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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> start cranking the ac because the heat and the humidity are coming back. >> chris: john back to school conditions. >> does it get any better than this past weekend? skies are clear on the ford doppler max. a pleasant night. the only thing you can see moving across the sky is the time stamp. it is not moving across the sky. it is just moving. very little way in -- in the way of cloud cover across root region. uh is rough the region. gorgeous night.
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the 60s and we will bottom out at 63 at 6:00 a.m. sunrises at 6:59 and the last time its before 7:00 until next april. a starry and pleasant night. warm and humid crank up the ac and the fans. i'll show you where they'll come and when. that's coming up in a few. stick around. >> chris: you can always get the forecast in your hand at alert weather app. you can customize it to where you live. >> tiffani: stress is an everyday part of life, but life is even more stressful. sara goldenburg got answers to see if people agree with this. >> people can't pin point why it would be more stressful to
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everyone's circumstances are different, but this is one list we don't want to be on top of. >> between sports and school it can be very stressful at times. >> reporter: her son jackson is nine months old and they are raising three other children too. >> i workover time and -- i work over time and my f has two jobs and we are still paycheck to paycheck. you know, holidays, birthdays, it adds up. >> she's not alone. cleveland has the number one divorce rate in the country and high poverty compared to other cities. overall a study ranks cleveland as the fifth most stressed out city out of 150 cities across the country.
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family troubles. >> it is changing with all of the positivity going on around the city. different places to go and hang out. >> damion is a combat veteran who moved overseas. he moved back to raise his kids here. >> i start a new job and everything is all good. jay if you asked me two weeks ago it would have been different. >> joe and kill 11 say a -- and kellen say it down on the stress. >> let's bust the number five to number 10. let's start somewhere guys.. >> the most stressed out city is detroit and the least is fremont in california. good news for you too. since 2007 stress levels continue to go down 8 cross the country.
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14th and suints -- and cincinnati was on the list. columbus came in at 54. >> school districts may be eligible for grant money that would help replace lead plumbing inside the school buildings. the money would go toward testing and sampling and replacing things like drinking fountains and plumbing fixtures. only schools billeted before 1990 are -- built before 1990 are eligible. schools in norwalk and see bring have had water come back with high levels of lead in them. >> tiffani: police arrested a 19-year-old for a crash that killed a maple heights woman over the weekend. she was pulling out of the plaza when they say brian burns, junior was speeding and ran a red light and slammed into her car. duncun barnes' vehicle crashed into a building across the street. burns has been charged with
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>> chris: campaign 2016 and the candidates had their eye on cleveland. both made stops in northeast ohio. he was there with running mate tim kaine. mrs. clinton said she would fight for families and hoped thousands would vote for her come november. >> she has been down in the trenches working on working on the rights of people to make sure all individuals are lifted u it is not a photo op with her. it is the real deal. >> chris: what everybody was talking about is her constant coughing and raspy voice. they say it was her allergies to pollen that started the coughing fit. her opponent donald trump and his running mate were there. they were discussing jobs and the economy.
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americas. they then moved on to the fair near youngstown for an event this afternoon. make sure you stay with cleveland 19 news. on our website you can watch videos and you can click on our interactive maps and get the latest on the race for the white house. >> tiffani: general motors settled the faulty ignition switches linked to 124 deaths. cars were recalled after it was found the vehicles could suddenly turn off meaning things like the breaks and the -- the brakes and the air bags wouldn't work. they paid out $2 billion in civil and criminal penalties because of the problem. >> chris: a judge will sentence a man who egged a euclid home a dozen times. he pled guilty to inducing
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as soon as we learn what the sentence is we will post-it to the the cleveland 19 news app. >> tiffani: a new drug maker is entering the epipen market. there is a substitute for the $750 medication and they say they could make a profit off an alternative to the epi pen and charge about a hundred dollars. the medicine could hit the market by the end of the >> chris: millions are breathing a sigh of relief as tropical storm hermine is tracking across the u.s. it i can ked up -- kicked up eight-foot waves and swimmers were warned not to go into the water. >> neck and back injuries getting flipped over by the waves it is very dangerous for the public.
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warnings. after tomorrow hermine should be back out to sea. >> tiffani: it was the end of an era as they made their way through the turn styles. they announced last month that they will not be reopening. they opened back in 2005. it sits on land where seaworld was once a summer hotspot for thousands of northeast ohio ans. we grew up here. so many memories it is hard to leave. >> cedar fair that owns wild water kingdom says they have plans, but they are not saying what the plans are. >> tiffani: hundreds came out for the 11th annual labor day parade here in cleveland.
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through the streets. >> chris: can you believe the nfl kicks off this week? sunday carson ntz's first start comes against cleveland. the eagles named the number two pick their starting qb. you will hear what the browns had to say about it coming up in sports. and on sunday there is no reason to watch any other station. we get things started with they are manning the show. we have the browns and the eagles game on at 1:00 and all of the post game reaction on the fifth quarter after the game. >> i was pretty excited and we were pretty jazzed about it. >> tiffani: more and more hotels and restaurants have come up with special restaurants to cater to people
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some of the foods your four-legged pets can eat. >> chris: to trim some of the fat from your budget? money-saving tricks to keep more of your highway patrol in your your -- of your money in your wallet. >> you have to love the shot of our fair city and its red, white and blue. the terminal tower. a day that will crank up heat and humidity. when, when? i'll let you noy coming up. >> get breaking news and weather now on the
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>> live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> chris: welcome back. looking to cut spending in order to keep the money in your wallet? who isn't? weav do just that. you can buy gift cards and there is an exchange website you can get them at discounted prices. you can use them for yourself or give them. depending on the condition of your smartphone, laptop or tab let you -- tablet you can get most of it back. we hear this a lot.
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and a strip of smart power you can save yourself up to $100 a year. >> tiffani: good advice. women who have pain one month after giving birth may be more likely to have postpartum depression. possible explanations are genetics and hormonal influences. they recommend women have a pain evaluation or be screened after they deliver. 10 to 15% postpartum depression. >> chris: there is a warning for you if you connect your smartphone to a rental car for music or hands free calls. the government agency says don't do it. the car can actually be spying on you. everything from text messages to e-mails can be stored on the car's come -- computer system. getting answers on how to protect yourself if you must connect your phone. delete the information before
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find the list of devices that have been paired to the system. locate your phone and follow the prompts to delete it. >> tiffani: there is now a report of clowns trying to lure kids to the woods. police in winston salem are stepping up patrols on two separate incidents. thisy are offering candy to children to come to the woods with them. police inth received similar sightings. so far there is no evidence to support those claims. >> tiffani: you know the sad look your pet gives you when you are about to leave them home alone? >> chris: now you can avoid those looks by bringing them with you instead. >> tiffani: they are rolling out a gourmet diet so you can
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this knock at the door is a delicious delivery are for trixie and babette. a steak and stand seasoned cooked up in this award-winning restaurant jievment it is special for them for sure. >> reporter: when she stays here she splurges for her dogs and orders them a meal off the room service pet menu. >> i saw the pet menu and i was pretty excited. we were jazzed about it. >> reporter: it is a trend pet owners say it barking up the right tree. some restaurants and hotels are litly >> a lot of people are traveling with pets more so now than they were 10 years ago. we felt it was important to be inclusive. >> reporter: they offer room service for cats and dogs. this four seasons hotel, oh-la-la. you hope your dog would slow down to appreciate every bite of this pet menu and some dq locations offer the pup cups or the dog treats. >> it gets important to
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and promote a positive attitude. >> they range from dog gone creative to food even a finicky dog. there is raw beef and moth balls with cottage cheese for about $5. and for $6 sensational salmon. there is chicken chow hash for $17 and you can drink with your dog too. it offers nonalcoli non-carbonated beer made from chicken and barley for your pooch for $4. >> i think it is great that businesses are doing this. >> they say going gourmet is okay. don't stray too far from your pet's usual diet. >> treats and table foods should not comprise more than about 10% of a dog's calorie intake. yen owners just have to be
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sensitivities with gastrointestinal sense -- sensitivity jievment she only orders it in moderation. >> it is a treat to stay here and bring the dogs. >> tiffani: if you have any concern about the ingredients in the pet menu, be sure to ask the restaurant about it in case your pet has dietary restrictions or allergies. spoiling your pooch or cat. >> chris: i have crn all of the ingredients, namely the price. >> they are talented dogs. this won't give you any pause. a night of cloud free -- i know. i am hopeless. i tell you what, the weather is gorgeous. what a night for levity because again we are clear and hermine's remains are off the atlantic and the worst they are doing is providing high surf and light rain there.
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6:00 a.m. sunrise is before 7:00. tonight pleasant. 63 and mild. 62 in akron-canton. we will open the windows and enjoy a night with a fan. we make our way through tomorrow. 89 today and we will come close to that tomorrow between 2:00 and 5:00. in the evening. and it is going to be a much, much milder night tomorrow night. get out and enjoy lake erie if you can. waves two feet or less. light brees that are variable. great swimming and skiing and wake boarding weather. 88 tomorrow and mainly sunny.
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humidity level as we make our way through tomorrow. not only tomorrow, but also into wednesday. as we hit 90 degrees or flirt with it, some spots will hit 90 and a little above which will make 26 days this summer with the temperatures of 90 or higher. no record, but still a hot summer. 87 on thursday and scattered showers and thunderstorms and they continue on afternoon. saturday is our best chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms. we are alerting you on thursday, friday and saturday. if they are garden variety, strong and severe we will be tracking them right on through. no matter what comes our way we are on top of the weather if you download our cleveland 19 weather app. a nice sunday. low humidity levels. clear the frog. on monday, partly cloudy and 82 degrees as summer
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it is a decent looking forecast. >> chris: an indiana high school's proposal has parents and students upset there may no longer booy a value law district for yen or salutatorian. they say the race to the top creates an unhealthy competition among students. instead there is a more inclusive program that would recognize more are trying to find ways to maneuver to get the best grades they can get as opposed to taking the course work that is truly in their own bestent. best interest. >> chris: some say it will make a great achievement. what do you think of this proposal. does it create unhealthy competition among students?
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been. leave your comments on our facebook page. >> tiffani: our parent company held a concert to raise money in louisiana. the event was hosted by randy jackson and harry connick, junior. other stars included matthew mcconaghey and erin neville. >> good for them for coming together. the tribe is looking to stay hot.
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>> now this is the serpentini
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cleveland 19 news. >> the 6-game winning streak went straight down the tubes. they are hosting houston, the first of four against the astros. a bull pen day meaning they will throw a bunch of pitchers out there. well, mike clevenger got the start. this goes off the wall and it would score bregman. he was out at third base. later in the third, heus hit one into the stands this time. that's gone. a two-run bomb. 3-0 houston. it looked ugly, but they battle back. r.b.i single to left and it was 3-one m -- 3 to 1. the 30th bomb of the year. 3-2 and in the 7th, the
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they kept getting cheap little runs. indians lose on a night they used eight pictures and it near -- eight pitchers pitchers and it nearly worked. >> we kind of pieced it together. we started clawing back and we got to shaw and that's when we were there and we have a double steel. tacked on almost too much. >> eagles announced carson wentz will start against the browns. they traded sam bradford to minnesota. he is the guy the browns passed on in the draft when they traded down with philly. they reported that the browns didn't feel like wentz would turn into one of the best quarterbacks in the league. they drafted cory coleman.
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wentz is going through starting as a rookie. >> he has a big responsibility coming in as a rookie and being a starter. you have to make sure you know everything. everything is not going to be perfect the way you want it to. you have to know how to deal with adversity and stuff like that. he was drafted for a reason. >> the ballgame at 1:00. tony zarrella has tailgate. >> it is awesome. 11:00 a.m. we are started with the tailgate.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this
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but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. we all know what donald trump has said about women...
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maybe it's because they agree on so much. like overturning roe v. wade... and defunding planned parenthood. and opposing equal pay for women. ted strickland respects the rights of women to make their own decisions. rob portman has endorsed a man for president who doesn't respect women at all. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. >> tiffani: north texas mom wanted to make sure her son didn't feel left out for donuts with dad event at school. >> chris: good story to end
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he put on a shirt, fake mustache. she admits she was a little nervous x but wanted her son to feel included. they snapped a few pics and posted them on facebook. single mom has since received thousands of positive messages from all across the country. good for her. >> tiffani: look at her son smiling. >> chris: beaming. >> you may be smiling about the forecast. if you like summer, 88 is well above the average high of 80. the humidity cranks up as well. saturday expect the showers and a beautiful sunday and monday. >> tiffani: thanks for joining us. hope you have a great labor day. cleveland 19 news this morning
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>> stephen: let's see what donald trump is saying about hillary clinton now. >> she's the devil. >> stephen: huh. i wonder if that's true. amy, can you get me the devil, please? >> hello. >> stephen: thank you! >> she's good. >> stephen: okay, donald trump says that hillary clinton is you. >> i'm cool with that. >> stephen: wait, wait, you are? >> yeah, i mean, we don't agree on everything, but you have got to admit her nomination is historic. i feel like i'm part of something. wait, has anyone compared me to trump? >> stephen: no, not that i'm aware of. >> oh, good. i may be prince of lies, but i pay my subcontractors. well, i better get back to the pool of flaming excrement.


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