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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: i know. you're probably watching this like what is going on? look at this video into the newsroom at 2:30 this morning. that's a barge full of fireworks that caught fired in orlando saturday night during the come out with pride celebration. organizers there still aren't saying what started the fire. the best news, though, no one was hurt. nicki. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk tracking reaction to president-elect donald trump's interview on 60 minutes. we've been tracking protests across the country overnight and hear from northeast ohioans. >> brian: the search is on four a teenage boy that disappeared last week. good morning, everybody. it is monday, november 14th. thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. i'm brian duffy.
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on facebook, twitter and snapchat. this moment, the moon is closer to the earth than it has been in 68 years. look at the screen right now. the full moon also known as super moon won't come this close against until 2034. it's not just trending online here but all around the entire world. meteorologist samantha roberts has been moon-watching all morning. she has the fore. ccr stuck in my head this morning. if you poke your head outside to catch the super moon, you should have no problem seeing it unless you're like me and had to drive through downtown. what moon? all i see are buildings. hopefully you can see it. when this map starts turning carolina blue, it is cold outside. we have a lot of you waking up in the 30s, so my super moon
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34 in akron, new philly, oh, my goodness, 25 degrees. cleveland at 40 right now. 32 in wooster and if you wake up in ar when, good morning to you. we're in the mid-30s. i don't think we'll get into the 50s until much later this morning and into this afternoon. i went 53 at lunchtime, 58 at 3:00 with lots of sunshine. big warm-up on the way. we'll talk about it at 6:15. laura. >> laura: it's an easy day out there on the roads, and that's sticking with us as we move into 6:00's hour. 7:00 is far away from him and rush hour is far away. if he with sail through the rest of the day like this easy breezy, that's just fine with me. no slowdowns are reported at all, and no major construction projects. we have a movie shoot in the cleveland heights area. it will affect lower shaker lake, and it's starting about
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there could be some possible traffic issues along north park, especially later on the in day because they have to close off traffic a couple of times while they work on the movie shoots. drive times, no issues. akron commute, speaking of, coming at 6:19. we're losing this country. we're losing this country. that's why i won the election. >> brian: for the first time since winning the white house we hear from donald trump. >> tia: this is what trump had to say when asked about reports of sppts harassing minorities. his first two appointments to his administration are drawing reaction from both sides of the
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majority whip steve ska lease both applauded rinst preeb yus and less were less enthusiastic at steve bannon. a spokesman for senate minority lead harry reid said the choice signals that white supremacists will be represented at the highest levels in trump's white house. house speaker paul ryan smoke about the >> i don't know about steve bannon. i trust donald's judgment. >> reporter: trumps appointments cake amid his first post-election interview to lesley stahl on 60 minutes. he stood on choosing supreme court justices. >> if it were overturned, it would go back to the states.
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to get an abortion. >> he appeared to soften on his campaign pledge to build a wall. >> would you accept a fence? >> for some areas i would. >> and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's e-mail practices. >> i'm going to think about it. they're good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> inauguration day is just 66 days away. hannah daniels for cleveland 19. >> tia: keep in mind, did since becoming president-elect. we wanted torn how northeast ohio is feeling this morning. >> brian: denise zarrella is at at diner on the west side and working to get answers for us this morning. d. >> denise: we are here, as you mentioned, at my friends restaurant this lakewood where people are starting to wake up and customers trickle in here. we want to r hear people's reaction, and overnight we did a little digging because this was
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enter with lesley stahl. there was a lot talked about. we went looking for a place to find some of the major bullet points that were boiled down in the best possible way, and we came across this great website called they gave us some of the biggest take-aways from that hour-long interview. look at this. we'll share a few of them. he spoke very highly of hillary clinton, bill clin to and both president bushes. another like the wall he promised to built is more along the lines of a fence. although he admitted he doesn't like it, mr. trump is working with lobbyists and special interest groups he rallied against his campaign. one of the first customers that came into my friends restaurant this morning, we interviewed him about what he thought was interview. he dent sigh it live but read the text and shared his thoughts.
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shot straight. he wasn't dancing around things. he just said it like it was. it is indelicate and insensitive for sure, but he calms it like it is. i for one appreciate that. >> denise: and we would like to hear even more from you. so i actually sent out a tweet a short time ago. tweet at me and let me know what you minutes interview and we'll talk about those in the next half hour. for now we're asking questions and getting answers at my friends restaurant in lakewood, denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> brian: thank you. 6:07 now. after the interview aired, some were expecting or some thought there might be some silence with the protests around the country. the good news is that didn't happen. >> tia: nicki is tracking what happened overnight.
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in new york, los angeles, san francisco, portland and other places, but none were violent as you mentioned. this is one in champaign, illinois. it was a candlelight vinyling jit and a chance to express hopes and fears. the atmosphere was calm and not always political. >> you got people protesting in the streets, but protesting is not the way to do it. you got to come together and work these things out. >> nichole: here's new video from tulsa, organization embrace yourself rallied and hope all americans find a way to unite. organizers say they want america to be a place where there is liberty and justice for all. we'll also be monitoring what develops in akron tomorrow night. there's a rally from 11:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. into wednesday morning. we have a pilot's video going viral. we'll show that to you coming up. tia and broin.
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morning. we know around this time people are hustling and bustling around the house. this is an important story because a kid is missing for nearly a week. the search for a missing 16-year-old boy continues. >> brian: he was last seen going to school last week. sia nyorkor is getting answers on how to find alexander mullins. >> cleveland police are looking for alexander mullins. he was 16 years old and approximately 6 foot tall and he was last seen on wednesday november 9th going to school at wash park. if you have any information, call 216-623-5318. against, that's 216-623-5318. coming up in the next half hour, we will show you how people are using social media to get the word out about alexander. back to you. >> tia: thanks so uch many
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some relief pour team at the west side market. the new parking lot is open this morning and that's 128 parking spots. in 30 minutes we show you why vendors are also grateful for the newly opened lot. roughly ninth consecutive school day teachers won't be in the classroom in the lewisville school district. yesterday a caravan of parents and students drove through the small stark county community and then they held a public meeti frustrations. >> that's what i care about. how do i get my kid back in school if half ez to in charge won't talk to us? the answer? the only answer is convincing them to sit down. >> brian: there were no school administrators at the meeting. parents urge them to figure out a way to get a deal done here. until then, a substitute teaching firm is keeping classes
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>> tia: this is a mugs watch. a program alert now. one of northeast ohio's finest young scholars will xeept on "jeopardy" tomorrow night. this is jasmine wheeler, a freshman at western reserve academy in hudson. tune in here and cheer little jasmine on. >> brian: hopefully she gets it done. 6:11. saving money is tough for everyone including grn- ways to make the concept seem a big easier to understand. >> also ahe had had, you see it. the deconstruction is overwhelming. new video from the war-torn syrian town of aleppo. >> samantha: it's not too cold to go outside and check out want super moon. i've done it for you. here are the view so you can see it from the warmth of your couch our kitchen.
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super moon.
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>> nichole: time is 6:14. i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk monitoring developments in a deadly
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zealand's south iland. a navy ship is on the way to help people stranded because of damaged roads. >> the roads are blocked off. the only way through is flying people in and out. >> nichole: damage to the main highway has completely cut off transportation. emergency officials say 1,000 tourists are stranded. the quake triggered a tsunami about 6 feet high. residents along the east coast were told to move to higher ground. another story i'm people in rebel-held aleppo are fleeing as we speak. text messages wentz out yesterday to urge respects to level in 24 hours before a strategically planned assault is launched. rebels have been ordered by the regime to put down weapons and renounce their leadership. those are some of the stories i'm keeping my eye on this morning. tia and brian, back to you over. >> tia: encouraging news coming out this morning for the fight against climate change.
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dioxide are on the clean dine. the slowdown of co2 can be attributed to less coal use. researchers hope this is a big leap ahead to global reduction of carbon emissions. >> brian: maybe you saw it last night. if not, at some point this morning before the sun comes up peek your head out the door and check out moon. most of us haven't seen the moon look this big and bright. they because it's as close to the earth it's been since 1948. that's a long time i know, because that's the last year the indians won the world series. >> tia: yes, it is. >> samantha: it is. i wish they'd been able to repeat that this year. wouldn't that have been ironic? closest approach of the moon, another win? i'm still not over it. >> brian: are you still -- >> tia: i'm not over it either, sam. >> samantha: that's all right. we'll get through monday together this morning.
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morning. it's not like in your face big, but it is going to appear bigger, the moon itself is not actually bigger. a super moon is bigger-appearing than a non-super moon. so it's going to look brighter and it's going to look bigger. in fact, it's looking about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than your arch full moon. although this is the closest the moon has been to the earth since another technically super moon next moon. it won't be as close, but it will be big and bright and i can't wait for you to see that. that's one month from day. if you look outside and try to see that super moon early this morning before the sun comes up, you will not have to worry about any rain and there aren't any clouds to obscure your view. it's beautiful but it's very cold. 40 in cleveland right now, and
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the suburbs. in fact, most of us are in the 30s. 34 in shaker, and good morning to you out in solon. 31, and we're waking up in the 30s in strongsville as well. i think by 9:00 we probably will be around 40, 53 midday, and then an afternoon high today of 58. not bad for this time of the year when the average high is only about 52 degrees. so we're about 6 degrees above average this afternoon. i think you'll like how today looks, and tomorrow will look and feel similar. cold in the morning but milder in the afternoon. we're near 60 again and there may be few more clouds around tomorrow. that's because we have a cold front on the way. that moves in tuesday night into wednesday bringing us late night rain tomorrow and a few mornings on your wednesday. this is a quick-hitting system
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looks gorgeous. look at friday, near 70 degrees. but the weekend, well, i have two weather alerts for you. saturday and sunday we're going to go from rain late in the day saturday to a mix of rain and snow. that's right. that's on sunday. look how cold, too. laura. >> laura: that friday, though, does that look amazing. not a bad day so far today, too. with nicer weather we usually have nicer road conditions and right now. so we're still early but no slowdowns reported and no major accidents reported on major highways. the akron area looks good. 76 here to the west here, r 63 miles per hour. 60 miles per hour out to the east from talmage this morning. mare headed south towards akron and towards canton. we're running on time there all the way and out route 8 55 miles per hour. 77 looks perfect, and we can take that drive and leaving
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77 towards fairlawn around the bend up 77 and look at that shot towards downtown. it's a perfect shot towards downtown, too. there are your drive times now. mentor to cleveland 28 minutes, canton to cleveland 56 minutes and 27 inbound from elyria and strongsville to cleveland that's a 19-minute on-time drive. your west side commute is coming up at 6:33. brian. >> brian: one of the pillars in cleveland's craft beer industry is taking a massive leap in production. fat heads more than double the current size. the headquarters are in middleburgh heights. they're adding more brew taings. right now they pump out 20,000 barrels a year. after expansion they hope to make it 60,000 annually. they do a wonderful job and great stuff. enjoy going over there all the time. 6:20. in less than four minutes i have a story that explains how your kids can start saving money for their future starting right now.
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more than two dozen wildfires.
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firefighters are working to put out an arson fire in the appalachian mountains. this is from an arson fire. police arrested johnny mullins. he's accused of setting 30 wildfires since the beginning of the month. mullins, an aspires weatherman, did this to get attention on facebook where he was reporting these fires on facebook live. >> brian: thanks, tia. so when should you start to teach yier kids about money and what are the lessons to learn early to prepare t lifetime of wealth building and solid understanding of how money works and can work for you? is 3 years old too early to start teaching your kids the fundamentals of money? no. tom stockett says one of the best things to do for our kids at any age is to give them the bafshg fundamentals of money management. that may start with an allowance they get or if they receive money as a gift. >> you have to give them the opportunity to manage some money on their own.
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execute on them. >> that experience should come at a time when your kids dwiks the difference between something they need and something they want. that brings saving into the equation, and then stockett tells us, you must teach compassion. >> we're going to spend this. you're going to spend this on something that you want. we're going to save this portion, okay, for the future. lastly, we're going to tag this amount over here to give away to those that are less rt >> brian: as adults we have all likely made mistakes handles money, so it's a good idea to let your kids make their own mistakes and then learn the consequences. >> they have spent all of their allowance money or that gift money, and they want something else. sometimes you have to draw the line and say, no. >> brian: stockett is live in the 7:00 a.m. hour to help us through this. we'll hear his ideas on family field trips to help us as we try
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>> brian: it's always tough trying to teach your kids. it's tough to tell kids no. >> tia: yes. i've seen parents try to do it. it's tough. >> brian: some parents don't ever want to tell their kids no because they want their kids to like them and they figure that's the way to go about it. >> tia: you create a monster if you do that. i know personally. time is 6:26. people are waking up and reacting for the first interview with president-elect donald trump. >> brian: he said he would lock her up, but based on what said last night, hillary clinton may be off the hook. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, duff. time is now 6:26, and this is your morning commute forecast. low-impact weather for the drive in. i think you need to crank the heat up, and once the sun comes up, you need the sunglasses, but no need for the windshield wipers. look at all the dry weather. here's the weather through 9:00. we hit about 40 by then. a big warm-up to tell you about. i'll have more coming up in the
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>> brian: it's 6:30. we have new pictures in from new zealand. look at this. a 7 plt 5 magnitude quake killed two team and a 6.3 magnitude aftershock struck just after midnight.
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christchurch, and the aftershocks have left people without power and water. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at at letter desk with reaction to president-elect donald trump's interview on "60 minutes." there were more demonstrations across the country overnight, and we're hearing from northeast ohioans this morning. tia. >> tia: turn to your tv right now. we're following the developments out of newburgh heights this morning where the search is on for this teenage boy that disappeared last week. what his family is puttingut will help to bring him home. good morning. it's monday, november 14th. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thank you for joining us. i'm brian duffy. the other big story, of course, this morning is really big. >> tia: huge. >> brian: it's super. look at the screen. this is a time lapse of the super moon over downtown cleveland. wouldn't it be cool if the moon went that fast? it won't come that close against until 2034. it's not just trending online here. this is all the talk all around
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meteorologist sam roberts has been moon-watching, so to speak, all morning. she joins us now with the first alert forecast. samantha. >> samantha: tracking the mon, right? a bad moon rising this morning. time now is 6:31, and if you want to go outside and check out the super moon, you have great weather to do so. there's barely a cloud in the sky. there's no rain out there. it is super nice. it's just cold. in cleveland right now it's and that's like hot compared to everybody else. new philly is mid-20s. uh-huh. coldest spot on the map, and it's monday, too. bundle up and get some hot coffee and we get through it together. 34 in akron. good morning in norwalk. we're also in the mid-30s, and if you're waking up with me in warren, good morning to you. another spot there at 35 degrees. by 9:00 i think more of you are
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the afternoon, mid-50s. if you stand in the sun, that will feel very nice especially compared to this morning. it's a beautiful day, but how is this for a tease? this weekend we might see some snow. i won't leave you hanging, okay? i'll have your full forecast. sorry, tia. we talk more coming up at 6:45. i'll see you then. laura. >> laura: that is quite a tease. looking out on the roads, no issues this morning. been really, really quiet and had earlier accidents and they havear no problems for you as you get out there on the road. if you're an early bird, 6:32 straight up 77. you stay all the way on time as you get towards downtown and i-90 there at the innerbelt curve. 50 miles per hour really not packed up with traffic at all yet. i-90 on the west side from the suburbs like westlake and avon. lakewood and cleveland is still on time, 60 miles per hour. along 71, linndale and brooklyn
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i-76 will join in from the jennings and you won't have problems at all. strongsville to cleveland 19 minutes and 17 minutes inbound from north olmstead, akron to cleveland is running on time and 37 minutes fl and 28 minutes inbound from mentor. coming up, we have a movie shoot in the area this week. i have more for you at 6:49. welcome to the 2016 republican national convention. >> tia: you're looking at the top adviser, rnc chairman reince priebus was named chief of staff. steve bannon is the chief strategist. this morning we get reaction to the first interview with president-elect trump since he won the white house. >> brian: he talked to 6 positive minutes. his promise to supporters to hire ispecial prosecutor to
6:34 am
i feel that i want to focus on jobs. i want to focus on health care. i want to focus on the border and immigration and doing a really great immigration bill. >> brian: you can see what else the president-elect had to say. it's on your smartphone on the free cleveland 19 mobile app. >> tia: denise zarrella is getting answers on how people react to a first impression of the pren donald trump. denise. >> denise: we're getting more diners coming in here at my friends restaurant here in lakewood. you know what? this was a long interview on "60 minutes." it was an hour long sit-down with lesley stahl. there was a lot talked about. part of what we also did overnight was to take a look online to see if anybody had done a really good job of boiling everything down into bullet points.
6:35 am
we shared those bullet points all morning long. we have a few more for you. trump credits social media for his big win during that interview. trump is a notorious tweeter we know and gave his social media skills some of the credit for his victory during that interview with lesley stahl. he won't commit to locking hillary clinton up despite promising he would appoint a special prosecutors to put hillary clinin trump's stance softened. one of the other bullet points that came up, even melania thinks he goes too far sometimes. one diner said he did vote for donald trump. we asked him what he thought was donald trump going a little softer on some of these issues, especially about putting hillary clinton in prison. >> he's indelicate and insensitive when he speaks a lot of times. i don't know if i ever really took 100% seriously what he said
6:36 am
i'll take it with a grain of salt. the message is specifically that resonates with me is just the person of him was a little more important. >> denise: so he was not disappointed that trump was not necessarily saying he would put hillary clinton in prison. i also told you earlier to tweet at @dzarrella19. tell me what you t what you heard during that interview last night with donald trump. i got a few responses back so far. you're looking at one of them. she said it needed follow-up questions. how can marriage equality be settled by the supreme court but not rowe v. wade? i also heard from another viewer who said that the interview seemed reasonable. so tweet at me this morning. in the next hour we'll do more live reports.
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we want to hear what you have to say about this donald trump interview on "60 minutes." it was must-see tv and i'm sure a lot whim talk about it today. denise zarrella, cleveland 19. >> tia: that's trending on twitter this morning, too. in the wake of the interview, we thought we'd soom more protests overnight. >> brian: nichole vrsansky is at the alert desk. nicki >> nichole: there were some protests, and none were violent. this is video of one in portland overnight. >> people feel unheard, and not just condemn that action and think about why that's happening. >> nichole: that was one activist in a group that calls itself portland's resistance. they gathered to air grievances. they did march through the streets. there's this video of a pilot's message passengers going viral
6:38 am
we can all feel about this country in our own way, that's what we should do. if anyone has a problem with this that wants to rant or rave, they're another flight tomorrow. you won't be on this one. i hope that's clear. >> here here. >> nichole: that was a united flight. the captain going from san francisco to port vart heart two passengers on the flight. at the alert desk, i'm nichole vrsansky, tia and brian, back over to you. >> thank you so much. this teen has been missing since last wednesday. so we certainly want you to listen to this story, and this morning cleveland police continue their search for this missing teenage boy. >> he was last seen last week. sia nyorkor getting answers on how you can help find alexander mullins. >> sia: everyone wants to know
6:39 am
and police are still looking for him. they want you to be on the lookout. 16-year-old alexander mum linz is 6 feet tall and 275 pounds. he was last seen last wednesday heading to school at washington park. there are even folks looking for him on social media. check out this post from facebook. this woman says she's alexander's stepmother and hasn't seen him since he went missing. she posted his picture from snapchat and he was last seen. she's asking for people to contact her or police. now, cleveland police are not saying if they have any leads. again, if you've seen mullins, call 216-623-5318. that number is listed on our website. brian, tia. >> tia: let's hope that someone can track him down. vendors and shoppers at the west side market can breathe a
6:40 am
on monday that took several months to complete. the parking lot looks great, but many business owners are upset and some say they lost over 50% of their business. >> sometimes the help, we had to cut their hours, this wasn't good because that was mean. it was a lot. we had to buy less. >> tia: because of all the construction, close to 100 vendors signed a pete to get the city to consider a rent decreas business. the city hasn't said yet how they plan to respond. >> brian: tonight tyler naquin will try to win the rookie of the year award. he's not a favorite to win the award, but you never know. it's still an hoonor. remember this inside-the-park home run against toronto. he's a former first-round pick for the tribe. the last to win the award was
6:41 am
flying by the super moon. right now you're looking at a missing teen missing in newburgh heights. we're talking about the super moon, too. we'll have more on that right after the break. >> brian: we're two weeks away from cyber monday, but we get answers this morning about online shopping. what the experts say we are buying this year that we've rare by bought online before. sam. >> samantha: i have something i'm watching for black friday, right? that's an exciting day for those looking f tia, too. 6:41 on this monday morning. if you go outside and check out the super moon, it is cold, so bundle up. 34 in akron, 40 in cleveland. that's nothing. look at my friends in new philly waking up in the mid-20s this morning. my goodness. we have a warm-up on the way. i'll tell you when it gets here coming up after the break. >> tia: cows are stranded and roads are blocked and power is
6:42 am
earthquake in new zealand, but it's what the prime minister just said moments ago that shocked everyone who heard it.
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i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. strong aftershocks continue to shake new zealand this morning after a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake overnight. the prime minister recently briefed reporters on damage estimates. >> you have to believe it's in the billions of dollars to resolve these issues. >> nichole: the prime minister of new zealand surveyed the damage early this morning. two are dead and the destruction is widespread. there was a small tsunami and tsunami warnings are still in place right transportation has been halted. you can see from this video here at to why. landslides have completely wiped out roads in some places and pavement in some spots completely uplifted. this is the new video of the damage done in the earthquake coming into the newsroom. unbelievable damage. it triggered looandslides. these three cows along with other livestock were stranded on lie lanced of grass as the
6:46 am
ap apart. i'm keeping a close eye developments in new zealand and on new video coming into the newsroom. hopefully we have more in a little bit. tia and brian. >> tia: all morning long we've showed you and talked about the super moon. >> brian: it won't come this close against until 2034. shooting video of the moon is a little boring. >> tia: it can be. some are creative. check this out. some photographers and videographers got crafty overnight to make the moon staund out a bit more. you see want super moon captured through the tree. >> check out this video of a plane flying by the super moon. the video was captured by the kcbs helicopter. at one point the plane kind of looks like it's a firefly as it flies by. >> this videographer got you a little shot of guadalajara, spain in the foreground.
6:47 am
super moon's color. that's really neat. >> that's awesome. >> samantha: i love how it looks so majestic in everyone's photos. you see it and you're like oh, my gosh, it's so beautiful. i remember that with last month's full moon, which was incredible. you try and take a picture on your iphone, and it's like, what is that? is that something on the lens? >> brian: you can't zoom in close enough. >> samantha: people get the incredible photos. you see t if you get a picture, send it our way. we'd love to see it. you can tweet me or tweet tia and duff. we'd love to see your photos. hit us up. it is there. the sun is about to come up, so look at it like now. time is 6:47. of course, the super moon as we've been saying about 14% bigger. the moon itself is not bigger, it's just going to appear bigger, and it will also appear
6:48 am
and the next time it will be this close will be in 2034. we actually get another super moon next month. three to round out the year. a month from today another super moon. it just won't be as close as this one was. let's look at the satellite. if you go outside and look at it, it's beautiful. minimal cloud cover and no rain out there but it is cold. cleveland at 40. you're like the warmest spot. the rest of the area in the 30s, tuscarawas county. i really want to bundle up this morning. i think we hit about 40 by 9:00. 53 midday, and then an afternoon high today of 58. running a little bit above average this afternoon. lots of sunshine for us today. i hope that you can get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, because you know, things are a little different by the weekend. for tonight we look good, mostly clear skies for most of the evening.
6:49 am
closer to midnight, and then temperatures hit about 43 by 11:00. press nice night. anything going on this evening, you don't have to worry about rain. we're going to stay rain-free until tomorrow night. here's the full seven-day. that rain that moving in tuesday night, that will unfortunately be with us for wednesday morning's commute. but the evening drive on wednesday should be fine. this is a quick-hitting system, and we round out the work week with gorgeous weather. look at thursday and friday. friday w and it's going to be a super nice day. i know, but in enjoy it while it lasts because look at that weekend. this ain't anything like last weekend. 60 with late day rain on saturday, and then as the temperature drops saturday night into sunday, well, i know. it speaks for itself. there's snow mixing in, and that's around on sunday, too. >> always a hard one to follow
6:50 am
right? out on the roads we have no weather problems at all this morning. really been moving really good, and so then we look at 77 here, 39 miles per hour. this is that slowdown spot we've been seeing a lot lately. you have 490, ought the traffic from 490 joins in there on 77. we lost that left lane once they finished the innerbelt bridge project. other than that, no slowdowns and even still that's not causing a problem. we're not quite to rush hour, so not at the height of traffic yet. we have a movie shoot going on this week. pretty exciting, right? it can cause traffic problems. i want you to be aware of, especially in the cleveland heights or passing through the area. it's in the area of lower shaker lakes and that's from 1:001 until midnight. look for that between kov vent triand marlboro because they could stop traffic. as for drive times, they look
6:51 am
elyria and strongsville. no slowing down yet >> tia: a handful of trailblazers have taken on the final frontiers of ecommerce. it shifts from the internet from ant antiques, mattresses and look out west side market, even freshing produce. amazon fresh expanded to more than a dozen major cities gambling that americans buy fruits and veggies online. i don't care what you put online, you cannot compete with the west side market. no, y it's awesome. time is 6:51. the news you need to know before you go is next. >> brian: including what parents did last night and yesterday to try and help end a teachers streak in one northeast
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> tia: welcome back. donald trump's interview on minutes" tops our stories you need to know before you. >> it's better health care for less money. not a bad combination. >> repealing obamacare is one topic president-elect donald trump addressed. he also says the wall around mexico in some spots will be more like a fence, and he will think about appointing a special prosecutor to look beau hillary clinton's e-mails. >> tia: the donald trump protest looked more peaceful overnight in champaign, illinois, and it appeared to be
6:55 am
denise. >> denise: i'm cleveland's west side getting reaction from diners about that big interview donald trump did on "60 minutes" last night. there's reekz on both sides, but most people hope that the people in washington can come together and work together. sia. >> sia: i'm sia nyorkor here in the answer center tracking the search for a missing teen here in cleveland. alexander mullins disappeared wednesday on his way to washington park school. if you have any information, call cleveland police. >>an consecutive school day, regular teachers won't be in the classrooms in the lewisville school district. a caravan of parents and students tried to jump-start contract talks yesterday by driving through the small stark county community, and then they held a public meeting to voice frustrations. the new parking lot at the west side market is done finally. crews finished it over the weekend. vendors have already seen business go up. >> tia: we'll find out today if
6:56 am
league rookie of the year. the last indian to win it was sandy a alomar jr. in 1990. if you missed the super moon this morning, you better run out right now. >> samantha: cold right now, but upper 50s this afternoon. the end of the work week we're near 70. that's great news. the there may be snow around. we talk about it then. >> laura: it's quiet in the weather department right now and kwielt et in the traffic department. moving perfectly and no accidents or brown-downs. easy stuff, guys. >> tia: that's what we like to hear. make the switch to cle43. clickty click? no. >> brian: clickty click.
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump sells not be afraid of him and what you did not hear last night about the business empire. "60 minutes" lesley stahl is here. >> how will reins priebus and steve bannon share power in a trump administration. >> we will have kevin mccarthy if congress will let trump build a border wall and bernie sanders is in studio 57 with his way


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