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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  October 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>>. >> take a look at this, live pictures, right now in savannah as hurricane matthew is hammering the hrapt/ic coast from from just north of jacksonville, florida all the way to north carolina. we'll have the latest up-to-date information on that storm in a few minutes. first, we continue to follow breaking news of a man struck on the side of the highway. >> the man was taken to metro, that's where our shelby miller is. he is getting answers on how he is doing tonight, shelby? he is stable tonight, that is
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to metro health after that accident. it happened on 0 near 55th going westbound. the road was actually closed down to 7:00 45. that's when they opened it back up for cars to go through. we have been told that a second person, not sure if it was a man or a woman, but they were brought here to the hospital in a private vehicle. we are trying to figure out if that person was injured because they were hit by the car as well or if with emotions because of everything going on, either way, we are told that person had mineor injuries. both victims are expected to be okay. they followed the accident on 480 where a woman was hit while she was changing her tire. the driver left that scene. tonight, we are asking
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we'll update you as soon as we learn more. >> shelby, thanks, you heard about this breaking news first through our cleveland 19 news app. we sent a push alert a little after 7:00 to let you know the highway was closed. to be the first to hair about breaking news, download our free app. to the big story the nation is watching, hurricane matthew pummeling parts of 4 states. 4 people were killed i through that state. more than a million customers are without power. matthew has done major damage to the area with significant flooding to cities along the coast. national weather service just released their latest update on the powerful storm. >> where is it, right now? where is it headed next? beth is tracking hurricane matthew. reporter: it's still off the
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land. that's part of the reason why it continues to build up in strength. what we are seeing, right now, no long area category 3. it has been droped to a category 2. but right along the coastline, it's 70 miles away from savannah georgia the heaviest rain and biggest storm surge is yet to come. the heaviest way is all the way through sunday morning. saturday night, sunday mornin saturday night, sunday morning, they are expecting 15 inches, sunday morning, it starts to head back over towards the atlantic, right now, take a look at the watch boxes. flash flooding would be the next thing people are worried about, florida state line all the way up to north carolina. part of the problem it's going to sit in this little cove and that is help the intensity and moisture level, category 2, now, but
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rainfall north of jacksonville in georgia, so we are not done yet, a couple more hours, through the weekend and hopefully, it will get out here. >> the storm came up florida's coast last night, we checked in with several people with ties to ohio to see how they were doing. everyone tells us they are doing well so far. even though the storm is slowly packing quite a punch. we spoke with 2 cleveland natives in the south waiting for everything to pass. how they are dealing with this deadly storm. >> mandy glover decided to stay in her apartment in jacksonville. she said the hurricane wasn't as bad as they expected. meanwhile off the coast of carolina, keith is waiting out his first hurricane. hurricane matthew
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the coast of florida and families are watching out for their loved ones, mandy glover, originally from cleveland lives in jacksonville. she's waiting out the storms in her apartment. . >> i have not seen any damage from my apartment, but i have not gone outside to see if there is any damage there. reporter: mandy shot this and said she stocked up on food and hit. earlier in orlando, sara sent us this sreutd/ yo' she shot a few miles away from disneyworld. >> i expected it to be windy, >> keith is watching as hurricane matthew makes its way out of florida and up the coast. he lives in north carolina, not far from the south carolina state line. we spoke to him this evening and
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>> right now, everything is okay, the wind and stuff has not picked up. roads are shut down, my restaurant shut down. we are good. we went to the store and giott food and photos. >> his area is under voluntary evacuations. he is staying put. >> this is my hurricane, i'm going to ride it out and see reporter: i checked this with a woman named vickie. she's a north canton native. she lives near daytona beach. she said the power is out and there is alot of damage in her neighborhood, but she is doing fine. >> we did some checking into how many flights have been canceled out of hop kin, as of now, 14 3. nationwide, more
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since wednesday. >>. >> coming up, answers on how the hurricanes will impact gas prices here. dan will tell you how much more you can expect to pay at the pump, coming up in 7 minutes. minutes. >> we are going to switch gears and talk about our indians. they are looking like they are on their way to give us an october to remember. >> they are heading to boston 2-0, it's the best of 5. it could be a sweep on sunday mark schwab is joining us.
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what he had to do, eat, eat innings. after miller and alan ate through, he needed to get at least 7 and that's what he did. worked into the 7th. did not allow a run, struck out 7 batters going 104 pitches and the offense getting a 6-0 win, striking for 4 in a big second inning against price. tony was e tribe after the game, getting their reaction. >> we talked before the game would he be rusty or good. he answered that question. he was
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last night. i enjoyed it, i think it was alot of fun to have a crowd like that, especially that end of the game. without wardly. he wouldn't let anybody know it, which i think is great. slider, mixing it and keeping him off balance. we expect that out of him. >> any time a starter gets a cushion early, it might give you a margin for error, when you give it to a guy who is one of the better pitches in baseball. they done let the
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reporter: onto bust, >> first pitch, -- -- if necessary, both 6:00 starts. >> police in bath township are warning parents about a dangerous type of party that could turn deadly. they are called resurrect shutdown pa that get together to do heroin leaves one person to stay sober to give anyone that overdoses tphr-frpblgts/ar can. >> sometimes, it takes 2 or more doses to bring him around. >> thank think, the police there have not heard of any parties happening in their area, yet, but they hope in
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>>. >> following breaking news from the campaign frail, donald tprupl/ is apologizing for lewd comments he made about women. the conversation was caught on tape during what the republican called a private conversation with billy bush back in 2005. also tonight mr. trump is ninging an event speaker of the house paul ryan. >> a live look at radar of hurricane matthew. video where the storm is walloping the coastline, still packing quite a punch. matthew expected to turn out to sea sunday. 4 people have died here in the
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gone to 80 in haiti. >> how much you could expect to pay at the pump. >>reporter: this weird scenario that happens because of and in a hurricane like this. we have seen the hurricane come up florida, heading up south carolina. it will double back, do something like that. will are no rer east coast. that's for a reason for hurricane seasons like this. the fact that no refineries will be disrup/ ed means prices will stay pretty evening. what is interesting to me, when you look at the prices down in tampa and
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they didn't skyrocket, they stayed the same. what happens, when they drive out, they sit there for 3 or 4 days and nobody drives or goes anywhere. it's not going to impact gas prices all that much, things should even should even out we have continuous live video. on the track and damage left behind by this powerful storm. >> a mom in penicillin who!woe practices an extreme vegan diet is accused of using the strict diet guidelines to feed her
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hawk said her 11 -month-old only small amounts of nuts and berries. the 33-year-old sister new something was wrong with her nephew when who!woe come to visit. >> he had a severe rash. his motor skills, he could not use his hands at all. >> the boy's father knew his son was in bad shape and he rushed the 11 -month-old to the hospital. doctors say the baby was severely they told police and now mom is facing charges. thankfully. after a brief stay in the hospital, the little boy is after a brief stay in the hospital, the little boy is doing better doctors have tested this on mice and this drug has tested their lives 50%. now, they are testing it on dogs and doctors
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humans, too. >> do you like to take a lot of selfies and post them on social media. a is the new study says you are probably lonely if you do. a survey showed they were
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>> in chicago, their temperatures 60 degrees colder than yesterday. the cold air is cuping our way. right now, we are pretty much where we were yesterday. we have some cloud cover. tonight, staying on the mild side because of it. your weekend is looking a lot cooler, 64 saturday. breezy, of doing some barbeque -- sunday, 62 degrees. lake-effect little sprinkle here and that on sunday. right now, we are in between some things, not a lot happening. first things first, to our south east. showers that are clipping pittsburgh did not make it into our neighborhood. spinoff moisture from matthew. ultimately, the cold front, not
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well, we'll see a couple of showers, it will be overnight tonight and by tomorrow afternoon, you will realize the cold air is here. future view, there is the showers off towards our east. the cold front comes through, 3:00 am, 4:00 or 5:00 am. best opportunity for showers. don't think you will get enough rain to water your mums. it is going to be on the breezy side 55 tonight with a chan of sprinkles, sleeping with the windows open, make sure the top part is open. it's not going to cool down that much until tomorrow afternoon. lunchtime, 70 at lunch, you are not going to make it to 70 at all. 64 and 62, sunday, we have a partly cloudy day for the browns game, but to get going through tailgating. it will be
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be waking up into the 0s. monday, itself, high pressure most of the week until wednesday night. look at these temperatures, hello fall, right, sunshine, dry conditions, as a matter of fact, no big rain event in the next 7 days. beth, thanks. sports, mark has more on the indians monster win against
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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9. >> game 2 in the books. this one not as nerve wr-bg/ ing as yesterday's game one, but it was still pretty awesome. for
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$30 million a year for david price. the new guy, one-0 indians, wind chill it go. lone hit a 2 liner. that's a line drive 3 rockets to let to put them up. 7 shutout innings. he allowed 3 hits. he struck out 7, the winner today. 6-0, are heading to boston. they will try to sweep the bean people. >> we have to keep doing our thing an close it out on sunday. >> backs are against the wall. it's pretty clear what lies
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at taou/. >> we want let off the peddle. boston, line up, they are fans, i know what it's like to play there. crazy atmosphere and we just need to stick together and keep playing. >> when we come back, high
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hay, diane lane thank you so much for being here. i want you to meet paul, one of my sprfersing he will be producing your segment tonight. ? you, there's only you in my life ? ? >> stephen: did you just hear music is it. >> yeah, i heard it. hey, i should go. it's very nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> stephen: diane, did the two of you just have a moment? >> no, that was nothing. i've been in so many romantic movies, that just happens


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