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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  September 5, 2016 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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>> dickerson: welcome back i'm john dickerson. joining us now is former attorney general alber gonzales he ot wit n b called "tr fait a allegiance" a story servi and sacrifice i w an pea about his life a tervi the george w. bush administration w t sar w administration official to b off in scrocation temp us first a little b ab thperien and th y said ge yo new appreciation for t presidency, how so? >> wel oourh disast a presidentsi
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and so, spen tha evenin o airplane flying around, remembhinking watchin president bush give th addre th eenin wd advis h throu t cars, i' eperience pret big moments with him before bu sitti o tha aplan suddenly hit me, m gosh something happened washington, would i and peopl on tha airplan b able govern a wounded natio presiden fnish h seech base and we lan i had a apreciati o t tremendo pessu ad powe the opportunity to be president t unite state w rea specia >> dickerson: we're in the middle of campaign where peop armaginin t candidate stepping into that role t y stepped t f 4 minute o however long the speech wa saw said it takes special ki of perp bresident, what you mean b tha lokin t president mak
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the supreme skort o dcision t send mend and women int btl take somne are you f wher itegr mtter mo people want to know th perso mo pwerf person t world constrain constitution wisdom is ve important positiv vision fo americ come wit i can take to y btt place. america is one of t l someone who believe ihem and courag the office of b decisio making hard presidenus say th oen you have to ha t courage make the touecisions becaus at t end of t day that' what t aeric peopl expec is y m rig decisi t b bold a promise o thi countr >> dickerson: you're republican, does donald trum have tho qalitie
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dickerson: what's t evaluate? >> he shif positions from tim to tim i don't know donald tmp i don't think i'v eve m dona tmp i think bei a t kno someone takes so tim and i know the a lt of go people that tru and kno w are no spporting him what it tells m i tha nee study this m v ver closely i don't think americans should make disio bas upo t recommendations of anyon el fo eampl tod sid, i don support donald t i expect other americans to follo my lea i would expect th t d the ow investigation evaluatio t whether or not this is the rig person for the a the families and to lead thi countr >> dickerson: based on t criteria y otlin i t book, let m a y anoth thing you s about dona trump's comments abou mxi because he made trip thi week. donald trump said ju rin people they brin drug the bring crime they' rippists yo sai y can unri tha
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president makes statemen i ta abo tt t boo i terms of oe th pside makes stement, i ver very difficult w that ba back i thin smeone in t office very caref abo t words they say becaus tere ar consequences quit fankl the sul b when president dra r line i the sander wil b consequences ther cobody dou a min of o enemies that w inte t follow up and tha there wil b consequences. word a v importa fro someone whi t ova office >> dickerson: an anecdote in t book got lot o atention, i was march o 204oshcro was attorney general, sce i his hospital room whe you'r trying to ge extensio t warrantles wretapping progra an th h bee dfere storie t ab tis direct cmey of the f sa that you a a car wer there to try to, h put
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you tell your version of th story of what happened in th hospital room trying to get th extensio what -- how did i g ay s it? >> you're right, i spent so time in the boo tki abou this. i sa tha testified unde oa about w happened in t hospital roo inspecto gneral t department also spok about wh happened in the hospital roo i am o record und o aou wh happene n oa contested my description of wh happened listen, andard a two time before tha hospita room about ou concern tha h might not competent >> dickerson: the attorney general jo ashcroft >> i h wsnompetent we' not going a t dything we were primarily the t report on meeting w h jus had wi cngressiona leade about th ver sam pogra a abou t disput a congressional leaders telling u we believe it should go forwar wi pogra >> dickerson: continue the program. >> because it's so important i protecting american lve
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trai bmbings very dangerous time for o country. try to d wt could h the tools necessary t prote americ >> dickerson: erms t warrantles wiretapping and hans introgation that yo over saw as well >> i didn't oversee it dickerson: in your capacity with the president. >> i w counsel t t president but advice came from the departmen m justice, t seniadership of th department and lawyers withi administrati sying, done certain way would b and it would be lawfu >> dickerson: aologiz not unimportant fac how do you fee lking bac both of thos things, bot o those policies hav b changed. in the rpublican rac rig n there ar some -- donalrum saying bring bacterboain it wou b grea sould onl d tho thing that a absolutely necessa an effectiv a lawfu >> dickerson: is that true o enhanc iterrogatio bsolutel we've had testimony b fol from t c a f talkin
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and at that time the department jstic issu opinion tha wterboarding, f eampl was do cta supervision, i was only done tre pople high lev detinee w believe had information th i woul b lawfu so, th w oviousl very ve cntroversia and don mean t t -- in that wh believes tha wterboain wasn trtur mere meant t poin ot th t lawye worked very, very har t g this right esure tha t c a policy maks h t too tha th belve was necessa protect th cuntr >> dickerson: just very briefl partin questi here vi now, there's leg pathway brin waterboarding bac or >> would i support i i'd have to want t talk t cia folks to say, fir o all what is th tre if i fac someo h information about a bom g
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next hal ho a we h someone ctody tha h informatio a tha eve chuc schume said i tha scenario sai yes w authoriz tortursuming again i n suggest ca i wou bortu as legal matter bu wul b tool tha w sul pursu >> dickerson: al rgh albert gnzales thanks very much anks, john dickerson: we'll be right
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is >> dickerson: joining us now for political analysis, susan pag is "usoday' wasingt bure chi jamelle bouie chiolitica correspondent and c ne politica analys molly ba covers politics fohtlant atlantic. ramesh ponnuru is the nation review and fellow at t americ eterprinstitute ramesh are start with you at t end t week dona trump h bee mexico me with t mexic preside a gavey spee i arizon do talculation, where d things stand at the end of t week with donald trump a immigration? >> wel thi that it i confusin stor today on t airwave t supporters chr cisti o this show a r giliani a saying, oftened o immigratio nong f mas deportation. one of the reasons it's no getting throu i tha t didnctual s t m deportations not on th tab
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and he did it pee t was all ohe -- wer extremel hard lin the spee thactual rea differently th i look and dn' s h t trum campaign can expec tat i going g cred f softening which clearl wan if it won' actuall cme o and ma t messa mo explicit >> dickerson: molly, i was surprised that chris christie used the worpause donald trump durin prima sai undocumented immigrants will be out fas your hea w spi that is veifferent tha t word pause >> it i there's been l 'team muddy the water but i thi tha a decision was ma tru gave tha immgration spee that h canno wal back ramesh w sayin t decision w m t cas t issue ver ha ter to continue t dpi ilega immigrants a ciminals and a danger t thi cuntr so whateve pol is t fine pri a i don't think w will ever kno tt becaus he'
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once i w but the tone that hav speec think real cse a doo f trump. with some voters w wer looking for hi t b mo compassionat str a top more acceptance no matte wha poli he's add slo katein thi with certa hspanoter certaion-hispanic voter there might ha bn ope door that door waslosed by th desection that trump ma t gi that speec >> dickerson: who are those voters that he's tryi to donald trump trying apeal wih soening, whate exists o desn'xis >> think whateve percentage voters, republica voter a staying aw ftat lik arizona and georgia and north carolina north carolina mit romne w that by slrgin i12 pretty much must w sta f donald trump i think th margi i most the result o republican voter who we jus stayi a and you have a the activate eergi democrati voters who a tki the
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th gro colleducat suburban, which predominan in state l vrginia colorado, importan pennsylvania. donald trump losing that group te t h pat ve narrow, icreasing nonexistent. >> it's interesting i l most of themographic group th aretty available fou years ago onxceptio aolleg educated white th exi pol12olleg educated whites we rpublic by 1ercenta pe rsear poly 1 percentage points that is ki of swing, i don't thi we' seen before wi b gou american politic sin w started pollin >> dickerson: up by 14. u 1 whe aar obama lost b 1 poi j four yea think of b swi amo cll educated whites, hug part the u. pulatio hug p of t electora i ju fou
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scientists a ery w loo thes qestions, we couldn' come up wit anothampl th hav kin o swi sin 1952 started to be able t l at t demographics o preside shal ections >> the gamble trumam that he aligning b 'tracking nor noncolle educated white voters a democrats. we haven't seen him do that all tther groups a stable. yo menti h, has modellecti retur tha predicts based o based t vriables, tru should wininto shoul los but doesn think tha w happen becau hu such different kind campaig that scrambled th electora i th wa >> dickerson: do you think goi back to this point tha mol wa makinbouealigni t electorate, if that's your tak wouldn't you not need t d t softenin bause you'r realigning? in other words, do you see in th steni undermining th notion tha there's hug gro peo o the
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this gro of people isn there, or not large enough t make up for t ver you' losing i think the origin teory w trump could hah har li messag b pu nonolle educated whites an wit m from democrats tho w aren voting pull them boo electr tort. what happens basically yah you have thi action reactivating bunch of vote b reaction to fr afri aerican latino reaction simplvelm action. trump campaig n tryin t figure o h i c mitiga th reactio b jus don think it has time t d s a this point >> dickerson: is this what y saw in the visit to th detr church, this is al p o this effort a where d w think that is going to b successful maningful, a abou arican americans abo this group o cllege educat voters that we've be talki about? >> if there is saw politica calculation, that is always if with trump a h campai becaus s improvisationa
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calculation, it is probably much more abou those white swi voters. on the other hand you see h getting ze o o o t percent of t arica america poll there may b n where g fo u and imag whe h a lea seems to be makin contact a listenin t arica aricans could give h some li the but it does seem to b most about th predominantly whit portion of t electora tha looks h a believes t he's ris tha he' intolerant, he htefu to b rssured these peopl want to vote for t republicans. they want to vote for the pers with the nxt t h nam that's why i thi tru sti has so uside b h ne convince them that they c d that. >> there's som golitica science th part o the o t presidenti eecti functi of whiaci view t women can ha softer les conservative racial views th me wh the s candidate w a hard line semingly ha lin
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negatively george w. bush, for exampl d better than would yoxpe among white colleg educat women p because hi bra as it wer w republic wit mo lberal raci vie tha typica rpublican >> dickerson: ramesh, let me ask you a question h t f t bran isu because you can't do it i o even yet when donald trump went to meet with t president mexico, t w pesidenti got thrown around lo apply to the wisdom of the gro here. what doe i man to context? what is the reaenefit o presidential? >> if you look at th bredo in that north carolina poll fr cbs, majority of nor caroli vte don' belie that donald trump is ready to b commande ihie th i what mea that ihi the centr problem of thi candidate peop dslik him peopl dislike her but think she i ready to be cmmander cie th don believe that s that i think when we're talkin
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image idea c y d those you' b t thos moments b can y d i i jus stand up there a hin a ima i that good enoug wll, thi tha combine with goo performance i dat is probably go eough because if in fact hav electorate that wan t vot against hillary clinton because th don thi theone and trustworthy a ready fo change but donald trump at least f ha n gott of looki like you ca tru him to be commander i chief th desn't -- i don't thi you can say there's n tim lef for hi t d thi becaus despite al disadvantages th we've talked abou s fa f dona tump, h i sti whi strikiistance two points i yo battlegroun states pol we hav 6a le >> dickerson: right. you've given us segue to tal about hillary clinton gentleman nel n informati about he intervie t
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polls coming down wha i t state of hilla clinto campaign, now been several wee it comes up it buise tha keep gttin hit thi a thi point you ca tie hillary clinton fortune nation polls t t te of her new cverage when news coverag cinton go o neutr like jusfte th cnvention h pol numbe hit yo lev sh e ustablishing sev or eight point lead ove tum when the e-mails com th foundation comes i whe the question tha remin peopl of all t tngs that they no l aout hillary clinto they do no lik abo boade politica wrldcom i h numbermediatel s s phone 45 4 that street stor g bac april m her le ar t cnventi was ve simila t h lea a th tim differen b sam pattern happen in april a m you had conversatio abou h
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speech a bernie attack so earned he t 4 it sor o - almt li timing game th wil ju s come november where sh i th cyc >> dickerson: ramesh, did u take anything away fro t f reports that i new jus sor of gener isu tha s h o this that will within her al the way through t novembe tere's alwa aothe pi evidence that ten t reinforce theblic's view tha there is l a lack o hnest for cmi comingne from hillar cnt and i don't thi tha sto abou cinto aide destro phones with hammers is goin t help her in any way i tal t republican strategists at least somebody i keeping this race competitive >> y potentia cnd involving dona tump, i gl you asked chr chstie, dona
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illega $5,00 cntribution t a campai committ associat with t florida attorn general who was a tha tim deciding whether t pur a investigation into tum university this is t kind t he' now pa fin whi is a the "washington post rported th i -- should b majo sto i' prplexe b w i hasn gotten mor attention so much attention to h scandals and cedibility mak attacks on the fro o h an trustworthiness it s l it hrder f her t gnera outrage abo thi potenti scandavolving him >> t new cycles t t part candidate >> dickerson: donald trump boasted about being able t d precise ly, that giv dotion to get wha h want he hasn't been s abo this hsn't spoke directl to this thing b h sai that's w t sysem s cru because i was mster a playin it. let me ask y aout hillar clinton, when s saks, that good for h cmpaign o
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thin depen i don't think it is the ca that every time she opene h mouth she make tings worse and she wou holdres conference tink that whethe or not she g herse int further trouble with her answe to questio i would b refreshing to see h faci t press an answering questions and she's playi v convention cmpai strate where yo spend yo augus fundraiser, the assume tha t campaign gauges in ful a labor da i think it's safe assu tha we will see mor o h do public events and givin speech ater labor day jmell sh lkely mor policy speeches is tha t th critici t she disappeared during august rais a lot of mon whi s disappeared is that out th f sheets faces >> i'm n reall sur i think wh i cos to hillar clinton's public prcepti peop j t tha s kno lot she ver prepared wi regards policy the things that peopl d n
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like that she sreti believe that s crebou peop l th i'm not su m polic speeches would f t ltt proble bi cinto neve qui f abou trustworthiness but abl to convince people that h compared abo t and i thi t i cnton challenge g frwar >> dickerson: maybe impossible to f tirs she coul presumabl i ga good enough speeches withou solutions that might wor that's it for u thank you all very m we'll be back i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius.
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>> dickerson: turn now for a moment from negativity of our presidential race to event brough mltitud together i celebration. at t vatica th morni moth thesa w declare sain f mass 20,0 peo in st. peter's squar pope francraise h w di 19 year a t srving th poorest of the poo iia slum calling on wor lde e themselv ceaterty the st. theresa stood jusive foo tall but voice for the poo w
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>> dickerson: that's it for this today thanks for watching. join us next week when we'll have c drect joh benna for "face thation" i'm joh dickerso enjo your labor da captioning sponsored by cb captioned
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where is hermine headed next? the deadly storm gains strength. leaving a path of destruction along the coast. also tonight, voters weigh in on hillary clinton's honestier use. and whether donald trump's minority outreach is changing cold case solved in central, minnesota. what led police to the remains of a buy who oy missing for dec. >> a powerful earthquake felt in seven states, rattles the oil and gas industry. >> and, pope francis celebrates mother teresa to sainthood. >> mother theresa, called the saint of the gutters. before becoming pope, francis was referred to as the bishop of


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