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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  September 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. live from cleveland's news center, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. breaking news now at 4:00. accused serial killer shawn grate has just been named in a 23 felony count indictment. this comes after his arrest and accusations of being involved in the murders of several women. grate was charged with the murders of two women in ashland and entered a not guilty plea last week in court. if convicted, he could face life without parole or the death penalty. and this is what charlotte woke up to this morning. the front page of the charlotte observer with a powerful image
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call for calm. >> mark: authorities say increased police presence will be on the streets in charlotte, north carolina, tonight. you're going to go to some live pictures right now. the family of lemont is the man who was shot and killed >> what you to understand that this man loved his family. he's been married for 20 years. he has seven children. they have a very big family and they are a close knit family. okay. it's hard because when these things happen, we end up in a
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about another person that just got shot. but we have to remember that they are human. and at the appropriate time, you will find out a lot more. >> romona: all right. we believe that to be an attorney or spokesperson for the family there of keith lemont scott. the governor also has declared a state of emergency in the city after unrest over the officer-involved killing of mr. scott. it reached a boiling point last night and kenneth craig has latest. >> reporter: after watching a peaceful protest spiral out of control in downtown charlotte, authorities are hoping the national guard and highway patrol will maintain order tonight. >> we have a full complement of our civil emergency unit ready to continue working to prevent violent crimes. >> reporter: wednesday's violence protest left businesses damaged and looted. two officers and nine civilians
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and now fighting for his life but it's not clear who shot him. >> we're reviewing video and an allegation was made that one of our officers might have been involved. >> reporter: the violence followed tuesday's fatal police shooting of keith scott, a 43-year-old black man who officers say refused to put down his gun. scott's family and witnesses say he was holding a book. >> police said they will show body camera video of the incident to scott's family. but even a violence and even property damage, they have ruled out a public release. >> there must be transparency and the videos must be released. >> reporter: a church revival. he's worried about more violence tonight. >> people want answers. and because there have been no answers, i don't think there will be an end. >> reporter: the city says it's ready.
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>> romona: attorney general loretta lynch sending four department of justice officials to charlotte but so there is no federal investigation. and. [ beeping ] >> mark: one reporter was knocked to the ground by a passing man while caught up in the chaos in charlotte. he says the man later apologized. and here at home, cleveland 19 reporter dani carlson knows about being in a crowd and a protest all too ll happened during the rnc here in cleveland. now, dani, we know you're not a security expert. but just from the experience that you had there during those protests here, you've noticed some key differences in what happened here versus charlotte. >> dani: that's right. i mean, several things just in looking at the video. obviously we are not in chore lot. this is a -- charlotte. this is a different situation. i'm not a security expert. one of the major things a lot of
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in cleveland, the majority of them happened during the daytime hours, not the nighttime hours. another thing we've been hearing from charlotte police officers and the charlotte police chief when there were the protests, they didn't have enough manpower to stave off the protestors and looters. now, in terms of the rnc, that was not the case. there was a ton of policeman power there. they were able to correll protestors. and,no tamir rice verdict and during the rnc, when everything started to get a little bit hectic, police officers would always form a line and say you cannot pass beyond this line or you will be arrested. and we did see some of those same things happening in charlotte, except protestors obviously did cross that line. >> mark: one of the things we've been hearing here is
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charlotte whenever police showed up and riot gear. >> dani: obviously incredibly different. and even during the riot specifically cleveland police officers do not have riot gear. they specifically called it personal protection gear and said it was used for a defensive instead of an offensive against the protestors. the handful of times we did see that during the protest, it was that we saw in that so-called riot gear, that personal protective gear. the handful of times that we saw it, it did tend to be officers from different agencies, from different states. >> romona: and the police chief was out there that made everyone feel calm. >> dani: uh-huh. >> romona: dani, thank you. today a crowd gathered to say goodbye to fallen trooper kenneth valez.
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for the service and joins us now live. harry. >> reporter: all right, guys. last week state trooper kenneth valez stood strong and proud out on i-90 just doing his job. today he was laid to rest killed in the line of duty. it's not the fieldhouse they gathered to honor their fallen comrade. state trooperne >> have mercy on him and comfort his family and friends. >> reporter: the room was overflowing full of people. >> it is a solid honor to be here to celebrate the life and contribution of trooper valez. a professional public service. most of all we gather in hope.
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mercy. hope that kenny is set free by perfect love. >> reporter: his flag-draped coffin followed to a waiting car surrounded by hundreds of mourners. >> this definitely hits hard. and, as you can see, we come out and support an officer who died in the line of duty. >> when you bring this many people together to honor one individual, it is -- it's momentus. there was probably well over 500 officers, members of the community, his family. and we're all together to mourn kenny to celebrate his life and what he meant to all of us. >> reporter: the hearse carried his body underneath the american flag to his final resting place. a place of no more pain. a place of peace. some day there will probably be
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the road where officer trooper kenneth valez was killed. but today was the day to honor a man who loved his community and to appreciate why that community loved him back. live in lorraine county, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: all right, harry, thank you. and to the campaign now, donald trump calling for a national crime agenda. but some of the policies would amount to racial profiling. craig boswell has details from the white house. donald trump spoke out against the violent unrest in charlotte, north carolina, following a deadly police involved shooting of a black man. >> the people who will suffer the most as a result of these riots are law abiding african-american residents who live in these communities where the crime is so rampant. >> reporter: trump says he supports reimplementing new york's controversial fist tactics nationwide. new york city mayor disagrees.
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tension between police and community. >> reporter: trump campaign in pennsylvania thursday, a state where our cbs news poll shows 86% of african-americans support hillary clinton. while trump is struggling to connect with minority voters, clinton is out with a new ad on black stations featuring michele obama. >> when you stood with barack on election day in 2008 and 2012, you strong together. the steakes ae just as high. >> reporter: a political science professor at george washington university says next month's debate is the most crucial campaign event. >> it's the first time they have a chance to test drive the candidates side by side. >> reporter: clinton is off the campaign trail prepping for next week's faceoff. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> mark: craig, thank you. it could be one of the largest cyber security breaches ever.
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accounts has been stolen. the company says it believes the state-sponsored actor was behind the data breach, meaning an individual acting on behalf of the government. the breech believed to have occurred in late 2014. yahoo says account information stolen may include names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords and security questions and some answers too. so yahoo users are urged to change their password and security questions and review suspicious activity. still ahead on cleveland 19 news at 4:00. >> romona: we're giving you the first look at dramatic police body cam video. it shows an officer punching a handcuffed man in the face. getting answers in the case. that's coming up. an emotional letter to president obama about a little boy caught up in the violence in syria. the touching story is still
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. live from center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent. this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: welcome back. dramatic body cam video. >> romona: the video shows a sergeant punching a man in the head. now that sergeant is facing charges. cleveland 19 denise zarrella is getting answers on the indictment that was just handed down. denise. >> denise: yes, we just learned the details on the indictment on
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county sheriff's department indicted charged with assaulting two men in police custody. and the prosecutor in this case said that it was the body cam video you're about to see that helped the grand jury make their decision to charge the sergeant. >> don't you move a muscle. >> reporter: you're watching police body cam video that shows a sergeant with the ashtabula county sheriff's department punching a handcuffed man in the face. [ bleep ] . >> reporter: this is what ed's was hit by sergeant james trucky. trucky is seen on the far right in the swat training picture from last year. he says he was a passenger on the back of an atv that led police on a chase on september 11th. for some reason he says his friend decided not to pull over for police. >> i basically just stuck my head in the back of my friend's back and just held on because i really didn't know what else to do. >> reporter: once the chase ended, he says he did everything
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but that didn't stop sergeant james trucky from punching him. >> if i remember correctly on a run, he came up yelling at me and why did you hit me. why did you hit me. and i said i haven't hit anybody and he struck me. then he said a few other words and then he took off towards my friend. >> reporter: in the circled portion of this picture, you see trucky who has just been indicted on several charges that include felonious assault and tampering with record dropped. the attorney says they are considering filing a civil lawsuit. >> you just cannot smash somebody in the head like that when they're laying on the ground face down in handcuffs. >> reporter: so trucky had claimed that the atv had actually hit his police vehicle. he has been, we're told, on administrative leave since this incident happened on september 11th. we're asking questions and getting answers here in
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>> mark: okay, denise, thank you. a new york boy got a shout out from president obama. >> romona: listen to what 6-year-old alex wrote. >> dear president obama. remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in syria? can you please go get him and bring him to our home? park in the driveway or on the streets and we'll be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers and balloons. we will give will be our brother. tell him my little sister will be collecting butterflies and fireflies for him. >> in my school i have a friend from syria, omar. i will introduce him to omar and we can all play together. >> romona: have you heard anything more precious? you'll remember last month the world was moved by an image of this young boy. this is who alex was talking
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the back of an ambulance after an air strike destroyed his home. >> mark: that video. >> romona: it's so touching. and he told the president to park in the driveway or on the street and we'll be waiting. >> mark: giving him options. he's the president. he can do what he wants. >> romona: out of the mouths of babe. >> mark: exactly. more problem with the brangelina breakup. brad pitt is under investigation by the los angeles children and family services following an incident on a private jet. now, the site also claims the case was referred to the fbi today because of the fact that the reported incident happened in the air while the family was on a plane from france last wednesday. news of the couple's divorce broke earlier this week but divorce documents show ang leli jolie listed the day of separation as september 15th.
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to finally bring a taste of the fall weather that some folks do wnt and there's a little bit of video from the rocky river plantation. it looks like memorial day. >> romona: hot today. >> mark: jon loufman tells us about cooler air. >> jon: the record for the hottest fall ever was 88 gr 88 degrees. it's our current temperature you'll see in a moment. ford first alert doppler max. now the skies over us is about as blue as it gets and cloud free. now from 22,000 miles up. and you'll see a few wispy clouds off here on the northwest horizon and they're really not going to get in the way of anything tonight. the system just is not going to get to us. although that taste of fall is on the horizon. have you downloaded our app yet.
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hour-by-hour you can see exactly this. you can track any storms. do it. it's a free download. cleveland 19 weather app. and track anything along with us. look how temperatures will slip through the night into the 60s. we're talking 88 degrees right now in cleveland. 87 in akron. 84 in canton. 86 in elyria. everybody is under fair skies. sandusky hit 88 today. thinking about the ball yard tonight? 80 degrees first pitch as the and the tigers are playing right now. beautiful night for baseball. boys of summer, yes. but an autumn night. partly cloudy, mild. we're dipping to 66. akron-canton taking a dip as well. down to 65 under fair skies. average high this time of year is 72 degrees. thinking about the lake? well, there will be a chop building up during the day as the wind shift becomes northwesterly and then
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shiners off the bottom. clouds increase. 84 tomorrow. what's ahead for the next seven? well, let's just take a look. stray shower possible on saturday. sunday looking quiet. and the risk of rain is in the forecast with some models monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we need some rain. i know, romona and mark, you have downloaded the app. >> romona: of course we have. >> mark: i use it all the time. i impress my friends with it. trending today, anic
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che and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. . marky mark resurrected his rapping skills for his daughter. >> and the police officer
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drumsticks just for a little bit. ? drumming ? >> romona: wow. that's impressive. school resource officer ronnie coleman used to play the same drum line as a student. that was ten years ago. at a recent football game, he rejoined his old line at heritage high school in virginia and he just became a lot cooler to the kids that go e. marky mark's 13-year-old daughter got a little history lesson about her dad recently. >> mark: mark wallberg is an a list. he reminded his daughter el la recently. >> dad, i want to hear you rap right now. >> no. i'm your 45-year-old father and i have to rap and if you keep misbehaving i'm going to give your behind a slap. [ laughing ] >> and it's called a spanking.
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going to thank me. because all the lines that i'm giving you is good. >> mark: he explained that he took el la's phone privileges away. we have to get her where it counts. look at her. cut it out, dad. >> romona: i know. cute. cheering for cody. some browns fans might not be
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. our top stories today in the 4:00 hour. . charlotte officials and attorney general loretta lynch are calling for calm. this after hours of violent riots in the city. it stems from the police shooting of a black man. keith lemont scott's family has asked police to view footage of the shooting.
4:30 pm
he hopes he can help with that request. he says he has no intentions, though, of releasing the video to the masses. and we told you about this earlier in the newscast. this is the announcement that accused serial killer shawn grate has been named in a 23 felony count indictment. this comes after his arrest and the accusations of being involved in the murder of several women. grate was charged with the murder of two women in ashland and entered a not guilty plea last week in court. now, if life without parole or the death penalty. an ohio state highway patrol trooper kenneth valez was laid to rest today in lorraine county. just a week after he was killed in a crash on i-90. the driver has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide. valez had been with the ohio state highway patrol since 1989. >> pinpointing the weather where
4:31 pm
alert forecast. >> jon: i'm jon loufman in for jeff tanchak. the slide tonight is going to take us from 83 to current 88 at 6:00. 77 by 8:00. boy, what a slide we go. down into the upper 60s. and skies will remain fair. if you look outside right now, you'll see high, thin cirrus clouds. those are made of ice crystals even on a day where the temperature is 88 degrees. headed down to the ball yard? 80 degrees in early autum dethrones the royals. tonight we're at 66. we head into tomorrow with a high of 84. and clouds will be on the increase as we make our way through the day tomorrow. and then ahead changes for the weekend as we make our way through saturday. a stray shower not out of the question. a 76 on sunday. and scattered showers monday, tuesday, wednesday and even
4:32 pm
temperatures slide back into the 70s with a high of 69 on thursday. details and a recap on the seven day. i'll have them for you coming up. right now here is mark. the parents of a child with disabilities is coming forward to talk about their son's traumatizing experience inside a conclusion room. >> mark: the boy's exclusion was into the 14,000 cases of constraints and exclusion reported each here in ohio schools. carl is getting answers to make sure it doesn't happen >> we had never seen it to that day. that was the first time we ever saw it. >> reporter: inside lenox elementary school, ian olmsted falls. what did you think when you saw that room for the very first time? >> i was very distraught when i saw that. i didn't understand the -- how you could put a person in a position to put them in a room
4:33 pm
for children with behavioral problems and disabilities. >> we were informed it was not a sensory room but a safe place for him to go. >> reporter: it was anything but. >> it was anything but safe. >> reporter: two years ago, this couple says their 38 pound, 7-year-old son with disabilities was routinely sent to the makeshift janitor's closet, often restrained by school staffers. >> there was an incident where they pinned him down. there were two, maybe three adults that were holding him down w understanding one woman was straddling him. and another woman was holding his hands and his feet down. >> reporter: restraint and seclusion is only allowed in extreme circumstances when there is imminent danger to students, teachers or staff. the couple, who asked that we hide their identity, says their son spent 48 classroom hours, the equivalent of eight school days, inside the seclusion room. >> it was tough. i would honestly say it was
4:34 pm
my son was being retraumatized. >> reporter: so how is that allowed to happen? we put that question to the man in charge of the olmsted falls schools. >> i can tell you that by the book, it was handled in the proper way. they followed the procedures that we had in place. they followed the board policy. >> reporter: superintendent jim lloyd says olmsted schools strictly follow state guidelines and restrain and isolate students only when absolutely necessary. over the last two school years, three of the students were put in seclusion rooms. only 11 were restrained. >> nobody wants to put their hands on an individual. we care about kids. we have an obligation to intervene and keep everybody safe. >> i don't think my son felt safe in this school because otherwise we wouldn't have gotten to this point. >> reporter: the couple says their son, who has an extensive history of trauma, was physically and emotionally harmed by the restraint and seclusion.
4:35 pm
but sympathizes with the parents. >> it's probably a matter of perspective. so i guess i would agree to disagree with how the parents feel. i can't put myself into their shoes. what i can tell them is we care about their student. we care about all students. we care about how parents perceive things. and we try to do our very best in order to show that we care about kids and intervene with them in the proper way. >> reporter: but the parents say school employees failed proper interio and criticized school officials for failing to follow-up. >> i think there needs to be some sort of accountability and responsibility for these individuals and they should not be allowed to be in that position in any other school or any other district. this is a select few that took their position and misused it. >> reporter: do you know if anybody was maybe retrained or
4:36 pm
connection with this case? >> i saw that that was a question. to say there was discipline would indicate that something was done wrong. there wasn't anything done wrong. >> reporter: the superintendent couldn't say if any other students were placed in the lenox school seclusion room which is now used solely to house technology equipment. the picture of the room is misleading. the room looks quite normal when shot from a different angle. a school spokesperson, however, denied our request to shoot video of the room or even take a picture for us. the lenox school parents say they've now agreed because they don't want the same thing to happen to someone else's child. >> it's not fair to us. it's not fair to him. it's not fair to anybody else that has to go through this. >> we want all students to be protected and not to feel that they have -- to go into a room such as what my son endured. >> reporter: the parents also pulled their son from the olmsted school system. a system they no longer put your faith and trust in.
4:37 pm
your children to school with trusted adults that are educated and know right from wrong. and that's what we did. we wanted to believe that we were sending our child to school and that they were doing the right thing. >> reporter: the couple is also critical of the ohio board of education who they say did little when they complained about the restraint and seclusion of their child. getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> romona: where your son or daughter's school stands when it comes to restraint and seclusion? you can find the answer on our website still to come here at 4:00, tony and i will take time out to discuss coleman's injury and how an indians rookie got a little help from his significant other. plus your tv may devour more
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efficiency ratings could be flawed. that's still to come in a consumer alert. look outside. there's 77 in and out of the city. we're looking just fine. traffic pretty light.
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. welcome back. time now is 4:40. we have breaking news. we just learned that manslaughter in the first degree will be filed against officer
4:41 pm
will be issued in her arrest. shelby shot and killed 40-year-old terrance crutcher on september 16th. dash-cam and aerial footage of this shooting and its aftermath show crutcher walking away from shelby with his arms in the air. and this powerful cover for the october 3rd issue of time magazine has been released. the discussion, of course, the perilous fight and how national anthem protests lead by colin kaepernick is ruling a debate. the imamagazine spoke with seve athletes. cap has landed on a not so coveted list. dan deroos explains that in the answer center. >> dan: while colin kaepernick is taking a stand, his reputation is taking a hit. they polled 1,000 people. he now comes up as the most disliked a lot player in the nfl.
4:42 pm
vote on. 29% of the people marked him down as disliked a lot. consider back in august of 2014, he got just 6%. he now leads the nfl with names like winston and tom brady and ben roethlisberger. we can break this down further. african-americans the ones that were polled in this, 42% of them said they liked him a lot but 2%, just 2% said disliked a lot and of the in the poll, 37% of them were the ones that marked disliked a lot. you can see where this falls on sort of a racial border and we continue the conversation as he makes his statement. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> tony: i don't know who is doing the voting on that. dan explained it somewhat.
4:43 pm
kaepernick is more disliked than some of these guys who are up for domestic abuse at home. that's insane to me. >> romona: i know, tony. so we won't delve into that. >> tony: okay. >> romona: i know. i understand. let's talk about corey coleman and the browns. we just -- we can't lose anyone else. >> well, what is it? thursday. . >> yes, we can. >> tony: good news for corey coleman no surgery is you're looking at least a month. when you were looking at the game, i know breakout game with the two touchdowns and then he's derailed again. so it is a tough break and really a bad break for cody kessler who makes his first nfl start. >> romona: i hope he lasts the entire game. >> tony: i thought you were going to say season. we're being rational here. >> romona: j.r. smith is a no show for workout. >> tony: this is a cavs
4:44 pm
lebron is running it. he's the heart and soul of our team. just remember one thing, tristan thompson missed camp last year because of his hold out and then he signed the $82 million deal in time for the season and everything was fine. >> romona: now he's dating chloe kardashian. >> tony: so j.r. smith who can't date anybody because he's married, this is going to >> romona: a wonderful story. an indian rookie's wife saved him. >> tony: adam just got called up from the tribe. he's at his best friend's wedding. he's the best man in the wedding. he's not answering his phone. his indians are trying to call him. the wife says why aren't you answering the phone. because, do you know what, it's probably an exit interview. the season is over. so they do the i dos, the vows, and then she says you have to answer that phone. they keep calling. he doesn't even go out to take the photos with the wedding party. he answers the phone.
4:45 pm
cleveland indians. and all was well. >> romona: that's what a good woman will do for you. remember that, tony. >> tony: i know. [ laughing ] >> romona: mark. [ laughing ] >> mark: there you go. check this out. the california high school coach of new browns quarterback cody kessler paid for a good luck billboard here in cleveland. the coach had a company put up the billboard on i480 west on the 176 merger between 77 and 71. the billboard reads good luck from bakersfield. it will be up through sunday. >> romona: good luck indeed. >> anchor: going to need some. [ laughing ] unfortunately at 5:00, tiedings not so jolly. we're talking about some really stark stuff here. another graphic example of the heroin epidemic. a woman overdosed in the middle of a store right in front of a horrified toddler. we'll tell you what became of her daughter and the woman
4:46 pm
smith admitted to a sexual relationship with a student at euclid high school. we'll tell you what a judge decided today. plus, hey, real estate market really heating up in one local city. i know firsthand. we'll talk all about it. inventory is low, demand is up. that's good for the economy. what about the consumer. we'll break it all down with denise at 5:00. >> denise: thank now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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. this is the feazel roof cam and there's another shot of our city. wow.
4:50 pm
fact that we hit 88 degrees up there that tied the all time record for the day of fall. not the record on the date. 84 tomorrow. sun and clouds are mixed. more and more clouds as the day progresses. and the risk of a shower friday night and into early saturday can't be ruled out as we go from 84 to 74. sunday looks like it's going to be dry. but the possibility of a shower or even a thunderstorm on monday, tuesday and a better chance on wednesday are going to be with us as we slide back into the 70s. thursday a chance of a morning shower and a high of only mark, ramona. >> mark: jon, thank you. your energy efficient tv might be using a lot more energy than you think. >> a new study by an environmental group called the natural resources defense council looked at high definition tvs made by a variety of manufacturers and came to the same conclusion. >> reporter: look around any store trying to sell you the latest high definition tv and you'll see this.
4:51 pm
showing how little this model will cost you in electricity. but that's only if you keep your tv in its energy saving mode. >> if the consumer chose to change the picture setting, for example, to calibrate it, now this energy saving feature is off and this tv may be used in 50 plus more energy. >> reporter: the natural resources defense council contend some manufacturers are not informing consumers that a simple setting change like increasing the brightness level can significantly increase the amount of energy their tvs using. >> what they did might not be illegal but it's clearly bad faith. we think what's at play here is some manufacturers are trying to get a competetive advantage and have their tv look more efficient than their competitors. >> reporter: the nrdc says the department of energy tv tests are out of date because it uses a procedure that doesn't reflect real world higher energy usage and while the extra energy cost per household might be small, the nrdc says they add up over
4:52 pm
consumers are going to pay an extra billion dollars in electricity cost over the life of their tvs and the environment is suffering as well because we have 5 million more tons of global warming pollution. >> reporter: but industry advocates contend the study is misleading. >> the fact is that americans generally don't change the default settings that the manufacturers put on tv sets. but some want to and they should have that right. $0.06 a day. that's what we're talking about. >> reporter: part of the study focused on three manuftu electronics and vizio. lgl say they dispute the findings of this study. they also say they followed both the spirit and the letter of the department of energy's testing procedures. cbs news, los angeles. >> mark: size expert. this little guy has a knack for
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
. it's time for a little useless trivia with me, mark nolan. oh, hey, there, ramona. >> romona: hi, magazine, what percentage of men gamble at least once a year without telling their wives? >> romona: oh, about 60%. >> mark: it's lower than that. 28%. >> romona: oh. more honest. >> mark: they could be lying,
4:55 pm
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. folks are going nuts over this latest internet sensation. >> romona: this little guy is too cool for school and he knack for paleontology. >> hello. what's this dinosaur? >> good boy. >> thank you. >> what's this one? >> that's a triceratop. >> triceratop. what about this one? >> spicasaurus. >> uh-huh. >> good boy. what about this one? >> t-rex. [ laughing ]
4:57 pm
>> romona: his mom, laura hopkins, posted this adorable video of the 2-year-old on youtube. it's gotten more than 225,000 views so far. hopefully his love of learning won't go extinct. >> mark: man, do you see that truck in the background there with the cars loaded up on it >> romona: i like how he scratches his brows while he's thinking. >> mark: he's thinking. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, it's the moment many drivers are waiting for. the eastbound lanes open on new innerbelt bridge.
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> denise: and we start with
5:00 pm
charlotte, north carolina. this comes after a deadly officer-involved shooting. and the demonstrations turn violent. at least one protestor was shot lasthtig and f officers were hurt. >> chris: the unrest continues in carolina's capital. a deadly police shooting sparking two nights of violent protests. >> denise: one person was shot during the event and the city is now under a state of emergency. emily schmidt has more investigation. >> first of all, i'm not here to defend a position, i am here to give information. >> reporter: charlotte's police chief says his department wants to find the absolute truth of what happened before officer vinson shot and killed keith lamont scott outside his vehicle tuesday. we have seen pictures of what happened next. and the chief says dash cam video tells more of the story while not providing definitive


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