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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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charlotte, north carolina. this comes after a deadly officer-involved shooting. and the demonstrations turn violent. at least one protestor was shot lasthtig and f officers were hurt. >> chris: the unrest continues in carolina's capital. a deadly police shooting sparking two nights of violent protests. >> denise: one person was shot during the event and the city is now under a state of emergency. emily schmidt has more investigation. >> first of all, i'm not here to defend a position, i am here to give information. >> reporter: charlotte's police chief says his department wants to find the absolute truth of what happened before officer vinson shot and killed keith lamont scott outside his vehicle tuesday. we have seen pictures of what happened next. and the chief says dash cam video tells more of the story while not providing definitive
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to drop his weapon. police say the scott family wants to see the video. >> what we will do is honor a request made with the family. >> reporter: but he says the public doesn't need to see it calling it inappropriate of showing footage of a victim's worst day. scott's death led to two violent nights in charlotte. protests blocked interstate 277 and the light rail. hurt nine civilians. caused at least five law enforcement officers medical attention and prompted the governor to deploy the state national guard to control the chaos. >> those who destroy property or hurt other people will be dealt with. i want to make sure the chief can do his job with the necessary resources. >> reporter: a charlotte resident taking these pictures of a vandalized van says things will get worse before it gets better in the state's largest city, waiting to see what another night holds.
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>> denise: approximately 12 officers were injured last night. one was hit in the face with a rock. authorities are interviewing witnesses as part of the investigation. accused serial killer shawn grate named in a 23 count felony indictment. grate was charged with the two murders of women in ashland and pleaded not guilty last week in court and faces accusations of being involved in the murders of several other women. if convicted he could face lif without parole or the death penalty. judgment day for a former high school guidance counselor. annetta smith was sentenced to a year in prison. she was accused of having a sexual relationship with a student at euclid high school. smith plead guilty to sexual battery and attempted tampering with evidence. >> denise: three students arrested this week in lakewood. they're accused of making threats of violence.
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credible and says no students were ever in any danger. police will continue to investigate. they are asking parents to watch social media for any threatening messages. the man found dead in the metro parks in rocky river has been identified. it was 56-year-old raymond swept on of lakewood. no foul play suspected there. investigators say he suffered a medical emergency and his body was found on the dock of the al >> chris: turning to weather now. it's been a gorgeous week. and it continues. >> denise: a great day. if you wanted to get out on the lake, jon loufman, it was like a sheet of glass. >> jon: a mill pond. we tied the hottest day for first day of fall. records go to 1871. this is what skies look like from our part of the world 22,000 miles up.
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down here on terra firma. witchy cirrus ice crystal clouds when it topped 8. we are down to 83 cleveland. 87 akron and 84 canton now. everybody is enjoying summer-like temperatures on this first day of fall that arrived at 10:21. 80 at 7:00 and slide to 75 at 9:00 sunset 74 and losing two minutes of daylight a day. the days dwindle away. dipping in the mid-60s overnight. thinking about the ball yard, well, head down to watch the indians dethrone the royals again. 80 and early autumn beauty and gorgeous, gorgeous night for baseball. what about tomorrow and the lake and next 7 days. answers to those questions
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denise? >> denise: remember, you can track the latest conditions with the cleveland 19 news first alert app for your smart phone or tablet. i want to take a live look at the roads right now. things smooth sailing on 77 in and out of downtown. if you take 71 southbound there's a crash in the center lane just before west 150th, backed up to at least bel air, so know about that. one lane is apparently first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. tears for a fallen state trooper kenneth velez. he died last week after being hit by a car on i-90. a large crowd gathered for a final farewell. harry boomer was there for the emotional service. last week ohio state trooper kenneth velez stood strong and proud doing his job on i-90 west. in lorain county he was laid to
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line of duty. inside the field house at lccc, they gather to honor their fallen comrade state trooper kenneth velez. >> have mercy on him and comfort his family and friends. >> the room was overflowing of people of grief and praise for velez held in the highest esteem in life and death. >> here and remember the contributions of trooper kenneth velez. a professional public servant. >> most of all we gather in hope. hope that kenny is embraced in mercy. hope kenny is set free by perfect love. >> reporter: his flag-draped coffin followed to a waiting hearse surrounded by hundreds of mourners. >> yes.
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support an officer who dies in the line of duty. >> when you honor one individual and bring this many people together it is almost momentous. you had 19 states plus canada represented and probably well over 500 officers, members of the community and members of his family and we are all together to mourn kenny to celebrate his life and what he meant to all of us. >> the hearse carri underneath the american flag to his final resting place. a place of no more pain. a place of peace. >> some day there will probably be a marker on the cross on the side of the road where trooper velez was killed. today was a day to honor a man who loved his community and appreciate why his community loved him back. harry boomer, cleveland 19. joshua gas per of columbia station was arrested and charged
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in the death of trooper velez. >> denise: a jackson township police officer was hurt after his cruiser collided with a pick up truck. it happen odd whipple avenue northwest. the officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the pick up driver wasn't hurt. the crash is under investigation. an ashtabula county sheriff's deputy facing charges tonight. he is accused of assaulting a suspect a the sheriff released body cam video of the incident and it shows the deputy punching a man after he was on the ground with his hands in the air. sergeant james truckey is charged with felonious assault, tampering with records. assault and dereliction of duty. >> chris: here's some good news for you. tickets go on sale monday for the cleveland indians and potential american league playoff series. better believe it.
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win over the royals. corey kluber, 18th w of the season struck out 9. he has a chance to be the tribe's first 20 game winner since 2008. more sports in the a- block. and drama from josh gordon yesterday. gordon was in court and took a dna test. a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to comply with a court order to take a paternity test. the browns say will not affect gordon's playing status. of course another concern for the browns corey coleman. the rookie receiver suffered a hand fracture yesterday in practice. >> denise: we sent out a push alert when we got the news yesterday. tony zarrella has new info. how long will this set him back? he will be out awhile. >> at least a month. it is a gift for coleman and
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the way bodies are dropping who knows. two games into his nfl career and he is sidelined. he will not need surgery and bad news looking at a month, month and a half before he is back. before he was revving it up coleman looked like every bit the 15th pick in the draft racking up two touchdowns. a breakout game. he is on hold and tough for him and cody kessler headed into his receiver. >> he is frustrated. i will be the first to tell you that. he likes to play. i don't think cory had a broken bone in his body. >> it will be different. these guys will come back and hopefully will come back and hit the ground running where they were. we hate it, you know. these things happen from time to time. andrew hawkins will move up to
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receivers and they should start getting reps. it is football. we get it. it is violent and browns getting hit. harder than most. sooner than most. >> if kessler goes down it is clipboard jesus. >> charlie is phenomenal. >> we will hear from him at 6:00. >> interesting viewpoint. he has been around the league. >> he is jewel's love interest. some games. it will be cool. jewel at superbowl xxxii she did the anthem. i don't think she will remember me. >> i will remind her. >> thank you, tony. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. real estate boom. a local city bucking a national
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live in cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> chris: breaking news to tell you about. we just learned charges of manslaughter in the first degree will be betty shelby of tulsa, oklahoma. we are hearing a warrant will be issued for her arrest. shelby shot and killed 40-year-old terrance crutcher september 16th. dash cam and aerial footage of the shooting and aftermath showed crutcher walking away from shelby with his arms in the air. yahoo! confirming a massive security breach. the company says personal
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breakdown. the stolen data includes names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords and security questions. yahoo! recommends users change their passwords. talking real estate now. the number of homes for sale at their lowest levelness 1999. >> the market is heating up in one local suburb. shanice dunning getting answers on the >> denise, realtors working in lakewood told us some houses are selling in just days, location, costs and attractions are making it the most sought-after places to live. so this is a nice one with a new porch. >> and the realtor shows me a house on the market in lakewood. >> a first floor half bath is nice to have. >> the way things are looking,
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interested in moving to lakewood would have been nonstop. >> i get it all day every day. >> home sales in lakewood are up 36% from this time last year. >> can you buy a house in lakewood from $20,000 up to $1 million. it is a wide demographic. we have condo market, a very solid condo market and rental doubles and lake houses. >> realtors are staying busy here bse popular. lakewood's flourishing downtown combined with other factors is making it a top choice for those looking to buy a home. >> there's parks, restaurants, bars, funky shops. it is a great place to live. walkability and bikability. >> median cost is around $139,000 and he says there are homes you can remodel to your liking. >> you can also find a house that may not have been that
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and all those kinds of things. >> and he told me the housing market is good overall in cleveland and the web site named cleveland the second most affordable area to buy a home. denise? >> all right. thank you, shanice. >> an important consumer alert now. another recall by blue bell creameries covering chocolate chip cookie dough. they fear a possible listeria contamination. no reports of anyone being sick so far. blue bell recalled all the products over listeria concerns. chiptole is taking more steps to reassure customers their food is safe. the company c.e.o. appears in a brand new video and touting the all new safety improvements. chiptole is now using a system
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restaurants. sales plunged last year after outbreaks of eck e. coli and morrow virus. >> panera restaurant chain is serving clean bacon removing artificial preservatives, sweeteners. pork, water, salt, sugar celery and thyme. it is raised on pigs with a vegetarian diet. >> the world's hottest chip is here try it. it is made with the carolina reaper pepper. it comes in a coffin-shaped box costing $5. denise, there's only one chip inside. >> denise: that's all you can eat. >> chris: that's what creator say about all you can handle. >> denise: i have heard of that pepper. fear.
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ourselves today. a dragon's breath. we hit 88 degrees. ford doppler max. there's nothing to it. >> this is our app. the cleveland 19 weather app. you can download it and customize it to your hometown. watch hour by hour before you track storms that come through. we will slide into the 60s by 4:00 in the morning. mid-60s. look at this. champagne checking in with 91 degrees and we are at 91. everyone enjoying a warm start to autumn. partly cloudy and mild. 66. air-conditioner will be whizzing for awhile i'm afraid. 65 akron-canton and pleasantly mild night. sadly, sunset at 7:24. lake erie tomorrow denise you
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start quiet and as the wind picks up and takes a shift northwest to northeast we will see water build. you know what, get out on the lake. it won't be bad at all. headed to 84 hour by hour we take you through tomorrow. and slide into the 70s. clouds will be significantly on the increase as we make our way through friday. the next weather system is friday overnight and cold front coming through knocking us from 84 that we can expect friday to the 74 we can expect saturday. friday night into early saturday. can't rule out a stray shower 84-74. sunday sun and sun and clouds md average high 72. so we are above average right on through. risk of a shower in a couple of the major models shows up on monday with a high of 81. tuesday a high of 76.
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as we top 74 and look how we tumble thursday. headed to 69 degrees more in the ballpark of what we should be in as we start to fall. the autumnal equinox means equal day, equal night. and 7:18 the sunrises and sets at 7:18. we get a bend in the atmosphere that shares its lights and affords extra daylight. >> use >> denise: i will absolutely. thank you, jon. >> chris: still more to come on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. the last summer concert at blossom this weekend. plus a sneak peek at a new
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>> keeping an eye on entertainment including lowering expectations for the new "star wars" movie.
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>> a new film shot in cleveland opening up this weekend. we begin with a sign of the season at blossom. >> chris: sing it brother f only we had more summertime. jason aldine comes plague blossom at 7:30.he season. >> still a hand full of tickets available. >> i am so proud of my sons. >> joycelyn thinks i should do a swim next. >> and kids stopping blind. a new movie opens tomorrow called my blind brother filmed in northeast ohio last summer by a cleveland based producer tyler davidson. the film is about a blind athlete who falls for the same
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>> we have a mission for you. >> chris: my goodness. the mission is taking a turn for "star wars" rogue one and hits local theaters in december. the head of disney is warning investors that the first stand alone film in the "star wars" series is not expected to even come close to the blockbuster numbers from last year's episode 7 the force awakens shattering all sorts of attendance records. >> i am still going. >> denise:he >> coming up, getting ready for the first presidential debate. there are some changes this time
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so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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time to talk politics. the first of three presidential debates days away. >> the verbal sparring will be structured differently this
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details of a candidate's policies. emily schmidt is covering campaign 2016. presidential debates are voters chance to see candidates field questions face to face. >> can i call you joe? >> unless what you see -- >> there's differences. >> isn't what you get. >> who am i? why am i here? >> the real point of view when i call the real presidential debates they are not >> not debates. john moderator of the debates calls what you see more dueling press conference. >> the question put to candidate a. candidate a answers the question for 30 seconds, the 0 questions and then has to stop and questions put to candidate b. >> it is how presidential debates work and not how the 120 oxford style debates he has moderated work.
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petition to change debate styles. >> the oxford format works like this. one stated resolution called emotion. one side argues for the motion and the other sides argues against the motion. >> reporter: more than 60,000 people signed on the oxford petition to change trump and clinton campaigns and commission on presidential debates organizing the events. then populist optimism met local and it was the same as before. >> the reason it has gone to the debate is serve their own interests. that's why incumbents have been resistant to the idea. do i need to debate and elevate him. >> good debates need rebuttals. >> what i say to americans, tune in, it is better than not tuning in and be critical. maybe next time you, too, will demand what you are asking for is a real debate on the oxford style.
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>> reporter: in washington i am emily schmidt. >> chris: hillary clinton holding the electoral college map and donald trump gaining ground. dan deroos in the answer center breaking down the latest numbers. dan? >> dan: let's remember how the process works. you have to win each state as a candidate and then each state gives electoral votes. you have to get 270 throughout the election night to stands now. they have made big changes. iowa went from battle ground to leaning republican and it is light red. utah went from leaning republican state to a solid republican state based on the polls right now. and then we look at battle ground states. ohio, north carolina and florida, states too close in the polls now to call. let's look how it breaks down
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the battle ground states, 70 electoral college votes not added in, hillary is at 272 over 270 she needs. let's say and give trump all of these battle ground states and give them all to him and he doesn't have the 270 he needs. he would need something like pennsylvania, which is why he is doing a lot of campaigning in that state and i have given as we go back he is at 286 and hillary clinton 252. see how pivotal some bigger states are when you start shifting states back and forth. that's why we have debates and a few more weeks before we go to the polls. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> chris: good stuff. stay with cleveland 19 for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 and find updates on and check out
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follow us on twitter. >> denise: i know you like one thing today, the weather out there. if you don't, something's wrong with you. it is beautiful. >> jon: we will not get many more tied for the warmest day of fall. 88 degrees. the record goes to 1936 and weather records 1871. clouds over us purely decorative and from a perspective down on earth looking up in the sky. will down from 83 from 88 an hour ago and still 87. 84 canton. 87 new philly. 87 norwalk. what's our average high this time of year? 72 degrees. pretty far above that. we will take a slide and hit the 72 by the time we hit 11:00 at
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68 at 3:00 in the morning. so if you are headed to the ball yard as i was last night and you are looking at a first pitch temperature of 80, will you see temperatures sliding through the 70s and early autumn beauty as the magic number is 5 for the tribe. we will try to dethrone the royals as they did last night and maybe getting help from their friends like folks playing against detroit right now. partly cloudy skies and mild gh overnight temperature on a night that takes us down to 54 and easy sleeping and akron-canton and 65 degrees there. thinking about the lake tomorrow, north breezes will pick up and build 1-3 feet and water temperature 73 degrees and make for for a better perch fishing. and clouds dramatic on the
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through the afternoon l. clouds be bearers of rain through the weekend? that's an answer i will have in the 7-day forecast in just a few. stick around for that. >> denise. >> will do. people in parts of minnesota trying to dry out. they have been hit by 13 inches of rain this week causing flash flooding in several areas and this is what it looked like outside one house. flood warnings issued for southeast and south minnesota. police in richwood, new jersey evacuated a train station after someone spotted a suspicious package there. there were delays of about an hour during the morning rush hour. tensions are high of course after the bombings last week. but the package turned out to be an unintended pair of shoes. >> chris: a happy ending for a colorado family after someone stole their dog. the beloved pooch was found but
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stray dog in missouri turned out to be missing dog, missy. a persistent animal shelter tracked down the owner. the owner says the family plan to make her more than a pet. >> we adopted the dog because i have two special needs daughters. and we was gonna train her to be a special needs dog, a service dog. >> chris: the family has no who stole missy from their yard and moved her from missouri to colorado. a gofundme account has been set up to cover the travel costs. >> denise: how about that. that's a long journey. >> it is. >> speaking of germany, the moment many drivers have been waiting for eastbound lanes on the incredible bridge. it finally will happen this sunday. the five year wait will be over. laura demaria shows us what to
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down comes the side deck. it will be a big change. don't expect all five lanes to be open in all directions. saturdaying sunday at 11:00 a.m., eastbound traffic moves to the brand new bridge. don't blink as you drive across it because you might miss it. >> honestly, you better pay attention. you might not quite notice you are on the new bridge. if you are in the morning routine it will be a smooth transition. >> as we drive lane of this innerbelt bridge, i want to show you how massive this bridge is. it is 90 feet across. when you think about perspective here it is the width of the length, base line to base line of a full basketball court. >> it is larger than what it seems or even when you are driving over it. >> have you ever wondered why the eastbound bridge is a smidge
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>> totally on pup. >> it allows to you see the view of the city from both bridges nicely. >> over the next month, will you see the work in progress as crews aim having five lanes open each direction by the end of october. >> reporter: laura demaria, cleveland 19. >> crews also have to close the bridge before it opens. the innerbelt bridge will shut down tomorrow:0 sunday morning at 11:00. anyone coming downtown should take the alternate routes. >> very cool about the stepped grades eastbound and you get that view of the city, attention to detail. >> denise: going to be cool. the new african-american
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a new attraction opens in washington this weekend. the smithsonian musm history. >> it sounds incredible. you may want to hold off on a trip to d.c. to see it. interest is so high tickets are sold off until november. marlie hall, fortunately enough getting answers on an inside preview. >> alice bonner has come a long way to welcome visitors when the new national museum of african-american history and culture opens its doors. >> it will be overwhelming. it will be validating.
5:43 pm
segregated schools in virginia as a child. >> you feelin' visible. you feel your history doesn't matter. >> for her and many others this museum is a turning point. >> a kid growing up in d.c. and see the museums to have one that will tell your story from your perspective. it is exciting? >> the museum was inundated with people who want to work here. there are 200 employees and 300 stopped accepting applications. >> joycelyn is a assistant helping to research some of the 3,000 artifacts from slavery to the present day. >> all the people that sacrificed and worked and conspired. but the building and other people's stories we tell. it will level you if you think about it. >> museum officials hope
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when thousands of untold stories are showcased. >> marlie hall, cleveland 19. >> incredible. the new museum costs $540 million. president obama leads a dedication ceremony on saturday. mark? coming up tonight at 6:00 the latest case to draw attention to the heroin epidemic. police say a grandmother overdosed in a truck while a baby was in the back. plus we are getting answers deputy indicted accused of assaulting suspects. we will show you the body cam video. >> those stories and more.
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another graphic example of the heroin epidemic. a woman overdoses in the middle of a store.
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here is what makes the story so sad. it happens as the woman's young daughter stood there and watched. it was at a family dollar in lawrence, massachusetts. you see the little girl. the toddler is safe. police do plan to charge the mother with child endangerment. >> it is very, very disturbing to see someone obviously, a matter of addiction overtakes someone to the point they are not able to take care child. >> chris: police say they wished the person taking the video helped the frantic child but say the pictures are key evidence against the mother. the 2-year-old girl is in protective custody. the woman finally came to after a double dose of narcan. cleveland 19 news helping you spot the signs of heroin abuse. there are several programs available to battle addiction. can you find more information on our web site.
5:49 pm red flag wildfire warnings continue across california right now. fighting those fires at ground level is risky. air support is critical. crews are now using a special plane to focus their attack. chris martinez is getting answers how this works. >> firefighters battling california's largest wildfires call this their big gun. >> when you are up there trying to save lives and is intense. r.k. smithly is the passenger of an aircraft transformed to a powerful weapon against flames. >> somebody that was very, very smart, way smarter than me decided to put three tanks on a d.c. 10. >> together the tanks carry more than 11,000 gallons of fire retardant, nine times more than any other plane in the fleet. >> all three tanks can be
5:50 pm
>> 12-15 minutes these babies are full and we are going. >> reporter: what makes the plane unique isn't the payload but how it is flown making fighter-style turns just 250 feet above the ground. >> you don't expect that out of an aircraft like that. >> no. we fly this in amazingly tight spaces. >> spaces firefighters often can't reach from the ground. >> without the air support. >> we would see more fires and rapid growth and consumer ground >> smithly knows how critical his job is. >> people on the ground are relying on us doing it right. that's what it is all about. right there. >> reporter: that thought is top of mind he says, every time he makes a drop. chris martinez, cbs news, sacramento. >> wow. the d.c. 10 air tanker not only fights fires in the united states, the plane helped battle
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meteorologist jon loufman on the way through a pleasant night. skies are still blue across the region and our headlines include another pleasant night followed by another warm day on the first day of autumn and cooler air arriving for the weekend. particulars? let's get to those. taking a look at skies from 22,000 miles up and can you see a few clouds wispy high cirrus staying to the north and west and provide a little cloud cover through the course of the night. recognize this, part of our app. we will slide down through the 70s into the upper 60s by 4:00 a.m. and start in the upper 60s as we make our way through tomorrow. 8:00, 66. by mid afternoon 84 where we will top and start to head back down into the 70s on, again,
5:52 pm
here is the rest of the story. front comes through friday night. maybe a shower and stray shower saturday and early going from 84 to 74. 76 sunday and then the models are at odds about whether or not we will get rain monday and tuesday. the risk of shower has to be mentioned. 81, 76. scattered showers wednesday and great expectation and maybe a storm thrown in and could be a shower early thursday and at 69 degrees. if you want to see the 7-day and you want to track the temperatures and customize it to your hometown or find out what's happening hour-by-hour on radar, download our app. it is free. follow the storms along with us and even the temperature scheme or 7 or 10-day forecast. >> chris: good pic. thank you. coming up, going back to the future. self-lacing shoes.
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potentially get some of the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11.
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that's how you solve problems and that's what
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>> denise: fall officially began this morning at 10:21. you can get a final taste of summer. did you know today is national ice cream cone today. the dessert first showed up in french cook books in 1825 originally called little waffles. the first major ice cream cone inventor sold his company to nabisco in 1924 and still making ice cream cones today. >> no laces. all right! marty the power lacing high tops from back to the future. the fought is now. nike released a video teasing the release of a new hyper adapt 1.0. sneakers really don't resemble marty mcfly's but feature battery powered laces. the kicks go on sale in november. no word on a price needless to say. they will be cool but pricey. coming up on cleveland 19
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his production company sold another show to air on network
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>> romona: now at 6 catholic, a day of mourning. troopers come together to remember a fallen hero trooper kenneth velez. >> mark: a disturbing story of abuse. police overdosed in a truck with the baby in the back seat, jon? >> jon: we welcome fall with a record high temperature details on it all coming up. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now.
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north carolina. police preparing for what could be a violent night of protests. >> romona: several people including two police officers were hurt last night. kenneth craig reports peaceful protests gave way to looting and violence. >> reporter: after watching a peaceful protest spiral out of control in downtown charlotte authorities are hoping the national guard and highway patrol will maintain order tonight. >> we have a civil emergency unit ready to continue working to prevent violent crime. >> reporter: wednesday's violent protests let businesses damaged and looted. two civilians and officer was wounded. a civilian was shot in the head fighting for his life. it is not clear who shot him. >> we are reviewing video and assessing our people and an allegation was made one of our officers might have been involved. >> reporter: the violence followed tuesday's fatal police


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