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tv   Cleveland 19 News This Morning  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> tia: you're looking at live pictures from the 1st district police station on west 130th street where a sit-in is beginning to honor the memory of tamir rice. today marks two years since 12-year-old tamir was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. sia nyorkor is at that scene and will get us a full report. that's coming up in about two minutes. we have driver of that school bus. his name is johnth hany walker, 24 years old. >> brian: shocking developments overnight out of the investigation into a fatal school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. we'll tell you why police say the bus driver is to blame. look at the radar right now oyour screen. that weather system out west is on its way right here and threatening to impact your holiday travel plans. >> brian: we're already ahead
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bearing down on us. to keep you safe on the busiest travel day of the year tomorrow, it's tuesday, november 22nd. thank you for joining us. i'm brian duffy. >> tia: i'm tia ewing. you want to know about traffic because a lot of people are hitting the roads, and you want to know about the forecast as well. for that we go to meteorologist samantha roberts. sam. >> samantha: good morning if you're just waking up. time is 6:01, and we're off to a beautiful, dry start out there. it is chilly just like yesterday. philly, 19 is our current temperature. that's not a windchill. that's the actual air temperature. 23 in mansfield, but a little warmer out to the east. 29 in warren and 32 in cleveland. it's warmer in those areas because we had more cloud cover overnight. are you making up with me on the east side? good morning to you, shaker heights, euclid, low 30s here and our coldest spot in cuyahoga county right now is strongsville at 29.
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course, bundled up at the bus stop this morning. gloves, hats and skavrs, right? i think you might need those things all day. lunchtime 38 degrees, 41 for that ride home today. lighter wind, though. that's one of the news. it will not be as blustery as the last several days. we're going to look ahead to thanksgiving coming up at 6:15. doesn't that turkey look good in my goodness. >> laura: that looks delicious. we're definitely that thanksgiving fever right about now, right? out on the roads things move smoothly this morning. haven't had big slowdowns to report. of course, we're just entering 6:00, so we're far from rush hour. i know a lot of people are planning on hitting the roads today headed to their destination for thanksgiving. if that's your plan, we've got no issues. 77 looks very smooth. keep in mind we have a lot of construction out there, especially if you use the turnpike, popular route of travel during the thanksgiving holiday season.
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all across ohio on the turnpike. seems constant, right? we have an accident at i-90 westbound headed towards downtown at martin luther king boulevard. be careful in there. off to the shoulder, so not a huge concern especially with the decreased traffic right now. canton to cleveland is on time 56 minutes there. 27 minutes inbound from elyria. strongsville to cleveland looking like 19 minutes. the akron commute is coming up at guys. >> tia: we are following a developing story on cleveland's west side this morning as today marks two years since 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed by cleveland police outside the cudell recreation center. >> brian: he had an air soft pistol with the orange tip pulled off which made it look like a real gun. his mom settled a $6 million lawsuit with the city, but plans to honor his memory today. sia nyorkor is getting answers for us on that this morning.
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>> sia: good morning, brian and tia. yes, in just a little bit the black lives matter cleveland will stage a sit-in right here at cleveland police's 1st district. it's 3 miles down the street from where tamir was shot and killed reply business. since tamir was killed two years ago his mother has been seeking justice. she wants cleveland police officers timothy loehmann and frank gar becked charged. the family says this is a rough time of year, but this is a way to get through it. here is what you need to know about today's sit-in. it is the tamir rice # rice #twoyearstoolong sit-in and begins at 6:00 a.m. which is right about now. it's at 3895 west 130th street.
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it will last 12 hours, one hour for each year tamir was alive. we will follow this story on air and online getting answers for you here at the 1st district, sia nyorkor, "cleveland 19 news." >> tia: all right, sia. we're still getting answers about a school bus crash in tennessee that killed five grade school kids. >> brian: it crashed and was carrying 35 kids. nichole vrsansky at desk with what we have learned new overnight. nicki. >> nichole: the ntsb is heading to chattanooga this morning. while you were sleeping, the man behind the wheel of the bus at the time of the crash was arrested. investigators released this photo overnight at 24-year-old joh johnathy walker. they suspected he was speeding. of the 23 children hospitalized after the crash, at least 5 of
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one of the children who was on the bus at the time of the crash explains what he saw. >> he wasn't paying attention. he was going real fast. he had hit a garbage bag, and he had hit a mailbox and flipped over a hit a tree real hard. >> nichole: that little boy said he was going real fas and hit a garbage bag and hill a mailbox when the bus flipped over and hit the tree real hard. the bus driver has been with five counts of vehicular homicides and reckless eng dangering and reckless driving. we're awaiting the arrival of ntsb investigators this morning. once they arrive, we'll share answers with you throughout the morning. tia and brian. >> tia: word of the crash in tennessee, has a lot of apparents understandably on edge this morning. >> brian: we did investigating hoping to ease fears about
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denise zarrella is here getting answers for us this morning. denise. >> denise: duff, the ohio pupil transportation operation and safety rules are found on the department of education's website. their purpose is to reduce or prevent injury or death to students. according to the national transportation safety administration riding in a school bus is seven times safer than riding in a car or truck. an average of 30,000 people are killed in car accidents every year compared to 6 children in school bus crashes. co u we review some of the specific requirements all bus drivers in ohio must have. brian. >> brian: all right. cleveland police are still looking for at least two men involved in a string of carjackings on the city's west side. these are the only pictureses we have of the alleged suspects. police consider them armed and dangerous and responsible for 18 carjackings since october 29th. there is a $2500 reward for information leading to an
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search for a missing 16-year-old in cleveland. police found the body of alexander mullins in a vacant home on east 54th street. he was last seen on november 9th walking to school. police say he was found with a gunshot wound to the chest. right now there are no arrests. police have not released any information on any possible suspects. >> tia: today we're working to get answers to why charges were dropped in the murder of 5-month-old avia wakefield. she was shot and killed last davon holmes was originally charged with aggravated murder, but all of his charges have since been dropped. when we get an update, you can look for it first on the free cleveland 19 mobile news app. still no negotiation progress in the lewisville teacher strike. both sides haven't sat down face-to-face since the contract expired in join. the teachers voted to strike on november 1st. last night teachers and parents filled the city hall for a council meeting. everyone we talked to when we
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want a resolution. >> we're ready for this to be done. we want to come to a contract. we want to get back in our classrooms. we're ready to begin healing. >> we want the council to know that this has to end. if they can help in any way, that would be great. >> tia: the lewisville education association proposed a meeting last week, but they said the board of education has not yet responded. cleveland 19 also reached out to every board of education member and no one has responded. this morning we have a warning for parents and shoppers. before y m for black friday deals. >> brian: more than 137 million americans plan to shop between wednesday and monday. of course, it's huge. the national safety council says up to two-thirds of drivers may be distracted out there looking for a parking space. the numbers behind this the council found on average at least 60,000 are injured and 500 or month die in the 50,000-plus crashes in parking lots and
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>> it's just as dangerous to be distracted in a parking lot going 5 miles per hour as it is to be going 50 miles per hour. >> brian: they found 66% of us felt comfortable making a phone call driving in a parking lot. listen to this. more than half would text, roughly half of drivers were okay with sending e-mails, usually social media and watching pictures driving in a parking lot. 42% said they would video chat. >> tia: that's insane. we took this story a step further. we looked into local malls and checked to see how safe their parking lots were whether it comes to crime. we have the answers this morning. this is also on our cleveland 19 mobile news app. a new study may end the debate on whether or not pregnant women shut lie on their backs during the third trimester. >> tia: it's national adoption awareness month, and we get
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children looking for a loving home. sam. >> samantha: i think today, guys, would be the perfect day to put up christmas decorations. yes, it's cold. most of the day we're in the 30s with a high of 41, but no rain expected today. we'll take a closer look at tomorrow's wet forecast coming
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>> nichole: time is 6:14. i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. following a developing situation in philadelphia, pennsylvania after an explosion in center city just after 4:00 this morning. one person is injured. local media there reporting the bomb squad now on scene. the victim was hospitalized with injuries to the hand and chest. investigators are now trying intentional. i want to show you this amazing video just into our newsroom. the coast guard rescuing a hunter and his dog from a marsh near the indian river in delaware. apparently a passer-by spotted the man trapped and alerted the local fire department, but the water was too shallow for rescue boats. you see the guy there in the back of helicopter, so the coast guard helicopter came out there to rescue him and his dog.
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morning suggests pregnant women who lie on their backs in the third trimester may be at increased risk of stillbirth. doctors in new zealand found pregnant woman lying face-up adds extra stress on the fetus and reduce oxygen consumption. those are the stories this morning. tia, over to you. >> tia: thank you so much. you may see this and think, hey, it's just a sign. behind #fostercare is a mission helping kids that aged out of the foster care system right he november is national adoption awareness month, and cleveland native kevin e. gilmore is using instagram to shed light on this major issue right here in our community. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: for the past five years world leaders, celebrities both nationally known and locally have gripped t the #fostercareside. >> i figure we copy celebrities. if celebrities cared about
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>> tia: kevin gilmore the founder of the out of pocket venture knows what it's like to age out of foster care and have no place to call home. what did you do for the holidays? >> i slept in any car and shelters. >> tia: a college graduate from cleveland state university. it's why the mission is to help teens who aren't adopted and instead are left with no one. using the power of instagram to shine a light on the issue and bring awareness. >> what age did you go i foster care? >> 13, and i went to a family member after that. i went back into foster care when i was 16. >> tia: like this young mother of four. she aged out of foster care. now 22 years old, she eventually fell on really hard times. >> a young lady sitting in the lobby took it upon herself to see her and the kids. >> this is where the hot water tanks were. >> tia: back in april of this
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the home because her dream turned into a real life nightmare. >> they took furnaces. it's a duplex, so they took two, drywall, paint, my bathroom supplies, everything that had, you know, been in the house up until this point. >> tia: the advocate said this setback was a setup for her to work harder and touch more lives. >> we don't have housing but we have pampers. >> no matter who holds the sign, a celebrit hope is they walk away with foster youth a little closer to their hearts. those grim statistics are right on our website, and more on adoption as well can be found on all right. time is now 6:17 on this tuesday morning. we are rolling right along through the work week, and i
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today. you won't need that. that hour-by-hour chance of rain from sunup to sundown is zero. no showers expected, but again, it is a little chilly. good morning to you in cleveland. 32 is our current temperature, but the wind is out of the northwest at about 12 miles per hour sustained. so it's going to feel just a little colder than it actually is. it feels like the mid-20s in cleveland. it's actually in the mid-20s in akron this morning. not much of a breeze there. do substantially lighter than they have been the last several days. you know, over the weekend it was super windy, still a little blustery yesterday. today those winds start to relax, but it is still cold. 7:00, most of us are stuck in the upper 20s and lower 30s, and by midday we should hit about 38, 41 this afternoon. that will be your forecast high for the day. that will happen at about 3:00. partly sunny skies is your
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our maps today or tonight. tomorrow rain is looking like a good bet. now, if you'll be traveling in the morning around this area, you're not going to have to worry about any rain. i think almost up through midday we should be just fine, but by about 11:00, 12:00, that's when those precipitation chances start increasing, and i do think that as the rain moves in by late morning and early tomorrow afternoon, even a little sleet or snow could mix in. i don't expect any accumulations, any accumulating snow or anything like that. as temperatures warm into the afternoon to about 41, we'll change over to all rain, and that rain is going to hang around through wednesday night. if the system kind of lags a little bit, moves a little slower, we could even see some showers on thanksgiving morning. so prepare to deep fry that turkey outside in the rain. i think most of it should be out of here by the afternoon, so if you want to play a little
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groundmy be wet on thursday, i think we should be mostly dry by the afternoon. yet another system in the books for friday. that brings us light rain during the day, so my black friday shoppers and i am right there with you because i'm always looking for a good deal, we're going to be shopping in some rain on friday. it should be pretty light, and then the weekend, well, we'll start that off with a little light rain, too. sunday, though, laura, looks great. >> laura: heads up, too. today is a better day of travel than tomorrow. sam is talking about the weather and talking about later on in the day tomorrow, 11:00 tomorrow. tomorrow the worst time to be on the road for traveling is 3:00 in the afternoon. so if you can get out before the rain and before the heavy traffic, that's going to be your best bet tomorrow. if you get out on the road today, things are free and clear out there. we have clear roads for you
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90 going all the way across the city of cleveland. i don't see any real issues for you and nothing slowing you down. we're still far from rush hour. the akron area is moving smoothly. 77 northbound from canton to akron on time. outbound is 65 miles per hour, and the rest of your drive towards downtown is also accident-free. brian. >> brian: thank you so much, laura. circumstance musical spectacular is cg center. you can see it for free. logon to and enter to win two tickets. if you're looking for something to do with the kids over the long holiday weekend, head to the land. ca candyland that is. >> tia: it's a close call for a group of kids caught in the middle of a police chase.
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>> brian: a terrifying close call for kids on a street corner. it happens very quick. watch. a police cruiser in hot pursuit going through an intersection when a truck clips the cruiser and it spins out. they just missed a group of kids
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into a van parked on the side of the road. thankfully, the officer walked away with just minor injuries. this was in pennsylvania. >> tia: thankfully the kids walked away tall together. the internet is going insane over this picture of flip-flops. they're this year's mystery dress. it was posted to social media last week and started a fierce debate. are they blue and black and brown? some say blue and gray and even white and gold. what do you think, brian? >> brian: i think they're white and gold. i don't know. i'm colorblind, so there you go. the atlanta zoo is currently running a poll on the website to help name their new twin panda cubs. there are seven sets of names, tia, to choose from. each has a special meaning or association with the cubs or their parents. looks like they're hugging, doesn't it? the winning set will be revealed
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celebrate on september 12th. it's one of your favorite games taken to a new level. it's candyland with a national twist at penitentiary glen nature center in kirkland. we were there this morning, and here's a look. >> here we are at candyland has gone wild. we we're inside the auditorium here. we opened last weekend. this exhibit opens day through january 1st. we close at 5:00, so noon to 5:00 daily. however, we are closed on thanksgiving day, christmas eve, christmas day, and new year's eve. visit our website for more information about candyland has gone wild. >> tia: i've heard it's a good time. i've never gone. i've heard good things about it. >> brian: they do a great job out there with everything. >> tia: the busiest travel day of the year is tomorrow.
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forecast coming up. >> brian: breaking news overnight after that fatal bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. we tell you who police say is
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>> brian: good morning. a live picture from the 1st district police station on west 130th street where people arrive slowly to a sit-in to honor the memory of tamir rice.
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was shot and killed by cleveland police. sia nyorkor is there as well, and we have a full report in about two minutes. >> tia: this is breaking news from overnight. in chattanooga, tennessee the driver of a school bus that crashed killing at least five children has been arrested. nichole vrsansky is tracking the new developments and will have a full report from the alert desk. >> brian: all right. that weather system you see out west on its way here, and, of course, a lot of you start to travel for thanksgiving. we are getting you storm. the day before the busiest travel day of the year. >> tia: the ride to grandma's house may be slippery come tomorrow. good morning, it's tuesday, november 22nd. i'm tia ewing. >> brian: i'm brian duffy. what we need to do is check on traffic and weather right out of the gate this morning as we start with our meteorologist sam roberts. what's going on, sam? >> samantha: guys, off to a dry start today, so if your travel
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traveling anywhere in the lower great lakes or down to our south, you should be just fine. again, it is chilly out there. then rain, of course, moving in for tomorrow. we might even have a little rain that hangs around for part of your thanksgiving. so that's something to watch, too. again, no rain on our map just to show you you can expect a dry morning commute. a little cloud cover off to the east, but that's about all. nothing going on except for the cold. good morning wayne county is the coldest spot. 21 there and 32 in cleveland. we have a breeze in the metro, so it will feel like it's in the mid-20s. here's your hour-by-hour temperature forecast. 36 at 11:00, 39 at 1:00, and then we'll hit about 41 at 3:00. that's your high for the day. but is there any warm weather in our forecast? i love this little snowman. i found him on the internet last
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it was so warm last year, i wanted to break him out yet. we talk about whether or not there's any warm weather coming down the pipe at 6:45. laura. >> laura: this morning has been an easy morning so far for our roads. we've had no major troubles out there. we have a disabled vehicle i'll show you in a moment. first, a look right out your door giving you a wide look across the area. hopefully you can see where you are headed this morning on the map or maybe out of the area. today is a good day of travel if that is the case. of construction. as for the west side, a little closer here. 60 miles per hour making your way in through lakewood and cleveland. no slowing down. no issues on the metro curve on 71. no problems at all. 480 looks like 60 miles per hour on every alert that we have coming up on your screen. good news there. disabled vehicle on i-90 westbound right at martin luther king jr. boulevard. the drive times are still in the
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olmstead, mentor and akron. there was some guy in here with a pistol, you know. i saw his face. he pointed it at everybody. >> brian: it was two years ago today that was the 911 call at the cudell rec before the tragic police shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. this morning people are going to rally around the rice family, and they still have questions about the shooting and the investigation that followed. >> tia: a facebook event set up by cleveland black lives matter is encouraging people to a cleveland's 1st district headquarters today. >> brian: sia nyorkor is there right now and has been there all morning. sia, what are we expecting there today? >> sia: yes, good morning, brian and tia. this black lives matter set-in is set to start actually right about now here at the 1st district police station. you can see that a few people have trickled in. i spoke with a supporter that told me that people are just now gathering.
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an hour for each year that tamir rice was alive. now, so far more than 100 people have expressed interest in attending, including samaria rice, tamir's mother. here's what you need to know about today's sit-in. it starts right now at 6:00 a.m. it is the tamir ri rice #twoyearstoolong. it's at 3895 west 130th street, and samaria rice is expected statement about seeking justice for her son's death. now, one of the goals of this sit-in is also to demand that incoming prosecutor mike o'malley fire and charge the two cleveland police officers that shot tamir rice. so we will be here on the scene getting answers for you on air and online. it's a story we've been following, and we'll bring you those updates. for now i get answers here at
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"cleveland 19 news." >> brian: thank you so much. a lot of stories developing, continuing to develop overnight, including the investigation into a school bus crash that killed five children in tennessee. >> tia: this is a tragic story all the way around. nichole vrsansky has the breaking details right from the alert desk. >> nichole: good morning. a team of national transportation safety investigators are on their way to chattanooga this morning to look into a crash that killed five students and left 2 with various injuries. we have learned overnight the man behind the wheel of that bus when it crashed has been charged. 24-year-old johnthony walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerments and reckless driving. investigators believe speed was a factor in the crash. there were 35 kids on the bus ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. five children died, 23 others hospitalized as i mentioned, five of those children said to
6:36 am
those pictures just heart-breaking. chattanooga police chief fred fletcher was asked if he thought the death toll could rise. >> i hope as deeply and as passionately as i can that there are no more, but i do not know the status of those kids. >> nichole: a warrant has been issued to remove the black box from the office and review the evidence from the video cameras that were on the bus. chief fletcher says more charges are pending against the driver, developments and break in with any new information as we get it. tia and brian. >> tia: if you're a parent and hear that story this morning and you're thinking, i may have to put my kid on the bus, you're probably terrifying. in light of the terrible tragedy, we wanted to look at school bus driver safety standards right here at home. >> brian: denise zarrella has been diving into this all morning. she has answers on what is required of your kid's school bus driver. d. >> denise: the ohio department of education lays out the
6:37 am
required including drug and alcohol testing, but here's are the three most basic requirements. you must be 21 years of age, have a valid commercial driver's license or cdl, and they also do a state and federal background check on you. you must be able to cope with stressful situations. i thought that was interesting that that was on there. there are training, lots of training, of course, required. they also do a motor vehicle records check and any changes in someone's driving record must be reported to the ohio of education. t tia. >> tia: the future of elyria's midway mall is uncertain, and now city council is looking at ways to best use the aging property. at a meeting last night, they recommended moving towards a more modern mixed use building like crocker park. if they don't do anything, the mall will continue to lose money. >> it's kind of depressing. >> it needs a lot of work. there hasn't been too much
6:38 am
lately. >> tia: midway mall is still looking for a buyer. the city is looking at tax incentives to move it along. cleveland city council approved a new plan to fund new development downtown. a $32 million project will begin in january to renovate five vacant buildings on johnson court in the warehouse district. they're more than 100 years old. the project is expected to generate 150 construction jobs. >> brian: heads-up this morning if you need to buy your thanksgiving feast. some jars of heinz gravy have been mislabeled at pork gravy. that could be a problem for some people who are allergic to milk, because the allergen is not marked on the jar. detailed information on this recall right where you need it on our "cleveland 19 news" app. good news for consumers heading up to the holiday. americans will eat 46 million turkeys on thursday, and all those turkeys are cheaper than
6:39 am
pumpkin spice and milk prices are all down from last year. on top of that, gas prices are lower as well. >> tia: believe it or not, if you're cooking the turkey this year, you have to start thinking about it today. we have some tips on how you can make sure you're serving it up safely. if you're going the fresh turkey route, buy it today. also, have two thermometers a refrigerator one to make sure it's stored at 40 degrees fahrenheit and a food thme cooked all the way through at 165 degrees. as far as the big thaw, the fridge method is considered the safest. thaw it for 24 hours per 5 pounds and keep it in a container to keep it separated from the other foods. we asked the question, will you talk politics at the dinner table this thanksgiving? that could get dicey, huh? you can hear what people had to say about this on our app and posted advice about how family and friends can avoid the conversation.
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cleveland 19 mobile app. this week is the only week of the letter there were 25 letters in the alphabet if you're a buckeye fan. the letter m is gone anywhere you go on the ohio state campus. on the coach hayes historical marker and on the campus traditionally all the myrtle beaches on any campus building are covered with a red x. the number two ranked buckeyes host the number three ranked noon. see all those. >> tia: we know how it's going down. you talk politics at my house on thanksgiving, that's april time for family. if you do that, you got to go and leave my house. >> brian: it's going to happen. we'll probably hear some stories about the fallout. >> tia: it might be the story at my house. hatchimals are one of the hottest toys around, and how you can get one for absolutely free. >> brian: we follow breaking news in japan where evacuations
6:41 am
an aftershock is sending tsunami waves up a river. sam. >> samantha: all right. time is now 6:40 on this tuesday morning. hey, if you're already thinking ahead to travel weather out to the west, portland up towards oregon, washington, the pacific northwest looking at rain and mountain snows, and then in the middle of the country a little bit off to the east, mississippi river valley, north into minneapolis, and rain, snow, and to the south even the for severe weather. farther east, east coast, northeast and down towards the southeast we look quiet. so what about our neck of the woods tomorrow if you're traveling around here? we talk about it and your thanksgiving forecast coming up after the break. >> tia: we don't like reporting stories like this. just heart-breaking. the man behind the wheel of that school bus that crashed in chattanooga, tennessee killing five small kids and injuring more than 20 others is behind
6:42 am
school's superintendent. that's coming up after the
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>> nichole: i'm nichole vrsansky at the alert desk. woodmoore elementary will be
6:45 am
crash went to school. it was open through the night, actually, for parents and family to come and ask questions and get answers. school leaders whim offer that support again this morning. >> we had guidance counselors there, and we will have support for students and support for the staff. we'll have support for members of the community, and we will continue to provide this support as long as it is needed to our students, to our staff, and to our community. >> nichole: we told you, the national transportation safety board is on their way to the site this morning. the bus driver was ate overnight. five children died and several more remain in the hospital this morning. i want to show you this new video from japan. these are tsunami waves traveling up the river there. there was a 6.9 magnitude irt quake this morning. officials warn waves could get up to 10 feet. they urge residents in affected areas to evacuate. this is where ied yo from
6:46 am
the bomb squad is still on the scene out there. it happened after 4:00 this morning. we've been reporting on it all morning long. one person was injured after a package there exploded. this just in as well. a busy morning. 56-car pileup in china has left 17 people dead. slippery conditions and fog are to blame. brian and tia, back to you. >> tia: we're on the brink on the height of shopping season. this morning we get answers to which local shopping centers had the highest crime rates. the malls had high numbers of reported violent crimes. that's a good thing. it's posted on the mobile news app. since 2015 legacy village has had the most reported roared with 97 while crocker park in westlake had the lowest reported crimes. >> brian: almost a month ago we predicted what the hottest toy would be this holiday season. happy to report we weren't wrong.
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and don't think twice. buy as many as they have and don't think twice. >> brian: it's the hatchimal and it's selling out in some places. if you want one for free. "cleveland 19 news" is giving away the hot holiday toy. you can enter to win by downloading the "cleveland 19 news" app and filling out the hatchimal sweepstakes under the contest tab. we will announce it tomorrow live on air at 6:00. >> samantha: good morning to you. it's 6:47 if you're just waking up with us. i hope that your day is off to a great start weather-wise no problems at all. totally dry once again this morning. clear sky farther west, but in the eastern half of our viewing area, trumbull, geauga, ashtabula, and cuyahoga counties and summit and stark counties a little more in the way of cloud cover there.
6:48 am
we have a rainmaker on the way out to the west. this area of low pressure off to the east of denver. this system is moving through the center of the country today and into the great lakes late tonight into tomorrow morning and that's going to provide the focus for an active weather day tomorrow. it will be a first alert weather day, so i want to break it down for us starting at about 11:00 in the morning. we could see rain moving in, which may mix with sleet or snow. the come up through the day. by the afternoon we transition over to all rain. unfortunately, though, that rain is going to hang around through tomorrow night, so if you have family coming into town tomorrow night or if you're taking off to head out of town tomorrow night, you deal with some showers. again, this may slow holiday travel, but i don't expect any snowfall or ice accumulation or anything like that. just kind of slick roads from all the rain. today's forecast anything but rainy.
6:49 am
cold this morning, 29 at 7:00, and 38 midday, and then an afternoon high today of 41. just a little bit warmer than yesterday, but still running below average, so any after school practices if the kids have one more day of school left probably going to need to bundle up for that. for tonight, mostly cloudy and cold. mid-20s overnight. i think it will be even colder tomorrow morning for some of you than it is right now. we really won't warm 39 tomorrow afternoon, and the temperature will come up a little bit tomorrow night, and then we'll get a little warmer finally for thursday. a high of 47 on thanksgiving day. the same system that brings us rain and a wintery mix tomorrow, that kind of hangs around through thursday morning, so up through about 10:00 in the morning, might see a few showers on thanksgiving. then another system coming in for friday.
6:50 am
could wind things down as a wintery mix on saturday morning. that part of the forecast needs to be watched, and that may change. laura. >> laura: and to our maps now, this is our waze map that we look at. this is brought to us by people out on the road right now as we speak. they have the waze app on the smartphone, their phone or maybe their ipad like i am using right h here. someone is reporting an accident in the garfield heights area along 480. be careful throu that's the eastbound direction of 480, not the westbound direction. but as you can see looking at the map on either side of the accident, we do see green. green is good. no slowdowns in the area. also an alert of something in the roadway in the bedford heights area along 271. looks like it's just north of broadway, so if at that that's where you travel through, do be careful in the area. another alert of something in the roadway along 271 in the area of peninsula. so just a couple of alerts
6:51 am
keep in mind we see some people traveling right now passing through the area and probably not as familiar with our roads as we are. guys. >> brian: check this out. drama last night on "monday night football." a laser light aimed at houston texans quarterback brock osweiler. he said it was continuously pointing at his eyes. they investigate this as a serious offense. the raiders won, and the game was played in mexico city as part of the nf you can see the flash of light on his face. >> tia: yeah, that's not cool. time is 6:51. the stories you need to know before you go coming up next. >> brian: including how tamir rice's family will march two years since t ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ?
6:52 am
?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> brian: welcome back. a sit-in in mark two years since the tamir rice shooting tops our stories that you need to know before you go. sia. >> sia: i'm at the police headquarters where a sit-in is underway to honor the memory of tamir rice. two years ago today he was shot by cleveland police after brandishing an air soft pistol made to look like a real gun. today's sit-in expected to end at 7:00 p.m. nichole. >> nichole: i'm at the alert desk tracking developments out of chal noog ga, tennessee where five died in a school bus crash and 23 others were hospitalized.
6:55 am
charges. police think speed was a factor. the ntsb will be at the scene this morning. >> denise: word of that yash this tennessee had many parents on edge. we did investigating and found ohio school bus drivers go through a number of tests before they ever get behind that wheel, including state and federal background checks. brian. >> brian: all right. a $2500 reward is now being offered as cleveland police search for two men they believe are responsible for carjackings on the city's west side. police consider the men armed and dangerous and responsible for 18 carjackings since october 29th. >> tia: if you haven't bought that turee yet, today is the day to get it done. pick up a fresh turkey today and thaw it for 24 hours and keep it separated from other foods. this is of a previous display, but today we look at this year's holidays at the higbee
6:56 am
cleveland casino. they will have thousands of twinkling lights, more than one hundred hundred holiday trees and 6,000 square feet of fake snow. >> samantha: the weather, tia, is really going to put you in the holiday spirit. it's cold out there. 41 this afternoon, and it's in the 20s now. tomorrow rain and a wintery mix. thanksgiving is also on the chilly side. a closer look at the forecast guys on cle43. >> brian: the jack cleveland casino is in the old higbee buildian original christmas decorations they used to put up. >> nichole: i remember going there as a kid. i remember visiting m mr. jing-a-ling. >> brian: was he there. >> tia: the twigby store was there where kids could shop.
6:57 am
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? good morning. if is tuesday, november 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a tennessee school bus smashes into trees, killing five others. the driver faces multiple charges. more than three feet of snow buries parts of the northeast. another storm is brewing, with tens of millions set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. and jon stewart reflects on the evolution of "the daily show." walking away from it all. what brings him joy right now. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> multiple children lost their lives today.


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