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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  September 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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live from cleveland's news center, we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> anchor: are you ready? tonight's showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton is being called the most important 90 minutes of the presidential campaign so far. >> anchor: the stage is set fo the debate will be divided into six 15-minute segments. moderator lester hospital will start the segments with a question, and the candidates will have two minutes each to respond. >> they will cover three to topics, america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. >> anchor: greg boswell talks about the event that as many as 100 million viewers are expected to tune into. >> reporter: the candidates will face each other on this stage at hofstra university for
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they are heading into this first presidential debate that a virtual tie. although donald trump is the political new comer in this race, he said he has gone light on the debate preparations. hillary clinton on other hand holed up with her inner circle over the weekend to practice. her running mate kim kaine says the format will work to her favor spa moderator and two of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide and we will see tonight about donald trump. can he give any details about anything? >> reporter: trump's r mate mike pence says the republican candidate will speak from the heart and mind. >> they will hear br broad-shouldered leadership that will make america strong again. make america safe again. and make america great again. >> reporter: a new national poll finds three out of four voters will be tuning in for the debate and a vast majority, 87% say it is unlikely to affect how they will vote. an associate professor of political kind 'tis says gender
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tonight. >> what it appears like so far that the expectation for women is higher than women have to outperform. they have to illustrate that they can be tough without being men. >> reporter: after a season of rowdy political events, the debate audience have been warned to refrain from any disruptive behavior. craig boswell, hempstead, new york. let's talk about something really fun. just yesterday the cavs were chasing the championship. cl cavs proved us right. now they are preparing for a new season and new quest to defend their title. denise with all of the excitement. denise? >> reporter: yeah, ramona, i am inside the practice facility and i will take you for a little bit of a walk here right now. things have really cleared out right now, but all day long we had players going up to that podium right there and taking
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lebron james to see what he to say about the upcoming season as he pretty much said last year doesn't count. we have to think about this season and trying get another title. of course that is on ever everybody's mind. will they be able to do it again. take a look. we want to take you back to earlier today when this place was jam-packed with media from all around the world and all eyes were on the 2016 cleveland cavaliers. obviously -- i was covering the excitement over today. meanwhile, sports director tony zarella was covering the nuts and bolts of the events today, hearing what the coach had to say, what the general manager had to say, also what the players did, and especially about the absence today of jr smith. so let's go over to tony right now and check in with him. tony, what did you hear? >> reporter: well, you make a great point.
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the set as you just showed, but i have got to tell you i can't see that enough the new b backdrop with the larry owe bryant trophy that says "champions" that will never go away and the feeling back on june 19. now jr smith noticeably absent today. i requested that question to a few players. tristan thompson basically said pay the man. we won the nba title and everyone deserves to be fairly compensated. position a year ago. the cavaliers looked back at what this phenomenal run meant to the city. the big four because he got the job done and lebron, kevin love and surprisingly, lebron said he haven't thought about that night. >> it haven't hit me. i don't really look back on it. i always say once i am done playing the game, i have an opportunity to kind of sit back. i have been working all summer. i don't stop, so i haven't had
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and look at accomplishments we made or what we had. and what we did. but i know it was an incredible ride and i was happy to be a part of it. >> reporter: all right, lebron james who has been through this so many time before and three rings and counting. first chance to talk to these guys since that night out this oakland. much more to come including in timeout when a very hot topic came up and lebron had some very strong things to in the meantime go back to denise. dee? >> reporter: yeah, i want to take you over here because a lot of the players getting mare pictures -- promotional pictures that were taken. when you go to the vavs game and go on that gigantic screen up above the court. that is what we are doing taking pictures of that and rolling video on that as well. and also take you back to earlier today when all the players were here and we got to
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take a look spits 'over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> reporter: the moment that cleveland cavalier fans just can't stop watching over and over again. the moment when the curse was over and the cleveland cavaliers made it known to the world that we are champions. 99 days later, the clock is resetting and the season is about to begin again. all eyes are clearly on lebron james as he makes his way to courts for the cavs 2016 media day. >> we are not satisfied with just winning one championship. we are not satisfied with being successful. we want it get better. >> reporter: players take their turns taking promotional picks. kyree irving and richard jefferson some of the first to smile for the camera. >> how are you doing. >> alex sinclair. championship coach lou. >> reporter: just steps away, a
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here to record the next chapter of gold history. the ?kids club reporter@>> hi bn >> reporter: we hope it is going to be a great season. tristan thochson live here. you are looking at him as he is getting his promotional pictures. the first game against new york knicks on act 26. we are here asking questions, denise zarella, cleveland 19. >> anchor: thank you. the cleveland indians have a chance to clinch in detroit. their magic number is one. tickets went on sale at 10:00 this morning. tickets are limited. game one and two are already sold out. you, of course, can get priority post ticket access by becoming a ticket season older for the 2017 season. while the rain is clearing out not only here but in
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now and no issues with the weather. it is going to be chilly tonight up there in detroit, but around here, quarter and a half inch of rain is what we picked up out of this front that came through, but you can see the rain is moving out just a few light showers and sprinkles there around the akron area. everybody will be dry in the next few hours here. cleveland hopkin, windy, mostly cloudy, 67. 5:00, 65. 6:00, 64. and then just before the sun sets at 7:00 here. akron-canton, 63 only. pretty cool, and it is windy in downtown cleveland and 66 degrees. there is going to be a bit of a break, but in general, the overall weather pattern unsettled this week. details on that when i come back. mark. >> all right, jeff, thank you. an incredibly tough day at
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player to died after an injury in friday night's game. we are live in euclid with the very latest on this. jen? >> reporter: well, mark, a moment of silence was observed inside the halls of euclid high school today and guidance counselors actually followed the schedule of the fallen football player to be there for students and staff who are struggling with the sudden loss of this bright young man. when a tight-knit group like a high school football team suffers a loss like this, we can only euclid football coach number 48 andre jackson will be remembered for heart of gold, dedication to his team and unwavering smile. the high school junior lived to be part of this football family. it was during a kickoff jackson on special teams when he was hurt friday night during the panther game. his coach and others are at a loss why or how his injury turned fatal. >> there was a -- i don't know -- there was a pooch kick and he was going for the ball and
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for the ball and i think he got kicked or kneed or something like that -- it was a completely normal play. it was just a -- a very strange situation. >> reporter: those thinking about what happened on the field friday saying, quote, everyone in the solan come mets athletic send prayers and thoughts of comfort to andre's family, friends, coaches as well as the euclid high school and euclid communities. and the cause of death under investigation here. here is what we do know that jackson was able to walk off the field on friday night. later he was taken to a medical center where he spent the night and was released on saturday morning. then he was taken by ems to the children's hospital on where he passed away. no word yet on what kind of symptoms he was suffering or any sort of specific injury. we are working on getting you those details as well.
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petrano, cleveland 19. houston boston technicians are inspecting a porsche that they believe open fired at a strip mall. investigators said he shot nine people. one was critically wounded. he fired on officers and officers returned fire killing him. the gunman was an attorney who lived in the area and was having difficulty with his law firm. well, a man accused of shooting and killing five people in a washington mall has confessed to being the gunman. >> anchor: 20-year-old arkan satan and in court for five counts of premeditated murder after he open fired at cascade mall in burlington. authorities do not yet have a motive. charlotte police are enforcing tougher rules on marchers protesting the shooting death of a black man last week. a couple of hundred people marched through charlotte
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released that showed what played out between police and keith scott last tuesday. officers shot and killed the 43-year-old claiming he had a gun. the video shows no clear evidence of that, and the charlotte mecklenburg police department arrested 11 people overnight. most were minor offenses but one man was charged with carrying a concealed gun. a greenhouse tavern closed after a fire. fire fighters put out the fire at the east 4th restaurant out pretty quickly. no one was hurt. damage to the refrigeration system from the roof fire. the restaurant is closed today and tuesday at lease. still to come tuesday at 4:00. what is new for this year's flu vaccination a cleveland health report. vanishing stubborn belly fat. the best exercise for that is
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live from cleveland news center driven by dodge toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 a health alert at 4:00. fall is certainly in the air right now which is a reminder that flu season is right around the corner and it is time to think about getting that flu shot. kathryn bosley joins us now with more on what is new at this year's vaccination. >> reporter: and every year the vaccination is a birth different depending on what strains are predicted. one thing that doesn't change in the battle against the nasty respiratory infection. no better infection against it than the shot. the cleveland clinic's dr.
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the types of vaccines available this year. >> a new vaccine that is a available for people 65 years or older that has a agivant in it. a added chemical to help it work better. >> reporter: even another vaccine available for those with a history of egg allergy that is manufactured without the use of egg product. more of this year's vaccine has activity against four strains of flu rather than three than in previous years. the doctor says it is not only protects you but helps to protect those around you including those who may be more at risk for complications. the very old, the very young, pregnant women and people with chronic medical conditions are at a heightened risk for hospitalization, even death from the flu. the flu shot is important for pregnant women as the flu is impact both pregnant mom and her baby. it comes down to the sooner you get your shot dr. ream says the better. >> it is very important for
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early in the season as they c can. it takes two weeks for antibodies to show up after the vaccine is given. the sooner you take the vac vaccine, the sooner you will be protected. >> romona: dr. ream adds if you can't get vaccinated until later in the season, get that flu shot then. better late than never. >> romona: in chance now choice. you have to get the shot. >> reporter: disappointing to people, the nasal vaccine. it has been deemed ineffective and off the market for this year. >> romona: what about people who claim they get sick from the vaccine. >> reporter: this is listed as one of the top myth by the cdc that you can get the flu by the vaccine. the cdc has a good explanation and many more myths rathing the vaccine. i put on . >> romona: all in our heads. >> reporter: that's what they say.
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>> romona: kathleen, thank you. good news for those who want to get rid of the belly fat. the perfect workout to do just that. the study in the you journal of sports medicine, high intensity interval workouts do the best job. the study lost more weight overall and more inches from their waistline than the group that did cardio, the two groups did four workouts a week. >> reporter: live from the first alert weather center, your hou-h all right. hello. i don't know. we were watching something there for a little bit. [ laughter ] all right, check it out. well, there goes the rain shield that came through. we even had some -- some thunder with that this morning. some heavier showers and storms there. but then it just turned into a light to moderate rain. now that's ending. if you were still seeing a few light showers and sprinkles that is ending shortly and not
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will get rid of the cloud co cover. the clearing trend will continue the rest of the afternoon and we will punch into the drier wedge of air that you see here tonight and then again tomorrow. we have got lots of sunshine on the way tomorrow, although it is going to be windy. this system by the way is drifting toward us. and, you know, that guy is going to be with us right through the end of the week, even heading into the weekend. so the next wave of showers and storms, and this is the next alert day will be on wednesday. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. that is the best opportunity to get showers and storms in here. not expected to be severe, but let's go now into wednesday and looks like a dry morning commute here, but by 11 a.m., here you see that next wave. everything rotating around that system and not only are we going to be dealing with rain on wednesday mainly afternoon but thursday, friday, and even into saturday. that is the way it looks right now. so we have several
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way. but tonight, we will be dry, 51. where that wind goes light though, 42 the low in the akron canton area. clear sky. tomorrow, nice-looking day. mostly sunny, 70. but it will be windy. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour by afternoon. 52 at 7 a.m. 67 at noon. and right around 70 at 5:00. and that's about where we should be this time of year. here you go though. alerts out for wednesday, sd waves of rain and storms mainly afternoon and look at that, cool on wednesday. only 63. 65, thursday. 68, friday. yes. 62, saturday. just isolated showers on sunday and 66 as we say hello to october. mark, over to you. say hello to this, jeff, a reporters a live shot goes
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love reporter. got handsy using your face. it rarely works. ankhy s busted out laughing and reminded that the reporter jacobs actually taken. >> romona: are you sure that is a baby giraffe. how embarrassing. >> that is good television. what is trending today, a baby you have not seen in a quarter of a century is all gro plus the commande commander-in-chief, the condiment that he doesn't care
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trending today, a big weekend for one comedienne and her favorite baseball team for different reasons. >> romona: first, do you
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>> mark: yep, he is all grown up and he decided to re-create that iconic photo 25 years later. [ laughter ] spencer elden took with a photographer for the anniversary of the album. only a few months old when first photo was taken back t then. the shot only took 15 seconds and he and his parents ended up with $200. how about that. >> romona: that is cool. comedienne amy schumer completed a life goal while attending the mets game. you can seeer you can see her on the scoreboard during the kiss cam kissing her boyfriend, of course. she later posted the pic to instagram saying she always wanted to be on the kiss cam. so a historic win for schumer and the mets who had the biggest shutout in their team's history mark market basket something, something, some something, getting to second base. >> romona: a photo that is going viral of an unlikely pair sharing a hug. michelle obama and president
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opening of the smithsonian museum of african american museum and culture. president obama was the first to -- president bush was the first to sanction is back in 2003. president obama stirring up controversy but not what you think slurping noodles with parts unknown anthony bourdain, the president said no to ketchup. bourdain asked if ketchup on hot dogs is ever acceptable. he said past age of 8. i agree. all 8-year-olds that love ketchup. >> romona: i love ketchup but to so much sugar. >> mark: more of a mustard guy. >> romona: mayonnaise on hot dogs. try it if you haven't. it is delicious. a new study and may have upside of having morning
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our top stories today at 4:00. homecoming will begun on as planned this friday and a balloon release and other events during the game to remember andre jackson. the football player died during the weekend after suffering a injury after friday night's game. hillary clinton and donald trump meet on stage tonight to their first presidential debate. the stakes are high on both sides in a place has stirred intense interest and emotions around thent tonight's showdown will be the first of three presidential debates leading up to the november election. so what can we expect from tonight's debate? >> romona: cleveland brian duffy joins us with what to expect from clinton and trump and joins us with a special guest. >> reporter: we are joined by chief white house correspondent major garrett.
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debate. many wonder if donald trump can be presidential for 90 minutes. what are your thoughts as he moves into tonight hoping that he can indeed be presidential. >> pure history of every dimension. not just donald trump but hillary clinton. we haven't seen anything like it in american presidential history. first woman party nominee. first political novice going face to days and toe to toe. e trump going to be. that bombastic, loud, sometimes insulting, sometimes rude presence. i have seen dozens and dozens times on the campaign trail or be a quieter more self-disciplined opponent of hillary clinton staying very close to his message, i am a change agent. you are part of the past, the status quo. i have new ideas, you have old ideas. i can make the country safe. you can't. i will bring back jobs. you won't. if he stays in that lane and that lane alone, he is probably
4:32 pm
victor of tonight's debate. the big question for hillary clinton, can she drive trump off these newly fashioned talking points and make him look weaker than we like to on that debate stage. >> it would that hillary clinton has spent an enormous amount of time with debate prep and donald trump maybe not so much. can hillary clinton win a debate based on policy? >> she can it seems to me if she can drive tru a what he said or demonstrate inconsistencies in the policies he has recently adopted. usually in debates, you don't lose points unless you can't remember what you are about. and that is going to be a big question for donald trump. no teleprompter tonight and most of his policy speeches were written by others. it is policy that was formed by conservative think tanks. not his own original thinking. can he remember it and recite it with conviction and recite
4:33 pm
believe it but i will fight for it. terrain and the kind that hillary clinton will be focused on not so much defending all the things she knows. the public know what is she knows. has a sense of it and find out what trump knows and if he doesn't, exploit those weaknesses. >> so many people, major, look at these debates when they are over and to that one moment. the person that can come up with that one line, one moment and that seems to whole 90-minute debate. could that be what we see tonight. whoever comes up with that one line will end up being the so-called winner of this debate? >> reporter: thing will be less true tonight than almost any recent presidential debate because so much is unknown. somehow hillary clinton going to perform. is she going to be just as good on policy as people expect? is she going to be funnier, more humble, more open, more compassionate. all those dimensions are there for her, if it is, a buffet of
4:34 pm
what are trump's demeanor. attack lines and counterattack lines. a lot of punching. after the republican debates, at the end of 90 minutes a lot of us were so exhausted. so many moments to choose from. so i think we have a chance of a debate like that tonight. several different moments that depending on your orientation of this campaign, depending on your perspective could be ones most important to you and with the new advent of a social media conversation going on complete narrative fixed after the debate. what people perceive and react to as the debate goes on, maybe the most important dynamic at all. >> major garrett of cbs news chief correspondent. thank you very much. back to you guys. >> mark: duff, thanks. tomorrow, national voter registration day. you have until october 11 to vote in person or monday mail. you can down load the form.
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you have to either mail in the registration form for register in person. >> announcer: pinpointing the weather where you live, now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: the clouds continue to break up and i do think we will see the sunshine in many spots here right before it sets. so we will see how that goes, and then it will be pretty cool tonight especially inland. in east mansfield is what we are pinpointing right now. 6:00 temperature right around 66 8:00 down to 58 here. 10:00 56. and the midnight temperature will generally be in the mid-50s. but i think several spots inland tonight could be dropping well into the 40s and all depends on what the wind does. if the wind stays up it won't drop as much. where the wind goes light you will see a drop in temperature because of that clear sky. sunshine tomorrow although it will be windy and after the sunshine tomorrow, it gets unsettled.
4:36 pm
the next several day because we are dealing with a slow moving system that is basically wednesday and perhaps right now the upcoming weekend with waves of rain and storms. right now i have alerts out wednesday through saturday. 63 at 7:00. 10:00 temperature 59 here. 56 at 1 a.m. and at least in the downtown cleveland area around 51 at 7 a.m. here is the next alert day. wednesday showers and storms,es 5 p.m. they won't be severe, but we could be dealing with heavier pockets of rain, details on that in the forecast coming up a little bit later in the half hour, ramona. >> romona: all right, jeff. a new study could be reassuring for pregnant women suffering through the difficult symptoms of morning sickness. daniel notingham is getting answers on the upside of morning sickness. >> reporter: alison florez is now 7 months pregnant and feeling great, but early on the
4:37 pm
>> it was all day every day. it was in the middle of the night and morning. >> reporter: a new study from the national institutes of health find pregnant women who suffer from the nausea or vomiting of morning sickness may have the lower risk of miscarriage. they followed 800 women and found those who reported nausea and vomiting while pregnant was 50 to 75% most likely to suffer a loss. >> we can actually tell patients that there is evidence for this. they are not feeling miserable for no demonstrates that the pregnancy is progressing. >> reporter: the cause of morning sickness is not known, but researchers say it possibly protects the unborn baby against toxins and organisms in food and drinks that can cause disease. dr. lena nathan of ucla health say women can still have healthy pregnancy without morning sickness. >> a very important step forward so we can understand more about pregnancy, especially early pregnancy. >> reporter: florez says the
4:38 pm
because i worried about what it meant, and the side effects of many medications i would have to take. >> reporter: she says being a first-time mom can be a bit scary. danielle notingham. west lake villain, california. >> romona: women in the st studies kept diaries when they experienced in the 7th and 8th week of pregnancy and answered questionnaires through the 36th week of pregnancy. one of the first times that such detailed information. straight ahead at 4:00, i take time out with tony and continue the talk about the cavs media day and the browns ot loss. plus, how the arnold palmer was invented. we are talking about the drink behind the myth, the man and ledge end after the break. 77 in and out of the city.
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first alert traffic on
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welcome back. the world is remembering the extraordinary life and career of arnold palmer. the golfing great died of heart complications at the age ever 87. today yahoo sports reveal how arnold palmer created the arnold palmer drink. apparently he drank it for years as a young man.
4:42 pm
lemonade and iced tea. that person ordered that arnold palmer drink, and there you have it. romona roam all right. all three cleveland sports t teams have a lot going on right now. so we are going -- >> announcer: now for a quick time out with ramona and tony. >> romona: okay. as i was saying, all of our sports teams are busy. start with the cavs though. media day that is wrapping up soon and tony in the thick of things all day, tony. let's start with the cavs. so refreshing to see them get back to work. >> reporter: absolutely. now that they are nba champions already unveiled the new slowing. not in all, but make ramona cry again as those tears of joy that were flowing on june 19. a pretty good goal. >> oh, my god, anything standing out other than jr.
4:43 pm
>> reporter: yeah, well, you know they came out -- what i thought was interesting. i asked tristan thompson in the same position last year and he basically said pay the man. i think they will at some point. they will come to an agreement there. mo williams called and said i am retiring. forget about it. i am not coming back. that was somewhat newsworthy. ro, they answered a lot of questions. the strongest comments concerned the racial climate in this countrych has been in our headlines most days, and lebron james talked about -- and he talked about colin kaepernick. this is what he had to say. >> me standing for the national anthem is something i will do. that is who i am. that is what i believe in. but that doesn't mean i don't respect and don't agree with what colin kaepernick is doing. you have the right to voice your opinion. stand for your opinion, and he is doing it in the most
4:44 pm
>> romona: wow, always good to hear from lebron. >> reporter: ramona, lebron referred to his own family -- he referred to his own family and i will share that at 6:20. but very strong comments and kyree irving as well. we will hear from him. >> romona: looking forward to that. talk about the browns, once we got over the kicking problems that we had, i realized they really did put up a great fi fight. they worked really hard. >> reporter: yeah, they do. thef i just look at the browns and i say this is the situation you have created for yourselves, okay. you didn't want carson work ence. he is 3-0. you didn't want to keep schwartz at right tackle. five penalties yesterday. you didn't keep kunz as the kicker and a guy that can't make kicks because the other guy murray was hurt on friday. none of these were accidents. do they give an effort for jackson, of course they did but no surprise they were in that situation and a long and
4:45 pm
finding out and as we expected. in all fairness if we had carson wence he would be in a sling like our other two quarterbacks right now. with his line, i mean. >> reporter: i don't know, if you keep mitchell schwartz -- if they had kept mitchell schwartz, you are still young. you can still keep that same philosophy and move forward and by the way the guy that even bernie wanted as quarterback would be here looking like a four-year veteran. so i am not going to do this all year i won't keep talking about carson wence. >> romona: yes, you will. >> reporter: no, i won't, i promise you. i will just talk cavs all year. >> romona: kessler looked like a rookie. okay, tony, i got to go, thank you. listen, the presidential debates don't always have to be so serious.3 jeannie moos put together the funniest debate moments. here they are. >> reporter: don't we tend to watch debates.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: hoping to see a train wreck. instead we are left with memorable moments. sarah palin winking. >> how long have i been at this like five weeks. >> reporter: adirondack de demanding a -- ronald reagan demanding that the sound system not be paid off. >> i am paying for this microphone, mr. president. >> i am paying for this broadcast. >> reporter: from spencer tracer in the movie "straight of the union." the sweat glistening o to wipe off to al gore's exaggerated exasperating sighs [sighing] . >> there are differences. >> reporter: resuscitated by snl -- what was i going to say again. oh, yeah, unforgettable fo forgetful moments. >> commerce, education and the -- and what's the third one there? let's see. >> reporter: rick perry's oops moment. >> oops.
4:47 pm
freeze. >> that we could possibly bly do. >> reporter: and this was just her opening statement. you know what a televised debate isn't the time for, checking the time as president george bush did. >> how has the national debt -- >>reporter: debates are a time for memorable zingers. >> senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> reporter: and one-liners. for instance, from relatively unknown candidate for vice-president. >> why am i here? [laughter] >> reporter: and whatever you do, candidates, don't invade your opponent's personal space as hillary's senate rival once did.when you give me -- >> -- >> we will shake on this, rick. >> i want your signature. >> reporter: or when al gore crept up on george bush. >> but can you get things done? [laughter] and i believe i can. >> reporter: there is nothing like debatable behavior to lifeen up a debate.
4:48 pm
hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: jeannie moos. >> are we not doing the talent portion? [laughter] >> romona: that is good stuff. >> mark: question, do you plan on watching tonight's presidential debate? the poll we have up. 57% say yeah, 28% say no. and 15% say my vote is already decided so why bother. so there you go. >> romona: they are million people and i don't know if i believe that many. >> mark: might watch a little and click around. >> romona: we want to see the fireworks early. >> jeff: that is what we are talking about at 5:00. everyone is talking about this, right? well, what can you expect. what are voters -- potential voter also say about it. we will break all of it down and build up the hype so to speak. it will be such a wonderful, wonderful event to watch. for every possible reason.
4:49 pm
one. front loader lawsuit. complaints over those new washing machines. how the problem could actually put cash in your pocket. i know, my family has had problems with those front loaders in the past. and selfies continue to be the rage. seeing someone snapping those pictures everywhere. why scientists are saying those selfies may actually improve your mood. maybe not the people who are around you. [ laughter ] denise and i will see you at 5:00. >> romona: i think i do it too much. >> announcer: breaking news and weather on the cleveland 19 news app.
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always watching, always tracking, now your first alert forecast jehovah jeff the roof cam. yep, there you go. the includes are breaking up. yes! i love it when a plan comes together. rain is out. we are going to actually be
4:53 pm
here with the seven-day. more sunshine on the way tomorrow and going to be windy by afternoon. 70 and then it gets unsettled and cool 63 on wednesday and during the afternoon 63 wednesday, 65 thursday and 62 the high on saturday feeling fallout. mark, ramona. back you. this is the remix. >> an old classic gets a new parental spin thanks to one musical crew.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
. it's time for little useless trivia with me mark nolan. hey, ramona. >> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: a survey, 26% of people say their significant other regularly does this while they sleep. what is it. >> romona: you are trying to trick me. they talk in their sleep. >> mark: they laugh in their sleep. 26%. >> romona: you got to give me that. same thing.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
tough for parents to get time alone, you know, but a special place they can go for a little qt. >> romona: the bathroom. the family is back with another parody this one to neil dia diamond's "sweet caroline ? ? sweet bathroom time ? ? never felt so good ? >> the family took suggestions from facebook live. and produced this in hours.
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