and your sunscreen. and you don't need to wear sweaters or coats or anything like that, because it's going to be warmer tomorrow than it was today. current temperatures, we are 70 along the lake shore downtown. so it's a little w lake. 65 in lake county. yes, wooster at 57?. so fairly good sleeping weather but the humidity value and the heat is up just a touch from last night so did leave overnight lows around 50, 55?, depending where you're going. 56. i will say this, it's comfortable. barbecuing tomorrow will be he easy. look at this, sunshine end to end. middle of the day, that's when it's going to be the hottest.
11:26 pm
on tuesday and that sweaty feeling on tuesday and wednesday. we'll be stretching at 90. thursday, storms come through. any time mid-morning through the afternoon time. friday is a whole different ball game. cold front is going to come through. temperatures are still going to be in the 80s. but this storm on friday doesn't come in till late. i'm telling you this because there are so many families who do cross country, soccer, friday night football. that's going to look a little if . samantha and jeff will be tracking that all week long. saturday, storms kind of linger. if you're looking for that fall-like cool crisp area, sunday will be your day. >>lydia: sounds like you may need some gatorade. gatorade is going organic. the makers of the neon colored sports drink are releasing a new version called g organic. the new drink comes in strawberry, lemon and mixed berry flavor. yum. it only has 7 ingredients, including organic cane sugar and
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in select areas. and coming up next in sports, another, another amazing finnish for the indians today at progressive field.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat.
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>>mark: indians are six games into this home stand. they have not lost a game yet. they were going for a sweep of the marlins today and spit the bullpen not helping them out. won in a thriller. the 7th. one nothing marlins. martin prado base hit to center. and that made it two nothing. tribe offense struggled. but finally in the seventh scored.
11:31 pm
home ramirez. cut it 2 loaf is. then later kipnis tied and got a lead. base hit to bring home. then coco crisp came home. move to the eighth, bryan shaw, who has been very good lately, gave up the solo homer to jt rule mutto. 3-3. then in the nine, oh, marlins got a lead off miller. ichiro rbi double. bring home gordon. they went up 5-3. two o ramirez a two run single to tie the game. and then two out. two on for lonnie chisenhall. into right. ichiro can't get it. tribe a winner today. 6-5 your final. tito on the crazy finnish after his bullpen gave it up. >> brian was trying to go down and away and actually missed by a lot. and then miller actually, i
11:32 pm
suzuki. went down and got a two. that's going to happen, rather that happen than be walking guys, stuff like that. but i thought we did a really good job to get back in the game and then we had the lead for one pitch, two pitches. those are easy games to kind of let the air come out, especially when they took the lead again. but they keep playing. >>mark: danny salazar got the start. pimped well. through the sixth inning allowing striking out 11 batters. you strike out 11 guys, you're throwing a lot of pitching. salazar might be back in his groove. >> i think change-up was, but what it was like in the beginning of the season today, and you know, i think using my fast inside, outside and mixing it, you know, mixing my pitches, i thinks that -- i'm getting back. i'm getting my confidence back again, you know.
11:33 pm
happy. right now, i'm just working to do my best like every time i go out there and i know like, i don't want to go home like at the end of the month. i want to play in october. we're working really hard all of us, every single guy here. we have a big chance to make it. >>mark: danny, we want to see a lot of you in october as well. tiger won. one wee starts for real. i know there's one game on thursday. browns will be in philly to play the eagles. they tweaked the reporter again today. still at 53. after they cut down day yesterday but swamped out. george atkinson junior, new running -- the third. he had been with the raiders, briean boddy-calhoun. marcus burley, tyronn homes, and linebacker corey lemonier from
11:34 pm
trey caldwell, cam johnson, raheem move it territory, terrell watson and rahim moore senior had his contract terminated. might have a new quarterback. according to ian rappaport, they claim kevin hogan from the chiefs, he was actually sixth round pick this year out of stanford. he'll be going to the practice squad. taylor gabriel has a new home. no long area brown after they got rid of him. now an atlanta falcon. claimed him off of check out this finnish from today's nascar truck series. the chevy silverado 250, john nemechek in the eight truck. cole custer. that's how it ended. these two guys scraping the wall in the grass. that guy wasn't happy. cole custer was not a happy camp per after nemechek put him in the wall. didn't go any further than this.
11:35 pm
off. probably a smart move if somebody wants to beat the stuffing out of you. >>lydia: can you see that helmet. >>mark: they have to wear those. i don't think i've ever seen a race finish where two guys were off the track. i've seen post race fights. never seent mom,
11:36 pm
dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love.
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>>lydia: and welcome back. the united states and russia had an initial agreement to play, in place to coordinate airstrikes against isis and al-qaeda linked terrorists in syria. but russia is now wavering on some of the most technical details and commitments that the u.s. thought were settled. the deal would be the best chance to end syria's civil war. margaret bren yen has more. >>reporter: u.s. officials thought they'd be announcing a groundbreaking deal with russia to coordinate airstrikes against
11:39 pm
but there was a hitch. >> there still remains a couple tough issues. >>reporter: russia had pulled back from their initial agreement with the u.s. it would've ended the syrian regime's air attacks on civilians and enabled aid to flow in to the sieged starving cities like aleppo. any alliance with russia would be extraordinary. given their propping up indict tater bashar al-assad by bombing the u.s. backed rebels who were trying to overthrow him. but mr. obama admitted that america now needs russia has any chance of ending the war that has killed 400,000 people and created five million refugees. >> if we do not get some buy-in from the russians, on reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis, then it's difficult to see how we get to the next phase. >> russian president vladimir putin and mr. obama may try to revival the deal when they meet tomorrow. the trip got government off to an awkward start when just after
11:40 pm
yelled at national security advisor susan rice and tried to block her from join the president's motorcade, prompting the secret service to intervene. president obama downplayed the incident saying he understands how much strain countries are under when they have to host the u.s. president, given his sizable security entourage. margaret brennen, cbs news, hong joe, china. back here at home, we're going to turn back to the weather. beth mcleod is in the first alert c day forecast. it's going to be a beauty. >>beth: it is. another beautiful day. we have just had one after the another perfect timing for the holiday weekend. tomorrow truly delivers. sunshine end to end. you'll start off in the low 60s, quickly make it to 80 before lunch. the afternoon, you'll be spending most of the afternoon in the mid 80s. it is going to feel a little warmer and a little thicker as well. heading to cedar point tomorrow, you'll start off with the sunshine in the 70s. but quickly be into the 80s.
11:41 pm
10:00 a.m. tomorrow till about p.m. heading out to the lake, winds out of the south, it should be pretty smooth sailing tomorrow. the lake has dropped a degree or two over the last couple of days. your next chance of rain really comes into flay on thursday, with that cold front coming through, you can expect showers and storms to kind of make an appearance by about lunchtime on thursday. our next fully sunshiny day without the heat and humid, you got to wait all week for that because next sunday coolest day of the week. lydia. >>lydia: thank you, beth. a 5.6 earthquake centered towards the city of pawnee, oklahoma has caused the fast els shut down of waste water wells in state history. those well also are used for fracking, a process linked to uptick in earthquakes in that state. mireya villareal has more. >> the facade came down off this old building. >>reporter: bricks and debris
11:42 pm
the sidewalks. this small city is the latest epicenter of concern overoklahoma's oil and gas industry. >> it was bad. the whole thing was just going like this. it was bad. >>reporter: in 2015, oklahoma averaged the two and a half earthquakes a day with a magnitude of 3.0 or higher. a total of 907 at that rating shook the state last year compared to just two in 2008. oklahoma geological survey experts have connected the increase in quakes to the oil and gas production process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking. saturday's quake prompted the state to initiate the largest shut down of wastewater wells in state history. 37 are scheduled to be closed. >> if we stopped all the activity tomorrow it's not like the earthquakes would stop tomorrow. >> seismologist of the u.s. geological survey say induced earthquakes caused by wastewater injection wells aren't as severe as naturally caused ones.
11:43 pm
oklahoma and other states where fracking is booming, don't take note. >> is there a chance things could get worse? >> we expect that the regulatory steps are going to help overall. the rates are going to go down and the hazard will go down. but we don't have an exact crystal ball and so, there's the potential certainly for more earthquakes. there's a potential for bigger earthquakes than what we have seen. >>reporter: the 37 wastewater wells set to be closed are just a small fracture of the 4200th permitted by the state of oklahoma. the governor has declared a state of emergency for the affected area so that the victims of this earthquake can get help faster. mireya villareal, cbs news, los angeles. well, we all know a boy scout is trustworthy. but the man who ripped off a scout was not. find out how the bad guy made off with money the scout was raising for his troop.
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>>lydia: we want to go to breaking news. the stark county sheriff's office tells cleveland 19 news, four inmates have escaped from the canton juvenile detention center. a viewer tells us people in the area faircrest avenue are being told to lock their doors. we'll have more on this story as soon as we get it. and police are also looking for a man who ripped off a florida boy scout who was selling snacks to earn money for his troops. brittany harris has the story.
11:47 pm
situation. the victim was out here at this walmart trying to sell snacks for his boy scout troops. a man comes up, wanting to buy one of those snacks and gives him a fake hundred dollar bill. >> he seemed really slick. >>reporter: that's how riley couture describes the man who ripped him off on friday. it happened outside this walmart, where the 12-year-old was selling snacks for his boy scout troop. he says the suspect wanted to buy trail mix, but only had a hundred dollar bill on him.ri that it was fake and ended up selling him the trail mix an giving him $80 in change. >> this is money that they earn for do their summer camps, buy the uniforms, their activities. and it irritates me a lot. >>reporter: riley's dad says he went into the walmart to report what happened. and it turns out that same man had tried to use that same fake hundred dollar bill in there
11:48 pm
it. >> probably was a ring of certain group of individuals trying to pass hundred dollar bills, fake ones around the area. >>reporter: he says he feels bad for riley because now he's out of a hundred dollars and has lost his innocence too. >> i asked him, you know, what did he learn about this experience? he said not to trust people. that's not right. we're supposed to trust other people. >> to be honest, i'm not necessarily wanted him to rot in jail for the rest but just don't steal from children. >>lydia: good point there coming up on cleveland 19. the healing power of horses. we'll show you how learning to
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>>lydia: horseback riding is a sport that requires patience and skills. but for some sick children and their families, it's providing some much needed healing. marlie hall visited a special horse farm in new jersey. >>reporter: khaya carroll says she hasn't had this much fun in months. >> awesome. so much fun. >>reporter: the eight-year-old has a rare form of leukemia. the last year of her life has been a blur of doctors, hospitals and chemotherapy. >> this week i felt good.
11:53 pm
and i wasn't in any pain really. >>reporter: khaya and 19 other young patients took party in pony power therapy in new jersey's ramapo mountains. they learn to ride and care for horses. hackensack university medical center sponsors the intensive four day program. >> lots of joy on the farm. there's some exercise, getting dirty, so there's endless opportunities between physical, emotional, recreational, social. >>reporter: spite their size and strength, horses tend to be very calm. studies have shown children who spend time with them experience lower levels of stress. pediatrician steven percy says riding also helps build muscle and coordination. >> particularly with kids that have developmental disabilities and issues with walking, get them on the animals and to be moving limbs in a different way has helped them. >> khaya has also regained something her parents long to
11:54 pm
happiness to her. she's looked forward to this so long. it is nice to know these opportunities are there for them. to make them feel special. >>reporter: marlie hall, cleveland 19. >>lydia: they're already special. we'll be right back with a final
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>> so we are rolling right along in the weather department. another beautiful day for labor day. enjoy it. it's going to be fantastic. however, 85 is going to be a 86 is going to feel like the low 90s, so the humidity comes back on tuesday. it get really oppressive on wednesday. next chance of showers and storms comes in thursday before lunchtime and then friday, friday night could be a little rainy. saturday as well. our next sunny day that is cool is sunday. >>lydia: thank you, beth. i really missed you. so glad i'm back. thank you for watching tonight at 11. at cleveland 19 news editorial is next.
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the big "bachelor" shocker. now nick viall went from -- >> the most hated man in the bachelor franchise. >> to fan obsession. >> this weekend on "extra." ? "extra" ? former vill an nick viall' revealed as the new bachelor. >> nobody saw this coming. >> why they picked him over luke, and how he ducked and dodged the rumors in our hot seat. >> who should be the next bachelor? >> i don't know. haven't really thought about it. >> you are the next bachelor. rumor or reality. ryan lochte's new interview, and he's playing the blame game. >> it's been dragged out way too long. >> is "dancing with the star's" olympian ryan lochte's last


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