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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 6PM  CBS  October 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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preparing. mark? >> hey, they are getting through it. >> indians about to take the field for a workout and just wrapped up. >> last full workout. >> and against the cubs. >> i cannot wait. >> we had a chance to talk to the players. i talked to andrew miller with the tremendous alcs striking out right-handers and l him the angel of death for crying out loud. i asked if the time out would help. he thought he could and would be good for him physically and still sharp and not out of gas or anything like that. you talk to cody allen about the bullpen mate and he cannot stop raving about the tall left-hander. >> he is a true pro. he prepares as good as anybody in baseball.
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know, the ability alone doesn't quite do it for you. he is one of those guys that elevates everybody around him and carries himself and he has the demeanor and he is a true professional. he wants everyone to do well. we are the fortunate team and get him at the deadline and is a huge reason we are here. >> mark: a tremendous amount of confidence indians have when miller steps out of the bullpen with the lead and give him the baseball. they would love to do that in game 1 from terry francona, we will hear from corey kluber and mike napoli. game 1 world series tomorrow in cleveland. guys? >> romona: exciting stuff. >> today we got answers who will throw out the first ceremonial pitches kenny lofton and carlos baerga one and two games. international pop star rachel platt on will sing the national
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national anthem prior to game 2. >> cleveland will be crowded tomorrow. that's an understatement. you have indians and cavaliers and dani carlson getting answers about how many people are expected and potential parking problems. dani? >> mark, it will be crowded. we are told it won't be cavs championship parade crowded when estimates of 1 million people downtown. if you think about it, the capacity of just progressive field, that's more than 50,000 people right there and expected overflow for those of us not lucky enough to get tickets with major events, bring your patience. >> the city will be in an uproar. we have the indians planned and cavs planned and it is great for cleveland. >> since tens of thousands of people are expecting to want to be part of it, a part of history. traffic is expected to be heavy and parking is hard to find and
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downtown. take your time getting to your locations. >> several streets around the q no parking zones from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and a free event outside the q at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> the city is recommending if you come downtown avoid as much traffic as you can, carpool, uber and use rta and doors open at 5:00 for cavs and stay late and allow extra time and patience. >> we love here it is great for businesses and great for cleveland's name worldwide. >> the energy level is high and i want to be part of it. i want to be part of making history. we will have more details on the road closures and specific uber drop-off point. those details on i got a chance to talk to the rta today. you may remember there were problems during the cavs championship parade and they
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that sort for tuesday and wednesday night games because they are not expecting as many people as were down here for the cavs and trains will be running an extra hour after each inning even if they go to extra innings. >> the other thing they want to point out, can you buy a ticket for the rta if you download the rta cle app. >> getting answers in cleveland tonight dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> mark: all right, dani. for parking bans and traffic, alerts and more as cavs banner raising and also tomorrow there. make sure you get to our app on and share your pictures through our social pages. >> romona: all right. in the weather center with jeff. people wondering what the weather will be like, all clear. >> jeff: for tomorrow night and different story wednesday night. >> that's the potential issue we
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there are two games to worry about. game 1 tomorrow night on the cold side. 46 and the wind not too bad and you have to bundle up. they will play game 1. game 2 when the next system rolls in. we have rain in the forecast. my next weather segment, i will explain the timing on this. it looks like it will start during the course of the game. quiet tonight and cold tomorrow for the season. game 1 dry. game 2 wet next segment. romona? >> romona: a killer pleaded guilty to murdering a parma gas station owner. logan sinclair shot robert posit four times. they struggled with a robbery on pearl road. sinclair will be sentenced next month. hillary clinton and donald trump have about two weeks remaining to campaign. for clinton she is focusing on helping congressional candidates as well as battling
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donald is not on the side of american workers or american families. >> donald trump is midway through a multiday campaign blitz in the must win state of florida i actually think we are winning. they show phony polls where they look at democrats. >> the cbs news battle ground tracker poll shows trump trailing clinton by four points in florida. >> romona: and still campaigning in our paul orlousky caught up with donald trump , jr. who made a stop in ashland outdoor enthusiast donald trump , jr. pulled up to fin, feeter and fur in a vehicle made for the outdoors and understatement to say he landed in friendly sayreer to. >> i couldn't put on the flagpole. >> people who came to hear him couldn't show it. >> a silent majority who respond
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telling anybody who we are voting for. >> it rings true. >> some time ago hillary clinton made a campaign stop at grandpa's cheese barn not far from fin, feather and fur parking lot. she had to have some place to park her buses. it didn't set well with customers or the manager and he politely told them to move which they did. >> touch toured the store and didn't take a drop would go bad. >> if i shoot somebody's bow it will be off. no way. i only shoot my own bows. >> and he opened with a message many ears were waiting to hear. >> i say if our passion is shooting in the outdoors, the other side's passion is messing with your rights and freedoms and we have to protect it at all cost. >> trump sounded familiar campaign themes and never got too far off the outdoor message
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with hunting gear. >> i don't know. looks like a photo op to me. >> and similar stops aimed at the touch camp. >> romona: rapper jay z will perform at a get out the vote concert for clinton. no word if or when clinton will join him. jay z is known for campaigning for democrats and no one heard if his wife beyonce will join him vice president joe biden was at the cleveland clinic. he attended the 2016 medical innovation summit to discuss how the united states plans to end cancer as we know it. >> the summit runs through wednesday. mr. bide senn in charge of the cancer moon shot aiming to make advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. >> mark: to a thoughtful 7-year-old collecting 1200 cray
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she delivered them today. the girl had the idea after spending time in the hospital for severe food allergies. ella's campaign is called color me a rainbow. the world series, cavs banner raising. what could make tomorrow even better? >> romona: we already showed you what lebron james thinks. >> i don't know. maybe have an ice cream truck outside both arenas as well to add icing on the cake. >> romona: he speaks ahe listen. blue bunny ice cream jumped into action and sending a semi truck. they tweeted hey, cleveland if king james asks for a ice cream truck to make it more fun, free ice cream is coming. see you soon. >> #one for all. cool. >> mark: we will be over there tomorrow. >> romona: oh, yeah. we will get ice cream. >> you go and then i will go and keep going.
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tomorrow will be nice yes it is. i don't know if it is ice cream weather but hey, free ice cream. first alert wednesday night will be the issue and updating my first alert forecast. i will break it down hour by hour. coming up. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by calvetta brothers
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live from the newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. political signs are everywhere this >> mark: one display caught harry boomer's eye on cleveland's east side. >> i made this for hillary clinton. >> byron kelly hand made mannequins to show support for democrat presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> to remind you this is a serious lesson this year. in fact, everybody realizes it is our future and coming out to vote. >> he made the mannequins of the president because he won twice.
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might say has the president's back. kelly says it is more than a political display. >> you hear people say they think their vote won't count. what does it make you feel. >> real bad because when things don't go their way, if you don't volt you shouldn't have anything to say about it. >> kelly says the old lady and old man represent retired people on social security. the guy in the hard hat is a rd figure. putting up the figurine sincere to pique curiosity and motivate people to vote. it appears to be working. >> i think it is wonderful. we should all get out and vote. i will be at the polls. >> it is a great thing. we hear so muchly about negative stuff in their community and this is a good thing. we have to get out and vote no matter who you vote for. it is important you exercise the fight. >> family member latasha
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>> a lot of people know me and i will be out october 30th knocking door-to-door making sure everybody get out the vote and educate them and let them know their vote matters. >> reporter: your vote will only count if you cast it. getting answers, harry boomer, cleveland 19. >> mark: harry, thank you. kelly showed a neighbor down the street with three trump-pence signs and rob portman, a true sign of democracy at work there. >> then you private viewing for the naked trump piece. cleveland heights police confiscated it in august and the work was unaccessible until now. local artists created it and a final auction next week. the naked touch statue sold over the weekend to a private collector for 22 thousand dollars. >> romona: now back to our indians and excitement that turned into fan frustration when buying watch party tickets.
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center with how things are going now. >> dan: i will assure you this will be the only glitch with the indians world series run. they have started selling the official cleveland indians postseason watch party talking about the games that are in chicago. when they sold or went on sale this morning take a look. here was the tweets the indians sent out. we are aware of a tech issue with thieves on our watch party tickets. please be we are working to fix it. a short time later the fee issue has been corrected. if you purchased tickets with fees they will automatically refund in 24 hours. that was the issue. tickets were supposed to be $5. the money goes to cleveland indian and major league baseball charities. people were buying the $5 tickets and seeing a fee and it made them extremely more expensive. talking game 3, 4, game 5 isn't
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i won't talk about it. i would like to see a sweep. let's get it over with. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos. >> romona: i like that answer. >> mark: i am loving october so far. >> we are doing okay. >> you have tickets for tomorrow night or wednesday. so what do you wear. jeff tanchak? >> you wear what you might expect for late october and the game going into november. it is cold tomorrow in the 40s. wednesday night you to think about bringing the poncho. rain moving in. >> remember they will play in the rain. we are not expecting lightning. they will play until they can't reply anymore. they will not feel a few raindrops and the umpire will say okay that's it. they will play until it is too dangerous. >> we know it will rain wednesday night. once it starts raining temperatures in the 40s. it could be miserable. plan on that wednesday night.
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there are -- we expect there there there to be a weather impact. tomorrow dry and in the 40s. wind not too bad. bundle up and you will be fine. wednesday a slight chance of showers during the afternoon. that's not what will, you know potentially cause problems with the game. it is the next batch. the main batch that comes in by wednesday night. >> this is 6:00 wednesday night. i will get blew up the time stamp to show you. 8:00 you could see the rain starting to move in and there's 11:00 wednesday night. that's the issue. once it starts to rain it probably won't let up. in fact i have rain in the forecast through wednesday night. even thursday we have showers in the forecast. it won't improve thursday. so that will be the interesting part to this. clouds continuing to break up a
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i expect clearing tonight 40 for the low akron-canton and mostly cloudy and chilly. you will see a lighter wind and breaks in the clouds. 30s for you. 34 the low. 50 tomorrow mostly cloudy sky. 42 at 8:00 and 50, 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. down to 31 tomorrow night. that's the low, though. that won't be the temperature during the game. >> wednesday shiite chance of rain. night, thursday rain and wind will pick up. 55 the high thursday morning and temperatures falling during the day thursday. friday partly cloudy and 53 and another system arrives early saturday with rain early in the morning and otherwise cloudy and windy saturday and temps falling. sunday for the browns game they're home as well. spotty showers, cold feeling like november. 47.
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>> romona: spooky. all right, jeff. good stuff. let's go to mark schwab. all right buys, coming up in sports, indians getting ready to are their portion of their workout. hear from terry francona, corey kluber mike napoli. cubs named two starters for games one and two of the world series.
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now this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> mark: hey, guys mark schwab live at progressive field scenes of game 1, 2 of world series and which of course start tomorrow. we know it is corey kluber on the mound for the tribe. the cubs decided to go with jon
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year's cy young winner in game 2 and jon lester game 1. 19-5. 244 e.r.a. postseason 2-0 and .86 e.r.a. career record for lester in the world series, 3-0. 0.43 e.r.a. this dude is good. and goes back to terry francona from the red sox days. tito remembers him fon career battling cancer. another part in his career. francona remembers him fondly. >> i have known him since he came to the major leagues and i have lived through him, you know beating cancer and so i have known him for a long time, one of my favorites, one of everybody's favorites. >> that's an easy one.
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he is very special. i have known his mom and dad for a long time. he is pretty special. lester is one of the great stories in baseball over the years. kluber will have to contend with an outstanding offense. third in the majors in runs scored. tribes ace talked about that today. >> they are a good team obviously. best team in baseball over the years. >> they have a lot hitters, 1-9 and it is not much of a different story in the last two series. and it is a matter of going out for the last two. as for indians offense. they labored through the series. they won in five games. sub.200 batting average. mike napoli doesn't seem concerned about it. >> best two offenses in the majors. >> and we believe in our team
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make up for our batting average. and we run the bases and aggressive. pitchers give us a chance. we are a confident group and how we play it all year. there are times when we bash the ball around and a lot of times we have not and pitchers pick us up. >> much more from the guys tonight
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: trump lays out his first 100 days. >> we're going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. >> pelley: but he has only 15 days left to save his campaign. >> leave here and vote. >> pelley: also tonight, the turn. >> get this, donald: nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote. [cheering and applause] >> pelley: why pediatricians now advise sleeping in the same room with your infant for a year. can this bag save passengers from an in-flight fire? and chicago comes down with a fever of 108.


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