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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> brian: good afternoon. donald trump, hillary clinton, are focusing on the military veterans and foreign policy this week. >> tia: trump is making a case for an expanded military while hillary clinton suggests trump is unfit to be commander in chief. >> reporter: donald trump wants to expand america's military, soldiers to fight foreign wars. >> i believe in a foreign policy based on our national interests that focus on american security and regional stability. >> reporter: trump and hillary clinton will both participate in a forum focused on veterans tonight. according to a new nbc survey monkey poll, trump holds an almost 20-point lead over clinton with military and veteran voters, but clinton is more trusted with the use of
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about nukes. he says he doesn't care if other countries get them. doesn't know why they haven't been used already. >> reporter: republicans continue questioning clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. trump says the controversy is worse than watergate. >> our foreign enemies were in a position to hack our most sensitive national security secrets. >> congressman jason also asking the u.s. attorney in d.c. to find out why a computer specialist deleted secretary clinton's e-mail archives in march after a congressional subpoena had been issued. >> the f.b.i. resolved all of this, their report answered all the questions, the findings included debunking his latest conspiracy theories. >> reporter: wednesday morning the state department announced all but one of the 15,000 e-mails the f.b.i. recently discovered had already been
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>> brian: well while the world watches u.s. politics, 17 people from india are getting a front seat for the presidential election thanks to a program at the university of akron. the 10-week international campaign follows fellows program embeds the international visitors and presidential campaign operations to learn first hand about elections. they are getting an eyeful. 15 participants from liberia and brazil will be the final four weeks of the campaign. >> tia: well, donald trump is doing away with his so-called black lists for journalists. the trump campaign says it will now approve credential requests from the washington post, buzzfeed, politico and other agencies that were previously blocked. trump blocked them after they published negative articles. the agencies were still allowed to attend trump events but were not given special access. >> brian: the dallas morning
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hasn't done in 49 years. it's backing the democratic presidential nominee. it endorsed hillary clinton in an editorial laying out why it would not back trump. it said the g.o.p. republican candidate is not a republican and is not a conservative. >> tia: meteorologist jeff tanchak in for sam roberts today. jeff, it's hot and humid. meansthere's a potential for rain showers out there. seeing right now, guys. and it is super muggy out there. don't even think september right now. we are in mid-summer-like stuff here and we have been seeing these on and off showers coming through the area. one southeast of akron and this one containing a downpour just moved through parma heights. this is now approaching independence at about 12:10. bedford, 12:26 and if it holds together, solon, 12:41.
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and redevelop. so we will be seeing that kind of trend now the rest of the afternoon. just plan on a chance that you can see a passing shower or storm and now that i look at this, it looks like we have one very close to downtown cleveland right now. this is really the big story again this afternoon. the heat. look at the hour-by-hour forecast. 91 at 2:00. 93 at 4:00. if you aren't seeing any rain right now or a lot of cloud cover, you are already approain muggy night. there is a risk now of a few showers and storms tonight and we have yellow alerts going thursday through saturday. and this will be with a series of fronts and disturbances, scattered storms it looks like thursday, friday late day and then saturday pretty much any time. the main threat will be heavy rains. could see some gusty winds so pretty active pattern because it is so hot and humid. i'll let you know when things
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that's coming up. brian? >> brian: all right, tan, thanks. an akron woman locked up accused of kidnapping. police say she dropped a four-day-old baby off at a church on 24th street southwest on sunday morning. later that day the baby's grandmother showed up and wanted the baby. officers caught up to wells who is the grandmother's live-in friend and charged her with kidnapping and booked her into the summit county jail. >> tia: the trial of douglas shine jr. is also scheduled to start today. shine is the chalk lines barber shop in warrensville heights and shooting several people. brandon white, walter barfield and william gonzales all died in the attack. the state also accuses shine in another murder as well as an attempted murder. he's facing the death penalty. >> brian: the state of ohio is battling a central ohio newspaper over the autopsy results of eight family members killed in pike county.
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dewine claims releasing those final autopsies in the unsolved murders would threaten the investigation. the columbus dispatch claims the coroner is improperly with holding those reports. seven adults and a teenaged boy from the rhoden family were found shot in four homes near piketon in april. a wannabe psychic in mentor should have seen this one coming. she's accused of stealing $1.5 million in cash, jewelry, gift cards and luxury cars from her clie conned nearly a $clients. they hit the 41-year-old with 28 charges including corrupt activity, theft and telecommunication fraud. miller allegedly told her victims that something bad was going to happen to their families if they refused to pay her. >> tia: macedonia police are looking for crooks who stole a many would's purse out of her truck at the rec center. watch the suspects use their vehicle to block the camera.
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police say never leave valuables in the trunk especially if you see people sitting in their car watching you. people in avon up in arms saying their water bills are skyrocketing and they want to know why. we have seen complaints about the bills on the facebook site avon in the know. residents say their bills all of a sudden just jumped up after the city installed new water meters at their homes. some say their bills have even quadrupled regular usage based on previous we'll have more about the complaint, coming up tonight at 5:00. >> brian: bedford is naming a street after a city schools principal who died last year. paul ward died last may while he was taking a spinning class. this school year, students and staff at carly wood intermediate will celebrate their popular principal by naming the street in front of the school after him. carly drive will be renamed paul
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>> tia: still to come, giant eagle adding a couple of perks. if you get your flu shot at its pharmacy, see what bargains you will be offered. >> brian: and we have one more reason you should limit your kid's tv time. how what they watch could lead them down the wrong path. >> tia: plus it could be the fountain of youth. scientists discovering a particular part of the world where a remarkably large group of its population is living into
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>> welcome back. it it's the day apple releases its newest gadgets. today we are expecting to see the new iphone 7. it's expected to have more storage, a better camera, and a new shade of black. what you are supposedly giving up is the head phone jack. apple isn't commenting on that leak. it will be unveiled in san francisco this afternoon. >> brian: from trendy devices to trendy veggies. cauliflower could be the new kale. cauliflower rice could be replacing rice in a low-carb diet. researchers in boston found the more kids see specific brands of alcohol, the more likely they are to drink under age and drink those brands in
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any customer who visits giant eagle for a flu shot will receive a 20 cent bonus fuel perk or percentage off a future grocery trip. it's being offered now until december 31. >> brian: straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, the cavs aren't the only ones schooling the golden state warriors stephanopoulos curry this year. curry just got play by an amateur. see that video coming up. >> jeff: well we continue to track these few showers right now it's 78 at cleveland hopkins but that's because they just had a rain shower come through. trust me it's starting to go up right now. we are starting to bust out the sun as we look at the feazel roof-cam downtown cleveland. more waves of storms and more heat on the way.
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>> brian: welcome back. cavaliers season doesn't tip off for more than a month. but video gamers can play in the new nba game. but it might be a problem. the cavs aren't the best team in that video game. that would be the golden state warriors. however -- lebron james is rated the best player in the video
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certainly not steph curry. he gets blocked by a 17-year-old in the last stop of the asia tour. a filipino who played in the under 18 championship denied curry's last second three stunning the crowd. but after getting blocked, curry asked to replay the final three seconds and since it's his tour, steve got his wish. this time the team purposely didn't try to block his shot. >> tia: what a sore what many have tried and failed. he scored an a-plus in chemistry for his entire class. this is why. watch as vinny forte tosses a paper ball across a lecture hall and straight into the trash can. it's tradition every year. chemistry students at o.s.u. are given the opportunity to score the top grade for the class on their first quiz if they can do that successfully. make that shot. the teacher then throws the ball up into the balcony. this year, forte made history.
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indians. that arm could be very helpful right now. the tribe lost their second in a row last night to the houston astros. corey kluber gave up four runs and seven innings at progressive field. thankfully detroit lost so the inned i don't knows keep their four and a half game division lead. they play the astros again tonight at 7:00. oh, boy jeff tanchak. i like the way tia does sports. she's got it going on. i like that. and duffy used to do sports. >> brian: that's why i'm doing this now. [laughter] >> jeff: all right, we have a downpour now independence. these showers mean business. i'm not seeing a whole lot of at least cloud-to-ground lightning. but it wouldn't surprise me if we have a little bit of thunder in here. these won't last long.
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these guys, you are dropping into the 70s at least briefly. suffield here in portage county, these are tracking to the southeast, not moving very fast. have a couple here around wooster, as well. so you get the idea we are just in a situation where, if you sneeze too hard, you will pop up a shower. you know, just because it's so hot and humid. one could develop at any time here the rest of the afternoon. plain township, 12:24, canton, if these make it down to canton and osanaburg at 12:42. here you see on the radar loop, coverage not all that great. outside of this, you know, cloud cover here, you got temperatures already approaching 90. but we'll have these isolated showers and storms around. the more widespread stuff here, closer where that front is, we will be dealing with that tomorrow afternoon. so, a better opportunity of
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afternoon. and it looks like most of the stuff south and east of cleveland around wooster canton, 5:00 doesn't look like much. i think they are going to at least start the tribe game on time. hopefully go the entire game without any rain. but we could have a few showers and storms developing especially later on this evening for a time. i think they will get the tribe game in for sure. we are good with that. and then watch what happens on thursday. that's tomorrow during the afternoon. after noon, we have this. the front coming through. so s between 2:00 to 5:00, that's going to be a yellow alert for showers and storms. some of those containing heavy rains. that moves out and it looks like we will dry out tomorrow night. so, muggy meter, oppressive tonight. oppressive tomorrow. it does drop briefly on friday and here you see temperatures already 91 in sandusky. but, we have these showers
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rain-cooled air going on across the area. one to three-foot waves on the lake this afternoon . and as far as the evening goes, 7:00, 87 still. 9:00, 83 degrees. here's the tribe game. 85. partly cloudy at the start of the game. warm, muggy, we need this one. astros took the first two. so, maybe we will split the series. i think we will. wednesday 93. that's today. and, some storms. thursday, friday, saturday, alerts for waves of storms. mainly we are talking late afternoon and early evening coming up tomorrow, high 90 and then we will cool back down to 81 on friday. but again, scattered storms, another wave coming in later friday. could it impact friday night football games? another front later saturday and, that's where the bigger change happens over the weekend.
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humid. so that's your relief right there if you are asking, you know, when is this heat going to end? it will be on sunday. >> brian: nasty. >> tia: yeah. hot. >> jeff: and if we hit 90, 28 90-degree days. >> brian: we have had years where we have had none. or one. >> jeff: yeah, well -- >> brian: i thought i remember a year we didn't have one. >> jeff: youig working. >> brian: smoke's coming out of my ears, it's still working. i know. all right. well scientists may have discovered a fountain of youth. in a particular region of italy where people seem to be living longer and healthier than ever before. seth doane reports from acharoli, italy. >> reporter: it's a place where you can find an 88-year-old tending the town garden daily. walls no obstacle.
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amina. i feel young, she told us from her front window, as 100-year-old antonio joined us. >> it's natural? >> yeah. >> the mayor figures about one in 10 of the residents here are over the age of 90. he credits the laid-back lifestyle. enter dr. alan majel. can you list what makes these people different? they have less cataracts, they have less bone fractures. we don't see any heart failure. they have high blood pressure but the heart seems good in practically everybody we measured. so there's something there. >> reporter: the cardolgist is part of a team from a university of california san diego that's working with an italian university on a study. the research team thinks the diet here rich in fresh fish and
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vegetables likely plays an important role. we asked the doctor if they found the fountain of youth here. he said they weren't sure. more research was needed. he did say it was likely the right combination of activity levels, low stress, diet and maybe something genetic. >> tia: well we don't know what to expect when our kids go places would you tell us. so, several parents turned to g. p.s. tracking devices. tomorrow morning we hear from a local safety expert on whyho devices create a false sense of security. we will see you at 6:00 a.m. right here on cleveland 19 news for that story. >> brian: that's interesting. 6:00 a.m. right here tomorrow morning. don't miss that. all right. still ahead, we have some, um -- potty -- that's what it says, potty humor we want to share. >> tia: but first, log on to to register to win four tickets and v.i.p. wrist bands to the brad paisley concert. it happens september 16 at the
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.
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i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> brian: welcome back. >> tia: we are talking about the toilet seat and whose responsibility it is to put it down. >> brian: this little girl feels it's daddy's job. >> daddy, listen to me. when you are done with the potty, you got to put it down.
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need to go t.t. >> tia: oh, she's adorable. >> brian: when big girls come in. yeah. after the three-year-old scolded her dad about always leaving the seat up, her guilty dad finally gives in to her demands. >> tia: it was a cute face. >> well speaking of going to the bathroom, a maryland mom's potty training song she has for her child is going viral. >> wee got to p.p. >> in the potty. >> we got to poop poop. >> in the potty. >> you got to tell mommy when yone you need to poop. >> tia: oh, because these kids are so cute, little jenna asked her mom to sing it over and over again. so mom recorded it so her daughter could watch it any time she with wanted to. it's been viewed more than a million times by a potty training parent. do you like it? >> brian: love it. i got to learn the lyrics to that song. that's my goal here in a little bit.
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the hall there. >> tia: the young and the restless is up next.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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>> sharon: hey, what you did for chelsea -- that was -- it was really lovely. i know that she'll be grateful. >> nick: i made a promise to adam to look out for his son. chelsea's part of that package. >> nikki: oh. what a beautiful way to honor adam's memory. hi. mm. sharon, i didn't know i would see you today. >> sharon: well, i used to be married to adam. >> nikki: oh, yes. >> nick: where's dad? >> nikki: well, he just is checking on chelsea. >> nick: why would he do that? >> nikki: he's concerned about his grandson. >> nick: it's not a good idea. not today of all days. >> chloe: look at you. don't you look spiffy. [ doorbell rings ] i'll get it! all right, you just stay here.


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