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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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goodbye. jen picciano has the reaction. >> reporter: when it comes time to pay the final respects to officer kenneth valez, friends, loved ones and fellow officers are going to come here to the richard j. ready funeral home in lorraine. and as we witnessed today, even those who didn't know him well, like an 11-year-old we met, were moved by this tragedy. as the law enforcement community prepares to lay one of its own to rest, the rest of the community is saluting highway patrolman kenneth valez. to receive the body of the richard j. ready funeral home. and back in valez's lorain neighborhood, 11-year-old jav yin franklin says he only knew the trooper as a friendly neighbor. >> one day i was walking by and i saw him and he waved at me and i said hi. >> reporter: even though they weren't close, he was upset. >> i felt disappointed, i was sad. >> reporter: he felt compelled to do something to show the
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>> i wrote a paper and it says sorry for your loss. and then i drew a hat and then i gave it to him. >> reporter: without others knowing he was watching, he hand-delivered the letter. what did the family say when you knocked on the door? >> they said thanks and you're so sweet. >> reporter: a special private message to add to the more public ones honoring an officer killed in the line of duty. getting answers in lorraine, jen picciano, cleveland 19 precious thing. trooper valez leaves behind three children, one of which still attends school in the amherst school district. his youngest son is a football player for amherst high school and in less than an hour, he will take to the field to play. harry boomer is live at the stadium and he tells us there will be a lot of support on the field and in the stands for the valez family. harry. >> reporter: that is absolutely
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the opposing team just came out on the field and the home team is at the other end here. lots of people are coming out. as a matter of fact, they're passing out these blue balloons. they're going to pass out 1,000 of these filled with helium. and just before the start of the game, they're going to release them. officer valez's family, all of the three kids, his son christian is a 10th grader. he's going to start tonight as middle linebacker. a talk with the athletic director said he was going to start anyway but tonight makes it all the more special. mr. casey wolf. >> first of all, thoughts and prayers go to the valez family. obviously a very tough time for them. but i think what you're going to see here tonight is a resilient community that rallies around each other when you're in tough times. >> reporter: and they are really in tough times right now as the whole community here in amherst mourns the loss of a trooper valez. this team is resilient.
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and they say they're going to stand together no matter what and surround his son christian tonight with lots of love and cheer. live in amherst, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> romona: thank you, harry. nice they have that support. i want to talk about the suspect in trooper valez's death. he has now been charged with vehicular homicide. in an affidavit to the court, the trooper on the scene says 37-year-old joshua gasbar was high on drugs when he crashed into trooper valez. gasbar be held on a high bond. he is behind bars at the cuyahoga county jail. he will be arraigned tomorrow. and we have some breaking new information from ashland. police have identified the second body found in a home earlier this week. now, they have confirmed the missing woman is elizabeth griffin. she disappeared last month. her body was found earlier this week along with the body of stacy stanley.
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still has not been identified. and today the suspect in those murders shawn michael grate faced a judge for the first time since he was arrested on those kidnapping charges. catherine bosley has been getting answers on the investigation into shawn michael grate and has more on his afternoon in court. >> reporter: with a $1 million bond set, shawn michael grate won't be setting foot outside jail any time soon. he was just arraigned here at the only one in attendance, the media. only done in a few minutes done by skype with shawn michael grate appearing from jail. he's officially caharged with to counts of murder and one count of kidnapping. a woman called 911 saying she was held hostage. it's also where police say they found the bodies of two other women. one just identified as elizabeth griffin.
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stanley who came up missing last week. >> is there anything you would like me to consider when setting bond? mr. grate, is there anything you would like me to consider when setting bond in this case? >> no, your honor. >> reporter: but grate's troubles don't stop here. he's also accused of murdering another woman. in the meantime, his next hearing is scheduled first thing monday morning. >> mar the cleveland 19 investigative unit is getting answers on what shawn grate's life is like behind bars. according to the ashland county jail, grate is being housed in a single cell. has television and come sorry prison. he is a maximum security inmate. his activities are being monitored by camera at least once every 30 minutes and physically once an hour. grate has had no visitors.
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from cleveland. a police officer has been i indicted for negligent homicide in the shooting death of an unarmed breaking and entering suspect. today the family of brandon jones speaking out about that decision. shelby miller is just back from the justice center and she's been getting answers on the investigation. shelby. >> reporter: ramona, the indictment was handed down just over an hour ago. a grand jury charged cleveland patrolman allen beauford with fatally shooting 18-year-old brandon jones outside a park wood avenue store. this happened back in march of 2015. the police officer has been indicted for negligent homicide which is a misdemeanor. the maximum penalty is six months in jail and a $1,000 fine. jones's mother, tanya brown, spoke to us just minutes after finding out about this indictment. she says she wants justice for her son. she does not think this is enough. >> i was happy when i first heard the news. very happy. justice for my baby is who is no longer here.
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this indictment would only give this cop probation. you're just getting probation and my son is dead and gone. you killed and murdered my son. he was unarmed. didn't cause any type of harm to you. was he wrong? yes, he was. did he deserve to die? . no, he did not. you get a slap on the wrist. i asked jones what justice would be for her son. she tells me she believes officer beauford should spend time behind bars. right now in federal court. that will be put on hold while this criminal case runs its course. mark. >> mark: shelby, thank you. the brunswick football team plays again tonight still recovering from controversy over a racist note over a player on social media. that came after 16-year-old rodney axon took a knee during the national anthem after he claims teammates used the n word. racist messages then surfaced on social media. no charges filed yet. the superintendent says the school is getting help from an expert on diversity issues and
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people attending tonight's game. regarding tonight's game against solon he said in a statement, we plan to continue our year's long practice of our team remaining in the locker room during the national anthem at home games. this is no change from how our team has prepared for countless home games in years past. cleveland 19 got answers and results from cleveland schools to get more crossing guards at school zones. but has it had any effect o we're getting answers to that coming up next. jeff. all right, guys. it's a warm early evening here. we're going to stay that way throughout the night. check out the forecast. 82 right now in cleveland. 7:00, 76. we'll basically be in the 70s here and pretty humid. then the showers and storms we have an alert day coming up tomorrow. details on that straight ahead. a blind 9/11 survivor is talking about his escape from
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they say i lost jobs and drained the rainy day fund. well friends, i was governor during the great national recession - and we all know it was raining pretty hard. so i used the rainy day fund - because i wouldn't cut education or local police and fire. and we balanced the budget every year. attack ads are easy. leading in a crisis is hard.
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. live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 after we questioned the city about school crossings that were unmanned at the start of the school and school year, we got results. more guards were ultimately deployed and more are being hired. >> romona: but there is another question. has it had any effect on driver's speeding through school zones? paul orlousky has been getting answers.
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>> reporter: 46 miles per hour. that's our champion so far. 46. there was no crossing guard and the school zone lights which have to be turned on manually were off. 34 on a motorcycle. we return to the same spot today. again, with our radar gun. there was a school crossing guard on duty and the school zone flashing lights had been turned on. for the most part, speeds were slower. upper 20s to about 32. >> 19. >> reporter: it's tough to hide with a radar gun in hand. drivers are quick to hit the brakes when spotted. he's slowing down. 18. >> that's right, baby. >> reporter: having a crossing graurd on baby seemed to be working but not on everyone.
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35. >> reporter: we got a single finger salute. most of the passing comments were positive. you saw the story? >> i was in the story. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: so we did okay, huh? >> yes. you did great. thank you so much. >> reporter: god bless you. >> thank you. i appreciate it. thank you. >> reporter: the city has mad up some of the shortage by having some current crossing guards double up. do one school with an early arrival or dismissal and then going to a nearby school with a later arrival or di well, 29 miles per hour. it's improvement. still speeding. what we really need out here is an officer with a voice card to get tickets. whether that will happen is anyone's guess. for now it's clear asking questions about the situation got a great answer. getting answers, paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> romona: at the time we pointed out the problem, there were 81 vacancies. that is now down to 64. there are currently 82 applicants for crossing guard positions.
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your neighborhood, send him an e-mail to at 5:00 we heard from a survivor of the 9/11 trade center attacks. michael hingeston spoke about his experience with the students at the university schools as part of the george spencer iii lecture series. spencer was an alum of the university of university school who died in the 9/11 attacks. hingston says advantage over those with sight because his observations were so different when they entered the stairwell. >> almost immediately i began smelling an odor. it took me a few minutes to realize i was smelling from what i usually smelled at the airport. >> mark: he continues to explain how his friend went a floor ahead and shouted up to him telling him everybody he
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beacon to everyone moving down that stairwell to safety. always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. well, we're good to go here. at least through early evening. it's a partly cloudy sky out there right now. and it's looking like we're not going to see that big of a drop in temperature here. 75 in cleveland. forecast at 8:00, 72 there in wooster. and it's a bit of a feel because of the humidity that will be going up. you can see 11:00 we're still in the 70s in many spots. 2:00 in the morning, few areas into the upper 60s and then tomorrow morning it's going to be around 70. but that's also about the time here you see 8:00 a.m. here around 70. that's also the time that we're going to get that first wave of showers and storms. so there you see the high cloud cover out there right now. and, you know, that first batch
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into some dryer air. you know, i was pretty impressed because mark nolan when he came into the studio today before the news, he said, hey, this is probably going to fizzle out. the guy still knows weather. i love it. always on top of things. fantastic. but, yes, he's right. it does look like that first batch is going to weaken. but as we continue to juice things up eventually the threat of showers and storms will be there. and you see what is happening out to the west. especially this stuff right here aroundt. here. and then there's the front and it's pretty slow moving. it's going to be with us throughout the weekend. first alert details now. waves of rain and storms. it will actually start after 11:00 tonight. this is not going to be severe. could see a few downpours, though. but enough so that it could ruin your weekend plans for a time. especially tomorrow. here is 2:00 in the morning. and we start to see perhaps a little bit of rain in the sandusky area.
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8:00 a.m. i think we're going to have showers and storms around. a humid day. a lot of cloud cover. but it won't be raining all of the time. in fact, the way it looks right now, i would say early morning and then again later on in the afternoon. that will be the time frame there where we could be looking at some rain and storms. and then into the evening. so keep that in mind for the tribe game tomorrow night. we could be dealing with some showers and storms there at times. but here is the sunday just isolated stuff. so we actually took the -- and that will mainly be in the afternoon so we took the alert out for sunday. waves around a foot out there on the lake this evening. tribe game tonight 77 at first pitch. beautiful night for baseball. we're not going to drop that much in temperature. partly cloudy, 69 the low tonight with showers and storms. akron-canton 68. showers and storms developing later on this evening and over
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waves of rain and storms and it's going to be humid. 74 at 11:00 in the morning tomorrow. and i have us at about 78 at 2:00. and that will be the deal tomorrow night. another warm one. 65. sunday mixed sky. humid. 81 for the high. so i think for the kickoff for the browns game we could be around 80. and then monday sunny, 80. look at looking dry. around 80 degrees. that's above normal. >> romona: nice, beautiful weather. >> mark: solid work. >> jeff: thanks. [ laughing ] >> romona: mark would know. [ laughing ] here's a look -- come on, you know you miss weather. >> mark: no, i don't. here is a look at what is coming up on cbs 21. we start things off at 8:00 with los angeles and then
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hours at 9:00 and 10:00 and we hope you'll stay up with us for cleveland 19 news at 11:00. tony is over at progressive field getting ready for the
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. now is the chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> reporter: this series reminds me of 2007 mid september. the last time the indians clinched the division title. tigers came in and knocked them out and a few days later clinch the division title. here we are again. and how and why it all came together. what a phenomenal run this has been. mark napoli leading the way. 33 homeruns. when he hits him, the scoreboard can tell you. he hits him. i asked him today because he's won a world series before with the red sox.
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something special. >> i mean, we started playing baseball -- good baseball in the middle of the year. we know we're a confident group and go out there and try to execute a plan. we have good players on this team and we know that we can win on a daily basis. we're in a good position. still some baseball >> tony: john was supposed to be activated. tito telling us goems has a fracture in the right wrist. no timetable on if and when he'll return. let's talk about the browns. sunday is going to be a big, big day. that's going to kick off around 10:00 in the morning when they honor brown. brown has been much more active with the team this year than in years past. a couple of reasons for that. certainly he should be that way. he's the greatest running back in nfl history and he played
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pretty big fan. >> the things that he's imparted to me i will always treasure and remember about this game and about this organization and about his love and passion for the cleveland browns and for the city, for the fans. i mean, he is -- he's a walking cleveland brown at the end of the day is what he is and that shows all of the time and that comes right from him. that's from his heart. >> tony: great stuff. we'll be all over it on coach join me every sunday morning. don't forget under the lights mark schwab, anthony lima, nick
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. okay. happy weekend everybody. i guess it's here for most of us. rain and storms. waves of which coming through tomorrow. 79 into tomorrow night. so alerts there. heads up. 65 the low. but sunday just some spotty showers and storms. smaller chance. no alerts. it's going to be humid and 81 degrees to wind down the
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for joining us at 6:00. cbs news is next. >> romona: we hope to see you i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump tries to shake the birther issue. >> president barack obama was born in united states. period. >> pelley: but sets off an explosion of anger. >> donald trump is nothing more than a two-bit racial who for decades has done nothing but fan the flames of bigotry and hatred. >> pelley: also tonight, the f.b.i. patch. why director comey puts tape over his webcam and says you should, too. tattoo dangers. what is that needle injecting into your skin? >> we really don't know what's


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