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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  September 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> tia: this morning we have two more police shootings to tell you about. the first one in phoenix, arizona. a man is in critical last night police shot him after they say he used his car at that ram into police cruisers. >> brian: the other one in san deeg goe. they shot an unarmed black man. he pulled an object out of his pocket and pointed it at police in a shooting stance. we will monitor the up developments throughout the morning. >> tia: we have a traffic alert if you drive in brookpark this
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holland road near smith road. repairs are underway. that's a lot of h 2o. >> brian: a lot of work going on there. it's wednesday. >> tia: hump day! >> brian: i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. meteorologist samantha roberts is tracking some rain in the first alert forecast. hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. welcome back, tia. good morning if you're just waking up with us. the time is 6:01. we are tracking swe the west of our coverage area. most of us walk out the door this morning to dry conditions. here's your satellite and radar imagery. you can see we can a good bit of clear sky off to the east. clouds to the west as our next system moves in. here's the rain closer to i-75, the finley area. again, these are lifting off to the east and northeast. i think as this moisture rotates in, that's the kind of movement it's going to take.
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lake, and i think most of this at least during the morning will miss the cleveland metro area. so as you head out to the bus stop this morning, you send the kids off, i doubt we'll have much, if any, rain in cleveland. it's that walk home and lunchtime today where we expect a better chance of showers, especially that walk home and into tonight. that's when things get really wet for us. if you live west of lorain county, could see some rain this morning. when you send the kids off showers and send them with an umbrella. 68 this afternoon. a cool, fall air mass arrived. if you're looking for warmer weather, i don't have anything for you, okay? we have more rain, though. we'll talk about when it comes and when it leaves coming up at 6:15. >> tia: we have to tell you about traffic. if you're leaving your house right now, there are things you need to know. looking at cleveland right now, no major slowdowns to report.
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creep closer to rush hour. there is construction on i-271 in both directions. this is at chagrin boulevard. one lane is blocked each way. a water main break also to tell you about. this is in south akron, east archwood boulevard is closed between moore street and bello street. no need to add extra time to your commute. as you look right now, drive times continue to look good this morning. parents, this next story is very disturbing and also a warning for you as this is in massillon. police are investigating the abduction of a 9-year-old little girl. >> brian: right off the bat, the girl is safe. that's important. this guy is still on the run and out there. sia nyorkor is getting answers for us this morning. hey, sia. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. it's happening so frequently people wonder if all of these abductions are connected. this is an awful story. the girl told massillon police that the man said he was a police officer. he took her away in his truck.
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vehicle and need your help. it's a black or dark gray ford f-150 with tinted windows and a toolbox mounted in the back. there are also two stickers on the back. one is of a skull, and the other is of a white sticker with the word ohio written on it. here's what the 9-year-old girl told police happened before she was kidnapped. she said she was walking near the massillon public library on link one way east when a man approached her and said he was uniform. he had a walkie-talkie. she said he told her she was reported missing. that's when he put her in that truck and took her to another location and sexually assaulted her. the girl describes the offender as a middle aged white man, thin to medium build with a scruffy beard and brown hair. someone out there has seen that truck or knows who this man is. police are asking you to do the
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tia, brian. >> tia: let's hope someone does, sia. he is indeed dangerous. in this story we and more questions about a 27-year-old woman shot and killed by her own father. jamal mansour is held on $1.5 million. during his arraignment he said he accidentally shot his daughter inside their home on vine court in rocky river. the victim's brother made the 911 call early tuesday morning. >> yes. my sister has been shot. please send an ambulance. >> in her room. >> did she shoot herself? do you know who shot her? >> no, my father shot her. >> you heard it right there. he said my father shot her. rocky river police did find a handgun inside mansour's home. they also say they don't have a solid motive, though, other than an argument that occurred. mansour's next court appearance is tomorrow morning. we know now what caused the death of a high school football
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the medical examiner says andre jackson died of blunt force impact to his abdomen. he was 17 years old. a gofundme page has been started to raise money to pay for funeral expenses. the high school says this friday's homecoming game will be played as scheduled, and there will be a moment of silence for andre along way balloon release before the game. the indians got cleberred last night and lost 12-0 and on top of that they got the news corey kluber is shut down for the final least. he's out 7 to 10 days with a mild strain in his quad. let's hope it's mild. so there's still a chance he pitches in game one of the playoffs, which is eight days from today. skipper terry francona is optimistic about kluber's time off. >> wlen a guy is competing, you don't know how much they're really hurting, but this will give him a chance to hopefully have a bull pen session or two,
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help him. but i think it's certainly not bad news. >> brian: let's hope the skipper is right. clubber was scheduled to pitch on saturday and that's not happening. the top three pitchers are hurt right now. >> tia: that's tough, man, going in like that. >> brian: it's tough. they need kluber back. we'll stay on the news that it's a short-term thing and hope i can pitch game one. if he can't, maybe start game two or three. yoow and see what happens. it's going to be tough. >> tia: world series. come on, indians! >> brian: we'll see. the first alert forecast calls for rain today, tomorrow and friday. sam, when will it end? >> samantha: sorry. i know. you're all going to hear my weather in a few minutes and just roll your eyes. it's 6:07 now, and it's 54 down in akron. good morning to you. your drive for now, your drive
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on rain returns. we'll talk about it coming up after the break. the secret is -- >> tia: yeah. you see it. a local coach shares her secret. we'll tell you what that is to turning out a team with eight consecutive national titles, and that's not all. details next on how the girls are rolling right into the record books. >> brian: next, the birth that's called a medical
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a baby conceived through inveto fertilization used with dna of three people. this is the first time this med has successfully been used. the dna came from the father with embryos of the mother and dorn. it can help avoid the passing on of genetic diseases. >> it has proved that this technique can help certain patients to avoid to have a baby >> tia: so the mother of this baby had her first two children die of a rare genetic disease called lee's syndrome. doctors say this newborn is not showing signs of carrying the gene, and the baby is very healthy. so that's very revolutionary. three people? that's interesting. a roller skate club in overland has quite the bragging rights. they have won eight straight national titles. >> brian: they're a precision
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another skater there is one of only two people in the country who qualified for the world championships next week in italy. nichole vrsansky is getting angss on the secret to their success. nice to meet you. first time i've said that. >> nichole: if you see country skate land coming in competition, look out, right? >> brian: you're in trouble. >> nichole: you have competition. the girl leaving for world is sarah massey. she's l friday. she has qualified for worlds four times. her sister, her mom, part of the coaching team at country skate land that continues to turn out champions. >> a child has to get on the floor and believe in themselves. if they have any doubt in themselves, you're sunk. >> nichole: it's that sense of belief that coach brenda massey works hard to instill in her
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>> nichole: her and her daughter, coach, melissa, can quite good at it too. >> are we national champions? >> yes. >> nichole: eight years in a row quad squad has won gold at nationals. skating is more of a lifestyle than a sport for these families. the club even filmed segment foss r a reality show. the show never made it off the ground. >> the thing that makes it crazy is you're balancing everything. you have to keep mom you have to keep the children wanting to come. you have to not let the children bicker and that sort of thing and you have pressure because i want them all to win. >> nichole: the girls also compete individually. emily wiegmann won six times at nationals and sarah massey now practicing for worlds in italy. the bw freshman is one of only two skaters in the u.s. to qualify. they practice at least three hours a day six days a week.
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that you have to -- every minute counts. >> nichole: the skate club takes great pride in the close-knit family environment. >> we see each other more than our families. >> nichole: these skate moms spend 20 hours a week together and room together for competitions and cheer together as their daughters go for the gold. >> we're all very close. >> nichole: unique in such a competitive environment where routines are kept hush-hush because another team will steal it. >> we keep it a regional championship, because we've had teams copy us before. >> nichole: they also keep it fun and inviting as we learn with this impromptu skate lesson. no come close to me. it's not as easy as it looks. these girls have a rough reputation for a reason. thanks to coach they believe in themselves and know hard work pays off. >> whether we go to nationals, it's like everyone knows us. it's country skate land and
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successful and we all work really hard. >> nichole: so if you're interested in watching those girls skate, they have a halloween show coming up and a christmas show after that. while i was out there, i did put some skates on. the girls tried to show me a few moves, but there was a 4-year-old little boy out there who skates out there in overland. he's amazing and challenges me to a race. i did not win, and he smoked me. i posted the facebook page. it finally uploaded. you have to see this kid skate. it was great. >> brian: you guys roller skaters? >> tia: what? man. i'm like back in the day. >> samantha: i'm the clumsiest person on earth. roller skating rink at golden gate on mayfield road. we went every saturday. >> tia: did you have the bell
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>> brian: no, i never wore bell-bottoms. >> samantha: i think that was after your time. >> brian: bell-bottoms weren't during my time. that was in the '60s. how old do you think i am? >> nichole: my goodness. >> brian: listen, save your buddy, tia. when i was on the brady bunch i wore bell-bottoms. this beautiful start to your wednesday morning. beautiful now before rain arrives later. i don't know if you guys know this or not, but i work with a bunch of comedians. upper 50s is what we have going on in cleveland right now. what are you drinking, tia? >> tia: just fiji water with a little supplement. >> samantha: i asked because
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time is 6:17. here's the radar and satellite imagery. you can see we have clear skies off to the east, clouds to the west and some of you are about to see a little bit of rain. it's all courtesy of this system. look to our northwest. you can pick out the spin of this parent system on our satellite and radar imagery. that whole thing is going to move in our direction. what will happen is over the course of the next few days it will sit here. we deal with rain cha couple of days. right now most of us are okay, but if you're out towards ottawa, seneca, or sandusky counties, crawford county, even as far north as erie or huron counties, be aware these showers off to the east of the lima area are headed in your direction. so you will be getting some rain here after 6:30, closer to sunrise. just be prepared for it. take your umbrella. i think most of that will miss
6:19 am
akron areas and off to the east. there's a good chance we won't see much if any rain until much later this morning into the afternoon. stray shower can't be ruled out. later it's when we get in on the rain in cleveland. only in the upper 60s this afternoon. nice little taste of fall. it's actually considered average for this time of year. those scattered showers we look at for the midday and afternoon time frame, well, they're going to continue all through night off and on rain, not a constant rain but occasional showers passing by your neck of the woods and we will do it all over again tomorrow. here is my full seven-day planning forecast. it might be one of the worst i've done since i've been here. not because it's wrong but because whether you look at it you're like, really? four weather alert days in a row. we have scattered on-again/off-again showers tomorrow, friday, saturday.
6:20 am
for the next couple of days, but guys, i do think by the end of the weekend we'll be seeing a little more sunshine, the rain won't be as widespread, and next week looking pretty good. >> brian: all right, sam. monday and tuesday look nice. how about traffic. cleveland-wide maps, slowdowns a few miles below the speed limit so far so we're still good. akron map is no problems. if you take the rta now, you plan ahead. this saturday and sunday all east side rails will be replaced innerbelt bridge work. so heads-up there. drive times all in the green. we still look pretty good. >> tia: time is 6:20. there's a major chicken nugget recall underway this morning, so if you fix lunch for the kids, you need to know about this. we're getting answers on what to look out for in your freezer. >> another smash-and-grab. we have to shoez you these when they happen, because they're just constant in this city.
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for naturally-beautiful, nourished hair. garnier whole blends avocado oil & shea butter. >> nichole: time is 6:24. this is a live look at a smash-and-grab in cleveland. another day, another smash-and-grab, right? this is the rite aid on broadview road. a red minivan was left at the scene. you can see i through that brick wall. to see if anything -- police are still investigating to see if anything was taken from the store. when we find out, you can look for that information first on the free cleveland 19 mobile app. there have been more than 30 of these so far in cleveland this year. if you have chicken nuggets in your freezer, listen up. tieson recalled 130,000 pounds of their famous chicken nuggets
6:25 am
bagged of fully cooked panko chicken null nuggets. heads up if you have chicken nuggets in your frezer. brian. >> brian: if you have a pet that you suspect of mischief while you're not home, check this out. this is video from a surveillance camera at an animal shelter. check out in named ginger. she climbs to the top of her kennel and hops a wall and opens three doors. she escapes. >> as she was kind of coming out the door, we saw a quick little glance back at the shelter and running off saying, see ya. >> brian: more than 40 applications have already come
6:26 am
>> tia: it makes me think she's been trained to do some of that stuff. >> brian: i would think, right. she's opened doors before. pretty good. >> tia: way to go, ginger. i don't know if you want to take ginger home, though, because ginger needs some type of containment, you know? time is 6:26. the weather words of the day rainy and also cool. sam. >> samantha: yeah. right now, guys, things look okay. we have some cloud cover moving in, because those of you down to the southwest of sandusky already seeing some i'll zoom you in here, fremont, tiffin, bucyrus, and this is light rain headed in your direction if you're in willard or norwalk. be aware that rain is coming in. we take a closer look at the forecast today coming up after the break. >> brian: next, why police say this pickup truck may be critical to finding the man who abducted and raped a little girl
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>> brian: good morning. we've been in touch with massillon police this morning asking questions about when fef received any tips at all about a man wanted in the abduction and rape of a little girl. this is the truck police are looking for right now. an update in two minutes. >> tia: we have a traffic alert. if you're driving in brookpark this morning, there's a water main break on holland road near smith road. cleveland water crews are on the scene, and repairs are underway.
6:31 am
a.m. >> brian: can someone give the tribe a break? the indians best pitcher now, corey kluber is recovering from a strained quad muscle. kluber will miss the next seven to ten days, which could mean he misses the first playoff game scheduled for october 6th. that is just eight days away. let's hope with a little rest he recovers and he's ready to pitch the tribe into the american league we'll stay positive on this one, yeah. >> tia: good morning. it's wednesday, september 28th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. sam roberts is looking at lots of rain. that's what she's telling us. we keep going back to her hoping she changes her mind. >> tia: no. she's not mother nature. >> samantha: it's a reasonable assumption, because sometimes we have to make changes to the forecast. i did make one change this morning. i made the weekend a little warmer. that's good news, right?
6:32 am
all about rain for the next couple of days. your morning run today, i think, will be dry for that. depending on where you live, i think in our most populated areas we'll miss out on early morning rain. i would do an early recess today as to avoid any rain with embedded lightning. after-school practices, after-work yardwork is always fun, right? that may feature some rain in your evening run or walk. it may also feature some showers. again, it is the day that i expect the bulk of the moisture to come in here. right now 80%, 90% of the area is dry. out to the west i have some showers here creeping in from the i-75 corridor and they drift off to the east and northeast so they take a northerly turn right now. this is why most of this will miss the cleveland area. i put a few time stamps on it so you see when rain moves into the
6:33 am
clinton, it's within the next 10 to 15 minutes. vermilion, if the rain holding together about 7:30 and sandusky about 7:15ish before we see any showers moving in. well, there's more to come. we'll talk about this week of rain chances, guys, coming up at about 6:45. >> tia: we look at your commute right now. cleveland map. this is i-71 at the jennings. slowed down right now to 17 miles per hour. so you want to givers some extra time if you have to travel in that direction. we have an accident to tell you about. this is on cleveland's east side. there's an accident reported at east 55th and bouwer avenue. avoid that area if you can. for the drive times, this is good news. they're still on time into cleveland. that's only if you leave your house in the next few minutes. so you may want to be on time this morning. this is a story that we have to tell you about. parents, please listen up closely.
6:34 am
of a pickup truck leads them to a h man they say abducted and raped a 9-year-old little girl and left here on the street. >> brian: sia nyorkor continues to work this story. she just got off the phone with the police looking to get answers about the search for this man and truck. sia. >> sia: i got off the phone with the detectives, and they told me that they put this on facebook and it's been shared almost 14,000 times. they are waiting t any of those tips there will help find this man. now, it's a terrible story. that 9-year-old girl told massillon police the man said he was a police officer and that she was reported missing. he took her away, and then he sexually assaulted her. now, the 9-year-old girl said the man didn't have a badge or uniform but had a walkie-talkie. he put her in his truck and took her to another locate and
6:35 am
for this truck. it's a black or dark gray forld f-150 with tinted windows and a toolbox mounted in the box. there are stickers on the back. one is of a skull and the other is a white sticker with the word ohio written on it. now, here's who police are looking for. the girl describes the offender as a middle-aged white man, thin to medium build with a scruffy beard and brown hair. anyone with information is asked to call police. they're hoping that everyone shares media and they can get this guy off the streets. back to you. >> thank you so much. a 63-year-old man is behind bars this morning on $1.5 million bond. he's accused of shooting and killing his 27-year-old daughter right inside of his rocky river home. we first told you about this as breaking news yesterday morning. during his arraignment, jamal mansour said he accidentally shot his daughter tahani.
6:36 am
neighbors of the family are just lost for words. >> the thought, to me, of a father shooting a daughter who normally is the apple of the father's eye is so heart-breaking. >> brian: the victim recently received a doctor of pharmacy degree from northeast ohio medical university. they sent out a tweet this morning saying that they are mourning her death, and that counselors would be available on campus. >> tia: in ashland we are getting answers on how two of shawn grate's victims died. autopsy reports show elizabeth griffith and stacey stanley, found in the house, were strangled to death. grate admitted to killing both women. a total of five women were murdered. they are connected to grate. he's expected back in court tomorrow morning. >> brian: we learn more this more about the tragic death of a euclid high school football
6:37 am
injury he stained on the football field. nichole vrsansky is getting answers on this. people originally thought this was just a head injury, but it turns out that wasn't the case, nicki. >> nichole: yeah, when we heard from the coach originally, he thought he got a knee or helmet to the head. the medical examiner said andre jackson died from blunt force impact to the abdomen and not the head. he walked off the field and went to the hospital right after it happened and was released and went back to the hospital on sunday where he later died. he was just 17 years old. the team will play this weekend for their homecoming game. it will be a special night, a tribute to jackson. they will release balloons and have a moment of silence before the game. the outpouring of support for the family and euclid high school community is overwhelming on social media. bernie kosar tweeted this. words do not say how sorry i am
6:38 am
and his family and all of the young adults at euclid high school. god bless you and your family. and those who knew him say andre was a hard-working student athlete that brought smiles to all those he came in contact with. a gofundme account has been set up for his family to help offset the funeral costs. it is under andre l. jackson. about $2800 has been raised so far. tia. >> tia: he against a proposed plan to combine the three city high schools into one stemming from a $15 million deficit the district is now facing. he said the plan could force some families to move out of parma. of course, we will continue to follow this story very closely and be there when the school board meets again next week. a second person has died from a crash at a concert last month in parma heights. 68-year-old nancy gill liss of hinckley was one of the nine
6:39 am
she struck a stage at commons park. 61-year-old kathleen mcdonald also died. no charges yet in this case. >> brian: there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony in morning at the new headquarters of the world's largest greeting card company. cleveland's own american greetings ready to move into the brand-new offices in crocker park. it had a construction delay in march after a propane tank caught fire. now the square foot facility is finished and ready for business. >> tia: that's good. bringing jobs into the community, keeping our economy going. it's all good news. >> brian: absolutely. >> tia: time is 6:39. it's not too bad now, but expect more clouds, wind and rain as the morning moves right along. oh, no, sam. >> samantha: check out this graphic i just made. i put additional time stamps on here to show you when the rain moves into your area.
6:40 am
south of lima along i-75. that's all lifting off towards the east and northeast. i think most of this will miss cleveland. you can see your town if you live west of cleveland. vermilion about 7:30ish in the green creek area. that's any minute now really you could see light rain. closer look at today's forecast coming up after the break. >> brian: also another smash-and-grab in cleveland. a tow truck just removed a minivan from this pharmacy. we have all the information you need to know, and we'll let you know what the thieves got away with coming up. >> tia: also coming up, we get answers about why the national guard is being deployed in cedar rapids, iowa this morning.
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>> nichole: time is 6:44. more than 10,000 people have been evacuated from cedar rapids, iowa after the town was hit by severe flooding of the the cedar river crested 22 feet above major flood stage. the iowa national guard has deployed 400 soldiers to the area, and officials are telling residents to evacuate until that water recedes. we update you about right now. this is a live look at a smash-and-grab in cleveland. this is the rite aid on broadview road. police on the scene told us that the thieved did get away with the store's atm. a red minimum my van was left at the scene. the tow truck got that minivan out of the store. the crumbled bricks all that remains right there that you see. that minivan is on the tow truck right now. there's been more than 30 of
6:45 am
cleveland this year. brian. >> brian: well, we see them every year, and it's that time of year again. stinkbugs are back. yeah, sam. i've seen them at my house. if you haven't seen them yet, you will any day now. they'll be creeping and crawling around your home. we're getting answers this morning as to how to keep the stinkbugs out. prevention is key here. if you have a window out. any nook or cranny they can squeeze through they will. with that said, make sure your windows and screens are sealed shut. if you find one, don't hesitate to get rid of them. the humane method is putting them in soapy water. >> tia: humane? >> brian: flushing them down the toilet works or sucking them up in the vacuum. don't squish them, though, because they're called stinkbugs and they stink when you squish them.
6:46 am
a true sign of the changing seasons. today is the final walnut wednesday in downtown cleveland. this is right across the street from us in perk plaza on east 12th and walnut. hopefully the rain holds off, but from what sam has told us, it won't. will it? >> samantha: i think you might need the umbrella. i don't think it will rain constantly during the lunchtime hour, but there will be showers around and the chance is there. so just be aware of it and take an umbrella so you and you taco, burrito, you don't want to get it wet, right? you get so mad. the lines are long and you stand in line and wait for this am amazing plate of nachos, right, and then you get rained on. i don't want that to happen to you. that sounds like a really sad situation to me. so take an umbrella. 6:46 on this wednesday morning. we are halfway to the weekend. upper 50s right now in
6:47 am
it's a breezy day ahead, much as it was yesterday, right? it was windy out there. tonight not quite as windy but still a breeze. another thing to be aware of over the coming days as the seasons change. here's satellite and radar showing you dry conditions off to the east of 71 #. out to the west i track showers. these lift off to the north. it's courtesy of this big blob on the satellite and radar and that broad storm system will drop in here over the next couple of days, and it is going to stay here even into the weekend. so you will need that umbrella not just today but you'll need it a lot over the next couple of days. it is 6:47 now. you can see the showers moving into our southwestern counties out towards bucyrus. not everyone is seeing rain right now. if you join me in the norwalk
6:48 am
ver milion is about 7:24. i think most of this will miss the cleveland area, but look at all this rain north of dayton. that is moving in the same general direction. so once this light rain moves through out to the west, there will be more rain. i think those of you west of 71 are going to get a good soaking today. for the rest of us, it's late morning and into the afternoon that rain chances are a little more impressive. temperature trend, 64 at midday, 68hi you out to the east maybe just a few degrees warmer. to the west places like sandusky, mansfield, ashland, richland will probably be just a little bit cooler than that. after-school practices, evening commute all impacted by showers. look at that. tonight the chance of scattered showers continues. so if you have dinner plans, maybe in downtown cleveland, you know, sometimes you got to park far away from the destination and walk.
6:49 am
umbrella. let's talk about the next custom of days. here's the full planning forecast. remember, that storm system is not going anywhere, so not just rain in the forecast today but tomorrow, friday, and on saturday as well. this thing will pull away from us by the end of the weekend, so sunday actually does not look bad. there could be a few showers that hang around sunday into monday, but the bulk of our rain will fall between this afternoon and saturday. temperatures eventually into the weekend and next week do rebound a little bit. i give you a little tease. i was looking at the long-range forecast, and the last day of my seven-day is tuesday, october 4th. looking towards mid-october, guys, we could be looking at a little patchy frost, but again, we're still very far out. so keep an eye on it. >> brian: we do not need frost on the pumpkins. >> samantha: not at all. >> brian: not quite yet. we have to make sure we get that
6:50 am
>> tia: going to get one as soon as this over. >> brian: me, too. this is a live look. traffic as you can see is picking up just a bit. we start to see slowdowns now. heading into the big city, 40 miles per hour on 90 east, down to 13 miles per hour on 71 there at the jennings, which is one of the first places that always slows down. drive times, however, still looking pretty good. a heads-up about a program change this sunday f 19's browns coverage. "tailgate 19" begins at 8:00 a.m. instead of its usual time of 11:00. that's because the colts and jags are going to kick off at 9:30. the game is played in london. browns play the redskins at 1:00. we've got that for you. immediately following the game, join tony and the crew for "the fifth quarter." >> tia: that's early, huh? london, i get the time difference. all right. stay with us.
6:52 am
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>> brian: here's a live look. we were waiting for the diddy. there it is. >> tia: we'll delay it on this one. >> brian: feazel roof cam. there's a beautiful shot, right? this was 1982. >> tia: i was around. >> brian: bell-bottoms were not in style. john cougar number one song on the singles chart. four week run at number one. for more rock trivia logon to two american kids, tia, doing the best they can. you can enter to win two tickets and a dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: do you wear bell-bottoms now? >> brian: of course. they're in style, aren't they? no. i never wore bell-bottoms.
6:55 am
hopefully you're not wearing bell-bottoms. here's some stories to know before you go. >> brian: you will need to watch out for this spot. there's a water main break on holland water near smith road. cleveland water called us a few hours ago to say they were out there assessing the damage and beginning repairs as we speak. >> tia: a warning for parents in massillon this morning. police are investigating the abduction of a 9-year-old little okay, but the man is still on the run. >> he took her away in his truck, and now police are looking for that vehicle and need your help. it's a black or dark gray ford f-150 with tinted windows and a toolbox. >> corey kluber had an mri, and doctors now say he has a mild quad strain, but he's going to be out seven to ten days. so they're hoping he'll be able
6:56 am
alds. >> samantha: all right. welcome back. it's 6:56, and heads-up. i have your satellite and radar on the radar. i've got your satellite and radar on the tv is what i meant to say. you can see that rain is coming in from our southwest. i need more coffee. take your umbrella if you live west of cleveland. you'll deal with rain through the morning hours. in cleveland i think it's midday into t rain developing and it's going on-again/off-again rain through tomorrow into friday into your saturday as well. things finally clearing out late in the weekend. >> brian: first friday night of bad weather for football. >> samantha: i know. i hate it. >> brian: we've had a great run. it's been perfect. >> tia: make the switch to cle43.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? world leaders pay tribute to a founding father of israeli who became a warrior for peace. former president, prime minister and nobel peace prize winner shimon peres died overnight at age 93. >> hillary clinton talks about donald trump's past comments. see the tense moment between trump and alicia machado during an interview. >> are other banks resorting to the same tactics as wells fargo?


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