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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. paying tribute to a fallen hero from signs along the freeway where he was killed to a professional with dozens of -- processional with dozens of ohi state trooper cars. they're remembering officer kenneth valez and the man who is accused of killing valez is now facing aggravated vehicular homicide charged. >> mark: joshua gasper was high on drugs when he hit valez on i-90 yesterday. the officer was conducting a stop near the warren road exit on 90 westbound. he was struck while outside of his vehicle. witnesses who watched the tragedy unfold describe absolute
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911 calls revealed and reaction from a lifelong friend of officer valez. jen. >> jen: well, mark, the community really still reeling from what happened to officer valez just yesterday. but they are responding to this sudden and tragic loss with messages and signs of support and respect. >> it's a state highway patrolman. emergency. he just got hit. >> a state highway patrolman just got hit? >> just got hit on 90 heading west. i think they killed him. >> reporter: 40-year-old kenneth valez leaves behind three children after a car struck and killed him during a traffic stop. since then, banners and flags have been posted near the site of the accident on the overpass above the crash site and at an overpass in avon. valez was an incredible father who did everything with his kids. he says this is a terrible loss that should make everyone think about how officers are treated. >> these guys wake up in the morning. they go out.
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and you get a baseball player hit a ball with a piece of wood and he gets $25 million and a policeman goes out and gets 45 thousands dollar to jeopardize his life every day he goes out. >> reporter: now, we're still waiting on details of the funeral, but we do know it will be here at the richard day reidy funeral home in lorraine. the gentleman you heard from there says he would like to see a portion of t after valez in light of what has happened. we'll have more reactions and more ways people are saluting the following trooper here at the funeral home and also hear from a special little boy coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 and 6:00. getting answers in lorraine, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you, jen. new developments this afternoon on a suspected serial killer. shawn michael grate was arraigned in an ashland courtroom today. >> mark: grate was arrested earlier this week after police gt a 911 call from a woman
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hostage. catherine bosley is live in ashland now with the latest on that. catherine. >> reporter: yes, guys, that arraignment just finishing up a few minutes ago here at the ashland county common pleas court. $1 million bond set. charges made official. and, of course, all of it taking very little time and done much differently than you would think. we're used to seeing a defendant arraigned by making a video appearance in the courtroom from jail. but with this one, everyone appeared by video, by skype to be exact, including the judge, 40-year-old shawn michael grate was officially charged with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping. he was found in an abandoned home in downtown ashland where a woman called for help saying she was being held hostage. it's also where police found the bodies of two more women. one unidentified but the other identified as 43-year-old stacy stanley who came up missing last
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>> not anymore. i was working at sav-a-lot. >> do they owe you any money? >> no. >> do you have any checking account, savings account or any loose cash? >> no. >> reporter: and we are just getting unofficial word that the other woman found in that house has been identified as elizabeth griffin. so now with all hi given a public defender. grate will be given the chance to plea at his next hearing. chances are before then there will be more charges against him in another county. i'll have more coming up on that on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. reporting live, jen pcatherine bosley. >> mark: we found out what the serial killer has been up to behind bars. we'll have those details coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. live from the first alert
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hour-by-hour forecast. >> romona: we're going to light things up in the weather center. some rain coming later tonight. >> jeff: that will be the start of it. now, tomorrow is not looking pretty. i'm just going to tell you that. because i'm being honest with you guys. okay. i don't like to beat around the bush here. >> romona: we like honesty. >> jeff: tomorrow we have the rain. now, sunday we did make some changes. thanks, mark. i appreciate that. all right. so here it is. the system is here. this is going to be slow moving. we're fine for friday night football. but this is the moisture and the first batch that will come in. that's a severe thunderstorm warning by the way near indianapolis. but by the time this makes it here later on tonight, maybe a few rumbles of thunder. this is not going to be a severe weather weekend that we're dealing with. but it is an alert day. tonight through the day tomorrow with waves of rain and storms. the risk will start after 11:00 tonight. again, we're not expecting severe but there could be somsome downpours with that.
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clouds are on the increase right now. alert for rain and storms will start later tonight and then waves of which coming through tomorrow. tomorrow night. but sunday no alert. just isolated showers and storms. smaller chance. it's 76 north side of downtown with that lake breeze. awesome at progressive field tonight. 81 akron-canton. and it's 82 at hopkins. we're still going to be around 80 at 5:00. and a warm night by 7:00. 76. i'll have the weekend details coming up. mark. >> mark: thank you. ohio governor john kasich met with president obama at the white house to talk about the transpacific partnership trade deal. this 12 nation free trade deal is largely seen as a way to counter balance china's economic influence. the governor says he supports the president's push for the tpp even if he could face political backlash. >> i get reactions like, well,
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why are you supporting something that the president wants? i mean, we cannot get to the point in america that because a democrat wants something that you happen to agree with, you can't agree with them. there's plenty of things that i disagree with president obama on. but the idea that i'm a republican and, therefore, i can't work with democrats or you're a democrat and you can't work with republicans, how does anybody think that the issues of debt, social security, medicare, health care, any of these issues are going to be resolved when we spend all of our time fighting with one another. >> romona: he makes a lot of sense. >> mark: the ohio governor. there you go. donald trump flip-flops on the campaign trail in washington and hillary clinton campaign pounces. >> mark: correspondent craig boswell reports now from the nation's capital.
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controversy that he helped promote in just a few words. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. >> reporter: trump blamed hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign for starting the controversy in the first place. earlier, clinton took a jab at trump from her campaign event across town. >> he has led the berther movement to delegit mize our first black >> reporter: clinton later unl unleashed a tweet storm. president obama says he's confident about his birth place. >> i'm shocked that a question like that would come up at a time when we have so many other things to do. >> reporter: while the president wasn't too bothered about the birth controversy, members of the congressional seething. >> donald trump is a disgusting fraud. >> donald trump is nothing more
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>> reporter: trump briefly stopped by rnc headquarters before heading to florida and clinton is back in new york. a new poll shows the two are locked in a statistical tie when third party candidates are included. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> romona: the third party candidates green party nominee joel stein did not meet the polling criteria to qualify for the first two presidential debates. ? gave proof through the ? ? that our flag was still there ? >> mark: you recognize him as john lipnou. he's going to campaign for hillary clinton. he's going to be attending canvas kickoffs and phone banks encouraging young people to get involved. he's probably known as his best role for third rock from the sun. remember that. that's a good show. coming up next at 4:00, we busted drivers for speeding through local school zones and
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questions, the city hired more crossing guards. >> romona: but they are helping to make school zones safer. plus flu protection in the pill. how birth control is working to keep women healthy this flu
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. after we questioned the city of cleveland about unmanned school crossings, cleveland 19 got results.
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are being hired. but orlo wants to know has this had any effect on drivers speeding through school zones? >> 46 miles per hour. that's our champion so far. 46. >> reporter: the speeds from radar readings in the first report were troubling. in the school zone in front of euclid park, there was no crossing zone and the school zone lights which have to be turned on manually were off. >> 34 >> reporter: we return to the same spot today. again with our radar gun. there was a school crossing guard on duty and the school's own flashing lights had been turned on. for the most part, speeds were slower. upper 20s to about 32. >> 19. >> reporter: it's tough to hide with a radar gun with your hand. drivers are quick to hit the brake when you're spotted. >> he's slowing down. 18. >> reporter: having a crossing
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lights on seem to be working, but not on everyone. >> this guy is moving. 35. >> reporter: we got a single finger salute from a driver and others swore. but for the most part, people slowed down. most of the comments from passing cars and moms were positive. >> you saw the story. >> i was in the story. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: so we did okay, huh? >> yes. you guys did great. thank you so much. >> reporter: god bless you. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. thank up some of the shortage by having some current crossing guards double up. one school with an early arrival or dismissal and then going to a nearby school with a later arrival or dismissal. well, 29 miles per hour is improvement. still speeding. what we really need out here is an officer with a voice to get some tickets. whether that will happen is anyone he is guess. but for now it's clear asking questions about the situation gt a great answer. getting answers, paul orlousky,
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>> mark: orlo, thank you. at the time we pointed out the problem, there were 84 vacancies. there are 82 applicants for that crossing guard in various places. if you need orlo to get answers about something happening in your neighborhood, send him an e-mail to orlo at some women have protection against the flu without even realizing it. that's because it's in some birth control. researchers at john hopkins say a f women from the flu. doctors say progesterone found in most forms of birth control appear to reduce inflammation. it also helps repair damaged lung cells. a lab in philadelphia has created a vaccine to battle the zika virus. the fda just approved it for human testing. what makes this vaccine different is that it is not live. it is fully synthetic and created entirely on a computer. doctors say the synthetic virus
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infected with zika later. get ready for a wet and potentially stormy weekend. >> romona: yep. jeff tanchak is tracking storms that will be moving into the area over night. >> jeff: that's when the first wave could get in here. tomorrow is going to be the worse out of the two weekend days which is good for the browns game. but everything else going on tomorrow, tomorrow night, you're going to be dodging the rain. it's not going to be raining all of the time, but the threat will be there. now, all of this will come as we're going to be dealing with a warmer night here. 8:00, low to mid 70s. in fact, with the humidity going up, it might even feel a little sticky out there. 11:00, still at least upper 60s. but it's showing cleveland here at 74. and at 2:00 in the morning, look at this, we don't move much. we're still being 70 degrees, even warmer in spots. and early tomorrow morning. so these temperatures are going to be warm for this time of year. current shot of the satellite and radar just indicating some cloud cover.
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but that will be changing, i think, later this evening. you see this first batch of moisture moving through indianapolis. that's what is going to come in, i think, later on tonight. and the main front is all the way out here. so until this thing passes, which won't be until later sunday, we've got bans of moisture here. waves of rain and storms that will continue to develop. and then we'll just try to time these out for you. this is the latest on the future view model. 8:00 tonight, we're d dry. by 2:00 a.m., we start to see some showers and storms. certainly by tomorrow morning here, 8:00, showers and storms in the area. so that will be the case throughout the day with breaks in between. during the afternoon, we'll get some daytime heating going between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. more showers and storms. tomorrow night we'll be dealing with the same thing. showers and storms, especially in the evening. but here is the change on
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rain. in fact, i removed the alert on sunday. i think it's just going to be isolated afternoon showers and storms. then the front comes through. and by monday, we're dry again. that's typically how it works. east wind 8 to 13 knots out there on the lake this evening and waves around a foot. tribe game 77 first pitch. 75 in the late innings and a beautiful night for baseball. big series against the tigers. 69 the low tonight. showersnd it's going to be warm and muggy. upper 60s as well in the akron-canton area. humid tomorrow. waves of rain and storms or we would have approaching 80. so, you know, it's going to be a warm day for this time of year. 74 at 11:00. upper 70s to near 80 at 2:00 and 5:00. but i don't know how much you can do outside tomorrow with these waves of rain and storms coming through. and then an alert tomorrow night for showers and storms.
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81. pretty warm for the browns game and humid. spotty showers and storms. i can't rule out a shower or storm during the game. but the coverage will be small. sunny on monday. 80. tuesday mostly sunny. 79. look at this, wednesday 81. thursday 80. we are dry and warmer than normal most of next week. ramona. >> romona: all right. some good news for kids and millennials. nickelodeon is theme park inspired by all of your favorite cartoons.
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. trending here today. some exciting news for nickelodeon fans. >> romona: and another sighting of the lockness monster.
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of neste today. >> mark: that's awesome. >> romona: he was driving around when he stumbled across the remarkable sight. it shows a two yard long silver creature swimming away with his head bobbing away and tail flapping in the water. >> i love it. >> romona: oh, my. >> mark: you remember the first part of that story was he works as a whiskey -- all right. he might have had a little bit of that when he took the photo. i don't know. but the whiskey, so it's fine. >> romona: that was great. >> mark: good for him. nobody likes getting a parking ticket. one small town in virginia is making it a little easier. you donate ten canned goods and you're in the clear. >> romona: oh. >> mark: the department facebook page gets a lot of great feedback. things like incredible and congratulations to my home town are being written. the department says the canned goods donations will be going on through december 31st. this isn't just a one week thing. carl monday will reveal how not to do parking tickets coming up
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that. yes. yet ready for some 90s nostalgia. nickelodeon is planning to build a giant theme park in new jersey spanning eight acres. nickelodeon universe is set to be the biggest indoor theme park in america. it will feature rides based on some of the network's most powerful shows like teenage mutant ninja turtles and spongebob squarepants. >> mark: also that's fun stuff. absolutely. i feel i have a fighting chance because of you, mr. monday. >> romona: chief investigator carl monday is getting results for drivers who were wrongly ticketed in cleveland. were you one of them? find out next at 4:00. plus a case of road rage that will make anyone mad. a school bus driver takes on a
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. here is a live look at the feazel roof camera in downtown cleveland. we're keeping a close eye on the weather right now. jeff tanchak is tracking some thunderstorms headed our way. he'll have an updated forecast. that's coming up. and a carl monday investigation uncovering parking problems in cleveland. last year the city issued more than $8 million in parking tickets. now it may have to pay s that money back. >> romona: yes. some of those drivers may have been wrongly ticketed when legitimate parking liters were placed in a -- meters were placed in a no parking zone. >> mark: now carl is getting answers and getting results for those drivers. >> reporter: uh-oh. it happened again. >> parking ticket every day. >> reporter: every day? >> every day. same old thing. >> reporter: anthony has wracked up dozens of parking tickets after the meter expired.
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>> reporter: that has to be pretty frustrating. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: but not nearly as frustrating as putting money in the meter. when you come back, there's still time left on the meter. but you still get a parking ticket. >> i can't make this up. >> reporter: no, don simpson didn't make it up. it really happened. and after we began investigating, we learned it could have happened to dozens, possibly hundreds of motorists who parked in downtown cleveland. back in march of this year, simpson pulled his chrysler mini van into a parking lot and deposited coins into meter number 5398. when he returned to his van, he found a present on his windshield complements of the city of cleveland. >> i noticed i had a parking ticket on my car. i immediately checked the meter to see had it expired and it had not. >> reporter: turns out, simpson wasn't ticketed for an expired meter. he was cited for parking in a no parking zone.
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city's own parking enforcement bureau shows the city posted a no parking any time sign on a utility pole pointed in the direction of a row of working parking meters. >> something is funny here. >> reporter: it sure seems like it. especially when simpson went back to the location to take pictures and discovered the no parking any time sign had been removed, replaced by a two hour parking sign. yes, the city was now saying it was legal to park there. >> something is not right when they sign and then tell me that my pictures don't match. >> reporter: in may he sent the pictures along with a written challenge to the clerk of courts. a month later, he was informed that the parking hearing officer had made a ruling that he was parked unlawfully and there was insufficient basis to reverse the citation and that $25 fine it's now 50 bucks. >> 50 bucks is 50 bucks.
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have paid the $50 a long time ago. if it's not for you, i feel that i have a fighting chance because of you, mr. monday. >> reporter: we accepted the challenge and marched right to the justice center in the parking enforcement bureau to talk to the man in charge. >> hey. >> that's me. >> reporter: have you got a second? >> yes. >> reporter: brian mahone is the hearing officer who reviews all disputed tickets, including don simpson's. the fact that he put money in the on the meter but he still got a ticket. that's our question. why did he get a ticket? >> i couldn't tell you why he gets a ticket. >> reporter: why did you uphold the ticket. during our surprise picket, mahone reviewed the case and admitted it's the first of its kind in its ten years of ruling on disputed tickets. so it looks like maybe the city had the wrong sign up there? >> that's what it looks like to me. i mean, because there shouldn't -- if they have it going both
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have the meter there. >> the fact that they changed it suggests maybe they made a mistake? >> it would seem that way. >> reporter: a mistake we've now learned could involve more than just don simpson. we reviewed all tickets issued to motorists cited for parking illegally at 21st and prospect. we found 39. and that's just the first three months of this year. how many other locations has it happened at? we went to city hall for answers and talked to the man who oversees parking enforcem public works director michael cox who admits they messed up. >> we are owning up that we made mistakes here. we did not do -- we did not have what we need to have and people got confused. >> reporter: after we brought it to their attention, they're now investigating to find out what happened. he believes the miscommunication mixup involves repaving the prospect avenue, a project that involved the ohio department of transportation, a private
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here. so what we have to do is figure out what went wrong and correct it before it happens again. >> reporter: cox says the city will try to help anyone who was wrongly ticket ed. they're working with the clerk of courts to come up with a solution. >> you weren't trying to break the law. >> that's why i fed the meter. >> reporter: and now it's up to 50 bucks and the meter is running. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: no need to feed the meter today. the meters have all been removed. replaced by -- here, let me show another no parking any time sign. the reason, we're told, is a bike lane that now runs down prospect avenue. getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> romona: and you can bet carl is going to stay on top of this one to make sure the city makes things right for those wrongly ticketed drivers. if you believe you were given a ticket by mistake in this spot, e-mail carl at
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mark. all right. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> mark: get into a look at what is going on out there. it's a beautiful night. absolutely gorgeous. i would be willing to bet that just below that camera shot, there are cars out there. there you go. [ laughing ] >> mark: 77 in and out of the city. looks to be moving along at a good clip. looks like everybody got the friday flu and got out a little early. good news for them. a c caught on camera. and these aren't your typical angry drivers here. this went down between a fedex truck and a school bus. here we go. this happened in lakewood, new jersey. you don't have to be a parent to be freaked out by the way the school buses actually swerving in. did you see that? swerving in and out of the lanes. in the video, you can see the bus driving on the wrong side of the road attempting to pass the fedex truck. the truckdriver then tries to
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into oncoming traffic. >> both vehicles are on the other side of the road. and it was just a second or two later when they both got on this side that a car came the other way. >> mark: fortunately no kids were on the bus. they have a copy of the video and they're investigating. >> romona: you look at that. you just don't believe people can be that -- >> mark: how did they get that bus to maneuver like that. that's my question. all right. got some more news for you. the cit o asking governor kasich for help after pictures showing just how bad the heroin epidemic is there. that picture went viral and it sparked global outrage. the city posted these photos on social media. you've seen them of a 4-year-old boy in the back seat of an suv. in the front, the child's grandmother and her friend were passed out from an apparent drug overdose. columbiana county says he hopes the images will put a spotlight
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problem. >> the child in the photograph is -- represents thousands and thousands of other children in similar circumstances. if it gets the attention of the state legislature and the governor's office, that's a good thing. >> romona: since those pictures were taken last week, eight other people in east liver pool overdosed and one has died. east liverpool says more resources are needed to fight the epidemic. they are ag for more money. the county, state and federal funding was flashed by hundreds of thousands of dollars this year. meanwhile, president obama is pushing a new plan to fight the deadly heroin and opioid addiction affecting so many american families. hanna daniels is getting answers on the impact it will have here in ohio. [ siren ] >> reporter: with heroin and opioid epidemic killing almost
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obama administration is now renewing its strategy to fight the public health crisis. according to usa today, the justice department plan calls for law enforceent to identify links between overprescribing doctors and distribution networks across the country. prosecutors are being urged to more readily share information across state lines. >> the only way that we reduce demand is if we're providing treatment and thinking about this as a public health problem and not just a criminal ob plan comes as opioid deaths whether caused by pain pills or heroin jumped 372% from 2000 to 2014. west virginia, new mexico, new hampshire, kentucky and ohio had america's five deadliest rates. henna daniels, cbs news >> romona: the justice department guidance will reportedly be sent to all 94 u.s. attorney offices next week. if you or someone you know is
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can help you spot the warning signs. head to and click on the your health tab to learn the signs of addiction. always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: we're going to be tracking the showers and the storms. again, we're not expecting this to be severe, nor do i expect any kind of flooding situation. it's just going to be waves of rain and storms from time to time here. actually starting later on tonight. soe' evening. the risk will start after 11:00. so that will put it over night. you might get some rain and storms going into tomorrow morning. and then waves of which coming through. not only tomorrow but even through tomorrow night. the threat will go down on sunday, which is good obviously for the browns game there. as i mentioned, not expecting anything severe with this. we did warm up. in fact, we're up to 82. high for the day in cleveland.
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but most areas now 80 or better. mansfield, wooster, akron-canton at 81. it's going to be pretty warm for the friday night football games. download the cleveland 19 first alert weather app. we have big changes coming in the coming days. i think you're going to like the changes that we have coming up. but this is the most accurate app in town. and we'll update you on the hourlies as well. 6:00, 78. 73 at 8:00. here you go. 2:00 in the morning, that's when the threat o will begin to go up. and look at how warm it's going to be in downtown cleveland around 70 still over night. so we have the alert that will start late tonight. waves of rain and storms tomorrow and tomorrow night. but, oh, look at this on sunday. better news there. just isolated showers and storms around. 79 the high tomorrow. pretty mild and humid. but waves of rain and storms. 69 at 7:00 a.m.
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and 5:00 rain and storms and humid. akron-canton that's wrong. that should say showers and storms. all right. so i'll have more on the weekend details coming up here in a little bit. guys, back to you. whoa. hello exploding smart phones. sparking a massive recall. most people who have these dangerous devices haven't returned them yet. the consumer alert is coming up staple is getting healthier. we'll tell you all about the big
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. a consumer alert class tonight. the consumer product is warning users of the samsung galaxy note 7 to turn off their phones immediately. >> romona: about 1 million of
4:44 pm
officials say the battery defect could cause the device to overheat and spark a fire. now the president of samsung is apologizing. kris van cleave is getting answers on the recall. >> reporter: as this demonstration shows, even a small lithium ion battery can call flames if it malfunctions. it calls the galaxy samsung 7 phone a the samsung president apologized. >> we did not meet the standard you expect and deserve. for that, we apologize. >> reporter: the only way to fly with the phone is by turning it off, keeping it unplugged on board and out of checked badge bag baggage. >> we strongly suggest this. for an airline, we're not going
4:45 pm
>> reporter: senior editor at scene it. he said samsung fumbled. >> the whole recall process took a lot longer than anybody thought because samsung tried to do it by themselves at first. >> reporter: the cpsc agrees. samsung should have brought in the government right away to handle the recall. >> it's not a recipe for a successful recall for a company to go out on its own. >> reporter: 97% of the phones sold in the u.s. have the defective battery. so far only 130,000 have been exchanged for a fixed device and there are reports the cpsc is looking into other samsung devices that have had reports of fires. kris van cleave, cbs news, bethesda, maryland. the new iphones officially went on sale today. apple fans are lining up for the phones, even though most of them are already sold out. the more expensive 7 plus is sold out in every color also. the smaller model is sold out in jet black.
4:46 pm
carriers may have them in stock, though. well, we found people here in northeast ohio actually camping out over night outside of the apple store just to get their hands on a new iphone. we're going to share that story coming up at 5:00. okay. don't tell your kids, but those cups of instant noodles are getting healthier. the makers of ramen noodles are slashing the sodium and adding natural flavor like other food makers, cup of noodles is adjusting to america's hunger for more natural ingredients. >> romona: yum, yum. >> mark: that does spark -- when you see that label. >> romona: yes. >> mark: memories. >> romona: memories of college. >> mark: that's it. denise, what's coming up at 5:00? >> denise: it sure does. continuing coverage at 5:00 on developing stories. the second body of a woman found in ashland has now been
4:47 pm
that case formally charged. plus remembering officer kenneth valez. reaction continues to pour in about the 27 year veteran of the ohio state patrol. we're going to hear from a neighbor who has known him since he was a kid. and cutting positions and programs in one local district is worrying after a $15 million budget deficit is discovered. how they're hoping to curb the financial crisis coming up at 5:00. and remembering a toddler killed in a hit and run. a mother not only wants justice but awareness about monitoring kids when they're out of now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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. helping you plan your day. >> that is great. >> jeff: it looks like it's going to rain. >> romona: it must be friday. >> mark: it must be. it feels like it. >> romona: all right, jeff, we k know it's going to rain. >> jeff: at times. we know it's unsettled enough that if you have something planned outside, i would maybe lean towards doing the indoor thing tomorrow. even though there's going to be times, there's g periods in there tomorrow. but the risk of rain is going to be all day. and then even tomorrow night. so alert obviously for that. 79. not going to be severe but showers and storms, waves of which coming through. a little concerned about the tribe game tomorrow night. could be a rain delay in there. so stay tuned if you're going to that. 65 the low. but here is the better news on sunday. we took out the alert. we decided to do that because
4:52 pm
you here, isolated showers and storms. a smaller chance on sunday. that will be mainly during the afternoon we can see a popup shower. 81. look at what happens next week. monday. sunny and 80. very pleasant. right around 80 on tuesday. right around 80 on wednesday. m partly cloudy here. and then even staying dry for the most part thursday and even friday of next week. so it is looking like a dryee remains pretty summer-like out there. ramona. >> romona: thank you. a video sure to get your heart pumping. a kitten stuck on a busy highway.
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. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. happy friday, ramona. >> romona: yes. tgif. >> mark: question for you, what percentage of women right now have a free restaurant mint in their purse? >> romona: 75%.
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. well, here is some proof that cats really do have nine lives a tiny kitten fell from an suv on to a road and the poor thing became paralyzed with fear. for three and a half minutes, th of the road until a car stops and they rescue the cat who only suffered a couple of bruises from the fall. >> mark: oh, my gosh. >> romona: thank goodness for the good samaritan. >> mark: that gives you heart palpitations there. >> romona: it's tough to watch. all right. coming up new at 5:00, tattoo trouble. what is causing this horrible
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. getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now.
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pay their respects today. a procession for a state trooper killed in the line of duty. the body of trooper kenneth valez taken from the medical examiner's office to a funeral home in lorraine. a vehicle hit trooper valez on i-90 yesterday afternoon. >> anchor: today the driver was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. investigators say he was high on drugs at the time of the incident. possession and again in 2009 for theft. but today is all about mourning and dealing with a terrible loss. jen picciano joining us live with a touching show of support. jen. >> jen: chris, while we wait for former funeral arrangements to be announced here at the richard j. ready funeral home in lorraine, we got to see lots of people who cared about officer


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