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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> announcer: live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. and we start out with this at noon. breaking news. a police chase ended in a crash. it happened in parma on broadview road. a man was einvestigated from a vehicle. >> but emergency crews could not help the man, because of a hostage situation at the scene. shanice dunning joining us live with the story. good afternoon, shanice. >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon. you can see behind me a large police presence here with s.w.a.t teams and crisis negotiators on the scene as a man has barricaded himself on broadview road inside of one of these houses, that's according to police. what we know so far, this happened following a car accident where a man was ejected, that man was taken to metro hospital eventually and the other man barricaded himself inside one of these houses that you can't make out, because
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man is armed and so that's why there's such a large police presence here. we've been told that schools and daycares in the area are on lockdown. we've seen guns drawn and police dogs out walking the area. police are closed off broadway road on a couple of different spots. and we do know that crisis negotiators have been on scene for a few hours, trying to work out everything with this man. that's the situation that w again police are advising people if you are in this area, to be aware of this happening on broadview road. of course, we'll get the information as we learn it. for right now, reporting reportn parma, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> all right, shanice, thank you for that. cavs' guard eye man shumpert said he was arrested for suspicion of driving drunk, he was arrested out of atlanta back in august. the cavaliers have discussed the situation with iman and are keeping an eye on the case
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just yet. avon police officer arrested for driving drunk on labor day. state troopers fulled over officer george riewple for going left of center at stoney ridge. investigators say ruplperch failed field sobriety test. his attorney entered a not guilty to o.v.i. and other charges plea. >> well, donald trump was in cleveland yesterday, mixed a school visit with some fundraising. reporter paul orlousky joing and a continued trumbull -- trump presence today here in the city. >> if donald trump and hillary clinton know something, it's that ohio is certainly once again going to be critical in winning the white house, if they want to do, obviously. with that in mind his son eric was here yesterday and today. i spoke to donald trump for a couple of minutes at the town hall restaurant on west 25th street, where restaurateurs bonnie and tony george held a fundraiser. another fundraiser held later in
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were raised and then this morning his son, his second son came in for a one on railroad interview. his father has a message for the city of people in cleveland. >> so many of the inner cities with 60% up employment, especially as it pertains to minorities. and minority youth specifically. you have to take care of that problem. you need to start with jobs. you have to bring jobs back to the country. all of our jobs have gone overseas, spends so much time talking about. you have to walk through two metal detectors to get to the classroom. they don't give the teachers what they need to succeed. again no competition. >> reporter: now that competition remark refers to donald trump's encouragement of a schools choice option for parents. he pitched that at a stop for the first time in cleveland at the school yesterday. he believes it makes schools better by forcing them to compete for students. they tell us we'll see a lot
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getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> well, so some interesting comments. he articulates himself very well. >> reporter: very well spoken. joked around. nice kid. >> some people may say in direct contrast to his father. some people's opinion. boy, he's very elqept. >> reporter: yeah. i spoke to some folks who know donald trump and spoken to him, they say that shoot from the hip thing, he listens, he asks questions, will ask his advisers about the i suppose to be a successful business guy, you have to do that. certainly doesn't come off that way. >> got to get that trump interview next. maybe hillary clinton, too? >> reporter: i hope so. she's going to be harder. they're not doing a lot of local stuff. doesn't mean we're not going to try. >> great job. thank you. the president of russia is figuring into the race for the next american president. vladimir putin and north korea's nuclear ambitions were the topics of the day on morning television. weijia jiang has the latest.
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was the talk of the presidential race this morning, after donald trump praised him as a strong leader. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway talked about the statement on cbs this morning. >> what does that mean, that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader than barack obama? >> what mr. trump said is that vladimir putin was a stronger leader in russia, based on a system that he does not agree with. >> reporter: democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine weighed in. >> what about invading other countries is leadership? you wouldn't get out of a 5th understand the difference between dictatorship and leadership. >> reporter: this morning's topics also focused on the latest nuclear test in north korea. conway said trump would be tough. >> and north korea and the rest of the world would know, charlie, that president trump and vice president pence aren't messing around with anybody who is trying to threaten our lives. >> the last thing we should do is be cavalier about nations getting nuclear weapons. hillary has been very involved in trying to control nuclear weapons as secretary of state.
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nations, saudi arabia, japan, south korea, maybe more nations should get nuclear weapons. that would be a disaster for the world. >> reporter: today clrng is in new york for a national security meeting on terrorism and then heads to a fundraiser with barbara streisand. trump has an afternoon rally in florida. weijia jiang, cleveland 19. >> well, dayton police are investigating the death of a baby inside of a homeless shelter. 15 week old jeremiah hammond was a begin and police aren't saying that he died, other than calling it they don't know why he died at the strt vincent depaul women's shelter. his father was arrested after assaulting a police officer during the investigation. he has not been connected to the baby's death. jeremiah's twin sister is being treated at dayton children's hospital. >> well, cleveland 19 news is asking questions about the heroin epidemic that's hitting northeast ohio hard. we've told you numerous stories about how police are using narcan to revive people. but the next picture really puts this all into perspective. we warn you.
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at. it's two adults passed out in a car. they've overdosed. with a 4-year-old boy sitting in the backseat. this happened in east liverpool south of youngstown. thankfully the little boy was okay. and police were able to use narcan to save these people's lives. now there is help for drugged a aicts out there. cleveland 19 is helping you spot the signs. you can read about it on our website, and we're talking to an expert about heroin overdoses. that's coming 4:00. >> and this could be a sign kroger grocery store chain, when people in cincinnati complained about a halloween product called syringe pins, the company quickly removed the products from store shelves. cincinnati has gotten national attention recently for its deadly heroin epidemic. kroger also says it's committed to fighting the heroin problem by offering nap -- na location own without a prescription in
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took my hands and twist like this. and put the handcuffs on like that. >> well, coming up on cleveland 19 news, a family says a school resource officer used excessive force on a child. now that family is suing. and the faa says some samsung phones will be a no-no on planes. we have that story in a consumer alert for you.
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>> announcer: live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent,
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and we continue to follow breaking news at this hour. again we told you about this at the top of the hour. police chase ended in a crash. and we are told a suspect barricaded himself inside a nearby home. shanice dunning joins us with an update from parma off of broadview road. shanice? >> reporter: yes. you can still see an active scene here on broadview road. i got word from parma police that the standoff has ended after a man barricaded himself inside of a home on we do know the schools have been on lockdown in the past hour, following the situation. and it was just one man inside of this house, after this accident here. he did not have any hostages. he didn't have any hostages and you can see right now, there's movement as some of the s.w.a.t team and negotiator, police forces are pulling out. so that's what we do know. we'll keep you updated here. again we're just learning -- i'm just finding out that the
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broadview road. we'll keep you updated on this. for right now getting answers in parma, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> all right, shanice, thank you. a missouri 8-year-old has been ordered by the courts to stay out of school. his parents say the 3rd grader was removed from class by a sheriff's deputy because of a restraining order. a neighbor actually filed it, accusing the 8-year-old of threatening his kids. both parents admit they have been feuding in recent months. now the kid isn't allowed to leave his home because he of his neighbor's kids. the mom is doing her best to do home schooling, because a hearing can be heart on september 20th. well, the aclu is suing on behalf of a 7-year-old handcuffed at his elementary school back in 2014. at the time the child stood less than 4 feet tall and weighed less than 50 pounds, wiley says he was being bullied by another student and the school resource officer stepped in. wiley cried and screamed and
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cuffed the child. as they walked to the prim's office, wiley's mom is now suing the school district. >> imagine as an adult going through something like this and then imagine as a 7-year-old. he felt like he was getting arrested. >> well, you just heard from an attorney there. the aclu says kale commit nod crime and didn't pose any danger and calls the use of handcuffs excessive force. at the time the school district said the officer was following district protocol. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news, nissan warning murano and maxim owners to park the cars outside their garages for their safety. and the weekend holds an active, maybe a volatile weather story. it includes -- we'll be tracking storms arriving here tonight. more rain and storms tomorrow. a slight risk of severe storms on saturday.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this
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making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. >> all right. good afternoon. we continue to follow breaking news following a car accident and a standoff in parma. shanice dunning joins with us an update from parma off of broadview road. shanice? >> reporter: yeah, brian.
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standoff situation. where the standoff situation was. it has ended now. we just got information that the suspect who barricaded himself inside of a house did surrender peacefully, it just ended moments ago. right now you're looking what looks to be the wreckage from the car accident that happened earlier. that was the car accident that started it all. a man ejected and taken to the hospital. the other man barricaded himself inside of a home here on broadview road. it looks like he ran into an electrical pole or a vehicle into an electrical pole, what you're looking at, during the accident. so that's the information we do know. we just moved down here, hoping to get some official word from the parma police department. but that standoff that started -- or late this morning, just ending right now in the afternoon hour here, out in parma. we'll get the information as we learn it. right now getting answers in parma, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news. >> all right, shanice, thanks so much. nissan is recalling more than
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the recall covers certain 2015 to 2017 murano s.u.v.s and 2016 to 2017 maximas equipped with intelligent cruise control. see san says seals can leak fluid on to a circuit board that can cause an electrical short, which could lead to a fire. nissan says several vehicles have caught fire already, dealers will replace defective pumps for free. all right. the faa has taken extraordinary step of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge a new model samsung smartphone during flights after reports that the batteries could catch fire. the faa also warned passengers not to put the galaxy note 7 in their checked bags. last week samsung recalled the phones. jon? we'll be doing some tracking here as we make our way through the next several days, because we have some storms on the
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football games tonight. we want to alert you to the fact that we are going to be having some rain and storms, it will be muggy and mild and it will become breezy as we approach the next front, which will bring us the possibility, although slight, of some severe weather that could include some locally heavy downpours, but chiefly high winds and maybe even some quarter-sized or larger hail. and severe storms, if they pop, can, can kick off a tornado. we'll be on top of it all if that happens. at this point a slight chance of severe weather. right now things pretty quiet. back and forth we've been going between sun and clouds. next shot on the horizon is back here. i'll show you how it will approach in the future view. temperatures climbing to around 84 early this afternoon. 3:00. and then taking a dip down through the 70s through the
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again the rain isn't going to show up until after friday night football. let's start then. 11:00. quiet here now, we take our way to the wee hours of saturday morning and this batch comes through and moves out primarily over lake erie and then out of here. the stop-down now 11:00 on saturday before we brace ourselves for the next round. it should show up here early afternoon, carry into the afternoon hours, into the evening hours primari so breezes light on lake erie today, waves of four or less. a good day on the lake, 75 degrees. not getting any more like this when it's pleasant on lake erie. intervals of sun and clouds, we'll top at 84. akron-canton pretty much the same way, you're going to feel the humidity, all you have to do is walk out the door. still very humid and it's not feeling very nice. tonight late storms arrive, we dip into the upper 60s.
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courtesy of an industrial-strength front develop. our ahead of the front, we'll flirt with 90, with plenty of heat and humidity, lots and lots of fuel and then the storm comes through. and gives us the active weather we expect in the afternoon and evening hours. so storms are likely saturday, we're going to alert you to that fact. and sunday once this comes through, it turns nice. it becomes mainly sunny, low 70s. and it gets quiet right through the week. a risk of rain on wednesday. and a high a more seasonable kind of a week ahead as we finalize summer. there you have it. >> all right. thank you so much, jon loufman. well, age is just a number, as this texas couple proves. >> that's what they say, right. while on vacation they showed what it means to be young at heart. ? ? because uptown funk going to give it to you ?
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>> just watch. wow! okay. >> was that video sped up? >> no. >> he's got moves, man. they walked into a canadian resort and said they were ready to dance. burt is in his 80s understand said he's been dancing since he was 14. he gave the musician a five spot at the i would of the night. big tipper, too. thanking him for the great music. >> that was good moves. >> well, this sunday will mark the 15th anniversary ohe center and the pentagon. >> yeah, can you believe 15 years. >> a long time. >> hard to believe. coming up, we talk to a first responder who is battling cancer. he says because of what he dealt with on that day. and we pay tribute to the abouts -- to the families who have lost loved ones because of this great
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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am tallylind. i st my sighin ahanian. ifou're tallylind, u maalso be ruggng wh no24. llin844-4-2424. orisit my2. ifou're tallylind, well, welcome back. 15 years after the world trade center attacks, cancer remainson first responders, survivors and residents. >> yeah, so far more than 5,000 have been diagnosed with cancer-related to 9-11. kenneth craig has their story. >> reporter: so how are you feeling today? >> today i'm feeling okay. >> reporter: john says he has good days and bad days. but he tries to stay positive. the former new york city deputy police chief is battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma, a blood cancer, 15 years after the twin
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eyes. and the dust cloud blanketed downtown. >> it hurt to breathe. you know, i mean, i was sitting in my office in one police plaza. >> reporter: inside. >> inside. it was hurting. >> reporter: new research from the new york city department of health shows rescue and recovery people and residents have an increased risk of concern. the study finds significant increase increase ins >> the exposure at world trade center had a definite impact on the rate of cancer in our population. and we will continue to see that increase above and beyond the age effect. >> reporter: he says doctors in his program are now diagnosing 10 to 15 new cancer cases each week, including rare cancers like car cinoid.
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17, 18 in our population. >> reporter: many patients have been diagnosed with multiple cancers. his prostate cancer is now in remission and the lymphoma is stable. >> i feel kind of lucky and blessed that i'm not as sick as -- i mean, people have died. >> reporter: he's sharing his story to encourage more people to take that first step and get checked out. kenneth craig, cleveland 19. >> about 22,000 responders are being seen at the world trade center health program at mount and drums played for the families of the 343 new york fighters who died on 9-11. >> well, now they're releasing a special tribute on itunes as a tribute to the 15th anniversary of the horrific terror attacks. we'll leave you now with a sampling of a special recording.
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