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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> chaos in columbus. >> there's a guy that crashed his car into prince william and ran out we a knife sean stabbing people. >> we struck several pedestrian and gun shots fires and one down. >> a campus officer kills a student moments after that student ran over other students and stabbed several victims. >> it's not real. you go numb. >> now the investigation is underway into why this tragedy happened. tonight team coverage of the attack at osu starts right now. >> and here is what we know right now. the 18-year-old suspect was a
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this is brand new video of police searching his columbus home looking for any clues to find out why he went on the rampage. investigators have not ruled out a terror attack. 11 people were taken to the hospital for various injuries. and they are expected to recover. but the scene just before 10:00 this morning can be described as chaotic and terrifying. people were literally running for their lives. answers in the latest on this horrific crime from how students are handling the tragedy to what we know about the suspect now. our chris tonaka is on campus of ohio state. what's the move like in -- mood like in columbus now? >> reporter: denise, understandably quiet tonight after all that happened today. students we spoke torlier in
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mp them of a ghost town. all thots tonight remaining with 11 who are injured we take a look they were brought to three separate area hospitals five were struck by the car, four stabbed, one even suffering gunshot wounds. of course the gunshots coming from the officer who downed the suspect. student tonight taking comfort in the company of others as they tried to make sense of evhi on campus today. our sarah goldenburg continues our coverage from a vigil that was held on campus tonight. sarah. >> and chris students were looking for a place to come together tonight and they found that here at st. steven's episcopal church two blocks down from the crime scene. a few dozen people were out here tonight and they were p praying and lighting candles.
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and we spoke with students on several pastors outside of the church and the students injured are expected to recover. now, students we spoke can say the university handled the situation now. we talked to student from northeast ohio one in the building next to the attack and the students there fwheent lockdown. >> our entire lecture hall went down to basement in the holloway and then eventually we were moved to a classroom lock and we were there for two and a hof hours. it was kind of scary. we didn't know much and couldn't get service in the basement. we couldn't really contact a lot of people. >> when i was driving back from cleveland i first heardty kind of was like oh, it's fine we had an alarm like this a couple weeks ago. i blew it off and then once it escalated i got scared for my friends here because i have friends in high school that go
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initial reaction to it. >> reporter: of course a lot of parents very happy to hear from their children tonight. now, students are still shaken up. many of them that i spoke with. and things are getting back to normal here on campus, chris, back to you. >> and sarah, of course, campus will be opening and classes resume tomorrow. counselors will be on hand for those who need a shoulder and, of course, there will be another vigil held tomorrow, 7 now to the man being called hero tonight osu police off officeral on horujko who is he he, a 28-year-old that graduated from ohio state university in 2012 with a degree in security and intelligence it what on campus
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officer horujko was responding to unrelated fire alarm in the vicinity when he saw the suspect's silver honda civic jump a curb and then the man get out of the car and start stabbing other peoplement for more on who the suspect s. we turn to dan derose in the apps center, dan. >> we're learn as much as we can about him late tonight a report out on a post from trying to get our hands on the actual post. its with a picture of rant supposedly poinged by the suspects just a couple hours before. it was very anti-us. if this turns out to be true, then this does push this towards a terror investigation. we have at least just a little part of it he goes on to talk about how he doesn't like the us's involvement in many other countries and said, if you want
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lone wolf attacks make peace we will not let you smreep nps you give haes peace to us muslims. we know a little about him about a article until the lantern a school newspaper written on the first day of school. you she a picture of the suspect abdul razka ar yn tan and he talks about how he just transferred to ohio state from columbus state and there they he didn't like there was nowhere to pray if ohio state and goes on to say i wanted to play in the on but i was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. and i'm a muslim. it's not what the media portrays me to be if people look at me muslim praying i don't know what they're going to think he says he was just too scared to did it out in the on and he wished ohio state had
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again small pieces were able to learning answer in the answer center. >> dan, thanks for that while the suspect was active online and so toos what the school itself. first buckeye alert went out minute after the attack was reported and it helped keep countless individual safe in shelter and in place throughout the days event. and our shelby miller continues our coverage on what part the social media aspect playedn >> chris, yeah that run hide fight you mentioned is a plane created of how to handle active situations. today's suggestion speingt did not have a gun. he had intention to hurt or kill people with his car and butch are knife. a national security expect i spoke to tonight tell me police and people on cam puts responded spoonlly and efficiently to today's threat. >> violence and chaos at ohio
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brought under control thanks to a fast response from officers in the hours of training they have gone through. >> today showed me that the training was really effective and prepared them. >> national security expert timothy demoff says no one with successfully respond to stress actual and potentially deadly situation without a plan. and he believes osu police did everything in their power to remain in control today. and a big part of that was how they reached out to people on campus. >> when something happens we want to send them a simple message. there's something very wrong going on. run, hide, fight is a good message. >> it's a straightforward message everyone understands, if it's safe dimoff says runaway. if not, stay put and hide. today students did just that. and these pictures showed them using classroom chairs to block the doorway and a move dixt moff says it part.
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come through the doors they can be attacked and defended on our end because they're not in total control. >> if someone dangerous comes close dimoff says fight the person using anything you have. >> if you got a knife and i pick this up i now going to be tough for you to get your knife to me. i could take you and push you up against the wall. >> the response at ohio state responsibility was marquise response for fe response for future communities. both police and people on campus did exactly as they were trained and told to do. chris. >> shelby, thanks for that. of course, as the university was active online so, too, have the hash tags later on. one taking over tonight. buckeye strong. it is certainly summing up the community down here denise. as you know from personal experience. >> absolutely. spnt a lot of years there as
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to everyone affected by the actions of today. and it was really you made me feel good to see everyone coming together tonight and just you know looking out for one another and it's excellent campus and they have excellent police force and we owe that officer horujko so much and i know a lot of parents are still on edge about what happened today chris. >> thank you. for your coverage down there. >> absolutely. governor kasich >> go ahead. >> you were talking about the governor? >> our governor said today he described community as tough and resilient and i think both of those are appropriate. they're on display not only by the police officer responding but the community as a whole. >> absolutely. all right. thank you so much, chris. and here's a lock at ohio state by the numbers. there's more than 59,000 undergraduate and graduate
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second largest public university in the country behind only the university of central florida. osu by the way, is the state's largest employer. >> and you know this story is still developing tonight. we're going to send outbreaking news alerts as soon as we learn more information. for cleland 19 news this morning they kick it off at 4:30 a.m. >> denise i'm tracking reign and it's moving through and picked up now in the akron area streets. and this will be with us through a good portion of the night. wait until you see tomorrow's forecast. wait until you see tomorrow's forecast. details on that when i run. >> and are you flying out of town for the holiday. expect to pay more if you park your car at hopkins. we'll tell you how much the
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that's coming up. >> and then parents are you using homeopathic ear drops or teething gelz on infants. after the break we're getting answers on two products you should stop using right now
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hit and run driver turned himself into cleveland heights police. germany boone is charged with aggravated vehicular assault after police say he hit a 10-year-old boy last wednesday on lee road and just kept going and that boy was released from the hospital and is recovering at home tonight. >> starting to park at hopkins a drar a day in time for the holiday travel rush. here's new pricing for each parking lot smart parking garage is 5 an hour or maximum of 1 a day the price you hikes may pour improvements at the airport
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to keep women helmy. daycare center get 100 million in grants every year to test for lead in drinking water and that test is mandatory and cost the schools a lot of money. >> no parents should ever have to worry about led levels or should have to worry about their son or daughter or little boy or girl turning on drinking fountain and getting anything other than clean she takes a drink. >> the bill is already passed senate and senator brown is hoping the house will do the same by end of year. >> we get to tiffany tucker at the alert desk. >> forced from the homes of great smoky mountains in tennessee because of wildfires burping out of control there
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downtown area as flames get closer. 40 mile an hour winds are helping spread the plays. good news there's rain in the forecast for tonight and that should help firefighters get everything under coxt. >> warning if you use you'reer the ride sharing is tracking your location in the background of smart phone it's just to improve performance. unfortunately there's no way to turn that feature off because every time you on the app it asks youtu tracking on. >> and president-elect donald trump is just named georgia representative tom price as secretary of health and human app services. denise. >> all right. thanks tiffany. >> a warning for parents with young children a pharmaceutical company is recalling some ear drops and teething sgelz because they continue a deadly toxin recalled products are sold under homeo pathics relief and store brand and we posted
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cleveland 19 news app. >> researchers at ohio state hoping to sdoon a better fitting seat belt for drivers. doctors are seeing more chest injuries due to seat belts especially among older drivers. now the goal is to have seat belts that one day automatically adjust to the person they're protecting. >> it's going to take a lot more force to stop me from going into the steering wheel than it would a grand father or grandmother and so that force against my thorax is not going to cause rib fractures in me potentially but it perhaps too much force for someone older are. >> and well seat belts are credited with saving nearly 14,000 lives last year. and we're getting answers on how not to get hurt in a crash. you want to make sure that seat belt rests on your shoulder and this area is much strorping than your ribs. and make sure you have ten to 12" between you and the air bag. that's important to me.
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steering wheel and all that stuff. can't be too careful. >> i'll take out my ruler. >> in your f 150 and and i make sure i'm 10 to 12" away. >> will we need that when you talk about snow on the horizon. >> just a little bit, no, no big accumulating snow in the forecast. and the next 7 days as we head to the new month of december which is what, thursday? december 1. >> already oh, my gosh. >> time is flying. >> it's >> ho, ho, ho. >> this is not snow but rain and actually warm for this time of year and it will be warm tomorrow morning and we're on the warm side of a pretty inteps storm and we have two waves of rain basically with it. the first wave is coming through tonight. this is around a quarter inch or so we're thinking downtown cleveland it's raining and soland see that red color
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county and portage county rebena and randolph and newton falls and streetsboro akron raining there into canton and now carol county you're starting to see the rain. most of you folks in the eastern counties have been dry at least through early evening and now you're seeing rain. this is ribbon right here of where the steady rain is. in the where the back edge is occurring. it went through mansfield and rain easingp a little bit. much happening around lima and city of of indiana. it's moving fast. we were not concerned about a heavy rain threat out. there it is enough to make things dismal. that's the first wave. this is front that comes through wednesday afternoon giving us opportunity of
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4 mansfield and wind gusts 36 sandusky and 35 mansfield and 32 ashbella we're not getting further gust inland. rain here and overnight through 5 a.m. which is good for the morning commute because we're going to get this rain out of here in time for the morning drive. 1:00 in the morning watch what happens by 7 ooem. temperatures will be well into the 50s and rain is out rr this time of year. 7 a.m. temp 57. rain lookly and wind gusts over 30 miles an hour out of south. warm impacted too look at morning temperatures well into 50s and it will be a dry morning commute and kids getting offer to school there. 65 the high record is 67 tomorrow and we could be coming close to it. 58 noon, 5:00 temp 62.
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and phase two with this system on wednesday with afternoon light showers 61 and then it turns cooler. scattered showers windy on thursday 45. few showers on friday. 40. and that's what denise was talking about that winter mix on saturday only around 40 rain sleet, snow nothing significant and few afternoon showers on sunday back up to 49. dep ees back to you. >> jeff, thank you. well this is bizarre story. officer took a sip from his drink at mcdonald's yesterday he knew something was not right and opened the lid and found this. it was mixed with mustard and this is not the first time this happened at the restaurant. a kansas state trooper had mustard in his drink two weeks ago as well. mcdonald's management says they're investigating to find the employee responsible. >> while you were enjoying turkey on thanks giving day a
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church. they got married where they fell in love, of course, at the grocery store. a few years ago on thanksgiving the groom went in to got a can of cranberry when he reconnected with his now wife and cranberries were the theme. the cake was topped with thanksgiving staple and each guest walked away with a can of cranberry sauce. isn't that cute. god love them. many from theor speaking out after today's hof ivk events osu including beanie else that talks with tony
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this was the scene in columbus as we've shown you throughout the newscast and people in and around the osu community brought together again and for a far different reason f you're part of that community it hits hard. i talked to beanie else now a remember member of tailgate team earlier tonight. >> it was devastating any time something tragic happens in the world sympathy for those going through it. i say once it hits harm and you're back khom is close immediately my eyes started to well newspaper tears with worry and the students that go to the university and more so worried about families as well. because people send their kids to college expecting them to go off and get a great education and be safe. when you don't have that security it's tough thing to deal with. i felt the pain being parent of those other parents failed with
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>> all right. well said. strong words there. took 13 weeks to hit the bye week. i could have used this week. chance to regroup a month ago. it is what it is today making moves put john on ir with sprained foot and cut callahan and maybe because they found a new cart quarterback. duke johnson. okay this did not go as planned to tyrell prior. it gave coach a reason to laugh. we have not had enough of that [ laughter ]. >> the one that went the other it was a pass and two hands on the top of the head. i just remember that. i mean duke would tell you my guy he's over and may not got a chance to throw ever again. we had a chance at it didn't look like it looked in practice i can promise you guys that. >> all right. before we go daily reminder when you get down to crunch time try to know the score. brown university. brown drives and scores to take
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shot and one problem this kid thinks they're still leading and throws the ball in air to celebrate. brown wins want to get away? >> i'll bet he does. >> i'll bet he does. >> he want to get away in a hurry. >> all right.
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aked out about this? not really. all right rain back at it. it's actually approaching o'floory and worchester and rain will be kind of decreasing certainly by morning i expect dry conditions. 57 in fact tomorrow will be dry with increasing clouds. we'll number the 60s tomorrow for a day. >> nice. >> how do you like that? >> and dry in the morning. sweet. >> all right. thanks for joining us be sure
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>> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> stephen: i just want to say hello to flotus. i brought her a lotus. >> flotus is on the phone with potus. >> stephen: she'll want to see me. >> stephen: i want to see flotus, and you can quote us. >> i'ma kick you in the scrotus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. okay? you're on notice. >> it's otis. ? ? ? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan


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