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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there's a stand offin rockery river. a man wanted nextel cup with a shooting in lorain is holed up in his car, which is stuck right now behind a home on colehan drive. officers from several area police departments as well as the s.w.a.t. team are on the scene. sia nyorkor is live there as well. we'll have an update from her in just a few minutes. breaking news out of florida. janet reno died early this morning of complications of rk that's according to her g goddaughter. she was 78 years old. she was attorney general from 1993 to 2001 under bill clinton. we will have more on this story as well throughout the morning. we are also following breaking developments out of cushing, oklahoma. it's about an hour north of oklahoma city where a 5.0 magnitude quake has done significant damage. you can see it there from the pictures on skrur screen. the quake was felt as far away
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little rock, arkansas. when we get more information on this story, we'll be sure to let you know. >> brian: good morning, everybody. it is monday, november 7th. thank you so much for joining us. it's 6:00. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. in a little more than 24 hours the polls will open for the 2016 election. our coverage in a couple of minutes, but first, a chilly start this morning. did you feel it when you walked out of the house? >> brian: a little bit. then i looked at my and it was 38 when i was driving in this morning. >> tia: meteorologist samantha roberts has a look at what to expect. >> samantha: if you're just waking up with us at 6:01 on a monday, here's the school day forecast at the bus stop. bundle up the kids this morning. we have 30s and 40s as well. light wind, so that's good news for you. i expect wall-to-wall sunshine today. by lunchtime we'll be around 64,
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you're outside getting active. a 90% chance of outdoor recess today. upper 60s this afternoon, so the kids will definitely shed the coats this afternoon. you don't need it, right, when you're near 70 degrees. again, this morning it is on the chilly side. shaker heights, 43. good morning to you in strongsville, we're at 41, and if you wake up in brecksville, good morning to you as well. we're in the upper 30s. but if you think this is cold, some of you this weekend might get stuck in the 30s and 40s like all weekend long. we'll talk about it coming up at 6:15. laura. >> laura: 50s and 40s. that's half of what we were just dealing with. expect some traffic delays in independence all week long. water crews are on the scene out there. brecksville road just south of rockside road, and they're fixing a water break there. two to three lanes will be closed to traffic.
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pleasant valley road and just avoid that area. it's sure to get very congested. for the main map this morning, looking good. haven't had any major accidents out there. clear path for your monday morning. in akron, say story. a little yellow here on 76 through the barberton if gu northbound or headed towards canton. either path looks smooth right now. no problems through the kenmore closures in place. it should be wrapping up soon and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as those wrap up. drive times look good. mentor, canton, elyria and strongsville out the door to downtown cleveland looks good for you. how about that construction under the innerbelt bridge this week? we'll talk about it at 6:18. guys. >> tia: if this is your neighborhood, it's quiet and police come and ambulance show up. this is crazy. this is the breaking news we're
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river. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded a home where a man is inside of his car and has a gun. >> brian: this is on colehan drive. sia nyorkor is there with what's going on right now. sia. >> sia: i was thinking the same thing. it's still an active scene here where a man right down the street here at this home has barricaded himself in the car and refusing to get out. th enforcement, rocky river, lorain police, rocky river fire here negotiating with him and trying to get him out of the car peacefully. i'm told that no one is in any dang at this time. he's wanted and suspected of a
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so they chased him here to this neighborhood, and he has barricaded himself in that car, and they are right now negotiating and trying to get him out. so that is the very latest right now at this time. we're asking questions and trying to get answers for you all. we will update you on air and online as those answers come in. for now i get answers in rocky river, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: all right, sia. the clock it ticking down. we were like two weeks until election day and seven days and now we're right here. hillary clinton and donald trump make their final case to voters in several key states today. >> brian: this is close, too. this is what everybody is saying. trump rallied in the late hours last night in leesburg, virginia while clinton hit cleveland, pennsylvania and new hampshire. trump continued to hammer on the clinton e-mail controversy. >> this is a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it.
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>> i really believe that america's best years are still ahead of us. >> brian: today trump campaigns in five states and clinton will spend the evening in philadelphia joined by the first family. this is what the presidential race looks like in the buckeye state this morning. it's close. 46% are for trump, 45% for clinton. the margin of error is 4%. today is we're expecting long lines as early voting coming to an end. here is what you need to know. >> tia: that's right. it begins at 8:00 this morning and ends at 2:00 p.m. this is at every county in the buckeye state not just cuyahoga. early voting is available across the state from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. if you mail your absentee b ballot, it must be postmarked today. if you don't, you can drop it
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not a polling place. the polls open at 7:30 a.m. and open until 7:00 p.m. if early voting goes today like yesterday, pack your patience. >> the lines wrapped around the building down east 30th street to chester. those that took the opportunity over the weekend say they have today and tomorrow they took the opportunity and they just did not want to miss their chance. >> it's my first presidential election. i just became a citizenas i'm glad to be voting. i'm from mexico. >> i'm here to change the world. we're one vote, you know what i'm saying? one band, one sound. >> i feel like it's my duty as a citizen. >> i have voted since i was 18 years old. >> brian: once again, early voting ends at 2:00 p.m. today. >> tia: here's the drill one more time for you people. the first ballots are cast at 6:30 in the morning when the doors open at polling places. you have 13 hours to get your vote in.
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by 7:30 p.m., you will be allowed to vote. that's good news for people. when you do vote, extra police patrol will circle your voting locations. >> election officials on high letter and have officers keeping an eye for anything that's an issue. denise zarrella is getting answers for you this morning on what to expect to see at your polling location. d. >> reporter: i can tell you cax is right now. we're at a polling location at lakewood park. this is the lakewood women's club pavilion. there will be lots of people here tomorrow and lots of security especially in light of a terrorist tleft that came from al qaeda on friday. right now u.s. intelligents experts are trying to get to the bottom of who was responsible for the threat. of course, election officials expected to beef up security anyway because this election has
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very emotional for trump and clinton supporters, so they were planning extra security, but then came this terrorist threat. so we reached out to them and asked them questions about what they planned to do to keep you safe. this is what we got from them. they have 6,000 election officials ready to go in cuyahoga county alone. they are looking for any signs of voter intimidation and trouble-makers will be removed. and neutral. the campaign perimeter will be strictly enforced, and all police departments will be patrolling voting locations. over the weekend we heard from a professor who was also an expert in the military. he served in the military. this is what he had to say about those terrorist threats and what you should do with that information. >> issuing these notinotices, i there was not some chatter in
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to come to terms with the fact that we can't let it change our lives. >> reporter: so it sounds like he's saying this sounds like a legitimate threat. in the next half hour, what officials who are charged with your safety are asking you to do to keep yourself safe and everyone else safe. for now we ask questions and getting answers in lakewood, denise zarrella, clevela in a while, maybe you're confused where to go. your voter registration card has your address where the polling place is, but if you're not sure check your phone. download the free cleveland 19 mobile app and get all the information until the palm of your hands. if you turn on push alerts you can find out who wins when we send it to your phone.
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rest of the day and right up until every final vote is kounlted. 6:10 now. we are getting answers from the cubs fan who gets punched out in this viral video. we're going to tell you what his attorney says really happened. >> tia: cleveland police cruisers may not be without dash cams for long. what will happen at city council today that will get them one step closer to being installed. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, tia. most of us are fo morning. we don't have any issues in cleveland or akron. we have perfect visibility in these areas. but if you wake up with me around sandusky for you're traveling out to toledo this morning, be aware that there is so will pretty thick fog out there. visibility only about 3 miles in an dusky and it's worse in toledo. a closer look at today's forecast coming up after the break. >> brian: next, nichole vrsansky at the alert desk with
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about the death of former
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>> nichole: time is 6:14.
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alert desk with the latest out of florida this morning. former u.s. attorney general janet reno has died of complications of parkinson's disease. she was 78 years old. she was the first female attorney general. she served under bill clinton from 1993 to 2001. she faced criticism over the waco standoff and the elian gonzalez case during her tenure, but her candid manner brought fans that appreciated her offbeat image. at for "saturday night live" and many remember that cameo appearance in will ferrell. the cubs fan punched in this video by an indians fan after game seven wants to prosecute. alan anderson's attorney wants the unidentified man caught because the attack was unprovoked. >> i've never heard alan say to punch me. alan denies ever saying that he wanted to be punched.
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forward and turn the indians fan into police. another story throughout the day. this morning cleveland city council's safety committee takes the first step to get dash cams in police cruisers. he's going to authorize the director of finance to go ahead with the purchase and installation of cameras. we'll push out an update after they meeting this afternoon. rock 'n roll hall of fame, you might do a double-take as you drive by. >> brian: i love the cleveland ones all over town. it's all in red and says long live rock. it's awfully cool, i think. >> tia: "the plain dealer" reporting the sign will be dedicated on thursday after a big redesign of the museum. >> samantha: all right. good morning to you.
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we are in the 40s in cleveland. it's chilly out there, but no rain or anything for your morning commute. you should be just fine. i'll give you the green light there. midday commute, evening commute, it all looks dry. you need the sunglasses today. it's a sunny day, and our satellite and radar shows up completely employment. nothing going on out there. just a gorgeous day as we ease back into the work week. teps today look like this, 30s by 9:00 we hit 52 and 64 midday and an afternoon high around 3:00 of 68. we're pretty far above average. the average high this time of year only in the middle 50s. so we're overshooting that this afternoon. a little fog west of cleveland this morning. that should lift by mid-morning giving way to sunny skies for the whole day and clear skies tonight as well. the hour-by-hour rain chance
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there. i think election day could bring a little rain. let's talk about tomorrow's forecast a little more closely. morning forecast looks good. lots of sun, but as we progress through the day, clouds will increase and then i think by about 4:00 or 5:00, rain will move in from our west. i don't expect any thunderstorms or severe weather, but i do think the rain could slow us down on the roads. evening commute and those that plan to maybe swing by the polls after work. that's when i expect the rain to come in. 50 at 8:00 tomorrow morning and highs tomorrow in the lower 60s. we'll be just a touch cooler tomorrow, and then we get even cooler for wednesday. look at that. 52 on wednesday afternoon. the rain that moves in tomorrow afternoon late, remember, this is 4:00, 5:00 tomorrow, those showers are going to hang around through tomorrow night. then we might even see a little lingering rain wednesday
6:19 am
should be dry, and then i think we'll get through most of thursday and friday dry, too. look what happens on friday night. that is veterans day, by the way. a little rain moving in overnight, and it will be cold enough that it might even mix with the first snowflakes of the season. no impact here. it's not going to slow you down on the roads or anything. just going to be chilly this weekend, laura. we're only in the 40s most of the weekend. >> laura: brr. quite a change from this one, right? this is a changor you can expect some traffic delays all week this week. water crews on the scene out there on brecksville road just to the south of rockside road fixing a water main break. two to three lanes of northbound route 21 will be closed to traffic. in the meanwhile use east pleasant valley road as your reroute. all right. we're going to head to the maps now. things looking perfect all across the area in terms of highways. the commutes look really good. straight up 77 from akron,
6:20 am
construction, though. lots of construction projects, all these crews are out here trying to wrap up projects and get them done before we get to that wintertime. construction on canal road, right under the innerbelt bridge, or it would take you under it. this week both monday and wednesday they're going to close from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. that's what takes you from ohio city to tremont and vice versa. you can use 14th street as a strongsville to cleveland and akron into downtown, everything looks very, very green. we take you to that water main break in independence again coming up at 6:33. brian. >> brian: 6:20. another -- well, there's a lot of things i'd like to say about how the browns played yesterday. in four minutes bob golic will join us as we try to digest that awful game against the cowboys. we're looking for positives.
6:21 am
be positive. also, it's election eve. we have a live report regarding safety at your local polling place after terror threats but the fbi on high alert. >> brian: up next, an update to breaking news happening right now. this is a live picture. we have a standoff situation going on in rocky river. ? ? you hear my voice, you hear that sound ? ? like thunder, gonna shake your ground ? ? but i got up ? ? get ready 'cause i've had enough ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? ? roar, oh, oh, oh ?
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? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? oh, louder ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? i'm hillary clinton
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>> tia: we start with breaking news, we go back to rocky river, and that's the scene you're looking at right now. a man is wanted >> ni in connection with with the shooting in lorain. he's holed up in his car stuck behind a home on colahan drive. departments and the s.w.a.t. team are on that scene as you can see. of course, we have cleveland 19's sia nyorkor. she's live there as well, and will have an update in a few minutes. we go back out to sia at 6:30. brian. >> brian: thank you so much. i'm here with bob golic as we get ready for the browns conversation today, bob. here's where i want to start with this. everybody saw.
6:25 am
>> there was a game yesterday? oh. >> brian: tell me where the positives are from this browns season so far. >> positively haven't won a game. >> brian: i know, bob. >> positively the most dangerous place on the field is behind the center. >> brian: right. >> the center is pretty dangerous. >> brian: let's talk about that and show that video. this is cam irving. he's the number one pick out of florida state. a lot expected of him. >> there and ripped the guy's helmet off. then he used it to beat him. now, i say this. what good are helmets if you can't beat your opponent with it? i mean, that might be -- that's a little old school, but they're both getting thrown out here, because you're not supposed to use any part of your uniform as a weapon unless it's attached to you, i guess.
6:26 am
team in the future? >> he has to either grow up or -- i don't think it's immaturity. i think he doesn't focus. we see him with penalties. you see him doing all these things not right. getting beat on games up the inside. i don't know. maybe he's not comfortable playing center. i don't know. >> brian: they're talking about moving him already to tackle. we only have a couple seconds. what do you see from kessler? i think he looks okay. >> i think it's a good on, we take him and build him and less kessler take it down and let them battle it out. >> brian: thursday night, baltimore. is that a chance? >> yeah. it's a chance. unless you're putting money on it. then don't. >> brian: all right, tia. oh, man. >> tia: all right. time is 6:26. coming up it's the last day of early voting. what you need to know in five minutes.
6:27 am
center, and we can say a few chances of snowflake. is this for real? >> samantha: yes, this is not a lie this weekend. everyone keeps saying is it really going to snow? like i wouldn't say it on tv. >> tia: it's going to be dark forever it seems like. >> samantha: the sun sets today at 5:15. we might have some snowflakes rolling in this weekend. i said snowflakes and not a blizzard. just a little flakage.
6:28 am
6:30 am
>> tia: what a way to start your morning. you have to get to work and get the kids to school and this happens. this is in rocky river. a s.w.a.t. team has surrounded a home where a man is inside of his car, and they say he has a gun. >> brian: this is on colahan drive not far from inglewood. this is just north of 90. sia nyorkor is there with what's happening right now. sia. >> sia: >> good morning. it's a bizre neighborhood. it's still a very active scene. plenty of law enforcement here trying to negotiate peacefully to get that man out of his car. i'm told that he has barricaded himself in his car behind this home and is stuck in the mud and is refusing to get out of the car. so law enforcement is here trying to talk him out of it. they told me no one is in any
6:31 am
i'm also told that just earlier this morning that lorain police say he is wanted and suspected in a shooting there, and so this is how they ended up here in rocky river. you can see police here now. there's a little bit of activity going on, and they are trying to negotiate and get him out of that car. like i mentioned, still a very active sean. we're asking quest a trying to get answers for you. this standoff is still going on. for now here we will update you on air and online. i'm sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: we'll have an update at 6:45 stoos as soon as we get more information on the story. it's election day eve and i'm tia ewing. >> brian: our live team campaign coverages begins in a few minutes. let's check with sam roberts with the first alert forecast. what a weekend, sam.
6:32 am
in we keep it going today. warm, great weather today, but rain does return by tomorrow. that's election day, so some of you may need to take the umbrellas and the ponchos to the polls. we could also be seeing our first flakes of the season. snowflakes coming up this weekend. we'll talk about that and everything else weather-wise in just a bit. but i want to get you out the door this morning. you can see that we are completely dry, no rain or snow out there right now. it's beautiful, but if you live into a little fog this morning. please watch out for that on your drive in. maybe you're commuting today driving towards toledo. the closer you get to toledo, the foggier it is. especially closer to the i-75 corridor. please go slow in those areas. any fog that's around should erode by mid-morning giving way to wall-to-wall sunshine for today. our temperatures look like this hour-by-hour. a little cold right now, but
6:33 am
52 at 9:00, and then by 11:00 we are at about 61. you see this graphic on your tv screen. uh-oh. this is the first time this year i broke out any snow graphics. we'll talk about that little chance of snow this weekend coming up at 6:45. >> laura: live picture there. just kidding. this is a picture that you're not going to want to see, but it's the scene today and for most of the week here. the scene on brecksville road just south of rockside road fixing a water main break. two to three lanes of northbound route 21 will be closed to traffic, so your alternate is to use east pleasant valley road. it doesn't look like they're working there right now. hopefully we will see them out there, and they can get this repaired for everyone traveling through the independence area. that's a bift a headache. as for the highways in independence, those look fantastic and so do the rest of the highways on the map.
6:34 am
monday morning when it's more difficult. for the akron area, we look good. 76 to the west just moving a little slower from norton here as you move through towards 77 and maybe moving towards the canton area and massillon trying to go south. commutes are looking really, really good. drive times are on time. mentor, if you head to cleveland 28 minutes and 57 to canton, elyria to downtown 28 minutes and 19nb strongsville. we have construction at warrensville heights. we'll have that for you at 6:30. >> tia: it's a big story definitely. campaign 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump make their final case to voters in several key states one day before election day. >> brian: here's what we have, the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll out. clinton leads trump by 4 points nationally. craig boswell now with the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump
6:35 am
push in virginia overnight railing against the fbi's decision to exonerate hillary clinton over her e-mail controversy. >> this is a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. >> reporter: after reviewing thousands of newly discovered clinton e-mails, fbi director james comey penned another letter to congress sunday revealing investigators are standing by their july decision not to bring charges against the democratic nominee. >> we're glad this matter is resolved. >> reporter: clinton did not mention the fbi development as she rallied support in pennsylvania, ohio and new hampshire with the help of lebron james and james taylor. >> i really believe that america's best years are still ahead of us. >> reporter: clinton's e-mail saga haunted her throughout the entire campaign, despite the fbi's final decision, the issue continues to be a source of debate on capitol hill. in a statement sunday night, house speaker paul ryan used the topic to encourage americans to
6:36 am
simply believes she's above the law and always plays by her own rules. senate minority leader harry reid once again accused director comey of breaking the law for penning the original letter to congress writing he created a political firestorm 11 days before a presidential election merely to confirm what we already knew, that secretary clinton's e-mail practices were legal. voters will get their final say tomorrow when they head to the polls on >> brian: we're giving you an idea of where the nation sits this morning in the presidential race. a poll done by nbc and "the wall street journal" shows clinton up 5 points on trump. we expect new poll numbers later today. we get that information to you as soon as it comes out. today is the last day as early voting comes to an end. here's what you need to know. it begins at 8:00 this morning and ends at 2:00. >> tia: that's right. this is in every county in ohio and not just cuyahoga. early voting is available across the state from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00
6:37 am
if you mail your absentee ballot, it must be postmarked today so you must mail it today. if you don't, drop it off tomorrow but up only at your county's board of elections and not a polling place. the polls open tomorrow at 6:30 a.m., and they will stay open until 7:00 p.m. if early voting today goes anything like yesterday, you better pack your patience. the lines wrapped around the building down east 30th street to chester. those who took the opportunity over the weekend, they have to today and tomorrow, so this didn't want to miss their chance. >> it's my first presidential election. i just became a citizen last year. i'm glad to be voting. i'm from mexico. >> i'm here to change the world, you know what i'm saying? we're one vote, you know what i'm saying? one band, one sound. >> i feel it's my duty as a citizen. >> i've been voting since i've been 18 years old. >> tia: it starts at 8:00 a.m.
6:38 am
afternoon. in 24 hours poll workers gear up for a long anticipated election day. >> brian: with a controversial presidential election, security, of course, is going to be very tight. cleveland 19's denise zarrella is working the stoem this morning. shear he's to let you know what to expect tomorrow. >> denise: that's so much, duff. you can expect to see the probably a polling place like this controllingh we're here in lakewood right now. yes, heightened security in light of the terrorist attack threat that came on friday from al qaeda. they said that they would attack somewhere in texas, new york, possibly virginia and places here locally are taking no chances at all. in fact, they were expecting to put their security heightened anyway at that level, but as a result of this new threat, they're making more measures,
6:39 am
we reached out to election officials over the weekend, and they told us things they plan to do to keep you safe. here's some of them. they have 6,000 election officials ready in cuyahoga county. officials on guard looking out for voter intimidation. trouble-makers will be removed promptly and polling locations will be kept safe and neutral and the campaign perimeter strictly enforced. all police departments are patrolling the voting locations, and officials across the united states are asking everyone to remain vigilant. you to report it to keep you safe and everybody else safe, too. in the next half hour in the next live hit, we talk to a security -- actually a military expert that ways in on the security measures and how you should interpret the latest terrorist threat. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: cleveland public auditorium was jam-pack ford a hillary clinton rally on sunday
6:40 am
there with her. if you missed, you can find our entire rally on all of our digital platforms, facebook, and we sent out a push alert just as it was starting on cleveland 19 on our app. remember, all of our campaign coverage is right there. >> tia: time now is 6:40. if you are just getting up, a lot has happened since you went to bed, including a 5.0 earthquake in oklahoma. we have the latest damage assessment that just came in overnight. >> brian: also ahead, we check to see if teachersre closer to coming off the pickett line in lewisville in stark county in canton. we share what we learned overnight at 6:55. samantha. >> samantha: thanks so much, brian. it's 6:40 now. out the door with a check of that bus stop forecast. bundle up. we're in the upper 30s, and even some lower to middle 40s. no rain to track for you. just a little patchy fog west of cleveland. if you're in those areas, do watch out for little ones at the bus stop.
6:41 am
we'll talk about it coming up after the break. >> tia: we're also talking about this story. in fact, everyone is. how people are sharing their condolences this morning following the death of our first female attorney general, janet reno. we'll be right back. ok, anyone like coming in first place... in everything that matters? introducing the all-new 2017 ford super duty. aluminum alloy body heavy duty pick-up. it takes first place in every measure of tough: best-in-class towing. best-in-class payload. best-in-class horsepower. and best-in-class torque. winner, winner, chicken dinner. this is the next level.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. when it came to atlantic city it was all glitz and glamor, but it turned out to be a gold-plated scam. trump castle and trump plaza all went bankrupt. but he walked away with millions. it was the carpenters, landscapers, small businesses who helped build the place that got stiffed. and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. if that's what donald trump did here,
6:44 am
>> nichole: former u.s. attorney general janet reno died of complications of parkinson's disease. she was 78 years old. she was the first female 1 1993 to 2001. in central oklahoma in cushing crews survey damage overnight and into in morning after a 5.0 magnitude earthquake. from videos and pictures, there's significant damage. you can see rubble from century-old buildings littering downtown streets there. this is near one of the world's
6:45 am
crewing are assessing the infrastructure, but right now there are no reports of any problems. we continue to monitor a standoff situation in rocky river. police and s.w.a.t. activity in a normally quiet neighborhood as kids head the door to go to school. sia nyorkor is live on the scene with the latest developments. sia. >> sia: good morning, nicki. still a very active scene here in rocky river as police work to negotiate peacefully and get that man out of his stuck in his car refusing to get out of the car. he's wanted and suspected for a shooting that happened in lorain early this morning. police have been here overnight trying to get him peacefully out of that car. i'm told also that no one is in any danger at this time, but they do want people to be very patient and be aware of what's going on here in this
6:46 am
answers. for now i'm sia nyorkor in rocky river, back to you. >> tia: just an update real quick. we were talking about the fact where that's a neighborhood where parents have to get to work and have to get the kids to school and maybe as of right now not letting any traffic in. some traffic can come out, but they're not letting buses go in. here's a number to call if you are worried about that. it's 440-331-1234. again we don't want your kids to miss the bus this morning. >> brian: there's the number there, rocky river police. if you have any questions around the neighborhood. there's a guy in the car with a gun, and you have to make the decision on whether to send your kids to the school bus and will the bus get on the street. there you go. sam, what's up? >> samantha: let's look at what we have going on weather-wise. >> brian: a lot going on this morning. >> samantha: there is. my goodness. it's only 6:46. we have a long day ahead, right?
6:47 am
this morning, so i know i've been talking all morning. hey, it's going to be near 70 later, but just know that right now it is actually kind of chilly. you're at 36 in wooster. in canton another warmer spot, but only 34 in columbiana. i wouldn't grab the coat in some areas this morning. in fact, even in cleveland we're a little bit on the warmer side. a puffy coat might help you get through the morning. you won't need it this afternoon, though. here's the satellite a totally dry and no showers out there and no snow, nothing like that. i am tracking tomorrow's weathermaker, because today is super quiet. there is a cold front out to the west of minneapolis, and that's our election day weathermaker. here is that election day forecast. dry in the morning. front doesn't get here until very late in the date. to if you're voting tomorrow after 4:00 in the afternoon, that is when you might run into
6:48 am
be running above average. we're going fob in the low 60s. not quite as warm as today, though. look at today's forecast. 64 midday. 68 this afternoon with sunny skies all day long. watch out for just a little patchy fog west of cleveland this morning. for tonight, clear skies, temperatures stay in the 50s, and another above-average evening. 54 even through 11:00 tonight. i don't know about you, but when i gotn town this weekend, and i turned the air conditioner off before i left town. it was so hot when i got back to the house yesterday. so i don't know if you're like me. maybe you still have the air conditioner on. pretty soon you can turn that o off. check out wednesday, 52 and 56 on thursday. this weekend is anything but air-conditioning weather. i know. you see that on the screen? 46 on saturday.
6:49 am
forecast friday into saturday. slight chance we could see a little rain during that time mixing in with some snow. don't freak out though. i don't think it's anything serious. it's the first flakes the season and shouldn't impact your driving around or anything like that at all. >> laura: what was that s word? >> samantha: i know. i get nervous saying that one. >> laura: expect traffic delays in independence all week. water crews on the scene on brecksville road fixing a main break there. two to three lanes of northbound route 21 is closed to traffic. so in the meantime use east pleasant valley road. that's your detour to help you get around there. this is a busy part fortunate independence area. rockside road has high traffic moving towards 77 and 480. very, very busy spot. it's going to be right around here. highways moving not too poorly in the area right now. things moving well as we move towards rush hour. of course, we have slowdowns
6:50 am
street where that left lane is blocked. expect that to still be there. also to our east side, warrensville heights, warrensville road is closed between northfield and warrensville center road. that's through friday as they work through the project in the area. you use your detours there as well. strongsville, north olmstead and mentor and akron. downtown looks good for you. guys. >> thank you so much. time is 6:50. the stories you need to know before you go are next. >> brian: we go out live to rocky river. we're also going to tell you a little bit about this. this is when the indians fan punched a cubs fan after game
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sia: i'm sia nyorkor here in rocky river where police are in a snd connection with to a shooting in lorain. the man is holed up in a car in the backyard of a home. we will continue to monitor the developments and push out updates on our app all morning long. tia, brian. >> tia: thank you so much. expect to see a lot of people at county board of elections buildings today. >> brian: today is the last day for early voting, and to get your absentee ballots postmarked if you mail them in.
6:54 am
8:00 to 2:00 across northeast ohio. polls open tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. where you can expect heightened security. denise. >> denise: yeah, i'm denise zarrella in lakewood. you can expect to see heightened security here tomorrow when you cme out to vote because of a terrorist threat made by al qaeda allegedly. they said something would happen on the eve of the election. we will be following the latest developments on that and bring that to you through push alerts. you can get those pushing alerts by downloading our cleveland 19 app. brian. >> brian: former u.s. attorney general janet reno has died at age 79. reno's goddaughter said she died of complications of parkinson's disease. she was the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general. cleveland 19 has also learned that the cubs fan punched in the face that you see in the video here by an indians fan after game seven the world series now wants to prosecute.
6:55 am
wants the unidentified man caught because the attack was unprovoked. he hopes someone comes forward and turns in the guy to police. >> tia: teachers are on strike still in lewisville, and substitute teachers are on the job. student attendance was down friday due to the strike. we're following want developments there and will update you throughout the day on any progress being made. sam. >> samantha: thanks, tia. beautiful weather today. it is a little chilly this morning, and a lot of you wake up in the 30s and 40s. butoo 68 degrees, sunny skies, election day. that's tomorrow. and we'll have some rain around late in the day. i'm thinking about 4:00 in the evening onward there will be showers around. i want to draw your attention quickly to the end of your seven-day forecast. could have a few snowflakes mixing in with rain friday night into saturday, although there's the first flakes the season. no major impacts there. laura. >> laura: water main break in independence. you see where it is on the
6:56 am
we're very, very close to 77 and 480, that entire interchange backed up around rush hour four minutes away. the water main breaks on brecksville road right about rockside road. expect delays all week long here while they work to get it repaired. in the meantime you use east pleasant valley as your detour. drive times are no big impact on anything right now. moving well on the roads as we get to rush hour. >> tia: got to love monday. perfect day to s all over. >> samantha: an extra hour of sleep, right? >> brian: you want to make the switch to cle43, because we have a lot of breaking news going on. we have a standoff in rocky river. we've got janet reno that passed away and we have the latest what's happening with the election. >> tia: make the switch. cle43. have a great day, everybody. cle43. have a great day, everybody. >> brian: clickty click.
6:57 am
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