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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> live from cleveland's news center, we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> anchor: good afternoon. breaking news. out of houston. this afternoon. a strip mall shooting happened there this morning. police saying the suspect dead. police also say he shot and wounded nine people. this was around 8:00 this morning. and suspect fired on officers. killing the suspect. we are learning gunman was a lawyer. and there were issues, evidently with his law firm. more information on this strip mall shooting. coming up first at 4:00. and the shooting comes days after a shooting in a washington state mall this left five dead. 20-year-old suspect in that shooting expected to appear in court today. and marayia, is getting answers on who the victims were. >> reporter: investigators
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man sunday as they tried piece together a motive into friday deadly shooting. >> we feel confident we have the shooter. whether or not anyone else was involved we will determine. >> reporter: authorities say it was just after 7:00 p.m. when 20-year-old opened fire in makeup department of a macy's store. killing five people. >> all units, male ran into women's macy's with rifle. >> reporter: following 24 hour manhunt sheriffs lieutenant spotted 20-year-old on nearly 30 miles away. police say he was in a zombie like state. born in turkey, he is a legal u.s. resident. court documents reveal two domestic violence charges against him. court ordered him to undergo mental health evaluations and abstain from drugs or alcohol to defer prosecution. according to news, chuck eagain pushed his wife out of the line of fire and sara lara.
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would not have a smile. >> reporter: cairo said that 95-year-old beatrice dodson killed along with her daughter belinda, probation officer, months away from retiring. the fbi has said there is no indication that there is a link between this shooting and terrorism. although motive is unclear. authorities also say that the ex-girlfriend of his worked at macy's. but not the location where he allegedly went in and fire. cbs news, burlington washington. >> anchor: all right. steady rain downtown this morning. and we have, of course, expected it to continue through the afternoon. yeah, that's what meteorologist samantha roberts is telling us as she tracks the rain. >> weather: rain has moved on the. came right back. >> came back. >> weather: if you are going out to lunch. take umbrella. live look outside. toward downtown cleveland.
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i got somebody without headlights. wipeers are working and your headlights should be on. even during the daytime. it is hazy out there. cloudy. of course, we have the rain moving through. this is it on satellite and radar imagery. rain moves through cuyahoga, approaching 77 corridor in summit. and stark counties as well. so if you are in akron or canton no rain yet. ands on the way. put a few time stamps on it. you can see he move in for you. in akron within next 5 to 10 minutes we should see, at least, light rain. then it will pick up. if you are out in newton falls area. good afternoon to you. after 12:30. showers will move in for you. this is the back edge of the rain moving into erie and huron. so the further west you go, the quicker you will dry out. and in the cleveland metro area i would say we have, at least, another couple of hours of on
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then watch how chances drop into the afternoon and evening hours. so, i think, things will improve when you head home from work. we have to get through the next couple of hours. back to you. >> anchor: all right. thank you sam. training camp set to begin for the defending nba world champion cavilers. not something you say or hear around here every day. there are plenty of questions, however, that need answers. number one on that list is where the heck is jrth we go to tony zarrella for answers. he has them. as cast host media day today. what is up tony? >> reporter: hi. this is the situation we were in last year. you remember with tristan thompson. jr smith will be noticeably absent when players come out. reintroduced. do photo ops and take podium here. first time to get a chance to hear from a lot of the guys since that incredible day in
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larry o'brien trophy smack-dab in the middle. at some point a banner here. cleveland clinic courts. but not doing that until they unveil a banner at the q, which takes place owe opening night. but i don't know about you buting back to june 19. i look at that final minute of that game seven on my phone. and seeing what was surreal at the time. celebration that really kicked off this phenomenal summer. incredible run in cleveland, that hasn't slowed down. d to cavilers again. it will be interesting to talk to david griffin. g m and tieloo, head coach. both up there first in 35 minutes and we will, because tieloo this week told joe, that jr smith is heart and soul of the team. a lot of the players feel like that. they want him back in the followed. is it a disaster if he misses start of camp? no, it is not. you can look at the tristan thompson situation, he missed
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everything turned out. great but certainly get jr back in the mix. start out the season strong. last year was last year. already gunning for cavilers when they take the court. especially eastern conference. so we will talk with cavs and return first at 4:00 on cleveland 19. duff? >> anchor: great point about missing camp for tristan and not end of the world. same thing with jr this year. indians have a chance to clinch tonight. could have clinched yesterday but white sox had plans. beating indians 3-0. indians game in the loss column behind red sox and rangers. in race for american league's best record. critical issue there for tribe of course is home-field advantage. and all right. in american league division series. tickets to sale 10:00. tickets limited. you can get priority post season ticket access by becoming a
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the 2017 season. browns 0-3 h a chance to win yesterday and last second field goal attempt wide left. offense won in overtime. whatever can does go wrong for browns. cody missed three field goals. all makeable. he was signed at the end of the week because murray, kicker, was hurt in a walk through on friday. and are you kidding me? the browns have plenty of issues on offensive line and defensive secondary. those issues will be tough to fix right now, and the browns are in washington next sunday. and this could be a long, long ride for your browns. all right. the world is remembering the extraordinary life and career of arnold palmer. guy that most credited with change the face of the game died yesterday from heart complications. at the age of 87. and palmer's swash buckle style on golf course elevated game to
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dana looks at the lasting legacy. >> line is perfect. he has got it. >> known simply as the king arnold palmer captivated sports world with ferocious style of play and magnetism of movie stars. golf never the scene when he burst on the scene in 50s. and game the face of the sport as tv went to homes and turned the game mainstream. in all winning seven titles, tour wins. and he was courted by presidents and spawned a raf individual following of fans dubbed arnie's army. palmer's high-risk high reward approach ratcheted up the drive of the game. palmer was pioneer in marketing for athletes and paved the way for future stars. there is even a drink named after him. he also received presidential
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congressional gold medal. battles between palmer and nicholas defined rivalry and although nicholas came out ahead most times palmer said even the losses helped to shape him. >> they really hurt. but when i reflect on it. now look back and say it taught me something. how it to live and be a better guy. not let it -- a defeat be the end of my life. ,. >> reporter:
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>> live from cleveland's news center. this is 19 action news. >> anchor: grief counselors are at euclid high school today to help students deal with death of a football player classmate. andre jack on died after a injury during the friday night game. going for the ball at the same time as solin player was going after the football. and the coach thinks jackson got kicked or kneed. >> all right. school pled not guilty on sex charges today. mark newton is charged with rape, gross sexual position, and kidnapping and sexual battery. newton retired social studies teacher at the school. judge set bond at $10,000. and a couple of accused of attack i did police officer product not guilty. the officer asked destiny dixon for id. and at panini. being underage she claimed she
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so her drink and man she was with was taken away. ryan brake got angry and fought with officer and dixon joined n brake got $5000 bond and $2500 bond for dixon. >> anchor: straight ahead on cleveland 19. its expected to be the most watched p.m. presidential debate in history. look at how the candidates are preparing. >> anchor: all right. live look outside. i want to show you what you can expect. if you a lunch. it is 13 minutes after 12. it is only 64 degrees out there with a breeze factored in through the day it is cool but winds are relaxing a bit. still some rain out there. so is it going to warm back up? are we going to keep with fall
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>> anchor: hily anticipated presidential debate hours away. polls show the two in a virtual tie. so a lot is on the line tonight. jamie has the report. >> reporter: audience fob tonight's televised showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump could reach 100 million viewers.
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showed clinton numbers slipping put in a tie with donald trump. >> hillary clinton has to earn trust. >> reporter: nominee spent the weekend practicing with a small group of advisers and studying trump's primary debates. trump devoted less time to debate prep and campaign said he is ready. >> as long he talks about his message and focused and contrast between the two. his vision versus hillary's that's a win. >> reporte say trump has to show he is presidential and clinton has to get supporters excited again. >> people are not switching or going back and forth but her voters are less likely to vote. >> reporter: on hofstra campus students want to hear about issues before making up their minds. >> wanting to see. that's why this debate is important. so many people their decisions are up in the air. >> are you leaning one way or the other? >> i am really still waiting to hear and see what both
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>> both candidates will have plenty to say as 90 minute debate focus on security and economic growth. jamie yuccas cleveland 19. >> anchor: you can watch tonight at 9:00. and tomorrow is national voter registration day. many companies are tying into election. doritos teamed up with rock the vote to encourage people to register in general election. 7-11 encouraging coffee buyers to vote with the blue for democrats, and red for republicans and purple for any issue you want to bring up n ohio you have until october 11 to register to vote n november's election. and the green house tavern is closed today. after a fire at the restaurant last night. firefighters were called to the east 4th street restaurant 10:30 to put out the fire quick. no one hurt. we are told there is no damage to the inside of the restaurant. and the refrigeration system is
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and tuesday, for sure. wednesday is up in the air. >> time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. it has been just a soggy day out there. right? we have contended with off again and on again rain since this morning. about 9:00 or 9:30 we started to see showers. depends on where you are. front edge of the rain moving into geaug most light. bus embed steadier rain within the showers. they are all moving east. moving pretty quickly. so if you are joining me from revena within the next 10 minutes or so you will see showers. light at first. then picking up in intensity. youngstown longer for you. about 1:00 before you start to see rain. this does extend down to our southern counties, coshocton. still moving east.
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tuska rorris, i would say within the next 40 minutes or maybe sooner, you will see showers move through. take it slow out there. again no severe weather or anything like that. but has not rained in awhile. we are not used to driving in the rain any more. need to get clack mateed to having rain again. so dry last week. for the afternoon, hour-by-hour. back edge of the rain moving through sandusky. so we deeper into the afternoon. 2:00, still showers around. have umbrella ready to go if you are out and about during that time. mid 60s. and we are going to stay in the 60s through about 8:00. a breeze out there too from time to time. so kind of making it feel cooler. by 4:00. we should be drying out nicely n cleveland area. i think 6:00 most of us will be done with showers w maybe the exception of those of you in ashtabula and tremble.
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through 6:00. and skies will clear. and we will set up for a really nice evening. but cool temperatures tonight. dropping into upper 40s. and lower 50s. you will definitely need the jacket late tonight and early tomorrow morning. but not windshield wipers. tomorrow is beautiful. windy with sunshine. and cool temperatures. topping out around 70 tomorrow afternoon. a built warmer than today for most of us. rain chances tomorrow. they are i don't expect showers. but look they go back up. for the middle of the week. and unfortunately for those of you with outdoor plans. i do think we have, at least, a chance of showers every day from the middle of the week. all the way through the weekend. here is a look at the full day seven forecast. basically we will have a big upper level system parked over northeast ohio from wednesday through the weekend. so doubt that will keep clouds
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showers, off-and-on again it will be breezy. look how cool. we do not even hit 70. but stay thursday or friday. where is summer? >> anchor: that seems to happen around here a lot. we are done with that and right middle of fall. >> weather: twice last week it was near 90. >> anchor: not this week. >> weather: turn it around like that. >> anchor: all right sam. we will deal with it. if you own a front washington machine. notice a bad smell or slimy mold you are not alone. ginger has answers on how to be eligible for cash. >> reporter: this was supposed to make your life easier. and your clothes cleaner. but some customers say these front load washing machines cause their clothes and houses to smell. >> you could say it was a clothes soiler instead of clothes washer. >> reporter: mike sell one of
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he discovered hidden inside of this. >> black and slimy. >> reporter: water trapped in gasket on the door of the front loader leading to mold. now class action lawsuits against many front load manufacturers are settling. if you bought a whirlpool, kenmore or maytag front loader between-thon and 2010, you could be entitled to $50 cash payment. rebate on your next machine. or reimbursement for your repairs. and 2006 you could receive $35, or a cash rebate on your next front loader. in order to qualify you must opt into these lawsuits by october. and if you have another brand there are also class actions still pending against some of the other manufacturers. ginger alan, cbs news, dallas. >> anchor: all right. we are not done. coming up. new rendefinition a fast-food lunch.
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> anchor: you know you want to kick yourself when you leave
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purposely would forget your lunch if you had this life. watch as this korean woman tosses her husband's sandwich off the balcony and then right through the sun roof. she has mastered it because he is always leaving for work without his lunch. >> anchor: [laughter]. appreciative man seen giving her a thumbs up before driving off to work. >> anchor: hilarious. >> anchor: better not make her mad maybe fire a brick through there. nc take a look. at the radar. rain moving through. if you are headed out to lunch in cleveland or akron. take your umbrellas. others are seeing rain as well. back edge of the rain moving into lorain. not much longer. i would say 2:00 or 3:00 if cleveland we will, at least, dry out. bus more rain chance, brian, in the week immediate. and kind of chilly too. >> anchor: not bad.
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>> phyllis: so, what do you think, doc? am i gonna live? >> stitch: your ct scan shows no bleeding, no swelling. your vitals are strong. everything points to a mild concussion. >> billy: so you're gonna be okay. >> phyllis: so, can i go home? >> stitch: i'd like to keep you for observation, at least for a night, especially given your medicahi other symptoms develop. i'll be back later to check on you. >> billy: thanks. >> phyllis: thank you. [ door opens ] >> billy: thank god you're okay. >> phyllis: why are you here? >> billy: when i saw you lying at the bottom of the stairs, so still... where else would i be? >> phyllis: you were at the house? what were you doing there? >> billy: i wanted to talk to


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