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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> chris: that's right. sports director tony zarrella with the details. >> the organization is cutting him loose. they have not officially released josh gordon. they will move on. we have seen multiple regimes come through berea and deal with the saga of josh gordon. this is the first group to say enough is enough. they have not officially cut him. likely sooner than later. you are about to hear strong words from hue jackson who was willing along to give gordon a chance on their watch, he is that tantalizing talent and by all accounts gordon was doing the right things and ask his teammates he was locked in during team meetings and studying the play book and willing to pick up in the preseason. that's how he was around his teammates and wasn't enough. >> none of that matters now. he is not. again, i am not going to answer any more josh gordon comments or
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i will coach our team that's here and that's what i'm going to do. no more questions about josh gordon. >> hue jackson answered three questions and then said he is done. he's not going to talk about him today, tomorrow and closing the chapter and whether or not gordon plays football again that's up to him but it won't be with the cleveland browns. >> denise: i can't blame him, tony. enough is enough. they have a business to run. we all hope h his life, butz time to move on. >> tony: 100%. >> denise: tell us what you think about josh gordon's future. leave your comments on, facebook or twitter. >> chris: the 5th storm of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season is forming. matthew is about 190 miles in the caribbean and expected to impact parts of puerto rico, venezuela and colombia.
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per hour. that's the border line and threshold right there. it is pretty strong. >> denise: we can't complain what's happening here. >> chris: just a little bit of rain dnc we can and we will. >> jeff: of course we have to watch the system. it is not impacting us next week. but if you have interest in the caribbean, that storm will be causing a lot of problems like jamaica, cuba and bahamas getting into next this same system. it is impacting us all week with the waves of rain and thunder giving us the wet commute. the rain will be diminishing in cleveland. this wave is moving out over lake erie and coming around avon lake, westlake, bay village and rocky river. it will be kind of winding down here at least for now. we have this isolated storm.
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hartsgrove, ashtabula county. alert tonight waves of thunder expected getting at least an additional quarter inch of rain. many spots over 2 inches from the rain we saw over the past few days because it is so dry there's not a big flooding concern. wet roads, muddy fields for the football games and it is raining in downtown cleveland. scattered showers on the way tomorrow. few afternoon showers sunday and raining at times this w that later on in the half hour. >> the last of the founding generation is now gone. shimon accomplished things in his life for a thousand people. >> president obama and other world leaders remembering shimon peres. they attended a state funeral for the former israeli president and prime minister paying respects to a man who tried to bring peace to the middle east.
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complicated, brilliant friend. >> chris: back here, no arrests in the pike county family murders. we told you about potential problems in the case. >> former prosecutor says a security issue with the evidence may put the whole case in jeopardy. we have part two of the investigation. >> reporter: 125 times. that's how many times in the past six weeks we drove by and through the parking lot of this wearhouse. inside crime scenes are and evidence of the largest mass murder investigation in ohio's history. >> reporter: who is guarding that evidence right now? >> i'm not going to comment who is guarding that evidence. i won't explain security measures to. >> you that's how the four hour meeting with the sheriff went earlier this week. to be clear, we would not report specific details on security measures. wecismly wanted to phin the
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job to ensure the chain of custody of the evidence. >> how do you know i don't have a deputy there. i am not discussing my security measures with you. do i have deputies there? absolutely. am i there? >> yes. >> every day? >> every day thrill. >> 24/7? >> i am not going to answer that. i told you that. >> we filed an open records request with the sheriff to see what tax dollars he is spending to secure the evidence at wearhouse. the sheriff says there's a camera system on the inside where the four trailers sit. this wearhouse is home to two chemical companies with multiple employees there during the week. but the sheriff would not say who is watching that evidence when civilians are inside. that's until we showed the sheriff what we had. >> here is an empty guard shack on a sunday. >> right. >> reporter: this gate, one way in and out of the facility
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multiple nights through the week and there's the gate on monday morning after another entire weekend was unlocked. no one was there. the question is, if anyone was in and around that wearhouse at any point in time during the day you would know about it. >> absolutely. >> reporter: on that property? >> yes. i or someone else with my staff should know about it, yes. >> reporter: we told the sheriff we spent nearly 70 hours watching this wearhouse and never saw a cop there. ha parking lot. >> the gate is wide open. you can't dispute that. >> i can't dispute that. not what you showed me. >> the sheriff eventually acknowledged this wearhouse is unmanned by law enforcement. >> it will be tough for a prosecutor to be able to justify that the chain of custody in that evidence was not broken because he got civilians walking demand there with no police officer watching them. >> denise: that was jody barr
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station in cincinnati. his investigation did get action by the way. there's now a lock on the gate. the sheriff says he is confident the building is now secure. a former east cleveland police officer was in court. he is accused of beating a prisoner who was in custody. gerald spencer pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, assault and other charges. at last check, he was held on $10,000 bond. prosecutors say spencer and another officer forced a man from city park, beat him and dragged him back inside the car. >> chris: the driver accused of killing an ohio state trooper was also in court. joshua gaspar plead not guilty to secular homicide. investigators say he was high on drugs at the time of the incident. trooper kenneth velez was killed standing outside his cruiser on i-90. the man accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 9-year-old girl in massillon had
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>> denise: mark nolan is getting answers on what happened in court today. >> dennis leroy menefee was arraigned in massillon municipal court today pleading not guilty to kidnapping, rape, menacing and assault. menefee allegedly abducted and assaulted a 9-year-old girl on the way home from school. he let her go and she told her parents and she saw surveillance video of his truck and didn't believe it when she saw it and feels for the >> that's something she has to live with for the rest of her little life. it is terrible. nobody should have to go through that, much less a little girl and he has a daughter the same age. >> menefee is held on a $2 million bond. right now he is held at the starke county jail and will be back in court at a later date. denise? >> denise: a tribute tonight at the euclid high school homecoming game. the team will remember a fellow
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week. andre jackson was hurt last friday night during the game against solon. he died two days later from blunt force impact to his abdomen. the game is the first since his death there. will be a moment of silence and balloon release before the game. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> chris: it is friday afternoon. the weather has been spotty. you can see headed out of town traffic is backed up. we have reports of an accident. the shoulder blocked southbound which is what you are seeing, a backup of the accident at grant avenue. we have a delay to east 30th. if you are headed out of town in the next few minutes taking this route, be aware we have a traffic accident with the shoulder blocked at grant avenue. brook park is hosting the 7th annual bras across the
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it is to raise awareness for breast cancer. according to the centers for disease control more than 220,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. the city drapes bras across the snow road bridge overpass october, by the way, which starts tomorrow is breast cancer awareness month. >> denise: well, coming up on cleveland 19 news, a junior high school football player is in the rd
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newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: people across the country have been reporting sites of menacing clowns in an attempt to scare them in places. >> chris: a school in summit county. shanice dunning getting answers in akron. >> reporter: for some seeing a clown sparks a smile. >> it is stupid. at the same time i get entertainment from it. >> reporter: forer causes panic. the latter happened at this dorm at the university of akron wednesday night when a student dressed up as a clown started wandering the halls. the freshman told me what he saw. >> at the end of the hallway is a clown with a hammer like this making these weird laughing sounds. >> reporter: the hammer was lastic it was hilarious >> reporter: not everyone saw the humor. >> campus police found the
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clown get up and he wasn't charged. >> what makes you do that. >> the prank follows a national trend of clown sightings in indiana, kentucky, north carolina and now akron. akron police say they have received half dozen calls about clown sightings in the past four days. wednesday morning akron police say a facebook post about a clown coming to shoot at firestone high school terrified parents and kids. police tell us that it was nothing more hoax. >> why are you afraid of clowns. >> people putting make occupy their face and change their teeth to scare people is ridiculous. >> asking questions, getting answers, shanice dunning, cleveland 19 news >> chris: akron police tell us the clowns spotted in the area have not threatened or harassed anyone >> denise: cleveland 19 news
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and your family safe and that includes helping you protect your identity >> chris: tomorrow there's a free paper shredding day. sue mcconnell president of the greater cleveland better business bureau. thank you for joining us, sue. let's get right to it. what items should we always shred. >> anything with your signature, social security number. any kind of personal account information, bank account, credit card bills, anything with that kind of information >> denise: what about prescription packaging and stuff like that. they can't do much with it. or should you shred it, too. >> anything with your name and address that ends up in the trash could be problematic. anything personal definitely take the time to shred it. >> is there an amount of time to save sensitive documents like taxes or anything else like that, official paperwork we should save for a period of time before shredding.
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if you go to our web site, b we have it posted on secure your i.d. page >> denise: tell us about tomorrow. if you want to take part in this. where do you go and how much can you bring? >> can you go to the locations in wickliffe and westlake from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and bring up to three bags or boxes of documents if you have cd's maybe that you downloaded files on, we will shred those shine we will get the boxes out of your car for you and if you wish, you can even stay and watch your documents being shredded. the shredding vehicle has a video camera and many pull their car over and watch their documens being shredded >> denise: i would, just to be on the safe side >> chris: there's digital security and hard copy security and at its most basic form is watching it get pulverized and
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joining us. we have the information and here are the details secure your i.d. day. free shredding event 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. and head to the centers wickliffe, eastlake 10a to 2p to secure your i.d. a cleveland 19 news consumer alert for you. the fcc canceled a vote on a plan requiring cable companies to offer free streaming apps. the them on cable box rentals and give consumers options. >> cable companies oppose the new rules. watch out amazon, wal-mart is making moves to on-line shopping. wal-mart reportedly plans to make a big investment in an e- commerce firm called flip cart. they bought on-line shopping start up tech giants are teaming up
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intelligence. amazon, google, facebook and others want to show how ai benefits people and society and plan to educate the public and allay fears about artificial intelligence. on the topic, would you let your child, yeah, be around this child-sized robot and have it watch your kids all day? i- pal. 3-foot tall robot that can sing, dance and play games. the inventors say parents c watch and chat with their kids remotely using a smart phone app connected to the droid. >> jeff: it is -- it's -- well, you are watching your kids. it is time to go to bed now. everyone get to bed. >> yeah. oh, goodness. all right. we have a thunderstorm right there.
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through thompson now and about ready to move over i-90 this portion of lake county. it will track towards north perry and coming down in chardon. that's the strongest or heaviest rain we have in the area. this is a steadier rain in trumbull county, bristol, champion and warren and it extends to youngstown. the rain is letting up in cleveland. you know, it is a light rain. this is the lt are seeing here and there's the lightning with the thunderstorm, cloud-to-ground strikes right now over thompson again tracking northwest into the eastern part of lake county. >> we are still dealing with this system here. you can see spokes right there. every once in a while we will get one of these guys moving through and a break and another one will develop. all indications are when you look at the latest future view
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get a bit of a break from the rain area wide and it won't be totally dry everywhere and looking at muddy football fields. we will see what happens. after 11:00 tonight you can see the rain picking up again and that's the next wave that we will see. >> that moves out and it looks like tomorrow morning we may be looking at more dry than rain only to have scattered showers develop by the afternoon again and you get the idea. evening more rain and thunder. we will hold steady around 60 akron-canton 59 your low with showers and thunder. tomorrow upper 60s to near 70 scattered rain and thunder during the afternoon. 58 and 65 at 11:00 and near 70 during the afternoon. we have the alert out for scattered showers and thunder. that will linger into the
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52 for the low. then on sunday few afternoon showers. it looks mainly dry sunday morning, no alert sunday. in fact, after tomorrow no alerts on the 7-day and isolated showers monday. 65 and the extended forecast is looking drier mixed sky tuesday and back up in the low 70s looking pleasant. wednesday not a bad day 2 and thursday partly cloudy 72 degrees. light at the end of the tunnel. it won't stay this way >> denise: 70s never looked so good. it is gloomy out there >> jeff: looking good for the start of october. >> denise: thank you, jeff >> chris: coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, remember dorothy, blanche, rose and sofia. the golden girls are coming back in a way.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> denise: all right. time for our eye on entertainment for the weekend. a popular 80s sitcom returns as action figures. plus a much-hyped movie hits theaters today. >> we begin with a gospel-singing favorite coming to cleveland. ? baby, baby, baby ? ? i am coming home.? >> chris: oh, man. got to love it. leon bridges, soulful tones. his viral track on spotify. he plays the masonic temple in cleveland tomorrow night. the show begins at 7:00. >> i assure you we are coming. >> denise: whoa. a scary-looking samuel l. jackson is coming to local theaters starring in miss peregrine's home for peculiar children. jackson plays a supernatural bad
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>> oh, my god. >> blanche, what's wrong? >> here we are in the middle of a crisis and there's no cheesecake. >> chris: golden girls debuted 30 years ago and the popular show lives on with action figures. a company is releasing the four unlikely heroines dorothy blanche, rose and sofia going on sale at the next week >> denise: all right. still ahead on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 donald trump was critical of the first presidential debate.
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here we stand last day of september. 38 days until the november
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up those questions from reporters. >> denise: donald trump hasn't given a news conference in more than two months but he is unleashing more controversial tweets at all hours of the night i might add. ryan nobles live in d.c. with details on this. how about it, ryan. this is bizarre >> reporter: you always wonder why we look so tired we can't sleep during this campaign anymore. donald trump making a lot of news last night while most of us werend former miss universe supporting hillary clinton and went after the media and attacked the newspaper editorial boards who decided they will not support his campaign. >> in a presidential campaign making the unconventional, conventional, even this is out of the ordinary. the g.o.p. nominee for president firing off a series of controversial tweets in the middle of the night. wow, crooked hillary was duped
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without checking her past which is terrible. trump tweeted twice more about alicia alleging she appeared in a sex tape for which there is no evidence and also suggesting without evidence clinton helped her become a u.s. citizen. machado who clinton spoke about at monday's debate says trump was critical of her weight gain and called her miss piggy and miss housekeeping and trump supporters believe he deserves a right to respond. >> will counterattack and that's exactly what's happened here. hillary clinton and loot in the media are coming after him and he will respond >> reporter: the tenor, timing and type of response trump chose could play directly into hillary clinton's hands. she responded on twitter asking what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories. >> i mean, his latest twitter
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>> reporter: instead of clinton talking about trump's record or foundation the story once again is about trump and his past. a tough position for the republican nominee as polls show the race close and with him still behind >> reporter: he wasn't just talking about alicia machado he went after the dallas news in u.s. "today." a big group of papers that normally endorse republicans for president that either endorsed hillary clinton or gary the libertarian nominee and "usa today" which never courses any candidate for president and is suggesting to readers this time around they vote for anyone other than donald trump and that tweet storm trump suggested this move by the papers will lead to a decreased circulation. chris and denise? >> chris: amazing how social media is a viable battle front in this campaign. one thing, ryan, donald trump
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the microphones was about his, wasn't working correctly during the don't. new information tonight. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah. this is one we can score for donald trump. he was mocked a little bit the day after the debate when he complained about the sound coming from his microphone. hillary clinton suggesting if he is complaining about the microphone that's suggesting he had a bad debate but the commission on presidential debates putting o backing donald trump up. it was a one-sentence statement that said yes there was a problem with the audio in donald trump's mike only in the debate hall. that's important to point out. 88 million people watched this debate. all of them heard no problem with trump's mike. if you were in the debate hall you might have heard a problem and that may have thrown trump off his game as a result. no word how it will impact this
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there was some substance by the complaint. and the next will be in st. louis a town hall format, different what he is accustomed to >> denise: we knew it would take a few days for the polls to come out post debate what are the latest polls in the battle ground states showing? >> reporter: it is all good news for hillary clinton at this point, denise. you look at florida, perhaps donald trump's biggest challenge and most important state mason-dixon poll showing hillary clinton with a 4 point lead and a state touch hoping for and detroit news poll shows clinton up 42-35%. in new hampshire, a state touch loves, the first state trump won in the primaries hillary clinton leading there 42-35. of course ohio remains an important battle ground, trump is pulling strong in ohio now and really when you look at the
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vital for trump. if he can't win florida, there are not too many other paths for victory for trump which is one of the reasons you will probably see him spend ago lot of time there in the next couple of days >> denise: all right, ryan have a good weekend. thank you. stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. can you always find updates on, on our facebook page or twitter. >> chris: time to check in with jeff. it is rainy, on and off >> denise: will it be a washout, buddy? >> jeff: not a washout but risk of showers especially in the afternoon. you have been seeing that trend with daytime heating going. will you see more waves of rain here tonight. although when you look at the latest models, we could be fairly dry early this evening for the friday night games. i do expect around a quarter inch of rain throughout the night. wet roads, muddy fields and the
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the rain is beginning to die down in cleveland. it is just a light rain right now. this is where we still have a thunderstorm over north perry in lake county. heavier rain moving through painesville and it is lifting north now and the worst cleared north perry and here is the area with steadier rain in trumbull county, bloomfield, bristol. this is tracking to the northwest. we still have showers o and everybody else is mainly dry getting west and south of cleveland. and once this wave moves through we might get that break before the next wave of rain later this evening. >> and first alert weather app and hourly updates for your neighborhood 7:00, 63 or so. and risk of more rain and thunder throughout the night. we will not move much in temperature right around 60.
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afternoon and evening and then just a few afternoon showers sunday and we do not have an alert out for sunday. you have the scattered stuff around tomorrow tomorrow 69 the high. 7 a.m. 61. noon few showers 64 and more scattered showers and thunder at 5:00 for your saturday around 68 degrees there. akron-canton near 70 and here is the break i 8:00 tonight. so at least the start of the friday night games could be dry as far as additional rain coming down. chris, over to you. >> now to the deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. the s reigniting concerns over automatic braking systems >> denise: that's right. federal regulators say five railroads use the system. chris van cleve is getting answers why installing the
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determine if positive train control could have prevented the speeding new jersey transit train from smashing the hoboken station. >> that is absolutely one area we always look into for every rail accident >> reporter: technology relies on gps satellites, and ground sensors to monitor a train's speed and location. if it detects a train is going too fast or operating unsafely on board computers will slow it. >> it is taking the control in january amtrak showed how it works using this simulator. >> when you are over speed it will take over at some point. >> if you don't take action in 6 seconds with enough pressure on the brake it will take control of the train. >> nationwide it is available on 29% of locomotives and 22% of passenger track miles. >> as of last may commuter railroads spent $1 billion installing pricey technology.
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30 people were injured in an accident involving a path train. two years later a train derailed in the bronx killing four people. in may, 2015 an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. investigators say ptc would likely have prevented them all. >> that was chris van cleve reporting. the american public transportation association says commuter railroads are 100% committed to the final cost will be around $3.5 billion. far more than congress set aside to install it. >> denise: the power is back on at universeal studios many orlando after an outage this morning. the orlando fire department had to evacuate guests on two different rides. transformers and men in black alien attacks. the spokesperson says power outage affected nearly all of universeal studios including
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the tulsa police officer accused of killing terence crutcher appeared in court for her arraignment. officer betty shelby pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder and will be back in court november 29th. shelby has been released on a $50,000 bond >> chris: police recovered two stolen van gogh paintings. the priceless art works date back to the late 1800s. they have been missing about 14 years. the paintingse their frames and reportedly in good condition. a big problem for people in cocoa, florida. 100,000 bees made a home in a neighborhood tree. the hive measured 6'" long. luckily for residents, the problem solved itself and bees started swarming before taking off to go somewhere else >> denise: that's a lot of bees. look at this.
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were introduced to the public at a research breeding base in china. they are beautiful. the cubs, 23 are between 1 and 4 months olds. pandas are off the endangered species and listed as vulnerable instead. so cute. could look at them all day. >> the first wine and gold scrimmage is this weekend and cavs are unveiling a new court design. dan deroos in the answer center with a sneak peek >> dan: re has to be brand new. let's talk about the inspiration for the new floor before we show you. this became the very popular black sleeved jersey. which is the last time you saw lebron put on the jersey? when they won the championship out in california. they used that as their inspiration. here is the brand new floor you will see at the wine and gold scrimmage this sunday at 3:30.
5:42 pm
around it all for one, one for all and in front of the visitor's bench. gorgeous new floor with the script c and saber and lots of details on it. you will remember last year's floor had the city skyline on it. some people are saying they liked that. this one is better and it is brand new and gorgeous and will you see it sunday. free scrimmage sunday at 3:30 in the afternoon. >> getting answers in t center, dan deroos, back to you >> denise: i still need to get to the team shop >> chris: it's worth it. if you win, load up. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 may the force be with you. using light sabres to stay fit and have fun.
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>> denise: an unusual exercise class in new york combining martial arts and fitness with a fun twist >> chris:hi young kids. check it out. it is a light saber fitness class based on the jedi way from the "star wars" movies. kids learn important lessons about respect and listening. the force with these kids, you better believe it as they battle it out during class. >> we show up do exercises and learn martial arts and have light saber fights. >> it was very exciting coming
5:46 pm
moves >> denise: how fun is that. the instructor says the class has a big impact on kids. some have come out of their shell and gaining self-respect and actually call him the jedi master. >> i think they need that for us adults, huh, romona? >> romona: i would love to do that. just don't hurt me. coming up tonight at 6:00, the driver accused of killing a trooper. we were in court today as both sides in the case methadone left him impaired. plus we are live ahead of tonight's homecoming game in euclid. a community is showing support for a fallen player andre jackson. we will have those stories and
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tomorrow and health officials are urging everyone six months and older to get vaccinated. the director of the centers for disease control rolling up his own sleeve. new estimates show 45% got the vaccine last year putting a lot of people at risk for flu complications. flu each year sends hundreds of thousands of people to the hospital. in a bad year it kills up to 49,000 americans >> chris: about 170 million doses available this year. the nasal spray is not recommended this season >> denise: in arkansas, a junior high school kicker is gaining attention. the 12-year-old football player has never missed a game. that's not all. you may be surprised who is under that gold helmet. her name is brianna lopez and first girl kicker in school history. the coach says brianna has what it takes and the 7th grader
5:51 pm
>> elementary school in 4th or 5th grade i would play outside with the guys, football and i would play and they would tell me to play in junior high, go for it. >> denise: good for her. her family was afraid for her to play at first and now say they couldn't be more proud. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast >> jeff: that kick was good. speaking of friday night football, wet fields and the way it is setting up now, we may not be rain released early this evening and then tomorrow across the area 8:00 to noon going up a little bit when the bulk of the rain is around and there's an alert for scattered showers and thunder. not quite the coverage we have been seeing and still a rain threat into saturday evening. but sunday a few afternoon showers. no alert sunday.
5:52 pm
weekend. in fact, sunday's high we warm to 71. monday will be cooler, though. mostly cloudy and isolated showers and this could be lake-effect rain monday. 65 the high. tuesday a mixed sky. 71. really not bad at all. wednesday mixed sky. 72 and thursday 72 degrees. drier next week here. few showers it looks like on friday. after tomorrow's alert we have any alerts coming up the rest of the week here. >> temperaturewise temps around 70 and cooler monday 65 and low 70s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday and friday of next week. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00. the five second rule. you may wonder if the food on
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>> denise: all right one small flight for man and giant leap for man kind. the future is here as the 10th generation jetpack was presented to the public for the
5:56 pm
it was conducted at a heli port in monaco. i want one. >> jetpack aviation is working on a personal flying machine that's safe and simple to operate. it could be used by people in daily life >> chris: they have been saying that awhile >> denise: yeah. it still looks cool, though >> chris: we know the classic five second rule when food falls on the floor and you have five seconds to pick it up and eat it. researchers at rutgerseb it. they cropped bread, butter, gummy candy on surfaces and some were contaminated instantly. floor eaters, you think twice before you drop something. i am reading this in a disappointing way. i guess i am outing myself >> denise: i think we have all done it or do it occasionally especially if it is something good. rinse it off. >> coming up on cleveland 19 news at 6:00 for the first time
5:57 pm
patrolman's association endorsing a candidate for president of the united states. we're getting appears.
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now at 6:00 new developments on josh gordon with the drama in his life it looks like he and browns are parting ways for good >> romona: plus team support. a live report as people come together after the loss of a high school >> mark: plus the driver accused of hitting a trooper and killing him. stayed both sides in the case have differing opinions on whether he was impaired. cleveland 19 news sponsoredded by empire floor company. your window and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> you might want to bring a towel to friday night football
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>> mark: wipe off the bleachers and get your poncho. looks like a wet weekend. jeff tanchak tracking it all from the first alert weather center. >> bring rain gear although steady rain we had most of this afternoon across the area beginning to lift out and we are getting a break. this is now-casting. let me show you the radar. what i mean by now-casting tracking the latest trends in the radar. it is just some pockets of light in getting south of cleveland you are dry. this is where we have steadier rain in geauga county, chardon, thompson and this is all moving northwest through lake county. but it is very wet out there. we have more waves of rain. there's an alert throughout the night here rain and thunder and looking at another quarter inch of rain that will be developing here later this evening. wet roads and muddy fields and


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