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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 4PM  CBS  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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. cleveland 19 news sponsored by value city furniture, bringing styles that fit your life and also fit your budget. getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. that's on the inside corncorner. struck him corey kluber, the first to strike out eight through three innings. . >> the indians are doing well. >> 6-0 indians. after all. this is the city of champions. >> mark: we have one down, three to go to bring another
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the indians are making us proud as they push towards winning a world series. tony zarrella joins us now. our sports director. tony, i thought everyone said that the cubs ace pitcher mr. lester was so great. >> reporter: he's good. he's 3-0 before last night in his career in the world series. he's a tremendous pitcher. but they got him rallied in the first inning. -- rattled in the first inning. the team keepsin find us. corey kluber is a tough act to follow. what he did last night, that may have been corey kluber's finest performance ever in his career, and that's saying something for the former cy young winner. he went out there and the cubs were daysed and confused at the plate. of the nine strikeouts, six were caught looking. so much movement on it. and perez was framing those pictures on the corners of the plate. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: he is becoming a master. when he's not doing that, he is going deep.
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to stun the chicago cubs in game one. [ laughing ] >> mark: fantastic. >> romona: that was something to watch. i was at the cavs game and every time it was a roar, it wasn't because the cavs had scored. people were watching the monitor and watching the world series. >> tony: hold on. it's miller time. [ laughing ] >> tony: in the clubhouse. >> romona: what about trevor bower? i know the doctors and this finger injury he has, i know they probably want to put i say we duct tape that thing. [ laughing ] >> mark: there's a rule against that. >> tony: there is a rule against that. >> romona: i'm sorry. >> tony: i know there are medical adhesives. schwabby, what do you think about bauer tonight? >> mark: i think he has a good chance to go. if you looked at the last time he was out there, he had the ten stitches. and nine of them held. so it's just the one. yes. it was the one stitch that
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over the mound in toronto. and what a sight that was. i think we all kind of had an idea he might have an issue. but i think when we thought of an issue, nobody anticipated blood flowing like a spigot out of his hand. but that's exactly what was happening. that was nine days ago. you feel nine days, probably enough time for the suture to close up. they feel good about it. bauer told us before the start in toronto, i feel really confident. and you saw what happened. so he said going into this one, i feel really confident. youai so the reporter asked him about that. you said confident both times. what do you think is going to happen this time? >> honestly no going into the toronto the doctors told me they were confident it would be okay. i was confident it would be fine. it hadn't bled the two days before that at all. so i feel confident every time i go to take the mound. i wouldn't take the mound if i didn't feel confident i would be able to pitch and help the team. so i'm confident like i was back
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the tribe a lot if he could throw well tonight. check over the right shoulder here. the tarp. yep. they just pulled it back. did a little maintenance work. put the tarp back. i hate tarps. i hate them. let's go to harry boomer. he's over in the team shop. what have you got, harry? >> harry: all right, schwabby, thank you very much. we are in the team shop. and it is buzzing with activity. but these are not customers. this is staff restocking. we were in here ou for the cleveland indians. and this place there was a line all the way around the corner here. but they sold so much merchandise they have to restock. and the folks here doing that. you can tell that it is wintertime. we were playing october baseball. because, again, when i was in here a little while ago, they didn't have these. now they have the winter hats out. and i've been told they are going to go extremely quickly. again, everybody is busy restocking the store. it's going to reopen at 4:30.
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door is going to open. you have to go through the ballpark and you have to also have a ticket. and that's the way you're going to get back into the team shop. we're inside because it was raining outside. let's find out what the weather is going to be. here is jeff tanchak. >> jeff: okay. yes, the all important weather forecast. there was a little bit of a panic there this afternoon when the rain started to fall. but, remember, we expected that. this is that first wave of some light rain with this system. and we still have a few light showers around. here is the latest on the radar. the in southern ashtabula county again. still a few light showers around in cleveland. another batch moving towards -- moving through sandusky. but then look at this. you got that break. and that's what is going to be with us starting first pitch at about 7:00 here in downtown cleveland before this will move east. and that's that steadier batch of rain that we were thinking. we'll move in tonight and we are still thinking that.
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9:00. but it probably won't start to rain in downtown cleveland until late evening. game two possible impact still, especially the late innings. and heads up for your morning drive. my gut feeling, my gut feeling is telling me that we will be dry during the entire game tonight. but as harry mentioned, got to wear those winter caps. 46 at 7:00. 45 at 9:00. 11:00, the rain will be developing. the wind is going to pick . feel, that november-like feel in the air. so bundle up. and i think we're good to go here. let's send it back out to mark and ramona. [ laughing ] >> romona: we got it. bundle up. >> mark: i like jeff has feeling that we get rid of the rain by the time the game rolls around. >> romona: i hope so. now we want to talk about a guy that loves his cleveland indians. and he learned to draw them by tracing baseball cards of all things.
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art club contracted by major league baseball to do this. you have to look at this mural. it's beautiful. it's right on public square. it's painted rallied together over nine hours one day while the tribe was playing the toronto bluejays to earn their trip to the world series. the mural has been featured on tv as well as making the rounds on social media out there too. >> romona: yes. check this out. a special delivery for the tribe clubhouse, courtesy of lebron james. king beetz by drew. can you say hashtag # rally together? >> mark: i like that. remember we told you yesterday about ken costell. this is an interesting story. remember he gave up his seat. so kenny lofton could actually get on the plane and get to cleveland. lofton threw out the first pitch of the world series last night.
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given ken two tickets to game six of the series. hopefully we won't need a game six. and just added -- apparently they gave him about 60,000 frequent flyer miles to go along with that too. >> romona: incredible. >> mark: 62,000. >> romona: huge hearts here in northeast ohio. i say it all of the time. >> mark: you have to love it. we're good people. well, you are good people. [ laughing ] >> romona: i do say so myself. let's go back into a very humble [ laughing ] >> tiffani: you guys are just all right. you're good. coming up at 4:00, what year is it, you may ask? you would be surprised it's 2016 based on a new report by the gender pay gap. we reveal the results. and we're going to show you traffic here. it doesn't look too bad out here right now. but the game starts in about three hours as the tribe take on the cubbies. we'll be right back. . >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored
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live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. the man accused of killing a 15-year-old boy working at a cleveland heights mr. hero shop
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murder today. daveon perry admitted to shooting the boy in the head on october 14th. he also pleaded guilty to several robberies. perry will be sentenced this friday. he faces life in prison without parole. off the job for 12 weeks and now the cuyahoga heights superintendent is back. but we're still getting answers on this story. one that djenny carlson has bee on top of. this afternoon she's taking closer look into the investigation of superintendent tom evans that led to the administrative leave. just a bizarre story, dani. >> dani: it is. there's definitely a lot of passion in the cuyahoga heights community. now, we did get a 30 page report performed by the firm of o'toole, mclaughlin, attorneys and counselors. it looks into allegations against tom evans that range from accusations he was extremely disloyal to the board to allegations that he mishandled public records requests. we know the investigation and
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least about $50,000. the investigation cost nearly 20 grand, and that's on top of an as-yet unknown fee for the board hiring an attorney to advise them specifically on the evans investigation. the cost of hiring a consultant to fill the superintendent's role and the payment of evan's salaries and benefits more than $28,000. >> evans was not technically suspended or punished by the board. he was on paid administrative leave for 12 weeks. the found a couple of things, including that evans didn't inform board members of e-mails and also that he allegedly improperly filled a public records request made by school board president dr. holly thacker's husband. the report recommended a 10 day suspension on top of his 12 weeks leave. but last night the board decided to not discipline evans at all. >> will you be able to work with the board moving forward? >> i'm confident that i can. you know, i wake up every day
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this district, for the people in this district. and i will do that. and the students here, the 800 plus students are first and foremost on that list. >> dani: i should mention despite arguments on voting on the superintendent last night and trying to adjourn the meeting early, the vice president did vote in favor of bringing the superintendent back. a motion that passed 5-0. and, tiffani, i'm in the district today that evans received a warm welcome back to the district. >> tiffani: this is a school board issue. has it spilled over into city politics at all? >> dani: absolutely. we're going to go into this more at 6:00. but we already know from e-mails i obtained that the mayors of the three city who send kids to cuyahoga heights did ask dr. thacker in august to meet with them to discuss their concerns and answer questions about the school board's actions. thacker replied to those e-mails by saying that the board
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and she referred to those three mayors to a press release that the board had sent out. just yesterday i learned that the cuyahoga heights mayor and village council had planned to take action themselves if evans wasn't reinstated last night. we're going to go into a lot more about that coming up at 6:00. >> tiffani: as we say, the plot thickens. thank you, dani. >> dani: thank you. we've all heard about the gender gap. now the world economic forms annual report finds that pay gap won't close for another years. the report says no country has fully closed the gap but some are close. the united states ranks 45th on closing the gender gap. yemen comes in last at 144. always watching, always tracking. now your first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. let's bring you an update on the rain situation here. and right now it's just a few showers around. and it looks like the heavier rain out over the lake with this particular shower.
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and then we have some more -- another batch of some steadier rain. mentor on the lake. mentor and painesville. now, we expected this. all right. this was not the potential rain area that was going to give us the potential -- you know, the problem with the game. it wasn't this wave. it's what is happening out to the west, the second wave tonight. and the way it looks right now, not later on this evening. all right. 8:00, and you can see we are dry. this is up-to-date model information. you can see between 8:00 and 11:00, future view is indicating perhaps a few showers around. but it will be very brief. i don't think it will be enough to really impact the game in a big way. according to this model, it's mainly over night and early tomorrow morning here. 5:00 a.m. and here you see 8:00
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tomorrow. we could have quite a bit of rain around. that's when i expect most of these showers. 11:00 in the morning, showers will be moving through. and then by 2:00 in the afternoon, it looks like we'll develop a few lake-effect showers. and quite a bit of rain actually moving in. but not until later on tonight and tomorrow morning. you can see future view is indicating over three-quarters of an inch here. cleveland, akron area, warren as well. that area in blue. showers tomorrow afternoon. and then things look a lot quieter as we get into friday. all right. forecast tonight. rain. breezy. 7:00 a.m. temperature. we warm to 52. the bulk of the rain falling over night. akron-canton 53 by 7:00 in the morning. light rain and breezy. and we're talking mainly morning showers tomorrow. a windy day. that 57 will be the morning high.
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during the afternoon. we actually fall in temperature. so 55 at 8:00 a.m. 56 at 11:00. 52 at 2:00 in the afternoon. and only around 50 by late day. so there will be some colder air coming in behind this system. pretty quiet tomorrow night. down to 43. and then friday partly cloudy and seasonable. 59. now, we're still expecting the big warmup on saturday as we will be around a few showers around. and it's going to be windy. saturday night dry. and i do have an alert now sunday morning for some light rain here. this will be another system that will be moving through. and cooler. 53. but halloween is still looking fantastic. 64 and sunny. and look at the way we start
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that's a potential game six. and wednesday potential game seven. partly cloudy and 61. let's send it back outside to mark. >> mark: jeff, thank you very much. alongside western ride who if you've been watching cleveland 19 news at 4:00, and really cleveland 19 news all the way through the weekend, you know i've already stated that westin could not be onset with us until he hit the shower after the long drive he had and tell me you did. >> i did multiple times. >> mark: all right. good call. we first learned here whenever the cavs won the nba championship and you did, i guess, a parade of one. >> we did a parade of 19 actually. we got a truck, painteded it up, did a 30 minute parade through provo, utah. then we thought, do you know what, it's time to do something bigger. >> mark: i forgot to ask you when that was all going on, what was the neighbor action whenever you have the parade of 19. >> honestly the neighbors didn't care. they're like it's cleveland people.
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swear at us. >> mark: in provo. >> in provo. other four letter words. they didn't really care. that was kind of the point. we wanted to show that cleveland was everywhere and we were sending a message back home that we're here. >> mark: so you did about a five day trek to get here last night for the banner raising. and the question before the actual game was are you going to be able to get tickets to get in. what happened? >> we did. we found brokers just paid the money to sit 4th rowm top. >> mark: right. >> had our whole crew come in. but three of our crew that came along to document had never been to an nba game. >> mark: really. >> any nba game. they were blown away. we had the indians-cubs game on the phone. and on the screen. it was overload for them. but for me it was perfect. >> mark: before we let you go, we want people to be able to get ahold of you. >> so cleveland is calling is the page on facebook. that's where a lot of people
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out where we were. >> mark: okay. >> but for the next year, we're going to keep on collecting clevelanders stories throughout the country and do this again with a different route next year. so you can follow us at cle is calling on snap, twitter and ins ta. >> mark: very good. we learned something just before we went on. you're not going to drive the truck back. >> no. >> mark: is dad just learning about this now? >> yes. it's right alongside of the house. >> mark: great. enjoy the flight back. hopefully you can bump yourself up to first. we'll look forward to talking to you next year. >> thanks, mark. >> mark: very good. more news continues outside of progressive field after this. >> portions of this program
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. welcome back. let's take a look at what's trending. the most popular tradition for halloween and this story is going viral for all of the wrong reasons. megan sent a picture of her kid for a kids clothing casting call. the agency turned down her cold but the store did ask for special needs kids. this georgia mom did more digging and found out the agency made an assumption about the no special needs kids. so megan p pictures on the changing the face of beauty facebook page agencies excluding kids like asher without checking with the company first. donald trump is winning when it comes to halloween masks. customers are opting for trump masks over hillary clinton costumes. that's according to a poll by spirit halloween. trump is outselling clinton 55% to 45%. the stores best halloween mask
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1996. the new york times vows column had to issue a correction after covering a wedding of cassandra lynch and tom reid. they tweeted the paper issued the following extremely vows correction. in the vows column last sunday, the new york times stated that her ring has 9, not 7 stones. glad they were able to clear that up. and still here to come at 4:00, we're less than two weeks away from the business. politics that's brought donald trump to the table. we'll explain all about that. plus we talk about why people relate so much to their
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. there are just 13 days left until election day, but that's when whomever wins has to get down to the real work at hand. craig boswell is in washington dc with what the candidates need to do to heal the wounds from a tough campaign. >> reporter: donald trump cut the ribbon at his new luxury hotel in washington dc. >> under budget and ahead of schedule. that's what we did. >> reporter: but hillary clinton says she knows why trump was able to under budget. >> he relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. >> reporter: the accusation is just the latest in what has become an extremely divisive campaign. both trump and clinton accuse each other of tearing the nation apart and both claim they can fix it. >> i want us to choose a path that is confident and optimistic because i really believe america's best days are still
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optimistic path. we have to choose to believe not our politicians that in many cases truly don't know what they're doing. but to believe in ourselves and in our country. >> reporter: scott mullhouser is a fellow at georgetown university. >> elections are notoriously nasty, and this one fits the bill. >> reporter: there are things the new president can do to unite the country. >> there are things we share in common. there are things -- things like the we can work together and get things done. the country wants to see that. the country wants to see solutions. >> reporter: neither candidate is likely to stop the attacks with 13 days remaining to campaign. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. one thing most americans do agree about is their dislike for both candidates. the real clear politics average of polls shows 52% of americans surveyed have an unfavorable view of hillary clinton. donald trump has even lower
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unfavorable rating. pinpointing the weather where you live. now your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: all right. as we've been saying, i am looking at dry conditions here this evening. i think sometime after about 9:00, 10:00 or so is when the rain is going to start to come in. for the cleveland area, i'm thinking around 11:00. so keep that hour in mind. that 11:00 hour, which means if the game goes nine innings, it will most likely be over by 11:00. we have the alert out tonight fo still a potential impact where some rain could be developing during the later innings. and then heads up, especially tomorrow morning for that commute. that's what i think the bulk of this rain is going to be falling with this system. all right. here is a look at the radar. showers through lake county, ashtabula county. a little sliver of some light rain moving through erie county here. it is raw outside. only in the 40s. and the problem is that breeze is going to be picking up out of
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that cold east wind. 46 at 7:00. now, we don't drop in temperature tonight. we'll basically hold steady in the mid 40s here. and then by 11:00, rain likely. on the cleveland 19 first alert weather app, here you get the hourly updates. 50 degrees or so. it's indicating area wide. right now we're not that warm. but notice what happens over night. the temperatures will actually go up as that wind increases and we get into some warmer air. all right. so if you're going to the tribe one thing here. brand new feature to our first alert weather app. and, do you know what, we're going to go right to the computer here. what we do is you might have seen these where i tape these little video updates on that web cam -- web camera there. it's just you folks going to the downtown area or the indians game. what we can do is we call this
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just target or geotarget a certain area of our viewing area so that if you have our app in this area that i highlighted there, which, of course, is the cleveland area, including progressive field, only you will get the push alert. only you will get my little video radar update that i'll send you. so i'm going to be doing that throughout the course of the night if and when the rain will be approaching the cleveland area. sof download our free app and you'll get my little video weather updates throughout the course of the game. or even if you're heading down to downtown cleveland for all of the festivities here tonight. so we'll keep an eye on that for you as well. tiffani, over to you. >> tiffani: jeff, thanks a lot. well, we all know that cleveland is a city of hearty and we have a lot of it for our sports teams, right? dan deroos has a special guest at the answer center to explain just how much people's
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their sports teams. dan. >> dan: that's right, tiffani. i'm joined by professor paul herdacus from kent state university. you're mostly in communication but you have a love in communication. what do you study? >> one of the things i study is sports. sports identity. sports fan identity. socialization. how much we identify with our teams. how much we distance ourselves from our team's rivals. >> dan: so let's talk about cleveland in particular. we wear our hearts on our sleeves. we live and die and we die a lot but we live a lot right now with the cavs and the indians. how does that affect us as a city? >> it affects us a lot. our identification with our team is part of our identity. it's part of us. we love it, for example, when we see the cavaliers come down to see an indians game because they're us. we like to see tristan thompson watch -- rouot for the indians instead of toronto. he's now one of us. it's part of our identity.
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do we care more about other sports say like chicago because we're playing those? >> i think because the cavs won we're going to be on that high a long time. it will be great in the indians do it, though. for a long time, if you think about it, here in cleveland, when the indians didn't win, we call it the curse. we lived with that sort of that psychological down for decades. >> dan: and we had conversation earlier and i've been having it over the course of a few weeks with people. let's go backus in history. let's say, okay, the cavs lost the first time to golden state. let's say high thetcally they would have -- hypothetically they would have lost last year and lose again. let's say the indians lose to the cubs. tell us how different our feelings would be now as opposed to, well, we have that one in the bank? >> i think we would be doing a lot more coping. i think we would be a lot more down. i think it's what i would call anticipatory coping. we would be looking at all of
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what bad is going to happen now. is it going to be like the fumble. is it going to be the drive. all of those things -- all those bad memories would be here to say i have to prepare myself now for this loss. i think now we're a little more up. we're a little concerned. we know that they're underdogs. we like that underdog role now. now it's a good thing. i think we're a lot more ready for it. but it would have been much different if the cavs haven't won. >> dan: this is a train running in the right direction. >> it absolutely is. >> dan: thanks for the time. >> thanks for having me. > fans are wearing it on their sleeves. we have tony, ramona and mark out there at progressive field. guys. ramona it is a train running in the right direction. >> mark: yes, it is. i like that. >> romona: we want to let you know the gates opened at 4:30. fans are filing in already for the 7:08 start tonight. >> mark: they're looking for a little warmth. >> romona: yes, they are. >> mark: if they're smart, they're definitely headed in that direction. kenny lofton did make it in for the first pitch last night.
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kluber, i didn't even -- i was watching him. >> tony: historic. eight strike outs in the first three innings. bob gibson had seven. randy johnson had seven in three innings. kluber goes out. so it's a record. talking about the psychology of sports fans, by the way, i think clevelanders are getting cocky. i mean it in the best way possible. [ laughing ]. >> reporter: everybody i talk to i want a sweep. these series are supposed to go longer off. it's so unbelievable, tony, for us to be here deciding whether or not we're going to go support our championship cavs last night or go to the world series. don't you feel it? >> tony: i do. the entire year keeps getting better and better. i will say a couple of lineup changes with jake air yet ta. the cy young winner on the hill for the cubs. so cocoa crisp will be out there. he's been huge. >> mark: last night it was
4:39 pm
like carlos viarga. >> tony: did you talk to him about that? what an honor. >> i was a player that was -- to be in front of everybody, in front of two puerto rican players in the cup, i think the best two things is awesome. >> mark: isn't he great? i love seeing those guys back. >> tony: i'm with and he'll join us later in the world series if it's not a sweep. >> mark: exactly. a tough call. do you want to hang out with thome or sweep the world series. that's a tough choice. >> romona: we have another offer for you tonight. >> mark: yes. how about this. pet food for the world series. i think this is one of the best stories we've had in quite some time. this company -- it's black wood pet food. i know the folks that run this. they're offering a great deal. for every run scored, blackwood
4:40 pm
food to either the cuyahoga county animal shelter when the indians score or the buddy foundation when the cubs score. so after last night's game, the cuyahoga county animal shelter is already up to 600 pounds of food. i don't know. that could set them up for quite some time. [ laughing ] >> mark: thanks to the blackwood pet company. really cool thing. >> romona: also you're doing something in honor of the tribe win. >> this is n okay. now we'll do it. >> romona: sorry. >> mark: no, no, no. that's okay. i'm sure fred will let me do this. so i forgot it to -- i forgot to actually shave last night and we won the game. so i didn't shave again today. the good news is it comes in white and gray and a little bit of orange. so you won't really be able to see it on the air. >> tony: well played. >> romona: all right. coming up in timeout, tony and i are going to talk about a bet between lebron and d wade. also we're talking about
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. now for a quick timeout with ramona and tony. >> romona: all right, tony. it's good to be with you. >> jeff: it's great to see you.
4:44 pm
we know we have going tonight. who do they have. >> tony: they have jake arietta. he had a phenomenal pitcher. he has been less than phenomenal in these playoffs. this is a wild card game. you don't know what you're going to get out of bauer. the cubs were shot out twice in the dodgers and came back very, very strong. so don't write them off yet. if the indians win tonight, they're in good shape. i'll give you the sftat. the winner of game one has won the last six of the last 28. >> romona: yes. i love that one. >> tony: these are different teams. i don't put a lot of stock in it. >> romona: don't try to damper their enthusiasm. we'll have their backs up against the wall. let's talk about the bet between lebron and duane wade. they finally have a wager. >> tony: yes, we speculated it would involve wine because it did last year. instead it involves a tire. here is d wade.
4:45 pm
what everybody has been waiting for. lebron, the bet is this. we both love to dress and feel good and look good. so whoever team loses, the loser has to show up during the nba season to the other guy's home game dressed as a team who won. example, if the chicago cubs win in december when cleveland comes to chicago, you have to show up when you walk into the arena dressed as a chicago cub. and vice versa. if the cleveland indians win in january when we come to town, i'll walked in dressed just like a cleveland indian. [ laughing ] >> tony: he spelled that out like he took contracts in school. there's no fine print there. >> romona: we cannot have lebron walking in there with cubs gear on. we have to win this. carmello anthony with the new york knicks, why was he being so salty and hating during the ceremony? >> reporter: he made the point,
4:46 pm
before? why do we have to sit there and wait while the cavaliers get their rings. like most teams, we're not going to come out and watch this. we'll stay in the locker room and come out later. but this is a guy if you remember last year said he would be satisfied with his career if he never won a ring. so i guess he won't have to experience it for himself. >> romona: haters are going to hate. it was a beautiful ceremony and we were thrilled to take part. we're glad that he stayed back there in the locker room. >> tony: did you get your ring> make it work. [ laughing ] >> tony: good stuff. >> romona: all right. >> mark: hi, everyone. >> romona: hi. speaking of rings, she said >> romona: speaking of rings, mark. >> mark: there was a very famous -- internet famous person or whatever showing off ring stuff. >> romona: that's right. who was that? chloe kardashian? >> tony: does this concern you that tristan thompson may have
4:47 pm
kard kardashian but the reality show. >> romona: of the kardashians, chloe is the one i like. it seems like everyone that goes on the show, it's a curse. it's a train wreck for their career. i worry about tristan. but if he's not worried, then who am i? >> mark: well, he's a young kid. you don't worry about anything when you're in your 20s. >> romona: true. i remember that. >> mark: of course. they were just last year. >> romona: you don't think do you? >> mark: absolutely. >> tony: hopefully it's taped in the off season. >> mark: we can only hope. >> romona: as long as he brings it this year, i have no problem. if i see a little slack in his game, we're going to be all over it. >> mark: make it happen. >> tony: tell him. he'll be at the game tonight. >> mark: more from outside of progressive field coming up on cleveland 19 now on the cleveland 19 news app powered by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall
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. all right. feazel roof cam and there you go. a lot of cloud cover. we have some more rain moving into cleveland right now. and it's going to be shower. you know, it's been even cold enough, i got a couple reports and don't be surprised if this happens. you get a little bit of sleet pellets mixing in with this rain. it's been that cold. only in the low to mid 40s out there this afternoon. now, tomorrow we're going to see a high of 57. it's going to be quite a bit warmer in the morning than what we've been. because we actually go up in temperature here over night. windy day. most of the rain in the morning.
4:52 pm
afternoon. and then we're going to see falling temps through the 50s it looks like in the afternoon. friday partly cloudy, 59. big warmup on saturday with the next system. we're up to 70 all of a sudden. and a few showers around. it's going to be windy. saturday night dry. and sunday an alert for some morning light rain. now, the browns game is looking dry. but it is going to be colder. back down to 53 halloween sunshine and 64. look at how warm it's going to be halloween night. we're going to remain in the 60s. tuesday windy, sunny, warm. 67. and wednesday a partly cloudy sky there and 61 degrees. so we're tracking this rain for tonight. keeping a close eye on it. mark and
4:53 pm
that back over here.
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4:56 pm
. [ cheering ] ? music ? >> mark: how about that? the smooth sounds of the cleveland orchestra. you just heard wishing the tribe well music as they continue their push to win it all in the world series. >> romona: that's beautiful stuff. >> mark: it's beautiful to say it. the world series. >> romona: i know. can you believe it? >> mark: happening right behind us at progressive field. the indians are back. >> romona: we'll have more live coverage coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 with denise
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
cleveland 19 news sponsored by bill doraty kia and kia streetsboro. kia, what's asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> into left at the wall. good-bye! 6-0 indians. >> roberto perez. good night and good luck. two home runs on the night.
5:00 pm
and plenty of defense and plenty of pitching and how many times have we said this in the postseason. code bluer and allen and we are back out here for game 2. what a night last night was. >> kluber was absolutely on fire last night. he also made world series history. did you know this? he struck out 8 batters in the first three innings. tony zarrella our sports director is here to talk about gave us a scare and loaded up the bases. >> loads up the bases and gets out of the jam and threw 46 pitches and andrew miller and that was his worst performance and still has not given up a run. >> and talking about history being made with corey kluber and a staff. the indians shut out four teams and racked up four shutouts and


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