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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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streetsboro. kia, what's in your driveway? asking questions, getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. 2016! there will be a game 6. cubs won it 3-2. >> denise: cubs denied the indians a title in chicago last night and another chance comes tomorrow night here in cleveland. indians need one more win to take the world game 5 was a nail biter. we watched it. cubbies pulling out a hard-fought win. anthony lima is covering it. >> took two out of three. indians lost a tough one to the cubs. telling indians fans at the start of the season you have two games at progressive field and only need to win one to secure the first title since 1948. trevor bauer better yesterday
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tribe fell at wrigley field. and bats at home and wish they would have been a better offensive team and napoli belted out 3 of his homers at progressive field. >> we are in a good position. we are up 3-2 going home. we do what we had to do here. we put ourselves in a position to try to win in a crazy atmosphere. we are happy with w and get home and play in front of our fans. >> so now the question is, can josh tomlin do it again? there are times he is lights out in the postseason. could he do it again? this will give cleveland the second celebration in two months and this time a championship clenched at home. tito will speak coming up. >> denise: we will bring it to you live. we are waiting for him any moment and we will take it to you as soon as it happens.
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full rest and effective with an earlier win in the series. he will be tough. >> denise: i have faith in tomlin. >> chris. the weather good today and better tomorrow. unbelievable weather that we have in the forecast here. in fact, i have it. remember game 2 it was 44 degrees, something like that. tomorrow totally different story. first pitch going with 70 degrees. going to be a stretch of days at least two days and 67 by 11:00. so you are not going to have to, you know, bundle up out there tomorrow. if you are going to the game or even in downtown cleveland. for tonight, halloween, 51 at 6:00 and dropping in the 40s, 47 at 8:00 and 46 at 10:00 a bit of a fall chill and nothing too
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cleveland and 52 akron-canton. we have high cloud cover out there. and temperature of 53 holding steady 52, 53 at 6:00 and 8:00 around 50 and just high clouds around. no threat of rain until later wednesday and thursday and details when i come back. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. the election now, the hillary clinton campaign returning to northeast ohio. >> chris: that's hillary speaking to a crowd of supporters in kent. catherine bosley live tonight. catherine, any talk of the f.b.i. review of e-mails? >> oh, yes. certainly pretty hard to ignore that. even with that issue as the clean up is underway at kent state. it was an energetic packed house for sure n. about a half hour clinton having a lot to say on a few issues staying focused and clinton focused on national
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importance of keeping a strong relationship with n.a.t.o. allies w. that she brought up a warning about her opponents support coming from the kremlin suggesting a foreign adversary may be influencing our election. the audience had plenty to cheer about and listened intently and she started off with that e-mail issue expressing regret and a couple of sentences making it clear she understands voters concerns about it all and easing the concerns. look at e-mails, one of you my staffers and by all means they should look at them. i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> that's minor. i am not even worried about that. i am looking at it suspiciously as a political kind of interference right at the end. i don't think it will change
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those we spoke to, they already have minds made up and are already hillary clinton supporters. i talked to a few undecideds and hear more what they have to say after listening to hillary in person coming up at 6:00 see you then. ? i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me.? >> chris: meantime a big welcome for donald trump. he is seizing on the ongoing flap over hillary clinton's private e-mail he said clinton is "not the victim, the american people are the victims." big changes in new polls out today and over the weekend. >> denise: that's right. they show the presidential race is tightening up even more. dan deroos is in the answer center with the latest numbers. dan, getting the big board to work properly? >> dan: using clear politics and numbers have come out and the reason i like this and we
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the major polls, abc, nbc, fox news f you look across and see the polls finished in the last day or two. post hillary e-mail information and looking here, cedric to the leads. most of them, yes have hillary clinton leading. this one, the l.a. times, i have been following this l.a. times poll and always has donald trump in the lead and something interesting going on the way they are doing their hillary clinton two point lead. 7 point lead and a lot of these were double-digit leads a few days ago. i want to go to ohio now as we use the same sort of idea. the remmington poll is the one that has come out post hillary and let's come here and see trump up by 5 points. state of ohio is what we are looking at. if we come down here blue line
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convention and trump gets in the lead. we can actually come right up here and trump surged his lead a little bit. if you average all the major polls in the state of ohio and trump leads by 1.5 points an average of the major polls. it is tight and getting tighter not just in ohio but nationwide. getting answers in the answer center, back to you, denise. >> denise: be sure to stay with cleveland 19 news for campaign 2016. coming up at the bottom of the how the clinton campaign is changing strategy after word of the new f.b.i. review of e-mails. >> chris: a vermillion man guilty of assault. bolton facing up to six months in jail charged with a violent arrest in 2015. he faces a hearing on his future on the force. a former ohio state trooper charged with rape.
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happening last year at her home in lucas county while off duty. foster was fired in september after an internal investigation. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. all right. let's take a live look at the roads. a little slow out of downtown cleveland there. something is up on 77 southbound. we will keep an eye on that for you. you can check out the latest traffic conditions by downloading our free cleveland 19 app and clicking on the traffic tab. there were no white wedding dresses or grooms sporting tuxedos just little red riding hood along with the big bad wolf watching as couples said i do today in crazy costumes. akron judge katarina cook performed halloweddings at the akron civic theater and ones in attention calling it beautiful.
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>> so it is an off day for the tribe and off day in between games 5 and 6. we have press conferences. terry francona expected to sit on the podium and answer questions about game 6. >> denise: last night he said that sometimes you beat yourselves but last night they just beat them. >> let's hear what he has to say now. >> hard time getting the first question. >> tito, i forgot to follow up. was lonnie aab he feeling. >> yeah. he was available. in fact, he was going to most likely hit in the 9th. the pitcher's spot was in the 8-hole and i believe we had -- we were going to run naquim for nap or santana if they got on and we would have had martinez and lonnie depending on the situation.
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opposed to maybe some situational hitting it would have been lonnie. he got there, i think he got back about an hour, hour and a half before the game and while i was up there he got a sandwich down and he looked a lot better by the end of the night. >> right in the middle, andrew? >> what is it about josh tomlin that makes him someone you felt going to the playoffs, somebody to rely on he's done? >> i have known him four years and that's a long time in our game. you know, one your players are your players. it is not like you get to the profs and you decide to grab other guys. i do think knowing these guys gives you a sense of -- takes
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we have asked them to do short reps and things like that. i know how much they enjoy trying to meet the challenges. >> so i think it is pretty obvious. i have really enjoyed going through these with them. we don't always win. we don't always, you know, we make some mistakes but i enjoy doing it with these guy if tomlin doesn't win, he won't beat himself. he won't back down. >> denise: all right. we are listening to terry francona talking about preparations for game 6 tomorrow. glad to hear lonnie chezzen holding steady is feeling better. he was under the weather. >> and josh tomlin took the hill, game 6 to bring home the world series title. >> denise: he knows his guys.
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tomorrow night's game beginning an hour earlier at 6:00 to avoid an extended overlap with the world series. cavs at the q. speaking of tomlin. he will chat at the podium.
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. welcome. take a look. a monstrous four-alarm fire in
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oakland. flames spread quickly to several other structures. nobody was hurt. the cause however still under investigation. now a cleveland 19 news consumer alert. it is a waiting game from wall street to main street. the federal reserve policy meeting begins tomorrow and many are waiting for word on a possible interest rate hike. it will be the first increase in years if it happens and impacts everything you buy. you can for obamacare next year. we told you last week premiums are rising by about 25%. the "associated press" reports you may have only one company to choose from. most insurers are scaling back due to huge financial losses. >> denise: toyota is planning to test a car-sharing system that doesn't use keys and lets you unlock doors and start the car with your smart phone.
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japan for an unmanned car rental business and the fist road test happens in january in san francisco. new numbers on candy spending in halloween. get ready for a possible sugar rush. they predict it will hit $4 billion. that comes out to $30 per household. 72% of parents admit to taking some of their kids candy. i mean they get enough. give some to the parents. >> just high cloud cover out there. no weather worries tonight. we have warmer air, a big push of warm air with us tomorrow. tonight a little cool. we will drop in the 40s this evening and slowly rise in temperature later tonight. there you go. just a lot of high cloudiness as the warmer air comes at us. how warm are we talking?
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unless in the 60s, cincinnati as well. we are at 53 and this warmer air is moving in. you will really feel it tomorrow. in fact, 8:00 in the morning. warmer west, cooler east and low to mid-40s and ashtabula county, warren. watch what happens by 11:00 a.m. we quickly warm in the 50s. by 2:00 and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon you we will be in the mid-70s i think tomorrow for highs and warm. tomorrow night game 6. weapons night and thursday. it doesn't start until 2:00 a.m. wednesday nice and rain developing with the next front and wind picking up with gusts up to 30 thursday and you see the progression of it and tomorrow 75 and wednesday 76 and there's the front.
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thursday. best risk is first half of the day. >> 7 a.m. up to 53. we will rise overnight akron-canton and partly cloudy and 7 a.m. temperature 52 and enjoy tomorrow after clouds in the morning and clearing things out in the afternoon. 75, 55, 8 a.m. and near 70 at 11:00 and into 70s, 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. could see wednesday morning and most of the day looking dry 76. we have rain mainly thursday morning and 58 and temperatures dropping in the 50s on thursday. friday partly cloudy and 54. and this weekend is looking nice. and first weekend of november at least the full weekend near 60 saturday. 55 sunday and sunshine both days this is the weekend we go to
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hour. >> denise: i can see the clock going back and extra hour of sleep. thank you, god. >> denise: still ahead on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 there is good news for fans of "downton abbey." a look at the when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza? a better moment of proof. victoza lowers my a1c and blood sugar which didn't get me to my goal. victoza? works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways: in the stomach, the liver, and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza? may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza? comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer) victoza? is not recommended
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welcome. josh tom lip your game 6. >> denise: he will be on short rest. let's listen in now. preparation on the field doesn't change much just because you don't have the bullpen day or longer bullpen day and probably getting into the lifts. listen to your body and do what you are capable of doing and days leading up to this.
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just kind of 58 pitches, 58 pitches and it is better than throwing 100, 110 and in this environment getting up four or five times and stressful than the regular season start and the body is feeling good and everything feeling the same as it did last start and hopefully that bodes well for me. >> i know professionally, you are conditioned to treat every game the same. g there's a great opportunity here and is it difficult to separate the moment and opportunity from the every day function you bring to your game between the lines it is 6'0", 6 inches and still baseball and grand scheme of things it is the baseball game and umpire says play ball you
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and i know it is a game 6 and we have a chance of winning a world series. you can't have the mindset of going out and winning the game in the first inning and you have to take each pitch as it is and live the moment until tito comes and gets the ball and see what happens. >> josh, you have prepared to face the cubs with national league rules and now you are prepared to face them in your ballpark without them adding a dh. ho line up and the at-bat. >> you are saying taking out the worst hitter line and better line up these are definitely different. you have to know who is in the line up tomorrow and we will go with the game plan i understand one of the pitchers in a situation will you bunt or 8
5:25 pm
i have pitched in the american league all year long and that's what we have done all year long. you have to have the same mindset. go with the gas and keep pitching and get them out. >> just to piggyback on that what do you take away with the line up in terms of what you are doing in the line up. >> this is about executing pitches. kind of understanding the game an the game rolls on and dictates what you do with guys in certain situations. it is about reading swings. if you pound the guy in a full at-bat and see them clear and getting to the pitch you go away. to me, you play the game. the game will dictate what you do. you will have a game plan going into it. we want to see guys make adjustments and make adjustments as well.
5:26 pm
approach. >> denise: we have been listening to josh tomlin talking about the game. he approaches it no differently than any other game and has to look at each pitch and each player and can't think about the fact it is game 6. >> chris: with the hair and scruff and jaw line he has the look and feel of a gun slinger and that's the mentality he has. >> stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of the indians in the world can you find updates on and facebook page or twitter. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00 strategic changes in campaign 2016. why both candidates are mixing
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politics. a week from tomorrow. >> denise: new f.b.i. review of hillary clinton's e-mails is prompting her and donald trump to shift their strategies now on the campaign. ryan nobles is in d.c. live covering campaign 2016. ryan? >> chris and denise, congratulations to everybody in cleveland. you are excited about the world series. i know you don't want to jinx it. it is exciting for everybody there. let's bring you down and talk about the r donald trump still an underdog. a new development by the f.b.i. gives the campaign hope and believes they can expand the map and create a path to victory. a couple of days ago did not seem possible. >> the f.b.i. is probably not a surprise donald trump is spend ago lot of time on the campaign trail talking about one thing. >> they found 650,000 e-mails.
5:31 pm
step. as a result, traveling to states polls show he is unlikely to win like new mexico and wisconsin. this despite tighter races in traditional swing states like florida and north carolina. there is a reason. victories in the swing states will not be enough to win the race. trump needs to win a state showing clinton in the lead. let's assume they have north carolina and florida and nevada and iowa and o they still need another state. >> reporter: the clinton team is pushing back. >> there is no case here. >> arguing that this e-mail controversy is not the scandal trump claims it is. >> it is a massive investigation of the e-mail investigation with hillary clinton and concluded in july no reasonable prosecutor would find a need to move forward on the case. >> the candidate herself appears
5:32 pm
ground. she is in campaigning and democrats know if she holds onto the states holding big leads she only needs one toss up to be elected president. >> the f.b.i. director is getting heat from two former republican attorneys general roberto gonzalez michael mccaskey said james comey made a mistake sending the letter to congress informing of the new investigation. >> reporter: denise and chris? >> of course we saw hillary in ohio and noticeably absent was humana aberdeen. >> she is not traveling with her now. >> reporter: at least she hasn't the last two days, denise. we can't take anything more than that from the fact she is not there. the clinton campaign says humana has not fallen in statue and can
5:33 pm
the reason it is significant she is not on the trail she is someone who travels with secretary clinton all the time and with her for a long time and never worked for anyone else and started as an intern with hillary clinton and by herself ever since she has become one of her closest advisories and obviously she is at the center of this latest development in the e-mail investigation because it is her estranged husband anthony weiner and sexting scandal he is part of where the at the very least you have to figure the clinton campaign doesn't mind getting this close to the election. >> speaking of homeland security getting involved and states needing help protecting security of voting systems, how many states are participating, ryan? >> we are up to 42 states now that asked the department of homeland security for help with cyber security. they want to make sure there's
5:34 pm
voting machines getting hacked in the ability for some sort of entity to get into the systems with data and it is difficult to hack the systems because for the most part they are not connected to the internet p. they record it electronically. you can't be a hacker in the basement in russia and break into the system. it doesn't mean they are homeland security is making sure they can get in on a situation to be as protected as possible. and keep in mind every state runs of elections differently and homeland security can help to a certain point. at the end of the day the responsibilities of individual states to protect voter rules. >> let's not forget hanging
5:35 pm
go tribe. >> we heard it. >> stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 and can you find updates on the free mobile app and look on the facebook and twitter pages as well. >> denise: it will be beautiful weather for game 6 tomorrow. >> chris: can't wait. >> jeff: you are thinking november 1 and it will be cold not the case tomorrow t. will be warm actually. let's get through halloween hero you will have to bundle up a little bit. we will drop in the 40s. 47 at 8:00, 46 at 10:00 and we will not drop further than that tonight. we go up in temperature here a little bit headed into morning as this warmer air comes in. the latest hourly numbers.
5:36 pm
around 50 degrees. >> and 52 sandusky and nothing too warm high cloud cover prevented a bigger temperature rise. mansfield, you are at 53 as the sun goes down. no weather scares. warm stretch of weather tomorrow and on wednesday. we will be in the 70s around here. that is until the next front sneaks through thursday morning, rain, wind and we will drop in temperature. night and thursday. 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. and wet travel especially thursday morning drive and looking at wind gusts to 30 as this front comes through. a windy day thursday. clearing sky tomorrow and starting out with a lot of cloud cover early in the morning and mostly cloudy sky and 55 at
5:37 pm
near 70 and in the 70s at 2:00 and clearing skies akron-canton and forecast high at 74. enjoy it. we are starting november off on quite the warm note. i will let you know how the rest of the week of november will be coming up. >> a surveillance camera captured a breathtaking scene. a 3-year-old riding a toy car in the middle of rush hour traffic. this is from a china. a police officer driving by is now being hailed a hero. he rushed over got the little one to safety and then handed him over to his grateful mother. close all there. people of central italy are cleaning up after another earthquake. the third quake in three months and the largest in 35 years. >> no one was killed sunday but
5:38 pm
come soon. seth doane reporting from the hardest-hit areas. >> drones held in places to survey sunday's powerful quake and landslides closed roads and buildings at risk of collapsing and lives were spared and bits of history lost as ancient buildings, churches and art inside them crumbled. geologists tell us quakes are linked. tectonic plates rub against each other with disasterous results. >> every hundreds of years you make it a repeat of the series of earthquakes. >> in august a deadly quake killed 300 people. another set of twin quakes last wednesday forced residents to be evacuated. part of the school caved in and
5:39 pm
damaged. lives were saved and so many towns were evacuated. >> and geologists say the area will likely be rocked by quakes, schools, churches and stores closed and few remain how much longer they can stay and how much more their nerves can take. >> reporter: seth doane cbs news mucha, italy. italian authorities say 1500 people are staying in hotels and shelters following the earthquake yesterday and the one last >> jury selection begins in the trial of a former south carolina police officer accused of killing an unarmed man last spring after a traffic stop. a bystander recorded the whole incident on a cell phone and it shows the officer firing 8 times as walter scott ran away. the shooting happened 8 years ago. the lawyer says other parts of
5:40 pm
>> surveillance cameras captured a snake theft in action. watch as the guy grabbed 8 pythons and stuffed them into the bag and lifted them right out of their cages. the australian shop owner says one snake was 8 feet long. police hope this video leads to his arrest. >> chris: a scary scene on surveillance video. a man wrestling with a panda after jumping into an enclosure at the zoo. police say thean lady friends. he jumped the fence to tease the sleeping animal. >> the panda woke up, grabbed his leg and pulled him to the ground and he struggled mightily to free himself and managed to escape. >> and don't mess with the panda bear. >> they are cute.
5:41 pm
robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up
5:42 pm
ht for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
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entertainment the cast of down ton abbey is playing a waiting game. we begin with the new look at the marvel movie. >> we travel great distances. in an instant. >> the effects are supposed to be spectacular for dr. strange. the disney marvel match up follows a super hero trying to save the world.
5:44 pm
local theaters after debuting last weekend overseas. >> that's my bottom half. every time i hit this music i want to drop. >> denise: boo. madea halloween took the weekend box office. the tyler perry comedy won for a second straight week. it follows a teen sneaking into a halloween frat party until madea ends the fun. >> madea took first place $16.7 million. inferno was second with 15 million in the opening weekend considered a flop since it cost 5 times that to produce. jack reacher was a distant third with $9.6 million. i hope you are not too happy with the way things turned out. >> the world is a different place from the way it was my lord. >> and the wait may be over for fans of "downton abbey."
5:45 pm
the tv series. none of the cast has been approached on starring in the film and expected to begin shooting next year. that would be odd. a hit tv show. >> denise: and none of the characters. >> we don't want you for the movie. >> okay, mark. still to come at 6:00, stealing and destroying campaign signs. no laughing matter and costing haunt the housewives are doing a paranormal celebration checking out this scene. those stories and more when we
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it's a common complaint among many drivers last-minute highway merges often blamed for road rage. >> it happens to everyone. engineers in some states are encouraging drivers to use the so-called zipper merge.
5:49 pm
answers on the maneuver. >> i stay in that lane as long as possible and merge into it. >> can you blame deanna graves when the other cars line up in the right lane all the empty pavement on the left sitting there unused and traffic engineers are saying go, use that space. >> it is okay to cut. >> it is okay to take turns. >> kansas is one of at least 8 states to try the zipper merge system. the state department of transportation put up asking drivers to use both lanes and take turns on bridge construction project outside of kansas city. >> k- dot is finding what it does is bring predictability to the commute. they know it takes 5-6 minutes to get through the work zone in peak traffic and cars keep moving and come together like the teeth of a zipper, hence, the zipper merge. >> several studies point to the benefits of zipper merging
5:50 pm
reduction in speeds around construction workers and drivers reporting less anxiety and frustration. >> the transportation officials in other states aren't entirely convinced. caltrans spokesman mark ding ehren courage drivers to merge early. >> we don't want those people cutting in at the last second. it can lead to road rage incidents and cause braking. >> chris van cleve, cbs news. >> backers of say it happens naturally and they believe it may become more common as cities grow. >> pin pointing the weather where you live. your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> we will pinpoint the planning forecast known as the 7-day and this latest warm up couldn't have come at a better time for game 6 obviously tomorrow. not too bad for
5:51 pm
not too cold. but it is not shorts weather. i think tomorrow. 75 the high. how do you like that. clouds in the morning mixing in sun by the afternoon. tomorrow night's low 57. if that wasn't enough wednesday could be a degree warmer and 76. a spot morning shower. the better opportunity of rain arrives later wednesday night. through the first half of the day thursday here. this is the next front, the next alert day thursday rain and wind. not looking pretty on thursday. especially in the morning. 58 the high and dropping in the 50s by thursday afternoon. and then friday partly cloudy 54. weekend looks good.
5:52 pm
saturday night low 45 and sunday mostly sunny and 55. we go to standard time. clocks back an hour before you head to bed saturday night and you get the extra hour of sleep and the sunset will be before 5:30 starting sunday. >> next monday 53 with sunshine. look at this. we are way up tomorrow and wednesday way above normal. you can tell when the next front comes throu temperature thursday. friday cool 54 and the weekend not too bad in the 50s and sunshine both days. chris, over to you. >> good stuff, jeff. thanks. coming up smart signals. how high-tech traffic lights
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
>> denise: cleveland was home to the very first electric traffic signal installed at east 105th and euclid in 1914. engineers are now talking about a smart traffic light. professors at carnegie mellon
5:56 pm
artificial intelligence and they believe a sears of sensors and traffic cameras can reduce idolling time, cut down on air pollution and shave time off your daily commute. the system is being tested in pittsburgh. >> chris: very cool. a revealing feature in "new york times" about elevators and claim the door close buttons don't do a thing. the article claims buttons haven't worked since a law in 1990 requiring elevator doors to stay open for wheelchairs, crutches or other disabilities. the times calls buttons a psychological placebo that help reduce stress. >> denise: we have done stories on that where they are not even hooked up in most cases. push it all you want. makes you feel better i guess. of course it is halloween. at 6:00 seeing how cavaliers
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
>> mark: now at 6:00 we are rallying together now that the world series is returning to cleveland indians prepare for a home stand. >> romona: plus northeast ohio getting another visit from a presidential candidate hillary clinton is here in the middle of her e-mail scandal. >> mark: plus it is halloween night and cavaliers really know how to dress up. cleveland 19 news sponsored local window siding and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: we begin tonight with your trick-or-treat forecast. >> romona: jeff tanchak is dressed like a meteorologist tracking a pretty nice night. >> jeff: actually this is the mark nolan. >> mark: that's nice. i like that. >> jeff: all right looking good. no rain out there.
6:00 pm
there shortly. here are the 6:00 current numbers. notice ashtabula, warren, cooler 47 and see a drop in temperature cuyahoga county around 50 and 53. it is that way in westlake 50 in moreland hills. so here you go. by 7:00 we will be about 47. we are dropping now. 8:47 and 10:00, 46. we will be in the 40s and the not too bad. all right. we have a game we have to deal with tomorrow night. >> that is when the big warm up happens here. we have been talking about it. it will be a totally different ballgame weatherwise. game 2. let's talk about it tomorrow. how about 70s first pitch in the 70s, 8:00 partly cloudy and 70 and stays warm and at


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