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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  October 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> hundreds of students and parents hit the streets in parma. they are not happy with planned cuts by the school board and they plan to make their voices heard at the school board meeting tonight. first, a deadly shooting at a burger king in cleveland today. >> chris: it was breaking on cleveland 19 news at noon. police are now calling it a murder-suicide. yep general live in cleveland with the new details. jen? >> reporter: i can tell you cleveland 45-year-old man walked into this burger king on west lorain at 8:00 this morning. he shot and killed his girlfriend who was an employee here and then killed himself. a witness says four employees and two customers were inside during breakfast services when jorge aviles came in and shot erlyn cintron and he went in the bathroom and shot himself.
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scene. live ones console each other in shock and disbelief. this employee was inside during the shooting and too shaken up to go on camera after witnessing everything. >> it was scary seeing that i knew her. it's a terrible thing. >> i can't even imagine how they feel. >> rivera leaves behind three chirp, one she shared with aviles and two friends too upset to show their faces say the victim did everything for their kids. >> she was dedicated to her kids. her kids was number one for her and always tried to help people. >> she was very funny. if you needed help, she would help you. it was awful. >> reporter: others who knew her describe the victim as a hard working woman who spoke her mind and loved to coupon as a hobby. >> she gave everyone a hive
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private life with aviles and have no idea what led up to this murder-suicide. >> more than a couple of families affected. the witnesses i spoke to say her husband who was one of the customers who was in the bathroom when aviles killed himself this morning. police say the couple did live together until just three months ago. we have been in touch with burger king corporate and are aware of deeply saddened. getting answers on the west side, cleveland 19. >> chris: thank you for that. the protest outside parma high school where parents and students aren't happy with budget cuts. a live look right now. the protest plan calls for the closing of five schools. you can see how many people are out there. dozens of layoffs and teachers cutting school activities. the board trying to overcome a
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a special meeting begins in a few minutes to discuss the cuts. >> the latest now on hurricane matthew. it made landfall earlier in haiti. that storm slammed the island nation with 130 mile per hour winds. heavy rain from the storm turned many storms into rivers there. matthew triggered a mudslide in jamaica and more than 300,000 people have been evacuated in cuba. here in south carolina they a orders tomorrow. back at home, a perfect day. >> chris: severe weather there. we couldn't be more lucky, jeff. >> jeff: everybody on the southeast coast will be impacted by the storm. here is the update. 145mile-an-hour winds. north wind at 9. that's the track. it will clip eastern cuba. there's the eye there and going
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has taken the left turn to the florida coast by the end of the week. keep a close eye on that. nothing but sunshine. 76 currently. 6:00 forecast, 72. next few hours 70 and 8:00 at 69. we are at 85 in downtown cleveland. in the akron-canton area 73. we will stay warm for the foreseeable future until we hit the weekend. that arrives. light rain saturday and falling temperatures and forecast details coming up. chris, back to you. >> chris: thank you for that. the indians two days from game 1 of the alds with the boston red sox. >> denise: that's right. for tribe skipper terry francona and mike napoli red sox not just any opponent. mark schwab live at progressive field with a look at that.
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this is an outstanding series. terry francona against boston his former team managed them to the world series in 2004 and '07 and red sox manager john farrell, former indians pitcher, former indians front office manager. both manager knows both teams. there are more story lines. david ortiz, big papi, one of the best dh in the american league for years retiring. it's been a tremendous year. if indians win thier his last series and it could be his last few games. maybe doesn't mean as much in game 1 and 2. here in cleveland, i personally do not want to run into big papi in game 3 and 4 when he is at the plate with dramatics. you have a feeling where that will happen. the indians have a chance to end his career in this series. mike napoli indians slugger played for boston last year. lots going on. we will talk to players in the
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terry francona at 5:45. we will hear their thoughts coming up. the mayor's grandson frank jackson iii was in court for resisting arrest in july. he was in a fight with a cleveland police officer who attempted to arrest him. the defense attorney asked for a selective intervention program he is screened for. his next court date is october 25th. prescription theft is on the rise these that includes pharmacies here in northeast ohio. >> chris: one local woman found out the hard way. you may want to count the pills next time your prescription is filled. chief investigator carl monday getting answers. >> reporter: they put trust in our local pharmacy to give us the right prescription and right amount. the thought of pills being lost or stolen may never cross your mind until your prescription comes up short.
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>> i thought it must have been a mistake. >> after lindsey shrews berry injured her back in a jet ski accident her doctor prescribed percoset. after filling the prescription at walgreens near kamm's corner she took the prescription home and popped open the pill container. >> reporter: you were supposed to get 40 pills? >> yes. >> reporter: you got how many? >> 30. >> reporter: you are 10 short? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: were pills stolen or we have no idea what happens to lindsey's prescription. walgreens told her back in july an internal investigation is underway. recently we sent lindsey back in the store with a hidden camera to see where the investigation stands. >> did you find my pills? >> as far as i know, nothing was found. >> did you review the cameras or anything? >> that's handled internally and corporately. >> in an e-mail walgreens office
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missing pill complaint. the chain said any patient who thinks they were shorted should return their prescription to walgreens and they will investigate it. >> since the pills were stolen from walgreens, the store, they were not my pills. it would be up to walgreens to investigate and then press charges if they decide to. >> reporter: you really had no say in it. >> no. i am not the victim here, walgreens is. >> lindsey says she was the victim. during several days of severe ba ran out of the pills. we don't know what happened to lindsey's prescription. what we know is prescription theft is on the rise. according to published reports, the drug enforcement administration reported prescription pill theft and tens of thousands of dollars at several pharmacies and two cvs in cleveland and giant eagle in brooklyn and walgreens in cleveland heights.
quote quote
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across the nation. >> a former pharmacist arrested for stealing pain medication. >> bradenton police arrest a pharmacy employee accused of stealing $200,000 worth of narcotics. >> pharmacy tech is in jail after she stole prescription medication from her job. >> reporter: nationwide about a third of all pharmacy thefts can be traced to pharmacy tech who is work under a licensed pharmacist. we found 21 pharmacy tech thefts in cleveland in the past two yet ohio is one of 8 states where pharmacy techs aren't licensed or even registered. state senator john eklund hopes to change that. >> look, pharmacy techs have access to the drugs and can put them in vials and pill boxes and set them up for distribution to the patient. >> eklund's proposed bill will require background checks and ongoing training for pharmacy
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get folks registered and make sure we know who is out there doing this and we know they are adequately trained and if they have done something wrong in the past we will not let them near the drugs. >> since pharmacy techs aren't licensed they are seldom prosecuted for pharmacy theft. >> as a nurse, if you are caught stealing narcotics or anything, your license is pulled, you are fired and you are prosecuted. i don't know why it should be any different for anyone from behind the >> reporter: when one of ohio's one of 42 pharmacy techs are fired for theft, there's a good chance they could wind up working behind the counter down the street. >> it is easy for these folks if they are bad actors getting caught doing something wrong in the pharmacy, get fired and hired by another pharmacy without disclosing the fact they had legal issue in the past. >> the bill calls for a state
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techs and help track dangerous pills and mysteriously those that disappear from local pharmacies. >> where do the pills line up? >> this is part of the problem. we don't know. >> it is likely they will not find what happened to lindsey shrews berry pills and has simple advice to make sure your pills or her pills don't disappear in the future. >> have them count your pills in front of you at the counter. have them count them in you before you leave the store. >> reporter: getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> all right. what happens if your prescription comes up short. we are getting answers from several local drugstore chains. can you find the details on our cleveland 19 news app. if you have a tip for carl monday send them an e-mail. first alert traffic on
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by ford. a look at traffic now near the heart of the city. you are running smoothly. two lanes are blocked. i-80 westbound before route 237. stop-and-go-traffic on ridge road. you are looking at a 12-15 delay and two left lanes blocked 480 eastbound. westbound, excuse me. take heed if you are headed occupy the rdn are soaring. it is like you are paying the banks to use your own money.
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i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message. i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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live until cleveland 19 news driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. welcome, a new and exciting exhibit at the malt museum of jewish heritage. >> it explores the struggle of the 1960s civil rights movement and connects events today. cece gives ?[ music ] ? >> reporter: they say there's no better time than now to tell this story. this light of ours active photographers from the civil rights movement. >> it is the tale of ordinary movement that took a stand against injustice and we see icons like martin luther king but it is the every day people who made this happen. >> nine activists and photographers took the photos in
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marches. sit-ins and bloody beatdowns in the segregated cells through their lens. there's more than 150 photographs in the collection as well as 3-d structures, films and interactive features. executive director ellen rudolph says when you look at the images, situations and messages it is eerily familiar to what's going on today. >> there's turmoil and mistrust we felt this exhibition really illustrates the struggles are a continuum. >> the exhibition shows the important role northeast ohio played in the civil rights movement. >> student activists is part of those trained in oxford ohio on how to defend themselves and organize and deal with nonviolent protests. >> they added a section for some
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huff riots. the legacy of carl stokes and other historic moments. >> many people remember and be familiar with the 1970s decision where cleveland schools were desegregated and busing began as part of the reality and it is an est by self-people to pull together for the rights of students to go to school all day. >> they hope images of the past will have people stand up the present. >> reporter: sia nyorkor, cleveland 19. >> denise: great place. it is at the museum next may. you can find details on our web site on >> chris: now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. no one likes paying a.t.m. fees and a survey is out on who pays the most.
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10th highest overdraft fees from bank and 38% of banks offer free checking accounts. >> denise: kitchen guru martha stewart wants to help you with thanksgiving offering a mail delivery service called the martha and marly spoon. you get a box and recipes with all the ingredients you need. dice and do the cooking and baking and costs $179 to feed 8- 10 people. >> awesome. what an often. my goodness. might have hit the official high. i think we hit 77 at cleveland. currently we are down a degree to 76. i think tomorrow at least 77 if
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three days as the front comes through. even tomorrow morning will be warmer for this time of year. 5 a.m. temps, downtown. 62 and 50s inland and by 8:00 in the morning and mid to upper 50s and we will approach 70 and here you see 2:00 in the afternoon low to mid 70s, 76, 7 saturday. we said this yesterday. right now this is the only alert we have for light showers and windy and nuisance rain producing wet travel, though during the afternoon mainly at 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. and watch the progression of the front. this is the guy that comes through. wednesday tomorrow, 77. thursday up to 78 and a few
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friday i have is 79 degrees and the front will come through saturday morning and the rain behind it and we have showers and mainly light rain, saturday 64 and that's the morning high and temperatures could even fall during the afternoon on saturday. then this chunk of cooler air comes in saturday night and then into sunday. my forecast tonight cle akron-canton, i have you dropping to 53 overnight, clear sky and tomorrow. sunny to partly cloudy. warm day 77. check out the planner. , 53 noon, mostly sunny, 71 and 5:00 up to about 75 degrees and thursday more of a mostly cloudy
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near 80 and there's the alert saturday with the front. some light showers turning windy in the afternoon and temperatures could even drop into the 50s during the afternoon. 59 sunday. here is the thing about the second half of the weekend. isolated lake-effect showers. we have the temperature drop. monday up to 71 with sunshine. the up and down thing. >> of course we are monitoring matthew u >> denise: how about that. thanks. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, a major concert announcement for northeast ohio.
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>> denise: well it is time for your eye on entertainment and a top honor for eddie murphy and
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potter. >> chris: the former stock broker turned singing star is coming to northeast ohio. ?[ music ] ? >> chris: soul and r & b star keith sweat playing the rocksino. tickets went on sale for the december 2 sale. sweat worked on wall street before he was discovered in 1987. >> your egg is hatching. >> denise: the anticipation growing for the new harry potter movie. producers put out a clip of fantastic beasts and where to find them. the film is dominating twitter and social media. the movie opens in social theaters november 18th. >> you better not be wasting my
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gentlemen. >> classic. >> eddie mixture if he getting recognition for his years of comedy, acting and entertainment. the 20th hollywood film awards plan to honor murphy with a career achievement award next month. >> chris: that may be a zenith coming to america right there. >> denise: so many good ones. >> coming up at 5:00, the vice presidential debate is tonight. and candides say anything to mess it u hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? he's kidding! [laughs]
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campaign 2016 the first and only vice presidential debate tonight. each candidate expected to bring their own style to the stage. >> denise: mike pence needs to
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ensure democrats maintain the lead in the polls. ryan nobles is live in virginia the site of the vice presidential debate. hey, ryan. >> hey, chris and denise. you probably won't see the same amount of fireworks in the first debate with hillary clinton and donald trump. tim kaine and mike pence are seasoned politicians going through many debates before. obviouslyhi that they will be on tonight even though they may be perceived as mild mannered. things could get interesting. >> the missions for vice presidential nominees are clear. tim kaine needs to keep the momentum going in hillary clinton's favor building on her successful debate last week and solidifying gains in swing states and portraying the candidate as honest and prepared. >> hillary showed she is prepared to be president and prepared to be
5:31 pm
and gave us the stronger together vision. she answered questions that had to be answered and told the truth. mike pence has a bigger job. >> getting the trump campaign on message after a brutal week led to the fall in the polls. the latest cnn, orc polls has trump down 5 points, 47-42%. mike pence veered from the tax returns. >> i am under a routine audit. >> regarding birthism. >> refusing to name call. >> it is up to pence to defend the ticket making it key to bring trump to washington. >> i tell you, donald trump just gets it. you know what i am talking about? he is a builder and doer in a game for talkers.
5:32 pm
is from his heart and mind to the american people loud and clear and will send him straight to the white house. >> and i caught up with terry mcauliffe representing tim kaine and he is close with hillary clinton. i asked what kaine needs to do to be effective. he needs to be himself and he needs to defend the ticket leading you to believe clinton-kaine ticket expects mike pence to be on the attack at longwood university. chris and denise? >> chris: ryan, on the topic of governor pence he released his tax returns and donald trump was clobbered by the "new york times." is there a vulnerability there that there's a difference between the two? >> reporter: i don't think there's any question. there's a big difference between mike pence and the man at the top of the ticket and one of the
5:33 pm
is criticizing donald trump over. can you bet he will get a question about that. why did you release tax returns and why didn't donald trump and should donald trump do it if you felt it was necessary and even if the question doesn't come up, expect tim kaine to bring it up throughout the night to remind the american people that at this late stage of the campaign donald trump hasn't released taxes. >> in this hom advantages it can bring them? >> there's certainly a bunch of advantages for tim kaine, the most obvious being he lives 1:15 from farmville and richmond, virginia. we stayed in richmond and tim kaine was able to sleep in his bed north richmond home and knows farmville as lieutenant governor, governor and senators and not a complete sweep of advantages for tim kaine.
5:34 pm
there are a lot of red meat republicans that live in this section of virginia and not necessarily clinton country by any stretch of the imagination. driving out here he we saw trump and pence signs and you can bet mike pence will be greeted with friendly faces as well. >> denise: all right, ryan, we'll be watching. thank you. a pair of high profile campaign stops in eastern ohio. you heard from former rudy giuliani at 4:00 backing mr. trump. now congressman joe kennedy explains his endorsement of clinton. >> reporter: it is hard to escape the thought he looks like his grandfather bobby kennedy or even president kennedy. >> joe kennedy is a congressman from massachusetts clearly in the camp. he listened and we asked what he heard. >> concerns about the economy and rhetoric of the campaign and
5:35 pm
>> reporter: the stop was aimed at getting the minority vote out. kennedy believes they will see more stops and has not given up on ohio. >> and critical time before the election and you see it reflected in the secretary's visit yesterday and amount of tension the campaign is pouring into ohio. >> and flaws he sees in donald trump. >> not everyone is relying on one guy. the fact that donald trump can make things great he won't do it is firefighters, it is school teachers, men and women in uniform and family here giving up their time. >> he is 36-years-old today. spending his entire life steeped in politics. >> it is more divisive and you have seen the rhetoric coming out of donald trump campaign trying to really feed off that divisiveness.
5:36 pm
days he calls critical. paul orlousky, cleveland 19. >> chris: remember to stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. you can find more on our web site and facebook and twitter pages as well. >> denise: all right. hope you enjoyed today and next few days. things will make a change. how about it, jeff. >> yeah. we will be absolutely gorgeous before that happens. saturday is when we will change gs that will be the front that comes through. clear and mild. warm stretch rolls on. in the 70s the rest of the week including thursday, friday game 1 and 2 and thursday evening we will not be in the 70s and we will drop at that point. light rain saturday and then the wind will pick up. falling temperatures the second half of the weekend. won't feel how it is out there.
5:37 pm
ashtabula and warren and 70 and lakeshore we go from 2 westlake and 75 lakewood and hello, parma 74 degrees. forecast temperatures around 70 at 7:00 again with the clear skies. 68 downtown. if you have evening plans or football practice, 56 by 11:00. we will drop in the 50s. pretty mild night for this time of year. there's the alert saturday. we too heavy here. it will mainly be light showers. the wind will pick up once the front passes. 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., timing on the rain there and could be wet travel and wind will gust over 30 miles an hour. that's how you know the front is through. tomorrow's forecast sunny to partly cloudy. warm. 77. locking at hour-by-hour.
5:38 pm
2:00 and 5:00 well in the 70s. akron-canton sunny to partly cloudy and about 75 for you as well. chris, over to you. >> all right. thank you, jeff. a sun storm in the high country of colorado. >> jeff: nice. >> chris: bye, bye fall, here comes winter. >> snow and ice triggering several accidents. i-70 up in the mountains east-west highway closed more than an the temperature tonight expected to drop to just 34 degrees. cleveland 19 is updating our weather app. now it is even easier to use. track snow or perhaps that east coast hurricane if you choose. dan deroos in the answer center to show you how it works. dan? >> dan: always on top of technology at cleveland 19. we have updated the first alert weather app and i have my phone
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the forecast 75 and clear. it scrolls through and you can get live radar. you are in complete control. you can see there's nothing for us to worry about. let's get down near cuba here and can you see where that hurricane is. we can even put it in motion as we look at the area and it will come back in a second and we will deal with quite a mess out there in the cuba area. what's great about this. you can see the eye move up in this direction. what i love about the app, it is not just for cleveland northeast ohio. you go on vacation and going to the carolinas this weekend and you want to keep track of that hurricane, that's why you should have it on your phone. and lots of other stuff, watch cleveland 19 news live on air and great app to have. go to the app store and update it. we just put it out. getting answers in the answer
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>> denise: okay, dan. it is illegal to text and drive in 46 states including ohio. new numbers are out showing most drivers are still doing it. >> mark nolan has answer on potential dangers. >> mark: the national safety council figures cell phones account for 1.4 million accidents roughly a quarter of all crashes. you have probably seen the ads on cleveland 19 and show how a vehicle could travel across the football field for driver it takes to send a text. deadly phone accidents and chris van cleve caught a driver he caught texting. >> do you think about the safety aspect of that? >> i do. you always think you are above it. you will not be the one to have an accident. >> police say because drivers are reluctant to admit they were using their cell phone during an accident there's a huge gap in
5:41 pm
getting answers, mark nolan, cleveland 19. >> denise: so important. just put it down. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, built ford tough. why is the f-150 under investigation by the feds?
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>> chris: breaking news at 5:00 a prosecutor says no one is charged in connection with a
5:44 pm
businessman held by police at a lorain county hotel this after a hotel clerk raised suspicions he could have links to terrorism since back in june. police received emergency calls from the clerk's family expressing fears the man could have ties to the islamic state. the man was released after determining he was not a threat. the lorain county prosecutor's office reviewed the actions of the clerk and others involved and it said today the grand jury declined charges. >> denise: sears to pull the plug on k- mart. the retailer store says not so fast. the c.e.o. posted that reports of k- mart's demise are false and exaggerated. sears and k- mart merged in 2004. sears stock plunged more than 45% this year. the c.e.o. says although some stores will close there are no
5:45 pm
selling vehicle in north america being investigated for brake problems. approximately 282,000 ford f-150 trucks are involved. the 2014-2016 models are affected. so far no injuries or accidents have been reported. >> romona: coming up tonight at 6:00 mayor frank jackson's grandson and he's in trouble with the law again. carl monday asks why prosecutors are suggesting a first time offenders. plus a local business helping a young victim of a terrible crime. massillon's little hero can soon visit a magical place. we will have those stories and much more when you join me and
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apple taking a long running patent dispute with the supreme court. the tech giant is asking the court to uphold award for damages. in 2012 the jury found six different apple patents. apple was awarded $548 million in damages 2014 and samsung is questioning if they have to pay the full award. google is launching the biggest hardware launches ever expecting to unveil two smart phones called the pixel. google will give more information on google home and amazon echo competitor. >> denise: facebook marketplace made the you do bue with glitches. filters were not working properly posters were not allowed to buy and post stuff not allowed by facebook animals, guns and adult services. facebook says it is working to
5:50 pm
a mother is warning people about reebok leggings she calls disgraceful marketed for girls as young as 7. and they have bad words on them. a spokesman for reebok apologized for the oversight and since pulled from the reebok web site. now your cleveland 19 news forecast. this is a portion of t newscast pinpointing the 7-day. when you look at the forecast as a whole, we don't have a ton of rain coming. we have temperature swings in there headed to the weekend. not the next three days sunny to mostly partly cloudy and we hit 77. we will be around that number again tomorrow. gorgeous thursday and more cloud cover. mostly cloudy in the afternoon game 1 of the alds thursday evening looking good as we drop
5:51 pm
skies and mostly sunny and 79. game 2 at 4:30 friday afternoon and looking fantastic good for friday night football. we get to saturday and i have bullet points on this. this will be light rain situation that develops by afternoon. it turns windy. 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. the time frame on the rain. a little bit of wet trave as the wind picks up, that's the colder air coming in. temperatures could drop. this 64 most likely morning high temperatures dropping in the 50s and temperatures dropping in the 50s and 40s and isolated showers around and a bit on the windy side sunday and spotty showers and 59, though, the high. browns game 48 to 59 degrees at
5:52 pm
role in that. monday we warm up 71. we have another front coming through tuesday and down to 61 for the high with windy conditions and not a lot of rain. the best opportunity on rain is saturday. we have 77 tomorrow. 78 thursday and near 80 friday. down we go into the weekend. cool sunday 59 and back up to 71 next monday. chris, back to you. >> chris: straight ahead at 5:00 a restaurant that's gone to the dogs.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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i'm ted strickland, and i approve this message. i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns. senator portman said no to background checks on all purchases. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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a north carolina fan found an unusual use for his spare change. he used it to showcase his ride. check it out. larry hall covered his chevy blazer with pennies. it took more than 51,000 coins. hall said it took 7 weeks to glue each penny on one by one and says the unique upgrade gets confused looks and hall says it
5:56 pm
>> one pennsylvania restaurant, here's another pun has gone completely to the dogs by design. they have opened the doors in lee high valley. it is for canines meats, fruits for man's best friend. >> i want it a place to cater to them and for their fresh pet and it is all fresh. meats, fru >> the owner is opening to expand the business across the region. >> what a great idea. >> it is a great idea. chicken can be good for the intestinal track of a dog. >> you have to watch the extras. >> all right. >> coming up next at 6:00 on cleveland 19 news, a new policy is out for cleveland police officers. it deals with the use of deadly force. >> we are getting answers on the
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and siding door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> romona: we continue to follow breaking news now at 6:00. a standing ovation from a huge crowd. parma school board president kathleen pietro resigned mid-meeting. that came after protests this afternoon. >> mark: all upset over the school board's plan to deal with a multimillion dollar budget deficit. denise zarrella live with what's happening now. denise? >> reporter: there were a whole lot of protestors, i can tell
6:00 pm
emotions. i am outside the school where you can see dozens of people still waiting to get inside the auditorium there. it holds about 1800 people. they are at capacity now as people leave. some people are being allowed inside. i want to take you back to earlier today as school let out. parents and students gathered, got together to do a march from the different high schools to here to parma senior high school and came from normandie high school and valley forge. parma senior high school were protesting about 1,000 students and teachers and parents. they were protesting the way that the school board proposed a deal with a $15 million deficit. they have said they wanted to close or repurpose five schools. get rid of dozens of staff and many, many programs including the stem program.


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