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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 16, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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debris flow. >> hundreds of cars stranded. thousands of people backed up for miles. one of the state's busiest highways shut down. some mud up to five feet deep. emergency crews rescuing trapped drivers and more misery on the way. >> the front running republican revolting. donald trump and ben carson reatening to boycott the next debate while vice president joe biden is still flirting with jumping in. the letter to his supporters asking for help and promising a campaign from the heart. randy quaid free thi morning speaking only to "gma." >> what do you want the world to know about your situation? >> what he's saying about the troubling accucusations ainst him, his years on the run and his big hope for a hollywood comeback. go go go big or go home >> the mets getting the best revenge. the e big homeslamming the dodgers, the most expensive team in baseball fighting in the dugout. chase utley came into the game
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for an epic showdown. go go go big or go home good morning, america. >> how about those mets? [ applause ] >> yay. >> what a win. jumping up and down like that. >> did you see the slip and slide champagne toss at the end? it was great. they were partying. >> it sets up the epic showdown, cubs/mets. >> brings me back. >> t.j. holmes will have a complete wrap-up coming up. we begin with the powerful storms slamming california. triggering those mudslides. look at the mud. so thick and deep in some areas. cars were buried. somehow they managed to open the doors and it is not over. abc's aditi roy is in lake hughes, california, for us this morning. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's a mess out here.
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we're standing on one of the roads washed out filled with stranded cars like this suv. take a look. it's tilted and its wheel completely buried in the mud. and for an even more dramatic scene, wk with me, follow me to this car here, this onene is totally buried. only its top sticking out. this morning, a sea of mud rushing across southern california. >> everybody up here is mpletely landlocked in by debris flow. >> reporter: the massive mudflow swallowing cars and putting drivers in danger. >> i don't knowhat to do. the car can't move. >> are we stuck? >> yeah, we're stuck. >> reporter: triggered by severe thunderstorms and flash flooding. watch as the mud furiously sweeps away this car right into this bus. >> 911. >> reporter: shutting down a 30-mile stretch of interstate 5, one of california's busiest highways. >> stuck on the grapevine.
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>> next thing you know boulders are coming down the mountain. it was really crazy. >> just haened quick so it was it was scary. >> reporter: this truck flipped on its side. >> it was coming down too fast. >> reporter: watch as emergency crews help drivers desperately digging their cars out of the thick mud. >> she's at least waist deep. >> reporr: this woman forced to abandon her car trudging through floodwater. while this truck driver finds refuge by climbing on top of his semi. >> the land caved all over the road. >> reporter: paramedic choppers looking from above. >> nowhere to go and causes a bibig catastphe. >> reporter: and not too far from here about five miles 11 teachers are stranded stuck inside a school. they may not get out for up to two days and back here officials say it could take a full day to clean up this mess. robin. > at leas aditi, thank you. more flash flooding in the forecast and ginger, it could be
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a wet winter out west. >> right, we've got both forecasts. the imminent, santa monica to the lake pauaul recreaon area, in utah under the gun not only today but further east is where you could see 1 to 3 inches happen fast and unfortunately could see more mudslides. let's break it down. that was from the warm water sitting around the pacific, that southern pacific. a big ridge has been in place for years for a couple of years and that's where we call that blob, maybe you've heard of it. all separate from el nino. however, noaa put out this forecast yesterday for southern california. picking up on those warm waters and el nino. a wet winter ahead. we could see more storms that bring just like that yesterday the mudslides so we'll be watching that and of course touch on this forecast coming up. >> ginger, thanks very much. the race for president, lots action on the campaign trail as donald trump and ben carson threaten to boycott the next debate, hillary clinton confident enough to talk running
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guessing game going and tom llamas tracks it all. >> reporter: good morning. this morning we have a copy of a letter from one of vice president's closest aides that many say holds some telling information about what vice president biden may do. more on this in a moment but first a major power play by top republicans. this morning a republican revolt over the next debate. >> now they want to make this an extra hour. >> reporter: both donald trump and dr. ben carson threatening not to show up if host cnbc tries to change the format making the debate longer. the two leading gop candidates writin a joint letter to cnbc they do not and will not is more than 120 minutes long including commercial breaks. also demanding the debate statements from all the candidates. >> i think it's unfair to the viewers because it's too much, it's too much to watch and they're doing it because they want to make more money. >> reporter: but not all the candidates are complaining. carly fiorina telling trump and
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carson to stop whining. >> i think they need to spend as much timime as possible answering the american people's questions. so i'm all f for threeours. i'm sorry they apparently don't have the endurance to go the distance. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news cnbc says we will certainly take the candidates' views on the format into consideration as we finalize the debate structure. as for the democrats, housing and urban development secretary julian castro endorsing hillary clinton thursday sparking questions if she would consider him as a running mate. >> i am going to really look hard at him for anything because that's how good he is anhe deserves the accolades he's receiving. >> reporter: this as current vice president joe biden continues dodging questions about whether he'll run. sources tell abc news he is close to making a decision. >> do democrats deseserve your decision, mr. vice president? >> reporter: now vice president biden laughing ioff but last night one of his top political aides sent this letter.
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we have a copy to former biden staffers and supporters saying the vice president will need their help if he runs but he hasn't made a decision yet but his platform will be built on how to change the balance of the economy to help the middle class. george. >> keeping the door open. meanwhile, the new fund-raising numbers are in. jeb bush started out so strong now stuck in the middle of thehe publican pack. >> here are some of the highlights. dr. becarson raising the most last quarter, more than $20 million. but get this, senator ted uz, he's the republican with the most cash on hand, $14 million. and trump who is self-funding his campaign is now also accepting money, about $4 million in independent donations, many people pointnting to outsiders being the top of the fund-raising game. >> amazing. thanks, tom. wel ha a big show on sunday. both ben carson and bernie sanders on "this week." >> we'll look forward to that. w to a major arrest in the war against isis, a hacker who stole the personal information of more than a thousand military personnel and passed it on to the brutal terror group, that
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person is in custody this morning. abc's pierre thomas has the latest. joins us from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today that hacker has been detained in malaysia, soon to be extradited to the u.s. he's accused of joining an isis conspiracy to intimidatete and kill u.s. personnel, military personnel. prosecutors claim ar death penalty it ferizi stole sensitive personal information about more than 1,000 federal employees and members of the u.s. military. he then allegedly passed it to junaid hussain, a british radical who u.s. officials say was the mastermind behind a isis social media campaign with deadly intentions. >> junaid hussain was recruiting western targets for lone wolf attacks.
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division created a kill list posting the names ofhose military personnel and federal employees online, accompanied by this threat. we're passing on your personal information n the soldiers who soon will strike at your necks in your own lands. the fbi director said the goal was to inspire lone e wolves inside the u.s. to attacack here at home. >> kill where you are, kill anyone but especially if you could kill people in military uniform or law enforcement uniform and video it, that would beest of allll. >> reporter: he was considered so dangerous he became a top target for u.s. intelligence killed in syria by a u.s. air strike in august. today u.s. officials are feeling a bit of satisfaction hoping the man who produced that list is now in handcuffs, george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. we turn now to that cable news commentator busted by the feds for lying about his ties to the cia. he's charged with using those claims to land a secret security clearance and big government jobs. abc's linsey davis has the story. good morning, lynn say. >> reporter: wayne simmons is expected in court charged with
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fraud against the u.s. specifically he's accused of lying about having a 27-year career with the cia and while the cia doesn't confirm or deny anyone's employment, it does say it'sorking closely with the justice department on this case. >> i ran deep cover intelligence operations my entire career. >> reporter: wayne simmons claims to have led a life of danger and international intrigue as he recounted at this 2013 citizens commission on benghazi conference. >> nobody knew who i was, nobody was allowed to know who i was. >> reporter: even making numerous television appearances as a guest commentator. >> the president should show some leadership, some spine and let our enememies as well as our allies know that we mean business. >> wayne simmonds, former cia operative, thank you, sir. >> reporter: but this morning the fbi is claiming wayne simmons is a liar charging him thursday with major fraud against the united states, wire fraud and maki false
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according to the federal indictment, simmons falsely claimed he had worked for the cia in order to obtain a secret security clearance and lucrative government contract jobs including an overseas deployment as an inlligence adviser to senior military personnel. >> if people like him can penetrate the govement security system, then if they had ill intentions just think what they could do. that's the big issue. >> reporter: prosecutors say he even used the cia charade to explain away past felony convictions including one involving violence. according to the indictmtment he claimed they were related to his intelligence work for the cia. a spokeswoman for fox news says simmons was never more than a guest on the network and that the reference to him on air as a fox news contributor was actually an error adding that he was never a paid commentator. now, if convicted of all three charges simmons faces up to 35 years behind bars and, robin and
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>> that's serious time possible. >> that's it. new details this morning on nba star lamar odom. on life support in a las vegas hospital, his children and other loved ones by his side, abc's kayna whitworth is in las vegas for us this morning. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, robin, good morning to you. so a source close to the kardashians telling me overnight the family is very worried about lamar odom's vital organs mainly hilungs and kidneys and also reports of swelling of the brain this mning. this morning lamar odom's estranged wife khloe kardashian remains by his side as he fights for his life. her sisters and mother on a private jet back to los angeles. "people" magazine reporting the former basketball star breathing with the help of a ventilator still unconscious, his family preparing themselves for the worst. odom's children speaking out for the first time saying thanks for your outpouring of prayers and support for our dad. we ask for your continued prayers. it's been four days since the 6'10" star was found unresponsive and foaming at the
7:13 am
mouth by staffers at a nevada brothel. >> they can't get him to wake up. >> reporter: one of his closest friends saying things have been looking up the last couple of days. >> i talked to him two weeks ago and he was in a great mood, he had just worked out. he was up and positive a and happy and i hung up saying he's in a good place right now. >> reporter: a friend of odom's telling abc news he was training to try to make an nba comeback but the father of odom's best iend who died in june from drug complications told "the new york daily news" both men seemed to have a death wish. over night the kardashians posting they will suspend their paid websites as they, quote, continue to support and pray for lamar, thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time. now, we're also hearing that khloe's mom and sister could return to las vegas this weekend, it's possible that khloe might have difficult decisions to make in the days ahead. also the sheriff's department performed an entire search of the brothel where lamar was
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searched his personal belongings which wasn't much. he showed up witith a backck and pair of gym shoes. they then ordered the warrant for his blood and, robin, this morning we're still awaiting those results. >> all right, kayna, thank you. now, amy has the morning's otr top stories and i just came back from austin, texas, overnight and you could see from the plane the smoke billowing into the air. >> yeah, this wildfire just east of ausn is so out of control, robin, that a dc-10 air tanker is now joining the firefight. the flames quadrupled in size one day orching six square miles and destroying nearly three dozen homes. 400 others are in danger. breaking overnight a jewish holy site has been attacked by palestinians in the west bank who threw firebombs at the tomb of joseph. it is further escalating tensions in the region after recent attacks left at least 39 people dead. and new details about the u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. critics call it a war crime.
7:15 am
u.s. special operations believe the facility was being used as a taliban command center but knew it was a hospital. it is unclear if that was communicated to commanders who then called in that air strike. well, another setback for those daily fantasy sports websites, the state of nevada now says draftkings and fanduel will nd a gambling license to operate. the sites claim they should be exempt from gambling laws because they provide game of skill, not of chance. well, imagine seeing this out the window as you're taking off at the airport. part of the plane's engine coming apart and flying off. this happened on audget airline in chile. the pilot made an emergency landing a few minutes later and reportedly, remarkably everyone on board remaiained calm. and finally if you're scrolling through facebook and think your friends have more exciting lives, they probably don't. in fact, they're probably faking
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in a new survey about half of people on social media admit posting images just to make their friends jealous, two-thirds admitting to post pictures to make their lives much more adventurous than they are and 6% admit borrowing items like fancy jewelry and passing them off as their own to make their friends jealous. >> just too much work. too much work. >> you should have known that. >> exactly. i like to post pictures of my socks in front of my fireplace like happy friday. >> happy friday, thank you. baball's most expensive team melted down. we'll show you in just 30 seconds. expensive team melted do.
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seconds. back at 7:17. the new york mets headed to the n.l. championships against the cubs. t.j. holmes has all the action from citi field. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: we're getting mets/cubs all because one guy stole the show last night but more importantly he stole third base in a play that had everybody talking and ybe saved the series. a beer soaked slip and slide celebration in the mets locker room last nighand why not. >> he struck him out. the new york mets have won the series. >> reporter: the mets beat the dodgers, 3-2n l.a. in a thriller. game five of the national league division series. >> got the wins that we needed and we're going to go party for a little while and take a a day off and get ready for the nlcs.
7:18 am
the game of his life. he had a role in each of the mets' three sces. >> murphy the wildest of the mets basrunners. >> reporter: later he smashes a solo home run to put the mets up for good. >> has broken the tie. >> reporter: frustration for the dodgers, the team with the highest payroll in baseball at around $300 million. tv cameras caught dre ethier shouting at don mattingly in the dugout and turned to chase utley to pinch hit. >> we haven't seen chase utley since gamewo. >> reporter: his first appearance in the series since his controversial slide that broke the leg of shortstop ruben tejada. as quickly as he was in, he popped out. now it's mets versus cubs inhe nlcs. two of the most tortured franchises and fan bases and someone's pain andnd suffering possibly going to end, guys. >> it will, it will. all right, t.j., have a good weekend. thank you.
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morning, actor randy quaid speaking out for the first time since his arrest. >> we just got really suspicious and fearful. >> how one of the highest paid stars in hollywood ended up becoming a fugitivive. also ahead, real life intrigue in a popular spy drama. what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it canit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people wl get shingles? (all) . that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh. who's had chickenpox? scoot over. and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. abououa vaccinthat can help prevent shingles. lowe's presents "how to lay down the law." i thought i told you not to comeme around here anymore. now get a husqvarna
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[current conditions] amanda: good morning i'm amanda krenz... it's 7:24 ... amanda: a record turn out last year, means some intense competition for this weekend's i-m-t des moines marathon... ten-thousand athletes from around the world ran the streets of des moines in 20- 14...and many of them will be returning to take on the route again this year. philip lagat of kenya plans to return to defend his title... drivers should be aware of the street closures that will begin today... sections of walnut street bridge and east first street will be closed beginning at six this evening.. local five is a proud sponsor of the look for much more on the race throughout the weekend. amanda parents in waukee are tired of having their kids switch the city is rapidly growing and the district keep up ... rezoning their as 7 times in the last 20 years. a group of even handing out
7:25 am
fliers at a public forum last night ...speaking out against the most recent rezoning. amanda the president says american troops will remain in longer than planned... right now, 98- hundred us stationed in the country...and home by the end of 20-16. however, on the recommendation of his top many as 55- hundred will remain on the ground for counterterroris m operations and training afghan forces. amanda: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: this week started on the mild and warm side, but now we're really back to feeling like fall with a cold day and frost night back in the forecast. we're looking at mostly sunny skies today with a few more afternoon clouds. we're going to be cold and windy this afternoon with highs only climbing into the mid 50s and northwest winds around 10-15 mph.
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to see partly cloudy skies but we'll probably see wide- spread frost as lows fall into the low 30s
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start welcome back, everyone, to "gma" and you're looking live at lake hughes, cafornia.
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slammed by those powerful storms and dangerous mudslides and you see there a car completetely buried. hundreds of vehicles were stranded. >> and more mudslides could be coming over the weekend. we are on top of that as we say good morning, america. and here's some of the other headlines we're following. spencer stone who helped stop that terrorist attack on a paris train back home releas from the hospital after being treated for stab wounds after a fight in his hometown of sacramento. did you see this. stanford receiver francis oweusu going up for the ball, pinned against the defender's back. come on. that's the catch of the year right there. >> it's so nice, a hug. and, and my saints won last night. >> yay! >> showing who dat nation. only their sond win but that's okay that's okay. also right now onhis friday morning those secret messages hidden in the background of a hit tv show. we'll tell you how they got
7:29 am
>> serious messages and we begin with a strange sighting of randy quaid. he and his wife are free after a judge dismissed those charges against him and speaking out exclusely to abc news. >> reporter: good morning, george. randy quaid was ready for the long haul prepared to sit behind bars for days on end but walked out of those doo along with his wife freely, didn't have to stay in jail and the bottom line is while charges still loom in california, he and his wife are steadfastly maintaining they are not criminals. >> literally like been snapped from the jaws of defeat. >> reporter: t this moing, randy quaid is a free man. >> the court is dismissing the order. >> reporter: a judge dismissing the charges against he and his wife. the pair speaking exclusively to abc news.
7:30 am
>> profound and real and finally, finally here. >> it was like finally somebody understands o our situation. >> reporter: the shaggy bearded actor all smiles thursday as officers removed his cuffs. > the guy who brought me ove to the jail said, i want my jewelry back. the weight of it because you feel like a criminal. >> reporter: the couple arrested friday after trying to enter the u.s. from canada deemed fugitives by california authorities. on the lalam for five years skipping town and court appearances for vandalism charges after they were accused of squatting in the guest house of their former home and trashing thousands of dollars of property. what do you want the world to know about your situation? >> we own our house. >> yeah, that's the bottom line. this is just a property spute. >> reporter: once one of the hottest actors in hollywood ironically playing an unwanted
7:31 am
"vacation frt franchise. >> crime the olderids couldn't make it. >> reporter: saying he's hoping to do more acting. in well, i'd just like to thank everyone for all their nice thoughts and support and i hope to -- you'll see me real soon out there on the big screen or the s small screen or netflix or wherever it may be. >> reporter: but for now the actor and his wife reunited with their g. >> come here, pumpkin. >> it's very -- a big relief to have been vindicated to a great extent >> reporter: but they may not be out of the woods yet. the santa barbara d.a.'s office saying in a statement they still have a warrant out for the quaids and adding should the quaids leave vermont and enter another state we expect ey will be arrested. so why were they in canada for all that time? they say no charges were filed when they left the statate so when they heard about them they
7:32 am
stayed while trying to sort it out. while quaid is trying to make that acting comeback he has anotherr goal, trying to help out his community by becoming a volunteer fireman. >> a lot going on. >> all right, ryan, thank you. > now to a case of crime and privilege. the texas teen sentenced to probation after he killed four bystanders in a drunken driving crash. his defense, was raised too spoiled to know right from wrong. this morning, we are hearing from him and his parents in depositions obtained exclusively byby abc ne, matt gutman is here with th. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. those video depositions take us into this utterly dysfunctional familyly with althe ingredients of for a tragedy. the parents with a history of never saying no to their son, giving him everything but discipline. his own house to stay in, access to booze and a souped up truck that became a weapon of mass destruction leading to a terrible case of what they called affluenza. it was the defense thahat outraged the nation.
7:33 am
>> affluenza. >> the lawyer told judge gene boyd he was so rich he didn't know right from wrong. >> reporter: lawyers telling a texas court that 16-year-old ethan cch was too spoiled to go to prison after he got drunk, piled seven other friends into his father's souped up pickup and plowed into a disabled car instantly killing four people. >> there's four or five kids laying in ditches and street. >> are you with the accident right now? >> oh, lord, oh, yes, there's another child in the ditch. oh, my god. >> reporter: 11 others injured. his legal team said in his sentencing ethan would be better served in easier rehab than doing hard time. couch pleaded guilty to four counts ofintoxication, manslaughter but was sentenced to ten years probation and rehab. >> ethan learned you should be able to do what you want when you want to do it. >> i thinknk that wa the message generally. >> reporter:ll the victims' family eventually settled their
7:34 am
one little lucas mcconnell, one of the injured wanted justice. >> i feel like it needs to be done. >> why? >> because i haven't seenn any punishment. >> reporter: his lawyers forcing the couches to talk for the first time in these depositions obtained exclusively by abc news. >> when is the last time you recall disciplining ethan for anything? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: the millionaire's son lived alone in this 4,000 square foot house with a pool and a wet bar. >> was there always alcohol then when you were at the location? >> not alwaways, no. >> reporter: most ofhe time? >> most of the time, yes. >> reporter: ethan rattles off a list of drugs shocking for anyone, much less a 16-year-old. >> taken valium, hydrocodone, marijuana, cocaine, xanax, i mean, i tried ecstasy once. >> reporter: ethan revealing how little h remembers about that
7:35 am
>> do you remember pulling out of t driveway? >> not really. >> what's the next thing you recall? >> waking up handcuffed to the hospital bed. >> reporter: so how drunk was he? blitzed. he had three times the legal limit for an adult hours a&ter the crash. now, ethan never had to appear before a civil jury because that last family ended up settling with the couches, again, his money bought him good fortune, but we spent more than a week staking out the family and ethan in texas just hoping to talk to him and in our "20/20" you can see what happened when i tried to ask him a couple of questions. >> t try being the operative -- >> i'm sure many at home like we are shaking their heads and saying, how does this teach him -- the whole point is no one ever taught him a lesson then you -- ? one more time. >> one more time. >> and perhaps what's mt upsetting about this, ethan has never had to apologize. no one from his family has ever apologized for killing those four people. >> we wiwill be watching tonight.
7:36 am
>> absolutely. >> that's unbelievable. >> thanks for bringing that. that "20/20" airs at 10 p.m. on ab coming up, donald trump, his children, how they're going to play a key role in his campaign. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumberr to g the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help buy those building materials. there are always going to be unknowns. you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at here you are. anything i can do to make your stay more magical? well, i wish we could have even more park time. have dinner with a princess. oo i want to ride the monorail! oh, take a break by the pool. but be back in time for fireworkrks. let me see what i can do. whoa when you stay at a select walt disney world resort hotel,
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back now with donald trump and what may be his secret weapon in his run for president. his kids. they have helped bill his business empire and now they're helping his campaign. abc's david wright here with that. good morning, david. >> good morning, lara. the trump organization is a family business, the inner circle, the trusted lieutenants all share that larger than life last name and it's true off the trump campaign too. the thing is, the kids are not just mini-mes, they each bring something of their own to the table. they are a real estate dynasty now rebranding for politics. the brash tycoon grabs most of the headlines. but his surrogates are trump's too. daughter ivanka fillshe role
7:41 am
>> my father, donald j. trump. >> reporter: introducing her father on the campaign trail and advising him behind closed doors according to michael dan tone know author of "never enough." >> when the megyn kelly issue arose she probly knew what to do. >> reporter: this week, ivanka was on cnn. >> my brothers and i are equally at the same level at the highest ranks within the context of that company. >> reporter: her brother eric on fox trumpeting dad. >> he's the greatest. i sit across the table from him every single day and there's no one better. >> reporter: the oldest three ivanka, eric and donald jr. are th most involved in t the family business. their half brother barron age 9 and half-sister tiffany do show up on occasion for insnce at the gop debates of the she's a budding musicianan. evererybody's partying obsessing over crazy things >> reporter: maybe there's a campaign theme song from the kennedys to the bushes and the clintons, there's plenty of
7:42 am
precedent for kids on the campaign trail. in fact, chelsea and ivanka are friends. the eldest three -- >> i'll let ivanka make the decision. you're fired. they're different from dad ivanka famamously soft-spoken, the product of exclusive prep schools and the ivy league. she ander siblings grew up not with a silver spoon but a gold one including trump's jumbo t, a 757 seen here in the smithsonian channel's documentaryhow "mighty planes." the pilot scrubbing every inch of the plane hielf. with a toothbrush. >> all cleans, all brash, all brusk and none of his childreren could be described that way. this younger generation of trumps is aroup of people who the public might relate to more readily than donald himself. >> reporter: that plane is one of the mn planes he uses out on thehe campaig trail.
7:43 am
i hear it'sot only spotltlessly clean but mintzy fresh. >> you can't top that. >> not sure where to go so i'll just say -- >> the k kids t by the way. coming up, hidden messages in "homeland." we'll tell you whathey say right on the set next in "the speed feed." to the couple who set aside the whole day to sel their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have t to see a movie... ...then get some dinner.
7:44 am
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we are back now with "the speed feed"" and making headles is the most recent episode of "homeland" but not for the reason you might think. sharppiewers detected hidden messages in a scene where carrey mathison walks tough a refugee camp in l lebanon a passes by a wall with graffiti written in arabic, the producers d didn't know what those messages translated to in english. one of them, "homeland" is a joke and didn't make us laugh. the other messages were even more cutting. the trio responsible, the arabian street artists say they did it to protest what they believe is the show's negative portrayal of muslims.
7:48 am
"homeland" always strives to be subsub submer submersive. >> i wonder if they'll sway on with the show, the three artists. >> they know who those artists are because one of the things they said is "homeland" is racist and came out and called em out on it sot was a good reaction by the show's producer and see -- >> the conversation continues. >> exactly. >> we're all talking about it. we'll be right back. >> we will. coming up," baby oh baby!" brought to you by baby ddrop, the sunshine vitamin in just lowe's presentss ow to lay down the law." i thought i told you not to come
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following in texas now 25% contained much that's bastrop, texas. the w weather watches, eastern texas, louisiana has a statewide fire burn. that record heat is finally
7:53 am
"good morning america" is brough to you by progressive, comparing rates to help you save. now that's progressive. amanda: the trial of the shooting spree in pleasant hill last year saw the defendant
7:54 am
take the stand thursday... pete polson told the jury he's been battling drug abuse since the early 2000's and was clean for awhile...until a relapse last year. in his testimony, polson said he doesnt remember shooting at the three victims. he didnt realize anything until the officers arrested him that morning "i just know i would never intentionally do any of it, im sorry form the bottom of my heart, i apologize, its not me. i would never hurt anybody like that. i wish i wouldve shot myself that day rather htan shooting these people. i never meant to harm any of you or your families " amanda: the defense did not rest after polson took the stand, so the trial will continue this continue to follow the case, look for recaps of each day up on our website iowa dot com. amanda: meterologist watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
7:55 am
weather adlib: this week started on the mild and warm side, but now we're really back to feeling like fall with a cold day and frost night back in the forecast. we're looking at mostly sunny skies today with a few more afternoon be cold and windy this only climbing into the mid 50s and northwest winds around 10-15 mph. overnight we're going to see partly cloudy skies but we'll spread frost as lows fall into the low 30s and 20s. saturday will start very cold and chilly, but with some sunshine we'll warm that air up into the upper 50s. sunday is going to be gorgeous with highs climbing back into the upper 60s. next week we have a few rain chances and we'll have our highs
7:56 am
good morni, america. it 8:00 a.m. totonight'she night for a football showdown.
7:57 am
friday night lights across america. one high school football coach who could lose his job if he leads his players in prayer. what h he told us about why he's keeping the faith. story of my life a very private prince opens up about h mother, princess ana. what william revealed overnight about her determination and how she raised him and diana's influence on him right now. i think i want to marry you unbelievable pictures of an entire wedding party stuck on an elevator, the bride, groom, photographer, even the rabbi. their story in their own words and the newly married couple now calling in from their honeymoon. >> good morning, america! an apple on a drill. i g guess it' one of those life hacks they call it about to make life easier. that looks like a veryy hd way
7:58 am
he's good at it. he's really good at it. >> pizza boxes and learning how to fold our t-shirts. all taken care of a little bit later. also this morning -- they're great. our series, "baby oh! baby" and how you can keep fit with a baby on board. ginger has some great exercises for expect apartment mothers. i follow you online and i see how you've modified your workout. >> a lot. we've modified but i'm still going at it. we'll show you whi ones for which trimester? do you still squat brushing your teeth.h. oh, no, there she goes. demonstration. also coming up, a lot of names thrown into the ring as the next james bond. i want to throw another one in george stephanopoulos. david beckhamm a the oscar nominee who says he w wants to play the imitation game. >> perhaps. >> that is coming up.
7:59 am
but now we got to go inside. amy has the morning ndown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story, tons of mudflowing through southern california overtaking a freeway d trapping hundreds of cars. a raging storm triggering the powerful mudslides that left roads north of los angelesn disarray and shut down a stretch of interstate 5, one car was swept away right into a bus, drivers had to be rescued and after scrambling to the t of their cars, some people still stranded in that mud including some teachers trapped in a cool near lake hughes. we will keep you updated throughout the day. a major arrest in the fight against isis. a man accused of hacking the files of a u.s. retailer and then stealg persona information about more than 1,000 federal employees and members of the military now in custody in malaysia. prosecutors say he gave that information to isis which was hoping to then inspire attacks. well, just three months afterhe outrage over the killing of cecil the lion, a new
8:00 am
a german hunter reportedly paid $60,000 for a permit to track down and kill one of the largest known elephants in africa. activists are understandably furious but it apprs that hunt was perfectly legal. well, it looks like donald trump and ben carson will not be boycotting the next debate after all. trump tweeting this morning that cnbc has now agreed to limit the debate to two hours. he and carson had protested a longer format. well now to prince william touching hearts around the globe with moving words honoring his late mother. abc's lama hasan has more now from london. >> reporter: a very private prince publicly opening up. >> my mother was determined to help those in need and she would have been immensely proud as i am. >> reporter: and speing from the heart at a charity dinner about his late mother, princess diana's death. >> what myher recognized back then and what i understand now is that grief is the most
8:01 am
child or parent can endure. >> reporter: 21 years ago the people's princesselping to launch the charity which supports those who have lost loved ones. >>5 years later i was honored to be invited to become patron of child bereavement in uk to continue my mother's commitment to a charity which is very dear to me. >> reporter: prince william make a proveing tribute revealing how her charity work shaped his own public duties. >> as a father to two young children myself i appreciate it all the more. >> reporter: as for his two children, william recently gushing over them reportedly describing george as lively and charlotte as very ladylike but, of course, the both a are delightful and we couldn't agree with you more, william. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> all right, lama, thanks for that. a popular brand of children's appsaucece recalled. some gogo squeez may be contaminated with mold.
8:02 am
they have a best use date by july 26th of next year. finally if you're looking to are a new car, how about one with a fun side like this life-size replica of a little tikes toy car. it's two years old with 5,000 miles on it. the brothers who built it are selling it onn ebay for $33,000 and allegedly that's thought a toy car because it goes up to 70 miles per hour. i'm interested. >> i don't want to be in that going 70 miles an hour. >> not payin $33,000 for it rnlts a special "morning menu." >> good-bye. >> our first ever charades edition of "morning menu" so here's what's coming up. faith and football. the high school c coach putting his job on the line by praying on the field tonight. and then tied up on the what i to tying the knot an entire wedding party stuck on an elevator. we talk to the couple. >> we were supposed to go out of the frame. we're supposed to talk to the
8:03 am
then meet the identical twins, one male, one female putting a new twist on nature versus nurture. i'm not sure how you're going to do that. plus so much more coming up on "gma." you may have seen a man with a drill and an appl we'll explain coming up on "gma." don't go anywhere. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by moen. buy it for looks. buy it for l life. [ male announcer ] n't you wish everything could put itself away like reflex? only from moen.
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driving with the windows down if you likeoing places we can't even pronounce >> they're telling us and we want to listen. one direction's new song "perfect." just thought this morning interest their upcoming album "made in the a." >> a good one. >> yes. it is time now for our "heat index" and this morning's hot button, football and faith. the high school coach feeling the heatf those friday night lights. he's been told to stop praying with students on the field or he could get fired. but he's not backing down. abc's neal karlinsky has his story. >> reporter: this morning, bremerton high school football coach joe kennedy says he plans to put his job on the line, not because of anything he'll do during tot's game, but this -- >> amen. >> reporter: the prayer he plans
8:09 am
to lead on the 50 yard line after the game, something he says he's do for nine years. >> from there there was -- it started out with three guys and just started growing from there and every year it's grown a little bit more. >> reporter: a month ago the school district says it told the coach to stop writing talks with students may not include religious expression including prayer. and that to do so would violate the law. >> i don't understand how this could be wrong. i'm not establishing religion. i'm not preachy with anybody. >> reporter: the district says students are welcome to pray. it just can't be at the direction of a school employee. >> it's that mutual respect. this he know where i stand but i've never asked them about theirs because it has no bearing on what we do on theootball field. >> reporter: even so, many of the school's studentss and even their parents have come out to actively support the coach. >> we believe that he shouldn't lose h his job for what he practices at the end of the game. >> reporter: kennedy says he never required his athletes to
8:10 am
something he's done in a strictly secular way since the district warned him. a conservative group called the libertystatute is now taking up his cause threatening to sue the school district saying the coach has every right to practice his faith. >> private citizizensn their own time have a right to practice their faith and we think it's very important at liberty institute to protect that constitutional right. >> reporter: and so he now plans to pray with his players after tonight's game, whether the school allows it or not. >> from the very beginning that i' done, we go out to the 50 and i'm going to thank the lord for the young men that participated and blessing me with this group of guys. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, bremerton, washington. >> these issues always so controversial. >> yeah, they are and he's been doing it for nine years and i understand what ty're saying about the rules being such and maybe it was before it was so informal and --
8:11 am
>> so many people now are on that 50 yard line. >> so they're e sayingf a kid does it it's okay but if a coach -- >> coach or teacher. >> but at least some coaches are accused of telling their players to rough up the referee. >> we've seen that, as well. >> a little different. >> okay, we'll move on, next up in our "heat index," wedding that almost didn't happen thanks to an elevator that didn't work trapping the entire wedding party of 24 people just before the ceremony. happy newlyweds join us live for a look at their story. it's the wild ride that no one had ts wedding party was expecting. liz copeland and harry stein were one elevar away from their dream weding. >> we all pack into ts elevator. my girfriend said maybe we should take the stairs. it goes about three feet down and then it just stops. >> reporter: with 24 people inside, the bride, the groom, parents, grandparents, photographers, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the wedding planner, even the rabbi, all
8:12 am
>> we couldn't miss it because every single person that was involved with the ceremony was in the elevator. >> i thought, okay, god has other plans for this wedding. >>eporter: instead of panicking -- >> everyone went selfie. >> reporter: the bride got big premarital props from her soon-to-be mothein-law. >> she right away reacted so well. she was smiling. she started laughing. >> reporter: trapped for just over 30 minutes, the copeland oystein wedding party freed by firefighters arriving on scene just in time to say "i do." >> everybody on the elevator cheered. > the divine comes in many forms and in this case it was in the form a firefighter. >> and liz copeland, harry sin join us from their honeymoon in mexico. all smiles. no mishaps on the honeymoon yet. >> what was that? >> any mishaps on the honeymoon yet? >> no mishaps really. i actually -- i lost my walle at one point and a really nice
8:13 am
guy brought it back to us. >> wow. >> i guess we just have good luck. >> i guess. >> what were you thinking 24 people in an elevator? >> it was a huge elevator. you know, so it was full but we weren't like claustrophobic, i don't think. >> and for me i didn't really want to walk down the stairs with my like wedding dress with the long train and so we were just like, okay, let's pile in the elevator like we've done before. >> i gue you guys weren't worried abo the tradition of waiting until you see her walking up the aisle. >> no, we did a first look beforehand because we wanted to take pictures before the ceremony so we could be at the reception ourselves. >> that's smart. >> i hadn't thought about that. >> what did you do in the elevator? itting looked like there was a party in there in yeah, everyone justst kind ofhipped out their phones and started taking pictures. liz, i think you said you wanted to do a sing-along. >> i wasn't sure. i felt like other people wouldn't have been okay with that so i kept that thought to
8:14 am
the photographers were grabbing things and i don't know, you know, you wait all day to get married. you get your hair done, your makeup done, all of that, the photos taken and so it was just a little bit more waitingng s we said, hey, why not have a little fun with this. >> a little prereception. >> and no one was nervousr thinking, when are we getting out of here? you just h complete faith you would be rescued. >> you know, yeah, i think most of us did. i'll say my mom was a little bit nervous. my grandparents were in the elevevator wit us and t they're about 85 years old so the heat was rising as we were in there so she was a little worried, oh, is this going to become a problem but, you ow, it was still a short period of time that we were stuck so luckily we were all okay. >> it all worked out great. thanks for joining uss thi morning. you guys are great sports. >> enjoy mexico. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> how adorable. >> i know.
8:15 am
>> i loveow they reacted and handled ha. >> they look like professional photographs. gorgeous couple in the elevator having the time of their lives. next in "heat index," our series on modern parenting and a rare set of identical twins turning the whole nature versus nurture debate upside down. their unique story told in "becoming nicole"nd debah roberts has that. >> reporter: nicole and jonas maines aren't your average siblings. believe it or not they are identical twins, the one is female and the other male. >> i'll go to say something and he'll say it right before i say it. >> reporter: nicole wasn't always nicole born wyatt she's transgender. >> just knew in my head and heart that i was supposed to be a girl. >> reporter: for her parents kelly and wayne i it was all very puzzling. >> all the girl ros. she always wanted to dress as a girl character. so i knew there was something differt about her.
8:16 am
sure i could do whatever i could do for her to get her where she needed to be and also to know she always had a safe place with me. >> reporter: wayne struggled with the idea of lting go of one of his sons. >> i had to dig deep into my soul and say, hey, what are you afraid of? >> reporter: they let their son grow out his hair, wear girl's clothing and just recently complete the final step of transition, sex reassignment surgery. we met nicole just days before the surgery. >> you're only 17. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: teenagers change their minds a lot. teenagers sort of are here one day and there the next day. are you sure you're ready to make such a commitment? >> absolutely. when i think about am i scared about surgery, will i change my mind, this is always been what i needed. this is always been like i s said my light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: nicole's story raises many questions, how can
8:17 am
dna travel such different paths? and what do these twi tell us abouout whatt means to be transgender? a fresh look at the old debate of nature versus nurture. for "good morning america," borah roberts, abc news, maine. >> they are supportive. thank you,deb. joined by abc's dr.ichard besser. love to get your thoughts on this, rich. >> i find it absolutely fascinating. we're learning more and more about gender identity and how it forms because you would think you have identical twins, their genes are all the same. they'll be the same in every way. but it turns out our genes have lile switches on them. they can be turned on and off and so even though they have identical genes, there are studies that show only 39% of the time where one is transgender will the other be as well so it's absolutely fascinating. >> wow, you saw where deb was asking nicole about being a teager andomimes parents will say, so and so is jus going through a phase.
8:18 am
when do you know it's different? >> well, with gender identitity, yousually know very early on. yes, you know, teens try on difffferent identities and little kid, preschoolers, boys will want to try on girl's clothes and vice versa. with gender identity it usually forms early by around age 2. nicole knew, she said i knew that i was a girl. and preschool she would introduce her, hihi, i'm wyatt, i am i boy but i know i'm a girl. it's different from saying i want to try on a dress. >> nicole's parents, so supportive. how as a parent do you approach this? >> you know, it's hard to imagine what a parent must feel when they have this one idea of what their child is going to be like and they get this difference. you want to ask your child's dodoctor and, you know, realize a lot of doctors have no idea how to deal with this. say you have any experience in dealing withssues around
8:19 am
gender identity, if not, can you refer me to someone who does. so you can get some support around this. d, you know, this isn't something new but our ability to talk about it i isomething that is -- reached a whole new level. >> some people thi it is. it seems we are talking about it more and more. is it we'realking about it more? >> i think there's more of an acceptance of difference and that's a terrific thing. >> it is. all right. rich, thanks. have a great weekend. and for more on these twins tune in to "nightline" tonight right here on abc. hope that you do. outside to ginger. >> robin, you have to see this little megan from omaha, nebraska. i'm shopping around for baby clothes. look at these cute -- they're so eet. those jeans with the ankles. okay, let's do weather. on to the real stuff. a quick look at the fall foliage. iron river, wisconsin. that's noaa's outlook for winter
8:20 am
spot. >> my ladies from west virginia. welcome to avon this weekend. i love that. let's get some "pop." time for "pop news" and you know the music so daniel craig kind of made some news recently. he told "time" magazine that he would rather, and i quote, slash his wrists than play bond again. good news, mr. craig. los like there's another a-lister whose golden eyeyes are on the eyes.
8:21 am
benedict cumberbatch unabashedly admitting to "the guardian" he would love the opportunity to play that role. i can wear a suit, fight, raise my eyebrow. sherlock actor does admit there is m more to thehe pt than that. we say that's an imitation game we would love to see. >> he can also act. >> yes. >> right? >> he is so gogood. >> that's pretty brash, those comments from daniel craig. some -- >> taking a lot of heat for them? maybe taken out of context. not sure if he was kidding. it has served him well. i'm sure he loves in a lovely home thanks to james bond. the residents of north pole, alaska, a real place elected a new councilman who is uniquely qualified for the job. >> you're not going to say this. >> considering his legal name is santa claus. it's true and in a "pop news" exclusive we'll prove it to you. councilman claus sat down with us and tol us a little about his north pole policies which include advocating for children and, of course, reindeer. >> did he run opposed.
8:22 am
>> i persuaded legislato who don't want to get into an argument with santa claus. > you got an exclusive with santa claus? >> i did. barbara walters, move over. well, he looks like saints nick and enjoys promoting the christmas message. he has high who, who hopes for promomoting -- >> nice. >> i crack myself up. promoting growth in the community. so far we have one political figure who can stand in his way. >> have to give him equal time. >> i'm working on that. he a tougher booking. and finally if you're feeling lucky this morning, the's a magically delicious reason why. as a kid did you er dream of marshmallow only lucucky arms? i know i sure did andy brothther used to steal all the marshmallows out of the entire box and put it all back together just to harass me so this is very special for me, people.
8:23 am
dreams come true, sial fan, the folks at general mills have finally given in to your's questions. there is a catch, only ten boxes will be produced. >> oh, come on. >> of marshmallow only lucky charles. only way to get your hands on them enter a competition on social media. i have done that multiple types already. >> don't tell dr. besser. >> they're magically delicious. dr. besser, come on. a kid can live. everybody that's "pop news." happy friday. >> happy friday. >> a lot more coming up. joe zee is here. amanda krenz... it's 8:27 ... amanda krenz... it's 8:27 ... amanda: a record turn out last year, means some intense competition for this weekend's i-m-t des moines marathon...
8:24 am
ten-thousand athletes from around the world ran the streets of des moines in 20- 14...and many of them will be returning to take on the route again this year. drivers should be aware of the street closures that will begin today... sections of walnut street bridge and east first street will be closed beginning at six this evening.. local five is a proud d onsor of the look for much more on the race throughout the weekend. amanda parents in waukee are tired of having their kids switch schools. the city is rapidly growing and the district is struggling to keep up ... rezoning their schools as many as 7 times in the last 20 years. a group of parents were even handing out fliers at a public forum last night ...speaking out against the most recent rezoning. amanda: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: this week started on the mild and warm side, but now we're really back to feeling like fall with a cold day and frost night back in the forecast. we're looking at mostly sunny skies today with a few more afternoon
8:25 am
clouds. we're going to be cold and windy this afternoon with highs only climbing into the mid 50s and northwest winds around 10-15 mph. overnight we're going to see partly cloudy skies but we'll probably see wide- spread frost as lows fall into the low 30s and 20s. saturday will start very cold and chilly, but with some sunshine we'll warm that air up into the upper 50s. sunday is going to be gorgeous with highs climbing back into the upper 60s. next week we have a few rain chances and we'll have our highs go back into the 70s for a few days.
8:26 am
right now it's time to count down the "top 5." >> welcome back to "gma."
8:27 am
this friday morning turning into a great friday morng and time for "top 5." >> we wondered who hasn't tried to get a three-day weekend by calling in sick to work. anyone here? no. >> never. >> good. career builders did just release their most absurd excuses for calling in sick. that's this morning's "top 5." number five, a real one. dumpster diving. employee said he found his -- hiss wifeound out he was cheating and spent the whole day retrieving his items from the dumpster. >> that was real. >> he called in and said that's why i couldn't come in to work. >> he had to admit to whiting to get out of day of work. wow. >> number four, they sawhe sign. couldn't come in because the universe was telling him he needed the day off. >> what's crazy about that. >> do these excuses actually work? >> these were the excuses, i'm assuming. number three, the broken arm,
8:28 am
well here we go, the worker claims that they broke their arm while reaching to grab a fallen sandwich. >> you know what i think the devil is in the details. you didn't need to say why you broke your arm. just say you broke your arm. >> ce, less is more. number two, stuck under the bed. one worker called in sick claiming they were stuck under their bed. literally -- >> wh? >> i mean, again, sir -- >> they had their phone with them. >> in bed sick, end of story, really. just honesty gene is too much. the number one reason, poisoned ham. an employee -- so excited i got to say poisoned ham on the air. an employee once claimed he got sick once his grandmother poisoned him. >> the grandmother poisoned. >> the old grandmother poisoned my ham excuse. works every time.
8:29 am
cocoming. george, take it away. >> who am i going to send it to right now? >> robin. >> let's gonside to robin. >> we'd love to hear people at home, what your excuses are so hit usus up, let us know. i'm here with our dear friend joe zee, celebrity stylist, yahoo! style editor in chief and one of the co-hosts of fab fab "the fablife." also author of "that's what fashion is: lessons and stories from my non-stop, mostly glamorous life in style." joe, k keeping i real, as always. >> key word, mostly. >> it's a lovely story you tell and goes back to you being verery young. >> yes. >> you were doling out advice to ur friend. >> really my brother and sister and dragging my desk out and parking it in the living room and saying i'll charge you 10 cents for style advice. >> i'm seeing lucy from charlie brown.
8:30 am
>> i tnk i was wearing a charlie brown sweater, i'm not kidding. >> i'm sure you looked fabulous in it. you said one of the things -- and i really enjoyedeading your book. you put us at ease cause many of us are nervous about fashion. >> it should be fun. >> you said pick an icon, a stylist guruif you will, for you it's jessica biel. >> unexpected for a lot of people but i love jessica. suchn effortless style about her. i love when women own themselves. you don't have to chase a trend but be you. she's so comfortable in what she's feeling andnd there's a wholomeness about it but so approachable and it just glows. i can see whatever she's wearing and i love that look she's wearing there but feels so easy, fashionista easy. >> not like she's trying too hard. beautiful models. first of all with jessica biel, this is an example of what it is that you like so much about her. >> this is sort of our everyday version of this, you know, i
8:31 am
a little bit more sheer and revealing and so if you do want to do that sort of culotte and lace top, i love it when i it's lined and a little peplu but blue and black combination. it looks so sy. it makes it super simple. >> allright, thank you. thank you very much. you said we shouldlso have a staple that go-to item. for you it's high tops. >> personally for me it's high tops. i am a sneaker head. i know you can't tell. but i really am. i love a good pair of high tops. >> like four principles we you'll show us here. >> we are. moto jack. a striped t-shirt skinny jeans or great pair of jeans and ankle boots but put them all together. style. this is $70. you can find personal style without spending a lot of money. >> kind of anchor your wardrobe like certain pieces you can go to. >> i see you. >> she's like working it. >> she feels good in it. >> i love it.
8:32 am
the one thing i want to wear today and rotate everything around it. >> that's the key. you got to feel g good in whatever you're wearg. thank u very much. >> s she does. >> how about the guys here, joe? the rolling the sleeves. >> there is an art to sleeve rolling. can you believe it, so we did it here but i'll show you quickly on him. you want to be able to, like, number one pull it up here about mid midforearm so we see a little bit of the cuff then we sort of do one more roll where we can take it up. his muscles are really thicko it's really hard to do. >> stop flecking. >> i know, quit flexing and have fu sort of the messy nonmessy push and stays up. >> ratio, is what -- >> push, fold then -- >> look at our handsome men. ha they done it correctly? >> i would say, yes. look at these guys. they've all done the -- you've
8:33 am
all done the fold rol and push up really well. >> you guys know you have to give the shirts back, right? you g to give them back. hey, joe, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> always looking stylish. the men of "gma." >> "gma." >> that's what fashion is is in stores now and be sure to watch our good friend joe zee on "the fablife" weekdays, check your local listings as they say. let's go back outside to ginger. >> our crew has never looked so handsome. we were talking and this lady is 7, 8, 9, 10, 10, 11 and she said, 51. it fits. how about we go throu the forecast and talk about temperatures, shall we? temperates that are goingo be some of the first freeze and frosts of the season from flint to louisville to philadelphia, the numbers are chilly. worcester, massachusetts, you don't get away withh it either. flash flood watch in nevada
8:34 am
too. >> all that weather brought to you by mcdonals and sara, you have some hacks. i can't wait to see this. >> we are all about quick fixes here and the first one up here, we have rachel miller whos a a mother of three, so -- wow, three of those were a surprise for me. so she had to find a trick. tell me how did you come up -- also a blogger. >> yep. >> for what is it, kids activity. >> kids activity blog. >> how did you come up with this? >> i -- you know how kids go into a drawer, shelf, suitcase and pull one shirt out and the rest become unfolded. >> i don't knowbout that yet but he does. >> yes. >> totally. so this hack solves that. your kids clothes will stay folded. simple enough your kids can do. >> they'll tay folded.
8:35 am
>> your video, you can show george. your video on facebook was viewed over a million times. >> yes, iwas. >> we've been doing this wrong this will this point right here. >> yes, definitely. >> okay. >> you want to pull two to three inches at the bottom and make a cuff then fold it in thirds lengthwise and from the neck roll your shirt down to the bottom. >> you got this, george >> it's like a little baby burrito. make a big bure roto, george. >> then turn it over, roll it over and stick it into that little pocket. >> ihink you go backwards. >> there you go. >> yay. >> whoo-hoo. >> your shirt will stay folded. >> i wou say if george can do it, anyone can but this is george stephanopoulos. thank you so much, rachel. up next we have todd johnson who is -- >> good morning. >> a rancher by day in yes. >> you also have an orchard. how did you come up with this trick? your video has been viewed over 35 milon time.
8:36 am
so we have a place called the jade ranch and i spend -- >> horses, apples and children. >> three little kids so i spend several hours every year peeling apples for applesauce and takes the fun out of it. the kids wanted to join in and needed to come up with a funner, faster way, added extra power. >> gave a drill to lara. >> this is going to get good. >> was going to put it between us. >> show us. >> i have a drill with a three-quarter inch wood boring spade and t-shaped -- >> t-shaped. >> follow the contour of the apple. get it spinning and come right up. >> why is that not peeling? >> my apple- >> you spin the apple. >> ready. >> why didn't my peel? >> you had the peeler upside down. >> yes. >> yay. >> how fast can you go on that? how many apples can you do. >> i did ten gallons in about
8:37 am
upside down you keep going. >> you make some applesauce for us. lara, be careful witith that. over here we've got andrew. >> yes. >> andrew kimler. you came up with something ingenious storing pizza all wrong. >> yeah, pretty much. i eat a lot of pizza but found all my leftovers wouldn't fit in the fridge in a normal size pizza box so i did some googling onne and found ideas and did tinkering and -- >> show us the mamagic. >> first thing you want to do, take the top off the box, recycle that. >> or throw it into the crowd ass amy robach does. >> try to hit some byststanders. grab a pair of scissors, yours are already done. snip some -- like a little "v" off the side to give you a hinge. pop the sides in. >> okay. >> fold that right over. >> so great. >> and fits in the fridge. >> pizza box. >> there you go. >> and that's going to fit in your fridge. >> i love it.
8:38 am
>> so you still don't have to do too much work to store the pizza. >> no, not at all. >> i didn't feel it was fitting to this have without a fix of my own. i brought something i use at home. a cupcake. eating cupcakes wrong of the let me show you the right yash joe. done. george, back to yoyou. sara's hack. >> get it. >> mmm. >> aaagh! aaagh! [ applause ] >> back with the young stars of the new movie "goosebumps."
8:39 am
to work with jack black. alley, some spooky family fun. "goosebumps" hits the big screen today, and abc's rachel smith sat down with the movie's young stars. >> aaagh! >> reporter: "goosebumps" is the story of best-selling author r.l. stine's scariest characters brought to life wreaking havoc on a trio of lovable teens, so what better place we thought to assemble the movie's young actors, odeya rush, than abracadabra, new york's spookiest costume shop. this movie is going to be the first horror movie, scary mo that so many kids are going to be exposed to. how does that make you feel? >> it's the perfect place for kids to start watching horror. because it's not too scary, which is perfect.
8:40 am
take one book on. the film is a mash-up of some of the scariest characters. which ones were some of your favorite characters? >> there's a giant like 60-foot praying mantis. >> i don't rember writing about a giant praying mantis. right, now i remember. >> a werewolf that's terrifying. >> an abominable snowman of pasadena. >> gnomes. >> gnomes. >> reporter: starring alongside the three teens, jack black. he plays r.l. stine himself. what was he like in between takes? >> so funny all the time entertaining people all the time. always telling a joke. >> a couple of times at 4:00 in the morning we'd be playing guitars s outside in the trailer. >> it's not often we get to shoot in a cool place like this. and if you know a thing about "gma," we love a good contest. i'm thinking we totally should have a costume contest, 15 minutes, three, two, one. they better be good. i'm awarding the best prize to
8:41 am
whoever has the sickest costume. no pressure. wait. i want to get dressed up too. aaarrr. and 15 minutes later the stars showed they're professionals when it comes to putting together the ultimate halloween costume. that definitely gives me the goose bumps. >> for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> just wait until two weeks from today. "goosebumps," by the way, in theate now. coming up, ginger hits the gym to show us the benefits of working out when you're a
8:42 am
baby you like it now to our "baby oh! baby" series, and this morning it's fitness during pregnan. we headed to one riverside park to prove you can move through every trimester. my prepregnancy workouts were no joke. but as soon as i f found out was boxing for two, this is the send person i told, my trainer.
8:43 am
mark langowski has kept me moving safely through every trimester, which meant adding a heart monitotor to my rkout. being pregnant changed everything in a day. >> right, right. even things like just gog upstairs for you, all of a sudden you were a little more winded so we needed to monitor it. it's very important to keep the heart rate around 140, 145. >> reporter: now that i'm watching my heart rate, i can pretty much do anythinwith a few modifications. >> doing jump squats so instead of that we do more of a static grounded inversion. >> reporter: in fact, working out a lot during pregnancy is just what the doctor ordered. i'm also following a few pregnancy fitness rules. don't overheat. stay cool even during exercise. avoid laying on your back because that could reduce blood flow to the uterus and subsequently the baby. avoid high-risk exercises or sports where there is a risk of falling. i may not be waterskiing until after baby, but i can still box. >> there you go. >> and we are joined now by certified pre and postnatal
8:44 am
trainer nikki kimbrough who has moves that every woman can do from the first through third trimester. >> that's right, that's right. they have their feet shoulder width apart, and the ladies are coming up, taking it all the way up. what i love about this exercise you're strengthening the lower time. you get one of these. >> my friend sara haines leading the second trimester friends, second trimester, i know, a new rule. there's a big no-no. >> no more exercises on your back and that's because when you're lying on your back, you put so much pressure on the vena cava. you put pressure on that, it reduces the blood flow to the baby, to the placenta. >> keep going, ladies. keep it going. >> with the third trimester you're like, okay, here we go now. what's going on now? legs tight, backs tight, your joints are getting bigger. so you're like i need to do something a little more low impact. get a great prenatal yoga take or take a prenatal yoga class.
8:45 am
we'll start off with a mountain pose and then we'll do a nice easy tree pose. come right here, bring the hand right here. look at ginger showing off bringing it up a little bit higher. now we're going to come down. >> nikki, thanks so much for being here. >> you guys are awesome. >> thank you all for being here. we'd like to thank our sponsor, ddrops and check out these workout tips. llow me on my pregnancy journey on my blog at on yahoo! baby i like it and coming up, ken jeong all next on "gma." come on and give me some mo "baby oh! baby" brought to
8:46 am
vitamin in just one drop. now we all love ken jeong in "the hangover" movies. now he's playing a role that's a little closer to home and i got the chance to sit down with him. you may kno ken jeong in the hangover movies. but he is a real doctor and plays one on "dr. ken." i want to explain the button that's floating here in case you were wondering. at any point if you want to hit that wcan reverse, turn the tables and you can ask me any question you want. [ buzzer ] oh, shoot. didn't think he'd take that one up. >> can you repeat the question? >> seriously you're a doctor in
8:47 am
real life,which rarely happens here, and you're also playing one on tv. like you don't normally get that together. >> no, no, it's -- everything has come full circle with "dr. ken." i'm just so grateful to -- i'm just so grateful to even work as an actor so to have my own vehicle where it's based on my life and based on my past and to be able to kind of -- where comedy and medicine meet is the show and it's one of those things, the more i thihink about it, i'm just so grateful to even have this opportunity. >> well, this is not meant to be a dis on doctors. but not many are like you, real-life doctors. >> how dare you. how dare you? >> what were you like -- >> how dare you, i mean. >> you said you owe your whole career to your wif >> yeah. it was my wife who is my inspiration for my comedy. she encouraged me to pursue comedy full time, pursue acting full time after i filmed "knocked up." she's cancer-free for the last seven years. just so grateful and, you know, she's always a reminder to just don't take the time we have for granted.
8:48 am
>> and you can catch "dr. ken" tonight at 8:30 right here on abc. back to the ladies at the desk. >> all right. george is gone. this is his mike. >> george. >> this is a clue. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> tgif. >> girl power. amanda: for last year's shooting spree in pleasant hill took the stand thursday. pete polson told the jury he's been battling the early 2000's. in his testimony, polson said he doesnt remember three what happened until arrested. never intentionally do the bottom of my heart, i apologize, its hurt anybody like that. i wish i wouldve shot myself that day rather people. i never meant
8:49 am
your families " amanda: the defense did not rest, so the trial will continue this morning at nine. local five will continue to follow the case, look for recaps of each day up on our website that's we are iowa dot com. amanda: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: this week started on the mild and warm side, but now we're really back to feeling like fall with a cold day and frost night back in the forecast. we're looking at mostly sunny skies today with a few more afternoon clouds. we're going to be cold and windy this afternoon with highs only climbing into the mid 50s and northwest winds around 10-15 mph. overnight we're going to see partly cloudy skies but we'll probably see wide- spread frost as lows fall into the low 30s and 20s. saturday will start very cold and
8:50 am
that air up into the upper 50s. sunday is going to be gorgeous with highs climbing back into the upper 60s. next week we have a few rain chances and we'll have our highs go back into the 70s for a few days. amanda:
8:51 am
it's the doctors friday news feed. >> the latest details on the lemar odum tragedy, his split
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