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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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seen in any life. >> tia: it's in the dark. breaking news out of las vegas this morning where part of the city of lights is in the dark. thousands of guests, like 3,000, brian, who hoped to stay at the paris hotel and casino overnight had to find somewhere else to lay their heads. >> brian: not going to be happy, right? the power went out about noon our time yesterday. still has not been restored. some people had to be rescued from elevators, but good thing is there are no injuries. the hotel spokesperson says they hope, hope t restored sometime today. how would you like to hear that? if you head to vegas this weekend and plan to stay at paris, you better call ahead. not the way you want to start your weekend in vegas. good morning. it's friday. we made it to the weekend, november 4th. thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. meteorologist jon loufman is in nor meteorologist samantha roberts this morning.
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not? >> jon: maybe so, yeah. not only that, it's an extra hour weekend as you set the clocks back saturday night. at 9:00 we're at 49. 51 by midday. 54 is our temperature topper with plenty of sunshine as we head to 3:00 and beyond and into friday night football. temperatures right now in the 50s along the lakeshore. you get a little inland and find temperatures in the mid and upper 40s, lake erie is next to those temperatures along the coast and l degrees and reflects the fact it's warming the coastline. here, skies continue to clear, and they do that as we make our way through the afternoon. we're talking about a weekend of 59 on saturday, 43 on saturday night, and then 62 bonus degrees on a bonus weekend, the first weekend of november. what's ahead for election day? what about the next seven days? we'll talk about that coming up. right now we got to talk traffic or maybe lack of it.
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issue spots right now. you can't tell on this map here. everything looks very, very green, but i wanted you to see that before you head out the door, especially if you're in a rush to get out the door. you can see it immediately here. as you come in along the 490 area eastbound approaching east 55th, we have a report of an accident there as you travel along. not causing any delays, but need you to see that. this is a biggy in parkman. we have the road closed completely off. pedestrian accident with serious injury. it's main market road attinella son ledge road. there are emergency officials headed to the scene, and there was a nurse on the scene already. we had a pedestrian in rough condition. avoid that area because we have road closures right now. the drive times from major cities look really, really good to downtown. coming up, we have construction near the innerbelt this weekend.
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>> tia: campaign 2016. we want to show you three polls we found overnight. cnn shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points. compare this to a cbs/"new york times" poll showing clinton with a 3-point lead and also this abc/"washington post" poll has clinton leading trump 47% to 45%. everything points to a very close finish in these final days leading u >> brian: it sure looks like, right? we cover both parties on the camel pain trail this morning, starting with hillary clinton. she's coming to cleveland later today accompanied by superstar jay-z. sia nyorkor begins the team coverage reporting live at cleveland state university. good morning, sia. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. yes, two of the biggest names, jay-z and his wife beyonce will perform at wolstein.
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music and social media to do so. hip-hop artist jay-z rarely uses social media, but thursday he sent this tweet from his twitter accident. it's a quote talking about taking sides. jay-z also encouraged cleveland to come out today and make history. again, the concert is aimed at millenials and african-american voters here in cuyahoga county. clinton is expected to join the artist on stage. free tickets were handed last weekend at clinton's campaign office and the board of elections. here what you need to know about the concert. doors open at 5:00 p.m. today, and the show will start at 8:00 p.m. now, tickets are still available. you do have to register to get them. you can get them at the hillary for ohio st. clair campaign office. now, yesterday clinton campaigned in raleigh with bernie sanders. >> every time i see him, which
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have a good conversation like we did before this event. he always gets you to think. not only is he a world class talent, but he is a passionate advocate for issues that are too often overlooked and ignored. >> sia: several music megastars have been helping clinton to get out the word to vote early. katie perry, john legend, pharell and now jay-z and beyonce at wolstein. for now i get answers here at wolstein, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: we wanted to show you where the presidential candidates will be in our final days on the trail. democrat hillary clinton will be in florida all day saturday, and sunday she's actually coming back to cleveland for a rally before heading to new hampshire. on election eve monday clinton
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on election day she will be in new york city. on the republican side, according to donald trump's campaign website, he has no scheduled events in our area, but he will be in will ming ton near dayton today and tonight he will hold a rally in hershey, pennsylvania. he has a busy day on saturday and sunday it's all iowa and monday trump goes back to north carolina and then on to new hampshire. like clinton, trump will spend election day in new york city. >> tia: it's very important to mention that both candidates have plenty of advocates making rounds as well. it's all hands on deck on the campaign trail. >> brian: absolutely. nichole vrsansky following the latest now from the trump campaign this morning. nicki. >> nichole: good morning, guys. a busy day for the trump campaign today. he starts in new hampshire with a rally at noon and makes his
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ends his day in dayton with another rally. here's a tweet from mike pence. he's stumping with former trump rival ted cruz. pence will be in michigan, north carolina, and florida today. meanwhile, trump's daughter, ivanka and wife melania also trying to boost support. melania with a rare speaking engagement talking to suburban moms with anti-bullying messages. >> we must find honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> nichole: on trump's website there is a link to still get tickets to today's event in wilmington, ohio. gates open at 1:00 p.m. the rally starts at 4:00 p.m. brian. >> brian: stay with "cleveland 19 news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. you can find local election news on our website, parents consider yourself
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makings of a holiday toy craze on our hands. they're called hatchables, and i'm hearing something over here to my left, tia. is that what i'm hearing, the old hatch-o-moles. >> tia: we're talking about hatch-o-moles and tech pets. this thing is coming out of its shell. how does this go here? >> you get an egg, and as soon as youe elhatch. you have to nurture it and take care of it. it will light up different colors, and when it's ready it will start hatching. you have to keep it warm and take care of it. it will take about -- each one takes different time. usually 15 and 40 minutes to hatch. when he's done, you get ha hatch-o-mole. >> you can't find one right now?
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they're the hottest toy of the holiday season. >> tia: so much going on. let's talk chip. i like chip. >> chip is robotic pet. he's another dog where you have the pet wow the mess. he's going to respond to some commands. >> tia: through this watch you have on? >> he responds through the watch or through my voice or he can follow his smart ball as well. >> tia: okay. >> let's see what he does today. >> tia: come on, chip. >> do yoga. a nice little downward dog. he's better than i am at yoga, right? >> tia: do you have to program it, or it already comes prog programmed? >> no, he's ready to go. he'll learn his master's voice and he gets used to you speaking. >> tia: how much is chip? >> 199.99. >> tia: who do we have here? >> this is an internet-connected
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kids get entertained and educated without being in front of a screen all day. can you help me with my homework? >> i can help you with your homework. >> tia: all righty, then. >> but i can't do it for you. >> can you teach me something about dinosaurs? >> dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, not counting me, of course. >> so kids can ask him tons of questions, and he'll answer them. they personally and what their favorites are and they can have their personalized dino pet. >> i'm amazed. if i had these when i was a kid i'd probably be an astro physicist. we know retro ties are big, coming up next. >> brian: an ugly scene outside of progressive field following game seven of the world series. what witnesses say led to this man getting a punch in the face.
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the isis-controlled city of mosul and are facing intense fighting this morning. jon. >> jon: all right. great weekend coming up as we make our way through. we'll be dealing with a great night for friday night football playoffs. yeah, high school playoffs begin. a sunny, pleasant, extra-hour weekend and election day forecast in the 60s. no complaints weather-wise at any of these. details on it all coming up. >> brian: no complaints at all. next, an update on the breaking news we brought to you at the a power outage at paris. what a spokesperson at the las vegas hotel is telling you to do if you head out there this
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>> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. the paris resort in las vegas still closed this morning because of a power outage. i just checked the hotel's twitter page and the fire department is finishing up tests and after that complete guests can head back to rooms. crews have worked all night to fix a main line accidentally cut yesterday by a construction worker.
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had to be moved to other hotels along the strip. luckily, though, no injuries reported. thauthorities are still searching for a boyfriend of a south carolina woman. the police found kayla brown alive outside a home yesterday. she was chained by the neck inside a container. she said she'd been there for months. the man that owns the property is a registered sec offender. he's facing kpp in connection with this incident. i want to update you quickly on new developments in the fight to take mosul in iraq. iraqi troops have made it into the city limits. we told you yesterday that isis troops were fleeing, but this morning reports are saying the fighting is now intensifying. these battles are happening as we speak overseas. if we learn anything new, we will keep you updated and let you know. brian. >> brian: thank you. a chicago man who took a punch
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series is back home this morning. this is something else. witnesses say alan anderson taunted the unidentified cleveland fan and he dared him to punch him, so he did. anderson was treated for a head injury and a busted lip. he told cops that he's not filing charges at this time. >> tia: after almost a dozen waterlogged and much-loved rainy days across northern california last month, the drought is about over. compares this weekend to last week, drought is completely gone fr the state, and they're also seeing improvements in the northern end of the valley. experts say it's one of the first steps emerging from this now four-year drought. i lived there during whether this drought first really got started. you couldn't water your lawn without being fined. when you went to a restaurant you had to request a glass of water. they didn't just bring you water. so it was pretty intense. >> brian: crops have taken a beating out there, too. >> jon: we live next to a big,
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one of the few places on earth. now that el nino has subsided we have a more seasonable winter. last winter was so, so mild. i don't think it's going to be horrible. it's what we typically get, but that's another story another few months away. this weather story for us this november has just been incredibly delightful including record high temperatures. let's talk about where we go through today. as clouds go from the 40s into the 50s. 56 is the average high and 3:00 and 54 degrees is where i expect we will top out at. we'll be a couple of degrees shy of where we would be. heading out the door you find along the lakeshore, because lake erie is at 58, cleave is at 53. the milder temperatures along the lake, you move further inland and you talk 42 at new philly farthest away from the lake with skies continuing to clear through the course of
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high pressure, and again, that h in high pressure stands for happy weather headed our way. it's through the weekend and early part of next week. today it's noon and 51 and a 54 at 3:00 as the high temperature on the day. we head into a night that tips us into the 40s for friday night football. yes, the high school playoff games begin tonight and we will cover it all, believe me. overnight low around 40 degrees, plenty of stars out there and 40 is seasonable. that's our average low. from there, things improve temperature-wise, and we're headed into a long weekend. 59 on saturday, plenty of sunshine, and sunday living up to its name and 62 and set the clocks back an hour. saturday night get an extra hour of sleep and weekend. monday 65, and get out and vote on tuesday, no excuses weather-wise. a sun/clouds mix and 64.
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58. tuesday we check in with 52 on the high side. the high temperatures are only in the 50s, and this for pete's sake is november. laura, what do you have? >> laura: we have a busy morning. it doesn't look bad on the highways. things move really, really well. if you stick to the highways, you don't have any problem right now. but i have a bad accident thaet out to the east side. it's actually 422 as i found out more. it's westbound along 422, which is the same as main market road. it's not as busy. this is a big closure because 422 is closed out there. maybe you're headed in this way, so you can't get through this direction. you go around. it's a bad accident attinella son ledge road, and it involved a pedestrian and vehicle. i heard there was a serious injury, and you can't get through. for the big closures through the weekend, we have i-90 eastbound
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it will wrap up tomorrow at 8:00 at night for the construction. this is affect the i-90 westbound ramp over to i-77. it will close tonight and opens tomorrow as 8:00 p.m. we have a long closure, i-71 to 176 over to 480 and up and down 77 as a detour. drive times are perfect right now. we have a closure under the bridge and that's going on, too, at 6:33. time is 6:20. the cavaliers keep on keeping on. wait unt dunk. that's not really a dunk. it's more like a jumper. thanks, brian. from last night's win over the celtics. >> you heard jon talking all day about daylight savings time. we are getting answers to how you can make the time change easier on yourself and your
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[ music ] >> brian: it was this day in rock history in 1981, daryl hall and john oates, hall and oates had the number one song in the country with their hit "private eyes." they just churned out the hits,
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go to our facebook page to win tickets to dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. >> tia: between the warmer weather and indians playoff run, it's easy to forget we're in november. it's already the 4th, and this sunday we turn back the clocks for daylight saving time. i don't want to see it on facebook as daylight savings time, it's saving time. we get an extra hour of sleep, but many parents say sometimes the kids don't see it that way. rolling over and sleeping an extra hour. for children a lot of times once they're awake, they're up to good. you can't get them back to sleep. sleep consultant diana flutie has advice for kids. >> don't wore so much what the clock says. worry more about the routines and natural sunlight and keeping the child until the room until it's dark. that will start their circadian
6:25 am
clock and make the transmission more smooth. >> tia: a remind how daylight saving time work, we gain an hour so at 2:00 a.m. sunday we go back to 1:00. >> brian: november 4th also means the high school football playoffs again. regional quarterfinals kick off tonight, and next week it's the semis followed about i the regional championships and onto the state playoffs the dame after thanksgiving. tune in for scores and li need to know. we have you covered under the lights on cle43, which begins at 10:30. hold on to your hats. >> we will. to catch up on our world champion cleveland cavaliers, they haven't missed a beat. they rolled 126-116 last night over the celtics at the q, and they're 5-0. they head to philadelphia to play the sixers tomorrow night.
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dunk. i'm too short. >> brian: you have to work on your lift. >> tia: i don't know how to do it. have you seen it on facebook when people say daylight savings time and add the s. >> brian: i know. that gets you all worked up. >> tia: it's a thing that gets under my skin. all right. time is 6:26. >> brian: we have enough to worry about. >> tia: that's one of those things, though. you will love what jon has for us. a beautiful >> jon: tia, i'm with you. this weekend get out and rake the leaves if you want to. that's a pretty picture. not only high school football playoffs and we have the master tournament and brunswick tournament for what the world calls football. saturday is 59, saturday night 43, sunday is 62. set the clock back for daylight saving time, as we make our way through saturday night and into sunday morning. laura.
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the cavs won. sorry about that. after the break we follow a developing story out of the south torre ya this morning. the president makes a tearful apology of being accused of having a friend her her make
6:29 am
breaking news this morning
6:30 am
park is taking sole blame for a political crisis there. she's accused of allowing a friend to manipulate her power without anybody knowing. her friend in the video is a cult leader and has been arrested. we reviewed government policy papers to help choose presidential aide and picked out park's wardrobe. park will accept a possible investigation into her actions. >> tia: wow. that's an interesting november 4th. >> i'm tia ewing. thanks for joining us. all in all, not too bad. it's november. we checked with our meteorologist jon loufman for the wake-up forecast. hey, jon. >> brian: as novembers go, this is a beauty so far and it continues through a day that, yes, as brian said feels a little chilly. 54 by 3:00 in the afternoon after a morning start in the 40s at many places.
6:31 am
a couple of degrees shy. along the lakeshore temperatures are in the 50s because they're next to lake erie's warm 50-degree waters. you get into the 40s as you move inland, but no reason not to get out and take that jog, that morning walk, whatever you care to do as skies continue to clear and that clearing trend will continue into the afternoon hours. kids at the bus stop need a jacket. dry but chilly. 'r if you're near the lake, you're going to be milder, but away from it maybe a little cooler. that's the ballpark. at least we'll be playing in. what about the weekend forecast and election day? what about the next week of november? we'll talk about it coming up. i'll have details on it hour-by-hour, but right now what's going on on the roads this friday morning commute? laura has answers. >> laura: busy morning out
6:32 am
green. take a good look here, 490 has an accident. i'll cover the yellow in a moment. we have akron, and we have slowdowns along 76 headed to the west away from the city of akron. kind of passing through the norton area down to 351 miles per hour. not too bad there. main market road at 422. they had 422 closed in both directions earlier, and now i hear it's the westbound lanes that are closed. that will head you towards the this is affect many in the garrettsville and parkman area if this is where you head through. it is a vehicle and ped tran accident. it's a serious injury out there. not through 422 until it re-opens. as for construction because i mentioned a big construction project going on through the weekend, canal road is in addition to that on monday and wednesday of next week. they're going to close canal road as it goes under the innerbelt bridge from 9:00 until 3:00 both monday and wednesday.
6:33 am
commutes. that drive i told you, the 490 accident is near east 55th. not affecting your drive time and we're still on time. drive times look perfect and no big issues there. we have ramps closing along i-77 over the weekend coming up at 6:49. >> tia: we're talking campaign 2016 and we can't say it enough. get out and make sure you vote. the clock is winding we're four days away from the election. no president has won the election without winning ohio, so it makes sense the candidates are always here the. demo democratic candidate hillary clinton will spend her day here. >> brian: she will appear alongside two of the biggest names in entertainment. snoshgz is live from the wol
6:34 am
superstars will be here for hillary clinton. jay-z and beyonce will perform and clinton will join them later on stage with more people expected to vote in this election than any other one in history. they try to push people to get to the polls. they use social media and music in a tweet jay-z tweeted yesterday from his twitter account. he sent this tweet. it's a quote about stay taking sides. the concert is aimed at millenials and african-american voters in cuyahoga county. they perform tonight, he's expected to encourage people to get out to the polls. free tickets to the show were handed out last weekend. here are the details that you need to know. doors will open at 5:00 p.m. the show starts at 8:00 p.m.
6:35 am
although hillary for ohio's st. clair campaign office. we have a link on our website. clinton campaign yesterday in raleigh with pharrell and bernie sanders. >> i really want to thank my friend, bernie sanders, for everything that he has done. i've got to say, too, this election has been a lot more fun now that we're on the same side. have campaigned for clinton. katy perry, john legend, pharrell. today bow yawn see and jay-z will join her on the stage here. you can count on cleveland 19 to have all the latest details on air and online. for now i'm getting answers for you, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news" >> brian: cbs news reports that a potential terror threat exists
6:36 am
the sources tell cbs news u.s. intelligence alerted joint terrorism task forces that al qaeda could be planning attacks in three different states. >> tia: those include new york, texas and virginia. they say all possible targets right now, though, no specific locations are mentioned in this. this is breaking news that's just coming down. a lot of details still coming out of this as well. we will stay on top of the story throughout the newscast. >> brian: nichole vrsansky will stay on top it at thert we go to nichole right now. nicki. >> nichole: let's talk about the republican side of the presidential election. let's talk about donald trump where he is. this is the final stretch looking at his schedule over the next few days, he'll have a rally in new hampshire at noon and head here to ohio for a rally in wilmington southeast of dayton of doors open at 1k p.m. mr. trump will begin the rally
6:37 am
maintenance and engineering services in wilmington. on trump's website there's a link for tickets to the event. limit is two. first come first serve. if this is like yesterday's in north carolina, expect trump to address the clinton e-mail scandal. >> we know hillary can't be truced. we've learned that. >> nichole: his stay in ohio will be short. he moves to hershey, pennsylvania for a rally at 7:00 p.m. and he's in florida on saturd as of right now on truch's website there are no other planned visits to ohio before the election. we will monitor that in case this changes. >> tia: we're closing in on almost two years of campaigning from the presidential candidates, and some of us may be feeling a little fatigue. angry debates, attack ads and internet articles are partly to blame for this. university hospitals psychologists say it's natural to feel a little worn out in the days before election, especially
6:38 am
polarizing canadas who dislike each other. >> the problem is people have very extreme views. they love one candidate and hate the other one. or they hate them both, so they're voting for the least objectionable. either way, want opinions are strong ones, and strong opinions take a lot of energy and wear us out whether we try to hold them for too long. >> tia: don't just think presidential candidates. you have to study up on the ca hang in there. it all ends tuesday. stay with "cleveland 19 news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. you can find updates on the cleveland 19 mobile news app, on facebook and also on twitter. i know you hear all this, right? it's a toy. we're going to talk about it once we get past tuesday's election, many start to focus on the holidays. we're already seeing black friday ads, and soon you have your kids' list in the palm of your hands.
6:39 am
this year's hottest toys like this one hatching right before our eyes. brian, some were big whether we were kids, too. >> brian: what's old again is new again. ali is here from the toy insider this morning. what's new now that was big back nen? >> a lot of retrotoys get big upgrades this year. you may remember cabbage patch kids. this is the most realistic version ever. this baby has l.e.d. she'll interact to anything that i do. if i feed her a bottle, she'll drink the bottle. if she has to burp, she'll let you know and you have to burp you. she asks to be burped and let you know if she needs a diaper change or anything like that. it has a companion app, of course. >> brian: the old cabbage patch kids did not have that at all. >> definitely. so you can take care of the baby through the app as well or play in an offline mode.
6:40 am
already, or is this something that the makers of cabbage patch are trying to do to get people interested in this? >> i think cabbage patch is already so popular, this is just a natural -- >> brian: still? >> yes, definitely. this is the natural next step with tech savvy kids. he's very hot this year with pokemon go. this is my friend pichacu. he's a his ears go down and he's adorable. >> easy to squeeze for kids, too. >> yes. >> i had this. >> spirograph. >> this is a new upgraded version. instead of the classic wheel and circles, they can come in different shapes. you can create more. >> brian: i was amazed by that stuff as a kid. i think that's why i get migraine headaches now. >> maybe. this is in a storage case for the entire set.
6:41 am
three pens and drawing ideas as well as two drawing pads. it all stores in this nice carrying case. >> excellent. so you're coming back again? are we done for the day? >> no, i have more. during our 7:00 hour on cle43 what are we talking about first? >> the best of the best for the holidays. >> brian: the best of the best for the holidays. speaking of the best of the best, we go to jon loufman now. >> jon: what happened to the care bears? are let's do that. that's retro. great night for friday night football playoffs. a sunny, pleasant, extra-hour weekend. set the clocks back saturday night, and election day forecast in the 60s. no excuses not to get out and vote. you want the details?
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>> nichole: we have breaking news to tell you about. we're working to get more information on a possible terror threat from al qaeda. cbs news is reporting that u.s. intelligence says they have intel that something could be planned for next monday, the eve of the presidential election. counterterrorism officials are investigating this further, and
6:45 am
k connected to these threats, new york, texas and virginia but no specific locations have been mentioned. we'll be following the story all day. once we get more information, we will update you. i'm following new developments in a disturbing missing persons case out of north carolina. investigators now trying to determine if they have a serial killer on their hands. the missing woman was found alive chained up inside of a 15-square foot metal container. >> it was pretty emotional to say the least when she was found, especially, you know, when she was chained like a dog. she had a chain around her neck. >> nichole: kayla brown was inside the storage container for two months where she says she was fed and kept alive. he is in custody this morning and will be in court in a few hours. kayla reportedly told investigators there are four other bodies on the property. brown's boyfriend, who went
6:46 am
been found. tia. >> tia: a warning this morning for those leaving on cleveland's east side. police are investigating four armed robberies in a week, all of them right in university circle. the crimes have neighbors on edge this morning, and one woman says she's not leaving her house without her pepper spray. allison bruener is getting answers this morning on what you can do so that you don't become a victim. >> reporter: this is one of those areas where a lot of look around me, and you see it's not well-lit here. the first incident involved a lady sitting in her car when it was parked. a man came up to her with a gun and commanded money. that's why neighbors are taking action. they're making sure they walk in pairs being aware of surroundings not only outside but whether when waiting to pick up friends. >> i made sure the radio is off and the doors are locked. the phones are away.
6:47 am
your surroundings. i don't walk around on my own anymore. in the past few months it went downhill. i'm carrying around mace and pepper spray in case anybody approaches me. >> reporter: right now police say they're working hard to get more lighting in the area, but some simple steps they pass along. they say to put the cell phone down. it's a distraction when walking, and always remember strength in numbers. getting answers, allison bruener, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: didn't waste any time putting together their 2017 world series roster. we're being optimistic, right? carlos santana isn't going anywhere. the indians are the option to let him go or pay him $12 million next year. they picked up the option. now they can negotiate with santana on a new deal if that's the way they want to go. >> tia: we want to get answers about this picture of indians'
6:48 am
shirtless. it was snapped outside of tower city early yesterday morning. napoli went 0 for 5 in game seven on wednesday night. does that look like him to you? >> brian: i don't know. >> tia: maybe he was hot. it was hot outside yesterday. >> jon: there was no party, so he didn't have a shirt. >> brian: maybe there was a party and he lost his shirt. >> jon: okay. i was trying to give him the benefit of the boys of summer aren't playing, but the september-like weather will stick around for the weekend. this is what to expect today, and this is not anything like summerlike. in fact, it's a tad cooler than what we typical get. what do we typical get on the 4th of november? a high of 56. not going to happen today. 54 was our high, and it's 53 right now in cleveland. again, cool canadian air crossing a warm, relatively warm
6:49 am
a little milder than the inland readings. new philly checking in at 41 degrees, but at first frost of the season it's already occurred in a lot of places, so the growing season is done. here is the clearing trend that we can expect as we make our way through the day, and all these clear skies back here are our weather fare as we make our way through particularly the afternoon hours and sunshine becomes the dominant feature in the sky. soaring through the day, 49 to 3:00, 4:00 hour. plenty of sunshine is the high on the day. we head into a night that takes us into the 40s for the football games, friday night football. 48, 45, 44. 8:00, 9:00, and 10:00 respectively. 40 is the overnight low, and that is seasonable. we walk you through hour-by-hour tomorrow and take you up into the low 60s as sunshine is again
6:50 am
forecast. on our way into a sunday that lives up to its name as well. 62 on sunday, set the clocks back an hour saturday night as you go to sleep. fair weather is right through election day and beyond with temperatures above average. get out and vote on tuesday. laura, get out on the roads? i'm not sure if that's the call of a lot of people on friday mornings. what's going on. >> laura: friday is hard. maybe you're excited because you go to work and come home and this morning it's not bad on the main highways, and you have the main highway map here. i should mention that accident i heard about all morning along 490 near east 55th street has cleared out of the way. no troubles making your way through there. the rest of the map is looking good here. let's go back to that accident again. i'm still hearing 422 westbound, which is main market road right in the area of parkman at nelson ledge road.
6:51 am
out there. as for the construction, this is the big project over the weekend i've been telling you about. this project here, i-77 southbound, that ramp that takes you from east 22nd and east 14th street, it will be blocked starting tonight at 8:00, and it will stay blocked until 8:00 tomorrow night. in the meantime, you will access i-77 southbound via orange avenue instead of 14th and 22nd. check on your drive times really quick. strongsville, north olmstead and mentor and akron, headed into downtown. no big problems. reme t weekend and we will continue traffic at 7:00 on cle43. brian. >> brian: a brand-new study is out this morning that gives you an idea what we carry around on our cell phones, and i'm not talking about the information on your phone. >> tia: and we are working to get answers on a developing story near canton. what students may be planning to do there to protest a teacher
6:52 am
6:54 am
>> brian: time is 6:54. before you head out the door here are stories you need to know about you go. >> tia: the lewisville school teachers are on tribing near canton. we're working to confirm this. on social media there's talk of high school students walking out of class this morning. right now a substitute teachers firm is in place to keep the kids in school. we're moving into a second day of deliberations in the
6:55 am
in cleveland. he's accused of killing three people at the chalk lines barbershop on harvard in february of 2016. if he's convicted, he could face the death penalty. sia. >> sia: yes, i'm sia nyorkor live here at wolstein where superstars jay-z and wife beyonce are expected to perform at a get out to vote concert. hillary clinton is expected to attend. the concert starts at 8:00, and the doors open at 5:00. tickets are nichole. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk where we monitor donald trump's visit to ohio today. he'll be in wilmington later near dayton. unless something changes over the weekend, this will be the last stop in the state before the election. tia. >> tia: a new study took a good, hard look at how dirty our phones can get. the test turned anything from fecal matter to antibiotic resistant bacteria. for most of us the biggest risk
6:56 am
or cold or flu, but for people with lower immune systems, it could get more serious. doctors recommend cleaning or wiping your phone regularly to decrease that risk. i can see why that could happen, because some people take phones in the rest room. gross. they do. >> jon: okay. i take your word for that, tia. great night for friday night football playoffs after a day with more and more sunshine and highs in the 50s. sunny and pleasant, extra-hour weekend forecast in the 60s. i'll have details coming up at 7:00 on our sister station. yeah, flip that dial. >> laura: then our traffic situation, the main map here looks not so bad, but then we want to go out to this accident on the east side. we've been monitors this since our 5:00 hour, and it has 422 westbound still closed.
6:57 am
6:58 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. the trump taj mahal, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, november 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? four days to go. hillary clinton makes a big city push for votes, while donald trump rallies small town supporters. candidate's path to victory. sources tell cbs news police in three states are being warned about a potential terror threat. they are all concerned about attacks before election day. >> only on "cbs this morning," the former wife of subway pitch man jared fogle tells us why she is suing the sandwich chain. she claims subway knew about potential problems with her husband years before she did. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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