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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet, ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> that upset him. >> denise: a high school football player who refused to stand for the national anthem faces some of his teammates. we'll have that story coming up. first, an alert issued for the risk of storms and they could be severe. damaging rains could slam us here. >> romona: when should you keep an eye to the sky? jeff tanchak is tracking the storms and has the first alert. >> jeff: the early morning waves we are seeing the
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we have seen severe weather west of us. they are not expected to be severe, but the ones that redevelop during the afternoon tomorrow, those could be. now, here is 2 ago a.m. you can see the wave of rain kind of weakening as it moves this way. 5:00 in the morning we will see that early morning wave of rain and thunder. then a heads up during the afternoon. that's when the alert will kick in. the timing is 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for more storms. e be severe with wind damage and hail and even the possibility that we may get a tornado. this will be along a major front that is really gonna send our temperature changing as we get into the second half of the weekend. now, this is a good time right here, guys. be prepared for this with the free first alert weather app. we will send out alerts anytime the weather turns severe. you can get street level radar and customize it to where you
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football player at brunswick high school is taking a stand on what he calls racial injustice. the teen decided to sit during the national anthem at a recent game. and he later received this note with several racial slurs. it was posted on social media and once the teenager saw it he got the school involved. now administrators are investigating. harry boomer talked to the student's parents and is getting answers tonight. >> in the spirit of colin kaepernick and others, the 16-year-old protesting a racial slur he heard in his own locker room. >> what's wrong with this picture? the national anthem is being played. he was not going to stand because of the protest. >> there were a few players in the locker room saying we are going to use the n-word with a hard "r." he came from where he was in
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me, what do you mean by that. they said this doesn't include you. he said i am african-american so it does include me. i uh -- appreciate if you don't do that. >> they did it anyway. >> another kid said it before the national anthem took place. he kneeled down and took a knee and prayed along with two other kids on the team. >> the backlash has been vile. a worth less "n." there were other things said, he was ignorant for doing it. he is making black people look worse than they already are. >> he carries a 3.5gpa, the highest on the team. >> i thought moving to a community like brunswick we would be safe. you keep them away from gun violence and you come here to
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>> cleveland 19. >> denise: we reached out to the superintendent of brunswick for his reaction. he sent us this statement reading in part, a statement which has circulated on social media connected with this kegs -- this investigation is reprehensible and deeply disappointed any of our students would participate in the publication. >> denise: this incident got us wondering what is f speech? we spoke with a legal expert who explained the difference between the two. dan deroos is in the weather center with what she said. >> dan: it is complicated, denise. we spent a lot of time with our legal analysts to talk about this. you have to remember this comes down to the u.s. constitution and the ohio constitution. they tried to break it down to protected speech and unprotected speech. unfortunately that's as clear as it gets.
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category or the other. we can talk in general tees. if you posted or said out loud "i hate you" that is protected speech. "i hate my boss" protected. these are opinions. it is when it turns violent. something like "i want to kill you" or" i want to burn down my boss' house" that is unprotected. >> protected speech is an expression of an opinion. when it is unprotected there are what is called words. fighting words are words that insight violence. >> dan: that's when it can turn into a criminal investigation. let a get to the note in question that is being circulated. it looks like it started out as somebody's shopping list and then it got vulgar and used the child's name and then there were several n-words. and then look here. let's lynch, and then the n-word again. that seems to incite violence,
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particular person? that is going to be something the prosecutor in the area is going to have to look at and try to determine who wrote it and who posted it? if it is enough for harassment then they look at whether there is a racial come pone nenlt and that can -- racial component and that can add more to the penalty phase. >> romona: it is a peck tour that shows -- picture that shows how bad the heroin problem svment -- problem svment a couple who over dosed and passed out in the a 4-year-old in the backseat. james accord has pled guilty to several charges. a judge sentenced the 47-year-old to 3 60-days in jail . meantime the woman in the car pleaded not guilty. she remains in jill on -- in jail on $150,000 bond. the 4-year-old in the picture is in the custody of accord's sister in south carolina. yet tonight in akron they
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three people overdosed. they found out a 3-year-old had wandered off while the adults were unconscious. police located the child who was safe one street over. the three adults were taken to the hospital. >> denise: it is everywhere. tonight we are getting a firsthand account of what happened during the san bernadino terror attack that killed 14 people and injured another 24. chris tanaka is at the desk with the chilling details. chris, it is >> chris: chilling indeed. it was just released by the justice department and it shoes exactly what -- and it shows exactly what the first responders saw when they entered the county health building. the officerses charged inside to try to save the workers who had gathered for the holiday party. the carnage looked like, quote, a bomb had gone off. the san bernadino police chief said it was total chaos. one officer said people were
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grabbing at your legs because they wanted us to get them out. that was the hardest part is stepping over them. officers thought the husband and wife terror team were still inside, but they had already fled. they later died in a shootout with police. we posted more about what happened on that tragic day on our website, cleveland ramona? >> romona: chris, thank you. general motors issued a recall for more than the all auto maker said assault wear defects can prevent the seatbelts from working in a crash. one person was killed because of the problem. several 2014 to 2017 models are affected. now we have more information on the recall on cleveland >> denise: shumpart is facing ovi and drug charges in atlanta now. the 26 yaryld was on his way -- the 26-year-old was on
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when police pulled him over. shumpart told the officer he smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel. the cavs are aware of the arrest and they say they have spoken with shumpart. the arrest could land the cavs' guard in the nba drug treatment policy meaning the league could decide to fine him or suspend him. >> romona: we are getting answers on a proposal to raise cleveland's minimum wage. the group that sponsors the proposal says paw session to get it on the november ballot has passed. what appears to be a dead issue, you will be able to vote on the increase eventually. >> denise: an important warning on a recall of a popular item for babies. >> romona: are you planning on
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sunday? it probably means you will stuff yourself with all of that great food. how you can avoid overeating. that's coming up,. >> jeff: jeff it is a warm night, but that will be changing eventually. but it will come with some storms. here is a look at the feazel roof cam. a partly cloudy sky out there in downtown cleveland. an update on the hour by hour
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>> live from cleveland's news center driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> ? oh say does that star-spangled ? >> denise: you know, sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. the events of that day are still fresh in our minds. especially the people who were at the twin towers and the pennsylvania. especially the first responders who were at ground 0. tonight we spoke with a perry firefighter who was there to lend a helping hand in the days after the attacks. sara goldenburg is just back from lake county with his emotional story. >> reporter: denise, lieutenant tim s thy z and three other firefighters from perry and lake county got into an ambulance as soon as they could on september 11th and started driving. he will never forget what they saw that day and he hopes the
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responders will always be remembered. he was one of four volunteer firefighters who decided to go to ground 0 after the towers fell. >> in this urn was the dust cleaned up from the back of our ambulance. >> reporter: these are photos from their trip. they loaded up their ambulance with supplies and by the time they got to new york city it was dark. >> the craziest thing was how dusty and thick the air was. >> reporter: in the middle of all of the chaos, tim and right away. devastation was everywhere and hotspots kept flaring where the world trade towers would stand. >> you could see pieces and parts of telephones -- a decent sized office phone is pretty big and there was half the key pad with half the numbers gone. >> reporter: they dug and dug through the rubble. >> the hopes were high that we would find this void and there will be 20 guys down there. but no. >> reporter: they worked
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sun came up the next morning this is what they saw. >> the paper and the dust, the amount of dust was like snow. it was like a heavy snowfall. >> reporter: tim and his crew stayed through september 12th and headed back to ohio after giving it everything they had. a memorial now stands at fire station perry including one of the steel beams. >> we have a list of the firefighters killed. >> reporter: 15 years after 9/11 tim thinks of the men and women who lost their lives and the legacy they left >> in every fire department across the country there are firefighters willing to sacrifice and do everything they can to try to help their community and their people. >> reporter: lieutenant sitz and other firefighters visit local schools sometimes to give a firsthand account of 9/11 to students who weren't born yet. ramona? >> romona: thank you, sara. thousands of pacifier clips sold at babies r us and toys r us are being recalled because
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a part into their mouth. parents are warned to take the clip off the pacifier immediately and return them to the store. >> denise: you may have noticed you are paying less at the checkout line for your grocery ies lately? the price of food has gone gown in the past -- gone down in the past few months. we are getting answers as to why this happened. supply has not met demand. to get rid of the excess the stores are paying less for goods and then they are passing that savings on tous >> romona: now that football season is here your waistlines could be what is taking a beating. on average you can consume 1200 to 2,000 calories during one game. and it often starts with how the game is going. >> ask yourself am i hungry? am i full? also ask yourself how are you feeling? is this game boring? are you feeling anxious because you want your team to
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mindless eating. >> romona: browns games are never boring. we are getting answers on how to stop you from eating so much. first sit as far away from the food as possible. also leave clies -- clues behind of how much you have eaten. really? we have to take time out for that? things like chicken wings, bones or chip bags. just stop. and eat slower so you don't get up as second or third helping. >> denise: barbecue chips? do you have them ready? >> romona: don't you know it. i get up and i have my fit bit on. rodney is laughing saying those few calories you burn. >> denise: you are going to eat it all later. jeff, do you have your wings for this weekend? >> jeff: i saw on channel 19 that i have to be further away from the food, as much as possible.
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me. >> jeff: that's right. i guess people tend to eat more when your team is losing. i will pound about three pounds of wings on sun day. here is the front. this will bring us the big change. on this side where we are still warm and humid. and then on the other side it is fall over here. we have seen rain and storms. this has weather in illinois and indiana. we will get the leftovers from this early tomorrow morning. that's wave number one. and then during the afternoon more storms are going to redevelop. that's going to be the severe stuff. we are in the risk area. just a heads up. strong front. it will be a windy day. it is going to be running into this hot, humid air, and that's what is going to set off the storms that could be severe with wind damage and hail. very heavy rains. the possibility that we may
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we'll see what happens. hopefully that doesn't happen. we are still pretty dry and then here comes the wave of rain. there could be a little thunder in there. that will be early in the morning. 8:00 in the morning we're good. things really heat up in the afternoon. by 2:00 we will be well in the 80s at least and then 5:00, so between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m., that's when the afternoon round will start to develop. this line could be se and then by 11:00, midnight, pretty much the risk of rain is done. here is 8:00 tomorrow evening. the front is through. it will continue to move east. it looks like we will keep it dry overnight tomorrow night. sunday when you get up, it will be football weather with
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different story. there is a 76 and some rain and thunder early morning. akron-canton will be dropping down to 66. it will be near 90 and humid and windy afternoon storms. winds gusting to 30. here is the hour by hour. 75 at 8:00 a.m. in the afternoon it is well into the 80s. 87 is your high akron-canton. not the best of boating with the afternoon storm threat. if you want to get out in the morning you are looking good there. not so much in the afternoon. near 90 tomorrow. if we hit 90 tomorrow that could be the last 90 that we see in 2016. we'll see what happens. then by sunday here 72 and sunday night low. 48.
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another front on tuesday night. wednesday's high, 67. needless to say not as hot next week. ladies, back to you. >> denise: jeff, coming up, we head under the lights of friday night football. mark schwab has highlights from all of the big high school games next in sports. >> get greeking news and -- get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news
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>> it is the great state of ohio and that means lights are lit up and football are being played. at 10:30 if you missed under the lights we have you covered on the express version on cleveland 19.
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they went in from two yards out. sullen lead it 10-7. the bulldogs would come battling back. that's a 34-yard connection. but that would lead to a blocked field goal. but in the fourth quarter and he blocked this. five yards in and straight ahead running for the touchdown. it moving on to mentor. the bombers are invading cardinal territory. they did not like this. it is a game tieing touchdown. they are even at seven in the second. then later on in the ballgame. the bombers are going the other way. wolf to cameron and that's a big pass. unfortunately this guy will stick his head out right
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20-7. w lie laby south taking them on when we got there. we did get this gorgeous touchdown. he is looking debonaire on that touchdown. it was 41-13 and they lost it 48-13. mckinley taking on hudson and here is the band. here is the being pass. third-yard pass and 24-16. dominique robinson and gotta move and got some speed and got the sideline. he is gonna get a touchdown. they got a lot of them. 51-24 and mckinley rolls. moving on and twins and tigers hosting the green men of aurora. tucker is back to pass. look what i found intercepted. brett henderson pulls it down. the green men would cash the points. this is jonathon blue.
11:27 pm
30-yard touchdown. 38-15. orange taking on cvc and the biggest play of the game. the kick return and they made the mistake of kicking it to tucker. that is a 92-yard house call to start the game. orange would get the last laugh. theyol 25-24. your indians are in action in minnesota and call your friends and gather round.
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11:00. it is like they do every sunday. cleveland 19, not cle43. sundays at 11:00. indians are starting a seven-game road trip in minnesota. did not start well for danny salazar. it lasted four innings tonight and he left with forearm tightness. not good. pick up in the fourth. buxton cranked a two-run homer off salazar and that gets the game even at four. moments later in wanna party? mike napoli has your party. this is a 470-foot bomb. it put the good guys up 5-4 and they weren't looking back. davis would make sure of that in the eighth. hit to left and making a move to haul it in. that's throwing leather at him.
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games in the central division. >> denise: are they in the clear now? i have one good ear left. >> mark: she is stuck with me on this side. i need to get her an air plug. >> jeff: magic number is 17? i believe so. we're gonna do it. near 90 tomorrow, but afternoon storms could be severe. we will be all over this over the weekend here. great time to download our first alert weather app when we get the alerts into the office you can get them on your app. into the evening and much cooler. 61. and then sunday partly cloudy and look at that, 72. that's the high. and then sunday night we could get into the upper 40s. >> denise: comfy. thanks for joining us. for news anytime like jeff was talking about.
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