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tv   Cleveland 19 News Sunday Morning  CBS  November 20, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EST

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>> live from cleveland's news center we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 starts now. >> anchor: good morning to you. it is sunday november 20. i am denise zarrella. it is 37 degrees outside of our studios in downtown cleveland. did you hear that wind overnight? this morning. live look outside of the feesil rooftop camera. we have a -- cannot seize much of anything but it looks like a pretty shot of the lights in downtown cleveland there. that wind, i overheard you talking to someone about how the wind kept you up last night. it was intense. i thought i was going to look out and e10-inch ofs with what i heard. >> weather: did you not watch last night.
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>> anchor: forgive me i didn't. i have a sick child. that it is time of the year. >> weather: yes. we should have already seen 2 inches of snow at this point in time. >> anchor: i am appreciative of the great weather but, i really think, it seems like a lot of people get sick when we have ups and downs and temperatures. >> weather: i have hand sanitizer if you need it. >> anchor: i may need it. after the weather. >> go get it, denise, i am so impressed that this camera spot is not place. it is windy. along the lake shore, wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. rye now 35s degrees out at hopkins airport. a little after the top of the hour. snow machine, you know it is not done. westsiders may be saying snow is done. guess what, we could see anywhere from light to moderate snow showers, or maybe rain/snow/sheet. mayfield heights getting it. lake effect snow band down to
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fizzling closer to youngs town. we are not quite done with the snow machine. but i will say this. it won't be the big story today. big story is the wind and the windchill. look at some of these temperatures right now. wooze ster, good morning to you. if you are waking up and heading outside. it feels like 16 degrees. it is awfully blustery and cold. you had wind gusts not long ago of 40 miles an hour. that far inland. your feels like temperature at lorain, 21. o's elyria, 21 degrees. your current temperature is not so eye shocking. mansfield 29. that's cold enough. 30 akron, canton, but it feels like 18. and you have some fog you are dealing with. shaker heights, good morning. 33 degrees. you are seeing light snowflakes flying. heading out the door. walking the dog. today's temperatures are not bad. it is really the windchill. let me tell you.
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cleveland 19. have you downloaded our apps for the news and the weather? weather app is all brand new. look. i will walk you 32 it. you open it up. you see weather team. as it loads it will ask you if you are new to this. where you are. and the reason it is important. at the top of the screen you see the banner, like a video box. we update videos current to your area or an area you are going top and send you push alert with extreme weather. like the wind. top of the hour i had wind alerts. it gives us current weather conditions and what is absolutely awesome about this app, besides it is free and easy to use, because you are watching me do this live on air. i can track what is currently coming down. dopplermax at my fing ertips, that by far, denise is one of my favorite things. you can see right now, if you are living euclid and you drive
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it gives united states wind gusts. and gives you winds all day. and jon is out this morning. taking a look. >> anchor: double duty. >> weather: yes, he is. >> anchor: east side usually hit hardest when it comes to snow. we talk about, that go out to meteorologist jon loufman in the storm chaser ching conditions in that area. good morning jon, what are you seeing? >> reporter: denise, look at this. this is great. here is snow c on 3222. you can see the graupel. pellets of snow falling on the windshield. you can see some of them. 322. chesterfield to may field heights. they are getting it. snow covered roadways. this is what you can expect when you walk on the door, even a small low profile vehicle being moved around with wind gusts at
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salt on roadways out here. so they are covered. as quickly as they dump the salt snow continues in these bands and you will deal with that through the morning. 90 to 271, east on 322. mayfield road. over to chesterlin. and this road is covered. but brainer is covered with snow. again they are getting rid of it. but as quickly as they do you get into a a sudden you have a snow covered road. have to commend o dot crews. this is a private guy with a snow plow on the front. or maybe he is a local chesterlin guy. but not withstanding. couple of hands on steering wheel. couple of slippery spots. dan the photographer, has been feeling the wind gusting against us. we will keep track of things as we make the way across the east side and region. what you can expect if you are headed out the door this morning
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somewhere else. reporting live in storm chairs. where temperature is 30 degrees. meteorologist jonion, cleveland 19. >> anchor: a chilly 30 degrees out there. so not much snow leftover in parts. but the wind will be a jorfactor, especially by lake where thousands of browns fans are getting ready for the steeler game. and we have bill safos out there. bill i was getting text messages early this morning that the port-o-potties were down there. what is going on down there. >> it was tragic. and it would be a huge tragedy if that were still the case. but the good news is, browns fans, die hard, well check that out. behind our photographer mike there. those were just some of the ones that were blown over. but as you can see they uprighted them and they are ready for business there. they have them tied to a utility pole. some other poles there.
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time down here. of course, cleveland browns 0-10. and die hard brown fans, well they don't care. they are here celebrating their team anyway getting everything ready. as you can see, in case there is a problem with the windchill. i am standing over here next to the cardiac kodiac ambulance. so if we have any problems with windchill, or frost bite. i am all set down her all pretty much uprighted across the muni lot. so ready to go down here. ready for a good time. is this big surprise of the season? we will see. bill safos, cleveland 19 news. >> anchor: all right bill thank you. busy weekends for president elect donald trump and his transition team. he held a flurry of meetings with potential cabinet appointees and other people at
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is confident in choices he will make. >> tremendous talent. people that, as i say, we will make america great again. >> anchor: among the invited guests is mitt romney. he once called trump a phony and said they had a far reaching conversation about america's global interest. mr. trump will hold more meetings in new jersey area today with former new york mayor giuliani and chris christie. and this morning donald trump is asking for of the cast hamilton. he said they harassed mike pence friday night. they addressed pence from the stage asking them to uphold american values. but cast said it was a conversation but not harassment. >> we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> anchor: and we are hearing
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apology. >> anchor: heading now to crocker park. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas there. and not just because of the snow. santa did arrive at crocker park. here in westlake. to light the tree last night. largest pixel tree in ohio. largest fiber optic tree in the country. with 12,000 l.e.d. lights and standard lights. chgr evening. tonight the city of strongville will host winter wonderland celebration on city commons at the corner of pearl and royalton. the event will feature a tree lighting. live reindeer. ice sculptures and fireworks. and visit from santa and mrs. clause. festivities kickoff at 5:30. up next on cleveland 19. everyones favorite time of the year. a new four-legged baby could be yours today. we will show you some pets up
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item and you may have some in your frig right now. yes, beth, details on a hummus recalled issued overnight. >> weather: do not say that, i have that in my refrigerator. the cold temperatures, just seem to be worse since we were in the 70s on friday, right? well look. heading to the browns game today? i will tell you what, yes you might see snowflakes flying at kickoff time. that lordegrees and 36 degrees by half time? well, 20s. winds are howling l you know
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>> anchor: we have some breaking news out of india. while you were sleeping.
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in the nation's most populous state there. dozens of people seriously injured. india railway minister said government with on investigate medal immediately. their creaking railroad station is fourth largest and suffers from poor safety record. this is the very important. heads up here. to anyone that loves hummus. like my friend beth. massive recall from hummus producer sabra. voluntary recall includes 55 different products because of possible listeria contamination. if you have some in the frig and has best before date through january 23, you are urged to toss it. that's any flavor of sabra hummus you may have at home. and another important thing to give you heads up about parents. this morning toys 'r us report i hadly pulling tonka truck off the shelves after a washington state family said it burst into flames. on the way home from the store
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mighty wheels dump truck, like this one on screen. when it exploded. toys 'r us said it pulled the truck and investigating the incident. meanwhile it offered an apology and refund on family. that is very, very scary g to know. especially this time of year when people are christmas shopping. noaa smith that watches us every day from 871 lake. one of our most loyal viewers. every day he texts us and messages us. he had a birthday and we want to wish him a happy birthday and many more noaa. >> weather: that's why the weather was so nice. >> anchor: that's right. picture perfect day. >> weather: noaa forecasts every day he and e-mails jeff and samantha and i and constantly practicing his craft. and now i know why it was so warm and sunny. noaa's birthday. you have seen him. he has been on the show. tonka truck. you need one today.
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vehicle. >> weather: snow totals. mountville leading the way. 4 inches of snow. i know, you know 2 inches from where we should be this time of year. so i know you cannot complain. but seems showing, right? seeing we have been so warm. 35 degrees difference between friday and saturday. today, no, it will stay where it is. cold and windy and with a chance of snow up to lunch time of the you can see the temperatures as morning time. what you cannot see in this is how windy it will be. everyones hair all messed up. put on the brown stocking cap and you will be fine. you might want to put ear muffs on first because windchills will make it feel cold. alert day today without a doubt. snow ends lunch time. or taping off and pushing east. wind does not end today. wind does not end tonight or end tomorrow.
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twenties. you get the idea. awfully cold. blustery cold. your future view forecast. 35. we are in mid 30s along the lake shore. low 30s to get going. lake effect snow you can see continues to stream in. ashtabula. you might continue to see it a bit into later this afternoon. but for the most part most of us will be done with snow by lunch time. thankfully. as it dries out and we do not get snow. snow continues for ashtabula and parts of pa. so take a look. your snow forecast models are not impressive although you could see upwards of a an inch of snow in mentor away from lake shore. wind makes it tough to drive around town. right now this is all we have left. eastern portion of cuyahoga county. you can see down toward may field, and gates mill. seeing snow coming down at good clip.
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at this point not done. it won't start to wind down until we start to dry out. this pushes a little further over toward the east. your seven day outlook. today is cold. 38 does not tell the story. mid 20s today and tomorrow. tomorrow, at least, we have more sunshine. 45 degrees on tuesday. tuesday mostly sunny day. i don't mean to get excited about 45 degrees. but let me tell you. denise it will be the pick day of the week. next system moves i and although we are warm. no windchill on wednesday. we get rain later in the day. which is a big travel time. it did leave friday as alert day. so maybe shopping is best. rain and snow mixsive. >> a lot that have to do. so you have something you have to explain for us. >> weather: normandytric and reliable snow experts stopped by our turkey give away friday. when it was beautiful. because he re -- >> you had a great day for that.
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he wants to remind people that driving in the snow is more difficult than you think. and heads up. tricky coming in. so point out pointers you should remember before heading out today. >> first snow of the season. people have not driven in snow in awhile. so they are probably all over the place. what are reminders and tips. >> i kindly recommend to slow down. allow more space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. as a general rule-of-thumb in the snow i double the distance. that's a great rule-of-thumb. >> whatbo control. >> cruise control is something we do not recommend at all. even when roads are wet let alone ice and snow. >> your snow plow specialist. but are you worried first time out. >> not worried. bus proactive and on top of it before snow on surfaces. but buzz word. guys are excited. team gets excited and the feeling of a big game is kind of
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>> so do you guys try to steer clear of all the cars on the road? or expecting cars to stay out of your way? >> all about cooperation and being slow and reasonable. and sharing the space mutually together. that's how i describe t nice and easy and slow. >> anchor: just wait until you see what norm has in store for us as we get into winter months. because we are teaming up with reliable snow plows and they are going to give us road updates i don't know about you but my doggie loves when it is this cold. they are all excited. >> anchor: buddy our yellow lab yesterday, he kept on wanting to go out. and he is getting older and back legs are not so good. so we hesitate to let him out. but he want to be out there so bad. >> we are all going in and they are going out. >> anchor: we are always looking for forever homes for our pets on sunday morning. we have jim sebastian and
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paws-abilitys. great humane society of akron. >> summit county. same group of people, new name. >> anchor: who is this, this morning? >> this is eight-year-old pit bull massey. sweet dog. gengenetically engineered to rie in the car. owners could not take care of her. he was older. we took her in. and waiting for a fur-ever home. she is >> anchor: great for mannequin challenge. >> perfect. yes. or she will cuddle up with you on a day like this and keep you warm. >> anchor: she is a sweet heart. ready for a close up and not moving. >> we are not sure how she would be with cats but taken to massey? >> anchor: massey has a special need. >> four months old. eye infection. young cats are susceptible to that.
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she does not know that. she gets around just fine auto. >> anchor: they adapt so well. >> they really. do so we have a couple of blind cats too and nobody told them they are blind. they run around the shelter. they map it out. figure it out. they will figure it out. map it out in their head. but like i said one eye. but healthy. available for adoption and ready to go. >> anchor: such a sweetie. if you are interested in adopting the sweethearts or other animals, visit paws-abilitys in twinsburg [330]487-0333 extension 461. i know the weather is dicey. but why wait. get out there today. i know you have hours. i always like to plug that on sunday. >> 12 to five. >> anchor: check out the
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>> anchor: one college senior is proving it is nerto late to reach for your dreams. 55-year-old joe thomas senior oldest player in college football running the ball if first game for carolina state. practiced with team for years. never had the chanc until this weekend. thomas got emotional speaking to reporters after the game. >> i couldn't explain it to be honest with you. happiest day of my life. something i always wanted to do is play college football. so i got to play today. >> anchor: never say never. if the name sounds familiar it is because thomas also is father of green bay packers player joe thomas junior. love that. the browns are still looking for
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steelers come to town, before the buckeyes big showdown with michigan next weekend they had to overcome a tough road test. and mark schwab has sports update. >> reporter: browns game day. is this the day they finally get a win? if it is the one it will be a good one. against pittsburg. steelers in town for 1:00 kickoff f browns win this game they have to find a way to keep steelers offense off the field as much as possible. and big game from jamie collins hue jackson loves his new linebacker. >> he is a good football player. he is different. in the sense that he knows how to play. not that our guys don't. but he is a different player. he is tremendous athlete. and he is smart. he is bright. i think football is important to him. and it said that -- because he did walk in here, and hit the ground running. he has played in two football games, and. can see the potential that he has. so, i think, more he is with us,
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teammates, the better he will be. >> reporter: game 1:00 here on cleveland 19. and we have nfl sunday starting at 11:00. tony zarrella and bernie and tailgate crew. best tailgating in town. ohio state is now on michigan footing. they take on team up north on saturday at noon at the horseshoe. yesterday the buckeyes just got past michigan state. 17-16 the final. came down to fourth quarter. spartans scored fourth quarter 17. but they went for two to get the lead. and they did not get it. still late in the game. they had another shot. bus garion connolly huge interception for buckeyes to end the game. ball game. buckeyes win it by a point. and now it is them and michigan, and this is going to be a lot of
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>> anchor: good sunday morning to you. it is 7:32. you have a live look outside. one of our cameras there. and look at the different shades of blue. that's the thing ias when i was looking at that just now. >> weather: or gray. depends on how you look at it. a little facebook live. we should probably tell everyone. whether you watch on facebook or live. in the weather department. we update our app, our facebook page, constantly throughout the day. but our weather app is fantastic. if you have live in, say, geauga county. we send you alerts just as things start to happen and change in your neighborhood. >> anchor: you were demonstrating that.
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multi-tasking. >> anchor: you need it on -- it was so different what everyone got from this weather. >> weather: but everyone gets the wind and windchill. brutally cold out there. live look outside. denise will roll her eyes saying beth put down the phone. >> anchor: it is fine. i do it too. >> weather: barely make out the flurries. i don't think cloud cover will linger all day long. so you know, i think overall it will be a cloudy day. but i personally will have my sunglasses handy. just in case the sun breaks out just a bit. always like to protected like that as well. but look. and the wind hurts your eyes. so it is so windy out there currently. temperatures will really hold steady for most of the day. but it is all about the windchill. look at the feels like temperature. mansfield is at 19 degrees. and worcester at 16. so you step outside. yes, the temperature is in the low to mid 30s in most areas.
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right now. 25 degrees out at hopkins. and i tell you what, your temperatures today, only part of the story. mid 30s for everyone all throughout the daytime. but it is the wind and wind gust. then mix in there. at least first, six, seven hours today. snow, snow coming down. not so much on westside. more flurries or ice pellets here and there. rain mixing in. but from euclid through shaker down to solin, lake affect snow band chester lin, pepper pike. you eastsiders, i know you are not used to it this year. but you are more used to it than westside. nobody used to it right now. except for jon loufman that can tackle anything. he is a weather professional. jon where are you in storm chaser? >> reporter: i am going to put the quarter in your jar beth. that was very nice. look. we are in geauga county. typical parking lot.
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plows in them. going by a number of them. wind like you say a factor. doesn't matter if you have a high profile or low profile vehicle, you will be affected by winds up to 40 miles an hour. you will want to bundle up heading out. watch for slippery spots on roadways. we have run into slush. especially here east side. near chesterlin between may field heights and chesterlin. and 3222 on the way south down to for 22. but show you what the landscape out here looks like. what you will have to deal with heading out the door. o dot trucks have been out. plentiful. half a dozen of them. most of them -- there is a private plow guy right there. most of them putting down salt. and making sure that these roads are passable. but you can see we are pulling on to 322. the roads do have a lot of slush on them. so despite the fact that crews were out here.
7:36 am
boat. i love that. because, you know, friday we were in 70s. so why not. but as we continue to work our way across the region. we will let you know what conditions are like. watch for slush and slippery spots. and watch for that high wind. as you travel. reporting live in the storm chaser. i am meteorologist jon loufman, cleveland 19. >> anchor: thanks so much jon. cleveland 19 cameras caught these pictures at hopkins airport last n they are ready. you can see it there. more than 100 workers and 60 snow removal vehicles it a dry run friday overrun ways. airport made changes this year. including new equipment after fined by faa for not being prepared during a storm last winter. so not much snow leftover in a lot of places but wind is a major factor today according to beth mcleod. especially by the lake where thousands of browns fans are
7:37 am
game. we have bill safos down there right now. bill how are you doing down there? how does it feel? >> reporter: very windy. very windy. so windy as a matter of fact, that i lost my ear piece a few minutes ago. but good news, plenty of brown fans down here celebrating. browns 0-10. but they don't care. this could be the big surprise game. of the season the one that puts a smile on every brown's fans's face. but plenty down here. having a good time down here. and our good friend here going to tell us what is it going to take to actually win this one. miracle? >> pretty close. i don't know. we have to get a win though.
7:38 am
do but you have to do it. one way or another. keep trying. freeze your butts off. get out there and win. >> reporter: you will be back here back inthe browns no matter what. >> we are always here. does not matter. freezing cold. we have to be here. against the steelers. >> reporter: freezing cold and all staying close to the grill too. you can see. not so much for the food but to stay warm. he is backing a way. >> what is worse thing you can say on tv about browns? >> reporter: i don't know what. it will be a good game. we will say that. obviously, we will see when action gets underway here in shadows of first energy stadium. we will see this afternoon, about 1:00. for now, reporting live from muni lot where good news, all the port-o-potties uprooted and
7:39 am
bill safos, cleveland 19 news. >>anchor: well, that door blew open on que there it seemed like. coming up. maybe against company policy but cleveland 19 found local uber drivers giving rides to teenagers. we are getting answers on how to keep your kids safe when they
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? ? remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. santa's wonderland at bass pro shops with the arcades... elves... and even a picture with santa. all for free.
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>> anchor: breaking news this dot com reports anti-trump protester set himself on fire on the street yesterday. 69-year-old man wearing a u.s. marines uniform at the time. it happened after he went on a rant at a coffee shop about president elect. his condition is not known this morning. but witnesses say his injuries do appear to be life threatening. >> and in other news, jury recommended death penalty for a man convicted of killing three
7:43 am
barber. douglas shine found guilty on all six counts, aggravated murder included. formal sentencing is set for december 5. officials say shine walked into the barber shop and gunned down an employee and shop owner and customer. three other people were hurt in that assault. >> anchor: and children getting into a stranger's car it is every parent's fear. carl monday found uber drivers are picking up passengers as young as 14 that violates company policy. why is this aow carl and his team go undercover to get answers. >> reporter: question? would you let your teenager in a car with a complete stranger? of course not. but many kids are doing just that. >> i think it is shady sometimes. you know, just like, oh, like here i will give a ride when you do not know that person. >> reporter: forget the car keys. need a ride? just download the uber app. >> a lot of kids use it. >> yes. a lot of kids.
7:44 am
website said service is not available for those under 18. bennett is 15. >> figure to a friend's home or movies. >> call uber. >> yes. >> how old are you. >> 14. >> reporter: that does not stop taylor from using it. >> concerts. >> reporter: taylor's parents know when she uses uber. student hannah said that's not always the case. >> i think a lot of parents do not know. not like those parents will check see if they have that app. >> reporter: uber does background checks of drivers using private company but no background checks or fingerprinting by law enforcement. >> one thing background checks cannot do is future behavior. >> reporter: no one could predict what happened in several states where uber drivers are accused of kidnapping and sexual assault of teenage girls. trinity will stick to a bike.
7:45 am
>> no. >> why? >> rapists. >> reporter: as we mentioned uber has a policy no riders under 18. but uber tells us it is up to drivers to enforce it. so how well are they doing? we have put it to the test. >> when a young teen gets in a car, uber car what is first thing driver should ask. >> who are you. and how old rur. >> reporter: carter is a driver. she is a mom. with her permission we hooked 14-year-old daughter arian with a credit card, uber account and requested a ride. >> how far away. >> it said 11 minutes away. >> reporter: before we know it, ford pickup pulls up. >> hello. >> how are you. >> good how are you were. >> reporter: arion is now a passenger in a car with a total stranger. we are behind in our undercover van. mom and producer nearby. mom's heart is pounding. >> my heart was pumping. really scared me.
7:46 am
her. she is in a car loan with these people. and have no idea who these people are. >> reporter: about four minutes into the ride. the male driver asked arion. >> do you go to school out here. >>yeah,, shaker heights. >> reporter: it was not until the ride to the movies at shaker square is almost complete. that the driver finally comes close to asking her age. >> what grade are you in. >> eighth. >> reporter: driver number one inappropriate but never asked the question, how old are you. >> how are you doing mr. uber man. >> reporter: we asked why not. >> no one told me that. >> reporter: no one ever told that you? >> no. >> reporter: seriously. >> seriously? are you serious? you cannot pick up anyone under 18. >> scary to me that she is able to go anywhere, and they didn't, hey, you know, you are 14 years
7:47 am
did not ask either. he picked her up at shaker square. dropped off at the library. we give driver number would a quick quiz. >> did you realize when you picked up the girl she is only 14. did you knee? >> no, i didn't realize it. >> reporter: is that part of your responsibility as a driver. >> we don't ask for id or check for age when we pick up customers. >> reporter: it is dark. one more ride. who is this. >> kevin. six minutes away. >> reporter: during 15 minute ride home from the library driver number three admits she is not first underage passenger. >> you pick up a lot of kids my age? >> the two kids i have picked up to go to the movies they were just getting out of school. high school. >> reporter: driver number three gets our teen back home without incident but claims he
7:48 am
restriction. >> never told me anything about not being able to pick up anybody under 18. because i have picked up people at high school before. >> reporter: as uber driver tamica has never picked up underage passenger and as a mom she is glad this was just a closely monitored exercise to keep her daughter and all young teens safe. >> scary situation. especially in these times. >> thank you. >> reporter: getting answers, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> anchor: w with a link to carl's story and asked for reaction. when we hear back we will let you know what they have to say. >> anchor: and your weather forecast is about to get better. there goes our satellite. launched from cape canaveral last night. and the launch was delayed for a short time because of a technical issue. but launched without problems. the goes r satellite is first of three built to replace the aging
7:49 am
system. >> weather: why am i excited about that? i thought we were going to play this. in six months we will get unbelievable images of storms that are developing far away from here. bus we will be ale to tell how it impacts you in the upcoming days as storms come closer. >> anchor: better than before? >> weather: yes. going from like a chevy nova getting on the expressway, to like a ferrari. boom. >> anchor: wow! that makes along. i am telling you. >> anchor: when do we get this? >> weather: six months. >> anchor: that long. >> weather: they have to calibrate it. read it. verify the information. and then they will start disbursing the information. >> anchor: big story. big weather story. >> weather: yes. i didn't watch the kickoff last night. big deal. because i was watching the winds. look at the lake shore denise. want to guess how big the waves are out there?
7:50 am
distance. >> weather: 11-footers over the break wall. look at that spray. if you live along the lake store you have seen winds of 50 miles an hour. not going anywhere today. winds and waves will be big. along the lake shore is not the place to beer today. your house is rumbling. your windows will be shaking. all day long. so beautiful out there, if you are a penguin. right? you probably enjoy this. see in the shot shore. no snow. story is wind and cold. or windchill that makes it feel cold. most of the snow we are seeing is all lake effect. first of all. but tapers off by lunch time. but we stay windy. we may not see more snow or maybe scattered right now showers it is really done by lunch time. 35 degrees throughout the morning. half the story. feels like mid 20s. so bundle up.
7:51 am
splotchyness around strongville. and some of it is more the pellets. the graupel. we saw a lot of that yesterday. soft hail. but biggest line of lake effect snow showers dwindling. so time to come inland. may field drying out. bainbridge you are getting heaviest of the snow right now. if you are heading out. heads up. tricky driving. not quite done with this. but one of the reasons why, i think, you need to take your sunglasses. look at the cloud cover. lower deck but, i think, it is one of those set ups you could be out at the browns game and full on sunshine for seconds. so take sunglasses, it protects your eyes from wind. we have snow. high pressure off, toward the west. and ultimately we are kind of squished in the middle. that gives us the big winds and high pressure moves in. and ultimately pushes snow out. monday weather. more sunshine. but still have the winds. and still cold. future view really uneventful.
7:52 am
as you go through the daytime. snow really starts to wind down. almost totally out of here. probably before lunch for some of you. 38 and 39 today and tomorrow. wind and windchills will make it seem like mid 20s and upper 20s. by tuesday we have things better. more sunshine. 45 degrees. and wednesday is next system. i have it coming in wednesday. in the form of rain. rain showers could continue thursday. friday looks to be a hit or miss day. we could be get rain, snow, sleet mix. so i made it an alert day. because everyone goes out early friday morning. and shops. which is not a bad day for it. >> anchor: that's good. ? ?. ?. >> anchor: get out of your head. what makes those ear worms? we are looking at the science behind those catchy tunes.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> anchor: it is estimated that 90 percent of us experience an ear worm, at least, once a week. you know pesky songs you cannot get out of your head? why certain tunes play on repeat in our mind. tiffani tongueer gets answers. >> reporter: apologies upfront. you are about to get a bunch of pop songs stuck in your head. ? ?. >> reporter: music psychologist in uk create a survey to come up with a list of catchy songs and analyzed the results to see what they all had in common. they found every ear worm had
7:57 am
to. ? ? ear worms are also simple and structured with a rhythmic pattern. sounds may rise in pitch and go back down low and rise again. many nursery rhymes fit this pattern to help children remember them. finally the songs all breakup that pattern with a few unique intervals to make it stand out. ? researchers hope understanding will add incite in to how to process memories and moods. >> anchor: so if you are looking to get rid of an ear worm researchers have a few suggestions. engage fully with the song by listening it through to the end. you can also try distracting yourself with a different song. although this could leave you with another tune to get rid of. or let it run its course and do not think about it.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:01 am
? ?. ?. >> anchor: jamming out on this sunday morning. 8:01. it is outside of the studios in downtown cleveland. and you probably, some of us, woke up to a lot of snow on the ground. i was surprised on westside. we did not get as much as we thought. and so windy last night. i thought for sure i would look outside and it would be a winter wonderland. >> weather: dig your way to work. >> anchor: pleasantly surprised. zoomed in. >> weather: blew away. i was laughing. i didn't get to my leaves, i bet no leaves left in the yard with winds.
8:02 am
are all over in my yard. tell you what. the winds are not going to let up today. live look outside over the lake. gail force winds. wind advisory until 4:00. big gusty winds upwards of 50. the waves are 11-footers out there. they have just been coming ashore one another after another. if you live along the lake shore you know. next few hours we are in 30s. awesome. except the wind will kill it for us. wind gust 35 at 41 along the lake shore. is current wind gustm 33 in mentor. 24 miles an hour wind gusts in new philly. 30 in worcester. if the wind does not get you icy cold feel to the wind will. because right now it feels like 17 in worcester. 17. denise we were at 74. on friday. and someone pulled the plug. 24 is what it feels like out at hopkins. tell you this. basically what you will go with. if you are going to browns game
8:03 am
you need to bundle up. the wind and cold sticks around all day long. the snow is already starting to taper off. but we stay windy. your forecast today. again the temperatures are only part of the story, that 35 at noon time. snow really dissipating or done by then. but it women always feel like the mid 20s. take a look right now. cleveland heights seeing more. 271 seeing light snow. and also down toward brunswick. seeing light snow. the first a free download. look. i pulled it up on ipad?. apple tv. super easy. first of all jeff and samantha and i say hello when you open it up. but gives you latest weather alerts. you see this. can you read this top line? this is first line if you sign up for cleveland alerts. or say downtown. i sent it out a bit ago. all about the wind. if you want to learn about the wind. click that. latest information you will need to know. when they expire we take them
8:04 am
update alerts all day long. bus you have to sign up for our free first alert weather app. easy download to do. easy app to use. and seeing light flurries along the lake shore. 37 degrees currently. i love that i can have dopplermax, even when i am home. right at my fingertips. '02 look at this. snow is starting to lighten up quite a bit over on east side. jon loufman is out there. i know, john, has a smart phone handy. while he is inhe he is tracking the storm. or tracking snow. that's what he is trying to figure out. where he is driving today. jon loufman good morning. where are you? >> reporter: good morning beth. we are out just east of solin on 422. this is how landscape looks. we shot out of cleveland on 90. got on to 271. headed south on 306.
8:05 am
solin. snow is light. crews are plentiful. salt across the roadways. at places we have had graupel. light snow. some of which is falling right now. whizzing across the roadways. a lot of slushy spots. 422 is well traveled road. as you can see. there are places here where the grassy areas are still very visible. much of geauga county has seen a snow covering that covered the grass completely. storm chaser has a temperature of 30 degrees, on our outside thermometer. couple it with wind gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour. you have ugly windchills if you are head out the door on way to sunday services or whatever you are about. or also dealing with the fact has there are a few slippery spots on roadways. especially the secondary. tertiary roads. so dealing with that. wind gusts are the chief thing.
8:06 am
the wind. dan, our photographer, has noticed as we made the way through the course of the morning. headed back to town. keep you apprized of the roadways. and for now, in storm chaser, i am meteorologist jon loufman. cleveland 19. >> anchor: thank you jon. browns are hoping the windy weather works in their favor today. right? as they take on steelers at first energy stadium. bill safos is live at the muni lot where a lot of people are bundled bill you need a scarf today. and a hat. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of people bundled up and empty parking spaces. check this out. you have been down here denise. usually every one of these parking spaces in muni lot is taken up. but not today. look. we have got one coming in with some snow there on the hood. but obviously, browns fans, not
8:07 am
even though they were here when it snows. so i don't understand y check it out. see those guys. they are struggling with their tent. the wind keeps blowing it away. they keep tie tingdown. but the party goes on. here in the muni lot. browns, of course, 0-10. but browns fans, die hard, they do not care. still down here backing their team. and that is exactly what they intend to do. underway. and first energy stadium. 1:00 this afternoon. for now, reporting live from muni lot. bill safos. >> anchor: stay warm bill. now to a big hearted eight-year-old in summit county. told his parents he wanted playground tools for a intercity school instead of birthday presents. shanice dunning has the story. >> reporter: kyle is about to make a special delivery gee
8:08 am
eight-year-old thinks about someone else. >> reporter: students here in akron has no idea what this visitor has brought for them jive lots of stuff. and other people don't have a lot. so i wanted to donate. >> reporter: most eight-year-olds could think of endless possibilities for their birthday wish list. colin's parents say their son is different. >> what do you want for your birthday. shrugged his i am good. >> reporter: instead he wants to give. at the birthday party last week he asked guests to bring playground toys and ended up with 100 balls for soccer, volleyball, football. mary brightening teaches phys-ed here. >> playground equipment worn out fast so we will use it for that. >> reporter: principal here at mickey bright said the school has received donations before never seen something like this. and especially something that
8:09 am
on the playground. colin is already thinking about next year. >> what do you think you will do for your birthday next year? >> donate again. >> reporter: shanice dunning cleveland 19. >> anchor: what a total sweetheart. we want to adopt him, right? of course we are always trying to find forever homes for pets on sunday morning. we have some in the studio with us this morning. jim sebastian, and also elizabeth moreno here summit -- humane county of summit county. i will get it right. i promise. we have two sweethearts that are just made for tv this morning. who do you have jim or elizabeth. >> this is massey, about eight years old. came as owner surrender when her owner fell on tough times. could not take care of her any more. house trained, potty trained. knows how to sit. a lover. keeps you warm and snuggle. and well behaved.
8:10 am
>> she has been so well behaved in studio. >> sweetheart. that's why she has a pink collar. >> i love that collar. stylish. >> with a bow. >> anchor: and you have a special needs kitty? >> this is blossom. she is about four months old. and she came us to as a stray. and her eyes were infected. so they did not catch it in time. and she lost one. so i don't know if you can see. she has one beautiful eye. and then one not so beautiful eye. but she she does everything like a normal kitty. >> anchor: of course not. they adapt like you would not believe. you have a lot of black cats at the humane society. >> we have little babies all black and black and white. so tuxedos right now. >> anchor: great day today to get down there and get something to snuggle w with weather like this. if you want to adopt these or other animals at the humane society of summit county go down there today.
8:11 am
>> 12 to 5:00 today. >> anchor: 12 to five. 7996 darrow road suite 30 in twinsburg [330]487-0333 extension 461. check them out online at and i have to tell you. beth, i was informed this morning by jim that we are at 100 percent now that every animal on our show has gotten a home. because we had an update today. who >> moose left the building yesterday. >> i like it. making a difference. we will be right back. warning coming up for anyone that plans to use an app to do holiday shopping this year. there are plenty of phony apps getting past apple safeguards.
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8:15 am
>> anchor: she was a big voice, soul singer, red for her high energy performances. singer sharon jones died this weekend in new york at the age of 60. surrounded by band d apt kings at the time. she had battled pancreatic cancer since 2013. we want to remind you about a major recall we announced this morning from hummus manufacturer he voluntary recall includes 55 different products because of possible listeria contamination. if you have some of this in your frig and has best before date of january 23. you are urged to toss it. that's any flavor of sabra hummus you may have at home. and skiter has recall of children shoes after reports of rivet scratching feet of young term rivets have sharp edges
8:16 am
if you bought a pair between august and october of this year, company urges you to take the recalled shoes away from the children immediately. and contact skiters footwear for a full refund. and many of you will use apps to save time and money during the holiday season. be aware of what you download. fake retail apps popped up in apple's app store. designed to steal your personal information. tiffani tucker has answers on how to make sure the ones you use are legitimate. >>ep avoid the holiday rush by shopping on apps be aware. hundreds of fake apps slip through the verying process. >> for holiday season we see more. now they are overwhelming even apple's ability to screen them out before they go up. >> reporter: dan said the first line of defense is who published in. >> figure to over stock app and real one, it said wife of the a fake one said it is by over stock inc. >> reporter: since names are
8:17 am
clear which app is legitimate next test. check the number of reviews and ratings. >> if i look down here at the customer ratings i see ratings and reviews for over stock life gap. lifetime 10,000. it will average four stars. to me that's a sign this is the legitimate app from legitimate company. >> reporter: when you go to the fake app. >> there are no customer ratings. there are no reviews here. and in fact, this app was published few days ago. >> reporter: look at the app description and instructions. >> mistakes, doesn't seem they were written for someone that first language is english. red flag. >> reporter: another safeguard is go to the store's website. this is macy's. all i have to do is scroll to the bottom of the screen. it gives me a direct link to the mobile app. safer way to download a store's legitimate app. apple has removed hundreds of fake apps but new ones are created every day. >> some other quick hints to take note of.
8:18 am
description f screen shots are fuzzy or look like they are low quality. steer clear. and similar to reviews. look for how many previous versions were released. most legitimate sites will have multiple updates. now we all know that thanksgiving and christmas is some of the happiest times of the year. for some next month can bring on holiday blues. doctors say it is not uncommon for people to experience seasonal disorder during the winter months. because of the lack of sunlight. but there are some things you can winter blues. >> eating right. getting good amounts of sleep. going to sleep at the same time every night. and getting lots of good exercise. getting outside is often as you can. sun exposure. it is a great idea. and if it gets to the point where none of that is quite doing the trick be sure to visit with your physician about depressive symptoms you have. >> anchor: cdc said that it is common to have mood changes with weather changes but if you are experiencing sadness from
8:19 am
should consult your doctor. i love that story. because i suffer from that. >> weather: i think we all do. especially in february. >> it sets in. so many days of, you know, gray. gloom. >> weather: wind and cold. are we talking about today. >> anchor: people get grumpy. we are at the beginning of it. right? >> weather: you do not get grumpy. we come preoccupied with the weather. they all come down here and ask when it w so the snow is winding down. i know, to me that's good news. some of you cheer it on. cedar point cam. season is over. you know how you know the season is over. look at the snow on rooftops over here. yeah. i know. but it is gray out there. and winds will continue. live look outside. right outside of the studios. 37 degrees. the wind 30 miles an hour. and gusting upwards of 50 miles an hour. still flurries around town.
8:20 am
turn off the lake effect snow machine. worry not done yet. by lunch time we will pretty much be done. you can see dopplermax. bringing in a couple of lines of lake effect snow flurries. eastern portion of cuyahoga and lorain county. couple of bands have set up. and out toward gates mill, shaker heights. off-and-on. some light. south euclid seeing it. may field heights you have a break. strongville. yeah, hit or miss there. but as you head to elevations. brecksville, brunswick, you guys still continue to turn a bit of snow. and it is still quite warm out there. ultimately this is going to scoot scoot off. this whole area was lit up in blue. this is all starting to diminish. you can see the lake effect from lake michigan that was going all the way down toward mansfield, that fetch is what it is called. has been turned off. same with out of huron. mostly dealing with our own lake
8:21 am
hammered right now. so ultimately snow pushes out of here. because we have high pressure right to the west. and ultimately wins out. in between the two systems. they are both big and strong. that gives us winds. winds will change a bit. come more north this afternoon. still gusting. it will be cold for browns game. monday's weather comes in with dryer air. winds will be howling on monday. still will feel bitter cold. future view. snow is by 11:00, just a couple of bands left. unless you live in the northeast portion and eastern portion of ashtabula county. you could continue to see the snow pile up. thompson you are right on border there. by 4:00 this afternoon. you are leaving the browns game. winds, yes. cold yes. clouds probably. but look at this. better picture. tonight, things will break up a bit. and winds will be kick. even the snow forecast models. keep it under an inch for today.
8:22 am
an additional inch but i don't think it is a big deal. temperatures are slightly mild at mid 30s. lower 30s. and 29 currently in mansfield. but it almost, the temperatures is a race by windchill. feels like mid 20s all day today. cloud cover will win out. i would take your sunglasses because you might at the end of the browns game get a peek or two of sunshine. but sunglasses protect your eyes from wind and when it howls you do not pellets hitting the eyes. 38 today. 39 tomorrow. with partly cloudy. diminish clouds at part first. afternoon sunny. 45 degrees. now we are talking. windchill will finally giveway a bit. just in time for our wednesday system to come in. 50 degrees. no windchill. there is the good news. bad news it comes in as rain. thursday rain likely. 50/50 shot.
8:23 am
bus it will be awfully cold late at night. guess what?
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> anchor: welcome back. some snow in some areas. but wind blew a lot of things out of here. on the westside. >> weather: all over the place actually. right? so there is still a chances of snow through the day. but it is starting to dissipate. heading to the game? mid 30s will feel like mid 20s today. bundle up. >> anchor: put those hand warmers on. thank you for watching cleveland 19 this morning. cbs sunday morning is next and "face the nation" and tailgate
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