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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:05am EDT

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>> gary: first down. it would be demoralizing and i think they were just running a quarterback draw to kick a field goal. that's all they wanted. >> verne: bradley bozeman. >> gary: they were trying to get 5-8 yards, kick a 50-51-yard field goal, and they get a first down and they might be able to put this football game away. >> verne: a 23-yard gain for hurts. 18 carries now near >> gary: this is where leadership for l.s.u. has to step up. that's the most demoralizing plaist game so far. >> verne: bo scarbrough the running back on first down and 10. they feed scarbrough. he cuts it upfield and bangs his way to the 10 yard line. lester cotton, starting right guard led the way. number 66. >> gary: there was no finessing. he went to the left. he planted his left foot and he ran straight ahead and
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>> verne: lester cotton from tuscaloosa. >> gary: this drive has eaten six minutes off the clock. reminiscent of last year's final drive by alabama when they took the final 9:18 of the game. >> verne: dave aranda. defensive coordinator. first year. corner >> gary: boy, oh, boy. he's a warrior, he's the leader. when you go to practice, he's the one yelling at his teammates. egging them on. he's in the box. he's in that troy polamalu spot. half linebacker. half strong safety. smartest guy on the defense. calls all the defensive plays. >> verne: third down and four at the 11.
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earlier. third and four. 5:35 to go. harris is running -- oh, dear. >> referee: number 74, five-yard penalty. still third down. >> gary: cam robinson was sure he was right [laughing] -- he turned around and yelled. he yelled at somebody and said om watch him. he's not just jumping, he's ready to block. i think he might have said that it was the l.s.u. sound that drew him offside. >> verne: ridley far left. gehrig dieter. also two wide to the right side. harris. designed run.
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perhaps even more. jalen hurts not harris. >> gary: l.s.u. was misaligned. they didn't know what they were doing in the back seven. they were looking at each other and they did not have that edge rusher that they had previously. no one to the left side of the formation. watch how much open field there is. watch the safeties. looking right. doesn't know that's exactly where alabama attacked. >> verne: first down, goal. 4:40 to go. >> verne: damien harris. kendall beckwith, with the stop. >> gary: cotton, number 66, comes inside running toward the true freshman. williams, number 73 who just
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and look how alabama is seeing that clock -- remember, bama was willing to kick a field goal. they ran a quarterback draw to say "give me five." they made third and 15 and third and nine on this drive both by running the quarterback. >> verne: hurts with 19 carries. 112 yards. alabama takes a time out. >> gary: i don't think it's the worst thing. alabama knows how big a touchdown would be here. >> verne: jalen hurts. all they were trying to do was
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right now get 20% off artificial trees. only at the home depot. more saving. more doing. >> verne: this drive might remind you of something. how about a.j. mccarron. >> gary: we talked in the open. could jalen hurts do with a couple other quarterbacks did? a.j. mccarron in 2012. the final drive. three passes and a screen pass to yeldon and he showed he could win the game in the fourth quarter. jalen hurts as a true freshman has had his best quarter in the
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>> verne: after the time out -- excuse me, gary. >> gary: as we talked in the open, he didn't just have to beat this l.s.u. defense, he had to beat death valley and he has not blinked. it hasn't been pretty but he has not blinked. >> verne: a glimpse of tre'davious white just outside the one yard line on second down. >> gary: jalen hurts has eight rush attempts this quarter. >> verne: handoff. right side. kendall beckwith and jamal adams. the stop of bo scarbrough. >> gary: i remember a couple years back, blake sims running a naked bootleg faking it to the
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bootlegging around the left end. it does look like l.s.u. is trying to sell out on the ballcarrier. >> verne: this is the 14th play of the drive. >> gary: motion again against alabama. >> verne: yeah. >> referee: before the snap, false start. offense, number 71. five-yard penalty. still third down. >> verne: ross piersbacher,he >> gary: they came out of the huddle late again. i didn't see that. >> verne: i didn't either. >> gary: i didn't see anything there. maybe i missed it. the umpire makes the call. that's who made the call. >> verne: the last touchdown drive lasted nine minutes and 21
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>> gary: they got the edge covered this time. >> verne: hurts. under pressure. four down. damien harris objection not hang on. lewis neal, number 92, with the pressure. >> gary: how about that l.s.u. defense. they hung in there. they got the penalty callo but they hung on and they've got a chance. we've already seen them miss one. >> verne: cooper bateman is the holder. adam griffith, 25 yards away. cole mazza will snap it back. got it.
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>> gary: he had a chance. early in this drive. settle for a field goal. ended up a field goal. all arou. in the unseen corners of the world. no monuments built in their honor. because heroes aren't driven by fame. they're carved from courage.
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>> verne: 2:41 to go in the game. 10-0 now after the field goal. alabama's crimson tide. coming up, the napa play of the game. obvious he presented by napa auto parts. 10-0. that was the longest scoring drive -- it ties the longest scoring drive of the >> gary: coming into the game, l.s.u. had only given up eight touchdowns in seven games. they don't give up much. they've given up one in this game. >> verne: here is the kick. taken at the five by -- he's loose down the sidelines. danny etling getting his first
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and he has been under pressure all night long. >> gary: started early and never let up. you have to admire the way he's hanging in there but he's taken a bunch of hits. i you thought they might try to put somebody in there to get a spark in the game, brandon harris, because of the number of game. >> verne: danny etling from terre haute, indiana. he told us a fascinating story yesterday. he was on a recruiting trip to wisconsin as a junior in high school when he was listening on the radio to the 2011 game, the famous 9-6 finish. when it went to overtime he asked his mom and dad if they could pull in to a fast-food
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they did. he watched the finish of that overtime game, and that was when drew alleman -- i have been working on that -- he hit his field goal 25 yards out and l.s.u. won, and that was the last time they won in this series. c.j. chark with that catch. marlon humphrey with the tackle. >> gary: great alabama defense forces the receiver. no yards after catch -- except for the tight end delay on first down, i have not seen one l.s.u. receiver catch a ball and run for any yards. >> verne: beginning this possession l.s.u. had had 23 total yards in this half. one first down. >> gary: yeah.
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intended for deshawn smith. high hopes tonight leonard fournette would have a breakout game. he had one two weeks ago off the injury. this is only his fifth game. tonight, no. 2.1 average. >> gary: alabama in the second half. their offense finally found it. 196 yards of offense in the second half. 25. >> verne: fourth down, eight. incomplete. ball goes over on downs. >> gary: with a nice play by ronnie harrison that time. man-to-man coverage. stayed with it. didn't interfere, and got his right hand on it. watch him. 15 chd matched up on the tight end. he knows it's going to go to the outside.
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what a wonderful play. i don't know if he touched it, to tell you the truth as i look at it one more time and looking at the reaction right there, i don't think he did. a good throw by etling and a dropped pass. good coverage but just not quite handles -- deshaun smith could have made that catch. he did not come up with it. >> gary: only one time out left for l.s.u. they had to use two. we began -- >> verne: we began this evening game telecast talking about the alabama listen to this one. l.s.u. in the game so far has six first downs.
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>> verne: 10-0 alabama. 1:43 to go in the game. l.s.u. has used its last time out. part, are wearing crimson and white in the stands. we have a few l.s.u. faithful.
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>> gary: as alabama runs out the rest of this game, it does look, as auburn heads to georgia next week that if auburn wins a couple more games, it's going right down to the iron bowl, doesn't it? >> verne: auburn won today. this afternoon. they're now 7-2. they have won six in a row. 300 or more rushing yards. in four of nine. >> gary: practice all week came off the bench and led them. one more tiger cage match to go. >> verne: alabama's 19th shutout under nick saban. >> gary: i think ed orgeron can be proud of his fastball team tonight and the job they've done. l.s.u. does not have the offense especially against this alabama elite defense to match up.
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announce that at 3:30 eastern time we will be in athens for auburn and georgia. 3:30 eastern. 30 seconds to go. alabama has now won 21 in a row. last loss at home to ole miss a year ago september. they have defeated l.s.u. for th nick saban, ed orgeron and it's time now for the napa play of the game. only one touchdown in this one. here it was. jalen hurts.
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defender had a chance but he outran him. >> verne: always a pleasure to listen to the voice of eli gold of alabama. >> stepping up. has running room, turns it upfield. he's to the 10. he's to the five. he's in. touchdown, alabama, jalen hurts. >> verne: that was eli gold. nick saban is with laforce. >> allie: coach, it's never easy in death valley in a game that was difficult for both teams to score. what gave your team the edge? >> i think we made more plays in the second half, we squandered opportunities inside the one yard line that we didn't score on but our guys kept fighting and i'm proud of our team. this is a tough place to play, they've got a really good team and they're playing well but our guys persevered and i'm proud of them. >> allie: your offense held scoreless for three quarters. you challenged jalen hurts.
11:22 pm
freshman in this environment? >> he did a great job and made plays but i'm proud of our defense who shut them out all day, if we didn't score for three quarters, they didn't score for four. >> allie: you have mississippi state who beat texas a&m today. then the iron bowl. tough games coming up in the two weeks ahead. what does this team need to improve on even with the success they have had? >> this is like the playoffs. we've got to improve every week. we've got to get better. there are obviously a lot of things that we can do better as a team and that'set certainly want to work on. >> allie: thank you, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. >> allie: minkah, the defense dominant game in and game out. how did this defense overcome it and shut out l.s.u.? >> we had to stay disciplined and trying to stay focused and make plays. >> allie: congratulations, enjoy with your teammates. >> thank you. >> allie: verne. >> verne: allie, thank you.
11:23 pm
row, jalen hurts. 20 for 114 rushing. two really big plays. >> gary: our play of the game where he scored a touchdown. and then the third and 15 quarterback draw where he went one way and made the first down the other way. in this game, the mark made by the freshman was with his legs. >> verne: so state next week. the final here 10-0. jalen hurts. what a day. 10 of 19 throwing it for a most 107 but boy, was he excellent on the ground. 20 carries, 114 yards, and the only touchdown of the game. >> verne: final 10-0. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist
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going on around the country today. minutes ago kirby smart's georgia bulldogs a field goal as time expired to get the win at kentucky. 27-24. a couple highly ranked s.e.c. teams falling on the road to unranked teams. number four texas a&m loses in starkville, s.e.c. east leader falls at arkansas. auburn holding on at home. otherwise blowout city around the country for teams in the top 10. louisville's lamar jackson seven total touchdowns today. against cal. a reminder. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with double header action. most will see the steelers and the ravens. then the colts and packers. it gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to set your clocks back. when the clock strikes two. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division 7 on the house by switching to at&t... t the ame
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esparra. it was a frightening moment for donald trump and his supporters but as he and hillary clinton race for the election deadline, they play a game of chess to maximize their chances of winning. mark albert reports. >> secret service agents rushed donald trump off the stage in reno, nevada, saturday night. >> a yuck man was quickly take p into custody and escorted out of the convention center.
11:32 pm
be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. >> trump returned to the stage and thanked the secret service. and his supporters, who helped bring the suspect down. >> you are amazing. thank you, fellas. i saw what you were doing. that is a tough group of people right here. thank you. >> those passionate supporters are part of the reason trump said he is going to win the white house. and, another scare on the campaign trail saturday night, a car slammed into the side of the media runningmate tim kaine while he was going to the airport, one reporter said he was thrown into the aisle. >>. katie perry headlines a get out the vote campaign in philadelphia. clinton said the race is about the future. >> to make sure that america lives up to its promise to every one of our people, especially every one of our children. >> but in a sign the race may be
11:33 pm
added a campaign stop in michigan monday to help get young voters to the polls. before meeting up with a democratic nominee for a final rally in philadelphia. >> mark albert for cbs 4 news. >> whenwhile, hillary clinton will appear at rally at public auditorium, lebron james who is a clinton supporter will appear on stage with her. it is more campaign star power to get out the vote. >> now y'all doing tonight? will you all help me sing. >> and that was the scene last night at cleveland state university's center where bay oncy, jay z and severalo rappers took to the stage. hillary clinton's rallies are looking more like music festivals to get out the vote and it's working around the country. tickets were droughted across the street from the cuyahoga
11:34 pm
saw turnout jump 80% at an early voting location after tickets were handed out nearby. back here at home onto the weather we are tracking the forecast for election day, but more importantly, hey, i think we were gaining an hour of sleep to tonight or losing one, what is it beth this is. >> we set the clocks back an hour tonight. that means you get an extra hour of sleep, but i know for those who have dogs and kids they don't always remember that. so, just a littleds turn the clocks back an hour. the photo is courtesy of dwight, beautiful and crisp, definitely, advertise the season almost, right? tomorrow into the low 06, akron canton into the mid 60s with sunshine ga-ga lower, so no matter what you plan on doing outside tomorrow, no weather worries. election day is starting off
11:35 pm
and on election day, the clouds will start thickening up and if you are a late voter and you would like to go the polls after work, a little heads up. next system comes in wednesday, but that means if by tuesday night, we could actually see some showers. so, first things first. get the clocks back, sun rises at 7:00 and it will set a little after 5:00 and we will warm things up in the beginning of the week and then i will let you know who is going to see some snow by lydia? >> all right. thank you, beth. and on tuesday, voters in lakewood may head to the polls and the hospital. there remain as hot topic. shanice dunning is reporting on the fight to save the hospital. >> lakewood made a deal to replace the full service hospital with a health center and emergency department but some of the community want to overturn the deal that will appear on the ballot at issue 64. they are rallying others to vote
11:36 pm
coordinator for a group of residents who want to overturn the deal made by city leaders to close lakewood hospital. she said she never understood the effects of the deal until about a year ago, when her husband had a heart attack at their home right across the street from the hospital. >> across the street i live, an hour until my husband is treated for a heart attack. >> she told me paramedics took her husband to fairview because lakewood lacked the resources to treat him close. >> we are very fortunate those minutes didn't mean tend of his life. >> now she and others are telling the community to vote against issue 64. so that lakewood can return to a full functioning hospital. >> it was our largest employer. it with us the largest charity in the city. and it was owned by the city. it was a city asset. and helped people, the most vulnerable in the community. >> under the deal of the city and cleveland clinic the hospital will be replaced by
11:37 pm
an emergency department. but they say the community deserves more and is pureeing for change. >> we make a lot of phone calls and knock on a lot of doors an more often than not, people are saying we are with you. we want to vote against this. >> this group also told me that it's not guaranteed that the hospital will reopen, even if the deal is overturned. but they say even then the city can reclaim the hospital as an asset and then they can use it for other health care >> thank you. a peewee football team is denied of playing their championship game. bill safos tells us why and shows how the kids are moving on after taking on one of life's hard knocks. >> the kids you are looking at are champions. elryia's mini pioneer, a peewee team of 10 and 11 year-olds went 8-0 this year. >> i teach my kids sportsmanship, discipline and hustle l.
11:38 pm
picking up awards in person, the team is back on their practice field. their parents say, it is because one of the coaches of the team they were beating last week ran onto the field and punched this 11 year-old in the gut. >> they were just wondering why this man targeted them. and the truth, is he targeted them, i believe, because of their color a because of their height -- they are big, they are the biggest on the team. >> both of were on the team and were in the game playing north ridgefield's peewee team. that's when her son was sent to the hospital. he was spitting up blood. and she took these pictures of his bruises. she said he is recovering from a broken rib. police are investigating. >> for this man to come out on this field, i mean, what kind of example is that? >> i saw the whole thing. that's the only reason i ran across the field in the first place. >> coach joe stevenson was on
11:39 pm
he said that adult was way out of line. >> it hurt me to see that these kids had to see that and go through that. that was not fair for them. the pioneer coaches say the boys worked hard but the other coaches said they couldn't play north ridgefield's kids anymore and not to come back for the big superbowl game. >> a championship game or not, as you can see, these kids quickly got over it and got back to doing what they love, playing football. and knocks. >> we deserve to play, you know. >> getting answers in elryia, pill safos, cleveland 19. >> and bill said the pioneer league ended up calling and inviting the boys to pick up their award but after what happened most parents declined that offer. to an update on a car accident that happened earlier today, this multiple car crash on i. 09 westbound in she havefield lake brought traffic to a halt.
11:40 pm
nearby hospitals. police are still trying to figure out what (^) caused it but drivers stuck behind the accident ended up getting out of their cars an sitting on the highways as they waited for the cleanup. lasa grada fa meya (^) is hosting people from the walk 25, it started in new york and was sparked after 25 undocumented workers were detained by immigration and customs enforcement. the woke-long march is to protest awareness to the rights of undocumented workers. to a local 8 year-old with a life-threatening illness and he always wanted his own game week. this week his dream, that is, came true. our denise was there at as the make-a-wish foundation made it happen. >> christian robinson doesn't know it, but his dream for a game room is about to come true. state industrial products in mayfield heights is having a
11:41 pm
[applause] the company employees teamed up with make-a-wish to sponsor krin christian's wish. >> oh my gosh. this is great. christian has pompei disease, which causes his muscles to weaken over time. his mom tells me he defied all the odds. >> what does it mean for you as christian's mom to witness this today, to see him so happen >> it means everything to me. because he loves video games so he is like everything to him. he is even excited about just hearing about it. for him i just love the see a smile on his face every day. >> that smile says it all. >> we got you the t.v. so you can watch all your superhero friends on it. >> yeah. doctors tell us that a wish helps recharge that child's fighting spirit. we deliver hope right now when
11:42 pm
hope, just liable faith is an incredibly powerful thing. it helps people of the next day and the next year and focuses them forward. that is the magic of make-a-wish. >> are you happy? >> yeah. making kids happy is why the employees at state give so generously. this is the 21st wish they have granted. their efforts started when their boss' son got a wish. >> think about this. we are giving to a kid in need. we are giving to a kid to really make a difference in his or h today made my day as well as the employees'. >> it certainly brought a tear to those of us who got to witness the power to a wish. cleveland 19 news. >> and coming up next, police charge a college professor with hiding a video camera in a gym changing room and children may be among the victims. then, consumer alerts. some big changes this black friday. we have answers on how to make
11:43 pm
deals. beth? >> yeah, lydia, not a lot happening in the weather department. we made it into the mid 60s. take a look at the roof cam downtown. everything is aglow. we should be in the mid 50s. i will let you know when the 50s are our daytime highs coming up. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news
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11:45 pm
and welcome back. police charged a former university of cincinnati professor with heeding a video camera in a health club changing room. and even more troubling, the pictures could be seen almost anywhere and children might be
11:46 pm
john genovese is getting answers on this disturbing case. >> cincinnati sports club said the camera was about the sizef f a go pro and plugged into the wall. it was wireless and could be viewed from anywhere, until someone saw it and sensed something was off. >> the thought would never cross my mind to disturb someone's privacy like that. >> inside the changing room at cincinnati sports club. >> you like that would be coming to the gym. >> fairfax police say 76 brian meadows brought a camera disguised as a european power adapter. it was up until an hour until someone noticed it and let management know. >> we always remind everyone, if you see something, say something. >> in this case, spokeswoman said that is how hess tracked down, he was a member of the club off and on for 20 year and
11:47 pm
procedures already in place. >> they used surveillance video of exits and entrance and they have a regular routine where they are tracking all the runs and all the facilities, everything. >> meadows was a former physics prosor at the university of cincinnati. he retired in may and hadn't been teaching for two years. >> it's more or less shocking there is people out there that would just do things i would never think about doing. >> which is what people who work out hereel unsettling. >> there is a lot of people not right out there and, you know, you have to take that into consideration with everything you do in life, really. >> hmm. all right. meadows is facing charges for joyerism and illegally (^) roading a minor. >> a consumer alert for black friday. for some it is the day you do all the holiday shopping, for others it is a fun family tradition. tonight, how to strategize for this year's superbowl of shopping day which will be a bit
11:48 pm
past. all right. first of all, this is the first year for 4k t.v., look for door busters to drop as much as $230. keep an eye out for first generation of p apple watches as door buster deals, too. make sure if you do find a great sale that it is on the newer version and not the original apple watch. this year stores will be pushing you to download apps for special black friday deals and incentiv. their ad first to those who had the app. and amazon and target also offered app only deals. don't count on your championship credit cardto protect you from . some stores don't have the technology in place others don't have it turned on. those stores will be responsible for fraudulent charges, not you, your bank, your credit card, or your company. all right. we have all gained an extra hour of sleep tonight but we should
11:49 pm
sleep habits. dr. kingman, a sleep expert said getting more than 8 hours of sleep or less than 6 hours of sleep has health consequences. getting the right amount of sleep can decrease blood pressure and obesity. they have advice for how to get on a regular sleep time basis. >> other habits to put into sleep, would be to have a quiet time before y and it's prepare to go to sleep. turn off the t.v. turn off the blue lights. sort of not have really the large amount of activity that you might have. >> that is true. i can sleep through anything. he also said people who have good sleep habits usually have a regular wakeup time. and i really could -- i have slept through hurricanes before when i lived in florida so i'm okay. >> you know, tonight will be
11:50 pm
the wind will add a nice touch. i do that, i run the furnace and have the one doe cracked open. good weather days ahead. there are no alerts for the next 7 days. the alerts, we put out, are basically we that are will make you change what you are doing, maybe a bad thunderstorm or something like that. there are no alerts in 7 days. we do, however, have a couple 07 students for some showers. nothing big. they start tuesday afternoon, actually. let me just point thi snow mix for those of you who live in the snow belt in higher elevations. not until friday night. don't worry it won't accumulate. it is always shocking when we see those snowflakes for the first time, even if they are mixing with little bit of rain. so here you go right now, there is nothing in cuyahoga county, nothing in lorraine county. we are not tracking anything. crystal clear out there. and i wish this was the weekend for the supermoon. that is next weekend, that supermoon is going to be absolutely gorgeous. so, i hope we can keep some of
11:51 pm
weekend. but, right now, you can see we are clear and crisp. buffalo, some clouds, well to the south towards cincinnati. that sit. no rain out here. nothing coming our way until tuesday afternoon, clouds will thicken up, cold front is coming into town and wednesday it will dip our temperatures, leaving utwith cloud cover. some of the showers could find their way in, maybe if you are a late voter on tuesday afternoon, evening time. future view shows your dor tomorrow. it's locked and loaded with clouds and precipitation if we will get any, which we will not tomorrow and temperatures. i start off at 10:00 tomorrow, 55 degrees seems to be the common denominator with a breath of clouds here and there. but, by 1:00 heading to the browns game, most areas will be into the 60s, mid 60s for akron, canton, no clouds, 58 for kick off, for the browns. as we go through the afternoon, really temperatures just kind of
11:52 pm
are really good to go. it is chilly if you live in worcester, 44 degrees, even colder in new philadelphia, 41. currently 50 at hopkins. we should only be in the mid 50s for our daytime highs this time of year. look at this, it will take a couple hours to get down to the 40s tonight. overall, this is the greater cleveland area forecast. if you live in worcester, well, it will be a little chilly. it will be down to 38-39 degrees tonight. but everyone is dry and clear. no weather worries. we make our way tomorrow to 60s by about lunchtime. unnesunless you are by the mid . it will take a little longer for the lake shore to warm up but everyone else should be at 60 degrees by 1:00 and then by the time you get to, oh, about 3:00 in the afternoon when you are tired and think you can use a little apple cider from raking the leaves is when you will hit the daytime highs i. will take a good portion to warm um. up.
11:53 pm
monday. we get some clouds tuesday afternoon, possibility of rain showers, wednesday is cloudy and cold. thursday, transition day, still pov average tech technically. friday, we could see some snow for just the snow belt, friday into saturday. i don't think there will be accumulation because it will mix in with the rain drops. even then, lydia, oy chance we see anything at all. >> all right. thank you, beth. hey, to great local program is getting a great boost the day. our very own harry boomer, the emcee at the breakfast fund-raiser today, for cleveland's falmouth center. i will go for services for all ages including an early learning sent, youth programs and hot meal distribution. and it is a kids' dream come true, lego fest is live at the i.x. center. i love. that the touring event
11:54 pm
there is over 3-acres filled with building bricks, challenge zones and activities. and, isn't this adorable? snow leopards at the akron zoo got the opportunity to play with the jack o'lanterns after the boo at the zoo event, the day after the zoo hosts a pum pumpkinpalooza where they get to eat, smash and play with the pumpkins. good for them. and coming up next in sports, the cavs ands final play.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. l, trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
11:57 pm
chevrolet sports report on cleveland 19 news. >> the wine and gold were in the city of brotherly love saturday
11:58 pm
on the road, the 6ers weren't playing around but neither is neither is the philly big map with the block on lebron. lebron the facilitator hits j.r. smith, cavs cruisingerly and then emon shumper, hits one from downtown, saw a lot of different contributors. how about mike dunleavy, a new face with a 3oi tight, backing down on the block, he had 22 on the night. he puts the 6ers up by 5 right here, so the caves are down 2. l. b. j. has got the ballet in ball, latein the game (^), doese and dish it out? gives it to channing fry? bang, knocks it down. cleveland up by 1. last chance for the host 6ers
11:59 pm
down the lane, bawl ball off t, cavs win, improving 6-0 for the season. >> we put ourselves into position but at the end of the day good teams find a way to win. we got to get better because tonight we sod breakdowns defense ifly but we have the right stuff at the right time there. you can be excited about that, be you we know (^) we have a lot of work to do. >> tonight was a high energy young team and got the crowd involved and once they started making shots rose and we started kind of playing into their hand, which is going up and down and not swinging the basketball and started with myself. so, just got to get better. >> cavs on peace to go 82-0. how nice is that. from one championship team to another. the title aspirations for the ohio state buckeyes are realistic. the buckeyes in prime time hosting nebraska at the shoe. first possession of the game, corn huskers quarterback tommy armstrong gets his pass tip
12:00 am
they go in for the score and take a 7-0 lead, felt like the game just started, then it is mike webber. he goes 23 yards for the touchdown, buckeyes on top. 14-3. they are making this look easy. scary moment here for nebraska, their quarterback, tommy armstrong falls on his head here. no chance protect himself. had to go to the hospital and did return to watch second half but scary scene for nebraska and for the game. curtis samuel, finds him in stride there, 75 yards for the hookup. ohio state winning that game, they improve to 8-1 on the year. they win the game against nebraska 62-3. the winless browns are getting set to host the dallas cowboys tomorrow afternoon at first energy stadium but while the browns are still in search of the first win and they face a tall task against dallas, they are going to get a big weapon back tomorrow on offense. corey coleman, the wideout from
12:01 am
overall draft pick, he will get back after breaking his hand in practice. it was a fluke injury that lead up to the third game of the season. he is back and ready to go and as you expect his teammates an coaches are thrill to geld coal man on the field tomorrow. >> corey is awesome. he is great player. i know he has been wanting badly to get back out there, he is just going through his injury process. but, yeah, he is excited and ready to go and the coolest is at practice he was saying it really helped to get a big mental jump on everything and take this time an use it wisely to stay in the playbook. he has done it great. he is excited to be out there. >> well, he is fast. you know, he is fast. an he was fast when he played against baltimore, and i felt like he i is even faster now. over the past, however long it was, he wasn't able to go out and play with his teammates he
12:02 am
stay on top of the play book and he is prepared himself from weak to week as if he was playing. is that can only help him, you know, to be able to make the transition back to the playing field. >> and don't forget, tomorrow morning starting at 11:00, sports director tony zarrella, bernie cozaar, bon will get you hooked up with the serpentini tailgate show, always fun to get ei here is the play of the day in college football. texas going in for the touchdown. that is deontea foreman going in, right? not so fast. texas tech ends up with the ball, douglas coleman of texas tech goes 100 yards to the house, incredible play. texas comes back to win though, 65-37. >> wow, that is incredible. that is good stuff. >> you think he is going in, but
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