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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  WOIO  October 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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senator tim kaine is campaigning today and rallile scheduled for this afternoon. >> he was at the indians game last night. he witnessed what we di game two of the world series. final score 5-1. now the series is tied as it makes it's way to wrigley field in the windy city. game three is tomorrow night. >> brian: get some of that -- they call it deep dish pizza. >> tia: or caramel corn. >> brian: pizza casserole to me. i like it. it's not pizza. it's good whatever it is. i don't care.
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minutes. major league baseball must have heard our forecast. meteorologist sam roberts spot-on when the rain was going to move in. >> tia: where do they get this guy from? they got the game in before the heavy stuff came rolling through. unfortunately, sam, that rain is hanging around for the morning commute. it's coming down in lorain. >> it is, it's nasty out there. it's breezy, rainy and cold. we're in the 40s. it's a cold ra the steadiest rain is moving out of the cleveland and continues to move off towards the east. heads-up lake county, geauga, ashtabula, northern and central trumbull counties have steadier rain on the way. same thing in portage and summit counties, rain picks up through the 6:00 hour. in cleveland again the main batch of rain moving through the east side now moving out of the downtown, but there are scattered showers back to the west, so we're not quite done just yet.
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ready to send them off to school to the bus stop, prepare for a wet morning at the bus stop. through lunchtime there could be a few showers out there. for that ride home from school today and your ride home from work, there will be some scattered lake-effect rain. so we're going to be in and out of showers. cloudy skies and very windy today. i think winds will be sustained up to 20 miles per hour, but maybe some gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour out there. not a beautiful day at all. we could always use a little rain, i guess, and there's no baseball in town, so we'll just take it today. we have better weather tomorrow. that's good news for the watch party. i'll have that watch party forecast coming up at 6:15. laura. >> laura: right now a look at the roads for you. still haven't had reports of major accidents out there, so you stay pretty clear. main map is looking very, very good. nothing but green up there. that's not concerning as we move on through the morning. we have your drive times for you.
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right now and 57 minutes from canton, elyria to cleveland 28 minutes and 19 in from strongsville. careful around that curve right by the airport. could be slowing through the rainy time we're dealing with right now. the akron commute, we have that at 6:18. >> tia: all right. i know some people don't want to talk about it, but we have to talk about our cleveland indians. the series is tied 1-1. the chicago this morning. first pitch tomorrow night at 8:08. >> brian: deep breath. >> tia: it's okay. >> brian: exhale. we're okay. it's only one game. trevor bauer's pinky held up last night, but he didn't pitch very well against the cubs. the guy didn't throw strikes. you have to be consistent. in every tribe win this postseason, they have scored first. it's easier to play from in front, especially with the pressure of the postseason. last night the cubs on the board first in the first. it was downhill from there.
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couldn't get through the fourth inning. the cubs came through again late, kind of busted it open here after bauer had two outs and two strikes, couldn't get out of the inning, and that's it. the cubs even up the series with a 5-1 win. >> they beat us tonight. it wasn't because somebody had a bad finger. they played better than us tonight. >> they shut us down. five innings without getting a hit. they jumped out to an early lead, and they took care of what they had too tonight. least. i've had them before. i'll have a short memory on it. it's not the end of the world. >> tia: we all have bad days. i've had bad days sitting right here, right? the indians have done well all season long putting the losses behind them and bouncing back the next day. >> brian: that's the attitude you have to have in baseball, right? nobody has won more games than the cubs this season. keep that in mind. tony zarrella is getting answers as to how this will be a fight
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>> reporter: the easy analysis would be to say the cubs got what they wanted this cleveland, a splift of the first two. with these two teams, it could continue to shift dramatically. we have a 6-0 indians win and 5-1 cubs one and one member of the tribe predicted this, mike napoli. >> whether i was asked questions about the series, i said it would be a good one. obviously, you like to win every game, but this is the world series and it's going to be tough. they have a great ball club, and so d we're confident in our group. you know, we have a day off to relax and get our feet back under us and get out there again. >> the series is 1-1, and it's the best of five now. so we have to win three before they do. >> reporter: a couple of key things do have to happen at wrigley for the tribe to bounce right back. we talk about that coming up in a little bit. at progressive field, i'm tony zarrella, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: you know what this
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the players aren't the only one regrouping this morning, so are we, the fans. >> brian: fans tend to -- you win, and you're the best team in the world. you lose, you're the worst time. what do you do? nichole vrsansky caught up with some fans overnight. how are they doing, nicki? >> nichole: they're disappointed. i think we're all disappointed. being at the game last night, it was a little sad they were at home and couldn't win it in front of fans. it felt like the energy wasn't there last night, and that's what we heard from a lot of the ns a few we caught up with leaving the game last night. >> we just need to get focused again. that's about it. i think we can pull it out. >> they weren't swinging the bats away, and should have been swinging the bats. it's like they were just sitting back waiting too much. >> we'll be back. i'll see you soon, chicago! >> tia: he was angry. >> nichole: we'll see you soon chicago. social media is reacting to
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heavily slanted towards the cubs. look at this tweet. joe buck and kyle hand in hand walking down the beach looking forward to spending the off-season together. akron jackson tweets out here to present the nobel prize for most courageous to kyle and joe buck. they're not happying for talking about the no-hitter last night on air, and thought he jinxed it. looking ahead in chicago, tickets are available for the watch party here in cleveland at progressive. general admission seats are $5. gates open at 7:00, but heads-up to parents out there. the kids club is not open for the watch party. >> brian: check out this picture. trevor bauer tweeted out, it's hard to believe bauer tweeted back to fans. i see the cubs fans love me. how nice to send me a gift.
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thagsd hi, trevor, go cubs go. he cut his finger on the drone. >> tia: that's not a gift. it says for ages 14 and up. the indians are off to chicago, and so are we. shelby miller will be live for us tomorrow morning right from wrigley field. sports director tony zarrella will be there live throughout the day as well. we're also sending our great members of our digital teams. you can look for coverage on our facebook and twitter pages as well, and forecast looking for game three over at wrigley? >> samantha: so we'll start again with wrigley field. as you mentioned, time is 6:08. if you head to chicago, this is what to expect. it's going to be in the 60s during the game, but it will very, very windy. winds may gust up to 33 miles per hour during this game. if you're staying a little bit closer to home and going to the watch party at progressive field, it will be cooler here. it will be in the mid-50s, and
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cleveland or in chicago. there is a chance of rain in cleveland this weekend. we'll talk about it after the break. i'm denise zarrella in lorain this morning. vice presidential candidate tim kaine is expected here at lorain high school in about four hours, but first to sia nyorkor who is where donald trump will be speaking today. >> sia: i'm at speier institute track and field in geneva. i'll tell you how donald trump's
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? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ? ? oh love it? ? ? can you say hey? ? ? hey! ? ? ooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? wooh ooh ? ? sing sing, baby baby i love you. oh yes.? ? ooooh oooh.?
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>> tia: that clock is just ticking. only 11 days until the election. donald trump makes his push to sway voters in >> brian: trump is in geneva this evening to hold a rally at the spire institute. sia nyorkor is working the trump campaign for us today as it rumbles into ashtabula county. sia. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. yes, donald trump has been campaigning heavily in florida this week, but today he will be here in the buckeye state to make his case. here's what you need to know. he will make three stops in ohio
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potential voters here in ashtabula county. this will mark the first time a presidential candidate has visited since 1960 when jfk stopped through before heading to rallies wednesday, trump held an opening ceremony at his newest luxury hotel in washington, d.c. and chided a cnn reporter for questioning if he was using the stop for free publicity. >> you two asked me that question is insulting because hillary clinton does one stop and sleeps. yet, you'll ask me that question. i think it's a rude question. >> sia: the doors here at spire will open at 4:00 p.m. the event starts at 7:00 p.m. there are still tickets available. you are able to register and get two tickets per mobile number. as always, you can count on cleveland 19 to bring you the latest on air and online.
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geneva, sia nyorkor, back to you. >> tia: not to be outdone, want democrats are making their presence felt in northeast ohio as well. this is video of tim kaine arriving at hopkins airport last night before heading to progressive field for the indians game. >> brian: spent the night in cleefd last night. denise zarrella is working the story fougs at lorain high school where senator kaine will be later this morning. good morning, denise. >> reporter: as you mentioned vice presidential democratic candidate tim kaine will be here at lorain high school today. he's expected to encourage people to get out and in person early vote. we know the doors open early at 10:30. he's expected to arrive around noon. this campaign stop expected to be very similar to one that tim kaine made yesterday in pennsylvania. we have video of that. he'll not only outline hillary clinton's economic plan, but he's expected to ask everyone as i mentioned to make a plan to
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on donald trump. >> there is one address on pennsylvania avenue that donald trump will be able to stay in, but it's not 1600 pennsylvania avenue. his hotel is at about 1300 pennsylvania avenue. that's the only building with a trump in it in washington on pennsylvania avenue after this election is over. >> reporter: there's a reason he wants people to get out and vote early. so far thear favor democrats. when tim kaine takes to the stage here today, he'll have a special guest with him. we'll talk more about that coming in a half hour. for now we ask questions and get answers in lorain. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: if you can't make either event, we have you covered. download the free cleveland 19 news app. we will post all the information from today's events right there. plus, we have additional voting
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have everything you need to know about this election. >> tia: look at this video from see world in orlando overnight. this is a penguin in a wet suit. he was experiencing feather loss, so in order to keep her warm while she swims in the cold water, trainers gave her a handmade wet suit. we all made need one today. that mimics her natural feather coat. take your rain jacket, right, sam? >> samantha: that is the cutest thank you producer jake for putting that in there. that was adorable. you need something waterproof today. your morning commute will feature showers so i gave you the rhett light and it's raining for a while. there's ponding on the roads. midday commute, expect a few showers and still some showers for the evening drive as well. i don't know what's going on over there, but they're cracking up. so they're either laughing with
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typically happens around this time. again, watch for those wet roads this morning. you can see that on the east side of cleveland down towards geauga county, chardon, portage county and northern summit county it's really coming down in these areas. that rain is moving off towards the east. if you're in ashtabula or trumbull county get ready for more rain. we have more scattered showers to the west. cleveland, even though you're dry downtown at this they're rain through lorain county, which will slow it down for my early morning commuters. hour-by-hour we have rain off and on through the morning. it will be windy as well. so prepare for gusts potentially up to 30 miles per hour. that can cause sporadic power outages. make sure you have a full charge on the phone today in case you lose power. i don't think that's a widespread issue, but we ty typically seeing that in some areas with high winds.
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scattered lake-effect rain possible during the afternoon. have your umbrella ready to go today because you need it from time to time. you may need it tonight. we have spotty lake-effect rain possible and 50s to start tonight and dropping into the 40s overnight. it's halloween weekend, so i want to get your forecast for you after today. i've been telling you -- thank you, steve. i love the spooky music.up skies. if you celebrate halloween on saturday, i think the kids head out in short-sleeved costumes, right? everybody that bought a long-sleeved costume is like seriously? it's 71 degrees. very, very nice on saturday. little rain chance east of cleveland, but for the most part we have a great saturday on the way. i have a weather alert posted for sunday. rain is likely. we'll have highs in the upper 50s.
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gorgeous on saturday, but kind of yucky on sunday. >> laura: hopefully it works out for trick-or-treaters in their costumes. sometimes they're sleeveless, and you want it easier for them. out on the roads it's not too bad. we have more problems pop up, which is normal considering we have more traffic on the road. we look very, very green along the cleveland metro. akron is the same story. nothing but green here. drive times aren't too bad. let's cover some accidents. we have an accident northbound at west 25th street. that's pearl road and it's a report of a car into the wall. watch out for the slipping and sliding out there. this is at bellaire and not on the highway here but close to 480 and 71. drive times not bad. strongsville to cleveland 19 minutes, 17 minutes inbound from north olmstead. mentor to cleveland 28 for you. 38 if you come in from akron.
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i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. sentencing tomorrow for daveion perry. he pled guilty to shooting and killing a 15-year-old boy at a mr. hero at cleveland heights. the victim sunny patel died that day of the shooting which was less than two weeks ago, october 14th. a preliminary hear is set for randy hamilton this morning. he's accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend at his home in north ridgeville. we did some digging and found this isn't hamilton's first brush with the hamilton's records include incidents of domestic violence and assault. a judge has set his bond at $1 million. this morning we're hoping to get answers out of cuyahoga falls. an east cleveland police officer could face charges after his gun misfired and shot into a kindercare day care on state road. the officer was off-duty and next door inside his home when it happened. thankfully no one was hurt. brian.
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thank you so much. 6:20 right now. we know it was cold last night at the tribe game. lots of players were bundled up. wait until you hear what the weather kept terry francona from doing right in the middle of the game. >> tia: next, look mom, no hands or arms or legs! how about nobody at all. a ride-along on the world's
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mmm... i can't believe it'. i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it'h i can't believe it has real, simple ingredients. i can't believe we'r on a whale. i can't believe my rol isn't bigger. oh, it's real.
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[ music ] >> brian: no, we can't go on together. it was this day in rock history in 1969 the king, had the number one song on the u.s. billboard charts. "suspicious minds," and check out the king. look at that. he's looking good. all right. more rock trivia if you want it, we have it for you. you can enter to win tickets to a dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino on >> tia: here's video that will amaze you or scare you to death. you're looking at the world's first self-driving semi truck to
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colorado and drove 120 miles and delivered 50,000 cans of budweiser to colorado springs. the truck uses cameras, radar and sensors, which control braking and acceleration without any human intervention. no thank you. scientists say a new ingredient added to baby formula helps infants support their immune system more like breast-fed babies. the study found breast milk is best for babies, but formulas found in human milk provides more immune health benefits. >> brian: looking ahead to game three tomorrow night in chicago, we checked this morning. there are still watch party tickets available on the indians website, if that's what you're looking to do. gates open at progressive field tomorrow at 7:00, first pitch right after 8:00. club lounge seats are sold out. the 5 duly doll general admission tickets are still
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charity. so just how cold was it last night at the ballpark? let's ask terry francona. >> it was so cold i tried to go in the bathroom in the fourth inning, and i couldn't. that's about -- that tells you enough. >> tia: all frozen up, huh? >> brian: that might tell us more than we need to know, actually. >> tia: that was funny, though. i wonder will you need to bundle up the dog today? i got a picture of she wants to know do you need to bundle up fido, sam? you may. >> samantha: i think fido has a solid fur coat and probably okay. i would take a towel with you because when you walk the dog this morning, there will be some muddy paw prints you might have to deal with. i don't want you to wipe those up this morning. do take a towel when you let the pooches out, right? we have rain on cleveland's east side.
6:27 am
cleveland still some showers. how long will this last? we talk about it after the break. >> brian: up next, world series coverage. we're jumping into this? okay. if you thought the fox broadcast last night was kind of kissing up to the cubs, well, i lot of people do.
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>> brian: good morning. donald trump is making history today in northeast ohio. his 7:00 rally in geneva will be the first time a presidential candidate campaigns in ashtabula county since john f. kennedy was here in 1960. >> tia: democratic vice presidential nominee senator tim kaine spent the night in cleveland. he's the vp nominee. he went to the tribe game last night, and tod in lorain. ground ball to short. addison russell, and the cubs have evened the series. >> brian: cubs raised the w last night. they beat the tribe at the ballpark 5-1. they take off for chicago today where the series continues tomorrow night. >> tia: tough loss last night. we're looking ahead to game three. i needed big chew last night.
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i needed gum. >> brian: that's gum. man, i can smell that sugar. it smells delicious. >> tia: we need it in the morning. >> brian: our world series coverage begins in a minute. first, soggy, chilly morning across northeast ohio. we'll let tia continue to work on that gum. >> samantha: time is 6:31. it is a wet start, guys. this is a live look outside from high atop our feazel roof camera. you notice that visibility is reduced. it's not as clear in this camera shot as it it's raining in downtown cleveland. quite windy, too, but better weather in the forecast for tomorrow. the watch party tomorrow night looks fantastic and the weather in chicago tomorrow night looks fantastic. we cross our fingers for a win. right now we're dealing with some rain coming through the cleveland metro area. widespread rain in geauga county stretching down into portage, ashtabula, and trumbull counties. we still have scattered shower
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morning. i think that the main system shower activity will be out of here by midday, but then the lake gets going this afternoon. so scattered lake-effect showers possible, even through the afternoon and into tonight as well. what about the weekend. we are one day closer to it. i've got good news and i've got bad news. we'll talk about the weekend coming up at 6:45. laura. >> laura: looking to that weekend always, right? i know you probably are, headed out to work and get the day started and finish on your friday. we have a little slowing here along 71. if this is part of the drive, listen uch. there's an issue here. i'll zoom in on it for you. we have an accident. it's a car that went into a wall. the roads are very, very slippery in some spots where they have downpours of rain. be careful through there. you see the slowing there with the yellow back behind it, so people are moving slower. we have the police department on the scene and also trying to
6:33 am
an accident on west 130th at bellaire off the highway here. still want you to know about it. west 130th is a very, very busy spot this time of morning. strongsville to cleveland drive 18 minutes and mentor to cleveland 29-minute commute for you and 39 minutes from akron. the herman avenue bridge has construction over the weekend. i have it for you at 6:48. >> tia: remember, right, some people say our indians are the so to be tied at 1-1 after two games is not a bad start. the indians practice told at wrigley field as they prepare for game three of the world series tomorrow night. >> brian: you have to start swinging the bats, right? we're looking ahead to game three, because game two didn't quite go like we hoped. didn't happen. the cavs came out to show support. there's r.j. and lbj. trevor bauer gave up this double in the first inning, and man,
6:34 am
front. kris bryant scored and chicago never looked back. jake arrieta did a nice job, and the indians have trouble defensively here. lonnie chisenhall falls down. add it altogether. the indians lose 5-1 in game two. >> for us to win, we generally need to play a clean game, and we didn't do that. >> it was a battle for sure. i wasn't sharp. i've had plenty of games like that. you just work through it. i thought i keep it close. >> we just got to go out and whenever you have a bull pen, you know, try to come back and be ready to go. >> tia: a lot of beards in mlb i notice. remember, the tribe bounced back after the blue jays beat them in game four of the alcs. they'll look to do the same tomorrow night. >> brian: they really have to. they have to stop the momentum once they get to chicago. tony zarrella continues our team coverage. he's got a look at what the
6:35 am
turned around in game three. >> reporter: two games in and a couple of aces sure like aces, of course, corey kluber did his part in game one and jake arrieta looked like the reigning cy young winner in game twro. in game three they go with kyle hendricks with the cubs. we have josh tomlin. what does the tribe have to do to get the bats going again? >> just have better at-bats. don't need to make it more difficult than it is. see the strikes and get guys on base. >> there's no panic, you know. we're going to have a good workout tomorrow and get back after it. >> we're pretty confident about tomlin. he's going to give it his best, and i can't wait for game three. >> reporter: it was not, by the way, a good night for trevor bauer or danny salazar that pitched for the first time in six weeks. josh tomlin, all eyes are on you
6:36 am
>> tia: maybe you feel a little different this morning. that's okay. we understand because of what happened yesterday, but looking ahead most fans say they're not too worried. >> brian: it's a long series now. nichole vrsansky out getting some reaction from fans as this series now tied up at 1-1. >> nichole: that was one game, and fans are looking ahead to game three. we got this. we got this. we're coming for you, chicago. maybe it was the cold last night, but the team looked off and didn't have as much energy. they say now it's time to get the focus back and get back to winning. >> you just got to stay the course. stay the course and believe. >> they'll come back. >> i think we'll be all right. ultimately, we're optimistic, aren't we? >> nichole: yes, we are. we're the ultimate optimist. some fans took to social media overnight upset with the coverage we're getting in the world series. the coverage is favoring the
6:37 am
a titanic pose for joe buck and kyle schwarber saying they're looking forward to exploring the globe tonight. isn't that nice? i saw these tweets this morning. so sweet. so special this series is. the indians lost, but i got to take my dad to a world series game in cleveland. i'll alcochock that up as a win. this is a picture of the indians bags packed and ready. next stop, wrigley field. watch party here in cleveland on friday. it is at progressive field. general admission seats are $5. those are sill available. the club seats are sold out. the gates open at 7:00 on friday, and the game is at 8:00. tia. >> tia: he did not throw out the first pitch at progressive field, but it didn't stop charlie sheen from tweeting his support for the tribe. >> go tribe! >> tia: yeah.
6:38 am
that's him wearing the indians uniform he wore in the movie major league and channeling his inner ricky vaughn showing his support for our indians. >> brian: we'll take it. the indians are off to chicago, and so are we. shelby miller will be live tomorrow morning from wrigley field. spoerts director tony zarrella will also be in chicago live throughout the day. we're sending members of our digital team. look for coverage on our facebook and twitter pages. we are all in and we'll stay all over the 2016 world series. >> tia: time is 6:38. chicago is about five hours away, so driving distance. a lot of tribe fans making that trip are wondering what the weather will be like when they arrive in the windy city. sam. >> samantha: here it is for you. game three, it's going to be warm. the other night we were sl shiferring. last night it was cold and in the 40s and rainy. in chicago tomorrow night, fair
6:39 am
winds sustained upwards of 20 miles per hour gusting upwards of 33. i'm really feeling in the spirit. we just got free big league chew. i don't think i've chewed gum on television before while trying to talk, but it's baseball season, right? it's the world series. i have your watch party forecast coming up after the break. >> brian: you should probably never do it again. >> samantha: i know. >> brian: thousands of people spent the night in their cars following a 4.0 magnitude earthquake. of course, that's tim kai we're going to talk about that earthquake coming up in a moment. >> tia: next, donald trump returns to northeast ohio today, but hillary clinton is sending tim kaine here with a special
6:41 am
6:42 am
that clock is winding on down with 11 days until the election, republican nominee donald trump will make a stop right here in northeast ohio in geneva. >> trump will be in geneva as he
6:43 am
institute. that's where we find sia nyorkor working the trump campaign for us. hey, sia. >> sia: hey there, brian and tia. yes, good morning. donald trump's visit here in ashtabula county will be the first visit that a presidential candidate has made since 1960 whether when jfk stopped through here. there's a lot of interest. here's what you need to know for today. the event starts at 7:00 p.m. here at the spire institut doors open at 4:00 p.m. secret service will start their sweeps early in the afternoon. so keep that in mind if you're heading this way. tickets are still available online. once you register, you're allowed two tickets per mobile number. keep that in mind as well. now, this will be donald trump's third stop here in ohio. he has two other visits before this one tonight. you can count on "cleveland 19
6:44 am
latest on air and online. so log on and keep your eyes there for us. for now i'm getting answers here in geneva. sia nyorkor, back to you guys. >> tia: on the democratic side, vice presidential candidate tim kaine will campaign for hillary clinton today in northeast ohio. >> brian: kaine will hold a rally at lorain high school just after noon. let's go to denise zarrella where she's following the campaign. good morning, d. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be here at lorain high school today. he's expected to encourage everyone to get out and early vote. this event will be held inside the high school here inside the auxiliary gym. we're told that this event is expected to be similar to the one held yesterday that tim kaine was at yesterday in pennsylvania. senator kaine we should mention will have a special guest today, former comedian and start of
6:45 am
franken. he'll urge voters to cast ballots early. we should mention today's visit to lorain county is the first for either party in the presidential race for a scheduled visit. if you are interested in coming out here and being at this tim kaine event, you should go to the campaign's website. we're getting answers at lorain high school, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: thank you so much. there's a new trend among early voters across the country. taking election ballot. before i go further now, we have to be clear. that is a federal offense. at least it is right now. a state rep is trying to get that law changed. as it stands right now taking a picture with your marked ballot is a felony in ohio. representative mike duffy is co-sponsoring a law to wipe it off the books. is that justin timberlake right there? >> tia: yes, he did. >> brian: the other side says
6:46 am
person's right to a sek rhett ballot. if you're there taking a selfie and get somebody else's ballot. i guess i can see that. do we have to be taking a selfie at the -- >> samantha: i don't want anybody to know. it's no one else's business. that's very private. >> brian: somebody said that's good celebrities do that to show they get out and vote. >> tia: take a picture of the sticker that says i voted. >> samantha: whatever. don't break the law. look at what is going on out there. that's crazy. these are laws we wouldn't have talked about a couple of years ago. no selfie with your ballot, right? 6:46 on this thursday morning. i came so close to saying friday, you guys. i was really close. we have one more day to go. rain is moving through the cleveland metro area. now, a lot of this is light rain. it's not pouring outside, but there are little pockets of moderate rain embedded in this just to the south of downtown
6:47 am
we have steadier showers east of cleveland, ashtabula, trumbull, portage and geauga counties all seeing showers. ravenna is seeing rain, heavy rain just to the north around the auburn area some steady rain and out in courtland we have steady rain this hour. there are more showers back to the west coming through lorain, ashland and richland counties. i-71 corridor will be wet for a while. please take it slow out there. it's not the best morning. we have t got gusty winds. winds today may gust up to 30 miles per hour. there might be white-knuckle driving today. we have cloudy skies and the rain is mostly a morning thing. in the afternoon after the system rain moves out, we have lake-effect rain getting going. so there may be showers around this afternoon and tonight as well. 50s with gusty wind all day. so it will be cold out there, and tonight the winds really don't back off much.
6:48 am
breezy. tempe temperatures drop to about 46 by 11:00. lake-effect rain continues into tonight. so what about tomorrow? pretty big watch party taking place tomorrow night at progressive field. during the day we'll be in the upper 50s and we'll be dry. partly sunny, but at night we'll start to drop back into the low 50s for the overnight. so it's going to be cool out there, but not as cold as it was last night. then look at saturday. 71 degrees with rainshowers east of cleveland. i do think most of us end up getting through saturday dry. it's sunday that we need to watch out for. rain is likely on sunday, which is go to keep it cooler. upper 50s as we round out the weekend. let's talk about your halloween forecast. 62 on monday. monday looked great, but look at tuesday. we warm back up into the 70s.
6:49 am
right? warm one day, and cold the next. it's funny to me, first day of november, guys, and it's going to be 74 degrees. isn't that wild? >> laura: sure is. gosh, it's hard to keep up with the weather, right? look at this. this is not fun. i know a lot of people have dealt with this all week. 77 northbound, except you haven't tackled the rain along with it. a bit of a mess again, so remember 77 at 90, that left lane is disappearing. that was something that wasn't there before they started the work on the innerbelt brid to normal, so we see more slowdowns and we see more of it earlier than we typically did before. keep in mind, it's not going to be there anymore and going to be gone. they go back to what it was before. as we look at the maps now, we see more and more slowdowns. i got a report of an accident on the west side, i-90 at west 41st street. see the red here? that's back behind it where the yellow is beginning. that's exactly where that accident is. we have the construction over
6:50 am
it will close right over the shoreway tomorrow evening at 7:00. it will re-open at 5:00 in the morning on monday morning. then we have an accident on i-71 northbound right where you see that yellow right at west 25th street right about the metro curve. so basically where we see the slowdowns every single morning. here's another accident, west 130th at bellaire off highway here but very close to 71 and 480. so you can have some problems making your way down west 130th towards either of those highways. elyria to cleveland, that's the only one that got a little delayed, and it's because of that accident that's there on i-90. guys. >> tia: a potentially dangerous situation at hopkins airport overnight when fuel spills near one of the gates. >> brian: next, we have new video from italy that shows some of the damage. they had a series of powerful earthquakes there. now we hear one of those quakes
6:51 am
if you're using this toothpaste, you're probably expecting to get visibly whiter teeth, but it only removes surface stains, and clinical tests show that it only provides about a half-shade of whitening. colgate optic white high impact white is different. it contains hydrogen peroxide, a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. it goes beyond surface stains to deeply whiten. it whitens four shades,
6:53 am
>> nichole: good morning. time is 6:53. we're just getting an idea of the damage as the sun comes up in italy this morning. two earthquakes, one a 6.1 magnitude, hit the central part of the country overnight. this isn't far from where a powerful quake killed 300 people in italy just two months ago. right now we know at least one
6:54 am
quake last night. while you were sleeping, hazmat was called to the cleveland hopkins airport. cleveland fire was there, and they said some jet fuel spilled sometime after midnight. 45 minutes later they had left the scene, so we hope to get answers this morning as to what caused that spill. we know that no flights were impacted by it. and the case is closed in the murder of 15-year-old sunny patel in cleveland heights. dave he made the plea to avoid the death penalty. he will be sentenced tomorrow. brian. >> brian: thanks so much. 6:54. if you cashed it in early last night before the tribe game ended, sorry no comeback last night. the cubs beat the tribe 5-1 in game two. now this series is tied at 1-1. games three, four and five will be in chicago. the indians need to win one of those to get the series back here.
6:55 am
there will be watch parties at progressive field. you can still get tickets and all that info on the free cleveland 19 mobile app. 58 days until christmas, but that's not stopping the good folks at great lakes brewing from tapping their christmas ale today. the first pour party starting at 11:30 this morning. everyone is welcome. you'll be able to get your own batch of christmas ale when it goes on sale in the stories on november 1 i find this i object incredible and interesting. this is the second best seller annually and it's only available eight weeks of the year. sam will be forecasting some snow here soon. not this week, though. >> samantha: first the ale and then christmas. no snow on this seven-day. >> tia: geez, butterfingers. >> samantha: i'm curious, what was the number one selling one? >> brian: i don't know.
6:56 am
to me. i bet it's dort runners. >> samantha: right new we're thinking about orange juice. we have to get to the morning commute. it is raining outside. a lot of rain out there. jake says it was that. great lakes. people love it. tomorrow we get much better weather, but prepare for gusty wind and rain today. 70s by the start of the weekend, rain by the end of it. laura. >> laura: and we have a few roads. on i-90 on the west side 12 miles per hour behind this. this is i-90 eastbound at west boulevard. the two right lane are blocked. i-71 northbound at west 25th is a car into a wall. slippery roads, and then west 130th at bellaire. definitely have some problem spots. >> tia: all right. make the switch to cle43.
6:57 am
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