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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  WOIO  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: this disturbs video surfaced overnight, and now it's going viral. that's flagstaff, arizona. police officer jeff bonner punching a woman right in the face during an arrest. here's what we know so far. he's already been placed on administrative leave and internal affairs is investigating. we'll keep you updated with new information as it becomes available this morning. >> brian: we've been following developments in canton, illinois overnight. a gas explosion near the town squail injured 11 others. a number of businesses including the historic operahouse there were damaged. >> tia: we were watching tense moments in tallahassee, florida. while you were sleeping a world war ii era bomb was found at a construction site. it couldn't be moved, so everyone had to be evacuated and a 14-foot hole was dug. after placing it in the hole it was covered with sandbags and
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>> brian: around here one of the big stories is the weather and we're going and past that. it's up and down. it's thursday, november 17th. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. fog today and record high temperatures tomorrow and snow by saturday night. meteorologist samantha roberts is tracking all this. i don't know why how she keeps it together. she's the genius and brains of this operation. sam. >> samantha: the next time i'm feeling down, i know where to come. co-workers lifting you up this 6:01 on this busy weather day. it's thursday, and over the course of the next couple of days as tia and brian were mentioning, there's a lot of weather to talk about. the dense fog advisory is in place until 9:00 this morning, and almost everyone with the exception of ashtabula county is included in the advisory. for the morning commute forecast, i gave you the red light.
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by 9:00 it should be eroding and also is chilly for that morning commute. we're only in the 30s this morning. do watch out for a few slick spots, especially farther inland where there are some freezing temperatures. that fog can stick to the road surfaces. your evening commute looks much better. sunshine and low 60s for the evening drive home. won't that be nice? here's snow meiser, and we have a wintery weekend on tap. we talk about it at 6:15. laura. >> laura: goodness gracious, i need to pull this shot up. this is the aaa shot we have. i can't see 77 on this really. it's really out of -- i'm trying to look closely at the screen here to find it. it should be somewhere in this area, i would assume, but really, the fog higher up it seems like in this area, but definitely causing some problems. be careful out there in
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you want to increase your following distance. as for the maps, no problems at all. everyone is making it through just fine. as we look the banner, at the bottom is the camera shot. 58 miles per hour right now through there. along the eastside 77 to 71 60 miles per hour moving up to speed. drive times, meantor to cleveland 28 minutes and 56 u 27 if you come in from elyria, and strongsville to cleveland is on time, 19 minutes for you. we have the northbound commute at 6:19. guys. >> brian: thanks. that's in 16 minutes. right now it's a disease very ton taj yus, usually affecting kids and it's the top trending topic on facebook this morning. >> brian: nichole vrsansky is getting answers about a huge
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disease. >> nichole: we saw an outbreak in the southern part of the ohio this summer, but this morning it's spreading through the summer states and health experts say it could be a record-breaking year for the disease. hand, foot and mouth is characterized by a rash and blisters on your child's hand, foot or mouth and not necessarily all of them usually accompanied by a fever and flu-like symptoms. it's a common viral illnesses and faekting people of all but children younger than five years old and infants are particularly vulnerable. there's no vaccine or medication to protect against hand, foot and mouth. you can reduce the risk of getting infected by watching your hands often with soap and water. sing happy birthday twice is what i tell my kids, and then you know you did a good job. we run down the most common ways the disease is spread so you can decrease your risk even more. brian. >> brian: thanks. 6:04 right now.
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disease is to blame for a man in eastlake. three employees contracted legionnaires from these businesses on lakeland boulevard. advanced controls, consolidated precision products and press right corp. another eight cases live within a 1 to 10-mile radius of the companies. lake county's health commissioner says it's pretty rare. >> the odds of that occurring are pretty rare. you expect them to be sporadic and unrelated during investigation. >> brian: sources of this bacteria are being tested, cleaned and then tested again. one or all of the companies could be facing some violations. >> tia: we did digging into the symptoms of legionnaires. they develop between to ten days after exposures. about 5,000 people come down with legionnaires every single
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from this disease. today is the great american smokeout. that's when the american cancer society ands everyone to quit. >> many people have quit, but a new statistic should give parents a reason to talk to their kids. denise zarrella with more. >> denise: there are still 40 million americans that smoke, and just yesterday a lung cancer specialist from the cleveland clinic say he and other doctors see an alarming new trend. more young people, believe it or not, are smoking. they aren't always choosing cigarettes, though. they don't realize it's equally as harmful to their health. the cdc says young people using tobacco in any form is unsafe, and if the current continues, 5.6 million of those who are younger than 18 right now will die early from a smoking-related illness. >> the rate has been decreasing
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high. we have this new thing, new trend that especially young people are not exactly smoking cigarettes but other forms of nicotine, and that they think it's safe but it may not be that safe like they think. >> denise: something popular among young people is vaping and e-cigarettes. i asked about those. the doctor said they're equally as harmful to your health because many of the chemicals present in cigarettes are present in those smoking alternatives. coming up in the next half hour, a test for smokers for past smokers that is saving lives. brian. >> brian: thank you so much, denise. in stark county senator sherrod brown will try to spark negotiations between the lewisville teachers union and the board of education. we're in the third week of the teachers strike there. today senator brown will meet with both parties and attempt to get the two sides back to the bargaining table. have to feel really bad for the
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lewisville schools. rye now students are in class but taught by a substitute teaching firm. police are looking to who attacked a police delivery driver in akron. the papa john's worker is a 22-year-old woman. she knocked on a door and two men pulled her inside and threatened to rape and murder her. thankfully she escaped with minor injuries. police say the house was vacant. >> tia: we are continuing to get answers for people in berea. theye quality of the water after we received test results showing one house tested positive for lead. if you're on your phone this morning down load our free app. find our investigative team coverage getting answers and breaking down everything we know about the berea water situation. this is adorable video to show you, but the story not so much. this is a sad story of animal abuse in lorain. this is chance, a golden retr
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animal emergency center this morning after someone found him with his leg stuck in a trap and he also suffered a gunshot wound. >> whoever owned him took good care of him. he's well-mannered. he has not shown any aggression towards us at all for the amount of pain and discomfort he's gone through, he's very well-mannered. >> tia: look at that face. he's so adorable. vets this to up amputate one of chance's back legs, and as of last night he'sng there's no update on who shot chance. for those asking about adopting chance, though, there isn't a time line for that just yet. >> brian: just about 6:10 on your thursday morning. president-elect donald trump means with japan's prime minister today as he continues to push back against reports of a transition team in chaos. the trump administration is expected to announce the first wave of landing teams. what's a landing team? to put it simply, it consists of republican officials that start
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cabinet. >> there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> brian: hillary clinton is urges her supporters not to give up in the face of mr. trump's presidency. the former secretary of state made those remarks last night in washington. it was the first time clinton appeared in public since her concession speech a week ag this is a live picture from our storm chaser. a dense fog advisory is in effect. sam, that's really foggy. >> samantha: that's super foggy. i think it will be out of here by 9:00. i want to look ahead right now to thanksgiving. this is an early look at what you can expect for turkey day. i'm thinking a high around 50 right now with rain in the morning. thank you, steve, on the audio
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the background. they should be in hiding right now, actually. morning rain possible, and then dry later in the day. it looks like it will be a windy day as well. of course, this is still very far out, so it is subject to change. a look at this wintery weekend coming up after the break. >> tia: some pie sounds good right now. that was in the oven. they say everything is bigger in texas including this massive discovery by the u.s. geological society. >> brian: also, we have a new report on your
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>> nichole: good morning. it's 6:14. a new report on the safety of car booster seats for kids was released the findings show great improvement, but a heads-up for parents because a few are on the not recommended list. >> this year 48 out of 53 get the highest rating. >> nichole: that best bet rating means the booster is likely to provide good belt fit for a 4 to 8-year-old in almost any car, minivan or suv. when the institute first began rating boosters in 2008, only a quarter of the seats evaluated earned that best bet decision
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seats that don't do their job are rated not recommended can still be found on store shelves. they include two brand-new models from doral juvenile. look at this video inside a store during a deadly gas explosion in canton, illinois. it shattered windows within a three-block radius from downtown. crews were fixing a gas leak at this time of the explosion. one died and 11 other inju the owner of a business made a request on facebook for clean up help. within hours her windows were boarded up. structural engineers have worked overnight to survey the buildings in downtown canton. investigators still looking into the cause. emergency responders will have an update later this morning. guys. >> brian: oil, black gold, texas tea. it's still being found bubbling up in the lone star state. in fact, the u.s. geological
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ever. it could include 20 billion barrels of areas and 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. it's under shale rock that requires hydraulic fracking to recovery. >> tia: this is barack obama's final recipient of the medal of freedom. it's the highest civilian honor. among those honored ellen degenerous, robert deniro, robert redford, bruce springsteend also tom hanks. mr. hanks has become one of cleveland's proudest celebrities. the actor announced he will be returning to where his career all got started to help promote northeast ohio as a great place for film and tv production. december 2nd he will attend a fund-raiser for the cleveland film commission. those details on posted on the free cleveland 19 mobile news app. i don't know if you new this, but in 1977 there was a greater
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and hanks was soldier number 27. what that means is that he was one of a huge crew, cast. look at him now. >> brian: he spent a couple summers at least, multiple summers in cleveland. he considers himself one of us. >> tia: i like that. >> samantha: i love that. let's look at that weather forecast. if tom's going to be in town this weekend, i hope he likes snow. it's snowy out there, especially late in the weekend. we start with an issue that we've had all morning, and that is fog. visibility is down to a quarter-mile in mentor, same thing in akron, sandusky and dover, new philly. a lot watch up to the patchy, dense fog this morning. please take it slowly. it should be gone by 9:00. now, if you have the cleveland 19 first alert weather app, you've been receiving alerts to your phone letting you know about incle meant weather.
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now, and i sent out personal alerts this morning geotargeted to certain areas east side and west side to let you know what to expect. if you would like to get that good weather information right to your phone first thing in the morning, just search cleveland 19 in your app store. we can actually with our new app send you an alert if there's a storm moving into akron, we can send an alert just to akron. it won't bother anyone else with a phone alert. it's a cool app that's totally free. nothing going on other than the fog this morning. we're completely dry, and it will be a dry day ahead with fog lifting or eroding by 9:00 in the morning. then we become partly to mostly sunny, and look at the numbers today. it's cold right now. it's only 37, but we're at 44 by 9:00. midday it's 60, 65 at 3:00, and that will be the high for the day before we drop back to about 61 by 6:00.
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cloud in the sky. it will be wonderful. a high of 71 on your friday. that is what i call a friday. rounding out the work week, and then we get that nice weather, too. you know, if you've been following the weather here, you know it's going to change this weekend. we start with rain on saturday, so i have issued a weather alert day for saturday. that rain is changing over to snow at night and lake-effect snowshowers continue into the sunday with accumulations ib in the snowbelt especially. we dry it out by the start of next week. 41 on monday, 45 on tuesday, but that's like hot compared to the weekend. i mean, my goodness. it's going to be cold and windy. you will want to bundle up this weekend. laura. >> laura: out there on the roads this morning we're still monitoring the fog situation. this is our storm chaser out there on the roading. aurora road in the solon area
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all around the area before you head out on the road because some of the shots from way up high in the sky and it looks foggier than in the ground level whether you're in the car. feel good about the roads in this area. keep in mind, that patchy fog is what we deal with. when it's patchy you don't know when you pop up on it. out there on the roads it's not causing a lot of problems because we're still all in the green halfway through the 6:00 hour now. 6:20 rigno 50 miles per hour along 490. a little farther south around the turnpike here and 271, 65, 65, 60. no slows down or major accidents out there. 71 is very, very clear from strongsville past the airport and into the metro curve. drive times nothing but green. strongsville, north olmstead, mentor and akron on time. your akron commute is coming up at 6:33. guys. >> brian: we have a story we're
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donation. we'll have more on that coming up in a couple of minutes. >> tia: we're following this story, too. if your son or daughter is trying to decide on a college, one local organization is bringing the recruiters right to you this weekend. >> brian: next, wait until you hear what the kent state basketball team did their fans in the stands that has everybody
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>> tia: members of the kent state basketball team asked fans to come on the court during the playing of national anthem last night. they hoped to bring people together following the presidential election that left many people divided. >> brian: we love the tribe here, don't we? we have the numbers to back it up. a new report from major league baseball shows indians merchandising sales jump 250%. sales of tribe gear more than two times higher, two times higher than a typical major league baseball team.
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it's a time of the year where many parents are trying to help teens figure out what schools to go to and what to do about college. it's so stressful for the kids and also on the parents because you want your kids to get in the best schools. >> we're talking the application process and fees and all that. one local organization is going the extra mile by bringing college recruiters right into the high schools and try to bridge that the story. as i understand it, in some cases these kids can walk away with a college acceptance letter? >> sia: yes. good morning, brian and tia. you're absolutely right. there are recruiters coming from all over the country, and it's true. if you bring your transcript and you bring your grades and your test scores and they interview you, you can get into college exactly that day. you're absolutely right.
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college fair held this saturday right here at warrensville heights. look at this video. check out these students here. i was at a workshop this week where dozens of students gathered at the high schools for a college preparatory week. they're getting ready for the hbcu college fair where they meet from recruiters from all over the country. some talked one on one. some filled out applications. there were recruiters there to walk them through the college ap students are first-generation college students and need the extra guidance. >> they only see what they see on their phones, on tv for a hot minute. so many times they miss opportunities because they're looking for something to do and because maybe they had some personal challenges, some academic challenges and don't have the funding or finance. here uch these institutions that
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high school the career fair and college fair is from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. it's free and open to the public. anyone can come. they'll have workshops and recruiters there to answer questions and guide you through that college application process. coming up in the next half hour, i talked with one student who tells me she's benefitted greatly from this, and she wouldn't miss this for the world. you can catch that coming up in the next half hour. for now i'm getting answers here at warrensville heights high school, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: thank you so much. if you are hitting the road like these people, you're looking at the storm chaser right now. you see brake lights and fog in the distance. of course, meteorologist sam roberts will have much more on the dense fog advisory. >> brian: this shocking video surfaced overnight. police officers going viral for
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you cannot arrest mnt >> hey, hey, you can't hit a girl like that. >> tia: you could hear that punch. this is disturbing video that surfaced overnight and going viral. that's flagstaff, arizona. police officer jeff bonner punching a woman right in the face during an arrest. bonner is on administrative leave this morning. we'll keep shares nye information as it becomes available. we just heard this loud boom, and we thought that someone crashed into the back of my car.
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>> that's how one witness describes a gas explosion that kill one person and injured dozens much others. the explosion occurred near the town square. >> tia: this is a live picture from the cleveland 19 storm chaser. a dense fog advisory is in effect for much of the viewing area. once that fog burns off, we'll be headed towards red high temperatures and then it gets cold and nasty. it's i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thanks for joining us. it's 6:31. i'm brian duffy. we're still looking at snow moving in over the weekend, but before we get there, we have nice stuff going, right, sam? >> samantha: yeah, tomorrow, guys i can't get enough of that friday forecast. it's incredible. before we get to the warm weather, we have to get through the fog. it doesn't get warm until the fog gets out of here. i think it will lift by 9:00. until then all of the gray
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county, you're all under that dense fog advisadvisory. 9:00 that will expire and conditions will improve, bullet i'll warn you, it's cold outside. you want to layer up today. 37 in cleveland, 32 in akron where we are at or below freezing. akron, wooster out towards warren. i would use extra caution when driving on the bridges and overpasses as you might run into freezing fog, some slick spots there. just take it slow, 9:00, 10:00 we should be done with all this, and then we warm up. in the meantime cold morning at the bus stop. watch for little ones speaking of the bus stop as you drive around. watch for the little ones out waiting on the bus. lunchtime, 60 degrees, and a 90% chance of outdoor recess today. that ride home, it's going to be warm and breezy. 65 degrees. feeling like a spring day today. as i mentioned, even better
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6:45. laura. >> laura: out on the roads this morning we're dealing with some fog still in some spots as we mentioned off the top of the show. it doesn't look so bad on the map, though. when you look at the map, you match it with the foggy spots. we're still running well across 480 here where we've seen a foggy camera shot. a lot of times the fog is really high up here and down on the road where you're driving straight ahead. it doesn't seem to be as big of a concern, but be cautious about it before you get out the road so you're prepared. 271 to the right of the screen looks fantastic. around akron no big slowdowns except around 76 as you come from the west side and head towards the kenmore leg. moving northbound there and moving slower. towards fairlawn over route 18, everybody is running in the green and all the way up 77 no slowing down. no accidents or broken-downs out there on the major highways
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we take the drive from strongsville coming up in 15 minutes. guys. >> tia: we need people to listen to this story, because we're learning more information about this. an outbreak of hand, foot-and-mouth disease in georgia prompted health officials to issue a warning. >> brian: it's a rash on the hands, feet and mouth and flu-like symptoms and fever. nichole vrsansky has been working this story this morning, and what they're calling a record-setting tb disease. nicki. >> nichole: we saw an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth at the end of the summer in the southern part of ohio. according to the cdc, a large outbreak is sweeping through georgia right now, multiple cases being reported on the university of maryland campus, and they're concerned it could spread to other parts of the country. i have to tell you, i spoke with a nurse at a pediatrician's office on the west side of town in cleveland, and she said that absolutely they are seeing it
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they see hand, foot and mouth like crazy right now in their pediatric office in the western part of cleveland. it is a common viral illness that affects people of all ages, but children younger than five and infants are particularly vulnerable. it's most often spread by close contact, so sneezes and coughs and touching something like a doorknob almost contaminated. everyone is advised to wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap a little tricky do with my kids, sing happy birthday two times. that averages out about 20 seconds. the cdc recommends humming happy birthday twice to yourself as well. it also helps the spread of other viruses like the flu, because it's flu season as well. tia. >> tia: good advice, nicki. thank you so much. a deadly outbreak of the legionnaires disease is blamed for the death of one man in eastlake.
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disease, they all work on these businesses at lakeland boulevard, advanced controlled, consolidated precision products and press right corp. the others live in a ten-mile radius. ron graham says cooling towers are frequent sources of the bacteria. >> we continue to monitor cases, and it's important to know that we'll never really know the true source of the bacteria. we do know that the cooling towers were positive. >> tia: osha is currently investigating the history of the companies. they could face citations if they were not following proper procedures. listen up smokers or anyone who cares about someone that smokes, even though millions found the willpower to quit, it's the number one cause of cancer death worldwide. >> brian: today is the great american smokeout. here's your chance. denise zarrella is here getting answers on a new test to save your life. >> denise: 200,000 people die every year because of diseased
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heavy smoker in the past and have concerns about lung cancer, there is a test available now that could potentially save your life. this new lung cancer screening is not for everyone, but there are some very specific factors that you need to talk to your doctor about like your age or heavy of a smoker are you or were you. if it's done soon enough, though, and you have lung cancer, a cleveland clinic lung cancer specialist told me this could savor your life. >> nowadays we can do screening for lung cancer. this is not something for everyone. this is based on your risk factors for lung cancer depending on your age and how much cigarettes you smoked or used to smoke. you could be a candidate for lung cancer screening, so it's something that people should talk with your doctors about. if you smoked in the past and quit within the last 15 years or they're still smoking heavily, they should probably ask their primary care physician if they're a candidate for
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scan. so the key, though, is if you do the screening, you need to catch the cancer early in order for it to be effective. coming up, an alarming new trend among young people. brian, tia. >> tia: thank you so much, denise. the water fallout in berea continues today. cleveland 19 broke the story whether residents complained to our investigators. whether we dug around, we found more than 100 complaints have been made about the city's water since 2014. even lead in the water was discovered in one of e that we tested. we are getting answers on when the city has to inform the public about the drinking water violations. the epa has three tiers for this. the city of berea's case falls under tier 3, which means the city had up to a year to tell customers that they failed to monitor drinking water for certain contaminants. in our research, berea took nine months, so they did comply with the law. you can find our entire berea
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your pipes are safe, on our free cleveland 19 mobile news app. >> brian: avon lake is renewing the deer culling plan another year. they hire sharp shooters to kill deer on public land. so far this year deer strikes are down on the road and 1800 pounds of venison has been donated to local food banks. we ask questions lorain county about the search for whoever it was who shot a dog and left him for dead. this is chance. thankfully, someone found him and brought him to the lorain county animal emergency center. right now vets are nursing him to recovery, but they had to amputate the young golden retriever's left leg. >> there's always a potential for complications, but athis stage we feel that he should do well. >> brian: chance also had a steel trap on his leg. if you know anything about who
6:40 am
lorain police. we have a gofundme posted on the app or find the link to the story on the cleveland 19 facebook page. >> tia: so adorable. president-elect donald trump is expected to meet with nikki haley this morning. she can be a favorite to be the next secretary of state. haley has said publicly she's not a fan of trump. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is also in the running for the secretary of state position. first public appearance since her presidential concession speech last week. >> america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values, and never, ever give up. >> tia: clinton was being honored by the children's defense fund in washington, d.c. for her ongoing commitment to child advocacy. wide open. >> now love in the corner.
6:41 am
ball movement. >> brian: kevin love carried the cavs last night in indianapolis. love was fantastic. how about 27 points and 16 reb rebounds? lebron had a rest day and j.r. smith did not play, and that was a big problem for the cavs. despite love having a big night, the cavs lost 103-93 to the pacers. >> tia: time is 6:41. live pictures now from the cleveland 19 storm chaser. a foggy start to your thursday morning. sam, almost everybody is driving to work and will see some sort of fog >> samantha: by 9:00 this stuff will lift. if you try to slow up some christmas lights this week or maybe even today when it's warm, do it. we're headed into the mid-60s later on. back to you. >> brian: we have a scam to warn you about this morning. we get answers before you unknowingly give away up to 1,000 bucks. >> tia: plus, cell phone video captures a scary moment for a woman getting punched right in the face by a police officer. we show you what happened to
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>> nichole: i'm nichole
6:45 am
lebron james is donates millions to a ma haum mid ally. it was honor the life of the champion boxer. video that will make you gasp. this is flagstaff, arizona police officer off the job and under investigation this morning after this video surfaces on facebook of him punching a woman in the face. the flagstaff pd says the officer is jeff bonner. the department says, agency is very concerned by what is depicted in the video. we are immediately investigating, initiating an internal investigation into this incident. wildfires are causing health concerns for communities in the southeast. upward of 30 large fires now scorching more than 80,000 acres in six states. the blanket of smoke is so widespread it's visible from space seen on that satellite image from nasa.
6:46 am
people have been hospitalized for breathing difficulties. efforts to extinguish the fires being hafrperred by a continuing drought and constant threat of high winds. brian. >> brian: nicki, thank you. a warning here. if you have grated cheese in your refrigerator, four c food corporation is recalling several different products because they may contain salmonella. all these choeeses come in the six-ounce glass jars. for a complete news app. >> tia: con artists prey on vulnerable people looking to make money. they use an overpayment scam, and in most cases it targets people selling an item. the con artist will give the victim more than what the item is worth by money order and ask the seller to send back the difference. the checks that look real are really fake. >> it's a fake check. there's no money there. in the end, you end up covering the check. >> tia: dead wrong.
6:47 am
catch the con artists behind the scams because they use fake names and contact information. >> brian: check this out. schools are delayed in the toledo area. here's an indicator why. tough playing conditions last night in toe toledo. the fog was so dense you couldn't see across the field to the other benches. toledo somehow mucked their way through the win to win 37-19. the game was never delayed. th the fog, sam. >> samantha: if you're in the stands, how do you see what's going on down there? fog is also an issue for us this morning. we've been talking about this all morning long, how a dense fog advisory is in place for almost the entire area. it's bad out towards toledo where schools are actually delayed in some spots. here at home it's patchy but dense where you do run into it. just take it slow. we're also off to a dry start, and we'll have dry weather all
6:48 am
friday night, like 2:00 in the morning on saturday. we have interesting weather on the way for the weekend, so i want to delve into that first alert forecast for saturday and sunday. this is a weather alert to let you know about the tlhreat of rain saturday transitioning over to snow saturday night and all through the day on sunday. we will have snowshowers then, too. it's also going to be windy this weekend. winds may gust up to and over 40 miles per hour, so, of course, that cold feel even colder. oh, this is our first real dose of winter this season, right? we could very well see our first accumulation of the season as well. now, it's a little early to be throwing exact numbers and ranges at you for exact locations, so we are saying that the highest totals will likely be in the snowbelt. could see several inches there, especially where bands set up
6:49 am
snowbelt, so you can't avoid it. winter is here after one of if not the hottest summers on record. let's talk about tonight's forecast. excuse me. the rest of today. after the fog erodes, i think we're just seeing a lot of sunshine. i went 60 midday, but be aware it's on the cool side this morning. some wake up in the 30s and hit 65 later today. you get rid of the coat quickly. by midday you're like get me out of this thing. it's that timef in the morning and then the ac in the afternoon. no rain in our forecast today or tonight, and that hour-by-hour rain chance this evening is zero. no rain tomorrow either, but we were just talking about this. it all comes crashing down this weekend. two weather alert days there. rain on saturday and snow on sunday, cold, windy, and monday and tuesday look dry, but thinking ahead to thanksgiving, it looks like we see rain on wednesday.
6:50 am
time frame on thursday. laura. >> laura: traffic seems to be getting a little denser, and so does this little patch of fog we've been monitoring along 480 here. this does seem to be higher. it doesn't seem to be as bad on the road level, but look at this. this is 480 and 77 is actually going right across the screen right about here. you can't see it at all because this higher level fog is blocking it all. the headlights head 480 eastbound. as we look at the map th miles per hour right about where those headlights just were. so moving a little bit slower, but we're ten minutes away from rush hour, too. so get more and more cars on the road, too. no major accidents still and 24 miles per hour on 490 on 77 northbound. no collison z slow is down. this is all regular traffic. 71 northbound by the airport and then over 480 athrough linndale and brooklyn now. through that metro curve it has been really appreciated.
6:51 am
lately. it's much better. i think a lot is because the innerbelt bridge opened up to all five lanes. drive times are perfect. strongsville, north olmstead and mentor and akron. moving towards rush hour things look very, very good. also looking good for tomorrow, help us spread the holiday cheer. this friday, tomorrow, we hand out free turkeys from 4:00 to 6:30 across from the summit mall at knr. to get one just come donate a new or gently used coat or a nonperishable food item to charity. we're giving away it's going to be such an awesome time. guys. >> tia: what a great effort. thank you so much. time is 6:51. the news continues at 7:00 a.m. on channel 43, but the stories you need to know are next. >> including a warning about a disease on a record-setting
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
a warning about hand, foot and mouth disease tops our list of stories you need to know before you go. nicki. >> nichole: the cdc warnings about an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth in georgia. there's several cases in the westlake location. health experts say to frequently wash your hands with soap and water to decrease your risk of contracting the disease.
6:55 am
for the death of a man in eastlake. they believe it spread from three businesses on lakeland boulevard. all three are cooperating with the investigation. denise. >> denise: today is the great american smokeout. the american cancer society is asking everyone to encourage someone you know who smokes to commit to quitting. tia. for the amount of pain and discomfort, he's well-mannered. >> tia: police in lorain look for person that shot, chance the dog. he was found with a bullet hole in his leg, which was also caught in a vets had to amputate the leg and as of last night he's doing well. sia. >> sia: if your son or daughter needs help with a college application process and actually wants to talk with recruiters, bring them out here to warrensville heights high school this start where they're having a college fair from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. they can actually meet with recruiters to help them narrow their choices. brian. >> brian: all right, sia. as you head out the door this morning, this is solon. you're probably going to be in a
6:56 am
coffee can't help. most of cleveland 19 views area is under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. sam. >> samantha: thanks so much, brian. i'm in that fog. fog will lift by 9:00. lots of sunshine later and mid-60s today and 711 tomorrow and rain, snow, and wind cold this weekend. nothing has changed there. it looks like more rain by wednesday of next week. this morning, and not talking about major problems. along 77 we have an alert about a vehicle stopped on the roadway. if you remember throughout the show today, we show you that fog shot we have. it's really foggy from up above. now, when you're on the road it sounds like it's not as bad. >> tia: make the switch to cle43. more traffic and more on the fog.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, november 17th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump meets japan's prime minister today. his first face-to-face talk with a foreign leaders president-elect. and cbs news has learned who the front-runners are for several key cabinet positions. campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. >> a deadly natural gas explosion rocks an illinois city, causing widespread damage. the shock waves were felt miles away. we are at the scene. >> jon stewart's first interview since the election. he talks with charlie about the power of government and the question he says nobody asked donald trump. we begin this morning with a


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