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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:25pm EST

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rooms like we were taught and turn off our lights and just hunkered down. >> an attack at the ohio state university. students blocked the doors with chairs and whatever they could find. a man of somali dissent first ran his car into a crowd of started stabbing people before he was shot and killed by police. cleveland 19 news with live team coverage in cleveland and the threat is now over but the impact will be felt for some time. >> and my partner is there and tough day at my alma mater for sure. >> it has been. i spoke with one student earlier who described the campus today like a ghost town after the events that happened starting at
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somali dissent crashed the car and with a knife attack. it started with a ohio state police officer ending with shooting dead of the suspect identified as abdul razak artan. we have team coverage of all aspects from the students to the law enforcement reaction to how social media played a big part in this both good and bad >> mark nolan is getting the latest on the breaking details. >> it makes sense to break this down to everything we know. we know the identity of the suspect. 18-year-old osu student shot and killed by osu alan horujko. the suspect began the attack and drove the vehicle over the curb and hit people on the sidewalk. we got out of the car and started stabbing people with a
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hall and an osu officer shot and killed him. 11 people were injured. they tweeted out a buckeye alert saying there was an active shooter on campus. he didn't have a gun and the officer horujko did. a student from captain on knows one of the victims and at the time she heard someone pulled the fire alarm inside and everyone was walking out and suspect drove his car into the crowd as far as i heard he is at the hospital in stable condition. i heard there was a knife attack and 8 were injured and a faculty member had a colleague of his slashed on his leg with a
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treated at hospitals and the motive for the attack is under investigation mark nolan, cleveland 19. >> all right, mark. thank you for that. jen picciano is down here live. she has been down here all day talking to students around camp in us this corner of the very large campus. >> it is, of course. >> i know jen spoke with some of the students about what a scary situation for anyone connected to ohio state today. >> you are right. >> and out of violence and unsettling situations comes heroism and good police work like you heard about the osu police officer able to neutralize that suspect in under
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thinking students saw the need to alert other students. i spoke to grace from the cleveland area and took to group texts and group chats to alert other people in her dorm and classmates telling them not to go outside because of what she heard and what she saw i heard four gunshots and looked up to see the dorm across from me and people running outside and we assumed it was a student and all panicking and a bunch of us calling parents and friends and seeing if anyone was close and nearby. we saw kids running from it and police everywhere grace says they are relying on each other and glued to the tv for more
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life will go on at ohio state getting ready for finals and there's a vigil scheduled for 7:00 this evening here on scene. getting answers in columbus, jen picciano, cleveland 19. >> denise: all right, jen, thank you. bit by bit we are learning more about the suspect in today's attack. chief investigator carl monday has been looking into his background. carl, what have you learned so far? >> reporter: the suspect's identity was confirmed in the last hour. his name was a 22-year-old student at ohio state. artan was a somali refugee and traveled to pakistan and came to the u.s. in 2014 and legal permanent resident of the united states. artan actually appeared in a feature article of the lantern, the osu newspaper in august this year about the osu camp us and artan says this place is huge and i don't even know where to
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everything going on in the media and was relying on god to pull him through. >> our investigative team checked and found no records in his past. we keep checking into his background and we will get back to you. carl monday, cleveland 19 news reaction from various organizations in the athletic's world is the cavs, indians and browns issuing messages of support. even the university of michigan offered messages of support. >> and tony zarrella joins us with some messages and tweets. reality still settling in for a lot of people. tony. >> a stark reminder how quickly and dramatically things change in our world. 48 hours ago hundreds of
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buckeyes double overtime win that brought everybody together. today, members of the ohio state community brought together again by this horrendous act and those in the world of sports quickly weighing in. lebron tweeting this. about an hour into the crisis praying for all students on ohio state campuses. please find safety. cavaliers followed up saying we are all buckeyes and our thoughts are with ohio state and columbus. the indians were one of the first organizations to tweet out saying we are thinking of everyone at osu and stay safe. the browns weighing in. our hearts are with those impacted at ohio state in the columbus community and throughout ohio today. stipe saying my thoughts and prayers going out to everybody at ohio state university. hope it is over and everyone is
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athletics department with a tweet. it is short and to the point. stay safe, buckeyes. a horrendous act, it usually brings out the best and strength in people and that includes those in the world of sports who always come together. indeed they did once again. >> and that was a classy move on the part of michigan. >> this brings it all to reality >> it is sports and this is real and are with each other. >> that was a classy move. >> thank you, tony. all righty. be sure to stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of the attack at osu. we will take you back live to columbus coming up in the next segment. we want to get to the weather today. dreary out there today. jeff tanchak bring us the latest? >> jeff: it will get drearier.
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moving through euclid willoughby and eastlake and it won't mess up your afternoon drive too much. >> out to the west a wall and shield of rain approaching sandusky and norwalk and that's the stuff coming at us tonight. >> we have an alert for the rain and it is generally a steady light rain. i am not looking at heavy totals out of this. >> that wind will pick up. wind gusts over 30. the alert through 5:00 in the morning and that's good news for the morning drive tomorrow. i think most of the rain will be out. boy, it will be very warm all of a sudden will you see and right now we are at 53 and sliver of light rain in cleveland hopkins. the rain will move into cleveland by 8:00 around
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>> we will drop in the 40s tonight akron-canton 53. we are already mild. it will be warmer tomorrow. details on that my next time out. here is traffic. >> and first alert traffic sponsored by ford. >> denise: a live look at the roads 77 in and out of downtown. no problems to tell about you there. there's an accident in geauga county on mayfield be aware of that if you are headed out that way. nothing closer to town except a disabled vehicle 480 westbound on warrensville center road. you can get the latest by downloading our free cleveland 19 app and click on the traffic tab. >> coming up next at 5:00, continuing live team coverage of the attack at ohio state.
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are expected to reach more than $3 billion security experts are warning smart phone shoppers could be at risk because of
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anna werner is getting answers on the biggest threats. >> i would say for most of my purchases i use my iphone. >> nicole barker likes shopping through her apps and didn't realize it could put her identity at risk. >> really scary. you trust those brands when you see them and just accept or trust that's who you think you are dealing with. >> reporter: a company that creates many apps for major retailers found some shopping
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real. >> we realized there were hundreds of fake ads. if you take them down and get rid of the provider you see them showing up with a new form and different data. >> gary with snoop wall says it is about criminals getting hold of your private information. >> some counterfeit apps are so good they give you a complete shopping cart experience everything through congratulations, here order number and it is on your way. then you don't get the goods. >> and something more disturbing, super popular emoji keyboard apps. they replace the ones on your phone giving you endless supply of emoticons. >> and many can gain access to contacts and pass words and google told us it scans apps for malicious code and spam
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tool for android devices to verify apps. they provide notices on all keyboard apps and they can have access to what you type. except for pass words which apple says can be used for the regular keyboard. >> if you desperately want cutie mote cons don't install one that's free. pick you pay for hopefully from a developer based in the united states. if requests pop up on the iphone access contacts or locate you through gps just say no. >> anna werner, cbs news, new york. pinpointing the weather where you live. your cleveland 19 first alert forecast. >> jeff: time to pinpoint the planning forecast in the next 7 days. we will see rain tonight. expect that. it moves out in time for the morning drive tomorrow. look what happens the rest of
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65 the high. wednesday we will be in the low 60s with some afternoon showers. that's the cold front with this system. then it gets colder with the cold front thursday. scattered showers, windy and 45. no alert thursday. we don't think the rain will be overly impressive. friday a few showers and even cooler. 40 degrees the high. it gets cold enough saturday for this to be a winter mix here. time snow. saturday night snow showers in the evening 33. on sunday a few afternoon showers back up in the upper 40s and right now next monday partly cloudy sky and 46 degrees. denise? >> all right, jeff. thanks. still ahead, calling it the holiday hole. a tongue-in-cheek fundraiser with no apparent point. wait until you hear how much
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>> denise: cards against humanity is digging a holiday hole. it got thousands of people to
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>> apparently there's no reason for the giant hole in the ground and the group is refusing to say exactly where it is located. they admit the hole is nothing more than a satirical holiday stunt. >> and get this. they have raised more than $100,000. no word what they plan to do with the cash. >> denise: thanksgiving weekend may be over. benefits could continue for awhile. there's scientific proof of how giving thanks have a positive impact on your quality of life. a study in forbes magazine shows cultivating gratitude can boost physical and psychological health and improve your relationships and even help you sleep better. still ahead at 6:00 we continue to follow breaking news in columbus. 11 students in columbus hurt after a man crashed into students and stabbed some of
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team is digging into the suspect plus student reaction and any
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cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window and door expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter we are getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. an alarming tweese buckeye alert. active shooter on campus. run. hide. fight. >> not supposed to happen. sorry. >> at least nine people hurt and suspect dead. we have team coverage of the attack at osu. >> mark: a scary situation for students, staff and parents at osu. >> denise: sure was. we are getting answers as this
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investigators say the suspect is somali born abdul razak artan and he drove a car into pedestrians and got out and started stabbing people. >> mark: officer alan horujko is hailed a hero as he shot and killed the suspect. 11 innocent people were hurt. we are told none of the injuries is life-threatening and one person has been released from the hospital. dan deroos is in the answer center with a closer look everything happened. >> dan: this will give you a perspective how quickly this all played out. we've got ohio state campus it center of campus and horseshoe for perspective. we want to go into watts hall. we will play this out for you at 9:52 this morning. the suspect took his car and rammed a group of students. he came up over the curb on the sidewalk and hit that group of


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