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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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like this one in l.a. carried on throughout the night. nichole. >> nichole: i'm at the alert desk tracking the overnight protests and looking atoday what we might expect to happen today. >> brian: donald trump is not the only one visiting president obama today. our world champion cleveland cavaliers will be in the white house as well. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, november 10th. thank you so much for joining us at 6:00 a.m. on this cold thursday morning. >> tia: that's right. i'm tia ewin early. the first thing you notice this morning, it is really cold outside. meteorologist samantha roberts has the wake-up forecast. how cold is it right now, sam? >> samantha: it's in the 30s, guys. we'll be excited about this stuff in january and february. we'll be like, oh, 38 is not bad. maybe a light jacket or sweater for that. i think this morning in november you probably want the coat, at least we're dry. that radar is completely empty, but the temperatures tell a
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westlake, good morning to you. we're at 38. 35 in lorain, elyria and wellington into the 30s. out on the east side of things, a lot of 30s here today. 36 in chardon, and just a little warmer across lake county this mor morning. we have a ways to go. with a gusty southwest wind we'll probably make it into the low 60s later today. by 9:00 i 53 at 11:00 and then an afternoon today around 3:00 of 63 degrees. but things are about to turn even colder. we'll talk about it coming up at 6:15. laura. >> laura: well, the cold doesn't affect the morning drive like it would if we had the wet stuff on the roads, right? so we move really, really well this morning. a lot of green on there symbolizes how well we are moving. no slowdowns and an easy commute
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i hope for it at least. 77 straight up and no real slowdowns here. we lost the left lane and it's the big complaint lately. it's still going to be gone. 77 on out towards 422 on 480. 60 miles per hour the whole way both directions, 271 straight up and down looking very on time this morning as well. drive times look good, strongsville to cleveland 19 minutes, 17 minutes from north olmstead, and 37 minutes inbound from n. i should also mention that 77 looks to be cleared up right at i-90 where we had the overnight work done and it was closed. the akron commute is coming up at 6:19. guys. >> tia: thank you so much. look at this video. this was a scene across the country while you were sleeping, thoughs of people in several u.s. cities spent the night protesting donald trump's presidential win. >> brian: they certainly did. nichole vrsansky has been at the alert desk all morning lost.
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protest developments. nicki. >> nichole: we've seen protests in chicago, seattle and los angeles. most were peaceful. look what happened in oakland overnight. this was the scene around 1:30 this morning. people lined the streets, blocked traffic. police had to use tear gas and they did have to make arrests after protesters threw rocks, bottles and firecrackers at them. a protest in manhattan drew about 1,000 people. it was so bigic on fifth trump tower - tia and brian. >> brian: thank you. look at this picture we spotted overnight. that's not our president spray painted on what students referred to as the rock at kent state university. >> students typically paint messages of free speech there, and this morning we're waiting to see if more protests will develop in downtown cleveland. >> brian: cleveland 19'sia nyorkor is getting answers for us downtown this morning as we
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protests taking place all over the city. >> good morning, brian and tia. it's quiet now, but last night protesters were out here enjoying dozens other cities all over the country in protesting president-elect donald trump. about 60 people gathered here on public square wednesday night blocking traffic and shutting down streets. many chanted and held signs peacefully proteg cleveland state university. some even sat in the middle of the street in playhouse square. they're not happy with election results and told us they believe it's important to speak out. >> i am mourning the loss of everything we have fought for for the past how many ever years for the rights of every single person in this country. this country was founded on immigrants and people who are being oppressed, and now millions upon millions of people
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>> sia: the protesters said this wasn't anything organized or planned. it just kind of came together through word of mouth and text messages and social media posts, but they kept it right nice and peaceful and marched down from public square all the way through downtown. for now i'm getting answers on public square. sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: while all this is going on, in washington morning president-elect trump will visit his future home after accepting president obama invitation. they'll talk about smooth transition of power. inauguration day for donald trump is january 20th. visiting the white house today is the cleveland cavaliers. president obama wanted to honor the squad in their world championship before the end of his term. right now there's no word if the cavs will cross paths with president-elect trump.
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mobile app, because sports director tony zarrella is also on that white house guest list. tony is streaming the cavs white house visit live. remember our app is free. >> tia: the search continues in lakewood this morning for a woman who hasn't been seen in more than three weeks. look at the screen right now. this is roa aldanun. she's 24 years ago old. lakewood police and the fbi are workin f she was last seen at her apartment on october 16th. she's 5'4" with tattoos on her left hand and wrist. she worked in lakewood. >> this is not her at all. she would always come to work and let people know where she was. >> tia: police say this is not a criminal investigation but is a missing persons case. as this story develops, we will continue to update you. police are also looking for want man who carried out two
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reserve university campus. both happened early tuesday morning. a man took a cell phone and money from two students. another student lost his phone a short time later, and police believe the cases are related. there have been five robberies in the university circle area in just the past two weeks. >> brian: 1200 gm workers will be laid oft in january. customers are shifting from cars to mid-size suv suspending the third shift. a spokesperson said gm will invest more than $900 million at a toledo plant and two others in indiana and michigan. they'll be celebrating at the akron/canton today when spirit airlines makes the snaug naul inaugural flight.
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second chance in baltimore on thursday night football. >> tia: the temperature is going down this weekend. we're getting answers about what you should make to do to make sure your furnace is running in tip-top shape for the winter. sam. >> samantha: yeah, it is cold out there this morning, tia. time is now 6:08. a lot of you wake up in the 30s. in cleveland i'm going to go with a 7:00 temperature of about 40, so moms, dads, everybody who is helping get the for school today, definitely want to put the big coats and maybe even some gloves on the kids, right? it is cold. no umbrella needed today, but tomorrow the weather changes in a big way. we're going to talk about it coming up after the break. >> brian: a lot of people say they're unhappy with the results of the presidential election. nichole vrsansky working an update at the alert desk.
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>> nichole: time is 6:11: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. a rocket attack at a government building this turkey. media reports say kurdish rebels used rocket launchers in this
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including a district governor. i also want to show you more video of anti-trump protests overnight. this is l.a. see the massive group of people blocking traffic on freeway 101 out there. in san francisco several hundred anti-trump demonstrators staged a sit-in outside of city hall. in st. paul, minnesota hundreds took to the streets there chanting donald trump has got to go. police say the shooting of five people in not related to anti-trump protests there. police are searching for that shooter right now. four men and one woman were shot outside a convenience store. two of them are in critical condition. we're also following breaking developments out of greece. a police officer guarding the french embassy was injured whether two attackers on a motorcycle through a hand grenade at him. no arrests yet, but president obama is set to visit athens on
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brian. >> brian: thanks. browns fans can have the weekend off from watching football because the browns play tonight. it's primetime thursday night football. 0-9 for all the world to see. how special is that? the browns play the ravens in baltimore. they kick tonight at 8:25. >> tomorrow we honor the armed forces with veterans day, but today we wish the united states marine corps a happy 241st bir birthday. that's when the first marines were put into service. if you know a marine, the proper way to agree them today is by saying happy birthday, marine. i didn't know that. learn something new every day. >> samantha: tomorrow's they're day, veterans day for everybody who served. be thinking about you all tomorrow. look at what we have going on weather-wise this morning. your drive in to work looks
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perspective. i don't expect any rain. midday drive, evening commute looks good. three green lights there for quiet drive in and a quiet drive back home. doppler max is totally empty. no rain to get you out the door this morning. we will be rain-free all day. i'm to go with a mostly sunny forecast today. an afternoon high of 63, but very windy on this thursday. winds may be sustained up to 20 miles per hour, and we might see some tonight up to 30 miles per hour. those winds are howling late in the day. it's not too windy but it's breezy. current temperature is 37 degrees. it's cold, but by 9:00 we jump up about 10 degrees to 47. 58 at lunchtime, and then by 3:00 we hit that high of 63. that's actually about 10 degrees above average for today. so even though it's really cold
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we'll be running a little higher than what you might expect for this time of year. rain-free today and tonight also looking excellent. i've that hour-by-hour chance of rain this evening at zero. i do not expect any showers for any of your overnight plans, but tomorrow things change just a little bit. i want to focus on your veterans day forecast. about 51 tomorrow, so a lot cooler, and there will be more clouds around. also a little on the windy side, and you might r sprinkles or a little drizzle tomorrow. i don't think we're going to get poured on or anything like that. but it will be a little misty from time to time, and then we should clear out just in time for the weekend. here's your full seven-day planning forecast. 48 on saturday, and that's one cold start to the weekend. the second half of the weekend looks good, mid-50s, and a little warmer. next week we'll probably stay in the mid to upper 50s at least
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minimal all weekend. i really don't have anything on there until monday night, and then it looks like we're dry by tuesday. laura. >> laura: that helps out with the commutes if anyone is still driving those times. you definitely want to be having smooth commutes for you. smooth drives anywhere you travel. out there on the roads if you hit the roads this morning, we have easy stuff for you. no problems. in fact, we've been accident-free all morning long. akron has been the same story, so 76 to the west, 76 te east headed towards the central interchange there, no problems. then coming from canton, massillon and you're headed northbound towards akron, 64 miles per hour, and then 55 miles per hour right near the interchange there at 224. drive times on time. 28 minutes mentor to cleveland. canton to cleveland is 56 for you. 27 minutes inbound from elyria right now, and strongsville is straight up on 71. that is a 19-minute perfectly on-time commute. as for what's going on construc
6:17 am
rta-wise, we have an alert for you at 6:33. >> brian: thanks very much. just about 6:15. as sam just mentioned it's chilly. it's actually cold right now. a cold front is moving in tomorrow. >> tia: that's right. cleveland 19's denise zarrella is getting answers about furnace and fireplace safety for us this morning. good morning, denise. >> denise: good morning. you don't want to be left in the cold in temperatures like this. hey, this is just the beginning, right? you want to keep the furnace going, so we thought now is remind people to get the furnace checked out. we went to the experts at w.f. hand & sons and asked the top three things our vee viewers need to know to get the furnace ready. here's what they had to say. >> the first thing is if you start hearing noises you're not used to, you'll probably want to have somebody come out and look at it.
6:18 am
and do routine maintenance, make sure it's safe, make sure it's working properly. one of the most important things to me that a customer can do is the air filter. you know, you always want a clean air filter depending on what time of air filter you have. you may have to change it once a month. some you have to change twice a year. >> denise: that's really important, isn't it? >> yes, it's really important. all customers should know how t change their filter. >> denise: i'm told if you do nothing else, make sure you change that air filter. one of the things that the gentleman you just heard from is he sees a lot of customers do incorrectly is they don't have the air filter, this arrow points in the right direction. make sure this airflow arrow points towards the furnace. in the next half hour, we take you upstairs to my fair place, and we will talk about how to
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safely. guys. >> tia: thank you so much for that, denise. taking us inside your crib. time is 6:19. we're continuing to monitor the overnight anti-trump protests that occurred not just here in cleveland but across the country. >> brian: nichole vrsansky has been working all morning at alert desk. she'll have the newest video for you in just about nine minutes. >> tia: next, we get answers about why spending too much time on your smartphone could damage
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[ music ] >> brian: here's a live look at the feazel roof cam. this day in rock history was 1993. was it that long ago? are you kidding? the loaf had the number one song in the country. my man meat with i would do anything for love but i won't do
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meatloaf. i hope he's okay. go to our facebook page and check out rock trivia and enter to win tickets to a dinner and a show at the hard rock rocksino. we're getting answers this morning. it's a new study on how smartphones may be robbing us of some sleep. it's the blue light. researchers in san francisco tracked hundreds of users over a month. now, the longer you were on these phones, it's linked with poor sleep quality and less sleep overal phones were used near bedtime. >> tia: this is strictly for iphone users looking for a mate with hoping of one day calling canada home. look now further. there's this app for that. maple match hopes to get you hitched with a canadian and is using this election to do it. move over tinder. eharmony. >> jeff and kate decided to try eharmony. >> and >> jackie joined match.
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app store five days ago. it's called maple match. the symbol? the maple leaf. the national symbol of canada. the site hopes to get you hitched with a canadian all because of this. >> i love this country. >> donald trump becoming president of the united states. maple match is bold and straight to the point with tongue and cheek humor. it says worried about life under a trump presidency? that question right on the home the 25-year-old developer from texas may be onto something considering this happened as the presidential election results were still coming in. canada's main immigration site crashed before the results were even counted. and this dating app hopes to get your results asking survey questions about romance and politics, beliefs and habits, and the app even wants to know your desired citizenship for your plans to one day call
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well, for the story i decided to download the app to see how it really works, and some of the features were not available to me. i didn't understand why. i found out it's because more than 5,000 people in just a few hours have tried to set up an account and so some things you can't do right now. if you want to go to canada, hey, i guess, maple match is for you. see you. time is 6:25. we've been tracking not our president protests across the country all night >> brian: check out this one in louisiana overnight. some of the protests against president-elect's donald trump's election were destructive. nichole vrsansky is in at the alert desk tracking the protests. >> samantha: i'm trying to show you a camera at cedar point, but i don't know what's going on with my cameras. hang on. let's try another one. i guess we're not looking at cedar point. let's go to downtown cleveland.
6:26 am
we go. there it is. we look good outside. it's so cold my cameras are frozen. we look at when things warm back
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. >> brian: good morning. new this morning, thousands take to the streets to protest donald trump's win. demonstrators across the country carried flags and anti-trump signs. they disrupted traffic as they refused to accept the reality
6:29 am
>> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk tracking the overnight protests and looking ahead to what we expect to happen today. >> tia: hours after the results of this controversial election, the cavaliers will spend the day in d.c. at the white house. good morning. it's thursday, november 10th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. right now in cleveland it is cold. it's cold everywhere. meteorologist sam roberts getting our forecast. sam, beyond brisk i wou this morning. >> samantha: yes, it is. it's brisk and a couple of other things, too, right? we're in the 30s. my goodness, grab that big, heavy coat and this is the coldest it's been in quite some time. it is 6:29 on this chilly start to your thursday morning. doppler max showing up dry. at least we don't have to drive through any rain, but you might want to grab a coat and maybe some gloves and crank the heat up in the car. cleveland is 37. that's not our coldest spot if
6:30 am
canton. it's 34 here, and we're checking in at 33 in new philly. i zoom in closer to cuyahoga county. 38 in parma. good morning to you in strongsville. we're in the mid-30s, and a chilly 34 in shaker heights. i have a few 40s here. lakewood and euclid running at about 41 degrees. so it will be a cold morning at the bus stop for the little ones, but lunchtime will be a little bit warmer. upper 50s there. this is your school day forecast for low 60s, so i think the big, heavy coats are coming off, right? it's that time of year. cold in the morning, and sometimes it can be a little bit warmer during the afternoon. the other big weather story for today in addition to all the sunshine we're going to have is the high winds. winds today may be sustained especially this afternoon up to 20 miles per hour. we might even see some 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts, so hang onto your hat. i'll have that weekend forecast
6:31 am
>> laura: still been an easy day on the roads. we haven't had many troubles and had earlier construction that wrapped up. 77 was closed at i-90 for overhead signage work. the lanes are now open for you. if you drive through now, no problems there. you can see all the green in that entire area we just talked about, that corridor. in fact, the entire map, so commutes look pretty good, but what about rta. coming up this weekend the green line between shaker square and green road will all be busting. you catch it at the normal stop. you'll get to the buses instead while they work on track work. drive times look good. strongsville to cleveland 19 minutes, 17 minutes from north olmstead and mentor to cleveland is a 28-minute drive. your west side commute is coming up at 6:49. guys. >> tia: it's been more than 24 hours since donald trump was elected predz president, and this is the up scene in more
6:32 am
country. >> brian: people are protesting. that's their right, right? this video is new from los angeles. nichole vrsansky is in the alert center with similar video from other cities. nicki. >> nichole: good morning. some incredible video coming into the newsroom from the protests. look at the scene overnight in portland, oregon. you can see the wheels of this car spinning sending clouds of smoke into the air. this is at the same time thousands of people were protesting in the streets there against donald trump. we have not heard of any this point. in chicago about 2,000 protesters shut down parts of lakeshore drive, which runs around the heart of that city. hundreds of people also formed a wall around the trump tower there. no arrests and no injuries reported there either. we have some breaking news to tell you about near pittsburgh. two police officers have been shot and a man hunt is now under way for the suspect. this is a developing situation.
6:33 am
morning. the officers' conditions are not known, but we know that one was airlifted to the hospital. we do not know what led to this incident. tia. >> tia: all right, nicki. thank you so much. look at this. we posted this to the cleveland 19 facebook page. three flags at three oberland elementary schools were found upside-down after the election. the school district is reviewing surveillance cameras to see who did this. so far no we've talked about the national protests across the country after donald trump has been elected as president, and we're seeing some of that protest go down right here in cleveland. >> brian: not to the magnitude in other cities, however. sia nyorkor continues our team coverage. she's live at public square for us. sia. >> sia: yes, good morning, brian and tia. yes, cleveland joins dozens of other cities that are coming together to protest president-elect donald trump. last night they gathered and
6:34 am
square. now, more than 60 people gathered here on public square and marched their way through downtown cleveland blocking traffic and shutting down streets. they walked from public square to cleveland state university holding signs and chanting. several joined when they saw them, and some sat in the middle of the street in playhouse square. protesters told us they want to see peace and change in our country. >> if the trump presidency doesn't serve the homeless, doesn't serve the hungry people that are transgender or people that are under the lgbt umbrella that we're going to try to do something we can ourselves. even if that's something small, something person-to-person. >> sia: the protesters told us this was very grassroots and unorganized. in fact, it came together through a series of text messages and social media posts. many of them told us that they were glad that people from all
6:35 am
could get together and peacefully protest this way. we're getting answers here at public square, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thanks, sia. president obama has an interesting agenda today at the white house. he invited president-elect donald trump to talk about the transition of power and also the defending world champion cleveland cavaliers will be there. quite a day. the cavs visit, of course, at the invitation of the president who is a big fan of the game and big fan of the bulls, too. elhonor the world champion traditionally the president plays host to every major sports team that plays a title, but obama wanted to get the cavs in before the end of his term. so that's what the president is doing. it's a double-dip day for cleveland in and around washington, d.c. tony zarrella will be at the white house with the cavs, and then tonight he will be covering the brownies as they try, they try to get that first win of the season. thursday night football against the ravens in baltimore.
6:36 am
starting on "cleveland 19 news" at 4:00 this afternoon. >> tia: a search for a miss being lakewood woman continues this morning. the 24-year-old hasn't been seen since october 16th. if you know anything call lakewood police. the number is on the screen. the fbi says this case is suspicious because danoon left her 3-year-old all alone. she's 5'4" tall and has butterfly tattoos on her left hand and wrist. 6:36 now on your thuda >> brian: we have learned it afters mine. he's suspended from the football team indefinitely. we have answers about an ohio man accused of trying to send money to isis. we first told you about this monday when he was arrested. his name is aaron daniels.
6:37 am
judge for the first time. tia. >> tia: well, you see this right here. it's called dumpster diving. women and men all across the u.s. are doing it. i tried, but i didn't have any real luck. angel jones has a youtube channel and has been diving for two years. she's made already $8,000 from reselling makeup that she found in the dumpster. she also found a macbook pro, diamond earrings and that's not all. her entire home, furnished with ng she's come face-to-face with rats and has this warning. >> you're in contact with germs. you have to be careful not to stick yourself, because meem do -- especially diabetic ba patients throw their needles into the garbage. you have to be careful. it's so important to get gloves. >> tia: we checked with our lawyers first before i decided to jump in.
6:38 am
trespassing or scavenging depending on the stet you're in. on public property, you have to be careful. people think you're doing identity theft rum mrajing through the trash. we have warnings on our website and the full story as well on and you can get it on the mobile news app. >> brian: interesting. people do throw out stuff that other people would see as valuable. i don't know that i'd want to be jumping in the trash. >> she's found gift cardsh >> brian: how do they get in the trash? >> tia: people forget they have money left on it. it's happened. >> brian: interesting. check out this video we just got in from vancouver, canada. >> tia: some tourists in stanley park went for an unexpected ride after a pair of horses pulling their carriage were spooked during an anti-pipeline protest.
6:39 am
protesters and someone hit a horn and scared the horses. it through one woman completely off. several people proceeded to jump off carriage. no one was hurt in that incident. i would be terrify. >> i under why they were jumping off. >> i think thought it would going in the water. it was pretty close. i don't know what i would have done. you don't know. all right. time is now 6:39. 45 days, have yo christmas shopping? >> yeah, i'm done. >> 45 days until christmas. yeah, right. two different things that are taking place that might make this morning feel like christmas eve. denise. >> denise: i'm denise zarrella in avon lake. it will get cold this weekend. your furnace is probably already going, but are you thinking about building a fire? what you need to know to stay safe. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, denise. time is now 6:39, and this is
6:40 am
outside today. of course, a little cold this morning, but look what happens at 11:00. 53, and 63 this afternoon with sunshine and windy conditions. now, tomorrow it's going to be colder than this. no 60s on veterans day. we'll talk about it coming up after the break. >> brian: we are getting answers out of western pennsylvania. this is breaking news. two police officers were shot. this took place in canonsburg just outside nichole vrsansky has an update about this coming up next. look, anyone who thinks you gotta make a truck heavier to make it stronger, has been workin' too long without a hard hat. meet the all-new 2017 ford super duty. they cut weight with a high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body and reinvested a big chunk of it to beef up the high-strength steel frame.
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>> nichole: time is 6:43. breaking news near pittsburgh, two police officers have been schott and a manhunt is underwair for the suspect. this is a developing situation. one local tv station reported the crews had to be moved to a safer location around 4:00 this morning. neighbors heard gunshots and they heard an officer yelling out to see if his partner was okay. we do not know the conditions of the officers at in the up time or what led to this incident. we also have new video to
6:44 am
following a hand grenade attack on an officer guarding the french embassy there. president obama is planning to visit tuesday, and left wing organizers plan to hold protests during the visit. meanwhile, we've been monitoring protests overnight in more than 25 cities throughout the country. this is portland, oregon. you see thousands of people taking to the streets there. they shut down enter at a time 5 for some time. no arrests but police say there was some damage done to some another developing situation we've been monitoring all morning long. five people shot in downtown seattle outside a 7-eleven. police are actively searching for that suspect there as we speak. we're told this is not related to anti-trump protests going on there. tia. >> tia: thank you so much. today is the ribbon-cutting of the much-anticipated cleveland clinic avon hospital. this new facility is next to richard e. jab cobs health
6:45 am
the new hospital won't open to patients until monday. when we get video today of what it looks like on the inside, we will post it on the cleveland 19 mobile news app. >> brian: not the house but the big huge tree right behind it. it's cut down today to begin its journey from upstate new york to manhattan. this tree has been selected to be this year's rockefeller center's christmas tree. 94-foot norway spruce will be lit up with 50,000ig >> tia: that sounds amazing. if that sdint get you into the christmas spirit, maybe this will. today starbucks will begin selling their holiday cups. there are 13 unique designs this year, and get this. from today through sunday if you order a holiday drink from starbucks between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., you will get a second drink for free. >> samantha: that's a good deal for their $500 coffee, right?
6:46 am
>> tia: you should get two for the price of one. take note, starbucks, you heard it first from sam. >> samantha: i'm not a cheapskate. >> they do a great job. we do stories on the color of their cups. that's how huge they've become. we just did! >> tia: i know. >> brian: the red cups and green cups. oh, my god. they changed the color of their cups. >> tia: oh, my goodness. it celebrates christmas. the controversy over the red cup? it was plain. people were mad about that and drew christmas trees. you remember that? >> samantha: i remember some controversy. some internet hysteria, right? look at what's going on this morning. time is 6:46. you know, whether you like sar starbucks or dunkin or phoenix coffee right here downtown or vintage coffee and tea right across the street from us, they have great coffee by the way.
6:47 am
it's a good morning for chain coffee or local coffee as long as it's hot. 37 in cleveland. now some of you wake up in the lower 30s. it is very, very chilly down around wayne county, about 32 degrees there. those are some of the colder spots. no rain, so your drive in to work or maybe you're brave enough to get outside and run this morning, maybe you're training for something, it's going to be a cold but dry start. i have a little cloudiness developing here along the lakeshore, but these cloud cause any problems. they're not going to produce any rain. tomorrow, though, there is a chance for at least a little light rain, and it's kcourtesy f this front over the northern plains. this system is going to be dropping in tomorrow morning and could two things for us both on veterans day. the first is bring us more clouds and that rain hans. the second thing is it will cool us off. look at today's family. 48 at 7:00 a.m., not bad.
6:48 am
warm. we don't warm up really at all and stay around 50 all day, and with the wind factored in it will be a raw, drizzly day. today, though, anything but raw and drizzly. it's very pretty. lots of sunshine out there, and again, cold to start. it's 37 right now, but by 9:00 47 and 58 mountain dade and about 63 at 3:00. that's the high for the day before we drop back into the 50s by about 6:00 or 7:00 rain-free today and tonight. that hour-by-hour chance of rain is zero. the next two days very blustery. i like that word, blustery. it sounds more optimistic than windy. winds will back off for the weekend. weekend looks fantastic, 48 on saturday. a little cold, but sunday we warm it right back up into the mid-50s, and laura, i think we'll stay there into next week.
6:49 am
>> laura: not bad up 77 right now coming up northbound. see where that yellow is? i can seement camera across the right right now. it's clear. as you move through there, not so bad yet. this is a big complaint lately. we had those issues since they closed that left lane that was open while the innerbelt bridge was worked on. the rest of 77 looks good. the rest of the map really looking good. a slowdown from 271 onto 480, and that's the rest of the way westbound on 480 you don't have any problems. to the west now, 60 miles per hour all along i-90 as you pass through rocky river, lakewood. no slowing down all the way to the split. 71 past the airport over 480 on time through the metro curve. not even slowing down at the metro curve. that's good stuff. no accidents or broken-downs out there. mentor to cleveland 28 minutes, 58 from canton, elyria and strongsville are on time to
6:50 am
out from you understand those covers this morning. i knew it was cold outside. sam said a cold front is really on the way. >> brian: so your furnace has probably already kicked on. i know mine has a couple of times. you have to make sure everything is ready to go. that includes your fair place. denise zarrella is live in avon lake getting answers this morning. hey, d. >> denise: my furnace was going through the night. there's nothing like building a fire, right? first, you kn do the stories about furnaces and carbon monoxide poisoning, so we want to go to the experts to find out how to keep your family safe, and here is what the experts at w.f. hand ands & sons had to say. >> with fossil fuel burning far thatses, natural gas and oil and pro
6:51 am
of carbon monoxide, and when that happens your furnace is unsafe and that's how people get sick from carbon monoxide. >> denise: important to have a carbon monoxide detector? >> yes, very important to have a detector. i always recommend two. you know, maybe one for the first floor and maybe one for the second floor. the reason i say two is in case one decides not to work, you have a backup. >> denise: all right. as experts say use season firewood, a firewood-like oak and make sure it's been stored in a dry place for six months. you don't want creosote behind. once a year you should have a chimney sweep come out. now is a good time to look at your chimney especially looking for cracks in the chimney that could cause problems.
6:52 am
stay warm. >> tia: great advice. the time is 6:51. the news continues at the top of the hour on cle43. >> brian: 25 cities including cleveland seeing these anti-donald trump protests overnight. that's one story you need to
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> tia: welcome back. before you head to work or school, here are the stories you
6:55 am
>> brian: anti-trump protests were carried out in 25 cities include downtown cleveland. sia. >> sia: i'm sia nyorkor here in pub square. it began and ended here at state university. it remains peaceful. we're waiting to find out if others will organize and gather today. tia. >> tia: all right. a few lakewood police are working with the fbi to track down roaa suspicious. >> brian: they're looking for a man that carried out two robberies on university circle. three students lost cell phones and cash. police believe the cases are related. there have been seven robberies in the university circle area in the past two weeks. >> tia: our world champion cleveland cavaliers are at the white house today.
6:56 am
on winning the nba title in june. tony zarrella will be there. we have live streaming on the facebook page and live on-air reports beginning at 4:00 p.m. sam. >> samantha: time is 6:56. we're headed for the 60s today, but i tell you, it is cold outside this morning. widespread 30s, so big, heavy coat on your way out the door. lots of sunshine today, and a little on the windy side. but tomorrow looks even colder. 51 on veterans day. >> tia: hard to believe it's going fto be 63, you know? >> laura: we have a super easy day on the roads this morning. the metro curve the last few days, too, we had zero problems. gos gosh, it's so shgs so breezy getting through there. i hope it stay that way at rush hour. >> tia: i hope so, too. make the switch to cle43,
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs it is thursday, november 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect donald trump heads to the white house in just a few hours to meet with president obama. republicans in already plotting how to repeal obamacare. >> dozens of protesters in several cities. >> inside a data firm that accurately predicted donald trump's win. what they saw that everyone else missed. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds.


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