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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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another vehicle. this is what we do know. the accident occurred at about 1:00 today. we know from a statement that velez was outside of his car and he was working outside the car when he was hit. we do not know where he was or how close he was to the highway. he was struck by another driver. those cars towed away and taken to metro hospital where he passed away. while we were out there we did see police put one handcuffs and escort him to a state trooper car. we don't have anymore details of arrests but standing by to see more details how this accident unfolded. i will not send it to harry boomer working at metro hospital where trooper velez was taken. what's the scene there. >> reporter: thank you. several troopers, cars, s.u.v.'s. we have seen some troopers come
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as you say, ohio state trooper kenneth velez was struck as he conducted traffic enforcement near mckinley in lakewood closed down for awhile. he was outside his cruiser when he was struck at this point. details still being investigated by the state police. trooper velez was 48-years-old and leaves behind three children and worked out of the cleveland post. i-90 was closed and back open now as and why. again state trooper velez died of injuries at metro after being struck while conducting traffic outside his vehicle. remember, folks, the law requires drivers to slowdown and move to the left when approaching officers conducting a traffic or traffic stop and trooper velez has a son on duty in the navy and leaves three children behind.
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in the video hugging each other and giving each other support mourning the loss of one of their own. live at metro harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: thank you very much. live pictures now, traffic backed up all over the place for a couple of different reasons. an accident i-70 northbound past west 150th. we got this video 20 minutes ago. can you see traffic is a mess at 12th and chester. people trying to find their way home today. jon loufman has been tracking the situation closely and joins us with what's happening at this moment. jon? >> simply put, 70 northbound. there's not a car on the road. the road is closed. why? mark just mentioned it, a fatality. we will switch to the traffic computer and the fatality has the road closed and will be closed awhile. slow going.
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travg direction southbound on 71 folks are trying to get out of town. here is a look at the traffic on 90. fulton wide open now. that has been opened and that is the good news. however still plenty of slow going across the region. outbound traffic 77 and accident reported near woodland and folks are crawling along. bumper-to-bumper all the way through, through the course of the afternoon and folks downtn 59mile-an-hour speed limit on 490 because 90 has been open and folks traveling 490 to get to 490 can now do that. things are picking up just a little bit. the admonition is take it easy because there are accidents. further west 90, 90 eastbound at detroit and a new accident reported. an accident at the generallings
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at 480. a slow go making your way through the evening commute. they will come home later than usual. mark? >> we will go to romona and jeff. >> romona: pack your patience on the highway. the weather is gorgeous. >> the weather is fine. it will be cool tonight. let's look at the headlines. we have high clouds out there. we are dropping well into the 50s tonight this time of year with up and down pattern shifts. warmer tomorrow and unsettled weekend showers and storms on the way. still windy along the lakeshore with the lake breeze. 1. downtown akron-canton. 72 degrees there and partly cloudy sky. not as windy inland. dropping in the 60s. 66 at 9:00 and clear sky and 65 degrees. much more on the weekend rain
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nightmare. >> can you get up and see if can you get out. >> i don't want to wake him. >> that call led to a woman's freedom. there are still so many questions that need answers about the three bodies found in ashland. >> shawn michael grate is charged in this case. >> mark: police arrested him tuesday. we know the caller survived. as far as the victims that did die investigators identified stacey stanley right still no i.d. on the other woman found in the ashland house or third victim grate led officers to in mansfield. denise zarrella live with more on the prime suspect. denise? >> reporter: all right. grate was supposed to be here. we will see him on video to be formal arraigned on one count of kidnapping and two counts of murder. the woman was named and there was one other count of murder
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said who this victim was and it has friends and family members of a woman missing from ashland on edge. >> we all love him. >> edna worries her missing friend elizabeth griffith is the second woman police have yet to identify in a grisly case that began tuesday. that's when a woman dialed 911 and reported she was abducted. ashland police came to this house on 911. suspect shawn michael grate and bodies of two women. one was identified as stacey stanley. police have not released the identity of the other woman. these are surveillance video pictures in an aldi's. >> i hope they are not hurt. if she is out there somewhere, if you got her, don't kill her. bring her home to her family.
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>> that woman claimed griffith dated grate at some point. we know this arraignment is scheduled tomorrow at 3:00. we will of course be inside that courthouse and we will bring you that arraignment. we will stream it to you live. that happens at 3:00 tomorrow and asking questions, getting answers here in ashland denise zarrella cleveland 19. also we are getting answers about the house where the 911 call came shelby miller found out who owns it. >> people have been coming here all day dropping off flowers and looking at this now boarded up home where police found two women dead and one woman who escaped alive. another person who can't figure out how this happened here is the landlord who works across the road. looking at his office window ministry director bruce wilkerson can see the back of the home where police found two
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woman earlier this week. wilkerson owns this home and the one next to it. he's had them 12 years and use them for transition homes for men out of shelters. he told me he checked his records and suspect shawn grate never came to pump house ministry and isn't sure how he got inside because the place has been locked up since march. the locks get checked on a weekly basis. >> i did not know he was in the nobody should have been home. they were padlocked shut. >> how did he break into it. >> that we don't know. we rattle the doors and make sure locks are on them. >> how often do you do that. >> weekly. all the buildings. >> was there a broken window? >> no. actually i had brand new windows in it. >> i asked the landlord when they checked the house. it was monday or tuesday.
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and getting answers in ashland shelby miller cleveland 19 news. >> thank you. this story is getting national attention tonight on cbs evening news a closer listen to the 911 calls. >> is there any way to get out of the building. >> i don't know without waking him and i am scared. >> reporter: reporter anna werner has the story. stay tuned after cleveland 19 news for the cbs evening news with scott pelley. >> romona: developing news in cous killed a 13-year-old. this started with reports of an armed robbery. when officers tried to take three suspects into custody police say one pulled a gun from his waistband and turned out to be a bb gun. this is a similar case to what happened in cleveland in the tamir rice shooting. only in this indicates, the suspect's gun had a laser scope. >> tamir rice's investigation had video to use to help them
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i am sure we have already scoured the area to find out. but that was one ditches already. >> romona: police are still searching for one of the three suspects. the officer-involved in the shooting is on administrative leave. the state report card is out and the cleveland school district got slammed. it got straight f's. and state test scores have the fourth worst in ohio. download the app or head to >> up next, a cleveland 19 news investigation into a teenage girl's death. we are uncovering new details into the victim who may have taken part in a bank robbery. >> mark: plus she was one of two adults in a picture that went viral. today punishment for a grandma who police found passed out in an s.u.v. with a child in the back seat.
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saturday, that's when the alert will start. it's an unsettled weekend. i will tell you that my next time out. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers floor show. it is time
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> romona: we've got some breaking news for you. these are live pictures out of new york city. police there are investigating a possible meat cleaver attack against an officer. this happened square garden in midtown in new york. the attacker was shot by police. the officer was rushed to bellevue hospital there. the condition of the suspect is not known at this time. >> mark: we have a bizarre twist to the murder of a 17-year-old in east cleveland. >> romona: as paul orlousky found out she was one of three people who robbed a bank. >> reporter: what began as a bank robbery in northfield turned into a murder-mystery and
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involved. >> it is the saddest of situations. >> mayor norton reflected on brianna fluitt fasting a bank note to a teller. in less than 48 hours she was dead and jeffrey doss cased the place. next, brianna passed the note and newell was in the getaway car. when breanna's picture was on the news they were nervous they would be arrested and she would identify them and they acted. >> the killed. >> they had her killed and hired others to do it. this is where the story gets more twisted. >> three, 15-year-old boys from our understanding and belief who actually pulled the trigger? mayor norton is making a point to parents and asking the question what were three 15-year-olds and 17-year-old doing past midnight. >> don't be afraid to look into their business. we have to know what our
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>> cooperation among several police agencies tied the murder to the bank robbery. social media should be monitored. >> there's all sorts of software. look who your children are talking to what times of day and how long. >> the three, 15-year-olds could be in court and newell and doss have yet to be arraigned. >> romona: social media may have played a role in bringing parties involved in robbery and murder together. those involved are from cleveland as well as the suburbs. this picture drew outrage on-line. the east liverpool police posted a man and woman passed out from heroin. a child was in the back seat of an s.u.v. today ropeda pasek pleaded guilty to child endangering and other charges and got 180 days in jail. last week james accord got nearly one year in jail.
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in south carolina. >> mark: it is official k & d closed the deal to buy terminal tower. the price tag $38.5 million. forest city-owned it for 33 years. k & d plans to transform 12 lower floors of the towers into 293 apartments and could begin in 2018 and end in 2020. >> a lot of people moving downtown. >> it is easy to get to work, isn't it, i apologize to those who may be sit out there. >> romona: it was a gorgeous day if had you to be on the roads. jeff. >> jeff: the weather was good but a mess for the afternoon ride home all over the place in the cleveland area. hopefully, that will settle down. high cloudy now and comfortable 72. we hit 76 for the high and before the lake breeze kicked in. 70s and 80s out to the west.
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place tomorrow as we warm up in advance of the weekend front. through tomorrow clouds on the increase during the afternoon. even tomorrow evening looking dry. i don't see problems for friday night football and it will be warmer tomorrow night compared to what we will see tonight. as early as saturday morning we could see our first wave of showers at least in here and it will come in waves throughout the weekend. we will have showers and storms through saturday saturday night and it will not be raining all the time. this is when the alerts start on saturday with the risk all day. the storms will not be severe. i do see it wet at times over the weekend. waves 2-4 feet and choppy with the wind. clear and cool tonight 51 cleveland akron-canton dropping down to 53. and 82 tomorrow. sunny positive partly cloudy
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at 7:00 a.m. noon, 78 and at 5:00, 81. alert. saturday, saturday night and on sunday rain and storms. waves coming through, through saturday night. on sunday looks like the better opportunity first half of the day. still a chance the browns game could be dry. we will keep you posted 77 the high. monday partly cloudy. 76. tuesday sunny and 75 little windy and we are around 80 at least wednesday and thursday of next week. >> romona: nice temperatures. >> jeff: not too bad. >> romona: all right. right here thursday night football on cbs 19 tonight's match up, the new york jets take on the buffalo bills. join us for cleveland 19 news after the game. tony? >> tony: all right, ro, indians coming home for the biggest game of the season and first in chicago they let one
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rob portman and his wealthy friends have spent millions attacking me. they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire.
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attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard. i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. now, this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> tony: golden opportunity for the tribe wrapping things up in chicago knowing the tigers had fallen in minnesota and chance to be up 7 coming home and tied in the 9th. franky lindor goes down swinging. coco crisp goes down swinging. to the bottom of the 9th brian shaw on the hill and carlos sanchez gets enough on it
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white sox take three of four. indians six up on the tigers squaring off here tomorrow. josh mccown passes should be in good hands. now it is time to see him hook up with terrelle pryor. pryor did not waste time picking up where he left off on this play against the eagles, week one. we knew we had a rhythm with rg. what about mccown a guy winning 2 of his last 20 starts. >> peoe record and overall record and i say that is bs. come on. you watch this guy's film playing for chicago and even tampa. he had good games throwing the ball. last year he lit a lot of teams up and the guy knows how to play. from watching it, you know, that's in the past, you know. you had to do tomorrow, today, tomorrow. what we have and like about him
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and love about josh he is a competitor, ultimate competitor and can you see it in his eyes and the way he talks in the huddle that he wants to succeed. >> tony: here is a bigger challenge. their quarterback 13-2 against browns and knows hue jackson and knows his former coach loves to get in the heads of opponents. >> he used to go out and pregame and mess with coaches and players. as a head coach i don't know if i will come out bad thoughts in my head as head coach but it would be funny if he did. ravens by a field goal. schwaby says ravens and mark nolan raches by two touchdowns. >> numbers back that up.
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>> jeff: all right dry tomorrow 82. showers and storms and humid. on the breezy side. 76. even showers and storms sunday and first half of the day. 77. i will bring you an update after the game. >> romona: we can handle a little rain. >> mark: why not. >> mark: thanks for joining us at 6:00 cbs evening news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you back here right after the game
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: she's back. ? i feel good ? >> pelley: hillary clinton returns to the trail as the race tightens to a tie. also tonight, the death of a muslim recruit. the the marines call it sued. the family's lawyer thinks >> all evidence that have been provided so far indicate that his religion may have had a major role. >> pelley: a desperate call to 911 from the home of an alleged killer. >> pelley: and the wrigley field of dreams transplanted. >> see how my grass is doing


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