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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> good morning. we begin with an update on a standoff in it started with a shooting and ended five hours later when police found the man dead. we spoke to officers overnight and we'll have more in just a moment. but if you live in twinsburg, te standoff on east idlewood drive is officially over. >> and in canton, the search for four teenagers who got away from the multi county juvenile detention center also ended overnight. also four teens were caught eary this morning, and now are back t the facility.
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miles offshore in the atlantic ocean. it's keeping swimmers and surfes out of beach waters because of its dangerous waves and rip currents. a forecaster with the national hurricane center says hermine is moving very slowly and pushing water up along the coast, making storm surge a huge concern this morning. >> well, you will be hard pressd to find any signs of inclement weather here. it has been a beautiful weekend. good morning, it is monday, september 5th, happy labor day. duffy. >> i'm tia ewing. >> sam, everyone wants to know, will it be perfect for the firig up of the grill? >> guys, i think we'll have a lt of sunshine whatever your plans are for today, whether it's grilling, heading down to the cleveland airshow, a little pool time too, you'll have great weather for it. 11:00 in the morning, about 80 degrees.
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1:00 and 85 at 3:00, wall-to-wal sunshine, light winds, maybe bring some earplugs for the little ones if you are headed to the airshow, because i can assue you, it gets very very loud downtown when that is happening, but it's a wonderful time, so check it out. doppler max showing you we are off to a dry start and i expect the map to look like this today and tomorrow. rain chances are minimal at the start of your work. the hour by hour chance of rain today is zero, from sun up t sundown, no showers in our forecast. you can leave the umbrellas at home. we need rain. of course we don't need it on a holiday, but we do need it and i think we have a good chance. by thursday i'll have more in your first alert forecast coming up at about 6:15. back to you all. >> 63 days until you pick your next presidential candidate. the road to the white house will travel through cleveland again today. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will
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luke easter park. cleveland sia nyorkor getting answers and it is open to the public? >> yes, good morning, sia, good morning nicki. there's a lot of excitement and interest about this event today. not only will she appear with vice presidential nominee kim kaine, but this appearance will be her first public appearance since the fbi report on herem here's what you need to know about this. it's open to the public. the gates will open at 10:00 ths morning. but organizers are encouraging anyone who is planning to attend to get here by noon. mrs. clinton is scheduled to mae those remarks at 2:00 p.m. she and mr. kaine will layout their economic plan and celebrae working families. now, she may also be asked to react to friday's report from te fbi. the private notes of the fbi
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private e-mail server were revealed. she told fbi agents she couldn't recall any training on the handling of sensitive informatin and relied on her aids to, quot, use their judgment about information sent to her private account. >> although we did not find cler evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careles in their handling ofy sensitive, highly classified information. >> the latest polls show mrs. clinton has a slight lead over republican candidate donald trump here in ohio. now, another note about this event, you'll want to get here early. security will be tight. no backpacks, coolers, chairs, umbrellas, things like that. so if you're planning to come this way, you'll want to leave those things at home and get hee a little bitterly. >> for now we're getting answers
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nyorkor, back to you. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump is also expected to be right here in the buckeye state today. he is supposed to make an appearance in the youngstown area. trump is still getting a lot of flack from his immigration speeh last week but he does have some support for his policies from nw jersey governor chris christie. i mean the fact is that donald trump will tell you exactly what he thinks. sometimes you'll agree with it, sometimes you won't. but you'll neverav >> we will have a crew at the event at luke easter park today and you can look for facebook live and twitter updates throughout the day as well, anda complete report on cleveland 19 at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. and additional coverage during our 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. newscast on our sister station channel 4. >> as we told you at the top of
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in twinsburg is over. police were called to a home on idlewood drive at 6:00 p.m. aftr a shooting. one person was shot and died later at cleveland clinic, but we're told the alleged shooter would not come out of the home. however it ended when they found the man dead in the basement. >> after about four hours the swat team deployed gas to the house and they were able to make entry into the house and they dd find the suspect deceased of an wound in the basement. >> police have not released the names of either of the men, nora motive for the shooting, but we do hope to get some of those answers for you later today. >> well, this doesn't seem to be going away. i feel like we've been talking about hermine for quite sometim. tropical storm hermine continues to pose a threat to the northeat ohio today. >> and as henna daniels shows u, it looks like the brunt of the
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new jersey. >> hermine continues to whip up dangerous waves along the atlantic coast overnight while lurking dangerously off the east coast. this video shows the storm's forceful winds tossing a cruise ship from side to side sunday, confining passengers to their cabins. as the storm churned offshore many beach goers from virginia o the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag, te red flag is a sign of danger, so you have to take precautions. >> rests water began pulling their boats in. others prepared for the worst. >> i locked up everything in the garage, and i packed a go bag ad i'm ready. >> many beaches across the northeast ohio remain closed today amid concerns hermine coud regain strength and trigger life-threatening rip tides and flooding. >> with super storm sandy still fresh in people's minds, they're prepared to open shelters if
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where residents can take a nice warm shower if need be. >> governor chris christie has destared a state of emergency in many counties. >> new yorkers say hermine could linger around the east coast for days, before exciting out to sea by midweek. henna daniels, cbs news. >> and our very intelligent meteorologist here, samantha roberts tells me the reason why it sounds like i've been saying hermine going on for 20 plus days. of course we'll continue to trak hermine throughout the day, but you can too. for up to the minute weather information right here in northeast ohio ohio and around the country, download our awesoe cleveland 191st alert weather app. >> it took all nine innings, but the indians pulled it off.
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on a walk off single. that's their sixth in a row, those windians. they'll play again tonight, this time the houston astros. now is the time to starting getting hot. time is now 6:09. looks like the weather is going to be great if you're headed out to the progressive field for tonight's game. i don't think you could ask fora better labor day forecast. sam? >> it's going to be so nice tody and so nice tonight. maybe you have to work today but tribe game tonight. this is what we're thinking. that first pitch at 7:10 should be about about 70 degrees at tht point, dropping into the lower 70s. lots of clear sky for this game as well and light winds, so we should have absolutely no weathr related issues at all. we'll take a closer look at the week ahead coming up after the break. >> and we're following this stoy
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what colin kaepernick jersey sales have done. >> unbelievable heart break. unimaginable. the family of a little boy who was killed in an alligator attak at disney speaks publicly for te
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center. driven by john joseph toyota in kent. this is cleveland 19 news. >> an unbelievable tragedy. a little boy killed by an alligator at a disney resort. yesterday would have been little lane's third birthday. his parents spoke out for the first time, and an entire
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support. >> happy birthday, buddy. we miss you, lt. >> matt and melissa celebrate lane graves third birthday in heaven. in june his family was on vacation in the disney resort when laying playing in the sand along the lagoon was pulled into the water by an alligator. >> his father tried to pry his son from it, but he was later pulled into the water. >> anyone that knows me knows i don't like to i owe it to him to honor him. his mommy needed to say, happy birthday laney, you're in our hearts today and every second of every other day. >> today the love for lane's celebration is held at elkhorn south high school. hundreds gathered to release ble balloons and honor the graves family with love and support. >> we would not have been able o get through the pain without ths community, our friends and famiy
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>> two, one, release. >> the graves family hoped lane could see the giant blue heart that everyone made today from heaven. >> lane and ella used to say to their mommy and daddy that they loved them up to the sky and don to the grass. so i've taken the liberty as i close by saying by saying, lane, ella, we love you up to heaven and down to the grass. >> happy birthday, lane lane did june 14th pulled him into a lagoon at disney's grand floridian resort. he was gathering sand for a sand castle when the attack occurred. >> it seems like colin kaepernick's popularity has gron since his recent on field protest. he now has the team's top sellig jersey on the website and the fifth highest selling jersey in the nfl. he's been at the center of a fie storm behind his protest of the
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month. >> people here in cleveland took the time to honor mother teresas sainthood over the weekend. many gathered to celebrate her canonization. they laid flowers at the foot of her statue. >> roger grace told us how he thinks mother teresa will help catholics as a new saint. >> any time we get a new saint n the catholic church we look forward to the opportunity to py her honor and pay her respect, becaus and the miracles that have been done in her name she touches the face of god, so we need people e can look to and count on to hear our prayers. >> at the ceremony they also are sang the same indian song that they sang in rome on sunday morning. >> it was a very special delivey for the zoo in atlanta over the weekend. the panda mom gave birth to twin cubs on saturday, they are the first giant pandas, although thy don't look so giant right now.
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and almost hairless as you see there, and size wise they're jut a little larger than a cellphon. so just a little bigger than this. >> and it was just announced, really interesting, not too long ago that the giant up and panda is no longer an endangered species. unfortunately, the eastern gorilla is in danger. >> we keep seeing them being bon on our news casts. so wonder tre anymore, there's a new one every week. >> they're so cute. >> nothing like a little dose of cuteness at this hour. especially if you're grumpy because you have to get up and o to work on labor day. >> we've got you for that. >> thank you. >> i'm curious about this little diagram here. >> oh, this is my house. >> isn't this nice? this is where i live. our l house. we all live here in this little house. >> i want to give you the
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>> time now 6:17, i want to give you the backyard forecast for this afternoon. 82 at mid day. it's going to be warm today. our average high is closer to about 79 for today, but we're headed for the mid 80s, so it will happen at about 3:00, 4:00. then by 6:00 we'll drop down to 82. lots of sunshine and hopefully o complaints about this nice weather, right, because today is like the officialt summer, it's supposed to be, that's what they say, a little pool time for you today maybe. it's your last time of the year. no rain for today. you can see on our regional satellite and radar map, the oho valley and most of great lakes are very quiet. we have dry weather all the way from ottawa down to new york, d, since neat, st. louis and of course right here in northeast ohio ohio. there are some thunderstorms
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off the coast of new england you can see what is left of hermine. that says not an issue for us. that thing is about to go long gone and hopefully not a problem for anything in the lower 48 muh longer. temperatures this morning are nt feeling very summer like. okay? it's 51 in wooster. good morning in cleveland, lower 60s. as you get further inland it cools off. 54 out in cbi you grab a light jacket this morning. you will not need it long. by 9:00 we're near 70. 82 at lunchtime and then about 5 at 3:00. with sunny skies, your outdoor plans today look perfect. the airshow, don't forget today is the last day and the weather for it is going to be so nice. rain free tonight too so if you're headed out to the ballpak or maybe have a cook out this evening you're not going to run into any showers and very comfortable temperatures.
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tomorrow morning. here comes the warm-up tomorrow. 87. 90 on wednesday. yeah, summer is supposed to end today, right, the unofficial ending, but don't put your flip-flops away. 90 on wednesday. near 90 on thursday. i've got three weather alert das for you guys, thursday through saturday, a series of storms coming through the area, so that will keep daily rain chances in until sunday. back to you. >> all right. thank you, sam. it's always so you meet viewers out and about, and i just want to say good morning to charles davis and caroline love. they tune in every morning. so thank you guys. >> time now 6:20, everybody, not us, but most of you talking abot who tristan thompson was spotted with over the weekend and a lot of people rightfully shaking their heads. >> a controversial homecoming
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here.
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! >> time is now 624. former stafford university swimmer brock turner has returnd to his family home in dayton. he was seen walking in the backyard of the home in sugar creek township on sunday. turner was released from jail in california friday after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the sentence created outra because many people believe it was much too lenient. >> a second day of talks between the u.s. and russia trying to ed the blood shed in syria have ended without a deal. president obama is expressing skepticism that an unlikely alliance between the u.s. and russia would yield the breakthrough needed to end syria's five year old civil war. >> well gatorade is going organic, the makers of the neon colored sports drink are releasing a new version called g organic.
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a mixed berry flavor and it only has seven ingredients including organic sugar cane and sea salt. it would be sold this fall in select stores. >> tristan thompson may have found himself a new gf. he was spotted with the one and only khloe kardashian who is vacationing all the time with someone new. >> this weekend on mechanics thy were seen on a jet ski and hanging out at cabo. accordingo also spotted partying in west hollywood, but no word on if its official or not. that was a little shade on my part. time is 6:25. if you have a jet ski planned today, you will have a beautiful day to get out there and do it. right, sam? >> yeah, guys. 6:25 and whatever your plans are today, whether it's the lake, whether it's the pool or maybe you're going to do some shoppin, labor day sales, oh, yeah, good
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if you're head the out to the malls, 85 this afternoon, so maybe you get it done in the morning when it's cooler, get ot and do some shopping when the stores open and get you a good deal and then go to the pool ths afternoon. great weather all day long. but what about the weekend? i'm already thinking about that. i'll have your first alert forecast coming up after the break. >> thanks, sam. but next, what north korea did overnight that is being condemnd by the u.s. this morning.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". rts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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>> live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers fr you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> breaking news from north kora this morning. the united states is condemning north korea's firing of three ballistic missiles off its east coast. it appeared in china overnight. the u.s. says the tests and othr recent ones like it violate u.n. security council resolutions and also pose a threat to region. >> in canton, it is search for four teenagers who got away from the multi-county juvenile detention center ended overnigh. all four teens were ought early this morning and they are back t the facility. millions of people from virginia to new england are expected to remain under tropical storm watches and warnings today as tropical storm hermine meanders up the seaboard. the threat of strong winds and
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today in the northeast ohio. storm surge and beach erosion ae the biggest concerns this longe. >> well, if you have the day off today, try to spend it outside and congratulations to you if yu have the day off. good morning, it's monday, september 5th, labor day. also national cheese pizza day s well. >> we'll talk about that a litte later. i'm tia ewing. >> and i'm nichole vrsansky in for brian duffy, another gorgeos day ahead. meteorologist samantha roberts ha t >> good morning, guys. it's 6:31, and you are absolutey right. we have no weather worries toda. if you liked this weekend's weather you're going to love today's weather. in fact, it's still the weekend for many of you. we are going to be heating up in the days ahead. we are back to near 90 by the middle of the week. we have some storms at the end f the week and they should lead to cooler weather before too long. i'll have all the details in yor first alert forecast, but first we've got to get you out the dor this morning with a check of
6:32 am
on it. i've got the cloud layer turned on. not picking up on any clouds on the satellite and there is no rain of course. tough to have rain when you dont have cloud cover. today's chance of rain is zero. whatever your plans are for the day you can leave the umbrella t home, but you will need it by te week's end. we'll take a closer look at wicked shape up to be a stormy three day period thursday throuh saturday. we're going to talk about that coming up atbo back to you all. >> all right, sam. believe it or not. we head to the polls in 63 days that's like right around the corner. democratic presidential candidae hillary clinton will spend her labor day because of that, probably, right, this is a big state for her, ohio, both candidates will be right here in cleveland. she's expected to talk about the economy at the annual labor day picnic at luke easter park. sia nyorkor getting details for
6:33 am
since the fbi released vier investigation into their e-mail use. sia. >> good morning, tia, good morning, nichole. yes, ohio is a battleground stae so you know there is a lot of interest and excitement about this event here today. not only will she be with vice presidential candidate tim kaine but like you mentioned this will be her first appearance since te fbi report on those emails came out. now, take a look, the organizers are out here getting ready for this event. here's what you need to know about the gates will open at 10:00 a.. this morning. organizers are encouraging anyoe who is planning to attend that you need to get here by noon. mrs. clinton is scheduled to address the crowd at 2:00 p.m. she and mr. kaine will layout their economic plan and celebrae working families. >> now, the private notes of the fbi agents investigating her use of a private e-mail server were revealed on friday. she told them she couldn't recal
6:34 am
sensitive information. voters are still concerned about clinton's explanation. 46% say the answers are getting less believable. tim kaine came to her defense over the weekend. >> she said, look, by using one device i made a mistake. i apologized for it. i've learned something and i wouldn't do it again. >> now the latest numbers show that mrs. clinton has a lead over republican donald trup here in ohio. now here's what else you need to know about today. there's going to be tight security so you'll want to leave your coolers, backpacks, large bags, umbrellas and things like that at home and you'll want to get here a little bitterly, because there will be tight security, so keep that in mind f you're going to be in the area. for now we're getting answers here at luke easter park, i'm sa nyorkor, back to you. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump also
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he is supposed to make an appearances at a fair in the youngstown area. no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. and stay with cleveland 19 for the latest up-to-the-minute coverage of the campaign on air and online. we'll have a crew at the event over at luke easter park today. you can look for facebook live and twitter updates throughout the day, and a complete report n cleveland 19 at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00, plus additional coverage during our 10:00 p.m. newscast on our sistr station, channel 43. >> this story has a lot of twiss and turns. we're still waiting to find out the motive between a shooting ad subsequent police standoff all f this unfolded in twinsburg. police were called to a home on idlewood drive. one person was shot and died later at the cleveland clinic. but the alleged shooter went ino someone else's home and would nt come out. it all ended when police found the man dead in the basement.
6:36 am
but that wasn't true. >> there was no communication with him whatsoever. >> so nothing about wanting to have a shootout with the police? >> no. there was some radio traffic about that, but that was incorrect information. >> well, the man ended up shooting himself in the basement of the home. as i said, the names of either men have not been released at this time. >> this is a very sad story, a tragic story and it happened on cleveland's east side. a woman killed leaving year reunion when a speeding car slammed into her. it happened just before midnight on saturday. police say a man was driving a stolen car and ran a red light and slammed into a car forcing t right into that building. you see it's all boarded up there. the crash killed 49-year-old shirley duncan barnes who you se on your screen of maple heights. she had just left her 30 year class reunion for jane adams career center. >> there's too much stuff going on in this neighborhood. and enough is enough.
6:37 am
ourselves out. we've got to stop doing this crazy stuff. >> a senseless situation, right, the driver of the stolen car was also hurt. anyone with information on this crime, please, please call cleveland police. >> a canton business owner is ot of the hospital after a vicious attack outside his business. police say tim carmany was beatn after he confronted a man who ws cleveland 19 denise zarrella getting answers for us on the search for suspects. >> tim is awesome. >> that's how so many friends ad fellow business owners describe tim carmany, the owner of the at hub in canton. he's a hub of downtown canton. he's a business owner, i'm a business owner. everybody supports each and sticks together downtown. and i can't believe what
6:38 am
>> carmany was hospitalized aftr a brutal attack outside his business early saturday morning. >> so police say tim came out of this door at about 1:30 a.m., he notices someone urinating in ths community garden, he confronts that person, and then suddenly s knocked on the head from behind. he's knocked out, but comes to and is able to crawl back inside the door here and get someone to call for help. an artist who is still inside. >> we don't know if these two were working in conjunction with he was struck in the back of the head, he was robbed. his cellphone and wallet was taken. >> two suspects remain on the loose. the descriptions are not very good except for one thing that sticks out. one of the suspects police say had a gold grill on his teeth. >> it could. not everyone has that, but it could stand out. >> interestingly enough, police were also able to collect dna from the urine that was left behind on the wall. a gofundme paige has been set up to help carmany with his medical expenses and to help
6:39 am
burglary that happened recently too. carmany's fellow artists and friends can't wait to see him back here at his studio. >> he's super snarky, we need hm back downtown, absolutely. >> getting answers in canton, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> anyone with information that might help investigators track down the suspects who attacked carmany are asked to call canton police. >> a stark county family has ben reed ran away more than a month ago. this is pretty deep, right, that usually doesn't happen. the dog, keno has been missing since july. he end the up at the stark couny humane society and was adopted. at first they were not able to get him back due to the rules, but after a cleveland 19 report and the cooperation from all the parties involved, he made his wy all the way back home to his family. >> he basically made everything
6:40 am
all my paperwork that i have for my dog and we came up here and the family was willing to give him back. >> we are told keno is very happy. look at the face and that tail wagging, to be back with his further owners and the family wo gave him up say they plan on adopting another dog really soo. >> i say that's a remarkable story, because a lot of times when you lose your dog you don't always get your dog back. it happens to people, they lose their dog andut never see little fido again. >> time now, 6:40, louis vuitton is really trying to go after the middle class shoppers with their newest launch. >> and a gem that guarantees results or your money back. how about that, sam? >> i like the sound of that, right, so often we get these pricy gym memberships and you don't lose any weight. maybe you don't go. i don't know. time now 6:40. today would be a good day to get
6:41 am
out. the weather will be wonderful. or maybe you're headed to the boca day. i'm thinking a water temperature of about 75. awesome weather out there. pretty light wind and our waves about 2 feet or less. so we shouldn't have any issues on the water, and if you're out on the lake, you'll see some airplanes above, right, we have the airshow going on. we'll take a closer look at your forecast for the airshow coming up after the break. >> next, the staggering price tg
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6:44 am
>> time now, 6:44. delta airlines says a computer outage last month cost them
6:45 am
its flights to be canceled. they also reported passenger revenue for august fell by more than 9% compared to just a year ago and they say it was all in part to the outage. >> get ready to pay more for those packages to reach their destination. they will raise the rates by an average of 4.9%. the higher prices will go into effect september 26th. the company also said higher freight starting september 19th. >> after nearly 90 years after the launch of its first two per fumes, louis vuitton has releasd a collection of seven new womens fragel rain -- fragrances. the scents are available worldwide. it will cost $200 for a little more than 3 ounces. the launch comes as a way, louis vuitton says to attract more
6:46 am
luxury brand. $200 for the size of a bottle that tia -- >> this is 2 ounces. so it's a little bit more than this. how much did you say? >> it was $200. >> $224 to be exact. >> look at this and think $200. >> i was trying to figure out hw much the price is for -- before that, what would it have been? >> what was it? >> i'm still trying to find it. it looks like 600 to 800. >> that is crazy. >> what? >> that's what i am saying. >> for per assume. >> i was >> per assume. >> i'm going to go with -- >> so i guess if you're looking at it like that, that would be very -- you know, budget conscious. >> oh, my gosh. it won't cost you anything to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. >> absolutely not. you can go to the cleveland national airshow, i am almost guarantee you that you're going to have a grated time. 80 at 11:00 in the morning.
6:47 am
80s. that will be your high for toda, about 85. tons of sunshine, light wind, o, just great weather to get outsie and enjoy it. if you haven't checked out the airshow just yet. it is awesome. those things fly like literally in your face, they're so close o you it feels like. come downtown and enjoy it or maybe you break out a lawn chai, you're out in ohio city. you can see it from a lot of places, so i hope that you will take the chance to see that y. that nothing is happening right now. this is a very quiet start. there are no clouds around, thee is no rain. the sun is starting to come up and it's going to be a spectacular labor day for us. i'm so glad we don't have rain n our forecast for today. we do need it, but, you know, a dry holiday we'll take it. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. if you go outside this morning, it is warm at all. it's 63 in cleveland. not bad, but look how many 50s e have.
6:48 am
ashtabula in the mid 50s and 50 serve in for walk. >> across cuyahoga county, most of us are also in the 60s. brecksville, 56. in lakewood, good morning to yo, you're on the warmer side, about 66 degrees there. by 9:00, i think most of us will be closer to 70, so there is going to be a quicker warm up today. 82 midday and 85 this afternoon. with sunny skies all day, mtl if you don't have time, maybe after work today, we're right there with you. we're going to make it a great day anyway. but if you don't have time to gt outside and enjoy the weather today, tonight will be nice too. 79 at 7:00. dropping to 71 at 11:00 under a mostly clear sky. i think by the time you wake up tomorrow morning we'll be kind f where we are now. upper 50s, lower 60s and then the warm-up begins. here is your full 7-day planning
6:49 am
a stray thunderstorm and then we get those weather alert days in the forecast thursday, friday, saturday, showers and storms are possible, a cool down at the end of the weekend. >> i would say it's probably god weather to get your workout on. >> always good weather for that, right? >> sometimes it can be really tough to get motivated to get to the gym. >> it is, especially when you want to eat barbecue at the cookout today. >> but now some trainers are offering a money back -- try it. money get in shape. jill wagner reports. >> at this manhattan gym if you don't get into shape you get yor money back. at first rob finn thought it was too good to be true. >> i thought there had to be hundreds of loop holes so that refunds would never be a possibility. >> but he gave it a shot. it's been four months and he's lost 30 pounds. >> jeff halevy is the owner of the gym halevy life and he came
6:50 am
guarantee. >> one of the major issues in or industry is this entire notion f accountability, and these unused gym memberships that people are paying forget them absolutely nowhere. >> the fitness guarantee is basd on five criteria, strength, muscle and fat mass, cardio and flexibility. not weight loss. >> if our members haven't improved in at least three out f these five years in the first 90 days we give them all of their money back, all of their membership dues and they're comp obligations of their membership contract. >> a handful of jim lachey acros the country are offering money back guarantees to attract customers, but david jack from men's health magazine says make sure you read the fine print. >> you have to be careful with 100% money back guarantees. you have to know who you're goig into business with, what their track history is, what the 100% money back guarantees entails. >> with this investment he's vey happy not to get his money back.
6:51 am
york. >> well, today is the day to not necessarily go inside to the gym but maybe go outside for a run. it's going to be gorgeous. >> or take your weights out there. you never know.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> oh, yeah, baby! >> here's a live look outside at the feazel roof cam. i'm going to back in that time, this day in history in 1976, kc and the sunshine band, shake your booty was the number one song on the u.s. singles charts. the song inspired people to get up and dance and was also a hit song on the saturday night fever sound track. for more rock trivia log on to
6:55 am
you know -- i don't know why. it was cool if you ask me. >> well, as you head out the dor to start your day. here are some stores to know before you go. >> a five hour long standoff in twinsburg is now over. police were called to a home on idlewood drive around 6:00 p.m. it all ended when police found the man dead in the basement. >> and in canton the search for four teenagers who got away from the multi county juvenile all four teens were caught overnight. >> hillary clinton will attend a festival at luke easter park. >> this is free and open to the public. it starts at 10:00 a.m., but organizers are encouraging anyoe who is planning to attend to get here by noon. >> oh, they did it.
6:56 am
indians pulled it off. >> all right. 710, first pitch tonight down at progressive field. the weather looks great. we'll be in the upper sevens at 7:00 tonight. 85 today for a high. here is your full planning forecast if you're thinking ahead, although maybe you don't want to think past today, becaue today most people have the day off. you probably don't want to think about going back to work of the anyway, i have to show it to you beus forecast. we have scattered thunderstorms thursday, friday, saturday and until then we're mainly dry. my pick gay of the -- day of the week is going to be sunday. check out the end of the weeken, doesn't it look lice. i'm sad because it's not super hot, but the -- >> i can see myself out there shoveling, wiping offer a car.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hermine threatens to become a hurricane once again. a storm that is bringing powerful rip currents to the northeast coast and we will hear what it's like on a cruise ship being rocked by rough waters. >> president obama fails to reach an agreement with vladimir putin at the g20 summit and overnight, north korea experience missiles. why some soaps in body washes may do you some harm than good. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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