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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  October 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture, bringing you styles to fit your life at prices that fit your budget. getting answers for you, cleveland 19 news starts now. there is no excuse to risk your life. there is no excuse to risk the life of your family memb still to come. >> reporter: government officials are begging and pleading for people to evacuate as matthew moves in and leaves destruction behind. >> mark: now even though the eye remained off shore, florida is not out of the woods yet. >> tiffani: marley hall has the latest from orlando. >> reporter: hurricane matthew pounded south florida with blinding rain and winds that gusted over 100 miles per hour.
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moves north. >> it could be the worst part of this is still to come. >> reporter: hurricane force winds snapped trees and destroyed the side of a boathouse. all over the state, debris littered streets. in jacksonville, huge waves crashed ashore. officials are worried matthew's storm surge could cause major flooding in low lying areas. >> on top of the wind, the storm surges are going to be significant. 10 feet plus waves. >> reporter: they're g t from this widespread and powerful storm. south carolina's governor pleaded withholdouts to leave. >> there is nothing safe about what is getting to ready to happen. >> reporter: officials say more than half a million people are without power in florida. marley hall, cbs news, orlando. >> mark: marley, thanks. matthew is blamed for 500 deaths now in haiti alone. beth, where is this hurricane now? where is it headed? >> beth: right now it's off the coast of jacksonville.
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probably in the in florida. the longer it stays off to the ocean and away from the coast, it continues to build power. technically it's down to a category 3. but as it hovers over the coastline and not making landfall, it's just creating more energy right now. it is pummeling along just outside of 45 miles outside of jacksonville at this point. it has been downgraded to a category 3. as it goes north, northeast ward, it's probably going to downgrade even more. as ate probably hit category 2 by the time it gets to south carolina. and that's where they think it's going to make some landfall. the bands right now 115 mile per hour winds. but don't forget last night some of the outer bands were over 100 miles per hour. right now that's come down just a little bit. but a lot of areas still getting inundated. by the time we get to saturday, that's where we'll be really watching south carolina and to see the storm surge. right now the biggest storm surge they've seen has been 4 feet. it is expected to be at about 9
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and that coming towards georgia and south carolina. right now one of the things to make is a little more relatable to our lives, we use these rainfall estimates to help track our bad weather. so i put this one up. this is actually eight hour reading. five inches of rain just south of jacksonville. we tracked it last night in orlando and they were at about 6 inches of rain in a very short amount of time. so they're looking for it to make landfall in south carolina. this storm surge down a little bit. but, again, nine fe nine feet, upwards of 15 inches of rain. think about that, dan. a storm surge is where the ocean actually lives nine feet and then you have the tall waves on top of it. so if this happens to south carolina, expect huge dever station. >> dan: beth, that's what we're expecting. you have to keep in mind some people have lost power so the only connection they have to the outside world at this point is going to be through social media. let's take a look at some of the
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everybody knows a1a beach front avenue as it rolls through the oceanside in florida. it is being deteriorated by those ocean surges. there is going to be a lot of work to do once this is out of there. we've got this picture from jodi. this is the hilton worldwide in daytona beach. it looks like daytona really took a direct shot when you see some of the windows shot out. some of the paneling is missing on that building. take a look at the water coming through. this is normally of daytona beach and it is getting pounded. some of the buildings are withstanding it. some of them aren't. when you see pieces of sheet metal going through, that's why they were encouraging people to get out of there because that's just a dangerous situation. boats are going to take it. some people still having a little bit of a sense of humor. this woman saying this is her plan b to get out of there. just hoping everybody is safe. facebook has even gone into their special mode what they call the safety check. if you have any friends in florida, this is probably about
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i've got several friends in florida that have already marked themselves safe. some people haven't marked themselves yet. so that's a little bit concerning. but, again, facebook only normally opens that up for major disasters, terrorists attacks. when you have something this large covering something in the united states, very interesting to watch this play out on social media. back to you. >> tiffani: all right, dan. air affected by the hurricane. it enacted its emergency response program to help folks that were forced to evacuate fwree of charge. now it's activated in parts of florida, georgia and south carolina. more than 3,000 homes are available. united airlines also joining in to help those hit by hurricane matthew. the airline will give a total of 5 million miles to customers who support hurricane relief.
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since 2013, united and united customers have contributed more than $4 million to disaster relief efforts. roberto perez goes up and he ties the game at 2 with a solo shot. and the indians have their first lead in the playoffs. no doubt about it. blast by jason kipnis. back-to-back jack. three homeruns in the perez, kipnis, lindor all getting their first ever career post season homeruns. >> tiffani: incredible. incredible. >> mark: i'm losing my mind. everyone rallied together and it resulted in the w for the tribe. >> tiffani: a big w. in less than an hour, the indians will push to beat the red sox once again. tony, we want to know, all these people are so excited. do you think they can do -- what are the fans saying out there?
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really pull this off? >> reporter: yes, they do. and this city is alive. i mean, this feels -- [ laughing ] . >> reporter: this city is alive. it's phenomenal friday afternoon here. by the way, you're taking a look at the friend from matt's mutual. it feels like a browns sunday with all of the tailgating going on. fans are pouring in here for game two. and you ask that question about the optimism. this is the situation that the indians wanted. put bauer out there in game one and beat their ace and now put our ace, corey kluber on the hill. this is going to be a battle. a couple of cy young winners. as you know, kluber is coming off the groin injury so he shut it down for about a week and a half. so the question going into game two, ten days rest for corey kluber. good thing or bad thing? >> my body feels good right now. i think that the ten days did other parts of my body good as far as not necessarily pitching in the game or skipping a start, so to speak, i guess.
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i'm not worried about being rested. i think i've had a good couple of bullpens. i'm not worried about the 10 days rest or whatever it ends up being. >> i was joking with kluber and told him he's on a tight 165 to 170 tomorrow. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: all right. terry francona. listen, i don't know if we'll see andrew miller. he's not sure he threw 40 pips fthey have to go to the bullpen, though, i don't see a situation where either starter makes it out of the fifth inning. if you can't make it out of ballpark, gateway plaza is the place to be because you might come away with a mike napoli homerun ball. cath catherine bosley is over there now. i think you're safe because batting practice has wrapped. >> reporter: okay. that's good. but once this game gets going, this is definitely the place to be here in the left field district right off the homerun porch because, oh, yeah, so exciting. wouldn't it be great to get one of those homerun balls during this series. so, yes, a huge show, of course,
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but off the field, we have other shows going on too with the fans. kristi, come on in here. this is a girl after my own heart. look at her. she came in from toledo. >> yes, yes. from toledo. two hour drive. huge time to be here at jacobs field, progressive field. >> reporter: progressive. >> yes. >> reporter: i'm big on the old fashion ways too. i'm still sized for it. >> yes. right. >> reporter: but truly we're looking around at the fans and its >> it is awesome. >> reporter: watching the people. >> so electric here. this is a place to be right now here in cleveland for sure. >> reporter: coming in from toledo. >> yes. >> reporter: not just what you see here. pick up those glasses. let's see. look at them. >> glitter. >> reporter: yes. >> that's how we go. >> reporter: talk about commitment. >> yes. >> reporter: 38,000 fans expected to pack this place tonight. so you know it's going to be on fire like it was yesterday, especially after those three homeruns. >> yes.
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the fans. >> yes. >> reporter: so do you feel pressure as a fan to pull through? >> for sure. this is a time where us as fans, we have got to stand up and stand behind our team and be behind our tribe. let's roll, tribe. rally together. >> reporter: and a girl who knows her baseball too. >> exactly. >> reporter: because throwing out the pitch is mr. len barker tonight. >> yes, right. and we need kluber to pitch an awesome game too tonight. >> reporter: len barker was the last indians pitcher to pitch a perfect game. >> >> reporter: right? >> right. >> reporter: no hitter back in 1981. let's keep that series with us. okay. coming at you live down at progressive field, going to be here most of the afternoon. back to you, guys. >> mark: they're having too much fun. >> tiffani: way too much fun. >> mark: bless their hearts. >> tiffani: they should be. there is 77 in and out of the city. it looks like the majority of the folks headed down for the game are already there or you're just walking right out of the office and heading over there.
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first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> mark: and still to come here at 4:00, delayed. >> tiffani: just because a couple's plans to get hitched are foiled doesn't mean they failed. their journey to the altar continues after the break. . and we continue to follow owe oh, my goodness. look at that. live pictures from jacksonville as matthew continues to work its way through.
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. proof that the best played out plans can be delayed from a natural disaster. look for a couple that put a halt on their dream wedding, at least for now. tia ewing has the story. >> reporter: with the help of family and friends, john and sarah are preparing to tie the knot. invitations have been sent. everything was sets for saturday in charleston, south >> we've been planning this for over two years now. so it's not just been an out of the blue type thing. >> reporter: things changed this week when the couple got a phone call. hurricane matthew was moving in and word was it could impact the east coast. >> it was officially cancelled. >> reporter: years of organizing, scheduling and shopping disappeared. but john and julia say this is only a small hiccup in a much bigger picture. >> you know that at least all of
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and so we're really blessed for that and our heart really goes out to those people in the caribbean and haiti. >> reporter: so what's next for the future newlyweds? a bit more planning. but they do already have a new date. >> it's now next may. >> it will all work out and it will be fine. but just a few bumps in the road. >> reporter: tia ewing, cleveland 19. >> tiffani: that's what happens with mother nature. the best laid out plans don't happen. beth, let's talk someor over to you. >> beth: take a live look at jacksonville right now. look at this. 55 mile per hour winds. heavy rain at times. and it's hard for us to tell you how bad it is there and then you go to our roof camera. look at this. oh, it makes it -- you know, we have our fair share of bad weather days. but truthfully it doesn't get any better than this. tiffany was saying this whole time, it was gorgeous out there. it is. even the boaters are happy. you know you get it right when
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so current temperatures along the way are all close to the 80 degree mark. the rain from matthew is already starting to spew off just a little bit and come our way. we see on future view some of you might see some sprinkles for friday night football. but in the meantime, we're sitting between two systems. and you can see it. the cold front, the colder air that's coming in for the weekend, we'll start filtering in tonight but you really won't feel the effects until tomorrow. right now we're crystal clear. we're doing fantastic. some clouds are going to come mainly from the south. so maybe if you're going to stow versus hudson's game tonight, just a little heads up. some of you are going to see some sprinkles a little early on. i started future view at 8:00 tonight. sun has already set. but in some areas, look at canton anddover. just a chance you get a little wet. most of the rain chances will be 5:00 tomorrow morning. most of the people will be sound
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sun comes up. chance of showers. your saturday is going to be crystal clear blue in the afternoon. gorgeous. you're going to be like where is the 80 degrees because we're done with the 80s for now. tonight we're down to the mid 50s. you can keep the windows open but maybe just crack them or maybe from the top so the rain doesn't come in in case you get some of the showers in the early time. the chance of rain is 30% and that's really early. like say 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. we go through the afternoon. we'll shake off some of the cloud cover skies. ll but only up to 64. so don't be fooled. our 80s are done. i have no other 80s in the forecast. the rain chances tomorrow scoot out of here really early. so most of you aren't going to see anything. maybe just get a little sip of rain. 64 on saturday. browns sunday 62. some areas around the lakeshore, which includes the browns game, might only top out near 59 degrees. so definitely a little change in our weather temperatures. monday, tuesday look at this. we're back above average
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and we're dry monday all the way through the week until we get to friday. as a matter of fact, tiffani, the only shot of rain we have come in the middle of the week wednesday night. we have a nice, good stretch of sunshine and dry weather. >> tiffani: a little bit of something for everybody. hot and cold. thanks, beth. new at 4:00, things are good to the dip er at the amusement park. the wooden coaster is going to be demolished. a trustee says it could happen in the next few weeks. the big dip confused with the group of stars actually made its debut in 1925 as skyrocket. >> mark: that was awhile ago, wasn't it. joining right now, andrea thome. she has a new book called wallen and she's doing something with the proceeds. no stranger to the cleveland studios. >> it's been awhile. >> mark: it has been awhile. all we know you must have been 10 when you worked here. >> yes.
4:19 pm
here's the cover of the book. this is a novel by andrea thome. how exciting is that. >> can we get a picture of the cover? it's surreal. when i opened the box and pulled them out, it was like, whoa, i did write a book. >> mark: what made you decide to go novel? >> i thought i was going to do a children's book and i sat down and it started pouring out of me. it was like the closest thing to a religious experience i've ever ha >> mark: now, wallen is a town. >> it's a town in tennessee. we used to travel there. >> mark: you said you went down there for a photography seminar thing and you said this thing is still right and i can't go. >> i've gone a couple times. the second time i went i was halfway through and i said i have to go write. i can't do the photography. i love photography so that says a lot. >> mark: give me a little bit about what's going on in this book. >> so it's just two people who have kind of lost in love, i guess. >> mark: all right.
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together in this week-long setting. it's a whirlwind, definitely a romance. a little spicy but respectable. >> mark: chapter 15 is where the spice is. >> yes, chapter 15. >> mark: beth and tiffani both looking at chapter 15 already. [ laughing ] >> mark: we may need to take a break. >> oh, dear. >> mark: this is a great thing. you're doing this for folks tomorrow is a signing going on. >> there is in chagrin falls. 1:00 to 3:00. i'm going to be hi t excited to see old friends. my proceeds are going to field farm. >> mark: who is that big ugly guy in the middle? >> i think he's batting 4th or 5th. he's probably over there right now. >> mark: yes. exactly. again, they all look like babies over there right now. >> they do. >> mark: here is what we're going to do. you and jim are going -- we normally do something called timeout later on in the show. we're going to turn it to thome's timeout. >> it's terrifying. >> mark: it is terrifying for
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>> sure. >> mark: make sure you get out to see andrea tomorrow. what's going on, tiffani? >> tiffani: just reading some of the book. it's good. i like it. what the (ingrid) i take pride in getting things done. but when it came to medicare, i was glad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid called anthem blue cross and blue shield,
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. welcome back. the waffle house inn dex is trending today. >> tiffani: reporters getting real with the hurricane matthew coverage. >> see this? melbourne, daytona beach all the way up to jacksonville. this moves 20 miles to the west and you and everyone you know are dead. all of you. >> mark: yes. he goes on to say "your kids die too". now, i don't know about you, beth. i've never forecasted any serious weather. that's awful. you never, ever do that.
4:25 pm
they called smith live on the air and said she chose not to evacuate hoping they won't be as bad as they say. hope it is not a strategy, a delores. some praising smith for being direct. others calling him a fear monger. i'm i'm all right. it's evaluating my life in front of the concrete block. >> tiffani: let me say i have done that. that orlando reporter speaking candidly to producers. she braced against the pillars as strong winds and water pelted all over her. but she kept it cool. she was smiling and delivered her report. >> mark: she has something to leave the tape with. >> tiffani: that's what got me this job. >> mark: there you go. it's all strategy. >> tiffani: yes, all strategy.
4:26 pm
>> tiffani: of course i do. >> mark: you know the storm is bad if they closed. the company announced it's closing 25 locations because of hurricane matthew. the federal emergency management helped develop the waffle house inn dex when he was the head of florida emergency management. >> tiffani: that's when you know it's serious. >> mark: did you see those hash browns. >> tiffani: i'm so hungry. my s that's when you know it's
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. welcome back. our top story focuses on the southeast part of the state. hurricane matthew roaring up florida's coach. live pictures of jacksonville as
4:30 pm
storm. states of emergency have been called and half a million homes without power. cleveland, are you ready? live pictures. the tribe is about to start their pitch for another w against the red sox in about ten minutes or so. as you know, they beat the team last night. look at the crowds. the series is the best out of five. shifting gears here the heroin epidemic gripping our area is taking on another form. resurrection parties >> mark: it's act alarming local law enforcement. jen picciano joins us now live to explain it. >> jen: these are parties not for addicts but people new to heroin. that is what is so scary to the police department which alerted us to this problem that potentially young people could be getting involved here. those that go to these resurrection parties think it's a safe way to abuse heroin but law enforcement says it's a false sense of security.
4:31 pm
parties. narc me parties or lazaret parties and an invitation could be deadly. >> somebody use the heroin and when somebody goes into cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest there's one person that saves them. >> jen: people don't know how they'll react or the potency of what they're putting in their bodies. >> unfortunately they only have one or two doses and two people go out. the one dose doesn't always bring the person back. sometimes itak doses of this narcan to bring them around. >> jen: the effects of the heroin anecdote narcan could be short lived and someone could go right back into arrest and the presence of narcan and the one sober one is enabling this deadly behavior. >> these kids are getting the narcan without any fear of ramifications. there is somebody there watching them so it's kind of a safeguard
4:32 pm
>> tiffani: this year alone, they have had to deaths and 15 overdoses and in summit county there have been more than 1600 er visits by those overdosing. that's more than ten a day. >> we had a gentleman that overdosed twice in one day. we went over there. issued him the narcan. went to the hospital. came back. he overdosed again. >> jen: police are hoping that spreading the word about these dangerous parties will discourage anyone from playing this russian roulette wi out to any of these kinds of parties but they're getting ahead of the problem with communication with schools. there's no evidence that students are participating any of the parties but police are looking into heroin usage with students. >> mark: incredible. >> jen: school resources. >> tiffani: it's frightening. how does that affect heroin users? >> jen: it just went into effect in mid september, the
4:33 pm
for qualified people say you're at one of these resurrection parties, you can call police or ems for help and avoid prosecution. >> mark: okay. >> jen: of course they're going to confiscate the evidence and the drugs and you do have to get rehab and get medical attention and care. but there's some people saying that's more enabling. others are saying it's saving more lives. it will be curious to see how that plays out over the next couple of months because we know there will be lof opport opportunities unfortunately for this to play out. >> tiffani: i hope we get a handle on this. it's hitting everybody. >> mark: it's awful. >> tiffani: religious, race, it doesn't matter who you are. it's getting awful. cleveland 19 news trying to raise awareness to the growing opioid epidemic and how to spot the sign. for more information and resources, go to and click on the your health tab. we have an update now of the two girls that were shot at a
4:34 pm
yet. we do know that 3-year-old savannah davis who was shot in the head is still in critical condition this afternoon. 9-year-old elizabeth davis who was shot in the back is out of the hospital. savannah was sitting on the porch on her mom's lap and elizabeth was in the house tuesday night when a four door black car pulled up and someone opened fire hitting both of those precious children. always watching, always tracking. now your >> beth: absolutely stunning day as long as you like it feeling like baseball weather. as long as you like the hot 80s. i know some of you are complaining. but this is gorgeous. and there's no more 80s in the forecast. so try to enjoy it. i'm sure we're beginning to top out with the high temperature probably 81. a couple of degrees above that. as we go through the evening, nice out there. for doing whatever you want, except you know there's always something. there is a small chance we see
4:35 pm
of the city. canton maybe. just a small little chance. i'm just going to mention it because some people head out for friday night football. temperatures are going to be fantastic. you'll see the clouds start thickening up as we go through the next couple of hours. but this weekend is not more of the same. we have a couple of cold fronts coming into play. saturday and sunday after, say, 6:00 a.m. on saturday, it's going to be dry. but only 64 on saturday and 62 on sunday. that's going to feel s that's almost a 20 degree difference. tomorrow we'll wake up with more clouds, maybe a sprinkle if you're really early riser. but in the middle of the day, say 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, that's when you're going to start noticing, well, we're not going to hit 80. no. we're not even going to hit 70 tomorrow. it's going to be a cool one. so get used to it because the cooler air is definitely sticking around. and for the browns game, kickoff 59 degrees. and i was a little generous even though you'll see some sunshine the second half. so the kickoff is at 1:00.
4:36 pm
cool day. temperatures that we haven't seen here for a while, even though technically that's just a little bit below average. so over night tonight by 5:00 a.m. maybe some scattered rain showers around. not really a big deal. blue sky on saturday, tiffani. but it's the cool down you'll be complaining about guarantee it. >> tiffani: no complaints from me, beth. the u.s. state department prepares to release a new batch of e-mails from hillary clinton and donald trump lands an endorsement for more than 16,000 craig boswell has the latest on the presidential campaign from the white house. >> reporter: the national border patrol council endorsed donald trump this morning during a roundtable discussion at the republican nominee's campaign headquarters. the group talked about their concerns on immigration and claimed border agents are being directed to ignore immigrant criminal records. >> they're saying immigration is so tied up with trying to get the people that are on the waiting list to hurry up and get
4:37 pm
make them citizens. >> why? >> so they can go ahead and vote before the election. >> reporter: exactly who gets to vote will be under the microscope for the next four weeks. today republican governor scott walter announced issues with how the state's voter id law was being enforced at the department of motor vehicles. in florida, where hurricane matthew has forced millions to evacuate, republican governor rick scott rejected a request from hillary clinton's campaign to extend the state's voter clinton has no public event scheduled while she prepares for sunday's debate where her e-mails will likely come up after the state department friday releases about 270 additional pages. the e-mails are from a private server she used while she was secretary of state. the state department says a significant number of the e-mails are near duplicates of previously released documents. the agency has been ordered to release three more batches of
4:38 pm
election. a new university national poll gives clinton a 5 point lead over trump in large part due to strong support from women and non-white voters. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> mark: craig, thanks. vice-presidential candidate mike pence was in strongsville and harry boomer is here now with what he had to say. harry. >> harry: mark, it's almost too close to call race here in ohio. the polls up and down for the trump-pence ticket. today, though, the gop r to get out the vote. >> we're going to lower business taxes in america so businesses here in ohio can create jobs here in the buckeye state. >> harry: mike pence making a point that his top of the ticket donald trump has made. to make america great again. >> day one of the trump-pence administration, donald trump is going to sign a moratorium on new federal regulation and he's going to repeal every executive
4:39 pm
and jobs in this economy signed by president obama. >> reporter: the pence message in strongsville hit familiar themes throughout his stump speech today. >> we're electing a president for the next four years. but that president will probably set the course and destiny of the supreme court of the united states for the next 40 years. >> reporter: pence called on supporters to stand with trump-pence on national security, the right to keep and bear arms, first amendment rights, as well as. >> those of us who cherish the rule of law and human life. >> i think he's just wonderful. i think he's a god-fearing good catholic man that allows god and his faith to lead him and his family and he's going to be helping to save this country. >> if they don't have the answers, we're all in trouble, because hillary sure doesn't. >> hillary clinton uses technology to destroy nearly 18,000 e-mails. i'm old enough to remember a president who erased 18 and a half minutes of tape and was run
4:40 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> harry: that president was republican richard nixon back in 1974. now the trump-pence ticket hopes to keep democrat hillary clinton from ever occupying the white house again and they're asking ohioans to help. getting answers, harry boomer, cleveland 19. kim kardashian has received a letter from the con yee rage that let robbers into her hotel. both our lives i hope you are feeling better. law enforcement are puzzled by this ability to reach the reality star so quickly during the heist. kim was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. cold play is coming to
4:41 pm
>> mark: the band is coming in 2017 as part of their north american headful of dreams tour. they're going to be at the q on saturday august 19th, 2017. tickets go on sale october 15th at 10:00 a.m. doing a little facebook live right now. coming up at 4:00, putting the spice in pumpkin spice. how about you keep it real. we'll explain coming up. and who are these people? it is time for the thomes to do a littim and tiffani is doing a little facebook live over there. that's all happening. they're going to break down last night's tribe game coming up
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listen. you no we're back and normally we do a little bit of timeout with ramona and tony. since tony is busy over at progressive field and ramona is off today, i'm going to sit back and let the we're letting them talk. there is jim and andrea right there. >> oh, great. >> mark: andrea, you used to do sports here. it was just a few years ago. >> thanks, mark. >> mark: so since this morning you said on the radio show you watched the game in your jammies last night. why don't you go ahead and give us an idea about what you thought happened last night. you were watching. what went on? >> it was a great game. i kept saying to jim i was so nervous. i kept turning away. it was exciting.
4:45 pm
the homeruns. andrew miller coming in in the fifth inning. that was a big topic during the game that francona obviously went to that matchup and it played out well. i mean, i have to say experience all of those times in the 90s. it really gave me chills watching the crowd last night and how much that i think the tribe felt that from them. >> yes. the fans, that was the most fun for me. it was such -- i perfect night in cleveland. couldn't have two better days to have games 1 and 2. so i think they're going to win today and go ahead 2-0. wouldn't that be something. >> corey kluber is going to do it. >> mark: let me ask you, let me throw it in here, how important is it to pick up game one? >> it's huge. especially in a five-game series. number one is always important. and especially against a team like the red sox. and then i think it builds
4:46 pm
>> mark: very good. now, jim, we can find a uniform for you and a bat. are you willing to suit up? >> can you rush me over there? >> mark: yes, i can. i would. i would do that without a doubt. >> i would be really sore, mark. [ laughing ] >> he would. he would be like the tin man tomorrow. we would have to oil him up. >> mark: listen, everybody go see both of you guys tomorrow at fire side books. andre andrea is going to be there signing book and all of the proceeds g farm. >> thank you. we appreciate it. thanks for having us. >> mark: wonderful. >> tiffani: wonderful couple. >> mark: good looking young people over there. fall is a time for pumpkin spice, right? everything pumpkin. but how can you know if what you're actually getting has any real pumpkin at all. registered dietitian at the cleveland clinic says real pumpkin is good for you but most of what you see in the store or at the local coffee shop is artificially flavored. >> pumpkin in and of itself is actually very healthy.
4:47 pm
vitamin a. a lot of nutrients. a lot of nutrient density. but when you have a pumpkin-flavored drink, they're not probably taking that actual pumpkin and putting it in your drink. >> tiffani: they said with many of the pumpkin spice products on the market, there's not only added flavoring. there's often a lot of added sugar as well. instead of looking for pumpkin spice products on store shelves, try using real pumpkin in the kitchen. real pumpkin can be put into smoo smoothies, muffins and pies and it is so delicious. >> anchor: can i say how nice toss have the thomes here. they have always been one of the nicest couples. >> tiffani: first time meeting them is having family. >> mark: good people. >> tiffani: we love you. [ laughing ]. >> anchor: we might still need you, jim. coming up at 5:00, contcon
4:48 pm
people with local ties dealing with the storm. plus pediatricians describing a therapy to help people deal with a wide range of problems and no pills involved. the main ingredient is your mind. and a new poll is out. it asks this question. i love this. who would win a game between the buckeyes and the browns? yes. we'll have the answer coming up at 5:00. >> mark: browns. >> tiffani: i don't know. >> now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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. it was pretty good ad libbing. >> tiffani: who is that guy? >> mark: what is going on here? did you see this, beth mccloud? >> beth: i don't know. >> mark: this clip is going viral right now.
4:52 pm
dancing. [ laughing ] >> mark: he's out there all hip. kyrie is talking to somebody pretty familiar back there too. how did they not notice -- >> tiffani: he's doing the shoulder. he's doing the shoulder. >> beth: my husband is like kyrie is -- >> mark: exactly. he's doing his thing. >> beth: when the guys are playing a game and you get one of the actual players, especially kyrie to come sit down and talk about the game. >> mark: absolutely. >> tiffani: and you're like focused. you're not looking at the shoulder >> beth: i don't know how he could miss the shoulder moves. look at these moves. our feazel roof cam has taken ground level now. it wants to get in on the action. >> mark: it's over the roof of that car. there it is. t >> beth: it's a very short car. it's beautiful out there. temperatures near 80 degrees or above. look at this. sandusky, hopkins reporting 80 degrees. sunshine. akron-canton you're at 76 and a couple clouds out there. you actually could see a couple
4:53 pm
tonight. the chances are very low. but i'm going to mention it. i'll tell you what, saturday morning they could continue with a couple of little sprinkles of some rain showers for everyone. up until about 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. i have to tell you this but most of saturday, most of you are not going to see any rain showers. sunday is dry, monday is dry, tuesday is dry. it comes in wednesday night into thursday morning at this point. for the next couple of days we are looking high i don't consider this a huge rain event that's coming. no alert days over the next couple of days. but it is going to be colder this weekend. tiffani, mark, we're going from 81 today down to 64 tomorrow. and only if we're lucky are we going to make it to 62 on sunday. next week we see some 70s. but it is definitely going to be a little cooler. >> tiffani: pull out a little bit of the sweater or jacket for some people. we can handle it. >> mark: i'm in. coming up at 4:00, is your
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
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flip over this. >> tiffani: yes, you are. have you ever heard of the water bottle challenge. it has kids trying to flip half filled water bottles. many of the kids schools are banning the flip as they did bottle flipping to prepare for hurricane matthew in central florida. >> mark: oh, wow. that was well done. >> tiffani: very well done. coming up next at 5:00, those fitness trackers are all the craze. but try strapping one on to your dog [ laughing ]
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty of streetsboro. >> asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now.
5:00 pm
hurricane. the potential for storm surge, loss of life and severe property damage continues to exist the huge storm is churn ago long the east coast. top winds clocked at 115 miles an hour. millions of people have been told to evacuate. >> chris: hurricane matthew impacting the entire southeast. surge up to 9 feet is possible. diane gallagher is in florida with the latest conditions. >> fierce winds and gushing waters and flying debris. hurricane matthew whips central florida coast battering areas like daytona beach and st. augustine with more than


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