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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. io yoy's flooring superstore. isasking questions and getting answers cleveland 19 news starts now. >> hello. >> hi, how are you? >> good, how are you? >> denise: would you feel comfortable with your children getting into a car with a stranger? some local uber drivers are 14 which is against company policy. how you can keep your kids safe in just a few minutes. first tonight, get ready for our first taste of winter this weekend. >> tiffani: strong winds, cold temperatures and even snow. jeff tanchak is tracking the system coming our way and the first alert details how it will affect your weekend plans. >> jeff: i know how it well affect you tomorrow, record highs.
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temperature in my forecast. that will shatter the record. akron the forecast is 72. you can get the idea. mansfield is 73 and you can break a record there. out to the west we have a snowstorm going on m winter storm warnings and even blizzard warnings for parts of minnesota and south dakota. we are not going to see a snowstorm. in fact, most of the snow that we get will be in the form of lake effect. producing the snow will by here on saturday morning. it will primarily be rain during the day on saturday, but as the temperatures continue to drop the snow showers will develop and as all of this happens look at the forecast winds. 50 miles an hour or higher and that can cause damage and power lines are down et cetera. especially saturday night and east especially you folks east
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of the season. up-to-date information coming up. ramona? >> romona: coming up in fief teen minutes we are getting answers on the key items you will need to get now in order to winterize wore car for the hair -- your car for the harsh weather. >> denise: a man holding his five-month-old baby hostage for nearly seven hours has surrendered to police. us marshals went to serve a suspect threatened to harm himself. it ended around 8:00 with officers taking him into custody. the toddler was unharmed and he is with a family member tonight. >> romona: we just learned the vehicle tim struck and killed earlier tonight was a 46-year-old man. all lanes are back open near west 117th. the victim pulled over on the side of the road after he car
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and that's when the bus hit him. as soon as we learn who the victim is, we will send it out on an alert on the cleveland 19 news app. those are the developing story from northeast ohio. tiffani tucker is none -- is monitoring news from across the country. >> tiffani: ramona, police in dayton closed the roads in one neighborhood frantically searching for a gunman who opened fire on an undercover officer. police say it it happened around 7:30. the suspect was following the himself as police, the shooter got into his car. as he sped off he fired one shot in the direction of that officer. that officer was hit and witnesses say dozens of officers rushed to that area with rifles out searching for that shooter. no word on the condition of the officer. >> tiffani: cbs news is reporting that president-elect trump has asked flynn to fill
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officer. he has informally advised mr. trump on foreign policy during the primary campaign. and president-elect trump tweeted out an hour and a half ago he has convinced ford's chairman to keep a production plant and its jobs in kentucky and it was supposed to move to mexico. >> romona: they sent a letter to parents about concerns of bullying that may the presidential election. we got a copy of the letter and it reads in part we will not tolerate acts of bullying, intimidation and we are dedicated to addressing unactable teachable moments in a way that we become stronger in our efforts at diversity affirmations in the schools. they are one of dozens of schools that will address the concerns after incidents of bullying happening in
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election. >> denise: we have more answers after a break out of legionnaire's disease. the health department confirmed two more cases bringing the total now to 12. one man died from the disease in august. his case and two others are connected to a water cooler at a console dation precision -- consolidation precision product. >> romona: we just got our nd the exclusive investigation into problems with the water in berea. danny carlson has reviewed them and is getting answers on what the city is telling the people that live in that city. >> our public records request for water complaint in the city of berea yielded hundreds of pages that we got today and more than 400 pages in fact. they are problems they have had over the past five years.
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yellow, brown or even reportedly black water. some people told the city that their water was salty, smelled or even tasted bad or metallic. and it is not just individual residents who reported problems. even the cleveland browns had issues a few months ago. reporting discolored water and particulates. as to the why, occasionally clusters of complainants would be told the same thing. they pointed to large water usages in their areaik watermain breaks or the fire department using hydrants as being the cause for problems. sometimes the water was tsked and other times -- was tested and other times they got red be gone, a heavy-duty rust remover. the most common course of action we found from the city, people are told to flush their pipes and call back if the problem continued. now i am the investigative unit who planned to go through and analyzing all of the data to see if we can find out any
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dan nay carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> right after our story aired several people have voiced their concerns over the quality of their water. a mother of five children under the age of seven uses bottled water for everything from cooking to brushing her kids' teeth. >> when i moved in i noticed the water would change frequently as if they were flushing the hydrants. it happened more than that. >> denise: she even took this yellowish water coming out of her bathtub faucet. paul orlousky took a sample from her house and is having it tested to see if there is any lead in that water. >> romona: looking ahead to tomorrow, the jury in the triple murder case is expected to start deliberating. whether or not douglas shine should face the death penalty m shine was convicted of the killings two weeks ago. the jury can only recommend the death penalty.
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final say on what the punishment will be. >> denise: a high fiber diet is good for your heart. to neat a new study says it has another benefit too. how it could protect you from getting sick. >> it scared me that she is in the car with these people and have no idea who these people are. >> romona: we found local uber drivers giving rides to teenagers even though it is against the company's tonight we have answers on how to keep your kids safe when they are getting in the car with a total stranger. jeff? >> jeff: let's go to the feazel roof cam. it is a warm and windy night downtown cleveland. 58 degrees and leer skies. clear skies. as a meteorologist when you see a temperature drop in the forecast it gets your attention. and then when you have the first snow on the way that will get your attention. first alert details coming up.
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little giving. the annual turkey give away is from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. >> romona: beth mccloud and laura de maria will be at the law offices parking lot uh -- across from summit mall giving away a free turkey to those
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center driven by don joseph toy yoy staw in -- toyota in kent this cleveland 19 news. >> romona: children getting into a stranger's car. it is every parent's fear. >> denise: carl monday found local uber drivers are picking up passengers as young as 14 and that violates the company's policy. why is this allowed to happen? tonight carl and his team go undercover to get answers and put ubey r drivers to the -- uber drivers to the teen rider >> reporter: question, would you let your teenager in a car with a complete stranger? of course not. many kids are doing just that. >> i think it is a little shady sometimes. here, i will give uh ride when you don't know that person. >> reporter: forget the car keys. need a ride? download the uber app. >> a lot of kids use it? >> a lot. >> reporter: uber's own website says the service is
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ariel is 15. >> if i want to go to my friend's house or go to the movies. >> call uber? >> yes. >> how old are you? >> i'm 14. >> reporter: it doesn't stop her . >> i use it to go to concerts. >> reporter: her parents know when she uses uber, but that's not always the case. >> it is not like those parents are going to check their phones to see if they have the app. >> reporter: uber does background checks of all of the drivers using a pie vet private company, but no background checks by law enforcement. >> they can't predict future behavior. >> reporter: no one could have predicted what happened in several states where uber drivers are accused of kidnapping and sexual assault of teenage girls. trinity ricci will stick to ride her bike. >> do you use uber? >> why? >> rape pastes are a thing -- rapists are a thing.
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uber tells us it is up to the drivers to enforce it. how well are they doing? we put it to the test. >> when a young teen gets into an uber car what is the first thing the driver should ask? >> they should ask who they are and ask how old they are. >> reporter: tamika is an uber driver and she is also a mom. with tamika's permission we hooked up her 14-year-old with a credit card and set up an uber account and ride. >> how far is it away? >> 11 minutes away. >> reporter: before we know it a ford pick up pulls up. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. >> reporter: she is now a passenger in a car with a total stranger. we are right behind in our undercover van. mom and my producer are nearby. mom's heart is pounding. >> my heart was boom, boom, boom. it really scared me. even though we were following hershey is in the car -- following her she is in the car with these palm and
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>> reporter: a few minutes in he asked her -- >> do you go to school out this way? >> yes, i go to shaker high school. >> reporter: it wasn't until the ride was almost complete that the driver finally comes close to asking her age. >> what grade are you in. >> eighth grade. >> reporter: driver number one was friendly, courteous and never inappropriate, but he never asked the question how old are you? >> how are you doing, mr. uber man. we asked him why not. >> no one has told me that. >> no one has told you that? >> no. >> seriously? >> are you serious? you can't pick up anyone under the age of 18? >> it scares me she can go anywhere and they don't ask hey you are 14 years old? >> reporter: number two didn't ask either when he picked her up at shaker square. as she is dropped off at the
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>> reporter: we gave driver number two a quick quiz. >> did you realize when you picked up the girl she was only 14. did you know that? >> no, i didn't realize it. >> reporter: isn't that part of your responsibility as a driver? >> we don't ask for id or check the age when we pick up our customers. >> reporter: it is getting dark and it is time for one last ride. >> who do we have? >> kevin. >> how far away? >> six. >> >> reporter: during the 15-minute ride home from the library uber driver number three admits that she is not his first underage passenger. >> do you pick up a lot of kids my age? >> the two kids i picked up to go to the movies were just getting out of school. >> reporter: driver number three gets our teen back home without incident, but he claims he knows nothing about uber's age restriction. >> they never told me anything about not being able to pick up anybody under 18 because i
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schools before. >> reporter: as an uber driver she says she has never picked up an under age passenger. as a mom she is glad our test was nothing but a closely monitored exercise to keep her daughter and all young teens safe. >> it is a scary situation. especially in these times. >> thank you. >> reporter: getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> denise: we provided uber with a link to carl's story and asked for reaction. as soon as we hear them we'll let you know what they have to say. >> romona: great story. and we are getting answers on what you can do to make sure your child is safe while using uber. take a picture of the driver's license plate. this can help you track them through the dmv. check the rating. you can always ca ncel the ride if they have an on satisfactory rating. and use the stranger danger
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>> they say eating a diet high in fiber can help protect you against getting sick. when our bodies lack fiber, a protective layer in our stomachs gets broken down. without that barrier, we are more likely to get sick. a high fibber diet -- high fiber diet cuts the risk of heart disease and stroke. >> denise: with the first snow this weekend we have answers on some of the things you can do to winterize your car. have especially if it is old. the last thing you need in cold weather is a dead battery. a snow shovel. it will help you get out of a snow drift. keep a bottle of water to unjam frozen locks. and an emergency kit with a blanket and bottlesesses of water and a medical kit. i like to throw in boots and a couple of those granola bars. you never know if you are stuck on the side of the
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>> romona: i keep a blanket. >> jeff: and in today's world, everybody has a cell phone and so that helps compared to 20 years ago when we didn't have that, or even longer than that. you can see the snow behind the laids here. we will get some of that. is it a major snowstorm? no. will you get stuck on the road in drifts of no, you won't. it is the first snow of the season. it is like a holiday of sorts. that's when everyone is like, oh it's good, it is snowing. that's what we have coming up. current temperatures 43 in colombiana and you are not even thinking about snow because it is so warm. we will be breaking record temperatures. out to the west look at the current temperatures. it is still around 70 in st.
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cover out there. there is no rain yet. we are going to look at future view. as i told you off the top with the record highs that we have going to break tomorrow, people will be out golfing and out in shorts with temps in the low to mid70s in the afternoon. even 7:00 tomorrow night it will still be warm tomorrow night. we have to wait for the front to come through and that doesn't happen until saturday rn saturday morning. it is not going to snow on saturday morning or through most of the day for that matter. here is 1:00 in the afternoon on saturday. we'll have showers around and that's when the colder air gets in here. that's also when we are expecting strong winds at this time. you can see wind gusts over 50 miles an hour in spots and especially along the lakeshore
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the snowfall on saturday night is in this darker shade of purple. that's where you could be looking at some accumulation and perhaps a few inches here at least in the higher terrain east of cleveland and outside of the minor snow accumulation. snow showers will fly on sunday as well. 50 is the low in cleveland. it is warm. akron-canton clear skies and 46. tomorrow it is a two and weather impact is about 52 th 75 will be the high. it will get windy in the late afternoon. but at lunchtime tomorrow you will be at 70. maybe lunch outside. why not? 72 in the akron-canton area. then we fall through the 40s. rain showers during the day. saturday night and sunday are very windy and lake effect
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cold. the next system is 56 and rain showers heading into thanksgiving as wl. >> romona: our co anchors and i are not ready to give up our jobs jo yet, but there are some young people who may one day fill our shoes. our ramona's kid are from stark county. they were chosen to produce a documentary of the board association conference and trade show. they even got the chance to meet actor ernie hudson who played winston in the ghostbusters movies. they will be using the story teller and mobile classroom for video journalism programs and the nctv educational television station. >> denise: that is awesome. some nba fans have a problem with lebron james resting last
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there it is. tony will debate that issue with a nationally known columnist. that's next in sports. >> get breaking news and weather now on the cleveland 19 news app. powered by the calvetta brothers floor show.
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>> now, this is the s is erpentini chevrolet sports report. >> the pacer fans have a different take. kids were crying and ticket brokers out of business. before joining me on the sports extra earlier tonight. >> let's bring in bob kravitz. he knows how much i love his work. bob, i want to take issue with
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games in. 24 is a guy who has racked up 47,000 minutes and coming off six straight nba finals. he is going to rest him, but why does it matter if it is three weeks into the season? >> it matters to the people who spend, you know, they bring a family of four to the game and it costs them $500, $600. it matters deeply to them. you should have seen the faces of those kids when they found ou out lebron james wasn't playing. i understand he has to get his rest when he has to take a rest. what i take issue is -- issue with is it is 11 games into the season. not the 71st and not the 56th, the 11th. adam silver made the point, i think today, that if guys like lebron are going to sit out games like this or steph curry or whomever it may be, do it at home. those folks have a chance to
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if it is a nonconference game you can see these great players just once in the course of the season. >> you hit upon it so i will get to this. i did something at 6:00 on this. to me if lebron will show loyalty if that's the right word, gut if he will consider a fan base to me i would rather have him sit on the road. he owe itself to the people of cleveland. they are financially invested in his salary. so i don't want him to sit at home. do i feel bad for pacer fans? ofrs brokers whose prices plummet? i don't. i don't think he owes them anything. >> i don't think he owes them either. >> tony: hue jackson already lost to his good friend and now mike tomlin is on deck. >> i am compete -- competing a man i rub elbows with so i want to be one up and not two down.
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side of ledger and trying to beat up on them. like i said, they better enjoy it now. it ain't gonna be like this very long. i promise you that. >> tony: all right. >> denise: i hope so.
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>> denise: can't wait to enjoy tomorrow because it is coming. >> jeff: you know, things are changing. by the hour. sam will bring us up-to-date tomorrow morning. 70s tomorrow and breaking record highs. gorgeous day. we'll worry about the weekend tomorrow. >> romona: we will? will do.
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