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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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since you went to bed. look at your screen right now. cleveland police say these two men are armed, dangerous and ter orrizing people on the west side. they're wanted right now for a string of robberies and carjackings on the near west side. cleveland 19's sia nyorkor will have a live report coming up in just three minutes. san antonio police posted this picture on their facebook page overnight. they think this man might have information on the murder of a he was shot dead writing a ticket in his squad kwar, and last night in st. louis a similar incident. a police officer is shot twice in the face for no apparent reason. he survived. this is a live picture from bay village where strong winds took out a huge tree and power was just restored a couple of hours ago. although improving windy and cold are the weather words you
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>> brian: we've had everything the last couple of days. i played golf on friday afternoon, believe it or not. good morning, it's monday, november 21st. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. this is the coldest morning we've had on the bus stops in a couple of months, so we have team coverage to get you through it. denise zarrella is in bay village on the damage done there. traffic anchor laura demaria will let us know if there's slick spots on the road. we start with mro samantha roberts letting us know how cold is really is. come on, sam. some good news. >> samantha: you're not going to drive through snow this morning. that came to an end. here's doppler max, and you can see that it's totally empty. but it is freezing outside. 31 in cleveland, doesn't feel like 31. it feels like it's 20. 28 in akron. good morning to you out in mansfield. 24 is our current temperature,
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factor this morning, it will feel a lot colder. for most of us it feels about 10 degrees colder than it is. 29 right now in shaker heights. good morning in parma. 30 is our current temperature, and if you wake up with me in westlake, good morning to you. we're also at 30. so moms, dads, everyone who is helping get the kids ready this morning, bundle them up and bundle yourself up, too. i went 28 for a bus stop temperature, 34 so low chances of outdoor recess today, and then about 38 for the ride home. the breeze all day long making it feel like it's in the 20s. all right. it's a short week for you. not everybody is going to be in school all week, right? we have thanksgiving, so we'll talk about that thanksgiving forecast, guys, coming up at 6:15. >> a lot of people think -- sun second lawyer radio.
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straight up 77 it's 60 miles per hour just about the harvard area. 50 miles per hour near 490. from akron towards -- from akron towards cleveland we're running on time, 65 miles per hour. from canton to akron 64 miles per hour there, too. also looking good. here are your drive times.
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canton to cleveland and 26 minutes and 27 minutes from elyria and strongsville to cleveland you have a 19 minute drive. your west side commute at 6:19. first the roads were dicey over the weekend, but nothing like they saw out in the youngstown area. a 40-car pileup on route 711. it was a chain-reaction crash that started when one car slid on the ice. the good news is an guys. >> noeft snow on the ground this morning is out east, but on the west side there are trees on the ground, not snow. >> a little tough out there. denise zarrella continues our team weather coverage. good morning, denise. >> denise: we got a lot of high winds saturday into sunday. i'm in bay village where you get strong gusts. i'm told we had tropical storm-force winds here. we're close to the lake.
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this is probably the worst damage. i was out here yesterday. this was probably the worst damage i've seen. this old tree just sliced right into the house right here, and the inside of it we can see is hollowed out. it was weak to begin with. these were strong winds. luckily the people inside that house are okay right now. >> it's always extra windy here, and just really did some damage this time. >> denise: coming up in the next half hour, we tell you about the decision that someone that lives in this house made that probably saved his life. for now we're asking questions and getting answers here in bay village, denise zarrella, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: this came in handy over the weekend. the cleveland 19 first alert
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download it for free and you can interact with sam and the weather team before, during and after wintery weather hits your neighborhood. it let me know when the snow was coming in my neighborhood. download it. this is another big story we're foming for you this morning. cleveland police are searching for two men they say are terrorizing people on the west side. >> brian: sia nyorkor is live at the first district police station as she works to get answers for us this morning. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. yes, cleveland police are investigating. it's scary. there's been multiple carjackings here in this area. take a look at some of this video that we have. they're investigating some carjackings here on the west side. in one of the latest incidents, a victim was robbed at gunpoint, and their black 1997 cadillac seville was taken. it has ohio tag fxhn652. it happened thursday near west
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your screen. police are searching for two men. they are considered armed and dangerous. so police want people to be on the lookout for those two men. if you have any information call police right away so that they can get these guys off the street. we put this story on the website. head to cleveland for a closer look. i'm getting answers here on the west side, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: new this morning, we get answers police officers shot in three different states. >> tia: the most recent happened in st. louis. a 46-year-old officer is in critical condition after being shot in the face two times. >> this officer was not involved in a traffic spot. this officer was not trying to pull this car over. this officer was driving down the road and was ambushed by an individual who pointed a gun at him from inside of his car and shot out the police officer's window. >> tia: thankfully at last
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expected to survive. like we mentioned at the top of the hour, police shot and killed the gunman in a shoot-out. >> brian: in san antonio, texas a manhunt is happening for a similar shooting. this time the officer was killed writing a traffic ticket. a car pulled up behind his cruiser and a man got out and shot the 20-year veteran of the force twice in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> it's very hard to find somebody that's willing to do this profession, this job, because of the very thing that we saw today. shooting last night. a florida officer was shot in the shoulder during a traffic stop. he has already been treated and released from the hospital. police arrested the suspect after exchanging gunfire. right now there is no connection between these attacks against police. we have calls out to the cleveland police department on whether or not they're taking extra precautions today. when we get that information, look for it on the free cleveland 19 mobile news app. >> brian: president-elect
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new york city today. he had a busy weekend as he continues to work to fill key cabinet positions. chris christie, rudy giuliani, mitt romney all met with mike pence. all three are being considered for secretary of state. >> it was a cordial and substantive meeting. >> brian: the president-elect confirmed his wife melania and 10-year-old son barron won't move into the white house with him immediately. they finishing the school year in new york city. a warning for parents this morning, because you don't want this to happen to you. a christmas toy caught on fire in the bed of this pickup truck minutes after it was purchased from toys-r-us. the good new is no one was hurt. we get answers about the toy that caused this dangerous fire. take a look. it's a tonka mighty wheels dump truck. it has a 12-volt battery sold at
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isolated incident but their pulling this particular toy off of the store shelves until the investigation is complete. if the weather didn't convince you, here's another sign that wintertime is here in the big city. ice-skating coming back to public square today. first skate starts at 10:00 a.m. cleveland indians mascot slider is there to help kick off the festivities, and sam will provide some nice ice-skating temperatures as well. i know they have university circle, too, sam so now we have two places. >> samantha: so fun. it's a fun thing to do this time of the year. a lot of you already thinking about your travel plans, right? maybe you're hitting the road or hitting the skies on wednesday. not looking so good immediately off to our west we have showers and thunderstorms through the mississippi river valley, and then to the north snowshowers replaces like minneapolis.
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a little bit more quiet out here in the four corners but rain and snow out west. i'll have your local forecast for thanksgiving coming up after the break. >> tia: thank you so much. a stretch of road near the cavaliers practice court is getting a new name today. >> brian: more violent protests at a controversial construction site. nichole vrsansky will have everything you need to know from the alert desk.
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nichole vrsansky time is 6:14. breaking news out of france. seven people have been arrested in antiterrorism raiding. the interior minister said investigators thwarted a new potential attack. however, he did not say what or where the target of that attack was. look at these pictures from overnight in north dakota. as of 1:00 a.m. there were still 200 protesters to the oil pipeline project out there. they're trying to force their way past police on the backwater bridge. police there called it a riot situation. one arrest has been made, and there are reports of fires being set. police say protesters have been very aggressive using water cannons to keep police at bay. those pictures from overnight on facebook.
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india completed their search this morning for victims of sunday's rail crash. at least 140 people were killed, about 225 others were hurt when the train derailed. rescuers used cutting torches to pry open cars and cranes to lift coaches from the tracks to search for those trapped inside. no word on what caused the accident. we have more pictures from the pipeline protests from north dakota. i'll have those tia. >> tia: thank you so much. the indians just announced they're planning another round of upgrades over at the ballpark. some of the new upgrades include fixing up the elevators and putting new grass right on the field. the tribe has already given us a sneak peek of the work they've been doing. here's a look at pictures on their instagram account of crews tearing up the old turf. other changes for next season include the refurbishment of 26 suites and overhaul of safety
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the cleveland cavaliers are so good they're naming streets after them, at least part of a street. the section of brecksville road to the cavs practice facility will be renamed cavaliers way today. ceremony set for 2:30 and we'll be there. you can look to our app for live streaming video. time now is 6:16, and michigan still stinks. we tonight say what everybody else normally says. for the 113th time the ohio stateke north, and there couldn't be more on the line. win saturday and the buckeyes have a great shot to head to the college football playoffs. ohio state is the second point favorite. we need mishdz state to beat penn state along with a win over michigan to get in the big ten title game. there's some thought if ohio state beats michigan, they'll get in the playoffs. if michigan wins they will play in the big ten championship game. here we go.
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dominated michigan. i think it's -- i think they're 12-2 in the last 14 years. they've won four in a row, jake. urban meyer hasn't lost to michigan. >> tia: i don't have anything i need to say. >> brian: michigan is good. >> tia: there's okay. >> brian: they're good. we'll see. i like ohio state's chances saturday. >> samantha: it was a good weekend to stay inside and watch football. that's all i did yesterday. >> tia: not the browns, >> samantha: i sat through that. it was ugly. you saw it all right here on cleveland 19. when they scored that one touchdown, i was so happy. that was all for happiness. i don't have anything else really to say about it. it was a good day nonetheless to stay inside and watch football, right? even when it's sunny outside, it's nice to stay inside and watch college football. 6:17 right now. i want to let you know that we're done with snow. we're not going to have any of that today.
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and snow chance forecast. notice this is zero all day long. i don't expect any showers. there's a few flurries out there, but that's about it. nothing that's going to accumulate. lake-effect cloud cover continues to kind of linger here from the west side of cleveland down through canton. again, these clouds will not produce much, if any, precipitation. it's going to be a mainly dry day ahead. it's cold out there, though. most of us are in the 20s wind, it's not going to be as windy as yesterday, but it's still blustery. this is how cold that wind makes it feel on your exposed skin. that's called the windchill. 21 in akron, and 19 is how cold it feels right now in cleveland. if you join me from mansfield, you're one of my coldest spots. it feels like 12 degrees down there. please bundle up. you probably stay bundled up all
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at 3:00, but again, with that breeze factored in it will feel as if it's in the 20s all day. mostly cloudy out the door, and then we're partly sunny and blustery into the afternoon. we'll get just a skosh warmer tomorrow. i went 40 on tuesday. you like that, tia? a skosh, and another skosh warmer on we understand. 43 there. we get closer to 50 by thursday, but then we drop back into the 40s for the highs the lower end of the 40s through the weekend. if you're already thinking about thanksgiving, who isn't, right? i'm already dreaming of all the gravy that i'm going to put all over everything this week. this is what we look like with our full seven-day planning forecast. 40 tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds. rain does return on wednesday by midday, and i think that rain is going to be with us through the saturday of thursday.
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that's possible friday night into saturday morning. laura. >> laura: it's chilly on the roads. you want to heat the car up before you jump in and drive off to your destination this morning. once you're in the car and driving, you shouldn't have anything slowing you down. check this out. all the sensors dotted along the map, i'll show you you're not having any big slowdowns and no issues along the metro curve. that's the top that would slow down the most. really seeing a lot of improvementre bridge fully to the five lanes each direction. over to the west side, 60 miles per hour as you head in our west side suburbs through lakewood and cleveland the rest of the way towards the innerbelt bridge or 71, 490 all running right on time. 71 is through the metro curve still as i mentioned running well, and 480 all across the screen east to west, west to east running very well. drive times look good. 17 minutes in from north
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and 36 inbound from akron. some i-271 project, that same big project at 6:33 with an update. guys. >> tia: the browns made it interesting for a while but lost again this time to the steelers. but it's what the star of the team said after the game that has everybody talking this morning. >> brian: can't wait for that. what is eliminated today on facebook that you will not see again.
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>> tia: welcome back. changes coming to your facebook page, but you will like this. the social media site is working to remove fake news stories from being this is after a lot of false reports being posted during the presidential election. a new report from the ap confirms 36,000 write-in votes this election. compare that to the 2012 election when just 37 people wrote in their presidential vote. the favorites this year were john glenn, governor john kasich and urban meyer. >> brian: tough go for the brownies yesterday. rolling through these
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guys keep getting hurt. cody kessler yesterday out with a concussion, and you know we talked about josh mccown, what a tough guy he is. mccown tries to do too much, tia, sometimes and that's what he's doing here. he has to get rid of the football, steelers recover for a touchdown in the end zone. browns have quarterback problems and offensive line problems. it shows. >> look at the coach. he looks defeated. >> brian: it's he's frustrated. i don't know he's defeated. i see yournt browns fans try to hang in there. josh mccown is trying to hang in there. here's what he had to say about the game. >> i really believe fighting through this does and will make us stronger, but whether you're in it it's very tough. it's a credit to our coaches how we keep leading us through this tough time. but, you know, at the same time we have guys in here all ages, especially the veterans that
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win and do something to put something positive on, you know, our season right now. >> brian: you know who else is emotional? terrelle pryor. i saw him. terrelle pryor is a very good player. this guy has a chance to be a pro bowler. here's what he said after the game, tia. he said, we can't keep having our quarterbacks take these hits. what he's doing there is taking a little shot at the offensive line. >> tia: yeah, no coverage. >> brian: what do you think about a our teammate in the locker room? >> tia: saying a lot. that's all i say. >> brian: it is. in an nfl locker room for that to happen is unique. you don't normally get guys calling out the rest of the team and saying, hey, we got to play a little better. pryor is an emotional game, and this is an emotional season. to lose that many games whether you're prideful, professional athletes, it's very difficult. >> tia: he's coming playing for
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college team. >> brian: he's changed positions in the nfl. he made the sacrifice that a professional athlete is asked to make. he's made it big-time. it's going to be a rough week. >> tia: come on. win one game. the effects of a wild weather weekend. the power is finally back on this morning, but there's still a mess to clean up. sam will break down what's still ahead. >> brian: next, an update to breaking news. we get answers to what investigators call multiple,
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everyone. we continue to follow breaking news in cleveland. police are looking for these two guys. they say they are armed, and they're dangerous and they're terrorizing people on the near westside. sia nyorkor is at the first district police station. she will have an update on the search for you coming up. stay with us. that's in three minutes. >> tia: antonio police posted this picture on their facebook page overnight. they think this is the man that may have information on the murder of detective marconi. in st. louis a similar incident happened last night. they shot and killed a man that ambushed a police officer. he was sitting in traffic and was shot twice in the face. he survived the shooting. >> brian: this is a live picture from bay village where a tree took out power. everybody has the juice back on this morning as the sun coming
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>> tia: that's right. the worst of the weather is over, but we're not out of the woods just yet because it's cold out there. it's monday, november 21st. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: thanks for joining us. i'm brian duffy. we haven't had a morning this cold in a long time. we have the team coverage to get you through it. denise zarrella is in bay village, and she'll be dealing with that wind damage. traffic anchor laura demaria willett us know how we're doing on the roads. it was a tough weekend. we start with sam roberts in the first alert weather hey, sam. >> samantha: good morning. good morning if you just woke up with us. it's 6:31, and it's cold out there. you don't need me to tell you that. it's been cold for three days since we had record highs on friday. now nothing but chilly weather, and it's still chilly this afternoon. no rain or snow, though. that holding off until the middle of week. for today we get quiet weather. here's the satellite and radar.
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minimal snowshower activity. a few flurries possible through the morning, but nothing major. i think we're done with accumulating snow. temperatures, though, that's the big story. it's 31 in cleveland, but when you factor in the wind it feels about 10 degrees colder. 30 in akron and sitting at 28 in new philly and some of my coldest weather is to the west. mansfield and norwalk in the lower 20s. i think we're 30s today so 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. with that wind as a major factor all day, it's still going to feel like it's in the 20s. i'm sorry. i wish i had better news for today. when are things going to warm up? we're going to talk about that coming up at 6:45. laura. >> tia: we'll get to laura in a second, sam. we have breaking news i don't overnight. see it on your screen right now. a car flipped upside-down on
6:33 am
still on the scene investigating the cause of this. as soon as we get the answers to that question, we will make sure to up date you. laura. >> laura: that accident has cleared out of the wear, been cleared for a while, so you have no troubles making your way down kinsman or east 121st. that is out of the way. the highways are also looking very, very clear. everything looks green on the map and give you more room. 271 off to the right of the screen. notice issues up and down, a 480 going all the way across here right to left, left to right and east to west and west to east looking very good. 271 to the south of 480. keep in mind, we have this major construction project going on. it will go on until 2020. so we have a while here, but just a reminder it goes from 480 all the way down to the summit county line. so watch for intermittent lane closures and, of course, you see the crews out there in the middle of the road as well. your drive times look on time, though.
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door. the east side drive it at 6:49. guys. >> tia: neighborhoods see the most damage like the one over the weekend. >> brian: yesterday firstenergy reported more than 14,000 customers didn't have power. i was just on the website, the firstenergy website a couple of moments ago, like 12 people and customers in cuyahoga and lorain counties still without power. most of that over theee we turn to cleveland 19's denise zarrella checking out the storm damage for us in bay village. denise. >> denise: bay village was one of the hardest-hit areas. you mention the power outages. i was out here yesterday when everyone was without power. luckily the lights are on. rocky river was also a hard-hit area. over to my left here, you see part of what those heavy, gusty winds did here.
6:35 am
roberts that those were actually tropical storm-force winds. that's how intense the winds were that blew through her saturday night. this tree came flying down and sliced right into theoma there. luckily everyone that lives here was okay. one of the people that lived in the house made a decision that probably saved his life. >> my son that lives with him was going to take a shower 15 minutes of when it happened, and he would have been dead. they're doing okay. they pet friendly with their dogs, so they're okay. i did they're laundry for them to help them out. they're doing good thank god nobody was hurt. >> denise: and that neighbor that you heard from says she's got some big trees that are around here house. she's thinking of having them taken down so the same thing doesn't happen to her. we're told this tree should be out of here today. wire asking questions and getting answers in bay village,
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>> brian: thank you. the fastest, easiest way to get weather updates right on yur phone using our free cleveland 19 first alert weather app. it's live, local radar with technology you can't get anywhere else right now. sam can pinpoint your neighborhood and send alerts to you when bad weather is on the way. again, the cleveland 19 first alert weather appear is free in the app store. >> tia: this is something we want to make you aware of this morning. pretty serious story. cleveland police are on the lookout for two men s a string of carjackings as kro the west side. >> brian: sia nyorkor joins us live with everything you need to know from the police station. good morning. >> sia: good morning, brian and tia. can you imagine one minute you're in your car driving and the next minute held up by someone that wants to take your car or harm you. that is happening in these latest incidents here on the west side.
6:37 am
for these two men. they're suspected the carjacking a victim and taking a black 1997 cadillac seville. it happened thursday near west 98th street and madison avenue. police are looking for the two suspects. they were men. they were armed with handguns and are considered armed and dangerous. take a look again. there's a close up of their closes. if you have any information about these two suspects, police want you to call them right away so that they can try these crimes and get these guys off the street. we're working to get more information about the string of carjackings taking place on the west side. for now i get answers at the 1 #st district, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> brian: a shoot-out between st. louis police and a man wanted for shooting an officer in the face during a traffic stop. that suspect who had been on the run for hours died from police gunfire, and investigators say he ambushed an officer while he
6:38 am
thankfully, he's expected to survive. a manhunt is underway in texas for the person who gunned down a police officer near police headquarters in san antonio. detective benjamin marconi was shot by someone who shot through the window of his squad karz. >> brian: president-elect donald trump continues to fill key posts in his new administration. over the wnd president-elect met with chris christie, rudy giuliani and mitt romney. the president-elect also confirmed his wife, melania, and 10-year-old son, barron, will not immediately move into the white house with him. they're going to wait until barron finishes school in new york city. president obama is back in washington, d.c. this morning on the heels of his final overseas trip as president. now, he took a moment to discuss his future plans at the apec
6:39 am
>> take michelle on vacation and get some rest and spend time with my girls and do some writing, do some thinking. >> brian: he wants to give president-elect trump the chance to push his platform forward. >> tia: today we work to get more answers from the city of berea after our investigation found lead in the water of at least one home. we got our hands on more than 400 separate water complaints from customers in berea. you can read what we found out in our investigation on our today is the beginning for the fourth week of the lewisville schools' teachers' strike in stark county. there's no plan for the two sides to meet and figure out a solution right now. here is the time line to this strike. it was november 1st when we first told you about this. that's when 55% of the teachers voted to strike. the school district responded by putting substitute teachers in the classrooms in their place. if the two sides don't come
6:40 am
weeks, it won't be until december 12th that the school board has a scheduled meeting. >> brian: okay. consumer alert this morning. you might see this video on your facebook time line this morning. check it out. a truck on fire, but it's not because of engine trouble. there was a toy tonka truck in the back of the pickup. it caught on fire just minutes after a washington family had bought it. it's the 12-volt tonka mighty wheels dump truck, and it was on sale at toys-r-us. since the v retailer pulled the truck off their shelves. tonka needs to figure out what the heck happened. thankfully no one was hurt. when you hit the road for the holiday, look for the message the state highway patrol sends you as you drive. >> brian: here's an app you may have to convince your boss to let you download? why? it's designed to take the stress out of your workday, sam. >> samantha: can't beat that, right? time is 6:40, and it's going to
6:41 am
listen, our average high for today is 48. no, it's going to feel like christmas this afternoon. seriously. the average high for christmas is in the mid-30s, and that's what we're doing today. we'll take a closer look at your forecast coming up after the break. >> tia: what some people are calling a holiday miracle came early. we'll have that story straight
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>> nichole: time is 6:44. an incredible story out of washington state just came into the newsroom. a couple survives after a giant tree comes crashing down on top of their car as they were driving. >> somehow it about 2 inches. >> i would say it's a miracle. these people were spared their lives today. >> nichole: look at this video. the huge tree crushes the top of that suv. hard to believe anyone walked away from this. it happened about 20 miles northeast of seattle. the driver was pinned to his seat, but firefighters helped them get out of the back of the car. the passenger lowers here seat and crawled out of the back as
6:45 am
north dakota. we showed you facebook video ear earlier. these pictures from police, and it started around 6:00 last night with over 400 protesters. as of a few hours ago, at least 200 people still out there. police say protesters are setting fires and being very aggressive. protesters say police have used water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas to keep them at bay. one person was arrested and there are conflicting reports on injuries. police say they don't have any reports of however, protest organizers say 167 people were hurt with 7 people hospitalized for head injuries. we'll keep our eye on that developing story. brian. >> brian: thank you so much. we know drunk driving is a problem, but the state highway patrol and the ohio department of transportation will use freeway message signs to seasoned out warnings about drugged driving crashes during the holiday driving season. ohio has seen a 25% increase in drugged-driving crashes since
6:46 am
add work to that, and it can be stressful. one california company is helping its employees find their inner zen. headspace, that produces a meditation app, allows workers to meditate anytime during the shift. the owners also created areas designed for quiet reflection and relaxation. brian, they say it improves productivity at work. >> there's a shift in culture in most companies now where people accept with a team that's healthy and happ optimum working environment. >> tia: many studies show that meditation has significant health benefits including lower blood pressure, reduce stres and boosting concentration. brian, what do you do for stress? >> brian: exercise. i just exercise. >> tia: what do you do? >> samantha: i exercise and eat. >> brian: where is that company? california? >> tia: of course. >> brian: that's stunning. >> tia: geez, brian. give them some slack. >> brian: listen, if it works for you, i'm all for it.
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>> tia: so you're not all for it. >> brian: i really am. whatever works. everybody has got something that works for them for stress. it's kind of funny. that's all. >> samantha: uyou should try i later after your desk. >> brian: what about during the show? >> samantha: commercial break. just don't be too loud. 6:47 on this monday morning. check it out. this is the new ice-skating rink out oh, it is just gorgeous. i'm sorry. brian's meditating, and it's very -- it's very distracting to the rest of us. so please keep your meditating in your safe space, okay? again, 6:47. and this is what we've got going on for your first skate of the season. he's still doing it. please pull this up on camera.
6:48 am
at. >> tia: come on guys. he's in his own space. i'm not doing this. get your life together, man. >> samantha: do you feel destressed? >> brian: boy, am i stress-free. i'll just have another cup of coffee. that usually helps, too. >> samantha: maybe you can ice skate later and get rid of the stress, okay? bundle up. tia said he had two left feet. it's cold this morning. no snow, though. that's great news. that has all come to an end. i'll tell you, even though temperatures are in the low 30s and some 20s this morning, when you factor in the wind it feels colder. it feels like 19 in cleveland. current windchill in akron is 21. bundle up, please. bundle the kids up as you send them out the door this morning and bundle up yourself as well. again, the snow has come to an end, but we still have
6:49 am
there. i think we'll have these clouds around for much of the day. so i went with a partly sunny forecast. a little more sunshine peeking through than we had over the weekend. blustery all day, which is, of course, going to make temperatures feel a lot colder than they are. it would feel as if it's in the 20s this afternoon, even though we're headed for about 38. tonight still breezy, numbers in the low 30s almost the entire night. so any dinner plans that you have tonight certain w budged up for that. maybe you go down to playhouse square to check out a show. it will be cold on that walk from your car to the theater. tomorrow, 40 with a little more sunshine and a little less wind. by wednesday rain returns to the forecast. showers are likely by midday. i do think they'll continue into wednesday night. then we could even have a little lingering rain by thanksgiving morning. that will be the warmest day of
6:50 am
49 for turkey day. a little break in the rain on friday before a wintery mix develops friday night into your saturday morning. >> laura: i should mention quickly this morning that we do still have about 56 customers in the cleveland metro area that do not have power. most of them either in cleveland or over to the west side, and right along the lake is where they are mostly. that's where we have denise zarrella this morning. i'm sure we have more in a bit over on roads, 271, just a little by slower as you move south towards 480 this morning. no report of an accident out there. probably heightened traffic picking up as we move closer to rush hour. starting to see slowing here. just as you merge if you come up 77. as for the east side here, route 2 and i-90 are rough spots the last couple of days. today things look very clear. we don't deal with dicey
6:51 am
looking really good all in the green pretty much your whole drive. do you take the rest of that drive around dead man's curve and it's all green swinging into downtown. no slowdowns reported there. the drive times are still on time. guys. >> tia: love it. smooth sailing out there. before you head to work or school, we run down the stories you need to know before you go. >> brian: including a close call in bay vicll
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> tia: welcome back. our cold and windy weather tops our list of stories you need to know before you go this morning. >> denise: in bay village strong winds knocked this tree right oefrt here on eagle cliff drive. luckily no one was hurt, though. today that tree is expected to be removed. a blustery day ahead, but not quite as windy as it was this weekend. 31 is your current temperature and feeling like the teens and we hit the upper 30s later feeling more like the 20s. >> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk tracking two police shootings this morning in san antonio, texas. police are searching for a han that ambushed a police officer yesterday as he sat in his squad car writing a ticket. in st. louis, missouri the
6:55 am
officer there in the face killed by police in a shoot-out this morning. the officer in st. louis is expected to be okay. sia. >> sia: i'm sia nyorkor here on cleveland's west side where the search is on for two men wanted in a string of carjackings right here. take a look at that picture on your screen. brian. >> brian: we're trying to get answers about this one-car crash in cleveland overnight. a car flipped upside-down at 121st and kinsman. we're waiting on a anyone was hurt. >> tia: a stretch of brecksville road will be renamed cavaliers way today. it's the part that leads up to the cavs practice facility in independence. we will be there at 2:30 when the commemoration is set to happen. you can look on our cleveland 19 mobile news app for streaming video. ice-skating is coming back to public square today. the first skate at 10 a.m. slider is there to kick off all the fun.
6:56 am
cleveland metro area. 39 is the slowdown spot, 77 just north of 490 in between the innerbelt bridge where it begin. the left lane is, of course, blocked there. we talked about that for a while there. we have an accident that popped up at 77 really between 77 and grant. the left lane is blocked. looks like it's right near wolf ledges drive moving towards 77 northbound. i'll watch for this to slow down a little bit as the morning does a lot going on out there, huh? >> brian: yeah, there is, and it's freeding cold in the middle of it. >> samantha: it so cold out there. feels like the teens this morning. if you're about to hit the roads, layer up. >> tia: bundle up. thanks for watching this morning. of course, on cle43 we hear from a doctor to offer us tips on how to beat the holiday blues. >> brian: you can breaking news
6:57 am
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, november 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? more than a foot of snow buries part of the country and more is on the way. we are tracking thanksgiving week forecast. >> a huge manhunt in san antonio for a man who ambushed and killed a police detective. it is one of four police shootings in 24 hours around the country. >> president-elect trump appears to be close to making several appointments to his cabinet and demands an jooi apology to the


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