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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  October 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture bringing you styles to fit your life with prices that fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. my stomach tells me that this one might be bad. but we live in hope and trust everything works out for >> mark: later today bahamas is expected to take a big hit from hurricane matthew and it could get more intense headed to florida and the northeast. and that is straight ahead. >> the tragedy on cleveland's west side when two children are the casualties of violence, what appears to be random gunfire to be exact. >> romona: catherine bosley joins us from the scene details. catherine? >> so tragic.
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house. the people who live here, well, they are focused on hope and prayer for the baby shot in the head and the little girl who took a bullet to the back. chaos at this house on cleveland's west side and today absolute heartbreak. >> i don't know who would do this. >> sally davis is the mother of the girl on the right elizabeth and the grandmother little savannah both shot when someone opened fire on their house where they arms. >> my daughter was on the front stairs where her little girl was sleeping on the shoulder. the baby got hit in the back of the head. and it went from her head and struck my little girl sitting in a chair watching tv in her house. >> reporter: it happened at 9:30. 7 to 8 shots were fired and no one seems to understand why, a
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robbed a woman. shortly after they left. >> the door was open. >> the shooter rolls by. >> you go and get this creature. >> reporter: sally says the older girl elizabeth is expected to be okay. the baby, they are told to prepare for the worst for her amazed she made it through the night. >> this girl has been one tough cookie. she has been through. the 3-year-old is in critical condition and came from a four-door black car that rolled through here and a neighbor provided with police video that helps them up find the gunman involved. getting answers, catherine bosley. >> mark: all right. awful story and things brewing down south.
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the east coast. hurricane matthew is forecast to strengthened once again. 120mile-an-hour winds at last check moving northwest at 12 and kind of difficult to see the eye of the storm. there it is right there moving through the southern bahamas. now there are changes to the track of this system at least longer term. this is the forecast still forecasted to move through the bahamas hitting nassau tomorrow morning hitting the east coast and places like cape canaveral and cocoa beach friday morning category 4 storm that's over 130 winds. after that it starts to track just east of jacksonville by friday evening. this has been the biggest change. it looks like it will graze south carolina and north carolina and move back out over
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coast. part of the reason for that is the system coming through here friday night. this is actually going to push this thing earlier out to sea. at least for the time being and some computer models lollygagging around here. stay tuned. that's the latest track on matthew. there are mandatory evacuations for some areas. before i get to that i want to show you this if we can switch alert weather app you can actually track the storm with us. we have the radar on. >> and you can hit tropical tracks there. this is the track of matthew moving towards the east coast of florida by the end of the week. as i was saying we have evacuations taking place.
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go. chris tanaka spoke with someone. >> a navy petty officer stationed in jacksonville and with his daughter and wife and outside a mandatory evacuation zone but told me's via skype he is not taking chances. >> we are battening down the hatches. we have family that's tallahassee and tampa and trying to decide the best course of action and respect these things and not take a chance. we can always get a new house and new material things but me, my wife and kids, that's what really matters. >> chris: you heard him say we have learned to respect these things. he has been through hurricane conditions before stationed in norfolk, virginia and he knows
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help from his older 11-year-old daughter. getting answers, chris tanaka, cleveland 19. >> romona: we hear from a wooster student shot on a rest stop on i-71 over the weekend. the gunman, shawn johnson chose alex melchert at random. johnson took off. alex melchert completed his third and final alex and he has a will to live. >> the family says alex is in critical condition and in good spirits. >> new at 4:00, the owner of an ohio bridal shop that went out of business after an ebola scare sued a texas hospital. the hospital failed to train and
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the virus from a patient. the nurse, amber vicente visited shot in december of 2014 and tried on the wedding dress and diagnosed with ebola. the shop, coming attractions closed several weeks in the fall consultly for good in 2015. >> i believe we are just as close as going to a 21st century version of the kind of broadly shared prosperity we had when i was privileged president. >> mark: former president bill clinton was in youngstown today. in a few minutes he will be speaking there at that podium in canton. he is campaigning for his wife democratic hillary clinton on the stronger together bus tour across ohio. the running mates have had their day in the spotlight following the one and only vice presidential debate tuesday and the attention shifts back to the
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mark albert is at the white house with more details. >> reporter: mike pence rallied with voters in virginia wednesday afternoon and praised for his performance in the vice presidential debate the night before. he is deflecting that praise onto his boss. >> some people think i won. what i can tell you from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. >> trump is on a campaign swing through nevada. he visited a private schl las vegas. >> everybody loves school? >> before holding a rally in nearby henderson. >> in 34 days we will win this state. we will win back the white house. >> hillary clinton is at her washington, d.c. home today raising money and preparing for her next debate. >> trump and clinton will square off sunday in st. louis. it will be a town hall-style format for voters. >> it is a natural format for
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and looking forward to it. >> clinton calls her running mate tim kaine to praise him for his performance in tuesday night's vice presidential debate. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. >> mark: tim kaine will be back on the trail in philadelphia and dan deroos has a debate fact check right now. >> dan: a lot of things said last night and politicians wondering are they telling the truth. with statements made by each candidate. mike pence said that donald trump never said that when it came to giving more nations nuclear weapons. fact check says it is mostly false. what trump said some countries might be better off if they had nuclear weapons and politic fax says that's false and tim kaine actually tried to raise taxes by $4 billion. that's actually high.
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made as he was senator. let's switch to tim kaine, some of the things he said. donald trump would engage in a risky scheme to privatize social security and that's mostly false. he kept saying read it in his book, read it in his book. donald trump says he has changed his position on it and donald trump would not privatize social security and that's mostly false. >> this is true. richard nixon r that's true. i will give this a mostly true in my book. nixon did release his tax returns in 1973 when he was reelected and in office and under audit and released and he didn't release them before being elected president. at the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> there's nothing better than having progressive field full of
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>> every time i see the crowd standing up saying let's go tribe, let's go tribe, it gets me going. >> we feed off the fans. >> every single game they play, it means so much. >> we are ready for this. >> we need everyone. the fans and the city to rally together. >> romona: you heard them. they need us to rally windians are ready for the playoffs. tony zarrella is at progressive field as they prepare. tony? >> tony: we are 28 hours away from game 1. the field belongs to the boston red sox and indians will be there for their workout. the teams have one thing in comment and rattle off runs. and in june, they won 11 straight in september on the way to winning the division.
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his days to the tigers and went for 2-24 this season. and what changes are for him when they get to the playoffs. >> obviously appreciate the situation you are in. and boil it down to to getting o your routine and keeping everything the same mentally and your entire approach and not trying to do anything more than now that the national spotlight is on you and you go out and play your game. it is theam where you end up. >> tony: one of the guys porcello talked to, carlos santana poses a problem. >> terry francona doesn't want to make this about him versus his former team. clearly, that's one of the story lines in the alds. ro? >> romona: we will talk at 4:40 for the time out.
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lively from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> mark: welcome. we have even more evidence that trendy fitness trackers do not improve your health. romona. >> romona: oh! >> mark: scientists say people who use a fit bit device were
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still didn't benefit their health. the study concluded over the course of the year who wore the devices showed no improvement in their health. >> romona: wrong. all wrong. >> mark: the f.d.a. is warning caregivers to stop using homeopathic teething tablets and gels. highlands, a company that says it has the best selling version of the tablets is standing by it saying there's no recall. cvs pulled them from the shelves. >> romona: the drug administration issued an updated warning regarding the use of skin products with mercury. sale of the products is already illegal in the u.s. because of availability on the internet. it is possible folks might purchase a product not knowing it contains mercury. a cleveland clinic doctor says mercury is a toxin and can be harmful to your health. >> it can be absorbed through the skin.
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absorbed through the lungs. it can cause irritability, depression, memory loss, tingling in the hands and feet and around the mouth. >> romona: mercury danger exists for people not using the products. doctors say it is important to read the ingredient list on anything you purchase before using it. >> mark: all right. i think we have recorded a near perfect day today. >> jeff: yeah, we tried to. it is a pretty easy forecast for now. we made changes on the way and not as much rain friday night. the weekend is mainly looking dry. there's still going to be a bit of a temperature drop out there. high clouds and mostly sunny, 78. the current temperature. on the windy side. who cares, we will take it.
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update is this: no alerts in the next 7 days. even with the front coming through, it is moisture-starved. let me show you the progression of it. 78 the high tomorrow. friday, 77. looks like this front comes through friday night. a few showers with it mostly around 11:00 to 2:00 a.m. then you have the temperature change. 64 saturday. it is looking much improved for the browns game sunday. clear to partly cloudy and mild tonight dropping to 57 for the low. clear sky akron-canton down to 52 tomorrow. another day and we will mix in more cloud cover especially the first half of the day. 77 the high. i actually went mostly cloudy at 7:00 a.m., 58. 74 at noon.
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friday it is back to mostly sunny, 77 there and the front comes through and weekend now on the blustery side saturday. partly cloudy or becoming partly cloudy 64. saturday night down to 44. sunday, partly cloudy and 61. so a fall feel this weekend. monday 67 and tuesday mostly cloudy and 67 degrees. overall, a pretty there. guys, back to you. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> so the eastbound innerbelt bridge opened up. we thought the closures were over. well, think again. they're not. i want to talk about what's going on. daily through the end of this week and i will be talking about the westbound direction here. the westbound direction will be closing the left lane of that
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6:00 until 3:00 in the afternoon. as for the eastbound side this is the biggy here. we will go to the eastbound bridge, brand new bridge this way towards downtown for west siders coming in. tomorrow evening at 8:00 they will close down the bridge completely. you will go back using the alternate down 490, up 77 downtown and that's 8:00 through 6:00 friday evening the bridge will be closed. guys? ? blue drifters ? ? off to see the world ? ? there's such a lot of world to see.? >> romona: opi is celebrating the holidays with a "breakfast
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polish line. there are 11 shades to choose from and don't worry, tiffany blue is included. >> mark: wow. fans of gilmore girls lined up to relive the show at replicas of lou's diner the series. >> it is the 16th anniversary of the show's episode. 250 coffee shops around the country transformed into the diner including three in the cleveland area. tiah ewing has the story. opening time at pour downtown on euclid and behind the counter workers dressed in lou with signature shirt and backwards baseball cat. fans were so excited when they heard about this event. >> moving schedule and hours to be here. >> my gilmore girls mug. bring it with me to work every day. >> we got here at 6:00 and there
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pretty full. we are glad we made it to the beginning of the line. >> the first 20 people got their coffee free and other surprises, too. >> vintage tea and coffee one couple named their baby after the character rory on the show. >> we watched it throughout the entire pregnancy. it was actually his idea where the name came from. i was unsure. i don't want to look like the ultimate super fan but we areki >> rory was literary and loves books and stuff like that. and we enjoy that. >> all of this is to promote the show coming back to netflix november 25th in a series of four, 90-minute movies. tiah ewing, cleveland 19. >> what an event. >> brilliant promotion. coming up today at 4:00. a fix to back seat battling.
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a fit mom and today she is singing a new song.
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>> mark: and now it is time to say what's trending, a shaming mom getting her just desserts. >> romona: first news about a local hip-hop artist.>> stressing my mind, mind. >> romona: my kind of vibe. recording artist and cleveland native kid cudi checked himself into rehab according to his facebook page saying he is a shamed to be a hero when he is living a lie. >> he checked himself in for depression and suicidal urges. >> remember what's your excuse
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attention with this photo next to her three kids. if you looked at that and thought karma will catch up to her, well, it did. the no excuses mom has a tough year and no longer a personal trainer and started feeling beautiful. she gained 10 pounds and struggles with motivation. >> she is working to get her life back to her happier self. at some point "people" interviewed her. people struggling with weight issues. there you go. >> an ohio dad created this car divider to stop triplets from fighting in the car. posted on facebook and it's gone viral. >> and driving triplets around it is peaceful. >> dividers. >> they are adorable. >> they seem to be fine with it. >> they are good.
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two people overdosed on drugs.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> mark: our top stories today at 4:00, two children are the casualties of violence. what appears to be an darom gunfire, police are looking for the gunmen responsible for the shooting on cleveland's west all right and was finally told to prepare for the worst for the younger one. >> romona: hurricane matthew was threatening the entire coast of florida. evacuations are underway across the state. at least 11 deaths are blamed on matthew as it slammed the caribbean called the strongest storm to threaten this region in more than a decade. the supreme court heard arguments involving a convicted
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death row because of his race. the jury was tainted by testimony and evidence that suggested that the defendant's race could influence whether he would commit violent acts in the future. cbs paula reid has the story. attorneys for a condemned texas man argued before the supreme court that their client was the victim of racial bias during the trial convicted of murders of his exgirlfriend and attorneys do not dispute the guilt. during the trial a defense psychologist submitted a report suggesting he is more likely to commit violent crimes in the future and for the death penalty in texas because he is black. >> the claim of the issue is an express appeal to racial bias. >> christina is swan's attorney. >> it is represent hence and i believe incomprehensible that his own lawyers introduced that and unconstitutional.
4:33 pm
gotten the same sentence. >> i feel it was not justice. >> phyllis taylor is buck's step stepsister and he was under the influence from the shooting and deserves to live. >> he has been locked up 21 years with no write ups and that speaks volumes. >> if the majority of justices agree and counsel was ineffective, the texas attorney general could give a new hearing of his life in prison. >> the case could have other racially charged cases. >> it is hard to say when that kind of evidence is put into a courtroom it is unacceptable. >> the texas legal team left the court without speaking to reporters and has not responded to our request for comment. >> reporter: paula reid cbs news, the supreme court. >> mark: a decision in the case is expected to occur early next
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always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: we came close to 80 degrees today. a nice breeze blowing out there. it still will be warm this evening 7:00 forecast 73 and then drop it to 68 at 10:00, 63 at 1 a.m. and 58 at 4:00 in the morning. downtown cleveland warming to 60 or so for the morning drive. look at sandusky at 82. akron-canton 74. there's a 78 in cleveland. gorgeous all over the place. a few high clouds out there t. will be overall change right through friday. we have the front coming in friday night. just a few showers with it. one thing that will happen there's a reason why you call it a cold front it turns noticeably cooler for the weekend. now it is looking dry. in fact, no alert days coming up in the next 7.
4:35 pm
quiet around here. mixed sky and warm tomorrow, 78 for thursday, 68 at 8:00 a.m., 71 at 11:00 and 76 at 2:00 in the afternoon. same deal at 5:00. akron-canton mostly cloudy and warm. you are up to 78. look at the forecast temperatures early tomorrow morning for the drive into work mid-50s along the u.s. 30 corridor. 8:00 in the morning mainly 50s and go up from there b lunchtime tomorrow. just like we saw today we will be above the 70-degree mark. i will tell you more about the weekend change coming up in the half hour. mark? >> mark: thank you. a southwest ohio woman helped saved the lives of two people she thinks overdosed on drugs. before they could take their pizza order they sprang into action after finding two people unresponsive in the parking lot.
4:36 pm
hugging one another. we pulled them apart and threw them back and i wanted to clear their airway out. >> stacey patterson administered narcan and as someone who's relatives struggle with addiction, one more time might be the last. naloxone might not save the day. no word on the couple's current condition. >> romona: the pictures horrifying. no bad blood between fired cavaliers. tony and i are talking about that in time out. >> i was crying in the icu and contemplated calling the doctor, i can't handle the pain. you have to take these arms off me. a marine vet plans to
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>> i flipped on tv and shimon peres was doing an interview with charlie rose. charlie says what do you want your legacy to be. he said i prefer to think more
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i am more interested in tomorrow than yesterday. oh, yeah. this is a changed election all right. the question is what kind of change will we get? we've got to have somebody that thinks about your tomorrows. we've got some young people here. look around this crowd. everybody in this crowd. under 25 has a legitimate chance better than 50/50 to live to be of alzheimer's or other dementia because of scientific vans. >> romona: you have been watching live pictures of former president bill clinton speaking to a crowd in canton, ohio stomping for his wife hillary clinton. part of the stronger together bus tour he is on there. we will have much more on his visit at 5:00. >> more than 1600 united states
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in the middle east and afghanistan. one of them, former marine sergeant john peck lost all of his limbs in combat and recently received a double arm transplant. david martin has his story. >> this dude, sergeant john peck. >> just got listed for a double arm transplant. >> that was two years ago when john peck, a marine lost all four limbs due to an explosion in afghanistan in 2010 he might not rely on prosthetic arms the rest of his life. >> these things, they suck. they are horrible. >> this summer peck was wheeled into an operating room at brigham women's hospital in boston for a 14 hour surgery. packed in ice chests a man declared brain dead six hours earlier was rushed in to be attached to his trumps. the doctor led a team of 60
4:42 pm
these surgeries, the moment when you know you have succeeded in attaching that arm. >> there's a fabulous moment of truth when you see blood flow into the arm and see it turn pink. >> there we go. look at that. pulse. perfect. nice. >> it is that moment where you get butterflies and the arm is back on and alive again. >> the tip of the thumb is coming back. >> when peck woke up the next day he had nerves have to grow to his new fingertips. a slow and agonizing process. >> as nerves grow up, sometimes they give unusual sensations to people like electric shocks, sensation and burning. >> one night i was in the icu i was crying and through the meds i was on and contemplated calling the doctor i i can't handle the pain.
4:43 pm
rehabilitation. >> with his medical team constantly checking for any sign his body might be rejecting the arms. for now, the arms are in braces to protect them from strain. it could be a year before they have sensation in his fingers. >> you learn with the prosthetic and you got it down and now you have the arms and you have to relearn how to use them. >> that's the head of the bed. >> every day tasks the rest of us take for granted are within his reach. >> i am grateful that i will have this opportunity to be able to hold somebody's hand again and possibly be able to fulfill my dreams and lifelong dreams. >> reporter: that dream, even when he had no arms is to become a celebrity chef. >> i am going to compete. i will open up the restaurant.
4:44 pm
then, he will run the place. >> david martin cbs news, boston. >> romona: wow. it is amazing what doctors can do. >> mark: it wasn't long ago nerve regeneration, you can't even do that. here we are with that. >> good luck to him. >> amazing. >> now for a quick time out with romona and tony. >> romona: it's been a long time since we were this excited about baseball in october. that's our first topic today tony, we are a day away from the indians playoff run. >> how are you feeling about it. >> can they pull the series out? >> why not. >> it is a short series and tomorrow night is key and i talked about it earlier. red sox throwing their ace porcello at us and rick bauer and corey kluber. home field is huge. they have the best team in the american league if not major
4:45 pm
indians to open the series right here. the question is, the red sox have been hot down the stretch. ro, it will be a challenge in game 1. >> romona: we ran the ad where the indians were saying they really feed off the fans. the house will be packed the first two games. >> tony: no question about it of course. it was sold out immediately in a matter of minutes like old times how indians feed off that. trevor bauer is a wild card for the tribe here, let's face it. he's looked good and rough innings as well. if he wins game one against porcello and white sox and knows code bluer is coming out in game 2 it is a significant start to the series for the windians. >> let's talk about a story i love. it is a classy one. former cavs coach david blatt he
4:46 pm
from the cavs. >> yes. they are. in blatt's words they offered it. i am quoting him here in a gracious way. while he admits it wasn't my championship, we all know that. he started the year with the cavaliers and did things with the cavaliers and he did something there that matters to david blatt obviously and his body of work with the cavs and for cavaliers to reach out saying you deserve a ring and you mattered here. that was a classy cavs. there's nothing wrong with david blatt. yeah, i did stuff with david blatt. >> the cavs first preseason game is tonight. we have a lot going on. >> it is orlando magic are here. kyrie will not play. lebron will get minutes. this is a phenomenal time to be here in downtown cleveland. it seems we have been saying that for months. >> i will see you over there tonight.
4:47 pm
>> denise: i am feeling another parade coming on for sure. absolutely for the tribe. >> and coming up at 5:00, judgment day for a local man who fired a gun who accidentally hit two children his 2-year-old nephew and 9-year-old niece paralyzed. drug overdose in a parking lot. a pizza restaurant worker came to the rescue and she people. plus the secret lives of squirrels. you will love this. you may be surprised by the gender roles of those furry critters and how it may compare to humans coming up at 5:00. chris and i will see you then. get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta
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wow. what a day out there, huh? that's what we call a mostly sunny sky. temperature in the 70s. feazel roof camera here and we will continue this stretch. let's talk about the 7-day. the planning forecast tomorrow. 78 degrees and more cloud cover. a mixed bag and then friday back to sunshine and 77. the update to theke front comes through friday night with a few showers with it. then you do get a cooldown. but it looks dry now over the weekend. a clearing sky saturday becoming partly cloudy and 74. down to 44 saturday night and partly cloudy sunday 61 and back to sunshine monday and 67. tuesday we will feature more of a mostly cloudy sky and 67 and what's missing on this 7-day.
4:52 pm
next 7 days. we remain more or less in this dry pattern here. romona and mark, back to you. >> coming up at 4:00. >> this situation could have taken a turn for the worse. this officer shows this
4:53 pm
>> mark: it's time for useless trivia with me, mark nolan. hey, romona. >> romona: hi, mark. >> mark: got a question for you. the average american becomes a grandparent at what age? >> romona: used to be about 55. i will say 48 today.
4:54 pm
47. i will give it to you. there you go.
4:55 pm
>> mark: today a video that shows kindness goes a long way. a man asking for help outside a new jersey store got it thanks to a police officer. >> this morning we had breakfast at burger king. you guys were able to -- we had
4:56 pm
so you were able to get it this morning. all right. all right. >> yeah. >> just sit tight a few more minutes. >> romona: the officer did buy the man some chicken as you just saw. >> he did ask the man not to loiter anymore and the new jersey state police couldn't be more proud of that young trooper doing that. good for him. >> nice to see those s >> mark: more video on that. >> coming up next at 5:00, coming up next on cleveland 19 news indians fever is growing fast. cleveland takes on the red sox tomorrow night and downtown businesses getting ready. >> several running into trouble. what is slowing them down?
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by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. if hurricane matthew impacts florida there will be massive impact we have not seen in years. >> chris: florida preparing for a monster storm. hurricane matthew blamed for
5:00 pm
the storm is gaining speed headed to the u.s. and the precise track still unclear. >> denise: that's right. thousands of people told to evacuate. people in florida and carolinas getting ready. don champion is getting answers from daytona beach. people along the east coast are warned hurricane matthew could be devastating. >> screens around the porches. hurricane screens. we will be prepared for it. >> f mandatory evacuations for barrier islands. >> if hurricane matthew hits there will be massive destruction we have not seen in years. >> drivers waited in line to fill up at gas stations and supplies flew off shelves. tourists are preparing. the family is cutting their vacation short headed to canada. >> we should get out just in case it is a category 4. everyone telling us, yes, we should start heading home.


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