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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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department who said they are not going to give any more information because it is an active information and this information is from the ashland police department. officers are not saying who the victims are and whether the bodies of the individuals or as i said men or women. there is one other element to this that we have been able to verify. mansfield police found a body behind a home in mansfield abduction here. we are waiting for confirmation on that. we have confirmation that is when they are saying and we have a crew on the way to mansfield and we will have the latest for you. let's go to sound from the newts conference earlier today. >> at the residence where this woman is being held we were able to discover the remains of two humans and identification is now on the scene processing the
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we have not identified any remains and we will allow the coroner's office to take that responsibility on. as i said before we will not talk more. the investigation is still going on. i can see men in white clothing behind me by the two houses right across from there and the laundromat. stacey stanley was on that and found directly a laundromat with her poster up saying she was missing. we will stay on the scene and continue to talk to folk here. we will have more on cleveland 19 live in ashland harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: harry, thank you. an alert at oberlin high school. police investigating a report of a man who tried to lure a 14-year-old into his s.u.v. claiming the teen's mom told her
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in his 30s and buzz-cut hairstyle and he had short facial hair and thick accent. the man was driving a dark green or gray s.u.v. a 15-year-old girl found after a statewide amber alert went out for robin roberts. brunswick police were looking for the teenager and father who is a registered sex offender. >> it ended with a short chase in macedonia and catherine bosley has the conclusion. >> reporter: a collective sigh of relief in northeast ohio. the girl is safe and her father is in custody coming down to incredible police work by one officer with the northfield village police department. >> william probabilities on his way to jail most likely for a long time and sounding out how he was wronged. >> i didn't take her anywhere. i could have been in tennessee two days as. they stole my kids. >> taking police on a heckuva
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mostly 35mile-an-hour zones and mostly macedonia. you are seeing dash cam from macedonia cruiser and the man gives up. an officer from northfield village. he remembered the amber alert regarding 15-year-old robin roberts being taken by a brunswick k- mart who lost custody. the sergeant was controlling traffic at a construction site and noticed the truck matching the amber alert description. >> as soon as he took off i knew it was an the female victim was inside the car. so my ultimate thought was her safety. and the speeds and traffic on the roadway allowed me to pursue the vehicle and bring her to safety. >> when asked why they thought roberts stopped without incident they believe so many police cars chasing him and knew he absolutely did not have a chance. he has been in trouble before
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>> reporting in northfield village catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> romona: here in the weather center with jeff. beautiful out there. >> jeff: 83 the high. low humidity and lots of sunshine. we will change things up tomorrow. that's the next front that comes through. it will be a mild night and keep it dry. 85 sandusky and around the 1-degree mark and sun glare traveling westbound as it goes down. 7:88, at 72. alert day tomorrow rain and storms. not severe and talking mainly morning. that front will bring cooler temperatures thursday and friday and then the next system and watching forecast details later in the half hour. >> romona: an investigation into racial slurs and threats putting a local family on edge.
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for the lynching. >> romona: today we see the police report detailing what happened in this player controversy. rodney axson kneeled for the national anthem after he said he heard racist slurs in the rock locker room. we broke the story friday. denise zarrella returned to brunswick high school to get answers on the investigation. >> they made him see that he was black. they made him realize you are black and different than us. >> that's mother had to say during a press conference about the racist comments and threats her son received after telling football players not to use the n- word and kneeling in protest during the national anthem. >> once he took the knee he had a lot of backlash from itment. to the point where we had messages sent to us for this lynching. calling him an ignorant n. >> reporter: police were
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brunswick high school to get to the bottom whether or not racist comments written on a note and posted on social media and threats of lunching on snap chat rise to the level of being criminal. >> if we determine there are threats made to one another and et inistity as a component, it would make the crime one degree higher. >> reporter: a hate crime? >> i guess in common terms it could be referred to as a hate crime. >> reporter: we went to the homes of two making the comments and see if parents wanted to talk. no answer. >> axson's father says one of the accused has since been promoted to team captain. >> one of the kids involved in this or dropped the n- word like you said the next -- it happened on thursday, they played friday and a kid involved in it still played in the game and promoted to the team captain. we wanted to ask the superintendent about the claim
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the coach the football team stands in all this. unfortunately, he said he couldn't talk on camera and would do on-camera interviews closer to next week when he knows more. >> the superintendent said the school is disciplining some students as a result of all this and not saying who the students are or what their punishment might be. >> reporter: asking questions, getting answers here in brunswick, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >>om investigation goes on rodney axson's parents tell us he is still going to school and playing football on the team. >> mark: we have been telling you crews will begin constructing the gazebo where police shot and killed tamir rice at the cudell rec center. it will take a week before it is removed and will travel to chicago and put on display at
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library and community center. >> on the justice for tamir facebook page they posted, if you would like to pay respects to tamir rice join us it demolition wednesday september 14th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. and goes on to say we will never forget 11/23/2014. >> romona: patients ask questions and paul orlousky is getting answers on unmanned school >> they got busy. one in four intersections students cross odd their own. at others volunteers stepped in and many more school zone flashing lights were not working. initially, there were 81 openings and there are 64 vacancies now. the city says there are 75 am captains going through the hiring process as opposed to 20 before. check out what they are
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the district put cameras on the red stop arm of the school buses. bay village is one of the first in our area to do this. cameras capture drivers who don't stop or pass the bus illegally. drivers face a $500 fine and suspended driver's license. >> mark: donald trump headed to canton and paid the tab for security up front. the city could not afford the $20,000 bill. we talked to akron officials a from trump as of yet. trump will be at the civic center tomorrow at 7:00 you have to register on the campaign's web site to attend. doors open at 4:00. president obama hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton and 14 continues to recover from pneumonia at home. the campaign criticized for not revealing the diagnosis sooner and donald trump criticized for not providing medical information. he says he will release numbers
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received just this last week. up next, a former lawyer headed to prison admitting he hypnotised women clients and took advantage of them. all right. alert day tomorrow. i am tracking it. i will have an update when showers will arrive and temperature change behind this front. that's coming up. real hands on learning. we visited a local high school where students can enter the workforce as a firefighter after >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers
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spending 12 years in prison. fine will be in court in november for official sentencing and learned the requirements to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. new video shows a crash involving a cleveland police officer. can you see the cruiser blow the red light at east 9th and euclid and then the police lights come on. both drivers were taken to the hospital. they will be okay. imagine your child graduating high school fully certified not for a careers. that's the opportunity available to area students and how they are helping teens ensure a successful future. >> how do you think it will react in a fire. >> in the lecture hall these teenagers are not students they are cadets. firefighters and emts in training part of a class at warrensville high school. >> what we do here is introduce them to a foreign language
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the fundamentals of firefighting and emergency medical services. >> in today's lecture they will hear about combustion. >> secure, push it up. >> in preparation for an agility test moving a dummy that outweighs some of their 16-year-old frames. kids are clearly engaged and eager to learn this college-level comment. >> i get to help houses. save people. it is something i want to do. >> it is challenging and actually something we can enjoy and easier to get into it. >> students say the content and responsibility is heavy for a teenager but say they are ready for it. >> there are at least 100 firefighters that die a year on-the-job. we understand what we are getting into. >> the instructor barnes says the response is fantastic. >> now that it is introduced to
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schools next year we anticipate the enrollment to be much higher. >> when they graduate they will have two certificates and no college debt ready to set the world on fire...then put it out. >> i love that story. >> romona: students from polaris controversy center, excel tech, shaker heights and cleveland heights high schools can all participate in this high those students at warrensville high interested in health care can enroll in the new health academy earning them up to 23 credit hours at tri-c towards a career in that field. >> let me repeat. no student loan debt. >> wow. >> it is beautiful, jeff. we will get rain. looks like tomorrow morning we will be developing in the
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we don't have stability. not looking at big explosive thunderstorms. it will be showers and rumbles of thunder in there from time to time. this is the front and notice not much going on. this thing is still developing and don't have loot of rain on the front and cloud cover starting to move in later tonight. it is a closure evening for the most part and pretty much 81 and you can see what's going on behind that front. 66 green bay dropping in the 60s cedar rapids and 63 minneapolis. we have cooler air getting ready to come in. with the front passing through in the morning tomorrow it won't be a big rise in temperature. we have an ?alert day for shower and storms and timing 8 a.m. to
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few downpours and not expecting severe weather with this system. let me show you what it looks like on future view. 8:00 clear, 2:00 seeing high clouds come in. after that, clouds will thicken up. tomorrow looking pretty cloudy and here comes the rain. 8 a.m. moving through toledo into sandusky and that's the latest thinking between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning alo you will see showers and storms. after that it will move south and looks like everybody in our area will get some rain out of this tomorrow. after 2 p.m. in the afternoon it moves out. by this time tomorrow we should be dry and temperatures not as warm as what we are seeing now. >> west to southwest, 10 to 15 knots and waves a foot and looking good there. increasing clouds and mild.
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cleveland. akron-canton clear sky and will you be around 60. tomorrow rain and storms. first half of the day. 73. cooler with that front coming through. of 6 at 8:00 a.m. 2:00, 72. notice by 5:00 mixed sky and rain will be over in cleveland. akron-canton, 77 your high, rain and storm and mainly first half of the day. down to 50 tomorrow night. thursday 75. over the weekend well late morning more rain and storms through the afternoon and into saturday night this is a slow system. but the good news, even though saturday is a wet day. sunday an isolated shower or storm for the browns game. 77 and heats up again monday, tuesday next week and back in the 80s.
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nice work. >> all right. another change qb for browns and we have seen it in cleveland y. this a historic change. and starting pitcher for indians and this outing tonight may be more important than you think.
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now thi chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. the browns getting ready for baltimore this week and rg iii out for the next nine weeks for rg iii on the way to the injured reserve and made history. week 2 they will be the using multiple quarterbacks in 15 straight seasons. only the browns. josh mccown back as a starter after this happened getting knocked out of the opener.
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give up reps at training camp and needs them back trying to right the ship and hope. on pro football talk live he doesn't want to worry about playing for a draft pick and the dreaded t-word. >> we can sit back and say this is the year we will tank and all that. that's for players and not our mindset at all. that's not our expectation. it fires me up when i hear people say that. it put and perception of what we think people are what we are inside the building and it fires me up and makes this task greater. >> maybe you can say browns will be better off without rg iii. they will have it on lockdown coming up this weekend. it is the tailgate show tony zarrella sports director getting you ready and kicking it off at 11:00 a.m. on cleveland 19. don't forget to log onto
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ready for friday night lights. mark schwab will all be there. make sure to get up there and vote at now we know the news of danny salazar's injury not good and trevor power and whether or not he can be depended on and takes the mound for the indians taking the series in chicago after last night's loss and can go a long way making up for danny salazar's injured out 3-4 weeks taking him in the playoffs and up to the organization and today gm said in a radio interview likely to be placed on the limited pitch count and hard to believe they will insert him in the pitch
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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>> jeff: monitoring rain and storms for tomorrow. the first half of the day and drying out in the afternoon. cooler, 73 thursday sunshine and 71. friday will be sunny as well. 75 degrees. say good-bye to the 80s for a little while. warming up. romona is fighting off a cold. >> romona: no. something tickling my throat. thank you.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: hack attack, russian cyber thieves are accused of exposing the medical records of u.s. olympic athlete, including simone biles and the williams sisters. hillary clinton remains out of sight. president obama >> i really, really, really want to elect hillary clinton. >> pelley: online ticket scalpers, they're making benjamins off of "hamilton," but will congress drop the curtain on them ? you just want to move our money around ? >> pelley: and he wasn't supposed to live. >> it looked like daniel came as an angel, came running out of of the flames of hell. >> pelley: but heaven was on


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