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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. now at 5:00 more legal problems for josh gordon. this time it involves a paternity test that's long overdue. more on that in a bit. we begin with a tragic accident. >> denise: unthinkable. a 2-year-old boy is dead after falling from his 11th floor apartment. >> catherine bosley is joining us live in willoughby hills with the catherine? >> indeed. a tragedy the willoughby hills police department has to deal with investigating exactly what happened at the willoughby hills apartment complex and looks like it was an accident. >> 11 stories down from the apartment where he lived. >> you don't want to see this happen to anybody. >> the detectives on the scene
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apartment security guard. >> i have a little boy that i guess fell off the top of this apartment building. he is lying down. >> the security guard referred to him as anthony suttles, jr. no one actually saw what happened and the detectives say a look at his bedroom and it is easy to put toying. sometime after the boy was put to bed he managed to climb into his bedroom windowsill. >> he broke through the screen almost as if he pushily on the screen and the screen came loose. >> can you tell if it is a boy or girl? >> it's a boy, oh, my god. >> no one can say how long little anthony was on the ground detectives say it is a grimmie reminder for all parents. >> a reminder children are able to climb up on things and the lesson is, keep away from windows, especially if you are up that many stories. >> reporter: we are told the
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as they got to the scene but it was just too late and they have yet to talk to the parents about exactly what happened and right now they can't get in touch with them. they believe they are with family somewhere. >> reporter: getting answers in willoughby hills, catherine bosley, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you. the city of charlotte, north carolina is on edge after a night of protests that left a dozen police officers hurt. the unrest grew after the fatal shooting of a man yesterday afternoon. police say officers were for the subject of a warrant. and they noticed keith scott had a weapon. >> mr. scott as i said exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers and officer brentley vinson subsequently fired his weapon. >> they didn't tell you what happened. they tried to cover it up.
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reading a book waiting to pick up his son from school. police say no book was found at the scene. the shooting led to several mass protests and calls for economic boycott of charlotte. protests in tulsa, oklahoma, too after a deadly police shooting. >> the confrontation was captured on video. now the victim's family is demanding justice. utility vehicle was idling in the middle of the road friday night. his hands were up and walking. >> he is still walking? >> crutcher failed to obey officer's commands and tried to reach inside his vehicle. the 40-year-old father of four was tased by one officer and shot by another. >> shots fired. >> this is clearly a case of excessive force. >> reporter: in an attempt to refute the police department's
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benjamin crump shows the driver's side window was up. >> how could he be reaching into the car if the window is up and blood is on the glass. >> reporter: according to kotv cbs affiliate, a police sergeant says they found a vial of the hallucinogenic drug pcp along with his wallet and school books. scott wood representing betty shelby monday said she pulled the trigger in fear for they went from hey, man is this your car all the way up to literally screaming at him to stop what he was doing. >> that was manuel reporting. >> the shooting was captured on three different cameras, helicopter and two dash cams. none of the officers were wearing body cams. >> here at home, friends and family are remembering state
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>> the funeral is set for tomorrow. denise zarrella is live in elyria with the latest tonight. >> reporter: so many people coming out here tonight. streams and streams, steady streams of people coming to the field house at lorain county community college to pay final respects to trooper kenneth velez. we talked to many friends and many people who knew him and many start laughing when they talk how funny he was and get upset when they think of a a long line of mourners forms at the entrance of the ewing center field house at the campus of lorain county community college. >> carrying kenneth velez arrives hours earlier. >> the casket carried into the building laying in state. >> trooper velez served his community for three decades. >> she went to high school with trooper velez. >> i we want to high school with kenny.
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and he was a friendly guy. and how long between visits and was always happy to see you and give you a warm hug and kiss and he is a great, great man. >> i was told by representatives of the state highway patrol velez leaves behind three children and leaves behind his parents that still live in this area tomorrow and expecting law enforcement from nine different states a funeral officers will be here at 10a .m live in elyria denise zarrella, cleveland 19. thank you, denise. more legal troubles for cleveland browns wide receiver josh gordon and failed to take a paternity test more than a year ago and the court issued a warrant for his arrest. a maple heights woman is
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the browns have no comment. republican presidential nominee donald trump made a stop in cleveland today and participated in a round table discussion with local african-american pastors boxing promoters don king introduced trump. what he said may have overshadowed trump's message entirely. you will hear it on cleveland 19 news at 6:00. all right. a beautiful day again. oh, my gosh. >> this is a winning streak. >> it is awesome. continues. >> we wanted to keep it going. >> one more warm day where we will be in the 80s again tomorrow. it happened to be the first day of fall. pleasant night. gorgeous night for the tribe game. >> we turn cooler by the end of the week and weekend. i bumped up those temperatures and does not look as cool as what we were thinking yesterday. 83 akron-canton and sunshining on the north side and you have
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82 cleveland hopkins and 6:00 about 80 to 82 and 7:00, 88. and clear sky and 74. no problems out there whatsoever with the weather. >> and we have an alert next week. i will be talking about that in the next time out. >> chris? >> can you track the latest conditions with the cleveland 19 news first alert weather app for your smart phone or tablet. it is free. akron-canton airport to hopkins. the airline is shifting routes to and from florida, south carolina and georgia and adding nonstop service from new orleans, austin, jacksonville and savannah. cleveland will be among allegiant's top departure cities and it will happen in mid-february. thousands of dollars worth of bikes at a cleveland cycle shop stolen. >> we told you about the story last week. a local security firm is
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mark nolan is here to explain why. >> the owner have been in the sloveniaic village neighborhood for are 45 years now. they sell bikes and repair them, too. >> this is how the thieves do this. jump the fence and break in the back storage area and snatch the bikes. thanks to security, neighbors will be watching. >> john decided he wants to prevent another crime at the bike shop by installing the >> we thought it would be great to support al and marty in their business. sloveniaic village is key community in greater cleveland that by donating cameras and the peace of mind while not in the shop that the shop is safe. they went on to tell us the dollar value of the donation is small. a small business owner helping another is the message they want to spread. getting answers mark nolan
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cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. all right. let's take a live look at the roads right now. really gorgeous out there, isn't it. traffic is moving along beautifully. there is an accident to tell you about memphis fulton park way. going that way, avoid the intersection. a pretty cool distinction for cleveland. the waze navigation app says the city has the third best driving experience. >> traffic experts evaluated its 65 million looked at things like safety, driver services, roads, happiness. cleveland ranked high in access to cars and impact of gas prices. >> not bad. can you expect a lot of traffic around progressive field. the indians are hosting the kansas city royals again. big series, big series. >> the magic number firefighter tribe to clinch a playoff spot
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we had a timely one with the walk off. >> oh, man. >> we have seen it so many times this season. 150 games down. 12 more to go. i doubt they need the full dozen to wrap up the first division title since 2007. these guys have a player for the dramatic. >> this was their 11th walk-off win. >> the hero brandon geier ripping it down line and on goes the march for the central division title. the magic number is 6. we would like to get help from the minnesota twins and hopefully don't roll over playing the tigers this week and for fans and indians to wrap this up during the final home stand. but listen, if they don't, they will go to detroit this week and take care of business there. >> the division title is in their grasp. corey kluber on the mound going for the 18th win.
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it has come together and there's talk about some of the arms of danny salazar back to throwing again hoping to come back in the playoffs and indians continue their march including last night's hero brandon geier at 6:00 denise? >> denise: all right, tony. thank you. still ahead on cleveland 19 news troubling information on the bombings in new york and new
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is
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>> denise: a sigh of relief on wall street. the federal reserve is keeping a key interest rate unchanged. it did send a strong signal likely boosting rates before the end of the year. the fed says the job market continues to strengthen and the economy is improving. >> the new york and new jersey bombing suspect is facing new federal charges. >> that's right. police say he simply we want on-line to buy components for the devices. kenneth craig getting answers the investigation. >> the bomb that exploded in new york city saturday night was made from easy to find materials bought on e bay. a federal complaint shows ahmad khan rahami bought citric acid, batteries, ball bearings this summer and rahami is facing at least 10 federal charges including a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a public place. >> in the near future it is our
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to federal district court for the southern district of new york jurisdiction over the manhattan neighborhood where more than 30 innocent people were wounded and countless others were gravely endangered by bombs. >> prosecutors found video of rahami setting off a pipe bomb in his backyard in elizabeth, new jersey earlier this month. >> investigators say it may have been practice for saturday's attacks in manhattan and the jersey shore. the f.b.i. asked for help wednesday locating two people shown on surveillance video apparently removing an unexploded pressure cooker from a piece of luggage saturday a few blocks from where the other bomb detonated. >> we have no reason to believe they are connected. i can't stress enough they are witnesses at this time. authorities say the men took the suit case. investigators want it back for evidence. >> reporter: in linden, new jersey, kenneth craig, cleveland 19. rahami and a girlfriend had
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school. the exgirlfriend was granted soul custody of the child yesterday. now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert to tell about you. samsung is replacing the galaxy note 7 phones starting today. they plan to have about 500,000 units available. that's enough to replace half the devices recalled over battery issues. some were catching fire. samsung will have replacements by the end of t move over facebook. keegle has its own messaging service. it is called allo. google says it includes group messaging and can you add photos. the app can also learn from your conversations, suggest things for to you say and even learn to mimic your speech style so you don't have to talk to anyone at all. >> chris: computers are taking over.
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the holidays in january. fedex expecting a record christmas season. the company plans to hire more than 50,000 temporary workers. >> ready for this? >> baskin-robbins testing home delivery. that's dangerous. joining with the company door dash for the service. sister brand done dunkin' donuts testing delivery in l.a. and chicago. no word when or even if those services may come ohio. >> 50 pounds of german chocolate cake, please. >> deliver away. >> all right. >> we are clearing out this deck of high cloud cover we had a couple of hours ago. >> 8:00 in the morning. similar story upper 50s to low 60s like we saw this morning. by 11:00 a.m. we are approaching 80. similar situation. okay. we will have the lake breeze
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lakeshore and inland well in the 80s. i went with 86 for the high tomorrow. most areas hit that today. when we get to friday we have cooler air that is coming from the northeast now. friday 77. more humid friday and saturday 74. it doesn't look as cool and yesterday hi us in the upper 60s saturday and sunday. now it looks sunday 76. it should be dry over the weekend and next week more unsettled. >> we will deal with a slow-moving system to the west of us here. we have some showers in the forecast on tuesday. that's going to be the best opportunity of rain coming up next week and the next alert day. as far as the muggy meter goes, just on the lower end of the muggy tonight and tomorrow. by friday it will feel a little
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goes down into the weekend. >> how about it. 10 first pitch tribe game tony z was telling us. partly cloudy sky and gorgeous night for baseball. 77 at first pitch there and 74 in the late innings. eventually about 58 overnight here with partly cloudy skylight wind clear sky, akron-canton and you will be dropping to clouds by afternoon. 86 the high. here is the planner, 65 at 8:00 a.m. 80 at 11:00. 86 at 2:00 in the afternoon and lake breeze will kick in late day. >> down to 60 overnight and mild. humid friday and mixed sky here. 77. saturday we will feature more clouds. i went mostly cloudy and a comfortable 74.
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mixed sky saturday and sunday and 76 and beautiful at geneva. in geneva for the grape jamboree and next week a few showers and storms monday 77. there's the alert tuesday for scattered rain. we could see a few storms wednesday there. >> i was going to say we have not seen that icon in a while. >> jeff: you might see more of it next week. >> denise: can't stop thinking abou chocolate cake, please. >> chris: coming up, big weekend coming up in cleveland for u-2 fans. a major celebration for the rock
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>> chris: we are keeping a close eye on entertainment and includes a special weekend at
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concert announcement for cleveland. we start with details in the brangelina divorce drama. >> when the war is over. >> some reports claim this may be the reason for the big break up. word of a potential romance between brad pitt and costar of his new movie. some speculate the on-screen romance with mary ann turned into the real thing. a rep for angelina jolie is commenting. ?[ music ] ? and i am stuck here having a record year.? >> chris: country music star eric church coming to cleveland. quicken loans arena making the announcement. church will play the q next year friday february 4th, 2017. tickets go on sale next friday and expected to go fast.
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let it get away. >> denise: it will be a beautiful weekend in cleveland for u-2. the rock hall is celebrating the 40 year anniversary and it includes a full slate of special events this weekend. no word on far whether bono or the edge will be there. >> chris: they are icons in a league of their own. >> denise: they sure are. just amazing talent. >> good time at the rock hall. all right. coming up next at 5:00 race relations and presidential politics. both candidates are talking about police shootings.
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we are one nation under god. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> denise: all right. it is time to talk politics. presidential campaigns now just 47 days away from the november
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deadly shootings in oklahoma and north carolina now sparking discussions of race relations on the campaign trail. ryan nobles is covering campaign 2016 live in d.c another day, another topic, ryan. >> that's for sure denise and chris. the thing about this race so far candidates haven't been able to set the agenda. they have been forced to respond to big events shootings in charlotte and tulsa and re race and law enforcement and it is something donald trump and hillary clinton come at from different perspectives. >> americans around the country are once again reacting to the news of civilians killed by police. >> the police shot my daddy four times. >> major protests. >> the candidates for president are responding. >> i must tell you, i watched the shooting in particular in tulsa.
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terrible, terrible situation. we have sensors. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in thiessen counters. >> it is unbearable. it needs to become intolerable. the relationship of law enforcement and black community is a flash point in the presidential race. hillary clinton's approach has helped her maintain huge leads with african-american volters. >> we have got to do better. >> i know we can. surrendering their support. touch spent wednesday morning at a black church in cleveland defending law enforcement in general. >> we respect our police greatly. they will just have to get better and better and better. >> also suggested it is democratic leadership that let african-americans down. clinton believes trump's rhetoric is racism. and made policing a central part of her campaign.
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lives who shouldn't have. >> it is a conflict that won't be solved by election day and will be a major issue for the next president as soon as they take office. >> reporter: it is too close to election day to see a major shift among african-american voters from one candidate to another. a small move of a few percentage points could play an important role in a key swing state like north carolina where we are seeing unrest and play a big role in who winsnd >> chris and denise. >> good point. >> a new report on "washington post" about touch's use of his foundation. any response from the campaign so far? he has been teflon to these reports. >> reporter: yeah, you know. this is a yoman's job by "washington post" reporter david who has gone into the claims donald trump made about charitable giving leading him to
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uses funds from the foundation and this is money he has collected from others to be used for charitable reasons he used to settle lawsuits. he argues this could be illegal. but the trump campaign and campaign manager pushing back saying when trump used money to settle lawsuits is with a charitable issue at the heart of it. >> they have not gotten into the specifics of what they mean by trump especially because he brags so often about charitable donations and campaign manager saying he does most of those behind-the-scenes. >> the problem is most questions would be answered if he just released his tax returns which of course he has yet to do. >> you have read my mind. we are five days away from the first debate. how is donald trump setting expectations for that showdown?
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for people who are undecided. the first debate always the most important denise. this is my favorite campaign where both sides will work the referees working into the debate. matt lauer did a very good job. but by trying to hit matt, they are trying to game the system like game the ref and i think lester holt will be very fair. a lot of people will watch to see if it is t i think lester holt will be fair, if not we will keep a close eye on it and talked about matt lauer and the heat matt lauer took for not asking tough enough questions from the commander and chief forum a couple of weeks ago. hillary clinton's communications director jennifer mr. mary saying they hope lester holt asks trump tough questions and moderators fact check trump if
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true. that's a difficult thing to do especially on the fly for someone like lester holt up there all by himself setting the stage for quite a bit of drama, five days from tonight. >> all right, ryan. thanks. ryan nobles live in d.c a new poll out on the presidential race. >> this is focused on ohio volters. >> dan deroos is in the answer center with details. >> dan: we are able to take an average of five major polls done in ohio just talking trump versus clinton and polls are major ones. suffolk, cnn and quinnipiac. >> when we use real clear politics to follow, april red line, donald trump, can you see hillary clinton in ohio and they have had a sufficient lead throughout and two and a half point lead and the biggest lead
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46-41. a full five point lead in late august and take a look at august. trump has been surging in ohio doing a lot of campaigning here and started to run ads in ohio and takes his first lead on the 14th. but when we get to current. september 18th, trump up 45- 43.8. that's big shift. more than a last month. trump starting to make noise here in ohio. >> from the answer center, dan deroos, cleveland 19. >> denise: to stay updated can you find updates on or facebook and twitter. >> chris: stormy politically and weatherwise nothing but sunshine. >> i know. it is beautiful, jeff. especially this time of year. could be chillier.
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we are 10-plus degrees above that and we will be that way tomorrow. >> a lake breeze. 77 ashtabula and everybody else in the 80s and rebounded back up to 82 cleveland hopkins and 87 now in dover new philly. about 74 at 8:00 and once the sunsets temperatures will drop with the clear sky. 65 at 2 a.m. and 63 at 5:00 and downtown cleveland and sunny skies and a gorgeous night. warm tomorrow back up in the 80s. starting friday headed into the weekend, the trend will be cooler. not as chilly over the weekend is what we were thinking yesterday. the next alert day will be here tuesday. scattered showers. so this will not be a big rain situation we don't think right now.
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system next week and it will be slow-moving. the risk of rain will actually start monday of next week. increasing clouds, though, tomorrow and yes, this is the first day of fall. it gets in here like 10:21 in the morning or something. don't do that egg thing, it doesn't work, okay, where you think on the equinox you can balance the egg. it is a militant. >> all right. 80 at 11:00. 86 at 2:00. can you pretty much do that any time of year if you are good enough okay. >> increasing clouds tomorrow as i mentioned. akron-canton 86. here is the big picture. i will start to give you a preview of the cooldown into friday and saturday. the wind shifts to more of a northeast. that will be the general wind flow here. 77 friday. saturday 74 and looking like a dry weekend and more cloud cover, though.
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weekend will be comfortable here for the first weekend of fall. chris, back to you. >> sounds good, jeff. thanks. check out this. what an amazing view of thunderstorms captured from space. you can see the lightning flashes right there inside the clouds. the white purple. amazing. it was captured from the international space station some 250 miles above earth. can you see soyuz in the two spacecrafts there. incredible stuff. >> denise: i was checking out the nasa twitter feed. they have cool stuff on there. >> chris: a new program at schools linking students with politician. >> denise: teens learning how to apprehend a suspect and even handle a gun. tiah ewing getting answers how this works. >> you can see it in their hands, blue gun. it is not real but comes with real life lessons what it means
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>> officer lowe is a school resource officer with the cleveland metropolitan school district and patrolman. he is over the explorer program. >> we really give them the same curriculum police officers go through. >> designed to help teens and young adults learn what it takes to be men and women in blue. the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon. >> let them know it is not a toy. it is a replica of the wn carry as police officers. they both wear a badge. what the students learn is mirrored to the police academy. >> we learn different leadership skills and learn to be a team more. >> reporter: this is the first class of students with cmsd. the explorer program is all over the country ages 14-1 and they use real life situations. >> sir. let me see your hands now. let me see your hands. slowly.
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walk back to the sound of my voice. >> reporter: applying police tactics and application. >> officers teach us building searches, traffic stops, domestic violence and things like this. >> police officers across northeast ohio admit it is a tough job and not everyone is signing up to be on the department. they hope this program is able to show a different side of law enforcement. >> one of our first classes where they say if you car make sure the police officer can see your hands. if it is dark turn your light on so they can see every type of movement and try not to move as much. >> reporter: tiah ewing cleveland 19. >> denise: can you check to see if your child's school has an explorer program. head to and look for a link to tiah's story. >> it is a tough job. >> it is eye opening for the kids and helps them respect the officer and what they have to do
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a potential career and real life applications they can use right now. >> denise: good stuff. >> chris: they can benefit themselves. hey, coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, step away from the small screen. why some experts say digital
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans
5:44 pm
ion kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president. >> denise: there's a push to get kids playing in the real
5:45 pm
digital addiction they say is as bad as illegal drugs the doctor rehabs digital-addicted teens. he says parents should keep technology away from kids younger than 10. he says screens are now called electronic cocaine. >> it is harder to treat a tech addicted teenager than it is to treat a hain addict or alcoholic. >> denise: how about that. the doctor says if a teen does cross the line into addiction he recommends a digital detox meaning unplugging for at least four weeks. >> chris: wow. a university hospital is expanding its popular bike sharing service in cleveland. there are now 250 red bicycles around the city. you are looking at green ones which the program works just like. uh launched that service during the rnc. download the uh app and create
5:46 pm
asking questions. following recent police shootings around the country. do people feel safe on our streets? there's a fear out there. >> plus donald trump is in town today. what he had to say and how boxing promoter don king's remarks are get ago lot of attention. we will have those stories and much more when you join mark and
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>> we know this lost luggage one of every airline travelers worst fears. but it could be a thing of the past. >> delta is working on new technology for customers. the airline is installing a baggage system they use a small
5:50 pm
that tracks your suit case the second it leaves your hand. >> every time an airline loses a suit case ask can't get it delivered at baggage claim it costs $100 every time it goes to the house or hotel. delta says the new luggage system will cut the number by 10%. >> a lot of happy people, too. >> a strong and mysterious odor in a and no one seems to know where it is coming from. the vallejo police and fire department says they have received more than 500 calls. authorities ruled out natural gas and refinery emissions as the source. most complain of burning in their throats and noses. >> it was horrific. the smell was horrible. >> i got my grandchildren and
5:51 pm
police are telling people to stay inside and shelter in place. they are working to determine the cause. pin pointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 news first alert forecast. >> all right. looking at the feazel roof camera. a few high clouds around. what a beautiful day we have here anyway, you get the we will take the graphics and go to the planning forecast. we will do it tomorrow 86 with increasing clouds throughout the day. 60 tomorrow night. 7 friday and cooler. but more humid and a mixed sky. into the weekend cooler. 74 saturday and saturday night mostly cloudy and 56 and looking
5:52 pm
geneva grape jamboree. we bring in more rain. a few showers and storms monday 77. i have an alert tuesday for scattered showers. going to be more coverage tuesday. right now 72 and a few showers and storms wednesday 66. 68 i should say. >> more unsettled next week dealing with the slow-moving system. obviously the warmest day 86 and the trend 77 monday and then gradually cooler by the middle part of next week. we will get the information on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app and hourly updates customized to your neighborhood. >> denise: okay. see where cleveland lands on another national ranking list. an entertainment guide
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>> denise: those fitness trackers are all the age. they may not actually help you get fit. researchers at the university of pittsburgh found overweight young adults did not use the
5:56 pm
more weight than ones who did. experts say seeing your physical activity on a tracker might make some people eat more. >> chris: that's fair logic. >> cleveland scoring pretty high on a national list. the city ranked as the 15th best place to live in the country. the rating is from global entertainment guide called timeout. pretty good web site. the web site said low housing prices, growing neighborhoods and great hospitals here some of the reasonso also gave a nod to the food scene here. bozeman, montana topped the list. >> denise: really? wow. >> chris: bozeman is a quaint little town. >> denise: beautiful scenery. >> denise: it is not cleveland. not the land. >> chris: coming up at 6:00 on cleveland 19 news incredible heartbreak for a local family. a premature baby boy dies and the hospital loses his remains.
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>> romona: now at 6:00 campaign 2016 comes to our area again. donald trump supporters hear from him but also talking about what don king had to say today. plus recent police shootings triggering fear. we talked to a local man about what's happening on streets here and across the country. jeff? >> as around 80 degrees and pleasant night again. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: flags fly at half-staff honoring a fallen
6:00 pm
today we take time to pay our respects to kenneth velez at the end of his watch. kenneth velez spent his life dedicated to making ohio a safer place. >> mark: he died on i-90 during a traffic stop. depp den spent the day in elyria as a community gathers for support. >> reporter: calling hours started at about 3:00 at the ewing center fieldhouse on the campus of lorain county community college. huds and pay their final respects to a man who touched so many lives. >> this small bit of respect is a drop in the bucket of what he deserved. >> lisa carver knew state trooper kenneth velez from the dollar general where she works. today like many others she wears a shirt with his picture on it. >> he would probably make a joke about it and laugh about it, saying man, couldn't have i gotten a better looking shirt.


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